Steve to liz – Any effort you put into hiding you switched is a moot point right now

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 20-55-15-970_jpg

8:16pm Backyard Becky, CLay, Jackie, JAson, Steve
Chit chat..
Becky said Season 16 was a great recovery for Big Brother . (LOL exact opposite BB16 almost killed the feed fans)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 20-56-09-031_jpg

8:26pm James pours honey in Steve’s mouth

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 20-56-38-782_jpg

8:28pm Meg and Jason
(Meg and Liz are back to calling Liz/Julia Helga/Cruella)
Jason says Liz knew about the dance even the new ending part.
Meg walked in on “Cruella” (Julia) and Austin talking where Austin was telling her about their date. They Agree Austin knows and is protecting Liz and her twin.

Meg says every time Liz comes into the game her and Austin run to the Hammock and talk that is were he tells her everything she needs to know.

Meg says she was talking to Jackie and she’s saying it’s better for Liz to stay in the game because if she leaves they might bring one of the evicted players back.
Jason thinks they would bring back a jury member not pre jury.

They agree “Helga” is better at the competitions. If they put her up “Cruella” will most likely play in the BOB. jason thinks the twins are alternating playing in the competitions.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 21-14-45-031_jpg

8:47pm Backyard Austin, Liz, Steve, Clay and Shelli
Talking about Audrey having not spoken with anyone today.

Liz points out how the couch smells like mildew after the ran.
Clay and Shelli head to the hammock.

liz asks Steve how she did in the wackstreet dance.
Steve says it’s funny John and Liz are having such a good time and Jason is hating it

Steve tells them that Jason knows Liz switched.
liz is shocked
Steve – “I told you a couple weeks ago.. they know”

Steve – he watches you every time you go into and out of the diary room.. he knows you switched today”
liz – But I knew the dance perfectly
Steve says Jason knows that her sister gives her tips in the Diary room and Austin fills in the gaps after.
Steve tells them not to put any effort in protecting liz secret because everyone else thinks it by now. Adds that Jackie and JAmes are a bit skeptical.
Steve – It’s not worth stressing over..
Liz tells him next time to tell her right away someone is onto her.
Steve says this is the first time they talked since she’s been back.
Liz – Ok thank you.. \

Liz – 1 week left
Austin corrects her – 2 , top 10
(The story they have been telling it’s final 10 the twin comes in but the truth is they come in next week)

Steve tells them it’s not going to be endurance because of the BOB twist, “They like 1 comp a epsiode.. “ explains endurance comps don’t end during the live show they can’t have the HOH spill into the Sunday episode.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 21-27-27-427_jpg

8:59pm Hammock Clay and Shelli
Getting paranoid about Vanessa suggesting one of their alliance members goes up as a pawn to throw off the scent.
Clay suspect Steve has been throwing Competitions. He hopes Steve will actually try in this next HOH. They agree Steve has won the competitions that mattered.
They also think Steve knows with Audrey going he’s a big target this coming week.

They start talking about back home, Clay says as a kid he use to catch frogs and tadpoles out of a giant cattle trough.
Shelli misses the happier times they had with Audrey.
Clay says he doesn’t think anyone will break them up.
Shelli says there’s bigger targets in the house, Steve, Austin, Becky
Clay – yup
She asks if she should approach Audrey or wait for her to approach Shelli
Clay thinks she should wait and let Audrey come to her. He thinks Shelli has done enough,
They start talking about James pouring honey in Steve’s mouth. Steve took it well all he said “Well played.. well played”
Clay – “Steve didn’t flinch he just closed his mouth and was like Well played.. “

Shelli says she loves liz mentions how obvious her and Julia are by just looking at their face.
Shelli makes a lot of excuses why she’s not working on while in the house, Doesn’t like the Cardio machine, always gets called into the Diary room after, I don’t like working out outside.. etc etc..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 21-46-35-183_jpg

9:19pm Bedroom Steve and Vanessa
Steve says Becky wants to talk to him.
Vanessa wants them to talk first thing tomorrow morning, “People are very suspicious of us working together.. Audrey told everyone that”
Vanessa asks her if her name is getting thrown out there.
Steve says Jackie and becky are annoyed about last week and jeff adds there was a rumour that the fight was Jeff was planned by Vanessa. Steve doesn’t think people believe it.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 22-28-04-146_jpg

10:00pm Backyard practicing the dance

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 22-29-09-555_jpg

10:02pm James up to something

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 22-39-21-798_jpg

10:11pm Austin and Clay giving JAmes a hand making fake houseguests in the beds.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 22-54-25-913_jpg
10:53pm Storage room Austin and Liz
comparing notes..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 22-55-59-641_jpg

10:29pm James says everyone is completing him when hearing that had.
JAmes jokes that all the ladies except for Meg like his hat.
Becky jokes says Meg has to play hard to get.
James- I’m like a celebrity back home girls line up .. I got my own fan page.. with nothing going on nothing brilliant I got 500 followers..
Becky says people that leave before jury get 200K twitter followers people that say longer get 600K
Becky – my dating life is going to change after this..
James – I think i’m going to get his pretty hard.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 23-18-24-142_jpg
10:49pm Clay and Steve working out JohnnyMac watching from the hammock

11:03pm wackstreet dance including Clay, Meg and Steve as backup

11:11pm – midnight Hammock Austin and Liz
Talking about Audrey never coming out of the have nots. Liz wonders where Audrey pees? Austin doesn’t think she’s drinking/eating so doesn’t need to use the washroom.

Austin wonders if Audrey is putting “Hexes” on them .
Austin mentions Steve has been working out to prepare for the HOH competition. Austin’s worreid that Steve gets nervous during the competitions. Austin thinks it’s just up to him to win it.
Austin tells her about his Judas persona when he wears his top hat he become judas.
Austin tells her about his injury that sidelined his wrestling gig. He has a sports hernia. Says there was a bunch of bullsh1t with the wrestling coaches that he can’t talk about “Don’t want to get sued”

11:24pm on the feeds
They just checked the beeper (Each of the 90’’s dancers got a beeper that lets them know when they have to perform. it’s also showing them the time) at it said the time is 11:49pm

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 00-12-21-753_jpg

12:15am Hammock Austin and Liz
Austin talking about having to watch what they say around Vanessa because she get so paranoid. He told her he had a high IQ and she got all weird about it. Liz thinks Vanessa has a high IQ.

liz asks him who will JAmes put up. Austin – Clay and Shelli.. everyone’s making deals with everybody..
Austin thinks a lot of people will throw the HOH because they made so any deals.

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Allison Grodner

I can sympathize. Hiding is hard when you’re this overweight.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Lol Allison! Trolling can be fun indeed. With such standards Shelli and Jackie are morbidly obese, Jason simply overweight…

Empirical Feed Evidence

Honestly, this season is great, like it or not, the feeds are entertaining af, both gamewise and entertainment wise (james and steve pranking each other) and the houseguests are pretty chill too. the only hiccup in the season so far is the whole audrey drama situation. I also like how Vanessa is slowly getting exposed, she went from one of my favourite players to one of my least in 4 days.


The only reason this season was great was because people like Da/Jeff/Audrey were making the game interesting…

That is correct sir.

That’s why when the interesting people of old leave it just gets more interesting.

Like Nails on a Chalkboard

Has anyone heard Shelli’s laugh? its annoying AF


But first ….. Audrey must show her private parts to James ,so he understands what a trans person is

Chill this Town

look out! as Audrey leaves we all know the biggest target remaining will be revealed.



Ariana Grande stinks!

Austin-The-Creepster is seriously on a trip that he’s Khal Drogo and Liz is his Khaleessi.

One major bug in that scenario is that Liz Targaryen is more astute in this game and she may well have his ass evicted much sooner than expected 😉


Yes. I think Liz is going to get tired of having to listen to Austin’s wrestling drivel as well as the many reasons why he loves himself (Vanessa is threatened by my high IQ-give me a break). Kinda feel bad for Liz “ho-ing” herself out (her words) but it may bring her far in the game.

Austin has no chance of getting inside liz

He’s a strait Punk. having dreams about jeff not leaving liz alone after the show like he so gonna be her bf. shes gotta get rid of him before she rejects him when he tries to pull a move on her while shes sleeping.cause after she rejects him hes gonna turn on her


Would it be AWESOME if Audrey somehow survive on thursday and JM sent packing? Hahaha. Thatd be funny #anythingcanhappen

Guy From Canada

Okay, tossing Johnny Mac would be good for the drama, but in all honesty I want to see a different element emerge in the house after her drama is gone. This cast is so divided this year, something else will spring up thats different then weeks of Audrey Drama 😉

Chill this Town

anyone else find it interesting that Jackie wouldn’t want the twins to go because of a returning HG? I actually thought she would want Jeff to have a chance to return…very interesting. maybe she feels her game improved the second he left. not sure, but I do find it to be very noteworthy.


Jackie thinks she is still on The AmaZing Race. She has no clue… as far as any concept of BB Strategy..


We got over 48hrs to speculate what could happen to Audrey. Most likely she will walk out on Thursday but…lets remember that this is BB and that production team has a history of pulling out a card to save a certain HG. As much as Audrey is disliked and hated by many fans, production wants to keep her. She brings drama= ratings. I find it very odd that the BB takeover would suddenly just like that after 3 weeks disappear. Its not like Allison Grodner to pull an “unpopular” twist she does what she wants, prime example is keeping the BOB and having the gull to call it a fan fav.. If I was going to bet on what will happen on thurs…75% Audrey walks out…25% Julie talks about that takeover and its a rewind.


my guess is they never planned to have a takeover each and every week. But they are definitely doing theme weeks. It is possible that if all the rest of the weeks have guest hosts, that maybe it is just this week that is out of synch/. Perhaps their planned guest host was not available, i know even for the recorded messages but you can’t do a follow up with starting out with a guest host if they aren’t going to be around thru the week for any updates.

i am liking this change to theme weeks tho, with or without a takeover. Having a task for some HGs, in this case the dance routine, is a great idea. i far prefer a dance routine to someone getting slimed or whatever other baths they have done with the ‘how bad do you want it’ povs.


Wouldn’t it be glorious if James won HOH and was getting down with Liz and Julia, and of course Austin would walk in and witness this love fest. Awkward!


james has no chance with the twins. they dont like asian guys cause they think asians have small. and i bet his looks like an ant eater but short and thin

another name

i’m prepared for the thumbs down on this.
the house has won. Audrey is on the block. hey, she screwed herself so vote her out. all good. wasn’t a fan.
the kicking someone when they’re down and already pretty much out the door part: not cool.
maybe i’m reading too much into the fakes in the bed stuff… but I doubt it. if it wasn’t intended to further isolate Audrey as the butt of the joke, it will become that in no time. it’s tacky.
i’d prefer if they would show some grace in victory. sure it’s not entertaining, but it’s not facetious cruelty that can be edited into the episode as more proof of a campaign of torture on ‘poor Audrey’. the more they say and the more they do, the more I worry that the edit is going to create a victim of others out of someone that essentially caused her own downfall by playing too hard in a foolish way.


Another name, yes I hear that!
A little class would be appreciated about now from the other HG.


I am sorry but the HG have been overall very compassionate toward Audrey. They have spoken kind & given her pep talks to console Audrey(Shelli,Van,James,just to name a few-coddled her beyond belief). Audrey has been nasty, made rude remarks,lied on innocent people & yet people defending Audrey have yet to say anything to come to the other hg defense when Audrey has acted nasty toward them. Blows my mind the select posters on here, want to pity Audrey. Let’s not forget that the other hg have even said they want Audrey to join them even if she is leaving this week, but Audrey isolated herself & continues to do so. What are the hg supposed to do: beg & plead for her to come get out of bed to join them? Do you not recall when Audrey pulled the same bs(laying in bed, isolating herself as the hg came to speak with her &she said I want to be alone). Even after her disgusting lies about Day, everyone showed compassion toward Audrey yet Audrey can continue being the vile person who doesn’t have to give anything in return…yep that makes sense.


Audrey has been sleeping all night…..Somebody should watch out she is high on meds and could do anything in the middle of the night with the other house-guests. If I was a have-not this week I would be like CAN that and stay up all night.


Am I the only one that wants Becky out?


There’s a Becky in the house?


Yes you are the only one. She’s one of the few good ones!


I guess it’s safe to say that people will like floaters and do nothing as long as they are likable and make you laugh…

Austin is playing the game with his d1ck, NOT his brains .. TSK Tsk!!

I guess all the backyard flirting with Liz whilst on the hammock ~ placing his hand on her waist, stroking her hair (she liked it n let him) is making Austin not think straight any more. He is WILLING to sacrifice his damn game for her!!!!

His other head is in the game (frowns)

:: shhhheeesh kebabs —> not looking tooooo good for austin, i’m afraid ::

What a fool. Can’t wait to see him get burned.




Audrey gets evicted. Next to go is James.


Austin has a high I.Q.!!?? Lol. Sorry Austin, but 7 isn’t a high number. Lol

Let it play out...

Production better let it play out and have Audrey leave. They better not pull a rewind of something else stupid. If they do, I can promise I won’t watch next season.


The thing is that twist would make sense this week. It was retro 90’s so a rewind would fit. I don’t see them doing it now without a bunch of feedsters jumping all over them for saving Audrey. Plus she doesn’t seem to be doing well mentally in there and should come out to rebalance. I don’t think she can take the fishbowl.

Austin has no chance of getting inside liz

i agree that i dont’ care about judas either austin. did u see him get all possesive over liz when jeff was cuddling her. what a creep. He thinks hes so good at the game cuase hes’ big.. news flash we all know ur a Pu$$. try to cry to human resources about being bullied at training. u cant take a bit of encouragement. even james got more ballz then u


Someone said “have you heard Shelli’s laugh? It’s annoying as f**k.”

I find Jackie’s laugh twenty times as annoying as Shelli’s. And just Jackies face is hard to look at. She is I’m sorry one ugly mutt. And keep your hands off your hair.(extentions). Then she has no clue ever what is going on and just hopes she can continue doing nothing and slide through.

Becky…don’t get me started on this clueless idiot….


It’s is crazy to me that Vanessa, Steve, Clay, Shelli, Austin and Liz /Julia talk game and plans like a chess match. Meg, Jason, James, John, Becky and Jackie all just do one of the following: gossip, joke, play, laugh, kid around, and in defence mode on how to get off the block or question who is going to go up on the block. None of them are connecting the dots on the alliance but they are still trying to connect the dots on the Twins. It’s just stupid to me. If they don’t win HOH next week. They need to get picked off one by one for being so clueless.


I agree. I almost ALWAYS root for the underdog, but this group is so clueless its annoying. They get what they deserve at this point.


Plus every single one of them said they wanted to throw the HOH. I don’t think any of them see themselves in a leadership role or a powerful position. They’re just followers who party.


I’ve been saying the same thing. They act like it’s sleep away camp,not a contest for $500K. They allow themselves to be put on the block week after week and not notice that Vanessa/Clay/Shelli/Austin keep avoiding being in the line of fire.


Honestly glad Steve pointed out the obvious to Liz, that almost the entire house is into her/sister. This has been going on,& Liz/Julia have not done a great job hiding the twin twist. Found it stupid when Van told Liz she needed to lose weight & Julia to gain weight. All Liz can do is hope to win the HOH(not that I want her to) or Austin win to save her & hold on one more week. Seriously let the other nonsense go because the jig is up Liz/Austin.


Audrey gonna be saved by a couple da ta. Thing or something…guarentee ya!
Really for not participating in the veto ceremony she should have been removed from the game! Send back of the 3 that left . …Jeff would be great drama with Austin and Liz


Wow, maybe you would rather switch to BET rather than watch CBS . No white folks there.


I fuckin hate Audrey and she needs to go. All the people in the house wants her gone nobody fuckin trusts her I don’t care if it bring drama to the house

Gotta Go!!!

I’m so done with this season! I tried, but I just can’t anymore! This cast is lame as hell!