Late Night 80’s dance party “Cheers to the final 6”

POV Holder: Ashleigh Next POV May 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: Zach and Ashleigh
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players Everyone participates

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-16 22-19-22-036
1:21am Task complete they get a margarita party (Task post here)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-16 22-24-57-303

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-16 22-43-07-900


Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-16 23-09-17-604

2:06am Everyone in the pool

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-16 23-14-58-648

2:15am hanging around the hot tub talking about raccoon

4:00am Ashlegih and Zach scheming

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-17 06-05-17-292

8:30am – 9:15am Big Brother blocks the feeds to wake up the house guests. When the feeds return – Zach is out suntanning in the hot tub room. Ashleigh and Godfrey are still waking up in the main bedroom and Pili, Sarah and Brittnee are in the HOH room talking about everything that happened last night last night.. The costumes, Godfrey’s task, etc. Sarah says it was fantastical. Brittnee says she doesn’t feel very good. She says why does this happen. Everytime I say I not going to get like this and then I do. Sarah says its because we never get alcohol. Brittnee talks about Bruno and how she didn’t believe it but thought whatever send him back in if that’s what you’re going to do. The paranoia here is just unreal! Sarah says I just don’t want to cry again. I am done crying. Brittnee says I can’t do it .. I’m calling in sick today. Sarah says good one, me too. They start getting ready for the day.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-17 05-44-26-280

9:30am – 10:15am Zach, Godfrey Pili and Ashleigh are suntanning. Meanwhile in the kitchen Brittnee and Sarah are cleaning. Brittnee leaves to suntan. Sarah makes breakfast for the haves and brings it out to them in the hot tub room. She also warmed up slop cakes for Britt and Zach.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-17 07-14-51-201

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-17 07-27-50-091

10:25am – 11:30am All the house guests are out in the hot tub room eating the breakfast Sarah made for them. Big Brother starts playing the 80’s music. Godfrey starts working out. He says I wish they would play this instead of the rooster. Sarah says I am loving Big Brother this morning. Godfrey says I am starting to forget what being a havenot is like. Brittnee asks how much do you want to smoke him right now. Not helping the situation. Pili finds a glass that Kevin had left out in the hot tub room. “It’s disgusting” Godfrey says there’s a whole bug colony in it. Brittnee comments on how Big Brother gave her the day off from batteries today. Zach says they tried to get me to do it but I just went back to sleep. Sarah says Zach you rebel! Godfrey and Pili head inside to workout.

12pm – 1pm Pili and Godfrey are getting ready in the bathroom. Ash and Zach are laying on the living room couch in silence. Pili and Britt are chatting about random things.

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Pete Venkman

I’m still working on the puzzle while these kids party it up.


Can’t wait to see the Diapers have to scramble in the morning…hungover and tired…and try to pull off their big act to get Godfrey nominated instead of Pili. Production must really want to drive that stake through Zachula’s heart. Of all the nights to give them a decent booze delivery…and it was task for Godfrey. They know he is the only entertaining one left in that crypt. They aren’t taking any chances of losing him…so they gave him a task that would help ensure his safety…by getting the Diapers tipsy and delay their plotting.


You can lead a diaper to margaritas but you can’t make him/her drink. If the diapers become too tipsy to strategize & fight to stay in the game, it is not “production’s” fault.


I’m not faulting production for anything. I just think it’s funny that last night…of all nights…that they would give them the most booze they’ve had yet. The Diapers had no problem drinking…but even if they didn’t…how are they going to successfully persuade the people who have been drinking? It would have to wait til morning either way. Besides, it isn’t ridiculous to think that delaying their tactics benefits the show. Not that this plan ever had a chance of working, but I guess they don’t want to take that risk. Godfrey is more entertaining…but more importantly…production would love to force Ash into having to decide between Zachula and Pili. It’s more dramatic.


Production has nothing to do with Zacks idiotic plan that would never work.
Sarah does not trust Ash or Pili …
those two blew their chance with Sarah and Brit last week
That is why people like Sarah … Because she would see right through their BS
As she already has
Pili is going on the block .. end of story!
I was actually hoping they would try so that they could have a good laugh and
they would most likely mention to Godfrey that they were trying to get him on the block
I’m sure Godfrey would be real happy about that.


“Sarah does not trust Ash or Pili …
those two blew their chance with Sarah and Brit last week”

Sarah has been after them all game.


Sarah and B have been after the guys the whole game, not pili and ash… They did want to work w them last week and this week but the goblins still wanted B out..

604 Macho

What was the puzzle solution and how did Godfrey accomplish the task?


He got them frustrated.


Hmm… wonder if they get the crying baby task in the morning… 4:14 am and they are still awake.


Hangovers for the POV scrambling and lies tomorrow…that oughta be tough lol. Or easy? Who knows?

another name

watched the Zach and Ashleigh kitchen and base of stairs before lights out talk twice.
He told her keeping him is her best chance to come in second. twice.
he said maybe godfrey will flip and then he and godfrey can make a run through the game to the final two.
he told her to stop thinking more than once (so that she didn’t stress out… or didn’t catch on).
I realize she’s not the sharpest tool, but he just told her that with him her best outcome is second. he just slipped out that he’d like to run to the end with Godfrey… and wants her to vote out her other final 2 deal to do it.
Is she actually that foolhardy?
I do realize there are advantages for Ashleigh to keep Zach. But I don’t think that was the argument to make, unless she is truly a fool that just came for the experience of being on tv.
I’ve read a lot of statements saying that if the hg’s vote to keep Zach in the game just write him the cheque now, and that making him a pawn last week was a complete tactical error. I don’t disagree. if Zach stays this week, the same people that made that argument should repeat it to the people that vote for him to stay. Because this week it won’t be for a lack of trying.


The only good move here is for Ashley to keep Zach. If Zach leaves this week she is now the number one target. Everyone wants to take Pili to the end.
Now Godfrey is a different story. He will have the option to vote with Brit and get Zach out or vote with Ashley to get Pili out. Hard to say what the better strategy it for him. If he keeps Zach it will be Zach and Ash against Sarah and B going into the next week. He will probably easily make it to the final 3 with that strategy. But he has a chance that it will be with Zach and Ash who will be harder to beat in the final. If he goes with Sarah and B he will probably still be safe next week but he won’t make it to the final 3 as easily. Sarah and B will take Pili to the end with them.


You said it yourself ..”Everyone wants to take Pili to the end”
So that benefits Ash how?
Ash knows 100% Pili would take her to F2 if they make it to F3
(and in typical cult leader play book move … separate your minions from friends and family)
This is why Zack wants Pili gone.
Zack has thrown up … red flag after red flag
Which Ash has acknowledged but refuses to act on.
So does Ash want to just play for 3rd place or have a shot at winning?
They all know F3 has a physical comp
I personally would rather compete against Sarah or Brit in a physical comp
than a 6’+ quarterback
Also …
It’s at the point of the game where it comes down to winning HOH or POV to be safe
so who is the biggest comp threat? They need to go first.


It’s all good to get rid of the threats to get jury votes in the end, but you still have to get to the end. In BB11 US, Jeff took out a big threat in Russell instead of taking out Nat or Kevin. Jeff was gone soon after that decision. Pili will take Ashley to the end, but that’s it. For Ashley to get to the finals, her and Pili would have to win out if they took out Zach this week.


”Everyone wants to take Pili to the end”
Everyone wants to be sitting beside God!

What has he done?
His 1 major move was him declaring he wanted Zach out at the POV ceremony! That charge obviously fizzled out, cause not even big brother can spin “the great rival” story.
10 people have the left the bbhouse, and he certainly hasn’t had to make big decisions on those.
He is obviously not a big comp threat. (Even though he throws comps, doesn’t mean he would have won any anyways..)
He has been wishy washy with the Jury, and never really had an alliance. I honestly think Bruno and boys will vote gameplay.

Take Godfry, you cant lose!

River de Nial

If you listen to the most recent post-eviction interviews, these jurors want Godfrey to win. He’s got everybody fooled.

another name

I stated that I know there is are good reasons or an argument for Ashleigh to keep Zach.
I am pointing out that what he said to Ashleigh was not the best argument he could have used.
keeping him in the game may be smart. but getting him out of the game may be smart as well. it’s a matter of perspective. at the moment i’m listening to his plans and his arguments and pointing out flaws. if he makes the plan or the other plan work more power to him. for sure. the part of my brain that hates his personality may be louder than the part of my brain that appreciates some of his strategy at the moment.


That’s not a fair representation of that conversation at all. He said, multiple times, that he realized Ash would have a better chance in final 2 with Pili and that he would understand if she chose to keep her over Zach. He also never once said he would go with God to the final 2. He said that if Ash, God, and Zach made a deal, they would go hard after B and Sarah so that Zach and Ash could get to the final 2. He told her to stop thinking because she was clearly getting frustrated. They were both drunk and tired. Nothing in that conversation suggests that he was trying to pull anything over on Ash. And nothing he said was inaccurate. Do I think it is smart for Ash to keep Zach? No. But you can’t fault Zach for trying.

another name

the part where he mentions making the run with godfrey was on live feeds before sarah comes to the kitchen. it is reiterated at the 6:30 to 6:35 mark on the video.

No shade!

Production thank you …get zac out everyone is in agreement ….now all production has to do is get Sarah to make the noms early…like right when she wakes up….production put that nail in zacs coffin ,please!!..Sarah is so emotional and easily manipulated …I pretty sure peles acting/lying will suck 100 Percent and she wouldn’t be able to convince a dying thirsty man to drink water but unfortunately Sarah ‘s has proven to be stupid game player time and time again… Hell Sarah is production golden child and production threw a party because they know ,like I know Sarah is prone to stupid move….am done calling it emotional unless emotion equates to stupidity even then no ….Sarah is a bad player ..there I said it….go a head and hate your ass off 🙂
How? I ask is Sara always the top of every poll?…I don’t get …she is not entertaining , she is super exhausting to watch when she not in control..i especially did not like her energy last week when she was trying to recruit pele and ash and save Brit …it was so heavy :/
Can the people that are always voting for her to be on top of every damn poll Use that energy to tell Sarah there is never going to be a girl alliance:/… I suggest the Sarah lovers come together and send that message through smoke or some kind of diffusion hopefully she inhales the message and a clue on how to play the game:)
Go ahead hate hate hate …and press that dislike button like your being paid….and hate some more 🙂


Zack has already switched his plan from getting God put up to voting Pili out.

another name

did he bother to call off pilar from going to sarah this morning? as of the time the girls went to the bathroom during the hot tub party pilar said she didn’t want to, but she’d still do it in the morning.
seems he may have forgot to fully cancel the old plan before he started working out the new plan.
one thing aside… Zach doesn’t know about garb and the goblins. Ashleigh has kept a secret from Zach. Zach may not KNOW about ash and pillar’s final two deal, but he knows its a possibility. I only point this out because it could have an affect on Ashleigh’s determination to keep Zach. there are still days of campaigning to go, and Zach’s already on his second plan. The entire diaper strategy (Zach strategy) of pick off the ‘weaker’ and pull in the ‘stronger’ comes to its fruition with get rid of one of our own to align with the enemy that targeted us. On the one hand he tries to scare Ashleigh that britt sarah and godfrey will be against pilar and Ashleigh if they don’t keep Zach: on the other hand he tries to convince Ashleigh that godfrey will be a loyal ally to her and Zach to go after sarah and britt. this logic indirectly states that godfrey will be loyal to Zach, but won’t be loyal to Ashleigh. if only she didn’t listen every time Zach said ‘don’t think.’
I know he’s campaigning, but it almost seems like he’s dancing frantically. not scrambling yet, but dancing frantically. how long before he tries to make a deal with britt to get rid of godfrey and Ashleigh?


Wow paranoid much.


Hey no shade
Specify Sarah’s “stupid game moves”
I’m all for a good debate! Anytime!
Are you watching the feeds?
Ash just tried to do the same thing as Zacks dumba$$ plan a day or two ago
Sarah was calling Ash a liar before the HOH door hit Ash in the a$$
Brit is the one making bad choices!
Pili is going on the block … Sarah’s doing her part … Who gets voted out is in
Brit n Godfreys hands … not Sarah’s
What are you people gonna say next? The game is rigged against Zack because their having an eviction on Wednesday?


Hey watcher,
sarahs first dumb move …getting rid of sindy …I know b was on the block and they are tight but that could have been Sarah’s chance to get rid of Britt , Sarah and Britt have played a similar game ..Sarah getting rid of Britt would have given her the right to claim Brits moves as her own and distingution from Britt …plus sindy would have been her meat shield for sure.
I believe Sarah knows how to recruit an arm (willow, Britt ,sindy …some days Kevin and you know he comes with a side dish (pele))…. But Sarah is not a good gamer so she doesn’t /dint know what to do with said arm….Sarah could have created an alliance of the above people and they could have done some damage ….but Sarah’s stratedy has always been Minute to minute, plus she is super selfish player, in that as long as she is protected she never cares about people that are loyal to her …I have watched the livefeeds from the beginning the shit Sarah has said bout Britt is worse then everyone else combined I know that’s neither here or there I just have a thing for loyality. Let me elaborate on the selfish part when Sarah went to the diaper with bobby and threw sindy under the bus about fake crying …do you think it was in Sarah best interest to align /agree with bobby ….she dint even try and cover for sindy and make it look like bobby is lying …no…Sarah’s play book ,if it’s not me good…are you seeing how short term her sight is …I truly believe if Sara had played her cards right she would have not had to choose between sindy and Brit.
Back on the selfish Sarah train …before the triple eviction Sarah could have introduced Britt to Kevin and willow and been like we four keep each other safe ..that could have taken less than a minute …but no Sarah wanted her finger in every pie …so Brit puts up willy and Kevin …isn’t this the best example of stupid move by Sarah when your closest ally (your general )sends two people you trust and work with …short sighted much Sarah.
The mother load of dumb move by Sarah she tells Britt to put up Bruno …wat?….its a triple eviction …aka a slaughter is going down …blood everywhere..,people were pissed off yet she had the nerve to piss off more people (Bruno)…why wats the logic in that … It wasn’t sarah hoh yet she managed to get a target on her back…. I blame zac staying in the house on Sarah if she stayed calm Bruno wouldn’t have played his ass off to win the veto and save zac she could have been in a position to recruit ash/pele …but Sarah has always been short sighted
Then the last straw she gets Britt to vote out Bruno ….yuck … Mike is thrown down…. I know Britt sent home Bruno but she did it to protect Sarah ….protecting your ally’s is something Sarah has never done or understood :/….
I know it’s a long winded answers but I hate Sarah’s play that I get emotional —I can’t take Sarah’s game hype anymore am done


I’m not quite sure you are watching the same season as most people on this site.


IMO as soon as they find out its a DE on Wed. they vote out Zach in a heartbeat

Moronita Pilar

GO GOD! GO B! Go Sarah!


Yes Please GO Sarah, Please leave


Noobs stop. Zack is going Sarah is no moron stop this BS. Lets watch Wednesday but Yeh Hamster! Stop being idiots folks Zack is dead. Or if you like Z is dead! Pulp one of the greatest movies ever


They honestly don’t think Sarah would put up Godfry over Pili, would they?

ps: sarah is not going to do that, is she?


Sarah is determined to break up the Diapers.
Her preference to go would be Zack first, then Ash, then Pili


Unwatchable. Production finds every angle to hand it to Sarah. It’s all staged like watching wrestling. What happened to the real competition this is the most unfair game going.


the only one who benefited from your socallled “production intereference” aka task is godfrey. pili zach and ash end up with no time to present their stupid plan and srah isnt left with having to deal with it so godfrey is left in no danger from sarah. so if prod is favouring anyone here it would be godfrey.

not that i believe the conspiracy theorists….these tasks and comps have been setup for a while. some are based solely on the number of HGs left . like the last pov is consecutive and ideal for F6 becaue it also dosnt need a host and all HGs compete. the morph comp on last BBUS comesto mind.


OMG- I am so sick of people blaming “Production” for things not going their way. Stop acting like babies! It’s a “TELEVISION PRODUCTION” get over it. Of course they are going to manipulate certain aspects to make the show more interesting (twists, etc.) but the cast is still making their own decisions and own game moves that can change at any time. If you hate the “Production” so much stop watching the show. YEEESH. I can’t stand these people.


I would rather the contestants actually be able to play the game and make their own strategic moves without the help of production. For example, the havenot twist Sarah and Britney were given. Do you really think that twist was not unfair? They basically disregarded Ash’s HOH and gave all the power to the fan fav’s. I guarantee if that twist was given to a member in the diapers alliance there would be uproar and you would be one of those people blaming production.