Clay “I can’t imagine watching seeing what Audrey has been saying & want to root for her”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 11-02-08-807
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10:25am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Clay joins Johnny Mac in the backyard. Johnny talks about the Wack Street performances they’ve done. Johnny asks do you know what the plan is? Clay says I don’t know, I’m assuming use it on you. Johnny says Vanessa said she wanted to get your permission first. Clay says I haven’t talked to her. I know she has talked to SHelli. I know that Shelli was more upset at Audrey yesterday. She came upstairs after her journal balling. Then last night she was more on board with it. She will talk to you for sure today. But that’s looking like the plan. She’s (Audrey) got to go. You know. Johnny says she’s gotten by 2 weeks. Clay says I won’t even take credit for saving her. You got to look at it like is she helping or hurting our game. Everyone’s game damn near. She’s not doing anything to help, so what is she doing? Johnny Mac says driving us crazy. Clay right! Lying. Clay talks about his mom who is 5’2″ and sweet but if you want to see her mad .. lie to her. Clay says that Audrey was up there swearing and lying to our faces. She was looking at our faces and swearing to us that we’re the only ones she’s been loyal to and never said anything bad about ya’ll. Right before someone had come up and said she is lying to us. She is back to playing the same game she did the first week. This is big brother you can lie and cheat but I’m not going to play like that. Clay asks Austin did they ask you about her in your journals? Austin says they haven’t asked me much about her. Clay says they asked me.. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 10-55-26-715

11am – 11:30am Backyard – Austin asks if Johnny can work out in his outfit. Johnny says yeah boy bands take their shirts off some times. Austin goes to workout. Johnny brings up how he notices Audrey trying to plant seeds. Clay says she uses her dreams to manipulate people. Clay says she is digging her own grave. She says things like what if its the rewind week. I know exactly why she is saying that. Clay says you have to look at someone and see if they’re hurting your game or helping it. Audrey is playing the game the way she wants to .. that’s fine ..its just not the way I want to play and I don’t want to be associated with that. Shelli and I have an off switch with her. Clay tells Johnny the best thing for us is if no one knows we’re working together. She came to us and said that you’re really pissed at Shelli and if you win next week you would come after us. Like if you won she would be in your ear influencing you to put us up. Getting you to do her dirty work. She plants seeds. If we weren’t as close as we are that might work. She is trying to orchestrate getting us out while telling us she’s with us. Shelli feels really bad about putting you up. Its not like we’re going to keep putting you up each time. Probably never again. Johnny says had to be done. Clay says we don’t want you to think you’re expendable to us. You’re not. We never doubt anything you say. Johnny says I feel the same way. Clay says if there is anything we can do to help you, let us know. Clay says its hard to trust people in this game. They have no idea you’re as close to us as you are. Clay says no one has every said anything negative about you. Like we need to get out Johnny Mac out. No ones ever said anything like that. Johnny says that’s good to hear. Clay says I’m sure we’ll all talk today. You, Me and Shelli. Johnny says Jason is handling it like a champ, he thinks he’s going home. Clay says we see that we can potentially work with him and why would we send someone home that we could potentially work with versus someone who is hurting our game. Johnny says you can’t play with fire. Clay says as soon as she gets put up.. Johnny says she is going to go ape sh*t. Clay says when she goes up and starts to self destruct and throwing people under the bus. Austin says it just validates it even more. They talk about how Jeff handled it really well. If Audrey decides to go ape sh*t and make up all these crazy lies and rumors …which she is going to do, then she isn’t the person we thought she was. Johnny says everyone in the house would feel better. Clay asks how can you like and root for someone like that. I can’t imagine me watching the show and seeing what Audrey has been saying and want to root for her. Shelli just wants confirmation that if some magical why if she ended up staying that people would go after her. Johnny says I’ve been saying it for weeks. Johnny says well I’m down. Clay says Vanessa is firey down. Johnny says that Jeff got cheers. Austin says I think unless someone is saying racist things people won’t boo.

11:55am – 12:05pm Austin says 24 hours and we can get this going. I wonder what she is going to do today. This is her busy time of year. Christmas rush! That’s how I felt about Jeff when he was all over Liz before he went. Clay says that’s what I told Shelli if we put her up and she acts a certain way.. it just proves it. Austin says she’s at checkmate. Clay asks who could she flip. Austin says no one.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 12-00-05-558

12:10pm Clay “Mom, Dad I miss you, I love you! Mom send me some clothes and a picture of my long hair!”

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 12-09-53-599

12:20pm – 12:40pm Audrey tells Austin .. I had a nightmare Day came back. Austin says oh please no. Austin heads out to the backyard and talks to Clay. Austin talks about Steve coming into the bedroom looking for the beach ball last night waking him up. Austin says Steve just can’t sit still. This is why people get sketched out about you. I kind of want to tell you that but I don’t. Austin says its hard for me because she is gone for 3 days. I feel like I loose her and then get her back, lose her and get her back. We had that date up there and I feel good about it. I was worried about how Julia would feel but now that she knows its good. Its hard to make natural moves on her in here. Clay says its tough. Austin says with her out there I wonder if she misses me. Clay comments on how its tough with Shelli and him too. We both live in totally different states. Audrey joins them and lays on the lounge circle couch.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 12-25-09-302

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Canadian Kevin

Go Johnny Mac!

I hope Shelli and Clay aren’t playing him – it’s bad enough the veto will go to Vanessa.


its safer to take down jason and put up audrey. audrey v.s way could that vote ever get flipped, not even by production. but they could easily flip the vote if its audrey v.s jason


Couldn’t agree more. They need to take down Jason.

Eric CA

People could flip and vote Johnny Mac just as easily as they could Jason or any other pawn. It happens. If Shelli womans up and puts up Audrey after Vanessa took Jason down and Audrey managed to survive this week… it would be epic and go down as a major move in BB History…. is it plausible Audrey would survive if she is on the block…. Nope, she would probably go home. To tell the truth, if was one of them that was in a secure alliance I might talk about the possibility of voting Johnny Mac out… I might. He throws competitions more than he has lost them… He won difficult PoV’s. I would see that the only way he has not won an HoH is because he didn’t win won… I might also think that he has the strongest solid social game in the house… everybody love Johnny Mac, even more than they love me…. Oh that is bad.
That is the only foreseeable way that Audrey could stay vs Johnny Mac…. is it likely???? Nope. Living in the BB House effects peoples logic and perception… it gets weird.


I agree. Johnny has a brilliant social game and the potential to win lots more comps when he decides it is time. He could win it all. I don’t think Audrey can win it. Johnny is far bigger threat to their game. Fortunately for him, they are all fed up with Audrey and don’t see the big picture.


Audrey hasn’t made the right kind of connections for anyone to be willing to flip to her, versus keeping Johnnymac. JM isn’t a threat, at least in that he isn’t winning any HOHs and he is very versatile in being able to be a pawn. far more useful to keep him, plus he hasn’t made any enemies.

while it is possible to keep audrey there as a target, the reality is she isn’t being used as a target, since no once has been putting her up anyway. a target is someone who at least goes up when you get to that time everyone agrees that they can go. you don’t offend anyone by doing that, which the ‘no blood’ and ‘it’s too soon’ rule implies that you get out the people everyone can agree on.

That’s why shelliclay are in a tighter spot now, they had that chance and blew it before. this for them is redemption really, otherwise using this to get out JM not audrey, well that’s not going to go over very well at all.


100% incorrect! Jason has Meg/Jackie/James plus likely Steve and Johnnie. It’s likely 10-0 versus Jason. Johnnie has to count on sunshine, likeability ect. Pawn on the outside far from safe. Starting Monday all your going to hear is get out the strong player JM. We don’t want Johnnie on the jury ect.

Just for clarity I still am not buying she’s going up til it happens. I think there is a far better chance it’s Becky and I pretty much have convinced myself Johnnie is leaving Thursday.

The outsiders have some things potentially going for them. If Jason or any of them doesn’t go but Johnnie or Audrey go 9 next week they can flip easier as numbers dwindle unless they start getting 2 on the block. enough middle players to change a vote to. Get power they could do damage.


So Clay doesn’t like liars. How is he going to feel when Liz betrays after Julia enters the game officially?


N/M that. How is Clay going to feel when he finds out that Big Brother really isn’t the only game Shelli has been playing. Shhe said as much and he didn’t pick up on it. Now he is talking about them living in different states.

Love Triangle

They need to get the twins out this week. This emotional focus on Audrey is misplaced and poorly timed, she is completely isolated and thus is no threat to anyone.

is this real life?

If Shelli actually does put Audrey on the block, my respect levels for Shelli will skyrocket. She’s been Clay’s puppet since she laid eyes on him (and still kinda is by sending Audrey home, but hey what else should i expect?) but these are HER hoh’s and shes made big-ish moves, so she can claim all the glory at finals if she makes it that far.

Big Jim

I agree it would be a big move but I think Clay is ?the puppet (McPussy) in that relationship

free folk

Awwww..clay playing Godfather, STFU and go wake mommy so the adults can talk.

waka waka

I actually like this season. I feel like everyone is playing the game apart from a few, but thats always the case.


If Clay wants to get anywhere near the end of this game, he needs to stop using the royal “We”. His blindside is going to be as epic as that of Austin.

Love Triangle

It amazes me the most obvious game strategy seem to be missed by the resident gaming expert. This emotional vendetta on the part of Vanessa against Audrey makes no sense at this time because she is completely isolated. It is more important to break up the obvious couple’s / pairs . Breaking up Jeff/Jackie pair made sense last week. Now, get out Liz either this week and never let the twin (Julia) into the game. Breakup Clay / Shelli asap (next week if possible). This is the most basic game strategy: isolate your opponents, and certainly don’t knowingly let an opponent multiply (by allowing the twin into the game).


Nessa’s game is banking on Clay/Shelli or Austin and the twins. she can’t go after both and frankly the best she can hope for is someone goes after 1 set for her.

B-bad owl

Getting Liz out before her twin comes in, I agree with completely. But the rest I disagree with. From now on, the goal of the alliance should be to eliminate the floaters/wild cards. Basic BB game play says you are better off going up against people that you know where they stand than against ones that you really have no idea what they will do.

The enemy you know is a better opponent than the one you don’t.


I wonder which one will play the “idiot” card and try to threaten other players into voting Audrey out if he thinks someone is wavering. That could end up backfiring.


I understand why what happens in the DR stays in the DR, I really do, but I feel like too often production uses that rule as a cop out whenever they’re trying to do anything shady (i.e keep their favorites like Jeff, Audrey, Frankie, and Frank from BB14 in the game). Like if you’re a producer manipulating the game, you might as well be playing it yourself.


BB Production definitely thinks us fans are much dumber than we are and have no clue how they manipulate the house guests in the DR, and the outcomes of many of the comps. Remember the very first comp of this season where they were being pulled off the tree? If you watch it closely, the lines tighten for certain players at different times, and there is clearly much more power behind how hard they were pulling the ones they didn’t want to win. The only comps that have zero manipulation are the the random luck comps. People say, well how do they manipulate trivia and endurance comps, and the answer is that the comps themselves are a manipulation because they are geared towards certain people having much higher chances to win them. If they want a smaller person or female to win the HOH, they make it an endurance. If they want one of the smarter players to win the comp they make it questions. If they want a beefcake/athlete to win they make it physical like OTEV. They think is fans are stupid, and sometimes it’s just flat out insulting.


Omg Austins so creeeepy and so possessive with Liz, that at this point I rather listen to Rachel say ‘Breeeendan bookie’ and have to listen to her cry than Austin say anything regarding his love life


Audrey will bargain with James…….James will vote for Audrey to stay, if she promises to check his oil!!!!

Green Doily

I’m 90% sure that will happen.

Misty Beethoven

I think she’s already checked it & threw in a lube job!


Ok if I was Johnny Mac I would flip a lid if they didn’t use the VETO on me. I mean, as much as he has done for them? You would think they would use it on him and replace him with Audrey.

free folk

austin dumping is gf on t.v.,the audrey clay fight,the train-wreak factor just continues,I.LOVE.THIS.SEASON so much better then last!


May be bad news for the feeds but they have to take Audrey out pre-jury. Shelli may know that Jason is probably against her, but Audrey is too much of a wild card to let hang around, she could throw anybody under the bus at any time.
Plus, if I’m sitting at the final two I don’t want someone like her deciding who wins the 500k, she’s the type of person who would vote for a Gina Marie or Victoria at the end.
You have to get rid of her this week or next week or she could turn the whole game upside down. With that side, as a fan of chaos and dramatics I’d love to see her say to see what she does next.


Anyone else getting a little tired of Vanessa running the house? I really liked her at first, now she’s just pushy! I would love to see Shelly put Austen on the block and stick it to her!


Don’t hate the player(Vanessa)…hate the…

People that don’t play the game…Johnny, Jackie, Becky. Those three you should be irate at it if you are a fan of the game of Big Brother.


I see what your saying, but I don’t hate Vanessa….just think she’s getting a bit crazy and paranoid. I can’t stand floaters, but I do think JMAC has some game. He’s won 12 comps, and he’s got low key alliencenes. Sometimes in the house with big personalities, his game play gets you far. I totally agree about Jackie and Becky. I’d like to see some game from Meg too!


Clay and Shelli can both suck my big toe! They sit there and talk about all the lies Audrey has been telling when people stuck it in their noses since day one! Yet they chose to send people home for no good reason other than personal reasons. Why? Because they liked Audrey more?! Nope they never talked to Audrey after that! Was it what the other House Guests wanted? Nope! Was it because those players were better? Nope too early! It was because those people called Audrey out and Clay Shelli Bot didn’t have the guts to hang her head on the chopping block! But now they have no one else to put up without having a target on their backs next week! Can’t Wait for Someone to shake the house up next week and put the two bimbots up on the block next week!

Jake K.

Some of my favorite JohnnyMac quotes:

1) “Hey guys, don’t you think Grimmace is the most expendable McDonalds character?”
2) Meg – “Johnny, can you actually did all the way through the earth if you wanted?”
Mac Attack – “Hahahahaha. If you were immune to magma!”

As much as I know it’s better for Audrey to be up again JMac….I wish he wasn’t up there. I’m still surprised the poll is only at 24%. More friends and family I talk to agree he is the favorite. Maybe it is because you get to choose three favorites?


Are clay and shelli stupid?
They are the ones who sent audrey down this way again.
She felt like jonny would be going after them because he was put on the block alot so she questioned them on why jonny went up instead of steve.

Clay people root for audrey because they understand more than you

Missing Ranceypants

As if production is going to allow the twins to be evicted before the twin twist is put into full effect. It’s the only good twist this season, and the cat’s already out of the bag so to speak.

Seriously, no one wanted battle of the block back..and this weekly take over stuff is getting old. Production knows they have to protect Julia and Liz at all costs or risk this season becoming terribly boring.


Audrey is going home….hopefully..because of her big mouth…she puts herself on every ones radar ! She can not stop making up lies when they are not called for and gets caught daily doing so . Who wants to deal with that the house has major stress and Audrey is one they can do something about…vote her out. I for one will cheer for that!!!!!


Vanessa would never take out the twins before some of the other peasants.The twins are numbers for Vanessa. The twins will ride Nessa as long as they can. They aren’t game players they are followers. No threat to Vanessa.

Audrey goes this week. Then you have Meg, James, Jackie, Becky, Jason as targets before Nessa even thinks of taking Lizia out..which she will later in game.

#Nessa for the win!