“I just don’t know how this weeks going to play out.. What’s Gods thinking” -B

POV Holder: Ashleigh Next POV May 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: Zach and Ashleigh Pili
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players Everyone participates

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-18 14-59-01-196

5:57pm Hot Tub Sarah and Brittnee
Talking about the season, Bruno’s game, Zach’s etc.. They play up bruno being a dangerous player.

Brittnee – I just don’t know how this weeks going to play out.. I don’t know what Gods thinking..
Sarah and Brittnee are nervous about Godfrey. They think he might decide to keep Zach. Godfrey may think of himself as the next big target if it’s 4 girls a him.

Sarah – I love how Pili still doesn’t get who voted her out
Brittnee – I can’t explain it.. if you don’t get it I don’t know what to say
Sarah – she doesn’t even f****ing listen to you when you talk to her.. but how could you want someone like that out.

Brittnee – do you feel good about this week
Sarah – Ya
Brittnee- I feel great about it you made fantastic moves
Sarah – Ya, like i’m going to believe Pili will vote out Zach, she’s the worst liar in the house.
Sarah – just sucks that Ashleigh won the veto.. You were so close.. She f***g killed that

Brittnee – she’s really good at those comps memorizing.
Brittnee – you know where my vote is
Sarah – I would never doubt you for a second..
Brittnee – it’s just everyone elses.. we only need one more

They cannot understand why Godfrey/Ashleigh would vote out Pili. “Doesn’t make sense”
Brittnee says Pili deserves to be here but she definitely got this far for reasons different than the rest of them. Says Pili is Nice and loyal, and will stay loyal to Ashleigh till the end.

Brittnee points out that Godfrey has been telling her for the past 4 weeks he’s going after Zach so why would he change that now. Sarah goes on about the three of them staying loyal then it doesn’t matter if Pili/Ashleigh win the HOH the odds the odds are in their favour.
Sarah hopes Godfrey isn’t thinking they are working with Ashleigh she’s been trying to make it clear.
Brittnee – there’s no way we’re working with these girls there’s no way.. Its a waste of time.

Sarah – I can’t believe Bruno said that to pili
Britte – I think that’s hilarious
Sarah – He swears he wasn’t saying anything
Sarah hopes they gave Bruno a shitty edit when he was evicted. Sarah says he was lying to everyone and when she called him out he yelled at her.

Sarah – I can’t believe it we had the odds stacked against us for so many reasons.
Sarah – I’m proud of myself

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-18 15-21-25-758

6:23pm Bedroom Godfrey, Pili and Ashleigh
Pili says taking Brittnee to the end will be like handing her 100 thousand dollars
Godfrey telling them Sarah and Brittnee have been very close from the beginning, ‘They spend all this time together.. You can’t discount the emotional attachment. Everyone dreams is to make it to the end with the person you were close with and experience the game with”
Ashleigh/Pili Agree.
Godfrey pushing that Sarah and Brittnee are genuine friends they are taking each other to the end.
Pili – I choose friendship over money
They start going through the jury votes.
Godfrey says Bruno has told Willow that Sarah voted her out. They agree Jordan and Sindy will vote based on game. Not Sure about Bobby. Godfrey points out that Bruno hates Sarah wouldn’t vote for her.

Godfrey tells Pili she’s not going any where him and Ash are voting her out.
Godfrey says if Brittnee wins HOH she’ll try and break up ASh/Pili, ‘They’ll probably lie to me say Ash/Pili were trying to get me out”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-18 15-51-40-758

6:51pm Zach and Brittnee

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-18 16-15-06-790

7:15pm Sarah and Brittnee.. talking about dreams..
Brittnee – I had a dream.. I was travelling in Greece with Zach .. sisters of the travelling pants..
Sarah’s dream, ‘When we were tanning out there my shorts were ridding right up and I had a dream I hurt my vagina cause it was like really sore”
When Sarah woke up she realized her shorts were”Riding hard”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-18 16-28-00-042

7:23pm Bedroom Godfrey and the goblins
Godfrey – the Chop shop .. If I made an alliance I wonder whayt I would call it
Ash says purple cobras was stupid the name mentions how it’s from the movie dodge ball
Godfrey laughs asks who was in that alliance again.
Jordan, Sarah, Johnny and Neaha they thought they had Zach and Kevin were in it.
Godfrey – I missed a lot of this game I shouldn’t have napped so much.. All I really did was wake up eat and like go to bed.. Purple cobras (laughs)
Pili is trying to decide what to wear for Wednesday’s show
Godfrey – “Don’t wear what you wore in your picture (Memory wall picture) JP wore what he wore in the picture and he went home”

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Ashleigh you are in an alliance called Fing Diapers! So don’t even think you have a say to justify what “stupid” is.

Btw, Naeha was not even there anymore when PC was formed. It was Brittnee. This why you suck cause when people told you stuffs you listen with your hoo-haa, not with your Fing ears.


GOD’s covering his bases best he can. Funny those waste of space girls win HOH bet Sarah/B would be happy to work with them. So much drivel and B is almost as bad as Sarah.
Very uneventful day just the way it should be. Early time Wednesday go go Hamsterwatch!!!

Zach Friend

Zach has convinced God to vote Pili. He is a genius. Next up, goodbye God. Zach has masterminded this like no other in BB history. You have to agree whether BBUS or BBCan Zach has played the greatest game of all time.


The “perfect game” used to be considered winning the grand prize, and not having a single vote cast against you. Derrick, BB16, not only didn’t have a vote cast against him, but he never even sat on the block, and he won the grand prize. His game to me is the best, in history. Pretty sure Zach hasn’t played the best game in BB history, that title should obviously go to past winners, and plenty of others before it goes to Zach. Sorry. Zach has barely won anything, and sent his biggest ally home. The only thing he was good at was manipulating two very naive girls, and that’s not saying much about him, but rather the girls’ lack of insight.


LOL. Zach is far from being smart at all, if Godfrey votes for him to stay it would just mean that he is stupid.

Advantages of keeping Zach this week
1) Zach will be the target in case Britnee wins HOH in DE
2) Zach is smarter and better at comps than Pili

Disadvantages of keeping Zach
1) Godfrey will be voted out in case Zach wins POV if B wins the HOH, worst case he will be voted out EVEN if Zach does not win POV
2) Zach is smarter and better at comps than Pili and his road to the final three will be more difficult
3) He will not win against Zach in the jury
4) He will get rid of Pili, the biggest goat in the game


Go Zach!

lol what?

You are either a Troll, very sarcastic or this is your first season of BB. Because I don’t believe you’re this delusional


That’s the funniest thing I’ve read today! He does not belong in terms “BB Greats” category! Luck and dumb ppl got him where he’s at right now

another name

watching tonight’s episode… uh…. is there a complete alternate universe separate set of feeds ? give the editing department a raise big brother because the cuts this week made me go back to check vid clips, comments and questions I’ve had for the last few days, just to make sure I didn’t get too much sun this weekend and dream it all up.


I love how Sarah slags everyone in the house, even those that are no longer there, and yet everyone acts like she’s such a great person. She is an awful human being who whines and slags everyone when things don’t go her way. She loves to play the victim and demonize everyone else.

Bruno was attacked non stop for playing a game and doing what was in his best interests. When he exited he hugged everyone and wished everyone the best of luck. He complimented Sarah for having the foresight to eliminate him before he made his move against her. Sarah on the other hand can’t stop obsessing over him, threatens to poison the jury and now hopes that he received a bad edit. If that was Bruno saying those things I guarantee all you hypocrites would be calling him a misogynist, racist, homophobe and all the other wonderful characterizations you had for a guy who played a game and never once showed any of those qualities.

Habs Rule

Well said Sarahisababy!!………I couldnt agree more!!………..She just has this negative aura about her…….She needs a reality check in the form of a boot out the door……Wonder how she will act if and when it happens?


You know when you’re really frustrated with the way something is going and you say things out of anger that you don’t mean? Or you rant amongst people that you think you can safely rant to without judgement? Maybe have a tough day at work and come home to rant about your boss? Does that make you a terrible person? Does that make you an “awful human being who whines and slags everyone when things don’t go your way”?

The big irony here is how you are doing that exact same thing! You feel like this is a safe space to rant about your frustrations about the game (It is). You’re speaking out of anger and frustration and *maybe* saying things you don’t mean (That’s fine, we all do). Yet, I don’t think you’re an awful human being. I think you are a valuable person who is entitled to have an opinion. Just like Sarah. I just hope that you would extend the same respect to others (including her) and practise what you preach!

I’ve rooted for both Sarah and Bruno this entire game, even when they were working against each other, not due to personality, but because they both are playing/played such great strategic games! As much as I was frustrated at Bruno for keeping Zach, had it not been for the twist, that would have paid off fairly well for him! And as much as I was frustrated when Sarah voted out Willow, her logic was brilliant and she made the smartest decision with the information she knew. They are both smart and great people! Can’t say I’d do any better under the stressful circumstances they’re in.

TL/DR: It’s human nature to talk bad about others, you do it too as evident in your comment. We come here to rant, where do the houseguests get to go? Please turn down the hypocrisy and try not to make it so personal.

PS. Why racist? Was that just you throwing a bunch of trigger words out there and hoping one stuck? No one has ever had grounds to call Bruno racist? And how would him bashing Sarah change any of that?

PPS. Bruno wasn’t perfect either, he was bashing Sarah just as much! You seem to be forgetting Bruno’s catch phrase: That girl is poison… *cue Bell Biv Devoe, dances away from this conversation*


Yet when Bruno said anything against Sarah he was labelled a misogynist, racist and homophobe. However when she constantly bashes others, her hypocritical fans excuse it as being out of frustration and having a bad day. Also you can’t use the bad day excuse when she continues to slag a guy who’s been out of the house for a week.

Finally calling someone poison, as in poison to his game, isn’t slagging them, its actually a compliment if you think about it. A point he reaffirmed after he was evicted by congratulating her on her play.


No I wasn’t throwing these terms out there so they would stick, thats what people were accusing him of when they decided he wasn’t on team Sarah. Read the comments, people lied all over these message boards. An example is when they said he didn’t shake Gary’s hand, even though he did, which makes him a homophobe. Arguing with Sarah, an adult who preaches equality but always acts like the “defenceless girl”, makes him a misogynist and on and on and on.


“Zach’s Friend”…..really?! The best game of all time? I can hardly contain my laughter!! Rotfl!!! Zach is no where near the level of Dr.Will or a Danny! But thanks for the laugh! Your comment was almost as funny as Pili trying to lie to Sarah:)


When was the last time Z won anything? Really and the stupid plan using the girls? This season he had been so out of touch of what was going in in the house, Iam sure it was mentioned here. Peter said it best when he said relationships have to be managed that is why Bruno was out. Everyone was so afraid to make big moves except s/b/b and look where they’re at? I love Sarah because she is so intuned as to what is going on. The others were all fooled by the diapers but Sarah never was. Way back when Sarah tried to work with ash, what did she do ….. Straight to zack, bad move. I’d like Sarah more if she played her own game and wasn’t so easily influenced by z. I underestand s/b frustration trying to work with some of these people. I love the ones that come in focused on winning and not relationships.


Poor Godfrey, little does he know if Sarah makes it to F2, she’s got Bruno’s vote. Not sure if he’d give it to her between her and God but we know if she were up against either of the remaining diapers, Bruno will vote for her, maybe even against Britt.


Not!!! That girl played a great game in the house, but she will not get a single jury vote. That is the downfall of the game she played. She moped, whined, alienated herself from people she was not willing to work with, caused giant fights with a great guy, voted out her
GF, and I hope, and I mean it sincerely, that she goes in the double so that she doesn’t have to face the jury. It will/ would crush her. Also going to say that these final six are duds. I was away all weekend and didn’t care one bit about missing the feeds and I was proved right by how boring the remaining HGs are. All the good ones are gone, except God. They should have kept Bruno and evicted Zack. That would have been more entertaining than sangria and an 80s dance party. It’s starting to feel kinda desperate.
Zack, at least it would be entertaining.


Pilli says, “I choose friendship over money”. Great ….. then go home! Giving up on comps, not listening to the rules –terrible! Absolute BS. This is not the show for her and, once again, I’m really annoyed by the casting director. BBC is a game. If you’re not here to play or even try to win then leave. Nobody gets scouted to be on a sports team so they can make friends (of course friendship is a lovely bonus). Ultimately you are selected for a team to represent your city/town and above all play your sport. At best, Pilli refuses to kick the ball and at worst she is scoring on her own net! It is sooo frustrating to watch!