Ashleigh – “It looks like Pili is sleeping with a smile on her face”

POV Holder: Ashleigh Next POV May 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: Zach and Ashleigh Pili
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players Everyone participates

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-17 19-40-04-601

10:35pm Bedroom Pili and Godfrey
Godfrey saying he’s still voting to keep her warns her not to take everyone’s word for it. Reminds her that everyone in the house said they were keeping Jordan and he went out.
Godfrey says he wished he could keep both Pili and Kevin. Godfrey says Kevin was his boy he kept his word.
Godfrey is trying to place a wedge between Pili and Ashleigh. Tells her that Ashleigh wants to keep Zach over her but Ashleigh knows she doesn’t have the votes. Brittnee won’t vote out Pili and neither will Godfrey.
Brittnee joins them says to Pili she’s real and she’s voting out Zach.
Godfrey – B is like mother teresa man

10:39pm HOH Zach and Ashleigh (Sarah in the tub)
Sarah says she’s going to watch “Do the right thing” A spike lee movie she adds “I love Spike Lee”
Ashleigh – Have you seen it
Sarah – I’m not sure if I have..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-17 20-13-53-812

11:12pm Brittnee Kitchen
Brittnee talking about Slop
“You and I have had a constant battle for 5 weeks and if I never have to see you again i would be too soon.. ever again”
Sarah comes in, Brittnee is worried that Zach is trying to show Godfrey there is a girl thing.
Sarah think Ashleigh is smart enough to make it look like there’s a girl thing going on.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-05-17 20-34-49-146

11:32pm HOH Sarah and Brittnee
Reassure each other that Godfrey will not vote out Pili.

11:40pm Bedroom Zach and Ashleigh
Zach if you could take me on a date where would you take me..
Ashleigh – Fish creek park it’s nice .. fire pits.. it’s wicked.. it’s fish creek park
They head out to the bathroom, AShleigh – “It looks like Pili is sleeping with a smile on her face”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-17 21-51-36-290

12:51am Sarah watching her shomi everyone else sleeping

2:24am Feeds are down they have been this way for over an hour.

2:45am Sleeping and Shomi

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I called it weeks ago that all guys will be voted out to have a final 4 of girls so that productions and feminists and especially Sarah can pop boners. Shitty end to a shitty season!

ps before all of you fembots/feminazis call me a misogynist, I am anti-feminism and pro-EQUALITY (for both genders).


Feminism: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men (Oxford Dictionary)

Feminism: an organized effort to give women the same economic, social, and political rights as men (Cambridge Dictionary)

Feminism: The belief that women are and should be treated as potential intellectual equals and social equals to men. These people can be either male or female human beings, although the ideology is commonly (and perhaps falsely) associated mainly with women (Urban Dictionary lol)


Why does Sarah think Zach can win? All he can tell the Jury is he had the biggest HoH failure in BBCanada History (worse than Ika). And that he holds the record for the most blinking in the DR.


Can you not clutter the comments section with copy and pasting definitions of words? We are here to comment on BB ok? We all have access to the internet too to look up definitions of words….. Anyway,.. WoW Brits been on slop for so long, you would think she would’ve lost SOME weight by now, sheesh!


You dont have to talk like an ass though…


Cool story bro. You know you don’t have to watch the show right?


It still surprises me that at this day and age people do not understand the simple definition of feminism: the equality between both genders. Sorry to tell you this but if you’re anti-feminism, you’re anti-equality as well


Feminism is equality amongst genders so it’s funny that you say you’re anti-feminism. Yet pro equality
Anyways Godfrey B and Sarah have al played better than Pili and Ash so I hope one of them wins.
Also I think with Bruno and Zach going to the jury they will start realizing how smart Sarah’s been playing. That being said there’s a good chance this Double will take her out. It’ll definitely be interesting – F2 is up in the air this season


So what if there is a girls alliance we have watched years of guy alliances on this show and even the guy alliances that have girls in them (Chop Shop) the guys are only using them as token votes or as cushions to take to the final 2 for an easy win…it would have been great to see an all girls alliance work from the start of the season just to see how it would play out


So would a final 4 of all guys work for you, Mr. “Equality” ?


I still get more thumbs down than anyone in the forum. your still just number 2 or 3. I to support equality for both genders and have as long as I can remember. As to the thread another in what will be a lot of puff between now and Wednesday. Tonight’s pro Sarah edit on global is barf 101. They sure are feeding Zack turd in the DR to repeat. Heavy handed production goes over board as usual.
I have 1 wish for this BB season. I look here about 1 hour before the Wednesday show airs and read Hamsterwatch… Sarah evicted then all can be right in this BB world. well not really as most of the best players left early IMO.


Still think this is one of the bb seasons. It has never been predictable (thank you bb). Canada was given some real power, thank you b/s for using it. Last season if bbus I didn’t like the predictability of the show and you know what u tuned out.


I’m neither anti-feminist or misogynist, but i am anti-inequality of any sort.The movement that advocates pro “the weak” of any kind at any cost sucks big time.Now we still have inequality, but a different one .The balance of power has shifted from the majority to those being in minority.If you are in your 30s, male, white, Christian, healthy etc , you are the last one in the pecking order.This is the world we live in right now.


Keep it BB related please!


So in your mind, someone like Zach has really had it tough and deserves our sympathy? Sorry, not buying it. Go cry somewhere else.


You’re kidding right??!


I dont know what world you are living in that a white male is the “last of the pecking order” but it sure aint the one everyone else lives in. If you cannot realize your privilege then I’m sorry, and I dont mean it as an insult, but you are ignorant.

Ignorance: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated

Unfortunately for the world to reach equality males have to realize their privilege, just as white people (both men and women) need to recognize their privilege. If you do not want to recognize your privilege and accept that equality might mean a lessening of your power, than so be it, but the world is moving forward without you.

And all you Sarah haters who just want to attribute Sarah’s fan base to radical man-hating feminists well you’re off point. What a world we live in when cheering for a female makes you a man-hating radical feminist .. Sarah is a forward thinker who isn’t afraid to speak about important values. I loved Sarah from the moment she explained why she calls her boyfriend her partner because using the boy/girlfriend makes people state point blank their sexual orientation and opens them up to criticism and judgement. This is advocating for the personal freedoms of MEN and WOMEN. And for all those who comment about how Sarah is just a stupid stoner.. where is the judgement about Zach and Ashley talking about them and their friends getting so hammered they projectile puke all over the bathroom walls.

Whether you like or dislike Sarah’s gameplay, it is people like her who are changing the way we think about people in an important way. Maybe instead of viewing her popularity as a sign that man-hating feminism is growing you should see it as a bunch of people who support change. So again, I say, you can like it or not, accept it or not, but the world is moving forward without you and I for one am proud to come from a country where people are cheering for someone with values like Sarah’s!

Go Canada! and Go Canadians! Lets lead the way into a fairer world, smashing cultural norms that oppress people! And go Sarah go! We need more people like you with the message you send in the public eye! This is not about feminism, this (at least for me) is about supporting people who are not afraid to push us forward. Nothing to do with her vagina and everything to do with her mind.


Yup sure…and that’s why women still get paid less for doing the same job as a man…and this is corporate business I’m talking about where the majority of the top jobs still go to that white male you are insisting is now a minority.


I guess it’s just not as fun when the wabbits got the gun……


Oh how you people buy into the Label game.
Labeling only dehumanizes others … makes them easy targets when their not people but, some abstract thing … The social engineers love the Label game … stop playing
It’s quite simple … Respect everyone … till proven wrong

Biggest hypocrite

This, coming from someone who makes horrible associations between the house guests and fear for their own children (what were you possibly suggesting?) and labelling other commentators as misogynists, women haters, etc. Oh, yes Watcher, labels are a bad thing, but it’s hard to take this seriously from someone who just so recently relied on them to make their point. We are watching you too, Watcher. Please step off your hypocritical soap box, please.


Will one of my fine feathered friends please tweet at Naeha and tell her that if she’s GULLible, then I’m LUVable.


oh 1 big reminder BB on Wednesday is before survivor which puts it 8PM Atlantic where I live. My point being if your looking for Hamster info could get here a lot earlier because of the time change. We know whose going 1st just a question about next HOH and POV.

oh boy!
B- Ash/Pili best choice A/P
GOD- Ash/Pili best choice A/P
Ash/Pili- GOD/Sarah best choice B S
Thinking simple enough GOD to gutless to put up B S. B isn’t noming GOD IMO that’s her backup plan as I see it. As for Ash/Pili there done … well sorta…kind of…maybe! GOD maybe can convince them to put up B S but then POV he’s the renom potentially. The smartest HOH is the one who puts the weakest POV player off the block. If you want excitement hope the F4 comps are good.


Production really dropped the ball this season, too much interference at the wrong times…..and the tasks were also on the weak side.


I don’t think it’s a feminist thing honestly, I think this is just one of the seasons of big brother that I can remember where the girls were able to sort of get along and work together; usually, the guys pick them off one at a time.

uh duh

umm, no! its usually the girls who pick off themselves! uh duh!


problem with feminism movement is they’ve become a bunch of hardass bullies to force their agenda on society. Equal doesnt mean we have to change our men into feminine wimps nor does it mean we have to accept every piece of BS that comes out of their mouths. A very selfish movement IMO


You been hanging out with Sarah’s dealer? Does he offer something a little harder, just to take the edge off?
If you understood feminism in ANY type of way, you would know the woman didn’t bond together to castrate men. You have radicals in anything, (Islam, Christianity, Gender and Race equality)
This doesn’t mean that these movements are wrong, its that people, (such as yourself), misunderstand and are not quite smart enough to “get it”.
Or you’re just another Bruno, and always thinking “those vile women are always up to something! Snakes…” – Mysoginist & Anti Feminist


And forcing boys to be “masculine” and girls to be “feminine” isn’t pushing an agenda? Or what about performing surgeries on Intersex kids to force them into the stupid, and unrealistic, categories of man and woman? Hypocrisy at its best.

You dislike a movement that you don’t even seem to understand. Are there man hating extremist in the feminist movement? Very likely. Are there wacko extremist in every religion? Very likely. Are there wacko’s in every group/movement? Of course. But that doesn’t mean a movement as a whole is bad or wrong. Everyone should be moving towards equality. Humanity has suffered through traditional nonsense for millennia, it’s time to embrace modernity and the future, and just all get on with each other.

People’s discomfort with other people’s differences, is a reflection of their own insecurity.


I’m not really seen any BB besides US and Can, but I’m curious if they’ve ever had transgender HG or Intersex HG.


BB UK has had 2 transgender winners


Nice to see Godfrey working on Pilar. If he can build a wedge between the goblins then he might be able to drag Pilar into the final 4 if Ash goes in round 2 this week.

For people still suggesting an all female final 4 is happening, I’d say it is highly unlikely. It’s much simpler for Britt and Sarah to take Godfrey to the final 3, and at that point, if Sarah was thinking of cutting Britt, she could throw a comp to Godfrey and let Godfrey take her to the end. The Fembots know there is no point in trying to change the goblins minds.

I still think Britt would probably beat anyone, unless she was up against Sarah and the jury felt Sarah had controlled her the whole time. Sarah will definitely beat anyone besides Britt if the jury isn’t too bitter.

I’m pretty confident Godfrey would beat Pilar, and maybe Ash.


Your way off Sarah cannot take GOD F3. God and B take each other. But for Sure GOD takes B over Sarah much better relationship between GOD and B.


Bye Bye Sarah! And for the best!