Big Brother 14 Cast semi Finalists have all been notified No Final Decisions Yet


Robyn Kass (@kassting) Tweeted today that the Big Brother 14 Cast finalists have all been notified but no final decisions have been made. If you haven’t received any calls from BB Casting then you’re out of luck for the 2012 season. As we’ve heard time and again persistence is necessary to get on this show.

Like last year things can change in the BB Casting process at the last minute and we could end up with another allstar/newbie mix up. One twist I am thinking should be played this year is having he fans vote for one returning houseguest to join the game. A similar thing is being done in BBUK and if the choices are good it could bring in some excitement. Who would you most want to be given a second (or third.. or fourth) chance to be in the Big Brother House?



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Congrats to the finalists. One twist would be game changer and hopefully it would be advantage of one returning houseguest.


What if the returning player is Dani?


or Cassi. Dani will never come back. It’s too much for her and she will be busy with Dominic!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lets see all NEW house guests. Big Brother is way more fun to watch when all the HG are on the same playing field!


Please make it all NEW people. that way it is not boring, having to watch everyone trying to get them out first, waste of time, thank you, love the show


@Squabble.Lol at your question to him.But iam sure we know if Daniel comes through that BigBrother door,his comment about the returning houseguest having an advantage will suddenly become a bad idea.


He will say it is rigged.


.You wanted to know who we would most want to be given a second(or thirtd..or fourth)chance to be in the BigBrother House.Well,I would like for Daniel Reyes(from BigBrother3&7)to have the chance to win BigBrother.In my opinion she should have won BigBrother3 not Lisa.But I will admit,she made a bad decesion on season7,Iam referring to her trusting Erica and of course her finding out to late that she shouldn’t trust Will.I like the way that she’s able to convince people to do what she wants,without them figuring her game out.And if they do figure her out it’s too late to do anything about her.Iam clearly referring to season3.On season7,Will figured Daniel out and got her evicted.But she is responsible for convincing Marcellus to make one of the dumbest decesions in BigBrother history.Which was to make him believe he has no reason to use the power of veto on himself.And we should keep in mind that Marcellus didn’t trust Daniel.He talked about his distrust for her in the diary room.Yet Daniel was still able to convince him that his spot in the final 3 was secure.Thus making Marcellus believe he shouldn’t use the power of veto on himself.That decesion that Marcellus made got him evicted from the BigBrother house.In my opinion only a good player can influence a person that already don’t trust you,to make a decision that would benefit them and not you.By the way iam aware that Daniel Reyes won’t be given another chance to be on the show.I was only giving my opinion on who I want to see back in the BigBrother house,playing the game.


Even though she never one BB I think she is the best player ever on BB, talk about feared and she didn’t crawl to the person in power, She said bring it on b*tches then went out and won the next comp with out any help from outside influences, I still think her first season was the best BB to date.


Your right.Season 3 showed Daniel at her best.And to tell you the truth on season 7,if I had to choose between Mike Boogie or Will aka the puppet master,for the winner of that season,I would’ve picked Will.I was cheering for Daniel,but when she got evicted.I thought Will deserved to win the game.At the beginning of that season,I couldn’t stand Will or Mike.I guess I was really mad that week after week,no one eviicted them.One would think that anyone that goes by the name puppet master,would be the first person on everyone’s list of who to evict first.But since Daniel wasn’t an option anymore.I felt even though Will was behind her eviction.I wouldv’e perfered him over MikeBoogie.To me Will was the master mind behind most if not all their moves that they made in the game.The bottom line is in my opinion the wrong member in chill town won BigBrother7




If they brought back pre jury players I’d like to see Captain Kosher and Annie from season 12, I always thought Laura from season 11 would have been a good player if she hadn’t gone out so soon, but she probably wouldn’t do it again because she’s married and has a baby now, but they could bring back Braden and Casey, and I think Brian and Angie from season 10 went out too early. I just don’t ever want to see Brenchel on my TV again. They ruined two BB seasons and then ruined the Amazing Race, which thankfully they didn’t win. They always say they are such great competitors but on TAR they didn’t win one single leg of the race and came in third, and they bickered and whined and cried the whole time. The only satisfaction I got was watching Rachel whine and cry at a fast forward where they had to shave their heads. Rachel: ” I don’t want to shave my head, I just spent $500 on extensions”. I really wanted to see a bald Rachel, but she chickened out and didn’t do it. I also never want to see Jesse, Jeff and Jordan again.


That’s mean!


It’s not mean it is just the truth.




I think Ronnie deserve a second chance.I would also like to see Cassie and Annie. Maybe Crazy James and Nakomis.


Yeah, Ronnie played too hard too fast. I don’t like him, but you always need someone who will stir the pot. I liked Nakomis too. She got sent home because of her brother and because the flaky people on her season couldn’t relate to her, and in all-stars the pros recognized that she is very smart and got rid of her before she had a chance to play. I don’t know if I like third chances for anyone though. Crazy James was the only person I liked on season 9. I’d actually like to see Russell BB 11 come back. He got JJ’d and that’s when the season started sucking big time. Now there’s a dude that can wind people up and make them blow up!


I’d also like to see Russel again.


Bring Back Evil Dick!!!!!


I’m so over Evel Dick.


Can’t wait for this season. I always follow this site. Please to God I hope they don’t pull that veterans crap. Ruined the season for me.

big brother todd

Some of us LOVE the vets. I think it makes for a very fun show when you throw in the likes of Evil Dick, ect into the mix. The Vets are sure to play hard. Newbies sometime fall falt and just hang around until voted off. The Vets put the Newbies on there toes and I love that.


I have to agree with Simon. If they had kept on bringing Dr. Will back we might never have seen ED cast at all. I loved how ED played the game, but there could be someone out there who is equally entertaining but distinct. I think last season sucked from the beginning because it just wasn’t fair to put veterans, two of them winners and a runner up with what ended up being some of the dumbest players ever. There was no way the newbs could have competed unless they united, won HOH and POV until they knocked the vets out one by one. None of the newbs (except Shelley) was on par with the vets. The only big move they made was the stupidest move in BB history – voting out Lawan instead of Brenchel. The only way I would not be pissed to see players from other seasons again is if they were pre-jury. BB needs to get over JJ and Brenchel and stop bringing them back. They also need to stop rigging the competitions. Last season reminded me the Survivor where Boston Rob finally won. On his fourth try. And the only reason he won was because the rest of his tribe were complete and utter morons that handed the game to him. If they want to bring back players like ED, they should do it in all-stars so the playing field is even. I’m hoping we get a great cast of newbies this summer with a great diversity of personalities (not your stereo=typical dumb blonde, bimbo with fake boobs, Mr. Jock, funny gay guy, feisty black woman, womanizer, nerd, older man/woman) that they have been casting every season.




Captain you really need to stop telling people what they can and can’t say, and what they can complain about.
Everyone is entitled to their opinions and whether they are right or wrong their opinions are not an attack against you.
Rarely does anyone tell you you can’t express your opinion even though many disagree with you. (I know I’m doing it right now)
You type your response if full caps (yelling) to try and drive your point home and it is rude
You have repeatedly told everyone you won’t fight anymore, especially after Simon told you he is sick of the constant fighting and basically told you he would ban your IP address, do you remember what you said “I promise I won’t fight anymore I mean it this time”. Did you forget?
Many of your posts I don’t agree with but they are your opinions so I ignore them but when you are constantly telling people “stop complaining” I say take your own advice. I’m not trying to be a d*ck and pick on you but you really need to realize not everyone agrees and unless the other person is personally attacking you then need to refrain from attacking them or their position.
Honestly dude I don’t hate you, you are irritating sometimes but I respect that you are a Huge fan of BB and you adore JJBR that’s great,
Just respect the other peoples right to post what they want, instead of fighting with them try supporting the people who share you own viewpoint.
This is not my site and in the past I have posted some real f*cked up sh*t (sorry Simon and Dawg) but it makes this site suck for other people to read and honestly it makes the people who post nasty comments look stupid, ignorant and low class.
Please take to heart your past apologies for fighting and remember your promises to not do it anymore, if not don’t be surprised one day if you have many people asking for you to be banned from this site.


Squabble! There is a time that other people complaining that bb is rigged! I don’t believe if it rigged or not! it just bts! Let’s try to move on!


Chloe you are quickly becoming one of my favorite posters on this site, I couldn’t agree with you more and I don’t think I could add anything to your post, let me check, nope you nailed it.

Karen S

I’m ready for another BB!
Can’t wait to see another season of rigged hilarity! *snort*
I’m one of the few that does’t want to see anyone come back.

P. S. Nicely said Squabble.


Thanks KAREN S I’m trying to turn over a new leaf.


I have a question for every one who think that the producers influence the game in favor of certain contestants(by the way I’m one of those people who think they influence the game).Do you think in season8 the producers interfered with the game in order to influence the outcome in favor of ED?The reason why I’m asking this question has to do with the fact, a lot of people on here think that ED was a phenomenal player.I remember last season,there were a lot of comments about how Danielle will always be in her dad’s shadow,because ED was such a great player.Comments like that wasn’t only limited to this site but I saw them on at least two other sites.I might be the only one on here that think the producers influence season8 in favor of ED.It’s been a while since season8.But I will try to explain why I hold this opinion.From what I can remember,Eric was suppose to be America’s player.Almost everything that Eric was told to do(supposedly by the viewers)benefited ED’s game.The issue I have with that has to do with me not being able to think that a large amount of BigBrother viewers,would vote on things that would benefit ED’s game.The reason why I find that hard to believe is because the viewers saw ED’s behavior.From what I can remember,ED was extremely rude and me calling him rude is a understatement.He basically terrorized almost everyone in that house.He poured tea or juice on Jen.I think he burned Jen with a cigarette(I’m not sure,but I think I remember he did burn her with a cigarette).And the way that he treated Jameka and Amber.I just don’t believe that the majority of Big Brother viewers,condone ED’s behavior towards women.Unless season8 viewers were like Howard Stern viewers,if that’s not the case then it doesn’t make any sense to me,that a large amount of viewers would vote on things to prolong ED’s chances to win.Big Brother viewers voting to help Jeff in season11 makes sense.I even was cheering for Jeff,but that’s because Jeff was the good looking underdog.CBS also presented him to be a nice guy.I didn’t know about this site back then.So I don’t know if Jeff was behaving like a nice guy behind the scenes.But on tv Jeff on season11,was presented in such a way to the viewers,that like I said it made sense for the viewers to help Jeff,by voting to give him a special power.ED on the other hand was not presented in a way that I would think large amount of viewers would vote on anything to keep him in the game.Eric even influence the jury votes in favor of ED.I’m not saying that in order for me to believe that the viewers would want to help a contestant,that person has to be presented as a goody too shoe.I think if the viewers was given the option to vote on things that would help any of season7 contestants.I think a large amount of viewers would vote to help Will(aka the puppet master)win.And we all know Dr.Will is no where close to being a nice guy,but his behavior wasn’t as awful as ED’s.Manipulating other people in the game is kind of expected.But terrorizing,saying down right hurtful and disrespectful things to women.And pouring juice on one of them is on a different level.All of the things I mention,that concerns ED,basically is why I think the producers were behind most of the things that they claimed,the viewers voted for Eric to do things that benefited ED’s game.In my opinion I just don’t believe the majority of Big Brother viewers would constantly vote on things that would favor ED.I might believe it if the viewers never saw how ED basically terrorized the women in the house,but CBS show the viewers that,so that’s why I don’t believe the majority of the viewers voted for Eric to do things that would benefit ED’s game.And that’s why I think the producers interfered in season8 by influencing the game in favor of ED.I think they were able to accomplish that by having most of the things Eric did be beneficial to ED’s game.But that’s just my opinion,and like I said before I know I’m probably the only one that have that type of opinion on season8 and ED.


I wonder if it was more that the viewing audience really disliked those in the house with Evel Dick, no one really stood out or had a personality
I also believe this to be the reason Jeff was awarded his “power” in his first season, Jessy Nasty err Natalie and the rest of his alliance made most peoples skin crawl and it was easy to award the power to someone who could break it up
Back to the season you were talking about where Evel Dick was terrorizing the women that is why I could never be on BB, when he poured the drink over Jen’s head I would of knocked him on his *ss, not that I liked Jen but she is a woman and my morals are not for sale. That kind of behavior is something I couldn’t watch even for a chance at the $$$$.
Maybe BB just wanted a real villain to win, strange part is they voted to give him the money.


@Squabble.I get what your saying,but I don’t think the people on season8 were that bad to the point they would draw the viewers to be in ED’s corner.Maybe if everyone on season8 acted like Danielle then I might think It’s more likely that could be the case.Just so you know,I’m still on the Danielle bandwagon.But I really didn’t like her attitude on season8.But she was my girl on season13.You wrote,”maybe BB just wanted a real villain to win”.This is something that I can agree with,ED was certainly the ultimate villain on Big Brother.You also wrote,”strange part is they voted to give him the money.”But if I remember correctly,Eric was told to influence the jury to vote in ED’s favor.Since by now I’m sure it’s clear to you that I don’t believe the majority of viewers would want to help ED win.It probably won’t come as a surprise that I think the producers are the one’s who had Eric do things that would benefit ED’s game,for the purpose of them wanting a villain to win.You also mentioned that you think Jeff in season11 received his power because the viewers probably didn’t like some of the other people in the game.I agree with you on this.Even though now I don’t really care for Jeff.But I remember watching season11 and Jeff came off as being a good looking,down to earth underdog.Who wasn’t being treated fairly by his alliance.I can honestly say I was happy when Jeff used his power and saved himself from eviction.But in my opinion,the special power that Jeff received isn’t the same as me believing the majority of the viewers for season8,would constantly vote on things that would benefit ED’s game.The reason why I don’t compare the two is because to me it makes sense that BigBrother’s viewers would want to help Jeff in season11 in anyway they could because he wasn’t presented on tv like a villain.Jeff for the most part was seen as how I mentioned before.I would think there would only be a few people who wouldn’t want to help him.But ED is a different story.I do want to add,I didn’t know about this site during season11.Therefore I don’t know if Jeff behaved the same way behind the scenes as he was presentend on tv.But I guess that doesn’t matter as it concerns my point.Because basically the point that iam trying to make,has almost everything to do with how BigBrother’s viewers see the people playing the game.I would think the kind of viewers that BigBrother has aren’t people who would constantly vote on things that would help someone who they see on their tv screens being utterly disrespectful(disrespectful is an understatement)to some of the women in the house.And then 3 season’s later(season11)BigBrother either attracts completely different viewers,because I would think the type of people who might want to help ED,would be some kind of rock&roll or Howard Stern kind of fans.(I’m aware this might come off as labeling people,but I’m only trying to explain why I hold this opinion about season8/ED)Which would mean that season11 brought in a totally different auidience because the kind of people who liked what they seen of ED’s behavior on their tv screens and the type of people who liked what they seen from Jeff in season11 on their tv screens are obviously different.Just like what BigBrother presented to the viewers regarding ED and Jeff(from season11).They were seen as being totally different from each other(at least on tv anyway).Jeff from season11 was seen as the good looking,sort of funny,down to earth,charming and a underdog.Then we have ED,I’ll just say he was presented on tv as being the opposite of Jeff.Basically,for me it just seems more legitimate that BigBrothers viewers would actually want to help Jeff out in season11,for all the reasons I mentioned.But I don’t feel the same way when it comes to ED in season8.I do think BigBrother viewers like watching someone who will try to stir things up.A good example of/a/ pot stirrer is Will aka The Puppet Master.But Dr.Wiil wasn’t even like ED.His fans say he’s on another level.I agree with that.But in my opinion the level I see ED on is vile and low down(if I’m going by what happen on season8).But all of this is just the way I see it.There are probably tons of people who won’t agree with.a single word that I have written.


You are too smart to be posting here, you make very valid points and I agree production pretty much handed it to Dick.


I think the game favoured ED, but mainly because the only player that might have beat him was chosen as America’s player. I think Eric had game, but America made him do things that hurt his own game and favoured Dick. I still think Dick was a great player, but he would have been gone if America hadn’t made Eric try to get Dustin out. Eric is one of the people who deserves another chance to play the game his way.


Oh how I wish this season would be an all-star season… But clearly that’s not happening 🙁
If they’re gonna bring in a cast of new people, I do NOT want to see ANYBODY from past seasons, no matter how much I may have liked them. It ruins the game when only a select few people are veterans and the rest are first-timers.
I hope to God that next season, season 15, will be an all-star season, where the ENTIRE cast consists of people from past seasons!!! All-stars 1 (season 7) had so much success, why not do it again!?




Hayden won already, and he wasn’t as popular as Jordan (Britney won Fav Houseguest that year). And Enzo and Lane didn’t really do much all game, they won 1 comp each I think? I’d prefer someone that wouldn’t be perceived as a weak competitor and float to the end again like those guys, but rather a strong competitor that has to fight to stay in the game. At least make the vets work for it if you bring some back again.


@Barbara.I’m with you with bringing Enzo/back.I don’t care to much for the other two.Enzo had me laughing almost the entire season,with the things that he said,”operation Donnie Brasco”.It’s funny how some people think he was useless and not a threat,but there’s a reason why Hayden who won way more competitions than Enzo,didn’t want to go against him for the money.Hayden knew despite Enzo only winning one competition,compared to Hayden’s many wins.Enzo has a way about him,that would of made him able to convince just enough people to vote for him to win Big Brother.I don’t buy it when people say,”Hayden picked Lane to be in final two because there friends.Hayden would’ve won against Enzo easily”. Call me crazy,but I don’t think Hayden decided to leave his family and friends to spend months in a house basically cut off from the world,just to make a friend.I’m going to lean more towards the idea that Hayden came into the Big Brother house,to have the chance to win half a million dollars.I think Hayden knew if he gave Enzo the chance to make his case to the jury,as to why he should win the money.Enzo would’ve persuaded them to make him the winner of Big Brother13.I don’t know if you guy’s remember but Hayden looked surprised as to how close the vote was between him and Lane becoming the winner of Big Brother.I think Hayden’s reaction to the closeness of the votes,indicate that he felt confident he would win against Lane over Enzo.Well,he was right.Even though I was probably one of a few viewers that was cheering for Enzo to win.Hayden made the only choice a person that wants to win the money could make,which was to take Lane to final2. Hayden choosing Enzo to go against would’ve been to risky.Enzo was well like by almost everyone in the jury and he is very persuasive.He’s also a manipulator,we all saw the way he played some of the people in the house,but more specifically the way he played Brendon.Enzo had Brendon believing he was his bestfriend and all the while he was against him.Wasn’t Enzo the first person in his alliance that suspected that the Gremlin was in too deep with Regan.So he put the plan in motion,to try and evict Matt aka Gremlin.In my opinion you don’t have to win competitions in order to be considered a useful player and a threat.I’ve always felt like the most dangerous person to keep in the game is a manipulator,someone that will go to the people in the house and convinces them to do what will benefit their game,without the houseguest noticing what there up to.

Eve Griffin

Evel Dick, yes. Bring him back to stay this time. I love him.


Edit:I made a mistake in my last post.I was referring to Big Brother season12.


Let’s get this show on the road! It gets me through the summer months. Can’t wait!!!!