BOB Results “That was a weird one I’ve never ever seen that one before”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 21st
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Amber/Jocasta Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 18
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Leading up to the battle on the Block competition this is what we know

  • Cody and Frankie won HOH
  • Second place went to Jocasta and Brittany (Brittany wants to make sure everyone knows this I’m just passing it along)
  • The detonators are targeting either Jocasta or Brittany a distant 3rd target is Donny
  • Frankie nominated Amber and Jocasta
  • Cody Nominated Brittany and Victoria
  • The winners of the Battle on the Block are safe from eviction for the week. The HOH that nominated the Winning Team is dethroned and is now at risk to being nominated.
  • Jocasta has been proven to be Competition poison whereas Brittany and Victoria both have BON wins.

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BB16-2014-07-18 16-18-19-368

4:19pm HOH Christine and Amber
Christine congratulates Amber “That was a weird one I’ve never ever seen that one before”

BB16-2014-07-18 16-22-06-912

*** News Flash Caleb’s left breast is swollen ***
BB16-2014-07-18 16-23-39-601
4:23pm Kitchen
Derrick tells them they are going to be let into the backyard soon. The competition was “Mostly backdrop”

BB16-2014-07-18 16-33-47-511
4:33pm Storage room Caleb and Derrick
Derrick – you know what the strategy is? don’t use the POV send Brittnay home
Derrick adds that Victoria isn’t even playing the game so why not keep her around for a bit she’s harmless. Caleb mentions Frankie told him that Jocasta was trying to flip Amber to vote Caleb out because she said Caleb was bad for her game.
Derrick says next week’s target is Jocasta.

BB16-2014-07-18 16-40-23-806

4:39pm Victoria and Nicole
Victoria calling the people in the house disgusting . Victoria mentions how people were calling her a weak player because she cried in front of people. Now that she’s not crying in front of people she’s being accused of making deals.
Victoria mentions the “bed deal” how Frankie was going to pick a number for someone to share a bed with Victoria. Nicole says it’s not that big of a deal sometimes in this house you have to let things go.
Victoria says if she goes home this week at least she’s going thome to normal people.

BB16-2014-07-18 16-49-03-950

4:40pm HOH Amber, Zach and Cody
Amber wants to be the POV host. Cody warns her that Caleb is going to talk to her tonight. Knowing Caleb he’s probably upset about something.
Amber – I hate hurting anyones feelings
Amber tells them the most trustworthy person in the house is Jocasta, She’s told her so much stuff and none of it has gotten out.
Cody and Amber have no idea where Donny’s head is at.
Cody – “I just have to make sure Brittany doesn’t todd a bag over my head”
Zach – She is furious
Cody – She doesn’t even look at me.. Cody adds that it’s Britany’s own fault she’s in the situation she’s in.
Derrick joins them they start talking about the Battle on the block competition. Amber says she’s glad she was able to win it for Jocasta.
Derrick – You’re a competition beast
Frankie /Christine roll in
Zach – “Victoria she’s the worst”

BB16-2014-07-18 17-10-56-100
5:07pm BEEHIVE Caleb and Donny
Caleb asks if he knows anything about Jocasta trying to vote me out when I was on the block last week.
Donny never heard of anything like that
Caleb explains that Jocasta was telling Amber she needed to vote caleb out because he’s bad for her game
Donny – “I hang out with Jocasta a lot and we never talk about the game”
Caleb adds that Supposedly Amber told Frankie that is how he found out.
Donny explains that people can say someone said anything Right?
Caleb knows.
Donny adds that he knows Jocasta and he doesn’t think she would have said something like that, “Doesn’t sound like their character to say tha”
Donny says the only person that wanted to keep Devin was Devin, “I told you to not even think about it because it wasn’t even a possibility”

BB16-2014-07-18 17-29-41-316

5:16pm Have nots Hayden and Victoria
Victoria “I’m sorry Cody’s speech was fake”
Victoria – “If I cry i’m too weak if I don’t cry i’m making deals with people it’s so disgusting” SHe doesn’t understand why the same people go up all the time, “I don’t talk smack about anyone”. She knows when she’s out of a room people talk Smack about her.
Victoria – It’s never been this personal other than last year
Hayden says people talk smack about him all the time. Victoria doesn’t like how they are all two faced the people in the house. are.
Victoria wants to know who talks smack about people like this.
Hayden thats the name of the game the talking smack behind people’s backs.
Victoria says she was a “SuperFan” for the show but from another country. SHe’s sick of the other “Superfans” saying she doesn’t deserve to be here .
Hayden tells her he doesn’t see her as a target this week.
Victoria tells him to watch his back because people are saying all he’s doing is chilling.
Victoria – “Watch your back”
Hayden wants to know who is saying hi name.
Haydn pinky swears not to tell anyone.
Victoria says it was Amber and Brittany think Zach and Hayden are just chilling.
Victoria says it’s obvious there is a large alliance working it obvious from the nominations.

BB16-2014-07-18 17-38-05-144

5:38pm BEEHIVE Caleb and Amber
Amber saying she wishes some of the guys would be used as pawns. She’s been loyal to the people she said she would be loyal to.
Caleb mentions the guys started seeing Amber hanging around with Brittany and Jocasta.
Amber doesn’t understand why
Caleb – I think Frankie is trying to stir things up”
Caleb explains that Frankie told him that Amber told him Jocasta was trying to flip AMber vote when Caleb was on the block.
Amber – “At this point.. all you guys are obviously working together”
Caleb – “no other guy in this house has showed you loyalty but me.”
Caleb mentions how Frankie was telling him that you went up because you volunteered to be the pawn.
AMber needs to talk to Frankie because she never said that. “I dont even know if I spoke to Frankie about that I don’t want to be a pawn”
Caleb mentions how he told the guys “Next week it’s endurance and i’ll probably win it.. one of the guys will have to go up”
Zach told Caleb there was still 4 pawns left to put up before they start putting up their alliance. .
Caleb says if he wins HOH one of them are going up possibly two. .. “its’ simple you have to at the end of the day you’ll have to have loyalties”
Caleb says these last 3 days he’s had doubts with everyone in the house. He has to trust somebody “ONe solid person.. you have to”

BB16-2014-07-18 17-56-17-037

5:55pm HAve nots Zach and Derrick

Zach says he was talking to Brittany for 30 minutes and she was preaching about why she should stay etc etc.. Brittany was going off about how she only trusts Derrick and Zach
Derrick says Christine told them this morning Jocasta and Brittany were saying if they win HOH they will both put up guys it‘s the only way. The guys are picking off the girls.
Derrick – “Brittany said Regardless they gotta put all four guys next week”
Zach – “Ok Brittany’s gotta go”







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Caleb has poopy pants

If his breast is sooo enlarged and painful, doesn’t the cast doctor do something.
How can he get his BM cowboy on?


Maybe cause he’s been such a drama queen on the show, maybe he’s turning into a woman.



Caleb just got out of hospital from a sex-change operation and (s)he was talking to the people (s)he knew before (s)he became a woman.

“Did it hurt?”

“No, not really, only the last bit.”

“Was that when they cut it off?”

“No, that didn’t hurt, it was the last bit.”

“Was that when they put the silicone bags in your chest?”

“No, it was just the last bit that hurt.”

“Well what was the last bit?”

“You know, the bit where they take half your brains out and make your mouth bigger. That was agony!”

Caleb has poopy pants

Ordinarily I would not agree with you, but none of the girls on this show seem to even have half a brain.




Love it. Keep them coming like the Judd parodies last summer : )


My guess? Anabolic steroids without an anti-estrogen. That’s the “breast cancer” drug he says he needs. Guess Beast Mode doesn’t come naturally for this cowboy.


Without judgment, my best guess is that he isn’t natural either. With his fragile ego, constant bragging and short stature, I’d guess that he was probably a scrawny kid and hated it. He certainly does feel the need to stroke his own ego, and have ANYbody confirm it. He might need some help; but not with breast cancer.


Increase the gluten, Cowboy and maybe the other one will pop! Then you’ll be known as Breast Man Crazy Boy. You can start an all-girls alliance and if you’re really lucky, Cody will have a showmance with you, Brittany will give you make-up lessons and Victoria will lend you her clothes.


I’m so glad Devin gome home


He is gone why are you still talking about him?

TA Sucks

Bye bye Brittany.


Donny or Amber will save her if they win the POV.


Want Frankie to go next.


She really does NOT know how to play the game does she? It is obvious the 2 guys from what Devin already told everyone are in a Bomb Squad alliance, make it even more clear that they are still in the same alliance by cooperatively ONLY put up girls as nominees. If they wanted to hide the fact that they are still in the same alliance, they failed.

Anyway, the point, when you are clearly a target and put up on the block, or when there are two guy HOHs and you are a female, what you don’t do is stomp around the house acting like you are pissed off at everyone except Jocasta. Because when there are two new HOHs who are guys looking for girls to put up on the block, and one of them is the #1 target, at this stage, the easiest one that all HGs will agree on is the one who is giving all the guys and all the girls the evil eye.

in addition: victoria saying she thinks if she goes home nothing will change in the game. Um. Yup. That’s why people say you don’t do anything, because whether you are in or out, no one will notice. you have no impact.

The HOH comp was made for women to win, the fact that they didn’t is their failure, because it seemed obvious that production was looking to shake things up, and the ladies failed the task. There may not be another easy win for women coming up, since it looks like there won’t be the one for guys, one for girls HOH comps with so few people?


Why’s Derrick so obsessed with Jocasta?! Glad she won BOB though!

smd nicole

she is a wild card and wouldn’t listen to him like all the other houseguest will…. literally cody and frankie had derrick nominate the two groups….. she would not listen to him if she won HoH


That’s my question. Did I miss something?


That’s my question. Did I miss something?

Roisen Dubh

Man, 21 Jumpstreet has everybody in his pocket. At least with Devin, you had to play the game because he was all over the place. Someone call out Derrick Please!!!!!

Jimmy 64

Told you Cody did not have the balls to put Caleb up.
I hope two women win next week HOH and make those
Guys sweat

Roisen Dubh

Oh, Caleb is this year’s Powerhouse. At least he’s not jerkin it 20 times a day.


I wish we could fast forward 2 or 3 weeks and then the real backstabbing and great drama will begin.

smd nicole

jocasta now has as many wins as the supposedly ‘amazing’ ‘beast’ ‘best competitor’ named caleb…… and thank god brittany is still up! i hope she goes home! she has no respect for big brother and instead of playing the game has chosen to complain about it being to unfair


no idea why this got so many dislikes brittany is a whining biatch who does not deserve to be on this show….. she has no gameplay and will be gone before jury


Kind of happy Amber is safe so she can POSSIBLY go after the guys next week (wishful thinking). If Britt doesn’t win the POV I’m afraid her days are numbered, which is kind of bittersweet. I want Brittany to be safe, but at the same time I don’t want Donny to be nominated in her place 🙁


I hope victoria goes just because shes not playing and because she has no respect for the game but at the same time i want them to feel like shit when victoria wins pov becuase she shouldnt be bashed as mush as she is in the house


Amber going after the guys??? which world do you live in??

Im sure Production made something set up for Amber to win.

They want to keep the trimance going


Hope Donny gets picked for veto and uses it on Britanny, that would shake the house because Caleb/Nicole and Hayden may be put up and shit will hit the fan next week. If not, the possibility of Donny leaving this week is huge.


Big brother 14 best player is frank

smd nicole

lol all he did was win a bunch of comps he was nothing compared to dan on that season… or even ian who played mike boogie


Frank Eudy only got to win that many comps because BB SAVED him in week 3: He would have been gone and forgotten, had BB not decided to save his ass by cancelling that week’s eviction.
He was actually a really bad player, he just became production’s darling because they wanted someone in there to trash talk with Boogie.

I Don't Like Derrick

What the hell did Dan do? Got lucky on other peoples’ stupidity. I can almost guarantee somebody like Evil Dick or Janelle would have never fallen for it and he would have been laughed at. People really need to learn the difference between really good gameplay, and getting lucky off stupidity.


1. This isn’t BB14 so stop talking about Frank.

2. He wasn’t even close to a good player he lacked the social game he isolated himself with Boogie and was only dependent on winning comps to get him further.

3. Please shut up and go away.

Jimmy 64

Frank was a butt kissing putz

Stank Frank

Frank was a retard! He got rid of Brittney instead of Dan. Easily one of the worst moves in BB history.

Buh Bye Brit !!

Sorry, but you won’t be able to cook or clean your way out of this one.
Not even “The Mom Card” can save you now…


If B.B. rewards T.A. for the Brittany/Victoria nominations, I’m not watching anymore. Seriously, neither one of them “know” the game – & neither one of them is a “physical threat!” I understand that this is a game – but if your gonna throw in all these “twists” – then at least make them legit! And I am so disappointed in Derrick – who I thought was a “good” guy – but instead he is just a Dr.Will, Dan wannabe. Yes, Derrick – the big, mean, cool, (who knows this game inside & out) cop – yet is so threatened by Brittany – a girl who doesn’t know the game at all but still refuses to kiss his a$$, & Donny – who could (& should) have been a worthy ally – but also refuses to kiss his a$$!! My final straw with Derrick was when he told Victoria “I love you too,” – what a load of B.S. (And I don’t mean Bomb Squad!).


Team America is getting credit for the Amber nomination. I still think it’s bogus that they’re considering her a physical threat, but it wasn’t the Brittany/Victoria nomination that they got rewarded for. I’m annoyed that the vote was so vague. We should’ve been able to vote for a specific target for them.


I agree Chirs, but the Amber/Jocasta noms were no more of a “physical threat” than the Brittany/Victoria ones. What a bunch of crap! Can’t believe B.B. is gonna reward T.A. for these pu$$y noms!!

Victoria's Weave

Hold on, give me one person that has done as good as Amber on competitions? Amber has not only won but has won BOB twice (Caleb threw nothing), and has been a to competitor in house comps lasting long than most hgs.

So if Amber isn’t a physical threat then who is because it sure isn’t Mr. Beast Mode.


Now in an ideal world the other side could flip everything if they formed an alliance against the boys. Let’s say one of the boys wins POV and leaves nominations the same, if Nicole, Jocasta, Hayden, Donny, Amber and Christine voted to keep Brittany that would be perfect.

That’s 6 votes against Derrick, Frankie, Zach and Caleb 4 votes. That would put the boys in the minority. Problem is Amber is probably still with them and she might want Brittany out over Victoria. It seems the alliance I wanna see is only in my dreams.


I wanna this alliance also. Brittany just gotta win POV tomorrow. I


I know!! Where’s the DR planting ideas when you need them? Since those listed are to dumb or too scared to think of it maybe the DR can work their magic…plant some seeds!!!


Also, Nicole and Christine would never go for it. They think the boys have their back. You really need a leader in there who can make the girls see the light. Hayden is too much of a kid and Donny is too laid back.

Victoria's Weave

That’s damn near impossible so long as Nicole, Christine (& Amber too) are up under the main manipulators in the house (Zach and Cody), they’ll run back to those boys and throw whichever girl came up with the plan under the bus.


What are you talking about…Christine is one of the boys. She’ll never ever go with a girl squad. Never.


Now that Frankie’s HOH is over even before it began…again, Cody should consider throwing him up on the block if Brit or Vic wins POV.

I get the feeling Derrick wants to hang on to Vic for a vote or to work with her in some other way or maybe for comfort. idk but he’s always arguing to keep her every chance he gets.

Jocasta looks like a googly-eyed…never mind. I’m not that catty lol


oh Cody is chicken and he will what Derrick tells him. Derrick wants Brittany goes for personal reasons.


I think Derrick is secretly looking at Victoria as a final 2 possibility and throwing Cody away at the end. Who better to go to the end with than someone who is playing at summer camp


Best pov only donny


why is everyone so sure Donny would use Veto on Brittany??

I think Brittany just gotta win… and maybe this would open a window to get Donny, Hayden or even Caleb out.


Can someone explain Zach’s obsession with Vic? He is always talking about her!


Others have said on other sites that he hates how much she hangs on Frankie all the time. Idk if that’s true or not. I think a lot of it has to do with her attitude and how she doesn’t seem to even want to play the game. And maybe some Frankie jealousy on Zach’s part lol.


Zachs just a lazy moron and the rest of the guys are wimpy idiots
What a p#$$% move by Americas players. Amber is not a huge
physical threat! No way in hell they should get a penny for this task.
If the Estrogen Gang votes out all the real women … I’m done for this season.

Victoria's secret

As much as I want to be rid of Victor on the screen, I’ll be just as glad not to have to hear whiny Brittany, see her purple hoodie every single day and that stupid bun on top of her head. Go home and take care of your kids like you should have been in the first place.


Only way to make things interesting is Hayden, Nicole, Donny, Caleb, Vic, Brit, and Jo, forming an alliance against those who think they are in complete control. Otherwise they’re all picked off one by one and it’s going to be boring, Problem is Hayden, Nicole, and Caleb think they can make it far with the others. With how dumb they are, won’t figure it out until too late. Donny is the only one that has known this for a while.


Christine is ratting like Andy.


Lol, I was thinking the same thing.


christine is such a disapointment, actually all the girls are, but she is the worst.


Wishing I could like your comment 300 times. I hate Christine and I really don’t want her to win using Andy’s rat tactics. True, Frankie is a rat as well, but he’s more sloppy socially and is starting to lose trust with other HGs and actually has a fun personality, unlike Andy.




Christine just told Derrick Zack and Cody that Amber and Brit are planning on putting up only guys next week. Of course Derrick jumped on this and said it was all Brit and Amber was just going along. Christine needs to go and while I liked Nicole at the beginning she gave away her HOH and has no game.


They talk about Victoria acting “entitled” but I think Brittany acts the same way if not worse. Victoria is that way because of how she was raised. Brittany acts “entitled” because she is “single” for the first time and has three kids. She chose to get married and have kids. She thinks using her kids will get her far. Look what it did for Devin. Did I mention he has a daughter?


Sorry but you are sooooo wrong!!


devine has a daughter? lol


So even Victoria can tell from the noms that there’s an alliance but the others are too stupid to see it? That’s funny. She’s the one everyone says thinks this is summer camp but yet they are so busy playing right into the alliance’s hand they can’t even see they are being used!!


It becomes more and more obvious that 80% of these girls have absolutely NO idea how this game is played. And now that they’re in the house, they STILL haven’t picked it up. At least have a meeting or something. Ask each other what they know. I’m generally not the person that calls out production for every little thing, but this is just a slaughter. As I’ve said before…all T & A, NO PLAY!


Oh no!!! Big bad Derrick might get wind of this and put them up for “talking game.” What a douche bag! That’s all him and the guys ever do!!!


This women are uncomfortably unaware that it’s mind boggling.I realzie you have Delusional Amber and Kanke Chritine who are any help. But neither are some of the others like Victoria who I wonder never questioned Frankie’s intention and character after he put her up the first week. What I was wonder is how fast the information will begin to carry and when they will start comparing notes or at least being more observant.


The girls are so easily diverted and distracted. It happens whenever they hear rumors and smack about what has been said about them. And the girls talk about the girls. And the girls talk to the boys about the girls. And the boys talk to the girls about the girls. And the girls go CRAZY and get their knickers all in a twist about it. The more petty, the better. It’s so easy to play against these girls. Morons have tried and even succeeded. What a disappointment.


the funny thing is that there are times when i think caleb knows better than people think. he isnt stupid, i think he knows that as far as the guys go he’s on the bottom of that totem pole. he realizes now i think how much he hurt his game being so obsessed with amber. him and amber probably are the biggest threats to derrick/zach/cody but they are keeping him around this week. if he wins next week he’ll put 2 of them up and that should win him some fans back since thats what a lot of people seem to want to happen.

the only other ones they have to worry about putting them up are victoria, jocosta and donny. victoria and jocosta are borderline useless alone and it would take something based purely on luck like the one derrick won for them to win. donny wants to work and align with zach and cody but he’d probably put up derrick


Nicole won that HOH on luck. Derrick won that one on skill. He made the exact shot he was trying for.


Actually Donny wants to work with Cody/Hayden. He has been trying to talk some sense to Cody but he will not list listen.


Hayden should really ditch Nicole. She would ditch him for Cody in a nano-second; it’s so obvious. And Cody has no problems flirting with her in front of Hayden either. I think he likes making Hayden jealous. He seems like that type of dude.


This is what BB needs to do. Supply the house guests with alcohol. Then maybe they will be so inebriated that Amber will tell Caleb she has no interest in him, which could cause him to go after her and Cody, Donny might finally make a big move to shift the power in the house, and Zach can stop denying his attraction to Frankie and they hook up finally. Otherwise, nothing seems to be happening.

Roisen Dubh

I thought Christine was a super fan? If she was, she wouldn’t have ratted out Amber and would have kept it as a future thought or bargaining chip. Don’t worry Donny fans, he’s safe as long as TA has to do missions. Derrick is just too greedy. But Donny needs to step up and do something quick. That noose is getting tighter. But I think Jocasta is gonna ruin Derrick’s game this week. When Zach stops sleeping all day, that house better be shittin bricks, he already got the plan, he’s just waiting for a few more to go. Derrick should have been playing Zach’s game, he easily would have been F2. But when you have that I need to run my mouth 24-7 gene in your DNA, I guess there isn’t too much you can do at that point.


I guess Caleb is going “Breast Mode” Cowboy from now on. I hope he finally gets his endurance competition and fails miserably!


I hate the lack of loyalty among the women. Christine and Nicole must be Brittany Haynes fans. Are they unaware that the women are slowly dwindling? The guys don’t put each other up. Next week, one of your dumb @$$es are going up.


Backdoor BM Cowboy?


I think it’s really sad BB has chosen such weak women. These guys are just going to pick them off I can’t wait for Frankie to get evicted he’s always going around saying how positive he is and then he’s always trash talking. I’m not a fan of Victoria’s but he and Zack are just cruel. I think the only one really aware of Frankie is Brit and Donny. I hope Donny wins POV!


Brittany needs to go home


I like Nicole, Christine, Cody, and Donny


A fan of douchebags. Which is your favourite douchebag out of the four?


I bet Joey is sitting at home laughing at how screwed these girls are. If only they listened to her and formed that girls alliance…


Even watching everything on TV and with the edit to guide her through, Joey still wouldn’t understand how the game works. At all.


It reads as though, individually, the girls are cluing in (slow learners). Now, if they would just talk to each other…


Victoria win HOH next week she gonna put up zach and frankie


I wish the “twist” would be that the losing HOH would be an automatic replacement nominee…


Interesting not one of the girls on the block questioning the guys like, “wow who ever help you guys to decide to nominate us is going to take credit for it if they make it yo the finials and I will give them my vote. ” it’s a chance they should exploit to shake the guys up to look at perhaps who is the leader of their group.

We knows it Derrick. I would be saying wow he will have a great speech to present yo the jury.
Not one girl is playing o their ego. Amber is in the best position with Caleb to pull him out.


I’m not enjoying the flavour of misogyny that’s been showing up lately on the comment threads. Can we please stop comparing anything you deem “weak” or “negative” to femaleness?


So if Donny wins the PoV (He needs to this week more than ever.) and uses it on Brittany.
Who is the Target.

Caleb? It would blow the boys out of the water. Caleb may go home but if none of the guys won HoH, they are targets even more. Caleb does no where a lot of the bodies are buried.

Nicole? would would not hurt anyone, Victoria may go home… but Nicole may not like being on the block again and what is Christine and Hayden really doing for her? It may wake Nicole up and it would hurt Christine. Christine and Hayden would have to campaign with her and that might make the guys paranoid.

Hayden and Christine are supposed to be in an alliance and other alliances with them… it would really blow the other guys up.

Frankie… he is gossipy, nobody really trusts a word from his mouth. He has also been called disposable by Zach and Cody. Frankie has gone to Derrick and Cody several times about cutting Zach loose. People find him entertaining but nobody trusts him a Frankie/ Victoria on the block may be away to get Frankie out.

I do not think the guys have a contingency plan that would work if Donny wins and saves Brittany… Stranger yet… no contingency if Donny where to save Victoria. Brittany is a lynch pin to more games than they realize.

Love BB

If I am the fourth member of America’s Team, then I should also have a vote on who is the biggest physical threat. IMO, America should agree on whether or not Brittany/Amber are the biggest physical threat, same as Derrick, Frankie & Donny. (I’d vote No!) If I am an alliance member, I should also have a vote on who my alliance has agreed to vote out.


Big brother 16 is the best season


I actually liked how Devin left on a positive note, it was refreshing to see that he was able to separate his emotions and leave with some dignity.

I really want to like Donny.. but I feel like they are trying to hard to make you like him. His cheesy edits his family segment, I just don’t think I am a fan.

I will say this is the first season in a long time where I have several people I am rooting for. Usually I have a clear favorite. I’m interested to see who wins, I defiantly don’t remember laughing this much at previous episodes.


I really want Brittany to win POV, take herself off the block, Caleb goes up in her place & gets evicted, and either her/Donny/or Jocasta win the next HOH. Sure she’s not the best player & does complain a lot, but she’s frustrated…and I can understand why. She didn’t do anything to break Derrick & Cody’s trust. For some reason, they’d rather get her out before people like Caleb, Zach & Hayden. Like people have said, the girls should’ve listened to Joey.

All in all, I hope to see Donny take home the prize. He’s a good guy & deserves it. Also, his voice kind of reminds me of Jim Varney (the guy who played Ernest Worrell).


I really liked brittany at first but like omg wow her attitude! Come onnn its obvi that she is mad because she thought her and cody had something and it made her feel good. Now she sees all the girls with him and she is saying she feels old and is the only girl not hanging on him. Lol stop pouting already and being a mean person.
Victoria stop molesting everyone and being pissy about people not wanting to sleep with you and go get your nose fixed .

The Truth

The problem with Victoria is that she cannot accept any criticism whatsoever. Even when it is very minute. Instead she magnifies every issue and runs around the house bleating how so an so said this and they’re disgusting, or the devil or their going to kill her. Making fun of Victoria has become the norm to the houseguests; it’s like brushing your teeth. I really hope she as an epiphany real soon because I don’t know how much more of her I can take.