New Big Brother 14 Commercial – Crazy, Freaky, Sexy – INSANE!

CBS has released another Big Brother 14 Promotional Commercial for the new season which will première on July 12th, 2012. The commercial features a number of Big Brother Alumni such as Lawon Exum, Keith Anderson, Rachel Reilly, Adam Poch, Brendon Villegas, Jordan Lloyd, Daniele Donato, Enzo Palumbo, Dr. Will Kirby, Lane Elenburg, Eric Stein, Hayden Moss, Amber Siyavus, Jeff Schroeder, Shelly Moore, Porsche Briggs, and “Evel” Dick Donato.
Crazy Freaky Sexy – INSANE

Drama Crying Backstabbing Lying Cheating

Anything Can Happen – Expect the Unexpected – POW!

Big Brother 14 Season Premiere Thursday July 12th, 2012 ONLY ON CBS

This is going to be GOOD!

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Big Brother After Dark on Showtime Confirmed for BB14

Big Brother After Dark on Showtime is on the networks official schedule. According to the schedule it starts on Friday July 13th
12:00 AM (July 12th 9:00pmPST). It’s on SHO2 and SHO2 HD.

Big Brother After Dark is a nightly 3 hour (9pm – 12am Pacific Time) block from of the live streaming video from the big brother house. After Dark lets you see one our of 4 live feed cameras. Big Brother After Dark started on season 8 of BB and has been on for every season since that.

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Road Map to the Big Brother 14 Live Feed Premiere

June 22 Media Day
CBS invites the press to spend a day in the BB14 House where they take part in competitions, nominations, evictions the entire condensed Big Brother experience. This year from a leaked photo we get to speculate who has participated in this event. Last year Official Media day pictures were revealed on June 27th along with pictures of the BB house.
Here a list of names that could of participated from the media day event

July 1 – House guests are Sequestered
BB14 Cast is placed in a Hotel and forced to watch old season of BB. At this point they are isolated from outside news/media sources.

July 2 – House Images released
Matt Whitfield who participated in Media Day tweeted that he’s gagged about Media Day until July 2.

On June 22 Global TV’s John Powell posted that July 2 will be the date we find out about the Cast and Twist, 11 Days before the start of BB14. Shortly after it was posted this information was removed from Global’s website. Last year the House pictures were released on June 27, 11 days before the season premiere. It’s safe to say something is going down on the 2nd and it’s going to have House pics in it.

July 2-6 – “The Talk” Visit the House
Sometime during this week “The Talk” spends a day in the house. According to CBS’ Schedule The Talk will not be in the Big Brother House during the Week of June 25 this only leaves the week of July 2nd free.

July 3-4 – Julie Chen tours the house
Around this time the Big Brother host Julie Chen tours the house and we start to get a few hints about twists.

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Big Brother 14 Julie Chen Promo Pictures

CBS released a couple of Big Brother 14 Promotional pictures of the host Julie Chen. With Big Brother 14 just around the corner we are excited that more and more photos and information is being released about the 14th season. The Big Brother 14 première date is now just 3 weeks away and we will soon learn more about this seasons theme and cast members. It’s exciting that it was just released in the newest Big Brother 2012 commercial that this season will have more house guests than ever before including 4 HUGE surprises.

At this time Every year during the pre-season SuperPass offers an incredible EARLY BIRD 25% OFF discount for the Big Brother Live Feeds, which works out to ONLY $10 per month to watch the entire season.

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Big Brother 14 Cast and Twist to be Revealed July 2 ????

*** ** UPDATED Looks like Global TV pulled the July 2 date off their website..

John Powell from has written today that the Big Brother 14 Houseguests and Twists will be revealed July 2. John further explains that there will be 2 BB14 Promo Videos released that will contain this information.

This is the first we’ve heard about a houseguest release date. last year we found out about the BB13 cast on June 30th so the the July 2 timeline appears correct.

Earlier this week CBS sent released 2 new Promo videos teasing that the Big Brother 14 House will have the MOST HOUSEGUESTS EVER! and 4 HUGE SURPRISES! . We are left to speculate what these surprises are and just how many players they are going to try and stuff into the Big Brother House. This season of Big Brother is going to be our biggest year yet. Onlinebigbrother will be live blogging round the clock with the MORE live feed updates, MORE screencaptures, MORE mobile support and MORE of the important spoilers. Like us on Facebook

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Big Brother 14 SuperSized Commercial 4 Big Surprises and Largest Cast

Big Brother 14 Commercials with some potential spoilers are starting to come out right before ABC officially premiers their competition. Keep in mind CBS has a reputation for promo videos based on fantasy and really play up the seasons Twists. Just think of last years “Crasizest Twist Ever” and the infamous “Crash my Party” commercials. Nonetheless we’re predicting that this year there will be something substantial added to the game. The New Video titled supersized reveals some potentially big changes.

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Big Brother 14 Commercial Number 2 – BB is “Unscripted” now

Another Big Brother 14 Commercial has been released by CBS. Just like every year it reveals some information that ends up having nothing to do with the show. This year they are stressing it’s “Unscripted and Unpredictable”. The Video is 33 seconds long and highlights Rachel and Brendon’s garbage bag wedding and Bachelor Party.

What do all you think? Is this year actually going to have a season that is “Unscripted and Unpredictable”? I would say Unpredictable is possible but cmon CBS Unscripted I don’t think so. What is the

Big Brother is back! The sexiest, the funniest, the most outrageous summer show returns! Unscripted, unpredictable, unlike any other! Tune in on July 12th for the season premiere only CBS!

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The FIRST Big Brother 14 Commercial!

Big Brother 2012 is BACK! The Sexiest, Funniest, most Outrageous Summer show returns!

FINALLY THE FIRST BIG BROTHER 14 COMMERCIAL IS OUT! Some how it makes it more real that Big Brother is just around the corner! The very first commercial aired during the finale of Survivor: One World finale. The commercial was very short and only about 10 seconds long, basically just a teaser. Nothing was revealed about the new season in the video.

The big brother 14 casting call auditions are all finished, so hopefully you applied and we will see YOU on the new season. The official Big Brother 14 Premiere will air on July 12, 2012 at 9pm – 10pm (Pacific Time).

What do you think of the first commercial? Any ideas about this seasons twists? Tell us what you think would make this the ultimate season of big brother.

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