She was in the DR for 5 hours “Now she’s lying in that dentist chair doing witchcraft”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 18-59-46-956_jpg

6:22pm – 7:15pm Liz and Austin
liz is freaking out about the 90’s dance they have to do she doesn’t know any of the moves. She did practice a bit with Julia.
Austin brings up his Jeff anxiety Dreams. That Jeff is stalking them outside the house and not leaving them alone.
Liz – Why that’s so retarded shut up…
Austin gives her a rundown of what has happened in the house while she was gone. Tells her Julia is trying to be nice to jackie but it’s not going to work Jackie will put her up.
Liz says she’s going to try and be nice
Austin says Audrey went to James and told him he’s targeting james.. She was going back to her old games starting rumours.

Liz mentions Julia was working on James.
Austin tells her Julia is trying to set things up for her.
Austin fills her in that nobody has outed the Julia, Austin, Liz, Shelli and Clay alliance. But Audrey was outing everything she was involved in.
Liz is pissed calls Audrey a b1tch
Liz says she was ready by Noon to come into the game and the producers kept saying something was up.
Austin about Audrey – Now she’s lying in that dentist chair doing witchcraft

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 18-55-06-963_jpg

Austin wishes they would have waited another week to blow everything up with Audrey He feels like next week is very dangerous for them.
Liz says she really needs to worry about Jackie and JAmes
Austin – you really only need to look out for JAckie.. everyone else we can work with
Austin thinks once Audrey leaves the game will reset the big target is gone. Things are going to be quiet for the next couple days.

Austin says Julia has really been spreading out throughout the house “There’s no pressure now that Jeff is gone”
Austin says Julia is saying “We” in a lot in conversations, “She slips.. I don’t think other people pick up on it I pick up on it”
Austin says he’s not sure if things they tell JohnnyMac will go back to Clay If they’re not he’s a perfect candidates for them to pull in.

Austin tells Liz if they are both on the block and have to compete in the BOB he’s going to throw it to Liz. He’s confident he can stay if on the block.
Liz tells him no.
Austin adds it will be really tough for him to decide if Liz and Vanessa are on the block and he has the POV.

Austin tells her jackie was already going to put her up even before Liz nominated her. She didn’t like Liz from the beginning, ‘Jeff was in her ear about the twin thing all the f***g time.. he basically poisoned her with us three”
Austin says he legit went to Jackie after Jeff left but then jackie but she threw him under the bus about it
Liz – enjoy your slop b1tch
Audrey tells her everyone’s friends right now
Liz – So Audrey has been in hiding again
Austin tells her Audrey was in the Diary room for 5 hours “I almost broke that door down 6 times”

Liz says she felt so bad for the people that “Have to wait for her” “They’re like OK lets watch a movie.. the poor driver had to wait for like 4 hours “ Feeds cut..

Austin says Vanessa was trying to make Jason thinks she’s closer to Jackie by including her in a deal she made with Jason. (Jackie turned the deal down in front of jason)

Austin asks her when do they switch, Liz says Wednesday Julia plays in the next HOH.
Austin tells her it’s so important for them to win HOH this coming week. He says it’s going to be like Week one again you can make so many new deals.
Liz – why
Austin explains with Audrey leaving the game resets.

Austin brings up Clay saying that him and Shelli have different life goals she wants to settle down and he doesn’t
Liz – of course she wants to settle down she’s 33
Austin – he’s 23
Liz – like you have 10 years of b1tches to f***… i’m the most anti marry at a young age it’s a recipe for disaster.. its’ so true.

[envira-gallery id=”122871″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 19-21-41-713_jpg

6:49pm Becky in the Have nots… Audrey doing witchcraft

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 19-33-09-150_jpg

7:06pm Jason and JohnnyMac
Jason telling him the twins have swapped and Liz is going to be screwed when they do the 90’s dance

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 19-46-36-817_jpg

7:18pm HOH Jackie and Shelli

Complaining about Audrey’s drama messing up the game and productions schedule. Jackie says they’ve all been on the block implies that she never freaked out week 1.. (pssst Shelli hasn’t been on the block)
jackie asks what is going to happen next week. Shelli doesn’t know says things are so different now with Audrey leaving.
Jackie – She was always the go to target

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 19-52-09-812_jpg

7:24pm Austin and Liz
Liz is practicing her dance with Austin’s help

[envira-gallery id=”122882″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 20-10-54-494_jpg

7:42pm bathroom Austin, Vanessa and Liz
(Vanessa has skin medicine on it’s not the curse from Audrey )
Vanessa says Liz looks good “HAve you been working out”
liz – Ya

Liz is worried about the dance she leaves to practice.
Austin tells Vanessa he’s going to dance in front of Liz and try to make her laugh so if she messes up it looks like it’s because of him.
Vanessa says that’s a smart idea.

They start talking about the HOH. Vanessa thinks there will be a physical component.
She asks him who will put him up.
Austin – I’m not concerned about me.. I’m concerned about her (Liz)
He thinks because she’s a mystery person in the game and with Audrey leaving liz will be a easy person to put up.
Austin now says Jackie is the only one he’s worried about.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 20-21-04-626_jpg

7:54pm May be doing witchcraft

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 20-23-51-077_jpg

7:55pm Wackstreet dance

** Please note feeds are 26 minutes behind since last night. a little glitch **

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whoopi goldberg

Austin is a good man. these women just want his money.


Not everyone is up on current events or reads your name before thumbing down on clear sarcasm. Good one Whoopie!! Thumbs up!


Good one Whoopie! Not everyone is up on current events or reads the name before thumbing down the sarcasm.


Not everybody cares about the name. We don’t all have to agree just because she’s Whoopi Goldberg. Stop kissing ass.

OG BB fan

Austin, Liz is out of ur league. U have no chance of getting in. if u did she would be all over u like shelli on clay but if she didnt’ put out yet shes not going to. u have a better chance becoming a wrestler for wwe and getting bill demott to give u a million bux u nobody of wrestling. no one cares about judas


If Audrey is a have not.. Why/how is she able to sleep in the have nots room with the lights off?? What is the penalty for not complying to the have nots rules?


I absolutely love your SN(creepyaustinsvericosvains)..still laughing while typing this. Thanks for the chuckle!

Eric CA

I thought the Have Not Room did not have a switch… does’t production control the lights.




What Audrey has been through in her life has nothing to do with this. She is in this position solely because of her game play. I’m sorry she’s being a big baby about it. She tried to manipulate and run the show and when things didn’t go her way and she got caught she threw a fit. I don’t believe she is a bad person, and I don’t think the houseguests think that either but her behaviour in the house has been the only contributing factor to her going up on the block. People get caught in lies, she needs to get over it and go out with some dignity


Hey Audrey, You shouldn’t be leaving comments on this site. How do you even? You are lying there in the bed.. impressive.


Oh Austin you best start worrying about your own ass & not Liz’s because believe you me with Audrey on the way out & Shelli now onto Van’s lies you are in for a reality check! Even more of a reality check for Austin once he leaves the BB house & finds out Jeff is hooking up with your girl lol!


Austin is so beyond gross… Between watching him hit on woman , flat ironing his hair and his big dirty feet in the feeds I’m beyond repulsed!!! I will watch them again after he’s gone!! Yuck and his game is just creepy!!!


I would settle for him sitting down for once and stop stomping through the house like a Clysdale horse or breaking out in random acts of exercise/gymnastics/stretching.

Shelli & Claytoris

Shelli and her boy toy got this game on lock..bases covered with both sides of the house. They will suck face to the finals!! Suckers!


Claytoris… LMAO!


It’s annoying that certain people complain about and disrespect people that have medical issues


Are you her therapist? How do you know what she has or doesn’t have in terms of medical issues? I am asking clearly because you are coming across as if you know so just asking. There have been plenty of people on this show that have been on meds & never acted like the vapid narcissist that Audrey is. Audrey had never shown compassion toward others in the house & has said down right disgusting comments about people. You may need to rethink your preaching compassion for Audrey speech. Let’s not use mental health issues as to why she broke down-No! Audrey screwed herself royally& knew she could not get out of this one & pulled some bs nonsense that has NEVER been done in the history of BB. Audrey, like a brat child decided to tie up production with her crap, as well as waste people’s time, all because she does not want to face her demise! That is the reality of Audrey, not mental health or break down issues. I attended school /study psych as a specialty so not buying what you are selling, sorry..

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

So true! If Audrey does in fact have a golden power of veto I will be disgusted. So much manipulation by production, this crap about expect the unexpected how in the hell can anyone play fairly when one person is getting Cadillac treatment. She is having the rules thrown out BECAUSE she is transgendered. Enough of the PC police on this show, see ya Audrey.

Misty Beethoven

It’s annoying that certain people are in the house who totally disregard how they are holding up Production, the other house guests, and denying the viewers (especially those who paid for the feeds) the ability to watch the show. And the biggest travesty is she probably shouldn’t have been in the fucking house in the first place because of her “medical condition.”


That’s what happens with older broads, they wanna settle down, and shut down the younger dude’s life because they been around the block a bunch of times. Young man run away, live your life! You have the right just like old school did. Besides she’s gonna want kids because her eggs are about to dry up. She’s practically pre-menopausal, she hot flashes, just get though the summer and cut bait as soon as the show ends!


He’s 23 not 13. Jeez.


Right….but when he was 13 she was 23. What was she doing at that time, how many one night stands, how many relationships. Dude was in junior high hold hands or himself. And the fact that she been experiencing life from 23 to 33. Damn, can’t he? Why does he got shout it down, because it’s time for her to settle down.


Obviously a nerve has been stuck with the older broads….must be the following….Shelli fans, Clay fans or admires, wanting a young buck, been/being with an older dude and wouldn’t mind flipping that script.


Well, I do not fit under any of the categories that you just mentioned…and I gave your comment a thumbs down. What I think is really going on is that you must have been turned down by an older man or woman and that’s why you hate the situation so much. lol!


Shelli is not trying to get him to settle down she’s just having fun just like him. BTW 33 is nowhere near menopause. What are you 13? If he was 33 and she was 23, this wouldn’t be a discussion. Yes. I’m 34 and pregnant.


Man or woman, it’s fun, sure but are week minded do you have do you have to be to manipulate the younger person in the relationship. I mean like what’s the problem with someone your own age and or is it a person that can’t deal/relate to someone there age they find it easy to control, because someone on their age level wouldn’t have it. And seriously, 33 years old, what’s going to happen when she hangs out, beer pong? Video games?


I highly doubt Shelli thinks of Clay as anything more than her “house boyfriend”, sorta like a work husband with cuddling. Clay is the same. Their showmance is really not complicated or that skeevy. They also talk game more than anything, they don’t seem to wonder about life beyond BB house too much. Unless Austin!

I do think Shelli telling Clay Vanessa’s tell was interesting, she shouldn’t have but I guess she wouldn’t mind if he wins even if she doesn’t.


Audrey doing witchcraft? So now we’re doing Charmed instead of Big Brother 17? Hoping Jason and Jackie to win the next HOH to shake up Sleeper Cell/Sixth Sense (they really should’ve been called Dumb and Dumber or The Stupids)!

oh no they killed Kenny

You bastards!

Ms. Steal Your Man

Why would anyone benefit from sending Audrey home? What has she done in this game? If anyone is sitting next to her, they will win. Anybody sitting next to John will not though. Also, anyone sitting next to John from this point on is going home. This is what makes the Battle of the Block kind of frustrating. If you’re paired with John, and you’re the target, you automatically can’t take your self off the block because he’s gonna throw the comp. I really do respect John’s game. It’s smart and risky, and it will be interesting to see how far he makes it.


What a week for the trans-community! First we see Bruce Jenner get an award for being a fame whore, second we see Bob/Zoey Tur physically batter a man and threaten violence upon him, and follow this up with Audrey’s completely normal behavior. I mean, this lifestyle is completely normal and not a mental illness, right?!?

Cindy Withanesse

Let’s judge an entire group based on just three examples. Talk about ignorant! Geeez.


Yes, lets focus on those three people and not the multitude of transgender people who aren’t in the news. Also, there are many non-transgender fame whores, so I don’t see how Jenner being a tranny is even relevant.


The term ‘tranny’ is derogatory. The rest of your message seems to mean well so thought to give you a heads up.


The enhanced image looks like a veto medallion. I can’t believe production would so blatantly rig the game. They would lose all credibility with the viewers.


The enhanced image is a joke. The medallion was inserted into the picture for comedic effect.


Man… Audrey falling apart is actually kind of sad but something has me feeling like she just might not walk out the door this week. The twist hasn’t been revealed this week and after being in the DR for five hours and NOT walking out on the game… I think she was told something that could benefit her in the end. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jason leave the house. All the kid does is run his mouth and can’t follow-up with some strategy.


Watch it be a “throwback” twist where the original noms are reinstated live on eviction night…


I want to like Steve, but he’s just the rat boy for Austin and Vanessa. Another number for those pyschos.

Eric CA

I don’t mind Steve… I kinda like him.
I do have to disagree I think Steve is more n Johnny Macs side than Austin and Vanessa… with them he just goves them reports on what downstairs thinks and keeps Johnny Mac out of it. He goves Johnny Mac way more information. He just thells Austin and Vanessa what they wanted to hear,

He can not be too much of Austin and Vanessa’s lacky he was a vote to keep Jeff. he voted with Johnny Mac. I just wanted to clarify.


It would be great if Audrey had a golden power of veto or something and shake up the game- its kinda boring -nothing is really happening that is exciting since week two when Day left. This twist a weak thing is an epic FAIL and that whack Gronkowski buffoonery was absolute nonsense. Then you have the dreaded Battle of the Block that is so useless and still NOTHING has happened. Can you imagine if Audrey stays in the house how these live feeds would light up. Please someone do something because this season so far is a total Bore.


Why are people on meds casted?


Why is the freak still there. She doesn’t have to abide by any of the rules. Several people have mentioned her having food other than slop and sleeping in the regular area. If she can’t handle it kick her out. Why do they make exceptions for her. Affirmative action for transgenders so much for treated everyone equal. The main bitch is she is not participating in the game why is this ok. I I guess she will suddenly appear after the vote and get TV time plus $$$. The others contestants say that not fair. MakesBB look like they’ll do anything for the special folks. Make sure a black and a homosexual win now they are kissing this very very sick girl fanny. Enough


First off , I take exception to the phrasing “a black ” or “a homosexual” as if they are outside the human race. Second, how much help are they actually getting??? How many blacks and homosexuals have won BB compared to heterosexual Caucasians? How many black and homosexual players are on the show every season compared to Caucasians? If BB is skewed in anyone’s favor it’s for people like you so get over yourself.


Production will probably breath relief when Audrey leaves. To hold up the schedule? She did this to herself. She didn’t have to lie but could have approached it by stating, Jason will be your threat, he is on the other side, his the most perceptive, etc. but to say he said …. In a season where everyone gets called out?? Wish her all the best, had high hopes for her.


I disagree with you, I think production wants to keep Audrey…they care about one thing that is drama that makes ratings go up. Finding a way to keep Audrey will cause that

Eric CA

Traditionally the fourth eviction week is boring… it really is…
since they started the jury… most pre jury evicts are kinda dull. There is always a big enough group with #’s, they rarely flip… it is a dull week.


I am convinced something will happen, I dont buy that Audrey was in the DR for that long over just medical issues. I think she wanted to leave and production told her not to give up that something will happen that could save her. Its odd that NO mention of the takeover this week, I dont think they just decided to stop or skip this week. Some are betting its a rewind on Thursday, which I am not completely buying but who knows, I do think something WILL happen. Is it to save Audrey? no clue but clearly production will want to keep her as long as they can

another name

seeing the picture of vanessa in blueface and I think of Charlie and the chocolate factory.
Listen close, and listen hard, the tale of Violet Beauregarde.
This little girl she sees no wrong
Chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing all day long.


Audrey’s needs to go!!! she’s a bad player. Know the game and the beast. She got caught and played herself into a corner. She knew full well what she signed up for. Shame she played too hard too fast and did not change her game play. That’s no fault of anyone else but herself. She showed no social skills to get to know the HGs on a different level and turn off game talk.

It’s unsportsmanship to hold up the veto meeting and then not show up. why is she the exception to the rules and game? why does the other players have to abide by the rules and not her?

Game is too hard for her and her fragile mental health. Better she leave now.


Can’t wait for the shit to hit the fan between Shelli/Clay and Vanessa. They’ll be able to sell tickets for that one. It makes me laugh though when Vanessa suggested one of their alliance members go on the block, Shelli suddenly becomes suspicious. I guess “whats good for the goose is good for the gander” doesn’t apply when her little “Boy Toy” could possibly be the one going on the block as a pawn. I’m sorry, but a 33 year old going after a 23 year old is not a good idea. Makes her look a little desperate. She’s already been married for crying out loud, and he’s just learned to shave.


Delta — not a criticism of your comment but rather a question. What would you consider an appropriate age for an older woman and a younger man to get together? What would be an appropriate age difference? I have a friend who is 64 and her partner is 49. They have been together for 27 years and are very happy. She is previously divorced and he has never married but neither want to marry and they never wanted children. They are both independently financially secure and they invest in real estate as a couple. Not saying this type of situation is appropriate for most people but I don’t believe the age difference should be a factor when judging them.

another name

if production indeed tranquilized Audrey (as vanessa suggested after speaking to Audrey) then production can’t sanction her for being tranquilized, and most likely unable to appear.


The way CBS lets Audry break a bunch of rules is total BS!
If Audrey or anyone else can’t handle being in the BB house … there’s the F’n door
Obviously the social engineering agenda takes precedence over the game
If CBS keeps this up … I WILL NOT BE RIGHT BACK!
Trying to watch live feeds is so frustrating … I want what I paid for CBS … 24/7 “Live feeds”
I would have to say at this point CBS has false advertising issues … shocker right?
Just like CBS tries to tell us we like BOtB and Frankie … No we do not CBS …
CBS = Constant Bull Sh!t
At this point I’d rather donate $5.99 a month to OBB … they do a Great job!


I thought it was VERY entertaining to watch Frankie last season.

real american

1) james u dont got any b1tches waiting for ur midget ass on the outside
2)Austin is not going to get inside liz. she dont’ dig u. and ur f@g way of handling ur jealosy isnt gonna help u. u human resource rat. did bill demott hurt ur feelings. nobody cares about judas. ur a nobody in wrestling.
3) shelli clays just gonna hit it and bounce. ur hot but he’s not gonna give up all the poon hes gonna get after the show.
4) Austins liz is out of ur league. ur so gonna get heart broken. no puussssseeey for u
5)james? is that the best looking asian guy u could picks the 2nd ugliest one on earth right behind julie chans white washed alien home wrecker face lifted slant eyed skank.
6)jackie is a bottle rat cum dumpster. don’t need to break out the grey goose to get in her. just go to walgreens and get a bottle of rubbing alcohol. she cant tell the difference anyways.


I almost choked on my coffee when i read #1. Hilarious!


F@g way? Enlighten us, please.


Audrey is this Seasons Rachel, Evel Dick, Amanda, Frankie. She is Allison Grodners self proclaimed star. Let’s see if she is actually evicted. I will be astonished. Regardless, she will be back for next All- Stara,,, medication & All.


I might be the only one who thinks this, but I feel like production is sort of done with Audrey. She’s served her purpose: she helped gain attention for the show, she stirred up tons of drama, and she made it through four weeks. And if she gets evicted now then she’ll get to go on The Talk and have exit interviews and stuff, which will get even more attention.

I honestly wonder if in production’s haste to cast a transgender houseguest (I don’t believe she was always in the cast pool and went through the standard process) they overlooked some of psychological tests and evaluations for her. In a way I feel bad for Audrey, because it really seems like she wasn’t mentally fit to come on the show this year.