“no matter what she sells to you if you win HOH Evict her” – Zach

POV Holder: Ashleigh Next POV May 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: Zach and Ashleigh Pili
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players Everyone participates

8:13pm Sarah alone in the hot tub room smoking. Zach and Ashleigh silent in the kitchen.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-18 17-22-26-839

8:20pm Godfrey and Sarah
They hug, She thanks him for the HOH “I want to tahnk you again for the HOH.. It was perfect.. It worked out good”
Sarah – are you excited for wednesday
God – yeah bro get this guy out
They agree Zach should have been taken out a lot earlier.
Sarah again thanks him for the HOH (Sounds like Godfrey threw it to her)
Godfrey – I trusted you were going to do what we all agreed on.
Godfrey says the vote will be 3-0 to evict Zach.
Sarah says Ash/Pili have the most jury votes after Zach goes they have to get those girls out.
Sarah about the chop shop “Just like they were running the house they are running the jury”

Godfrey says Ash is trying to spin it that she wasn’t really part of the chop shop
Sarah – she’s so good.. she’s almost as good as Zach
Sarah – To us she didn’t do anything but to them (Chop shop) she’s second in command”

Brittnee rolls in.. Sarah leaves to put on her bathing suit
Godfrey – me and Sarah were talking about this chop shop thing being legit..
Godfrey says according to Pili after Sindy blew up the Chop shop Ashleigh asked Pili and Kevin to join. The Chop Shop got Pili to put up Sindy.
Brittnee thinks Bruno/Zach tried to keep Willow during the triple because she was Chop Shop and Pili wasn’t.
Brittnee – There you go Zach and Ashleigh Chop Shop till you die
Godfrey – Bruno was still legit Chop shop when he left.
Ashleigh joins them.
Godfrey- “I can’t wait for this week to be over and done man.. strange awkward vibe man”
Pili joins them
Godfrey ask Asheligh if she’s had any break ups
Ashleigh – Nope
AShleigh says she’s never had a boyfriend went to highschool with a bunch of gangster wannabees. During university she was glued to the hip with her best friend..
Godfrey sas Ashleigh is hot she’ll get hundreds of Boyfriends now.
(They basically tell her Zach is going home.)

Godfrey starts giving Ashleigh some strategies with guys, Guys love giving girls advice. (Watch video below)
Brittnee – that’s legit
AShleigh – Your mind is a crazy place

8:45pm Hot Tub
Godfrey’s secret weapon when hitting on girls “Women love the chase they love to chase .. what they want most is a man they can change .. they want to make their man”

9:14pm Britnee about zach

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-18 18-21-52-393

9:22pm Brittnee and Sarah think Ashleigh and Godfrey will vote out Zach this week.
Sarah says if she goes home next week she’ll be happy as long as Zach goes home this week.

(They can hear Fire works outside)

9:33pm Hot Tub Sarah and Brittnee

9:45pm Zach and Godfrey

Long silence.. AShligh comes in adn Godfrey asks her about the food. She tells him he can have the leftovers. Godfrey leaves.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-18 19-10-21-916
Zach says Godfrey is not voting to keep him. AShleigh plans on putting up Brittnee and Sarah if she wins HOH. Zach says Sarah has to go next week “No if’s ands for butts.. if she pulls a rabbit out of her butt you you put her up”

Zach warns her about Sarah she’ll say whatever needs to be said for AShleigh to put Godfrey .
Ashleigh knows Godfrey, Sarah and Brittnee won’t take her ti the end she has to take herself or Peels takes her.

Zach points out Brittnee has taken out 3 people and survived the block 5 times.. Stresses nobody will take Brittnee to the final 2, “As much as you want to get rid of B next week nobody will take her to the final 3”

Zach thinks if Sarah makes it through next week she’ll get to final 3, “You gotta leave a target in the game” (Britt)
Zach says if Brittnee wins the HOH they might put up Godfrey and Pili but she will be the main target, “Don’t believe what they tell you.. they are not getting rid of Godfrey next week if they win”

Ashleigh – you think Sarah and B will take each other
Zach is certain Sarah will bring Brittnee. Ashleigh agrees says Brittnee is for sure taking Sarah.

Zach – “no matter what she sells to you if you win HOH Evict her”
Zach says he’s not even going to try and work a vote from AShleigh unless he was going to get Godfrey or Brittnee’s vote. He’s certain he doesn’t have the votes ‘That side of teh house is set on getting me out.. Godfrey is too scared of having another male in the house.. Godfrey doesn’t want to make big moves doesn’t want a flip a vote just wants to chill..

Zach now saying Brittnee and Sarah won’t turn on each other, they might comes final 3.
Zach says Sarah was campaigning hard to get Godfrey out the entire week but ever since Godfrey was saved by Brittnee he’s been up her a$$.

11:09pm Pili, Godfrey, Sarah and Brittnee chit chat

11:43pm Sarah and Brittnee HOH
Making a big deal about the conversation they had with Pili Where she explained the movie “The centipede” (It’s in the conversation above something to do with the Chinese guy in the movie)

11:54pm Godfrey, Sarah and Brittnee
Godfrey reassuring them he’s voting out Zach. They agree Ashleigh is next weeks target.

12:20am Hot Tub Ashleigh and Zach

1:22am Brittnee and Zach Have nots

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Zack is such an idiot !! What a selfish player. Really the advice he is given ash is for his personal benefit. OMG, if I were ash I’d want Britt out not Sarah. The dumbass will probably listen and say this is for Z. If I were ash’s mom I’d be worried about her because it’s clear men will control her. I really do hope her game changes after z is gone. I think her mom was hinting at her to use her head she didn’t get it. Bet they regret mentioning him in her letter.


Sarah is a far superior game player than Brit. The jury knows that Brit got lucky with all these “Twistos Twists”. Sarah is the one that has been controlling the game. If anyone is in the end with Sarah she will win the game.
And if your “idiot Zach” comment was just because your a fan of Sarah, then ignore my comment.


Zach realizes he’s headed to the Jury House…With Zach gone, Sarah is the biggest threat in the house


When you say bigger threat are you saying this in context of being the biggest threat to win it all? I would say Godfrey is a bigger threat (although I support him winning it all since he ‘woke up’… and Kevin failed to pokerize the HGs). Do you honestly think Sarah has earned enough votes from the jury? For Sarah to win she has to have Pili beside her and even then the jury might give it to Pili as their own twisto’s twist.


Zach is giving Ash pretty logical advice in my opinion..


I just want to see a week without Sarah in it.

I don’t even care who wins – Brit should, or Godfrey – but i’m so tired of Sarah.

The fact that she gets the edits she does,doesn’t help either.

I hope she’s gone next week. After that, i think i’ll enjoy the last week.

If she isn’t, i doubt i’ll even watch. BBCA 1 and 2 were so much more enjoyable.

And the twists didn’t keep benefiting the same person.

Crapped In Canada

HUNDO Marie, HUNDO!!! Big move player coaching Ash on the big moves. LOL
Ash elevated herself when she refused to sacrifice her veto to the no puzzle solving clown. Win it yerself bozo.
I’m excited to get to see Ashleigh play without dragging around a 200 lb zach of zhit…
She ain’t my fave, but she could very well make a comp run to f2. Handicap Gone, Game On!!!
Also looking forward to Peter’s analysis of Crapped In Canada’s “big move” game.


Team DILIGAF! BBUS needs to start cause I’m starting to get bored now. Last couple weeks were good, nut now it’s kind of slowing down again like the first month went.


Watch BBUK Its only 1 week in. Canada is boring as hell. Thumbs down me all you want.
I have watched less than 2 hours of the feeds all season.

Just can’t imagine the people that watch 8-12 hours everyday and ignore their families for 3 months
and then will do the same for BBUS.


Oh I love bbuk!

I’m so thankful that we have ppl willing to sit on those feeds and update us all cuz I could never sit thru those things myself!

Thanks Dawg and Simon! I’ve been coming to you guys for years now and you never disappoint!


Sarah Wasn’t campaigning to get rid of Godfrey but to keep Brit. Zack you are a useless spoiled immature kid . Even Ashley won as many comps Zac you


At this point i think i would rather Pili win over Ash. I guess i just hate that girls with such potential can fall for idiots like Zach. I feel for her when she watches this back!


Lol. Ashleigh never had a boyfriend. I was in the dark.


Her behaviour makes A LOT more sense knowing that.

The Hidden Hand

I can’t disagree with Zach’s advice to Ashleigh. About the only person that would take B to F3 is Sarah. So get rid of Sarah on F4 and its open season on B after that.

Sarah’s starting to turn into a top pick to take to F2. She’s not going to get the love from the jury if she makes it to the end.


As of now she’s got Willow and Sindys votes for sure. Kevin, Bruno and JP most likely as well. The only ones she might not have are Bobby and the rest of the diapers.

I think it’ll really get interesting if it’s a F2 between her and Britt. Godfrey still hasn’t done much in the game except fall back and float. He got very lucky Britt pulled him off, if it wasn’t for that move he may have gone home sitting next to either Bruno or Zach. I just can’t get over the fact that he says stuff like “I want your blood on these hands” but throws comps and doesn’t follow through.


You have to admit Godfrey’s ‘Blood on my hands’ speech was one of the best POV pleas yet.


That was hands down the best speech of the season! I’m disappointed he never followed through though.


All those players that put their alliances with zack left. He won what? See people thought was going to be one if those players that would win every other comp. Bruno Bruno I liked there for awhile wish he would have managed his relationships. I think he had a good shot at winning some of the past comps things could have been different. Given a power so afraid of girls alliance, really the girls got z further than u. Could have been br/g/s/b barrelling to the end. I just don’t want pilli sitting at the end.


The best thing about zac leaving is ,convincing ash to send Sarah home next week…that’s the smartest thing I have ever heard him say…hopefully after zac leaves Sarah and b follow …then Godfrey wins bbcan ….and all’s good in the world:)


It’s crazy how upset people get when Zach lies and manipulates but when anyone else in the house does it it’s all strategy and just part of the game.


Looks like you won’t have to wait a week Zach. Looks like Sarah will be leaving right behind you in the double eviction.


As big a target as Zach is at this stage of the game — same as Jon Pardy was in Season 2 —- Zach has not won the crucial comps that Jon did to keep himself in the game. If you are going to vote out Kevin, like Jon did Arlie and make yourself the biggest target, then win the comps or “take the walk of shame”.

River de Nial

Luv Sarah’s super accurate bullsh!t detector!


I think that is why Sarah is favorite. She never had the luxury of sitting back and coasting by. All I heard all season is she is poision. If this was belived than they should have got rid of her.


Luvin’ Godfrey’s bullsh!t detector too!
I watched the 11:54pm Godfrey, Sarah and Brittnee video above live as it happened last night, and Godfrey shocked me. He had everybody in the house figured out all along, every bullsh!t move they tried to make.
Godfrey knew where the alliances were, he knew their tells, he could see right through them.
It was as if Godfrey had been watching the live feeds along with all of us, I was absolutely amazed with his accuracy on reading the game.
I highly recommend viewing that vid – except for Bruno or Zach fans who will take great offense at their social games being portrayed as so much ridiculous BS.


He is a Psychology major, isn’t he?

I dislike him at the beginning but I became attached to the kid, he is funny as hell and very smart. God for the win!


I could cope with either Pilli or Ashleigh making it to the final 3 but if they both made it to the finals I’d be SO INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED. Neither or them can win the game. They are terrible!

I feel for them because they are such young girls and have a lot of growing up to do but … damn. Perhaps they just shouldn’t have been cast.

Zach has a gigantic ego.
Why does production keep calling him “pre-med”? All this means is that he is an undergrad student doing a science degree and he hopes to apply to med school one day. It really just speaks more to his ambition than any accomplishment to date.


You are so right. Both Zach and production have done a great job of promoting that Zach is a “pre-med university quarterback” If you check the University of Regina Rams website you will see that the last game Zach played in as a University of Regina Rams was back in 2012! He was redshirted for both the 2013 and 2014 season. He started in 2010 as a slotback and only became quarterback in 2011 after injuries to the other two Rams quarterbacks. Looks like Zach’s #17 has been assigned to another player for 2015, so he will NOT be a quarterback or have any other position with the 2015 Rams football team. He may have aspiration of medicine in the future but for the past 4 years he has been a student in the Faculty of Education, not science or a pre-med/professional program!



That was SHADE with lukewarm yet still satisfying TEA and RECEIPTS !


Could someone bring crayons or markers for pili on how to vote so she does not pull a topaz when she votes.


It’s a double eviction on Wednesday
So it will be a quick comp … probably questions
If so Brit has a good chance at winning HOH
If so it will be Ash or Pili out the door … Hopefully Ash
Note to Godfrey … Stop helping Ash n Pili study!
I like Godfrey, but his game play is ridiculous!


Why is his game ridiculous? Whichever side of the house wins HoH in the double, they’re going to put up the other two and not him. All he really has to focus on is winning the Veto.


I like Godfrey as a person …. so hilarious the stuff he comes up with
Hell, I wouldn’t mind if he got 2nd place next to Sarah … I don’t see that happening though
As far as game play …
I just can not respect someones game who throws nearly every single comp
Then the way he tells everyone every single conversation .. eehh!
He’s like a little girl tattle tale … drives me freakin nuts … somethings are better unsaid
He also lies so much he is loosing control of his lies .. Eg: telling Sarah n Brit he hopes Zack wins the Veto … oops, wrong speech for that group
To me it is not good game play
Not one single person in the house trust him at this point
Anyway it goes, Godfrey will do fine after the show..
I wish him the best of luck


Zach says Godfrey is afraid to make big moves. LOL. Taking out Zach IS a big move. And even if it wasn’t a big move, Zach has been afraid to make big moves all season so he has no right to put down Godfrey for not doing what he thinks is a big move


How’s it a big move to get out a player who has been targeted by the house all game due to his strong physique and loyal alliance?

The Truth

Zach wasn’t the target all game. He only became the target once everyone discovered that he and Jordan were playing them for fools. Anytime you can take out a player who has votes in the jury,wins competition or can control other players into doing his bidding, that’s considered a big move.

another name

No disrespect to you, but I don’t agree that he was targeted all game. to say that negates his early strategy of not being targeted by riding the middle. he was not in danger until it was revealed that he was in an alliance with every member of the house except for godfrey. that was week 6. the only person that targeted him before that time was sarah, B was still saying he was loyal until week 5. who else was targeting him before week six? the chop shop still thought they were viable up until then. he was allied with the diapers. As of week 6 he was the target of people, but was in no danger because his alliance (the diapers) was still in power.
Zach said he thought he’d be a target because he’s a quarterback. Zach’s the one that revealed he was a quarterback. he could have said he was a chemistry major in university. or that he was enrolled in the faculty of education. both of those are true. if his athleticism made him a target, he shouldn’t have revealed it on night one. The houseguests would have bought university student that works out. I believe that yes the diaper alliance was a loyal alliance, but I think most of the players weren’t initially targeting him because he was in a loyal alliance, but because he had been disloyal to all of the other alliances he was in in the first five weeks. His initial strategy kept him safe and off of almost every radar until sindy’s return but the minute he was revealed he was targeted.

Mel B

‘Strong physique’ like when Ash beat him in an endurance comp, despite the fact that she is not a supposed legendary sports star like Zach is supposed to be?


Simple, taking him out now is a big move because he’ll win the game if he stays this week.


Flipping it and going against what the HoH wants is a big move. I agree tho Zach has coward away from making big moves all season.


Instead of taking a big player or even one of the girls he (zach) took out is own body (jp)…. wow that was the worst move ever…. pruved how much of a player he is.


Keeping Zach at this point is not a big move. It’s a stupid move. If he stays now and his alliance wins the next HOH then he wins the game. Why would keeping such a big threat this late in the game be a big move?


Only 1 twist made Britt lucky. She still took out three people out of the game.


Plus the fact those competitions didn’t require her moving.


The shade of it all.

Jimmy 64

37 days till BIG BROTHER 17
Please oh please let there be 16 brand new houseguests
No retreads


Godfrey has no chance to make it to F2 (let alone winning the game) unless he wins the last HOH and hoping he won’t get booted out … before F2. Godfrey’s failing is that he hasn’t developed strong relationships with anybody in the game.Yes, he acts friendly with everybody, but at least Sarah has noticed his game. I have watched the last POV episode and i can say that Sarah is brilliant at this game and reading the people.If she wins it all, she definitely deserves it.


I’m sorry but Sarah & Brittnee are blowing the whole Pili thing a little overboard.

604 Macho

Pili’s comment was more ignorant than anything. Not blatantly flat out racist. Sarah is just concerned about not wanting to be connected to it and looking bad.


The feeds were cut and the group was cautioned by BB.


Question. Does it help if I buy from Amazon ? I am getting a kindle and purchase plenty of books.


Whoever wins final HOH has to take Pili. Guaranteed win. Too much of a toss up between Brit & Sarah if they take eachother. They’ve both been able to make “big moves”…that move needs to be made in order to have better odds for a win. I think they’d both understand and possibly admire that as a game move. Oh sure it would suck to get cut that close…but it’s all about the game.

On a side note…I sure hope folks have seen the other houseguests getting their own “commercials”. Tonight’s episode had Godfrey. Last week there sure was a fuss about “production giving Sarah her own commercial”. I swear I saw at least one more before that one, not her, someone else. Can’t remember who. Doesn’t matter really. Just debunking that myth.

another name

In the event that Zach is evicted he is giving Ashleigh advice on what to do to play the game after he leaves. In theory I have no issue with that at all. In practical terms of what he is saying: don’t trust them and take out the biggest threat, I can say I have no issue with that either. it’s a given that you go after the biggest threat when you have the chance, if Zach had taken his own advice when counselling the diapers all game long it would have been a very different game. I guess next week is the time for the big move now. At least he won’t get blood on his hands. In terms of intent it feels a little sour grapes to me ( It’s her fault i’m not going to win, so get her is the read I get from his body language and tone).
I think if Zach had solidified a deal with godfrey and Bruno last week and made the generals a three man team, he would not be leaving this week. He made an oversight in pulling Bruno in closer than godfrey. yes the three of them did bro out, but it was plainly evident that he was pulling closer to Bruno. While I think his early strategy of ride the middle in a two man team was very workable ( I actually liked the idea until they got too cocky and comfortable), upon Jordan’s eviction, Zach lost the ability to be adaptable. I was hoping for more. Even this week his go to strategy ended up being get rid of the weaker player and pull in the stronger (evict pilar and align with godfrey). I”ve seen him socially manipulate people well. I haven’t seen him change his strategy along with his change in fortune.


What I took away from that conversation (Zasleigh) was that Zach will be one bitter jury member. Not unlike a former BBCan player.


Do you mean Sarah who blatantly said she would ‘poison’ jury?

another name

tbh, I believe to an extent every juror has it in them to be a bitter juror. They’ve just lost their shot at winning the grand prize. While they can be logical in choice, there will always be a part of them that will form a bias. that’s human. That’s not to say that I think juror’s will vote according to bitterness, but that it would be natural for them to possess some ill will for a time.
I listen to the evicted houseguests interviews, and I assess what they are saying as being half truth half public relations spin. These hg’s are going to re-enter the real world. their exit interviews are, in part, an opportunity to alter the public perception of any stigmatizing words or actions that they committed while in the spotlight. Think about willow’s exit interview compared to game (going to be the superfan and vote according to game vs. the hyper emotional player). And, while I know this will get hate, think about Bruno. questioned on sideshow more than once if his arguments with sarah cost him his game, 24 hours later he’s praising sarah’s game. I don’t believe he actually hated her, and while I wouldn’t state with certainty, the possibility does exist that the statements are 50% real and 50% damage control. He exited the game in a classy fashion, don’t get me wrong, props for that. The timing of the change of heart in some exit interviews just makes me question is it half sincere and half contrived because nobody wants to go back into the real world with some viewers ready to condemn them. from a human level I wouldn’t want to have people believe the worst of me.


Zach needed Jordan to get a read on the people he couldn’t figure out aka Sarah. Since Jordan left everyone has seen how he just hopes its diapers to the end.


Sarah overreact much….nothing wrong with saying chinese guy, did it add anything? No, she could have just said Guy but geese Louise…it would be like referring to Sarah as canadian girl…


The group was cautioned by BB when the feeds were cut. So it is not only Sarah but production as well that perceived the comments as questionable.


Pilar is a sad case. It is very disappointing to see a young woman so ignorant. I hope she gets a clue when she gets out and realizes how much of an embarrassment she made of herself by these racial comments. She should get the same media attention as Aryn G received from BBUS. I hope BBCanada addresses that this behaviour is not acceptable, especially for a network to go on as if it never happened. Us Canadians should be setting these standards.