Big Brother Canada Finale Week Schedule and Live Feed summary

houseguests final 4

Feeds went down for the season at Saturday at 11:30am. Before the feeds went dark Arisa told the house guests they were having an eviction in one hour. As of now we can assume that Brittnee was evicted and the Final 3 is Godfrey, Sarah and Ashleigh. This is going to be a tight race, a very exciting final 3 battle. For all three a lot rides on winning this final competition and the finale speech.

Summary of the feeds since the Thursday show

How things are going to proceed this week

Sunday’s show you’ll see the HOH Competition that Sarah wins. She will nominate Ashleigh and Godfrey. The awards show will also be shown. 4pm PST
Monday you’ll see the Veto Competition competition that Ashleigh won and the eviction where Ashleigh votes out Brittnee. 5pm PST
Wednesday’s 2 hour finale will show you the three part Head of House hold Competition and the final jury vote. 5pm PST
The final HOH is a three part competition. The 2 losers of part 1 compete in part 2 the winner of part 1 and 2 compete in part 3. The winner of 2 parts gets to decide who to take to the final 2.

The Big Brother Canada Awards – And the Award goes to…
Best Godfrey speech – “Blood on these hands” (Wins) or “This ain’t no lovers paradise guys”
Best BBTV Skillz – Sarah’s stand-up (WINS) or Tres B’s dance routine
Best battle of words – Johnny vs Graig or Sarah vs Bruno (WINS)
Best make-out session – Kevin & Pilar (WINS) in the rain or Sarah & Willow in the pantry

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Sarah for the WIN!!! She played the best game out of all of them!


I know I will get a lot of thumbs down for this comment, but watching tonight it looks like production did a lot prepping with Sarah for this episode. Her DR comments seemed to reflect a lot of comments and criticisms posted on blogs like this. I understand there are a lot of Sarah fans, but there are also a lot that aren’t, I would estimate 60/40. If they are priming her for some post BB position (such as the Side Show) they would want to build up her fan base a little more.

another name

I agree that sarah has gotten a LOT of d/r time. a LOT. she passed kevin’s d/r total last week I think. wow. that’s a lot of d/r. gotta be somewhere just shy of 300.
I think sarah and godfrey have been given great edits over all. episode edits of each of the two have been very glowing for different reasons.
Britt’s edit has been gold when she has hoh or power, pretty close to nonexistant the rest of the time.
Ashleigh’s edit was that of Zach’s body pillow until two weeks ago. check back in episodes, i’m not saying that to be insulting. her edit was to be the qb’s gf. beyond that she was a non-entity. it’s been getting better since. better, but not as good as the other three.
I doubt anyone from season three is being groomed for a future position, beyond guest.
The one I could have pictured being given a more active role was kevin… but I still figure he’s going to be a returning guest as well.


I enjoyed their edit of Pillar’s exit! When she walked out of the house last week, it was horribly painful. She really didn’t understand the game of Big Brother. She thought she was on an episode of friends. “Can I change? I love you! Can I change?”

Nice girl though.

another name

hearing pilar asking if she can change wasn’t really a shock imo.
every contestant that has left in a comp costume or a task costume has asked big brother if they can change before leaving.


I know they don’t even disguise it. It’s so obvious that Sarah is being spoon fed what to say in order to look good for Canada. As if she would have really apologized for being emotional and starting the fight with Bruno. Its also obvious how they’ve influenced Britnee as well, considering when Bruno was in the house she was friendly with him and she had nothing to say about how much the fight upset her. The producers are ruining any integrity this show had.


Yep, and don’t forget that magical word she used in the DR!!!,…..”CANADA”!!


Just put Peter on another show! I want to see Kevin and Arlie in the side show so all 3 seasons gets represented if and only if this show gets renewed for a fourth season. No wonder this show is not even in the top 40 TV showrankings. At least Arlie and Kevin can give some entertainment to some 40 thousand Canadians watching this show.


We all watched I can’t imagine Ash or Britt giving BB production anything to work with. They had to work with what they had.


I actually think Ashley has more jury votes against Britnee than Godfrey.


Even though Sarah is arguably the best player out of the remaining three, I think it will be pretty challenging for her to convince at least some jury members she deserves their vote.In terms of “likeability”, I think Ashleigh has a better shot to win and , if the jury is bitter against Sarah, Ashleigh may win (of course, if she makes it to F2).


I can’t envision any scenario where Sarah and Ash are head to head in the F2.

And who cares anyways Tinashe. B wont take ash to F2, God Might though… Ash has no choice but to kick B out of the house.

another name

when considering the final three, more people seem to be concerned with ‘who will take her’ as opposed to ‘who can she beat’ in the final comps to become final hoh.
i’m sure she’s thinking in the same way. I consider that to be an error in thinking. everyone has questioned if godfrey has thrown comps. knowing she can beat sarah and britt in endurance comps, versus thinking she can beat godfrey in endurance comps. that’s part one. knowing godfrey has done better in three trivia comps, versus knowing sarah and britt have done better in two trivia comps each. that’s part three. with sarah weeks ago having shared naeha’s statistic that no woman has won sitting next to a man without a topaz vote, I think that she should be considering who she can beat to become final hoh and determine her own course, not who will take her along for the ride. the entire thought process of who’s coat tails can I ride is problematic for me. she should be thinking who can I beat to take myself to jury.


Do you honestly think Ash should keep B? Really? That would be best for her game?

To be fair, I do think its all about who she can beat… AND who would take her.
I don’t understand your argument of basing the decision on “what she knows”, (when its actually assumption) …
What has Godfrey accomplished compared to B? How do you “know” that Godfrey will win endurance or trivia? Cause we really don’t know what he is capable of. (even though he likes to say hes been throwing them, but how do we “know” he is any good?)
… Then you argue Ash should “listen to Sarah” and she should vote him out because he is male?
Like I said and I stand by… “Ash has no choice but to kick B out of the house.”

another name

i think she did evict brittnee. i don’t think that was her only choice. i’m saying it depends on her perspective. i have problems with the submissive who will take me as opposed to the dominant who can i beat frame of mind heading into final hoh.
if she is looking at the situation in regard to who will take me? she should evict britt.
if she is looking at the situation in regard to who do i know i can beat in a strength endurance comp like the first part of final hoh to get me closer to being final hoh to control my own destiny? she knows she can beat britt. she thinks she can beat godfrey. she knows the first part is endurance. she talked about it with pilar two or three weeks ago. at that time she said she didn’t know if she could beat godfrey or Bruno or Zach if it was physical. my point was why take that risk instead of determining her own course.
just because the stat came out of sarah’s mouth doesn’t make it a lie.
why i say what she knows as opposed to what she thinks as assumption: history. look at the physical and endurance comp results head to head. look at the trivia comps head to head. now throw in Ashleigh’s own uncertainty in her alliance discussions that godfrey was throwing comps. you end up with a historically known result in comps against sarah and B.
you end up with a relative unknown due to her alliances own uncertainty regarding godfrey’s performance. the devil you know versus the devil you don’t.
I do think she evicted britt. i’m just not so certain that was her wisest move.


How they carried Godfrey this far is unbelievable!!! He is such a fraud & that Fool better not winn!!! Sarah is the only one that deserves to win, she played a strategic game, took herself far & never disrespected anyone in the process…she’s smart & she’s got game & is sickkkk all around!! Britt Only Makes moves while in power which is good, but she didn’t have much natural game…Ash only stepped up wen zach & pilar left which is cool but she did not play a good game & she’s a bore to watch & her burping is just grosss she does not deserve to winnnn but anything goes in this gameeee but SARAH FIR THE WINNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

100% man

Sarah fans like you make me sick! God has played an amazing game, he has convinced everyone in the house that he isn’t going to win thats his strategy… I think he has played one of the smartest games BBcan has seen!


when Andy played the same game in BBUS Fans called him a rat! why would Godfrey be any better?


God and Andy played way different games. They cannot even be compared. God didn’t share any info with anyone, nobody considers him in an alliance. He spoke to people, told them what they wanted to hear. I’m amazed that nobody except zack felt this and the reason zack did isn’t because he firgured out his game but because god called him out. That probably was a first for zack and second time was from Peter.


Andy was the bottom of an actual alliance. His “game” was no were near Godrey’s. Godfrey hasn’t been in an alliance this entire game and always was viewed as an easy out, I think it’s pretty amazing his still there he deserves to win. Sara deserves to win as well. Ashleigh does too. Most people will disagree but it’s a smart move having the strongest guy as a shield and once he got taken out she won some comps to gurantee her f3.


Except I don’t think zach was ever a strategy for Ashleigh, she just got carried along in his game.


While I’ll agree Godfrey road the middle expertly, the fact is he WAS in alliances:
The boys alliance, Black & Bru, the Nomances and 3 un-named alliances with Bruno/Zach, the Goblins & the Fembots.

What we are forgetting is Godfrey can repeatedly state he was alone but all the hamsters know he made alliances WITH THEM including Sarah/Ash so they aren’t fully buying what he’s selling. The fact he was so adamant about keeping Bruno/Bobby should be a another sign to the ladies.

Watching how heated it was getting in the vault a thought occurred to me: with Ashleigh getting so annoyed with Godfrey it may offer an opening for Sarah to take advantage of and make a F2 with Ash. All she has to do is tell her:
1) no female has ever beat a male
2) why was God so adamant about which votes he wanted to keep?
3) God had a F3 with Britt/Ash and since Sarah knows his game she can assume he also had one with the Goblins so if she brings that up and tells Ash how many other hidden alliances did he have, it may be all the motivation she needs to pick Sarah over Godfrey.

Once she points that out to Ash will she change her mind? Hmmm

Peter certainly is high on Godfrey’s game, however 2 things were stated tonight that made me think the jury super fans might not give him their vote: Willow saying “whoever played the game right from the start”, to me was a sign she won’t reward Godfrey over Sarah, but might over Ash.

Super fans voting are Willow, JP, Sindy, Zach and Kevin. The first 3 were votes I designated for Sarah in an earlier post though I believe Zach will vote Ash regardless and Kevin’s vote is a toss up for Godfrey or Sarah.

Sucks we aren’t able to see the conversations going on and know who won part 1 and part 2, which means they have to cram in a lot tomorrow night.


Andy and Godfrey did not play the same game at all! Andy was a rat, he would hang out with one group, get information and relay everything to a second group. Godfrey on the other hand just ensures that which ever group he is hanging with thinks they are with him. Not a lot of ppl gave up game info to him, and he didn’t really fish for it either, so he wasn’t running to the other side ratting people out. He just made sure his ass was covered and that was it. I think that is much more respectable that Andy’s game. Godfrey made it to F3 literally with making no enemies, not an easy feat I’d say.


Most Sarah fans in general make me sick as well.


The very existence of Sarah makes me sick! And then she has fans, lots of them! imagine that! I hope she wins so this doesn’t get cancelled. (Puke, puke, puke)

Sasquatch Proud

Good explanation for all the vomit you & SCB post incessantly.

oh really?

And YOU make me sick.


Oh dear, poor you. Well I hope you feel better soon, and that your recovery be swift!

Sasquatch Proud

No get well cards from me.
I sincerely hope they get an excellent reason on Wednesday night to extend their DRAMA to it’s logical conclusion, Shakespearean Style.


How they carried Godfrey this far is unbelievable!!! He is such a fraud & that Fool better not winn!!! Sarah is the only one that deserves to win, she played a strategic game, took herself far & never disrespected anyone in the process…she’s smart & she’s got game & is sickkkk all around!! Britt Only Makes moves while in power which is good, but she didn’t have much natural game…Ash only stepped up wen zach & pilar left which is cool but she did not play a good game & she’s a bore to watch & her burping is just grosss she does not deserve to winnnn but anything goes in this gameeee but SARAH FIR THE WINNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!


on Tuesday they are having the after show.. where they will be talking to the jury members…


How they carried Godfrey this far is unbelievable & that shit’s gonna bite both Sarah & Brittnee in Ass As they had 2 chances to take him out what a shame cuz He is such a fraud & neasled his way this far & it’s a cheap & grimey way up & i really hope that Fool does not winn!!!!!! Sarah is the only one that deserves to win, she played a strategic diabolical game, & pretty much took herself this far & never disrespected anyone in the process…she’s smart & she’s got game & seems like a very genuwine nice person & is just sickkkk all around!! Britt Only Makes moves while in power which is good, but she didn’t have much natural game…Ash only stepped up wen zach & pilar left which is cool but she did not play a good strong game & she’s a bore to watch & her burping iut loud is just grosss!!! She does not deserve to winnnn but exoect the unexpected cuz anything goes in this gameeee but SARAH FOR THE WINNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!


LOL @ the poll already assuming that Brittnee is gone.


She has.

604 Macho

How do people know Britt is gone already?


She’s nowhere to be seen. Thank God (not Godfrey) Britt went out under Sarah’s HOH reign!

The Truth

@VIC -Absolutely nothing like when it happened to Jordan. It was completely out of her hands. Nice try though.


No it was in her (Sarahs) hands, not entirely but in part thereof. Had Sarah won POV Ash is gone period. SBG as a group had 3 in 4 chances of winning veto thats a whopping 75 percent! Before the comp i was saying Ash is def gone.But theySBG didn’t pull through. If i was Brittr I wouldn’t have stopped playing it even if it took forever because we never know, but we do know so it’s moot. It was in Sarah’s hands to keep noms the same and keep B. It was in Britt’s hands to evict Ash and it was God’s hands to save himself and evict Ash, sadly they failed. This all happened under Sarah’s HOH reign.

OTH: Zach as HOH isn’t eligible to vote and even if the plan to blindside JP was leaked Diapers+Willow didn’t have the numbers. So if we’re considering the vote and just the vote only, it was completely out of Zach’s hands. Note that it’s just the vote and the vote only. Other things leading to the votes are a series of idiotic moves by Zach (Noms&POV) and JP (Volunteer noms ) and I don’t condone those actions. JP was a victim of Zach’s bad game play. Britt was a victim of Sarah’s and God’s weak competitiveness (in relation to that particular pov challenge only).


How they carried Godfrey this far is unbelievable & that shit’s gonna bite both Sarah & Brittnee in Ass As they had 2 chances to take him out what a shame cuz He is such a fraud & measled his way this far & it’s a cheap & grimey way up & i really hope that Fool does not winn!!!!!! Sarah is the only one that deserves to win, she played a strategic, diabolical game, & was social aswell & pretty much took herself this far & never really stepped on toes or disrespected anyone in the process…she’s intelligent & she’s got game & seems like a very genuwine nice person & she is just sickkkk wit it all around!! Britt Only Makes moves while in power which is good, but she didn’t have much natural game…Ash only stepped up wen zach & pilar left which is cool but she did not play a good solid strong game & she’s a bore to watch & her burping out loud is just grosss!!! She does not deserve to winnnn but exoect the unexpected cuz anything goes in this gameeee but SARAH FOR THE WINNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah better really fight hard and win the next HOH if she wants to either win first or second place because Ashley nor Godfrey will take her to the end and all her hard work would’ve been for nothing if she gets eliminated which will remind us of what happened to Netta of last season who played the hardest and ended up with nothing…. Sarah really needs to play hard and needs to take herself to the final two since right now she has nobody to have her back except herself


Give it a rest FRESH. We get your point, you don’t have to keep posting it! So Ashleigh burps. Sarah burps and farts as well. Sarah never stepped on toes or disrespected anyone in the process. What are you smoking? I agree she is a great player, but please, whoever got to final 3 worked for it in their own way. Live with it.


Ashley is the Darkhorse in the competition so the jury member might like her for that and although she played a an okay social game she was mainly up Zach’s ass to be honest and only really stepped up her game when her to closest allies left… got free just measle his way up to the top so he definitely does not deserve to win he is a fraud and a fool he might’ve had some funny moments and maybe has a funny character but he definitely did not play a very strong game Sarah played her ass off and deserves to win let’s go Sarah


it’s intimidating to know that the jury members are the ones who hold all the power in your fate in this game when it comes to the end not really based on the game that you played which is why I really feel the jury members should definitely base their decisions on strictly game only


Those for pictures are pretty indicative of the game those 4 finalists played.

– Sarah strategized her way to the F3
– Godfrey ate and was boisterous
– Ashleigh strutting her stuff and making googly eyes
– Britt laid around and moped a lot

(I liked the fembots too, but if we’re being honest, her game was really minuscule when she wasn’t in power)


Come on Godfrey get to the final two!!! WOOOOO

Also, anyone else kind of hoping Pillar made final 2 so we could here her speech:”Shout-out to my family, i’m nervous not sure what to say (laugh laugh)…Love you Ash”

P.S. Thanks Dawg and Simon for all your hard work this season again!! 🙂


You’re welcome! We’re glad you enjoyed our updates.


In a way, Sarah, Ash, and God are all deserving in some ways. Sarah was cunning, intelligent, and not afraid to make moves. Ash had a good position, and when she lost that position, saved herself when it mattered most. God was a target, but kept it so that there were always better people to go after than him. He had people rely on him for survival, so they wouldn’t go after him. None of them are perfect. Sarah breaks down when things aren’t good for her, Ash hasn’t really made strategic moves, and God has barely won comps and is percieved by some as a floater. But, one of them is gonna win, and I’ll be happy with the result.


If Godfrey will win the last HOH (slight chances based on his past “performances”) , he not only will have a secure spot in F2 along with the opportunity of choosing whoever he wants to sit beside him, but his “rating” among the jury members will skyrocket tremendously.


Interesting though that Godfrey said he was done losing and was going to start pulling out the beast mode now in comps. His record since saying this in the DR:

1) Lost POV to Ash (came in 3rd or 4th)
2) Lost HOH to Sarah (came in 2nd)
3) Lost POV to Ash (we don’t know where he finished but sounds like either 2nd or 3rd as Britt quit).

I’m sure he won’t tell the jury that but it is interesting that he thought he could beat all the girls and hasn’t been able to yet. If production wants him in F2 watch for an endurance geared to strength i.e. easier for a male (like the paint can endurance Emmett won over Gillian the comp beast).


Last years endurance (1st part HOH), was also geared to strength.


I was watching tonight’s ep. (Sunday show) and thinking (when they showed Sarah going into the Vault), that the Vault really didn’t have much play in this season. Other than nominations, they could have used this for the twists and maybe hide keys around the house where it opened a box for an advantage, reward or something. When they found those cards in the backyard, I thought they were finally using the Vault for a purpose, but the cards meant nothing. I thought the war room from last season was used more effectively.

I want to also add my thanks to this site for the LF videos and updates, it is much appreciated!


I agree they should have a look at computer games like Legend of Zelda. In that game you slowly have secrets revealed to you and so throughout the game you are wondering what this special key does, or what that funny shaped rock is for.

Like in season 6 of BB USA. They had a secret wall that you could simply move to discover a whole new room.

That way, the houseguests have something to do with their time and the twists are revealed a bit more slowly, unlike now where it’s suddenly a huge twist imposed on them which is effectively random (from their point of view).

The Truth

Yes, I remember the secret room hidden behind the dresser on Season 6. Oh, memories of when it was so good.
The vault was more form over function. I think BB Canada completely wasted the twist where Bobby and Sindy were in the vault and offered money. They shouldn’t have put a button instead that would have been the perfect place to have hidden prizes like Pandora’s box.


I cannot see Britney in the poll … does it mean that she’s gone?


Messages to the Jury…

Well other than which 2 make the finale the jury is the focus. Brings the usual question about bitterness as well the final 2 treated the evicted. Has not been a strong season for jury vote consideration. Sarah in particular geared her game to be Canada’s fav and not counting votes. Worked good for her so far and production hasn’t hurt her either. God did nothing hurt no one by inference and basically floated to the end. Did he do a single move that cost him a jury vote not likely IMO. He was never part of the core of anything in an alliance to speak of. Ash had the QB, diapers and some end game POV. Funny she gets bashed for her showmance here but it’s a bonafide strategy and hurt no one personally beyond her eviction vote.
So is the jury bitter? I really don’t think so this year. What the jury votes on is another thing. HG they like or game play? And remember Sarah fans it’s how the jury saw the season and not the trolls on the forum. The same holds true for Ash and GOD. Lets see who wins what…..
No blood on your hands this is GOD hands down. I also think this has become over blown drivel. Only a very bitter jury does this become a factor…… relationships on the jury(positive) here GOD has social strength but it’s ASH that can likely count votes. Doesn’t make her a winner though…… reward for game play. Think Sarah here not necessarily. By the time Sarah started doing anything like HOH wins the jury votes had left. The 1st 1/2 of the season was B not Sarah pulling the trigger. Not necessarily is that going to translate to Sarah getting credit. An example… here Ash gets no credit working with Z/diapers and is belittled for it by Sarah/B fans in particular. Well folks simply put, what other than being a crybaby and stomping her feet when she didn’t get her way the 1st 1/2 of the season did Sarah honestly do? Saying here on the forum Sarah is a great strategic player doesn’t make it true. Especially in the eyes of the jury.
That’s the thing F2 perspective rules all.
JP- He blames himself clean vote for best player F2. Never saw any significant game from Sarah just a lot of crying. GOD/Sarah toss up IMO
Cindy- one of the few early jury HG’s that worked with Sarah some. Should vote Sarah F2 if it’s the other 2 toss up.
Kev- Was there for the fun will reward GOD or Ash with the vote. I’m leaning Ash slightly due to diapers if they are F2. He has no reason based on in house experience to vote Sarah. This is 1 of several classic examples of Sarah’s lack of social plus the crybaby foolishness could jeapordize her win.
Willow- the one person who truely has reasons to be bitter. Still I see B as 1st sure vote for Sarah and Willow the second. Justice says anyone but Sarah just don’t think Willow will do that
Zack- think he’ll vote Ash 1st then GOD…. BUT perhaps his time with JP could have the 2 vote Sarah if it’s perceived her game was best.
Pili- who brow beat her last? Kev would have some influence but the only sure vote of the season are B(Sarah) and Pili. Pili is voting Ash
B- Sarah then GOD enough said.
Bobby- bro vote for GOD
Bruno- bro vote for GOD.

So in a nutshell I can’t put my finger on many jury votes. 5-4 guys with 1 to go Wednesday. Lets say your Sarah and you pick the 10th juror. Keep GOD jury split 5-5. You have Willow and B and Cindy pretty much on lockdown. Did Sarah make efforts to be kind to Pili and Ash not likely. What “bros” YO is GOD getting? Bobby and Bruno then it become the hated diapers that decide Sarah’s fate and 100K. Oh to the Sarah fans keeping dumping on diapers their the HG’s you need to give Sarah 100K geniuses. Don’t make the mistake all diapers will vote as a block. Ash would be evicted, 1 commercial break then jury on stage. If GOD is F2 the 3 guys are interesting. GOD sat beside JP so no eviction negative. JP, Zack and Kev just don’t have very tight relationships with GOD. If it’s a vote based on game comments about getting Sarah out could suggest she’ll get game play credit perhaps.
Sarah picking Ash she gets the same 3 girl votes the jury is 6 guys and 4 girls. Ash gets diapers so 3-3 and 4 left. Bobby, Bruno, GOD, JP. Sarah needs 3 or Ash 3. this might be addition by subtraction. Bruno said nice things on his eviction favours Sarah. God was carried by B/Sarah might be 2 votes there alone. JP might vote with Zack and Kev for Ash ect. I could add more argument but I think this is Sarah’s best F2 choice.
GOD and Ash should take each other. GOD speaks to a great float game Ash talks about late comp wins to save herself. I’d reward the comps because the floater missed the end game flip to show real control of the season. ie you forgot to win late Godfather. I’d hope for an Ash win over GOD but really doesn’t matter. Still think Sarah beats either F2.


LOL. Are you even watching the jury clips? No matter how much your hatred for Sarah everyone in that jury house has seen as Sarah manipulating Britnee to a certain degree. Britnee going in could actually hurt Sarah’s game by her trying to get all the credit.

JP – during Sindy’s entering the jury house, he has seen targeting Sarah’s face with a dart! Basically he is blaming her for his eviction and this directly contradicts your statement of “Never saw any significant game from Sarah just a lot of crying”
Sindy – a definite vote for Sarah then Godfrey
Kev – post interview shows Kevin praising Godfrey and Sarah’s gameplay and most likely would vote for them, although this past comp wins of Ash could also get his vote so he is a toss up
Willow – most likely to vote for Sarah but if previous comp wins matter Ash would get her vote
Zack – definite vote for Ash THEN Sarah, post interview shows him laughing at Godfrey game, he even stated that “he would eat his shorts if Godfrey wins the game”
Pilar – definite votes for Ash, same with Zack, she also ridiculed Godfrey gameplay
B – definite votes for Sarah then Godfrey
Bruno – definite votes for Godfrey, toss up between Ash and Sarah
Bobby – same situation with Willow except he would probably bro it up for Godfrey

If the pic that was tweeted that only 7 jury members gets to decide who the winner is things would be messy and there is yet to have a clear winner.


Other than JP we have it virtually the same. What am I missing/ Oh as for Cindy entering JH it was his convo with Cindy, I guess you missed the real convo genius, where Cin tells him it was her vote plus I believe she tells him it was her idea. Which by the way the JP mastermind to evict was Cindy not Sarah. On the sideshow it’s very clear JP blamed himself for getting on the jury. You really need to watch the show. As for the dart thing production can stage anything lord your a bias fool!


You , man, definitely need to see a shrink


Well tonight’s show proved what some comments stated here in the last couple of days. Ash didn’t have a social game what so ever and didn’t pay attention cause she was in dominating alliance for so long. Obviously the speeches meant nothing to her. Still stating what zack told her. It was posted here and made fun of that zack was so out of touch with the house. God played an awesome game ! Loved his reaction when ash was trying to talk Sarah about Britt. Again, ash has no game. Winning comps when there are 5 in the house doesn’t impress me. Nothing wrong with gods game he played people, made them believe he was alone and wasn’t a threat. S/G f2!!!!


Godfrey has indeed carved out his way to the end of the game in an ingenious manner, but his game does have a tinge of falseness in it and the fans of this game in the jury house will spot it.


Tonight’s episode (sunday) Godfrey was on fire, the guy is tv gold. I really dont mind if he loses, but I hope he gets to final 2 so I can hear his speech!


I want to hear what his pitch is too… I just cant come up with anything notable except his speeches. He might say he was some mastermind or something. I could even see him lying to make it look like he pulled some strings? I don’t know what he can brag about at this point.


He convinced everyone he wasn’t a game threat,even Zach, and more attractive to take to F2 even over Pili.


Zach and Ash weren’t even nominated for best kiss… awkward.


LOL ya they barely kissed. They did back in the beginning a bit then stopped… And when he knew he was going he started again … It really didn’t seem like he was that in to her.


He might be shy in front of the cameras

another name

or he might have been preying on the emotions of another player in order to have someone in his back pocket. he said himself that he was going to manipulate his relationship with her as a game move.
in the hot tub he told britt and sarah his relationship before entering the house was with the town ‘bad girl.’ also said he was just having his fun with her. was a very awkward conversation, because it was one of his only conversations up to that point which weren’t game related.

The Truth

I don’t think he was shy at all. You can be attracted to someone but when you kiss them it’s just kind of “meh”. There has to be more than just physical attraction and I don’t think he was attracted to her personality as anything more than a friend.


Sarah really needs to win she’s the only one who played diabolically and strategically and socially and never stepped on anybody’s toes!!! she kept her eyes on the prize and was game on the whole time and at the same time was able to respect and enjoy everybody else in the house!! Godfrey cannot when he is a big fraud and a fool I don’t even know how the how he ended up in the final three???? Ashley only stepped up her game later on and did not play a solid strong game and definitely does not deserve to win…. I really hope that the jury members base their decisions off of who played the best and strongest game if that is the case Sarah should win!!! they may see Ashley as the Darkhorse in the game however she still did not do enough Sarah was fighting from start to end and basically took herself to the final three!!!!


Thank you Dawg and Simon for your updates thought this season, seasons past and all to come. You do an amazing job and make the game/show more enjoyable. There are countless people who mosey on through here and are so appreciative of the hard work you put into the site, myself included.

Here are my scenarios for jury votes:

Sarah/Godfrey F2

JP – Godfrey
Sindy – Sarah
Bobby – Godfrey
Willow – Sarah (tie between B and Willow for Godfrey’s nul vote)
Kevin – Godfrey
Bruno – Godfrey (My pick for Sarah to nullify the vote if this is what’s going to happen)
Zach – Godfrey
Pilar – Godfrey
Brittnee – Sarah (tie between B and Willow for Godfrey’s nul vote)
Ashleigh – Godfrey

Winner – Godfrey 7-3 (6-2 with nul votes)

Sarah/Ashleigh F2

JP – Sarah
Sindy – Sarah
Bobby – Ashleigh
Willow – Sarah
Kevin – Sarah
Bruno – Sarah (Still think Sarah will nullify Bruno’s vote even though he’d likely vote for her)
Zach – Ashleigh (tough call, he may vote Sarah if purely game)
Pilar – Ashleigh
Brittnee – Sarah (Ashleigh’s pick for nul vote)
Godfrey – Sarah

Winner – Sarah 7-3 (5-3 with nul votes)

Ashleigh/Godfrey F2

JP – Godfrey
Sindy – Godfrey
Bobby – Godfrey
Willow – Godfrey (tough call, but I think in this scenario Willow votes best game)
Kevin – Godfrey
Bruno – Godfrey
Zach – Ashleigh
Pilar – Ashleigh (my pick for nul vote from Godfrey)
Brittnee – Godfrey
Sarah – Godfrey (my pick for nul vote from Ashleigh)

Winner – Godfrey 8-2 (7-1 with nul votes)

Ashleigh/Brittnee F2

JP – Brittnee
Sindy – Brittnee
Bobby – Ashleigh
Willow – Ashleigh (my pick for Britt’s nul vote)
Kevin – Brittnee
Bruno – Brittnee
Zach – Ashleigh
Pilar – Ashleigh
Godfrey – Brittnee
Sarah – Brittnee (my pick for Ashleigh’s nul vote)

Winner – Brittnee 6-4 (5-3 with nul votes) (this would be the closest scenario in votes, could actually go in Ashleigh’s favour if JP/Kevin vote emotionally aka bitter votes)

Sarah/Brittnee F2

JP – Sarah
Sindy – Sarah
Bobby – Brittnee
Willow – Sarah (my pick for Britt’s nul vote)
Kevin – Sarah
Bruno – Sarah (my pick for Sarah’s nul vote)
Zach – Sarah
Pilar – Sarah
Godfrey – Brittnee
Ashleigh – Brittnee

Winner – Sarah 7-3 (5-3 with nul votes)


you seriously think Godfrey can beat Sarah and Ashleigh who had much better game play and actually won competitions.
your delusional.


Are you kidding me? Every single jury member, aside from Pilar has commented on how well they think Godfrey has squeaked by. They all said he’s played a great social game, and in some ways he has. I honestly do believe Godfrey will win against Sarah even though I think she deserves to win. The jury recognizes Godfrey’s strategy and many house guests said in their exit interviews or on the side show that they would vote for him if he made it to F2.


I was under the impression that there were only going to be 7 jury votes, If so A) we don’t know who they are now and B) all these post stating 7-3 wins for a particular HG are pointless.


We don’t know for sure, some people think that picture is from last season. I’m merely stating my predictions if voting had no twists other than each HG in F2 to nullify one vote. Of course once we know how exactly the voting will go, it can change.


Upon eviction Zach said Godfrey’s game was a joke and he thought Sarah would win so what makes you think he’d vote for God over Sarah?


Just because Zach said he thought Sarah will win doesn’t mean he’ll vote for her. Bruno said he’d vote for Sarah and then he starts talking about withholding information from the other jurors as he’s making his way to the house. He may feel Godfrey deserves to win over Sarah and could convince Zach to vote. Maybe he won’t, but Ashleigh did say that the boys, Zach included, would vote Godfrey if he makes F2, and I don’t think that was only a scare tactic, I think there’s a lot of truth behind that. Which is why I hope Ash sees her best option to win the game is to keep Brittnee. If she’s playing for second place then keep Godfrey.


Upon JP’s eviction, in an exit interview, JP said he would never ever vote for Sarah to win


Ash votes….Zack, Pilar , Kevin , Bobby , Bruno & JP , she wins. Hope Sarah and Godfrey for final two. Love to hear all of God’s reasons why he should win. Could be quite funny, in a good way. That way with Sarah & God for F2 , they would have to vote, to some degree, on the better player. Would be more interesting to hear their answers. Ash would bring up the Chop Chop , the Diaper Gang , and her showmance tightness was honest and true . Sarah would have Sindy and Britt . Willow, who knows. Have to wait and see I guess.


It’s pretty much anybody’s game at this point just depending on who wins this last HOH. I’m definitely hoping that Sarah will win since she played a great strtegic game & in my opinion the best game & she basically relied on her own self and her own instincts the whole entire game, so she deserves mad props cuz she took herself to the finals!! If she wins, she will take Godfrey and send Little Ashliegh Away, if she does not win unfortunately neither Godfrey or Ashley will take her so fingers crossed for Sarah….let’s go I know she can do this….Goooooooo Sarahhhhhhh!!!!


Sarah for the win all the way I really hope she wins this HOH she has to go hard or go home because neither God for you or Ashley will bring her to the end & that would be such as shame since she played her ass off out of this game & played such a strong hard strategic game from start to end!!! Sarah has to win and if she’s smart she will take Ashley with her she has to get out of this mentality where she keeps saying that Ashley has all these friends in the jury and has nothing to do with friends this should be based on strictly game and if that’s the case Sarah will win hunda per!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope Sarah does not get Hermine twisted and takes Godfrey they have to give up with this Godfrey once and for all oh my God he is going to be the death of her because if it’s her and Godfrey Godfrey will proly win!!!!

jen jen

I don’t know if Godfrey sprayed some kind of love potion all over himself to make these women be so attached to him and none of them want to actually get rid of him I don’t know if that’s the case because they seem to be keeping Godfrey for some reason if he ends up in the final two because of one of those girls they’re all seriously crazy and they may as well just had him over the check right now if that’s going to be the case seriously what the hell is going on with all these women keeping Godfrey??? need to set the God free once and for all or it’s going to bite every single one of them in the ass hard I hope they snap out of it and get rid of him they have no chance I don’t think he deserves any of this money they are foolish or they have some kind of Godfrey love potion where they can’t think straight they must be under his spell!!!!!!!

The Truth

Well the Jen’s and the Jenit’s and Jennifer’s are out if full force today. lol


I dislike the production conspiracies. Does anyone think they could get anything interesting out of the rest of the hgs? I can’t imagine getting anything good from an interview from ash or Britt. We saw that Sarah was very entertaining. I thought her stand up was the best and she even used it to point out some obvious things. Even during a task she was playing the game.


What we saw near the beginning of the show as well rehearsed scripted speech by Sarah in the DR. Peolpe just don’t speak that way naturally. Closer to the end, we saw a scripted statement from Ashley as well. A lot of the Dr’s this season have looked scripted and not natural. a perfect example is God’s blood on my hands speech, he tried way too hard to deliver it dramatically. Zach even commented a week or so ago that he was looking forward to the speech production was going to give God that week.


Sarah will remember that no girl has ever won sitting beside a guy and also know there will likely be a Canada vote. For that reason if Sarah has the choice I believe she will pick to bring Ash.

This week we’ve seen Sarah saying Ash has all the jury votes to God/Britt and we’ve also seen the convo with the girls regarding how God has no blood on his hands. IMO she was doing strategic work in case those were the 2 who would join her at F3 (she probably knew the comp at F4 was geared to Ash since she had her dates down cold).


So now we await the results of who won the first 2 parts of the final HOH

Part 1: if production wants Godfrey to have the advantage look for an endurance comp based on upper body strength like they did with Emmett (paint cans) when he easily beat Gill/Gary. If it’s not strength then it would favor Ash who has fared well in endurance.

Part 2: Almost always a combo of who won HOH/POV/Evicted in order with a physical component. In both cases it favors either God or Ash

Suffice to say Sarah’s shot at getting to Part 3 isn’t great, but one can hope. (that means me lol).

Part 3: If Sarah gets there this will be hers to lose, however Godfrey would also fare well. This is the part of the comp Ash won’t do well in (IMO) as she’s demonstrated repeatedly in these types of comps (for example: the HOH shown tonight on TV Ash was far behind both Sarah/God and this was with speech info, showing how little she paid attention… that’s not a knock, just an observation).

So the odds don’t look good for Sarah, unless she can win Part 1 or 2. Odds look best for God especially if he faces Ash in Part 3.

If Godfrey picks I wouldn’t assume he’ll take Ash based on his goodbye message to Zach (we’re evicting your girlfriend next). God knows the boys (Bruno/Bobby) aren’t fans of Sarah so he may count on that. I’d say its up in the air if he takes Sarah. It will come down to how well she can manipulate him into believing he would lose votes he thinks he has. He wanted Pilar so that might speak to Ash but with all her recent POV wins he might settle on jury hate and take Sarah,

If Ash picks she’ll take Godfrey b/c Zach told her to, unless Sarah can get in her ear to make her see how well liked God is by the boys/no blood on his hands and explain to her God’s strategy. Perhaps if she compares him to Dr. Will she might be able to get through to her. Still, I don’t think Ash will be making the decision.

If Sarah picks I hoped she would focus on no girl ever beating a guy and count on her early relationships with JP and Kev who are both gamers. In her speech vs. Ash she could speak to her game moves and parallel how she was against the wall the minute Naeha (Day 15) left whereas Ash wasn’t until Zach/Pils left (Day 63).

another name

the paint can challenge is to date the longest challenge bbcan has ever had.
in order to beat gary he had to hold up that paint can for 4 hours and thirty five minutes.
I don’t think it was a walk in the park.


You are correct, my point was Gillian (who had been the comp beast) lost that as the challenge was geared more to a man. So, if they were to do an upper body strength challenge like that it would benefit Godfrey. Right?

another name

oh the first challenge will be a physical strength tied to endurance challenge. that’s a given. even the drain the water from the boat in season 2 should have been an easy jon win. it was surprising that Sabrina lasted as long as she did. until jon started using his reach to pour his water into Sabrina’s boat (didn’t cry foul, just pointing out the advantage of reach) just as surprising as gary’s performance in the paint can challenge. This is where i still think Ashleigh is making a tactical error in keeping godfrey over britt. she’s an easy win against sarah and britt in part one. she’s not against sarah and godfrey. not having to perform in the do or die second challenge is a huge advantage. one that she has given up imo with godfrey in the picture.


Assuming Britt is gone this is what the F3 have to sell:


BLOCKAGE: on the block 4 times
HAVE NOTS: 3 times
COMPS: won 1 POV
ADVERSITY: aligned with Graig who was evicted early, aligned with Bruno/Bobby who both left & he realized they didn’t really have his back as much as they said. Came close to leaving on Zach’s HOH but Sindy/Sarah/Bruno decided to save him & got Bobby/Britt to agree to keep him.
ALLIES: He played the center the whole game and had individual deals with the guys, Black & Bru, The non-showmances, Sarah/Britt and The Goblins.
RIDE OR DIE: Changed on a weekly basis depending on who had power, but he ideally wanted Pilar
ENEMY: Never truly gelled with Zach, targeted him as early as the week JP left
BEST MOVES: 1) Told Sarah the boys were voting to keep Kevin to get her to switch to Pils so he could keep his ideal F2 (PIls) in game and oust Willow who was too close to Sarah 2) Was able to build solid relationships with people and convince them he was with them while simultaneously doing the same thing with everyone else in the house, 3) Made some bold statements (coming after Zach) which made “the others” more interested in keeping him around 4) recognized peoples strengths & weaknesses and exploited them, for example: He didn’t repeat things Sarah told him as he saw JP got evicted b/c he was untrustworthy in Sarah’s eyes. and he preyed upon Goblins insecurities.


BLOCKAGE: on the block 3 times
HAVE NOTS: once (I couldn’t believe that)
COMPS: won 1 HOH, 3 POV’s (2 with her life on the line but if Zach had won she would’ve left in the other)
ADVERSITY: Lost her HOH due to SP, didn’t truly face adversity until Day 57 when she was nominated for the FIRST TIME with her showmance and subsequently lost her 2 closest allies on the same night (Day 63) in Double Evict
ALLIES: Chop Shop, Diapers, Showmance with Zach, BFF Pilar, Bobby in love with her, Bruno was a fatherly/uncle figure to her, developed an early friendly bond with Sarah on the other side of house
ENEMY: Britt, night of drunken hot tub kissing Britt said some mean things that carried over into next day and the 2 never fully resolved those issues (partially b/c Britt was jealous). Sindy & Ash did NOT like each other.
BEST MOVES: 1) Winning 3 POV”s in a row, aligning with Diapers, 2) keeping communication lines open with Sarah throughout the game, 3) in some ways by enjoying her experience & remaining out of the fray it allowed the other side of the house to underestimate her abilities.


BLOCKAGE: on the block 2 times THIS IS PRETTY SIGNIFICANT… considering how many people felt she was a threat that she was only on the block twice is impressive
HAVE NOTES: 3 times
COMPS: won POV to save her life, 3 HOH’s Shared one HOH with Britt & gave her the power
ADVERSITY: Kept losing her closest allies starting with Naeha Day 15, then Johnny Day 28. Realized her ally JP was lying to her which led to the coup to oust him. Had to deal with Bruno calling her poison the minute Naeha left and his target shifted to her. Fostered a F2 relationship with Willow only to have her other close ally never warm up to working with her and lost her b/c 1) Britt put her on the block against Sarah’s wishes and 2) she believed God’s lie that the boys were voting to keep Kevin so she voted to keep Pils
ALLIES: Naeha, Johnny, Sindy, Willow, JP (though she was secondary to Zach/Kevin for him), Britt, Godfrey. Purple Cobras, No-showmances, Godfrey/Britt. Bruno/Bobby/Willow. Tried repeatedly to get the girls to align together but they were more comfortable with the Diapers.
RIDE OR DIE: Naeha, then Johnny, then Willow, then Britt
ENEMY: Bruno
BEST MOVES: 1) She was a keen observer which enabled her to select players she wanted to work with early (though many were evicted when others figured out those strengths). 2) It also allowed her to see who was aligning. She saw the JP/Zach/Kev alliance early, the couples alliance and knew something was up with Bobby/Bruno & the couples. 3) Her B.S. detector which was strong, when she caught JP in a lie it was part of the reason she agreed to oust him over Godfrey. 4) While she did get emotional, her ability to cry it out and move on was unparalleled. As much as she knew how Bruno felt she was willing to put it aside for a common goal, unfortunately Bruno was never able to get to the same place with her.

Reviewing these areas:

Sarah has the most comp wins with the fewest times on the block (impressive) and won HOH when most needed. Had the best strategic game & tied with Godfrey in ability to convince/manipulate. Also tied with Godfrey for most times on slop

Ash: had fewest times on slop (once… still can’t believe that), and has won POV when truly needed. Avoided the block until day 57 and has subsequently had to win POV 3 times to save her life. It can be argued she didn’t play the game until day 57, but it can also be argued she did what was necessary not to have to until that point in the game.

God: most nominations, tied with Sarah for most have not appearances, also tied with Sarah in ability to manipulate. His main forte was making others feel he had their back first even though everyone knew he was talking behind their back to everyone else. Was only truly ever in jeopardy of leaving the week JP was evicted.


How the votes will go: (IMO)

JP/Sindy/Britt/Willow: Sarah first, Godfrey 2nd, Ash 3rd

Zach: Tough one to call between Ash/Sarah based on his exit interview. Will he vote on strategy & pick Sarah as he did upon exiting or would he pick Ash over her? Doubtful he picks Godfrey unless JP/Kev/Bruno convince him to in the event it’s a Ash/Godfrey F2

Bruno/Bobby: (Bobby will vote how Bruno tells him to): Godfrey 1st. Not sure if Bruno would push Sarah ahead of Ash even though he has intimated she played a better game. I think he would, but not over Godfrey. 2nd Sarah, 3rd Ash

Kevin/Pilar: Kevin is the hardest vote to figure out. I’d pretty much bet the bank he WON’T vote for Ashleigh just b/c he was in the Diapers. Noteworthy: Sarah was the ONLY person he told that she was safe & not being renomed immediately when he won HOH. He also told her he had a different plan indicating it was Bruno he wanted out. Post eviction he indicated how impressed he was with Godfrey and Sarah’s play,

Based on that I’d say: 1st Sarah, 2nd Godfrey 3rd *Ash Obviously Pils would vote Ash 1st but she’ll be influenced if she isn’t sitting F2 & follow Kevin’s lead. (but it could be Godfrey 1st & Sarah 2nd it’s hard to guess Kevin’s vote, I guessed Sarah simply b/c they had a longer term relationship in the house).

If evicted:
Sarah will vote Godfrey
Godfrey will vote Sarah
Ash will vote Sarah

Votes nullified:
Ash will pick Sindy or Britt (likely Sindy)
Sarah will pick Bruno if vs. Godfrey (I think,she might smartly pick Pilar if sitting beside Ash)
Godfrey: I think will also smartly pick Zach to nullify, but he may choose a wild card

Cemented Votes:
Ash: Pilar (Zach if she is against God.. I just don’t think he’s 100% Ash vs. Sarah though) 1 for sure poss 2

Godfrey: Bruno/Bobby – 2 cemented. If he is F2 with Ash those numbers rise to include: Sarah/Britt/Kev/JP/Sindy & prob Willow

Sarah: JP/Willow/Britt/Sindy/(both Ash/God would vote for her if evicted) 5 cemented


If Canada votes: it will either go to Sarah or God. If based on full season play it’s Sarah if based on recent popularity it’s God though the underdog story of Ash may also surface. Looking at the popularity boards around social media though they rank Sarah Ist, Godfrey 2nd and Ash 3rd. Of note Jokers has Sarah ranked first almost all season (only Naeha,Britt and Sindy ever reached first). In fact Naeha, Sindy and Willow continue to rank in the top 6 since day 38. Godfrey jumped into the top 5 when Sindy returned and has consistently ranked top 3 since (other than one day). Ash consistently ranked around 11 falling as low as 14 and once got to as high as 9th. After Zach left she flitted betwween 14 & 11. In the past 3 days she has climbed to 9th with her highest rank of 8th yesterday with Sarah, Godfrey, Naeha, Britt, Kevin, Willow and Sindy all ranked above her. .

I think maybe the twist will be F2 each remove a vote & Canada votes on the juror’s vote they will remove. So likelihood is Zach’s vote won’t count, Pilar and possibly Bruno That’s my guess. (though it could also be Britt’s vote cancelled out)


I was looking for the link to sign-up for the CBS pass under “Support the Site”.
There doesn’t seem to be a link? Is there a code to enter on the sign-up or ???
Another Great job! … Many Thanks


It looked like it was just the normal CBS sign-up page?
I just wanted to make sure you got the credit.


Hey Simon & Dawg…I noticed your poll doesn’t have Brit, do we know for sure that Ash voted her out?


My guess

Sarah v Ash
S- Britt, willow, sindy, Godfrey, Kevin, JP
A- pilar, Zach, Bruno, bobby
Sarah wins 6-4

Sarah vs God
S- Britt; willow, sindy, Zach,
God- Bruno, bobby, ash, pilar
No clue where JP/Kevin vote would be but I feel like Sarah might lose! It’s sad she thinks she has a better chance with him

Ash v God
A- Zach, pilar, bobby
G- Bruno, Sarah, Britt, willow, sindy, JP, Kevin
God wins

I don’t see in anyway ash winning


Did Brit get eliminated? She’s not not the polls :0
Godfrey/Ash for the win!!! 🙂


Just finished rewatching the entire season and this surprised me: I actually like Sarah,

When she was playing in SEASON 2! Hahahaha got ya Sarah TROLLS! I know you’re about to click the upvote button, I can feel it!

I don’t give a freakin’ care about the down votes it doesn’t do anything! Same thing with the upvotes you can take it all away from me and give it to the PEASANTS and make sure y’all let them eat cake while they’re watching the finale!


just an honest question, if you don’t care, then why post at all?


Anybody have an idea what Britt will say to the jury members?? Will she help Sarah’s cause or diminish it??…I just have this feeling she might be alittle bitter and take a lot more credit for things and downgrade Sarah. Thoughts???


I think she has bitterness, though not necessarily towards Sarah- at least not consciously. I Do think she’ll defend her game in the jury house which may inadvertently diminish the game Sarah’s playing.

another name

when considering jury votes, a lot of commenters write about who was nice to jury members while they were in the house. who was friends. this is valid in considering what bias the jury members might have.
the feed audience has been privy to sarah’s comments to herself and to britt and or willow about other players. we’ve heard some pretty nasty remarks. pretty nasty remarks the rest of they jury and remaining contestants don’t know about. the jury members don’t know about these remarks. we’ve also heard sarah make remarks to willow and britt that we shouldn’t hate the player we should hate their game. would willow tell them? would britt? doubtful.
we’re privy to a lot of conversations that the jury doesn’t know about. most of the jury thought sarah was sweet and goofy and very persuasive and smart (combination of words used to describe her from the jury’s own comments during the game when sarah wasn’t around). they may vote for godfrey or Ashleigh because they were closer to them than sarah, but they aren’t going to know about the less than flattering comments she made about jury members when alone crying to the camera, or b!tching to willow and britt. In addition, when she believed Canada hated her, she went around apologizing to Bruno and Zach for her part in arguments and for her jealousy about not being included in larger alliances. Bruno may have twisted the apology into another sarah’s poison argument, but at the time Zach seemed to see it for what it was. I don’t believe that the jury will see sarah as mean spirited. they may vote godfrey or Ashleigh out of closer kinship, but they won’t view sarah as being vile about them. they don’t know about it.


jury votes are alwaus surprising because people think they will bitter or ally vote or in this case “bro” vote. but when it comes downto it they make the effort to base their vote on more than a popularity contest or a take a vote away from x because she took me out reason

these arent regular people they are all caps FANS and superfans…votrs most likely to go to anyone seen as sneaky manipulativ or as bruno would ssy poison….but also someone who made connections across the house. someone said there that sarh was never nice to pili or sh…that is completely falge…on moe than one occasion she reached out…before and fter kevin got evicted and after zach…she has always tried to work with them…if athig they have been stopped by zach originally and time she said to ash “liar”…had ash done more thru the weeks they would have had a different approach nd pili and ash would be there not godfrey…..pple are overestimating the bro vote also….godfrry will be congratulated on making it to the end but it will be a sabrina or victoria type of “win” more of a hey are you still here? havijg godfrey against sarah i can see one or two promise votes to him landslide sarah. same for sarah and ash….few in the house especially zach see her as a winner…..even tho it is clear now she coul have been all along… the hoh she won it was endurance and she beat two guys who assumed she would never beat them at anything ever..

re: canada vote or culling the jury votes to uneven # if there was going to e voting by canada for anything why hasnt it been announced on last nights show? you know hgs or juty knoe bu they havent even aired about the elephant in the room of even number jury


An interview with Zach giving his thoughts on who to vote for:

With regards to your jury vote, will you vote based solely on gameplay or will you also involve personal feelings?

Zach: As a fan, I hated when people would vote personally and not based on game. My vote will be based mainly on gameplay and a little bit of personal feelings with Ashleigh, but I think she would deserve it if she could get herself to the end. Her case if she gets to the Final 2 will be very strong, cause that will mean she has won two vetoes in a row and she is going to have to win a veto or HoH in this next week, and then she will have to take herself in the Final 3. I think that if she can do that in the end of this game then she will deserve to win over Sarah or Godfrey. Brittnee…that would be a difficult situation, cause Brittnee has also made a lot of good moves. That would be a tough one for me but I think I would lean towards Ashleigh.

The Truth

So he’ll pick Ashleigh because if she wins 2 vetoes back to back or 2 comps. What if Sarah wins 2 HOH’s back to back. This one she just one and the the one leading up to the finale. Would he still pick Asheigh? His rationale leans towards the lame. He’s looking for a reason to give it to her. But that’s to be expected as much as people want to vote by game they don’t want to admit just how much of it has to do with being bitter. He’s a lot like many of the previous jury members. No better. No worse.


if Ash wins she’ll take Got free & then Sarah will end up with nothing just like Neda last season who did sooo much work and played a sick strategic game & then ended up w nada jus cuz the last HOH loss. If Sarah wins HOH she must take Ash cuz she has a guaranteed vote in jury with Got free but not with Ashleigh…if Gotfree wins he’ll take Ash cuz he said Sarah’s a genius & played a sickk game & he cant beat her, So Sarah has to win fo shooo it’s go hard or go home for her!!!!


Does anyone know a stream for tonight’s episode?


Thank you so much 🙂


Godfrey only chance is with ash because he actually talk game with everyone except pilli and zach. Based on hangouts and interviews it seems zach and pili won’t vote God. But he kept himself safe against pilar and everyone describe pillar as dumb based on interviews for zach. sarah will win if final 2 with anyone and God will win if final 2 with ash. There are no scenarios for ash to win but she is like Allison from bb 4


Ash all the way. She’s stepped it up as she had no choice but to win the last three pov’s. I hope she evicts Britt and Sarah will be the last in the jury house. So Ash and god to the end.


There is no scenario in which Ashleigh wins. None.

SideShow Answer

Well tonight after watching the Side Show when they played back what Marcia the Moose said to the houseguests, I now understand why Brittnee was in such a bad mood her last few days in the house, and was snippy even with Sarah. Marcia made mention of all the big players she got out of the house and then corrected herself by saying “I mean CANADA got out of the house”. Even the jury who was watching this clip were in stitches. Brittnee has played it like it was all her doing. I couldn’t help but chuckle about that. It obviously ate at her for a long time after the awards dinner and into the next day.


The unique part of this final 3 is that they are all different game players so it’s nice to see this dynamic come together in the end…I do hope that the girls end up making a final
2 deal & Ashliegh and Sarah get Godfrey out and take each other to the end Cuz well u know blondes do have more fun lol So come on lets go Sarah-Leigh!!!I Although that ultimately it depends on who wins the HOH, I feel that Sarah played the best strategic game from the beginning to the end she is soooo intelligent, consistant, & played slow and steady and she deserves to win this race!!!