Austin “Its a whole f**king love story, like I get torn away from you every 3 days!”

12:20am Austin and Liz are in the hammock. Liz says I can’t believe that they think that you don’t know. Austin says I think Jason knows and has figured it all out. Its okay I think it actually plays into our hands. It would be more obvious if I wasn’t trying to hangout with you. Now it looks like I am caught in this emotional thing and I’m vulnerable so he can work with that and Jason can work with me. So I can go to him looking for advice about how when you leave I get all upset. Liz says I know, eventually we have to play it up. Austin says its a whole f**king love story like I get torn away from you every 3 days.

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She was in the DR for 5 hours “Now she’s lying in that dentist chair doing witchcraft”

Austin asks her when do they switch, Liz says Wednesday Julia plays in the next HOH.
Austin tells her it’s so important for them to win HOH this coming week. He says it’s going to be like Week one again you can make so many new deals.
Liz – why
Austin explains with Audrey leaving the game resets.

Austin brings up Clay saying that him and Shelli have different life goals she wants to settle down and he doesn’t
Liz – of course she wants to settle down she’s 33
Austin – he’s 23

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Power Of Veto Ceremony Results “Is she not showing up for Eviction”

5:24pm Meg, James, Julia and JohnnyMAC
James saying he threw the HOH competition the week after he won HOH because he made too many deals wouldn’t be able to keep them.
James say JohnnyMAc has his vote.
They wonder if Audrey is going to skip eviction. Jason says it’s a cop out saying you are “Afraid of the seats” adds that everyone is going know what it’s like “They don’t light you on fire when you leave”

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Jason “Johnny has nothing to worry about baby Jesus would get evicted before Johnny MAC!”

9:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. All the house guests are awakes and getting ready for the Power of Veto ceremony that will happen this morning. Jason heads outside and tells Johnny that James is a crazy man. I knocked on the bathroom door and no one said anything .. then I opened the door and James was sitting there? I’m like why didn’t you say anything and he said Meh! Johnny says my speech isn’t that convincing but I’ll say it anyway. Jason says his isn’t either. All the dramatics last night I hope didn’t change anything. Johnny asks what happened. Jason says Audrey had a panic attack and ran to Vanessa’s bed.

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Audrey “I want to go hit the button (Emergency Exit / Panic Button) in the storage room.”

12:10am Backyard – Jason says I was so scared to be up there. Now its even more up in the air. This week was really hard because there wasn’t a clear immediate target. Especially that she (Audrey) had gotten her way back in with people. There was no backdoor, I was screwed. Jackie says now we just need to sit on the block. Because if you’re on the block you’re like f**k you’re just sitting there. There are no pawns, there’s no nothing. Jason says there can still be pawns to backdoor people. If all else fails we can put up Audrey, we don’t have that any more. Jackie says she was always like use me as a shield.

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“It’s not me putting her on the block it’s us putting her on the block” – Shelli

8:04pm HOH Meg, Jason, James, Sheli and Clay
Shelli wants to hash out everything that was said. Shelli says she’s playing a very honest game. Audrey has been given a second shot and little by little Audrey’s paranoia has gotten the best of her.

James is first to share what Audrey is saying. He discloses everything Audrey was telling him earlier today. The 6 person alliance, Throw Jason under the bus to prevent the POV from being played, james was the original target,

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Big Brother 17 – “Unfortunately I’m right back at rock bottom”

Audrey says she’s not dumb she knows how this is going to play out, “I’m telling you I had your best interests in mind I really did”
Audrey – we don’t need to talk about it again we’ve been completely outplayed
Audrey says Vanessa is cutting deals with JAson, she’s with Steve, “She’s f****g great she’s amazing”
Shelli leaves..

Audrey – No f****g Clue what to do now

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Audrey “I was treated like a f**King virus! Am I supposed to sit here & be a mute? Am I Victoria?!”

12:50pm Clay says if its going to be then its going to be you know what I mean. Just try and get to know her. And if the connection is still there then its there. Audrey says she wants to know if everyone is taking zanecs. I’m going to try and get on the same medication that everyone else is on. Audrey says I’m not paranoid this week. Clay says BULLSH*T! Audrey says I’m not paranoid after our talk. Clay says you bring up 5000 scenarios. Austin says at some point you have to put your trust in other people. Its scary to have to do that in here but you have to. Audrey says part of it is its hard for me because of the things I’ve been through.

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Clay “I can’t imagine watching seeing what Audrey has been saying & want to root for her”

10:25am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Clay joins Johnny Mac in the backyard. Johnny talks about the Wack Street performances they’ve done. Johnny asks do you know what the plan is? Clay says I don’t know, I’m assuming use it on you. Johnny says Vanessa said she wanted to get your permission first. Clay says I haven’t talked to her. I know she has talked to SHelli. I know that Shelli was more upset at Audrey yesterday. She came upstairs after her journal balling. Then last night she was more on board with it. She will talk to you for sure today. But that’s looking like the plan. She’s (Audrey) got to go. You know.

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