“sitting with me in the final a easy 100 grand yo.. I’m just being realistic man”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH 3 part finale is next
Nominations: ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-20 18-05-11-925

For the last hour they have been eating dinner and chit chatting..

9:28pm HOH Room Sarah got bubbles..

10:04pm HOH Brittnee, Ash and Godfrey
Talking about the season and the days competition. Ashleigh points out that she is the last member of the Diaper alliance and the Chop Shop.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-20 19-29-56-030

10:28pm Godfrey and Sarah

Godfrey tells her he’s glad she is safe this week. It all comes down to who wins the POV.
Godfrey – If I win the Veto you can take another swing at her.. Just throw up me and ASh and whoever wins the veto..
Godfrey – In this Veto I’m super confident she’s not going to win it.
Sarah – I can’t even believe it man we’re so close.. If Ashleigh had won it we would had no chance.
Sarah – veto she could win and guaranteed Final 3..
Godfrey – I still don’t want her to win..
Godfrey tells her the person to beat right now is Brittnee. Adds they don’t know how the Jury is going to vote.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-20 19-41-09-337

AShleigh joins them. They start speculating about the week. ashleigh thinks it will be sped up.
Sarah tells them she’s putting Godfrey and Ashleigh up.
Ashleigh thinks Sarah has a shot at winning with either her or Godfrey. Sarah doesn’t think she has a shot with anybody. She lists off all the Jury members that were in on of Ashleigh’s alliances. They do agree Brittnee might have the most votes.
Godfrey says he’s got no chance to win if people on the Jury vote for Game or social. He claims he has no friends on the jury, hasn’t won many comps and hasn’t made a single move in this game.
Godfrey – The only move I’ve made is Chill , and pretty much eat work out.. I’ve never won HOH.”
Godfrey says the only people in the Jury he’s counting on is Bobby and Bruno but those are also Ashleigh’s friends.
Godfrey – “sitting with me in the final is a easy 100 grand yo.. I’m just being realistic man.. you just have to sit through tthe speech and they’ll give you the cash yo”
Ashleigh says she’s heard a lot of people that are in the jury say Sarah was the mastermind of many of Brittnee’s moves.
They agree Ashleigh has Pili, Zach’s and most likely Kevin’s vote.
Godfrey points out that Ashleigh has Jordan’s vote 100%. Him and Sarah seem to agree they can not win against Ashleigh.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-20 19-54-05-118

10:55pm Godfrey and Sarah talking about what Ashleigh was saying to them.
Sarah thinks she losses up against Ashleigh 100%
Godfrey doesn’t think he has a chance against Ashleigh, “Bobby will vote for her 100% yo.. she has 5 easy votes man.. 5 easy votes”

Brittnee joins them. They agree it’s 3 against 1.

midnight Storage room Brittnee and Sarah

HOH Godfrey and AShleigh

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-05-20 21-48-54-158

12:50am Ashleigh and God have gone to bed Britt and Sarah in the HOH

1:47am Everyone sleeping

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WOW if Godfrey makes final two i bet he will have some epic speech ready that he’s planned…He’s a really smart duded!! But I feel he has to win out to have a realistic chance to win!!! Simon and Dawg thoughts???


Fembots are winning out! 3 seasons in a row a dynamic duo win out the HOHs.

BBCan Circus

Yes because amateur production doesn’t know how, or when to execute the twists properly!


Lol. So true. Production aren’t even trying to hide it. I’m glad they are trying to promote a “female mastermind” winner though since there are so few of them on BBCAN or BBUS. Just wish they would have rigged it better for Neda.


WOW if Godfrey makes final 2 I bet he has a epic speech prepared….But I dod feel he has to win out in comps!!! What do you think Dawg and Simon??


Sorry about posting twice!! 🙂


I love how much Godfrey is downplaying himself, he is so incredibly intelligent, he has legit thrown almost every competition this season and here is he guaranteed final 3. B/Sarah win POV, B will evict Ash, Ash wins POV she’ll evict B, God wins POV, he’ll evict Ash. I can not wait to see whose sitting in final 3, and you know Willows question is gonna be directed to Sarah about why she evicted her, hopefully Sarah realizes this and can formulate her answer. Sarah’s mistake I think, was telling B about Ash’s comment about Sarah being the manipulator and the one who controlled B’s HOH’s. This just puts more doubt in B’s mind about taking Sarah to the final 3. Sarah/God I think will have the most fair final 2! They would have the best speeches against each other! Sarah would win over B for sure (at least I think so)! Nervous to see who gets to the end, is it bad I almost want Ash to win this veto and have God/Sarah/Ash fight it out in final 3? It’d be kind of cool haha regardless I’m happy with this final 4 and can’t wait to see who wins it all!


Yes, I agree Godfrey has a chance but a slim one. He does have to win at some point or just being dragged along won’t be a deciding factor. Too many others sitting in the house right now have done much more to guarantee the win. Brittnee is playing smart right now in downplaying herself to Sarah and Godfrey. I don’t feel however that if she gets to the end with Sarah she will beat Sarah. Too many people credit Sarah with the moves Brittnee has made, and rightly so. Sarah got Brittnee to turn on Bruno in a hot minute. I think given the way Sarah thinks and speaks, she will have the jury votes to beat Brittnee in the end. I will say though that if Sarah takes Brittnee to final 2 she is tempting fate. It could be interesting to see who cuts who in the finals.


i eally doubt britt will consider sarah as more than 2nd place. but yes sarah needs to not talk about it again lol i tink both want the other because they teamed up day one and can say that this is what they did and fans do like full length final 2 . no one entering jury is going to tell willow anyting about brunos take on wht happened imo. unless pili explains what she knows….which sh might do she has akind heart even tho there were not 3 vote to keep and that might come out.willow he is lying about that


Yup…I hope Willow replays the conversation (over and over in her head)when Bruno blames Sarah for Willow leaving and that she remembers that he said “Me Zach and Godfrey wanted to keep you” because then she will know Bruno is twisting things because if that was really the case she would have stayed…and he conveniently didn’t mention how Sarah was pleading with God and Bruno for Willow to stay when they were in the pantry but both guys told her no…and if she doesn’t remember I hope one of HG’s who knows the truth shows some class and let’s Willow in on all of what happened.


Best moment of the night is still Arisa’s comment “Can we talk about Ashleigh’s bad day?” I laugh so hard when I heard that.


This VETO is everything this week, but I honestly don’t see Ash winning or God winning. I don’t hate Ash I just don’t see the fight in her now that Zach and Pili is gone. I do think that taking Britt to the final to will be horrible for God or Sarah because Britt has sent home, Kevin who was a power player, Craig another power player, Willow the girl who was taking her off away, and Bruno leader of the mans club, Pili a member of the diapers, and possibility Ash another Diaper member. She has been on slop most of he time there. And she won Ameicas power which is probably beening talked about in the Jury house. And with Ash probably leaving this week I’m sure she is going to play up Britt’s games.

The Truth

I wouldn’t count Ashleigh out yet. If the POV is physical, based on previous comps she would most likely win. I really want to see God, Sarah and Britt in the Finale 3.


Canada’s power


Graig is NOT a power player. He is only a mouthpiece (which is on most seasons), which his allies used, so he would be the first target on their alliance, despite having little to no power.


I could honestly see Sarah and Godfrey being the final 2. I’m not sure which one would win though.

Game wise Sarah has been a target for a long time. She’s played arguably the best social game this season, and is perceived by people in the jury and the house (Ash) that she has controlled Britt’s HOH and SP moves.

Godfrey has done an incredible job flying under the radar, and setting himself up with everyone in the house by telling them what they want to hear.

I guess it will come down to how bitter the Jury is. I love each of SGB, but if it was final 2 between Sarah and Godfrey I’d say Sarah deserves the win more. She’s helped orchestrate a LOT of people’s eviction, and got Zach out on her HOH.


I agree! I was gonna ask on here what others thought about SGB but you summed it up nicely for f2 w/ Sarah and God. It really does depend on the jury. i’m really unsure where their heads are at. Sarah has put in a lot of work and God played a whole different game, but still spoke up when necessary. I’ve noticed him plant little ideas here and there in many of their heads.

I’m also pretty unsure what would happen with Sarah/Brit and Brith/God in f2.


Thanks for the reply DD! Yeah I’m really not sure how things will play out if SGB manages to evict Ash, and make it to the final 3. I think all of them could make different cases. Sarah and Britt could make more “active” cases and Godfrey could make a “passive” case. But I think it’s really going to depend on jury sentiments. I can see JP and Sindy voting strickly on gameplay, but I’m not sure about everyone else. Bruno’s claimed he would vote for Sarah if she made it to the final 2, but I’m not sure he would if she were against Godfrey. Kevin has stated he would like to vote for Godfrey if he made it to the end. Willow would likely vote for Sarah or anyone besides Britt.

Overall though I think, key word being think lol, that Britt would beat Godfrey (unless the jury is bitter) and Sarah.


I know most of the discussion this past month has been about Sarah/Godfrey/Bruno…
but can we talk about what a raw deal Britnee is getting?

She has put in a lot of work and Bruno, Kevin and Zach both would pick Sarah over her. How unfair. In my opinion Bs speech needs to be about how all her moves were 100% her own. And to sell that point even bring out nominating Willow; this will show that she is cut throat and not sarahs puppet!

Really unfair how all the moves are credited to Sarah. I love the girl but B has put in WORK, if she is in final 2 she has earned to win!


I do agree that Britt has been a very underrated player. I’ve said it before, but BB is about perception just as much as it is game moves. Game wise Zach didn’t do much other than send his closest ally out the door. However, Zach was seen as controlling the events of the house by the people playing against the Diapers. He was everyone’s target, but survived for weeks which only made him look like a better candidate for the win.

Sarah has played, I’d say, the strongest social game in the house. Because she’s so persuasive, and the other HG’s have picked up on this, the other HG perceive her to have manipulated Britt into doing her dirty work. I mean unless she’s has her emotions under control on finale night, I don’t see Willow voting for Britt.

I think Britt and Sarah have played great games, especially for being on the outs for so long, but perception can be a double edge sword in the house. If you’re perceived as weak, you can survive longer into the game, but people may think you’ve done nothing at the end, even if you’eve orchestrated a lot of game moves.


Each of the remaining four has strong arguments on finale night.
Sarah has the largest target on her back which is why everyone is crediting her on the work that B did. From week 3 Bruno has been telling everyone in the house that she is poison and after she voted her safety net (Jordan) with the diapers, everyone is gunning after her.
Brittnee is a beast in competitions, her record of getting people out speaks for itself.
Godfrey played the coaster game, he is well aware of the house dynamics and avoided danger because of his know hows.
Ashleigh has the most friends in jury. If she wins her way to final two, she may win based on luck.


Great points Carlos. I’m not really sure how this season will end, becuase it really depends on the mood of the jury. The only people in the jury I see voting strictly from a game perspective is JP and Sindy. Bruno might still be a bit salty towards Sarah, and Willow is definitely upset with Britt. Kevin has said he’d vote for Godfrey, but I’m not sure if he would knowing that the fembots have been taking players out left and right. It’s going to be a great finale!


Why is everyone crediting Sarah over Brit? Brit made solid moves this season. I would be happy with a Brit, Sarah or even Godfrey vote but it’s annoying when people keep saying Sarah masterminded Brit’s moves when we know that’s not the case.Brit may be the most underrated player ever…Should she make it to the final 2, I hope Canada gives her the Win!!!


Godfrey campaigning as the goat kills me, man he never lets up!
He knows that the jury is full of pitter bricks and he’s got no blood on his hands.
He absolutely wants to go f3 with Britt and Sarah cause Ash wins jury against anybody.
& if the surprise is a 3 person finale then any votes toward Britt and Sarah get split up. OMG


Wooh~!! Glib tongue Godfrey talks his way to the top *bravo~!* somehow, I feel the final 3 is the furthest he can go.. He’s all talk n very lil action, ie, throwing comps etc.

Airhead Ashleigh is still there *rolling eyes.*

I’ve a feeling $arah might take the crowning glory.

Please accept my lil donation of $28, in preparation for the upcoming big brother U.S. I DO know how hard u guys work.


Sindy's S

If Ashleigh is not in the finals, then I think it’s all gonna come down to who gives the best jury performance.


Boy, Bruno is piece of work!!! I thought what he did was so wrong. I agree with who ever said I hope that someone sets the records straight. I remember Sarah’s reasoning. I just hope she doesn’t lose a vote, really Bruno??? Wish, Willow could write that letter the people still in the house.


Poor Willow. The way she burst into tears, seems she was ‘in love’ or too attached to Sarah, that was a huge reaction she had. Bruno was cruel about it too. What an ass! Sarah didn’t intentionally vote her out on purpose. I hope the jury house is fair and don’t hold grudges when they vote.

Brit is underrated, I agree! It bothered me that many thought Sarah was pulling B’s strings. B is a smart player and I hope she wins it all!

Voting out Bruno before Zach actually was the right call as Bruno was better at challenges than Zach.

Guy From Canada

The game doesn’t end when you enter jury, it continues. Bruno is playing the game to get votes for GOD in a F2 scenario verses Sarah. By dropping a blunt bomb on a sensitive girl, he can manipulate her without the Sarah influence to vote a way he may like.


It looked like OTT reaction to me …. not to say fake 😛


*plays small violin for Willow*


Marie….why was what Bruno did so wrong when Sarah was ready to poison the jury against him? Sarah did vote Willow out plain and simple. He didn’t lie about who she voted for. Sarah,s reasoning was stupid. If u want someone to stay you don,t vote them out. Sarah screwed up…own it.


No sweety get a grip .

Her explanation is valid.

She thought that bruno and Zach and Godfrey were all going to keep Kevin. She knew 100% that ash was keeping Pilar. So she threw a vote to pilar to try to keep a girl. If she knew that bruno and Zach were going to keep willow she would voted to keep her.

Bruno is a massaginistic pig who is still butthurt that he lost the game. Give it up grandpa!


Taking into consideration the fact that most of the jury members are fans of the game and also the fact that Godfrey is perceived as being a bit of basically “do nothing” as opposed to Sarah and Brittnee who moved something in this game, It’s fair to say he will win the second place, but not the first one. He will lose against Ashleigh as well. If he plays for the second place, he has chances to get it regardless how he gets there (winning the last HOH or being taken to F2 by the one who wins it).

River de Nial

I’ve listened to a few of the post eviction interviews and many of the guys spoke very favorably of Godfrey. They thought he is playing a smooth game. I heard Bruno say he wants Godfrey to win, even though to redeem himself he followed that up with he thinks Sarah will win. Bruno is very persuasive and bitter. and could poison the jury against SB. Maybe it’ll be like the Survivor finale and we will have a Brit Sarah Godf final 3. Brit as Mike, Sarah as Momma c and Godf as Will. Then we will see a Jen (Willow ? who has learned how Bruno lied to her) stand up and lambast the jury members about being bitter. They then all vote for either Brit or Sarah.

Captain Canadud

Quick question why did Britt/Sarah keep Godfrey over Pillar?? She couldn’t win a comp if her life depended on it. I know God has only one POV but the chances of him winning out starting now over Pillar is much greater. Anyone else agree??


Brit was the deciding vote. She seems to have some sort of a closeness with him. I think she believes him, not sure why, but there it is.

Although I like Godfrey, I don’t believe he deserves to win the whole pot. Wouldn’t it be a kick in the pants if Bruno keeps stressing his guys (Bruno) vs girls (Sarah) and all the guys plus Willow vote for Godfrey in the end. How will the “gamer” Bruno really feel if he manipulates a whole pile of money for no real game play.


Women. Because they’re women, if you know what I mean.

River de Nial

Pili has won more comps than Godfrey. Also it would be too tempting for Godfrey and/or Ashleigh to take Pili as a goat and cut out Sarah and or Brit. Plus Brit told Pili it was a numbers thing. In other words Ash and Pili are a pair who promised to never vote each other out. Godfrey isn’t part of a pair.


Because Pilar was too tempting to take to the end, everyone wants to take her because Pilar is the worst and would probably have GM’d it for her final speech. So, easy win against her, Pili would have been dragged to the end. Plus Pili staying in the game would give Ash more of a chance to stay to the finals, because there would be 2 playing for the veto rather than Ash playing for herself.


is there any scenario if godfrey could win against britt or sarah or not a chance. I have to give him props I thought sarah and britt will vote him over pilli because pilli is dumb in this game and has not done nothing just like a victoria from bb16. I think godfrey has a good position for final 3 but if he goes with britt and sarah it might be a hard decision for him. And can he beat sarah in final 2 or not.


The winner of BBC 3 is of course……………….The twisto twists, cause without it B and Sarah wouldn’t even make final 5.????


everyone keeps saying twist twists twists, Britt won the HOH where it just happened to be two people would go home…ANYONE could have won it and send two people home, but it was B…and there were still lots of people in the game at that point, as far as the ‘special power’ Sarah had already won veto, so she save herself and did not need the safety…as far as B benefiting from the twist, yes she did BUT EVERYONE in the house had an equal chance to be voted to have the opportunity to win a power. The house guests know that Canada plays a role in certain aspects of the game…so why be upset about it…let the jury decide if they think Britt deserves to win or not


Yes Sarah was safe that week she won the veto, however if B was gone that week she wouldn’t make it this far. It’s just a fact. As for everyone had a chance at the double veto, Hoh…..no they didn’t it was designed for the two people who won, production knew exactly who would get that…we never saw the poll votes in real time, do I think they rigged the votes no, do I think they designed the vote so Sarah and B would win? yes.
I’m not upset, lol it’s a tv show..I’m just stating who I belive should win big brother…it’s twisto twists for without it B and Sarah wouldn’t even still be in the game.
The power was ridiculous though, how can you not admit that a vote and a really stupid competion to unlock the veto/ Hoh which was way easier than the two hours Ashleigh endured then the winner of said power B is essentially Hoh and can play in the next Hoh, but Ashleigh can’t….You can try to say it was fair, but it wasn’t…….
But It’s a tv show, everyone is entitled to their opinions you belive it was fair vote/competion for the power..fine.
Again I think BBC production or Twisto Twists should get the money this year if it was B and Sarah in the finale…for without it, they wouldn’t even make it near final 2.


Not upset it’s a tv show…lol. I’m just saying Who I believe deserves to win the money this year if it’s B and Sarah in the final two……..I think BBC production or twistos, should get the money…….without them B and Sarah would’ve make it that far….everyone is entitled to their opinions you think the vote/ competion was fair for a double veto/Hoh. Fine
I believe why they designed the vote that way they absolutely knew, who would win…..we didn’t see the poll votes in real time, but everyone could guess those two would win so no unfairness there…….The vote results were fair the way the vote was for was questionable people say they deserve it canada liked them better sure….but is being portrayed as a villian not an I portent part of the show him come it wasn’t who do you not like and want to vote have nots……the vote doesn’t even really matter though, the competion was ridiculous for the power considering Ashleigh stuck it out for over two hours and B had to do math….Cause of the power B ,was essentially Hoh two weeks in a row and could have been three…which I do belive is unfair and the fact Ashleigh’s Hoh was worthless and couldn’t play in the next Hoh…..unfair
, then saying B and Sarah wouldn’t be where they are without it, is true…..Ashlighs Hoh being worthless(unfair), Ashleigh not being able to play in the next Hoh,(unfair)B and Sarah not being where they today without the twist and B possibly being Hoh three weeks in a row and being one for two was unfair…those things are true…
It is just a tv show and everyone has favourites, and can pick who they think should win……If it’s B and Sarah, I’d pick BBC production or Twistos to win, because they deserve it the most out of that finale two.


Does anyone know what Pili’s words God is referring to when talking to Sarah? He said her words right before she left scared him…


I think he’s referring to Pili, being good old Positive Pili, telling Ash that she thinks Ash is going to win this.


Boring! Zzzzzzz


The most deserving winner of BBC 3 if it’s a final two of B and Sarah is of course”……………..the twisto twists for without them B and Sarah wouldn’t even make it to final 5….


I really don’t think Sarah was the best player. I really think she was overrated because of Bruno going around saying she was poison and making her out as more of a threat than she was. I think Brit played the best game and got most of the threats out of the game. Having said that I still want Godfey to win. He basically had a plan to fly under the radar and ride the middle which he has done quite successfully. Is it the best game? No, but he made the show entertaining and executed his strategy so masterfully that I think he should win. Go Godfrey!


I don’t think it is fair to Brittnee that jury thinks that Sarah is the mastermind behind her moves. Sarah deserves her praise but not the expense of Brittnee. Godfrey has been trying to win competitions lately but he has not and if he does not win a competition before final 3, I think he is not deserving of the title.

Also Ashleigh, poor woman, she has had a hard time the past few weeks. A wasted HOH followed by her two closest allies walking out the door but she needs to buckle up and play more strategically now. What is the point telling others she is the last diaper and chop shop member in the game? That is only telling the other three that she has many votes locked.


Sarah and Britt have been pretty much neck to neck with moves and accomplishments but Sarah’s social game was very active & visible while Britt spent majority of her time laying around pouting. Yes… Sarah had her moments as well but she got over it and worked it. I believe Britt will be acknowledged for her moves as the people being sent to to jury seem to miraculously awaken & show common sense when they walk out of the BB house (except for Bruno). Willow is STILL just badly performing for the cams.
As far as Poor Ash? Please…. she snubbed her nose too many times at the opportunities to play her own game and played Zach’s game instead. I believe the only vote she will get is Pili’s, and possibly Bruno’s if she makes it to the end.


Show is obvs rigged for Sarah to win, she couldn’t win a comp to save her life! lol


Britts. Hoh was fixed!


Sarah’s hoh was also fixed..they didn’t show the clock/timer!


In the 100 minutes of hell….there was no clock/timer…it was whoever was closest without going over! I bet Sarah was over the 100!!!! But we had to believe with no proof it was 98 minutes…that was fixed for her to win.
****there should have been a running displayed timer***


Lol no, if you watch it again you’ll hear Arisa tell them that the winner would be the person with the closest time under or over 100 minutes.


Okay Sarah won HOH…Nominates God and Ash….If Ash wins POV does brit go home for sure or would Ash think about getting rid of Godfrey?? Thoughts????


Ash should keep Godfrey . ..as Britt would prob. win against her more than God would…Ash has actually done well in comps. Then again…jury might be bitter about the free ride BB. has given Britt


She is the only one that has earned her spot without twists and shit handed on a silver platter to her!


I’m so sick of how rigged this season is for Sarah and B. If you don’t see it then you’re truly blinded by your love for them!

Whoever sits next to

Asleigh will lose.
She has all of her friend in the jury house
And based on what I saw until now only 2 or 3 currently in the jury house would be able to judge the game and not the player to put on their vote.

Ashleigh needs to go asap.

Whoever sits next to

Asleigh will lose.
She has all of her friends in the jury house
And based on what I saw until now, only 2 or 3 of the houseguests currently in the jury house would be able to judge the gameplay and not the player to put on their vote.

Ashleigh needs to go asap.


Im disappointed with this season. Production interfered about 7/9 weeks. I don’t mind a bit of it but for 7 weeks , come on!!!! Also they knew who they wanted to win. The comps near the end have been used to benefit mostly Britt and Sarah. They weren’t winning much and now look and when they were in trouble all of sudden these twists come out when they could of been used earlier in the season. They knew Canada was going to vote for them to get the secret veto power. I knew they would get it before it was announced. If you went and looked at all the polls you could see who Canada wanted. I didn’t vote for them to win it. I really hope Ash wins the pov and makes it to the final and wins. Or God. I just don’t want Sarah to win. I don’t respect her as a player and could never vote for her.

Willow was just heart broken when she found out it was sarah who voted her out. I hope Sarah thinks this was well worth it.