Second Big Brother 13 Commercial – It’s the “Craziest Twist Ever”

This second Big Brother 13 commercial show a lot more than the last one. This time around we learn that Big Brother 2011 will have the “CRAZIEST TWIST EVER!!!!” OMG.. I wonder what could be crazier than last year Big Brother Twist where they had a saboteur placing chirping noise makers out of sight in nooks and crannies.

Actually i’m betting the twist is going to be that Jessie Godderz is not going to be a member of the BIG BROTHER 13 CAST.

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12 thoughts on “Second Big Brother 13 Commercial – It’s the “Craziest Twist Ever”

  1. I am certainly not convinced, every year they put out a video that say in one way or another it will be the “craziest season yet.”

    But alas what other summer programming is there to watch, that is this large in scale. I really want for CBS to just quit with the crazy gimmicks on both survivor and big brother and just get a bunch of new normal people with virtually no twists.


  2. Honestly? Anything has got to be better than last season, in my opinion. I hated last season and their Brigade, ‘Vegas, Baby!’, Yo’s, etc… then again, I’m a hypocrite in being here now, checking in to find out what I can about the new season;) And for the record, I will never ‘live feed’ it when the synopses on this site are uberly and fantastically better!!!!!!!!!!!;)

    1. Yea I once upon a time had the live feeds. I watched the live feeds day and night during BB8 but then the quality fell drastically.

      Stopped purchasing the live feeds last year since I wasnt watching them at all. I like the new features they added to real player for the feeds but in all honesty I will wait to see if I like the houseguests before buying. Even with the earlybird offers.

  3. Hey Simon, let me know when the Canadian early bird specials are available. Will have a lot of downtime this summer, so the feeds sound like a thing to do. Looking forward to the “crazy twist”. Can’t be worse than last season. Looking forward to hanging with the OBB gang!

  4. Hey Dawg & Simon – it’s me from twitter. :) BB 13 starts on my sis’s birthday this year, so a day of double celebrations. lol We were trying to remember the twist from last year, and could not. Thanks for the reminder…the “saboteur” was very lame, especially considering how soon she got kicked out of the house. I am really hoping this year’s twist is better then last year’s. Anyway, looking forward to spending the summer with you! :) I’d help you guys transcribe if I could…altho I have to confess I do enjoy the typos. lol (no surprise, considering how much typing you guys have to do.) :D

    1. Hey WytchyD,

      A birthday and BB13 premiere July 7th will be a busy day for you and your sister, is she a BB fan?

      The Sabetour twist was mega lame… heres a poll dawg set up for all the twists of past seasons

      Thanks for the support Dawg and I appreciate you understanding our typos. We’re both looking forward to spending the summer watching feeds and chatting with all our fellow BB fans

      1. Hi Simon. Yes, she is definitely a Big Brother fan. We watch every episode together…either in person or over the phone. (We call on commercials and talk about what just happened.) Plus, since I found yours and Dawg’s awesome site,I give her updates (she doesn’t have a computer.) We both agree that the show has become MUCH more enjoyable since I found The shows leave sooooo much out. :( We were hoping we could spring for the live feeds this year, but neither of us can really afford it. (Yes, money is just that tight these days. Lol) So, we’ll be spending the summer with you guys (me reading and her listening to my recaps of your recaps.) :D

        1. That is a great system you guys have… Glad you’re spending the summer with us it’s going to be a lot of fun. I promise we would let you down with the updates this year, we have a few changes this year that will surely make the site better hope you enjoy.

  5. Hello Simon and Dawg. I have never commented on here before so I guess I am a newbie. I just wanted to say that I think this is the best site I have come across. I have been a BB fan since the second season. I have told all the people who I talk to about BB to come to this site as you two are great at keeping people updated. So I thank you for all of your hard work. I can’t wait for this year to be part of the conversations. Cheers.

    1. Hey Debbie, Glad you’ve started commenting on here it’s people like you that make this blog work.

      Thanks for the kind words about the site we have a totally streamlined system planned this year it’ll be our best year ever i promise :)

  6. I think Jordan lets the money she got last year go to her head , she is not the same by no means or now she does not care she has it already ,she should go and not Jeff sales person better than the waitress that won the lotto. but like always what goes up most! come down.

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