A Double Scare Tonight a Double Eviction Tomorrow

POV Holder: Ashleigh Next POV May 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: Zach and Ashleigh Pili
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players Everyone participates

(For the most part there is very little going on)

7:32pm HOH Chit chat

8:02pm Godfrey and Ashleigh preparing some salmon
Godfrey tells her she’s very skilled in the kitchen. Godfrey jokes that Ashleigh and Graig would have made a good showmance. Ashleigh says her dad would have found a way in here. Brittnee says Bruno is probably the most disliked player, ‘After hearing what he said”

8:38pm Sarah and Brittnee
Brittnee says it’s weird how people act when they are going.. “He is pretty busted I’m going to miss him.. If he goes”
Sarah says mission accomplished getting Zach out but it breaks her heart seeing him go.

9:20pm Kitchen Zach and Brittnee teasing around

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-19 18-41-38-379

Zach’s done..



9:54pm They are planning to scare Pili when she comes out of the Diary Room. They plan and pull off a “Double Scare”
Ashleigh is the first Followed by Sarah moments after.. AShleigh then gets called into the Diary room Pili says sh’es going to scare her back. Asheligh says it won’t work she’ll expect it.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-19 19-09-15-322

10:16pm Nothing much going on…

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-19 19-49-43-956

10:48pm Zach takes his last bath

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-19 20-09-22-229

11:01pm Godfrey tells the girls a little about themselves.

Godfrey – “A girl that doesn’t think just does stuff.. You’re a very humble girl Mother Teresa in the flesh .. you don’t like to stress.. you don’t like to share your knowledge unless your asked”
Pili – what I like to share my knowledge
Godfrey – share some right now
pili – What would you like me to share
Godfrey – Share your knowledge
pili – How
Godfrey – see you don’t like to share your knowledge your a humble girl

Godfrey – Ashleigh is the rarest of all diamonds… You don’t like to be too intimidating, You keep a low profile. You don’t like to make up your hair only on special occasions.. you’re on of those girls that doesn’t want to outshine anyone.. You burp a lot .. you don’t want to be too lady like too classy

Godfrey “And brittnee all I gotta say to you is Girl That booty.. you know yourself well you have found yourself.. moved out as a young lady soon to become a women.,. You went to a foreign country on your own.. “

Midnight talking about the supernatural and some confusion about coconuts.

12:10AM HOH Godfrey and Sarah talking about Brittnee having a lot of jury votes.

12:53am Pili learns that a Pickle is a Cucumber

Pili – Thanks guys you guys are feeding my brain right now

12:57am Zach and Ashleigh
Ash says if she wins HOH she’ll put up Sarah and Brittnee.
Zach says the advantage of getting rid of B first is she might be able to beat Sarah in the final 2. Zach says nobody is going to take Brittnee to the end.

(They cut the feeds on this conversation.. Then switch the cam so som of it’s been missed)

Zach gives her strategies in how to move forward after he goes.
Zach – If you don’t win this HOH you could go home
Zach thinks Godfrey is loyal to Brittnee and Sarah

Zach tells her she won’t beat Sarah/Britt hey will never take Ashleigh. She has to take those two out. He warns her that Sarah will try to fill her head but she can’t believe them Ashleigh will win ASgainst Pili and Godfrey.

1:22am The Goblins

They both notice Brittnee is stressed, “She knows her and Sarah are going up if she doesn’t win”
Ash says they need to get out Sarah first because Godfrey won’t take Brittnee to the end.

1:49Am Zach tells AShleigh about the newport alliance.
Ashleigh says the reason why her hair is fried is because she has naturally curly hair and straightens it.

3 Weeks after BBCAN3 is over BB17 starts! we’ll be covering the feeds round the clock get your CBS All Access early and re-watch the past 16 seasons of the show.

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Yeh think the stuff Sarah saying about Zack isn’t about Canada’s vote. What a transparent sack of trash that douche is. She no more cares about Zack than the trash she threw in the garbage 2 months ago. She is a complete phoney.


lol…they’re all phoneys and they are all liars…Sarah’s just better at it and in this game it’s what you need to do.


Wow…. Three weeks after this ends, BB17 starts. I never realized if it was that quickly.

Something tells me that this season is going to have a very disappointing winner; kind of like how people were mad with the end events of BB3.


Simon and Dawg – will you be announcing when the Live Feeds for BBUS become available so we can get them through OBB? Any idea when the Early Bird will start?


Best case scenario for Godfrey is that ash wins hoh, pov winner is either britt, pilli, ash or god but sarah. Next final 4 hoh he wins, nominates ash and pili. final pov is britt or god. Then send ash home. And next hoh final win part 3 and be big brother winner, but mostly he will get pick if its britt, pilli and god.

another name

there is a good chance that a big brother canada “curse” will be broken. predominantly showmances or fauxmances have been the victims of the double eviction in previous seasons.


Fun way to F2……
I see no 7 question genius So what can happen. B throws 7 questions to GOD so he evicts Sarah? All Pili final she wins endurance the loses 7 questions sits F2. Better known as BB CAN 3 winner is person beside Pili. Sarah throws 7 questions to Ash and Ash evicts B. Also known as production wins BB CAN 3. There are other combos but I think Sarah and GOD have the toughest road to get F2. Like Pili for F2 2nd place money. Ash the toughest road. B an enigma F5 if she escapes eviction she might win out in a stranger than fiction “twist”.

Lastly I feel kind of sorry for Simon and Dawg not much you guys can do with a snooze fest. There will hopefully be some fun(entertainment) tomorrow. Even the trolls have taken the day off that’s when you know it’s quiet!


Britnee is almost as annoying as Sarah. Can these losers get over Bruno already? He didn’t even say anything, he just raised his voice. They cry for equality, and when they are treated like equals they play the role of the helpless little girl. So pathetic.

River de Nial

Bruno raised his voice because big bad Sarah came charging in to the pantry. The poor baby was so scared by mean nasty four eyes Sarah that he charged at her, got in her face, clenched his fists, turned red, and called her every name under the sun. I feel so sorry our little Bruno was forced to not be his usual sunny, sweet, gentle self.


Thats a nice little narrative but not even close to being accurate. Another one of the sheeple who manipulate facts and soak up whatever Sarah says, even though she started the whole argument. When he was equally aggressive, Sarah started crying because bad words hurt her virgin ears. She sure showed what a strong woman she was crying in a pillow and still obsessing over someone who hasn’t given her a second thought.

River de Nial

For someone so obsessed with Bruno, it’s surprising you haven’t watched each of his interviews a hundred times. Your hero, sweet little darling Bruno, did say that Sarah “charged” at him. I watched that scene a couple of times and she definitely did not. He’s a typical abuser who tries to blame the victim.

River de Nial

And yeah, she’s obsessed about Bruno. It’s called fear and PTSD. PTSD does make you relive traumatic events. They are called flashbacks or nightmares. Bullies have that effect on their victims.


S/B are just saying what the fans were saying about Bruno. He did cross the line. I think brono is a nice guy but I don’t think we will never know what it’s like in the bb house. It has to difficult living and playing a game.


Hope B or Sarah go in the double eviction, preferably B because I can’t stand to watch/listen to her anymore! She is even more annoying than Sarah the pity me crybaby!!!


While reading the comments, it is hard to understand what some people are saying because some words are missing or used in the wrong way. Before hitting “Post Comment”, re-read what you wrote.

Now that most Trolls are sleeping or gone back under the bridge, I again enjoy reading the comments to get a different view of what people think. Thank you everyone for making BB Canada a good experience.

Also, thanks to Simon and Dawg for all the hard work you do to give us Canadians the best place to go to for our BB fix, both here and the US.


I like Pili and Ash, they seem like very sweet girls… but Sarah has their number. EVERYONE has their number. I hope once the all mighty Zach leaves, Ash will grow a pair and think for herself. I would be seriously offended if someone said they are filling my head… or manipulating me. There is only little time to redeem yourselves ladies! They all can… including Godfrey.
Like, what a piss poor game this guy has played! Although, I suspect the girls all think he has been throwing comps, because I would assume too. However, who would assume you would throw a veto comp when on the block? To me that move screams, loser! I have been rooting for him to go ever since that moment. I can’t root for someone that is not working hard to stay. There is little to no time to outshine what B and Sarah have accomplished. If one of them don’t make it to the finally, it will be a shame!


Like i said big night for TV we have:

A Double Eviction episode of BBCAN, a 3 hour finale of Survivor, and David Letterman’s final late talk show episode. Who’s hyped?


I find it odd that there’s so much Sarah hate, she’s been leading the popularity polls on every fan site for weeks. After Kevin left Britt and God have joined her too.
Even if you don’t like her personally you have to admit one of those three deserve to win. And Sarah actually has played an excellent game (anyone else find it funny how Neda picked her to be a great player from day one? Anf Jon picked Bobby LOL)


LMAO God deserves to win? He has been a non-factor all season and floated his way to the end as a non-threat with no allegiance to anyone (maybe Bruno).

Sure you can try to use rhetoric and say it was great ‘strategy/game play’ but I aint buying none of that

As for Sarah/Britnee, sure they will be the most ‘deserving’ winner left. However, neither is very deserving, because as soon as either faced some sort of hardship they were thrown a lifeline by production.

the jury should have a third option of giving the money to charity as none of the ppl left really played well enough to earn the money

Once Zachs out tonight I’ll be waiting for BBUS. No point wasting my time watching the end of this season


I have to say that while I like Godfrey as a person in the game, he hasn’t really done much in it to deserve a win. He only managed to win one POV, he’s been on the block numerous times and while on it he’s been saved by other people. While most will say that’s a move in itself, I don’t think he had a role in escaping any of those evictions. So likability aside, Godfrey hasn’t really played so much as floated throughout the game. And this wasn’t a planned floating, he’s been very verbal about his targets, he’s tried to win comps, I think he just couldn’t.

Sarah and Brittnee are good players, not physically but socially. You can’t deny it, even if you hate them. They’re acting a bit catty because they’ve let the power they’ve had for the past two weeks to get to them. We can’t really expect them to know what we know and think and act the way we want them to act. It’s just not possible.


I agree. Now as far as B&S being catty and “glorying” in their position, their behaviour does annoy me until I remember this is the first 2 weeks that they have really had where they can be free(ish). Is it just an overreaction to so many weeks being ground down at the bottom, or is it who they really are? If they keep this up, or had they done this earlier, I am not sure I would be as supportive of them as I am.

The others have been glorying in their wins as well, and it annoyed many of us. Although I found neither Ash nor Pilar had been really OTT in their behaviour when they were HOH, but then they also act as if they were only bit players in this game.