POV Ceremony results “I’m not packing my bags yet” -Z

POV Holder: Ashleigh Next POV May 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: Zach and Ashleigh Pili
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players Everyone participates

HOH Sarah adn Britt
8:47pm HOH Sarah and Brittnee
Talking about the POV Ceremony.
Sarah – what happens happens.. if Godfrey wants to be a idiot.. Godfrey will be a f***G idiot
Sarah – If Ashleigh wants to be a f****g idiot
Brittnee brings up that Sarah making the point about the jury votes are in Ashleigh, Zach and pili’s favorite will get Godfrey thinking, “You know like wake up and smell the java”
Sarah – I’m going to have a smoke have a bath then i’m going to ask for my Shomi tablet

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-17 17-51-04-774

8:49pm Hot Tub Sarah and Britnee
They are both worried that Godfrey is going to flip.
Sarah – I’ll talk to GOD, I’ll be like are you concerned at all about this girls thing.. if you are I will tell them to their face i’m going after them because I don’t trust them
Brittnee doesn’t think they should yet they really need to keep their cool. “Don’t put that in his mind unless he brings it up”
Sarah – “it’s so hard”
Brittnee calls Zach Captain obvious for saying during the ceremony he’s targeting Sarah and Brittnee.
Brittnee – does he really think he has a better chance with them
Sarah – That’s the thing
Brittnee – Cause if he does i’ll be like God you made a really bad decision

9:10pm Hot Tub

Movies, Tornados, Jay-z hitting Beyonce.. it’s all in the video below.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-17 18-22-11-424

9:22pm bathroom Pili and Ashligh
Pili asks her if she will change her mind by Wednesday.
Ashleigh says no she won’t
Pili – that’s huge for you to do
Ash – I know I know I know
Pili – I’ll owe you for life
Pili – Ash we have to win this HOH if i stay here.. IF I STAY HERE
Ash – I know

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-17 18-47-27-674

9:44pm Godfrey and Pili Kitchen (Sarah listens in)
Godfrey tell her he’s voting out Zach. points out that Zach is WAY more of a threat to him than Pili. Pili points out if she goes home and and find out Godfrey voted her out she won’t give him her vote. Godfrey reassures her he’s voting out Zach this week.
Ashleigh joins them. Godfrey talk about how much AShleigh eats and yet she’s so thin. Pili chimes in says she always thought she had a high metabolism until she met Ashleigh. (All this happens while Ashleigh finishes off her 3 sausage)
Both the girls tell him he’s got great Thighs and Butt.
Godfrey – “I Should be a a$$ thigh model”


Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-17 18-21-55-438

9:45pm Hot Tub Brittnee and Zach
Zach tells her “I’m not packing my bags yet”
Brittnee laughs says she wouldn’t expect anything less
Zach – so what you are saying B I don’t have your vote
Brittnee – Right now no.. whats your argument
Zach – I don’t have a argument .. because . . well you know I got to ride one thing and one thing only.
Zach – what have I done in this game
Brittnee laughs
Zach – I haven’t done anything in this game.. won HOH and sent home my closest ally

Brittnee laughs “I’m coming for you next week.. OK .. ” (This is what Zach said to her during the POV ceremony)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-17 18-57-54-460
9:52pm Sarah and Brittnee HOH

Brittnee going over her conversation with Zach “he’s like I think I should shave so I go out looking fresh”
Brittnee brings up Zach underplaying what he did this season. Brittnee points out to Zach that he did everything without getting blood on his hands.
Brittnee – “He was like B as far as I’m concerned Blood means money” “Blood on my hands mean money”..
Sarah – why is Godfrey thinking so much
Sarah – Do you think I should start a fight with the girls
Brittnee – No
Sarah points out that when other people didn’t put Godfrey up he said thank you.

Ashleigh and Pili eventually join them.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-17 18-52-56-492

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-17 19-18-32-034

10:21pm Godfrey alone the girls all in the HOH talking about child birth, Pain, etc etc..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-17 19-20-17-035

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Zach its over kid, enjoy your time in the house.


That pic of Sarah eavesdropping. WoW!! Now that’s pure desperation! So sad!


I can’t believe there is 10 more days left in the season. I am fine with either Zach and Pili leaving this week. Something tells me that Sarah/Britt will take a hit in the DEvictton, since they will be the biggest targets.

The Hidden Hand

Its all in God’s hands now. Save for the girls wanting an all girl F4 he should breeze to F3, then it’s time to stop throwing those comps bro and kick it in to high gear. Foolish not to vote out Z at this point.


Godfrey yo its time to win hoh bro


I thought we were going to get one season where the girls weren’t caddy….but, Sarah & Britt had to ruin it, sure glad they didn’t get power earlier in the game don’t think I could have listen to them for two many weeks, ..the only good thing that has come out of production rigging them powers is that they finally have a real chance to evict Zach, I think he might have brought a supply of the Dan “misting” spray with him, can’t see why they were all scared of him……best case is Zack leaves and is quickly followed by Sarah, just can’t stand to look at her let alone listen to her……no real front runners this year so I guess my pick for the win would be Godfrey or Pili….it would be so funny to see a FLOATER win the whole thing….not a chance of it happening productions got Sarah or Britts name on the two cheques they’re just waiting to see who gets what…


production did not give them power Canada did by a vote and Canada decide that was enough of the stupid diaper alliance and that Britney and Sarah was most valuable than them!! If the other was SO GREAT as you said Canada voted for them but not so sorry but your absolutely wrong with this comment so if your not enjoying some good player ( Brit was the only one ready to make some real big move and she won the HOH of the triple eviction production didn’t give her the power ) so she deserve to win


Your living in LALA land! Sarah has gotten the golden edit all season. Show the global watchers her cussing like a drunken sailor. Her nasty character and vicious comments she likely gets no love from Canada. For crying out loud grow the F up and tell the full story. B’s edits been really good to. Oh and show her constantly whining and crying til she gets her own way. Didn’t think that’s how feminest roll?
Oh and if ever there was a comp for a lay about it’s lay there for 100 minutes Sarah’s a pro at that. Stupid golf keeps cutting into BB time Sunday joined with 33 minutes left. I hate bleeping Global..


No matter how Godfrey is gonna vote on Wednesday, he’s still by himself. He needs to figure out which ones between B&S or A/Z are less likely to dump him .


Godfrey should realize that if he ends up on the block he’s going to jury. He shshould make a deal with either of the nominees to keep him safe in case he doesn’t win HOH on the DEvviction night. Make an “unlikely alliance” like a Pili-God-Britt F3 deal and a back up like a Sarah-Zach-God and then blindside PRODUCTION by telling DR none of them are tri. WhoeveWhoever survives this week Pili or Zach honor the F3 deal and still blindside production by saying it’s not true in the DR so they can’t do anything about it in case he wants to back stab Sarah. With all the production manipulation in place, it’s now imperative that HGs learn how to bblondieindside production.

The Hidden Hand

Just for comic value, it would be awesome if Production reneged on Sarah’s ‘wholesome’ storyline edit and threw in some good ol’ fashioned F-bomb rants for the aired show.

“If Godfrey wants to be an idiot.. Godfrey will be a f***G idiot”
“If Ashleigh wants to be an idiot.. Ashleigh will be a f***G idiot”

I love this game!


Sarah has a ‘wholesome’ storyline edit? Dude…the whole Country knows she’s a stoner. Now I’m not saying there’s any wrong with that…but I’m pretty sure that ‘wholesome’ is not the edit they’re going for. Just sayin’.


Oh Godfrey how I adore you.

“I should be an ass thigh model” -Godfrey


The pic of Sarah eavesdropping was awesome! That’s how u win money!!! Remember (Sandra I think was her name) from survivor hiding in the bushes listening to conversations?!! Yeah…. She won! Maybe if Ash had used the info she overheard while eavesdropping she wouldn’t look so stupid right now.