Jason “Johnny has nothing to worry about baby Jesus would get evicted before Johnny MAC!”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 10-35-11-257

** FYI – The time stamp on the live feeds is currently approximately 26 minutes behind. It is a technical error on CBS’s side. The time is wrong when it should read 26 minutes faster. To flashback use what time we post / the time that is on the screen captures.

9:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. All the house guests are awakes and getting ready for the Power of Veto ceremony that will happen this morning. Jason heads outside and tells Johnny that James is a crazy man. I knocked on the bathroom door and no one said anything .. then I opened the door and James was sitting there? I’m like why didn’t you say anything and he said Meh! Johnny says my speech isn’t that convincing but I’ll say it anyway. Jason says his isn’t either. All the dramatics last night I hope didn’t change anything. Johnny asks what happened. Jason says Audrey had a panic attack and ran to Vanessa’s bed. The thing is if it was after the veto ceremony she would have been crying in the HOH bed. I don’t think Vanessa was affected by it though. Fool me once. She doesn’t cry for anyone unless its for her damn self. Johnny says you’re right. She put herself there. Jason says she was worried her family would get terrorized .. no America will love you. Even if you came out the winner that could still be a possibility. Johnny says you never know America could love her and hate us. Jason says America could think we’re really boring without her. Johnny asks who do you think they’re going to take down? Jason says probably me because there’s nothing anyone can say against you. I’m afraid she will sway a few people and people would think this is a good time to take out Jason. Johnny says that makes sense. Johnny says either way I’m pretty sure she’s going to use it on one of us. Johnny says I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be good if she didn’t use it. Jason says especially after last night. Jason says Shelli isn’t the backdoor type. Johnny says it never feels good but I know I’m not getting backdoored this week. Jason says Johnny has nothing to worry about Baby Jesus would get evicted before Johnny MAC. I even told Audrey that. Jason says you’re like the guy Meg. Johnny Mac says I should make out with Meg. Jason says that even when Audrey was crying Vanessa looked at me and it showed Audrey wasn’t getting to her. She wasn’t crying along with her.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 10-39-54-558
10am In the kitchen – Vanessa tells Shelli about Audrey’s panic attack last night. Shelli says right before I supposed to put that person up you tell me this? Vanessa talks about how she tried to comfort and calm her down. Vanessa says she said it was chemical, like what was going on with her. Vanessa talks about how she told Audrey to use this as a platform to inspire and inform people. Shelli says this game could ultimately lead her down a bad path but if she leaves now she could leave on a good note. Vanessa says this isn’t healthy for her.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 10-33-13-243

10:20am Clay comes out and sits with Jason. Jason brings up how Audrey crying in Vanessa’s bed was game too. She also said to James that it was chemical like what was wrong which means a chemical imbalance. Clay says she’s taking all those hormone pills. Jason says if it was really chemical like she was on psychotic meds .. she wouldn’t be here. Clay says yeah and you feel if you don’t side with her you the a$$hole. Clay says that Shelli told him to have some sympathy.. I had to bite my tongue… she’s had a lot of sympathy this whole time.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 10-48-42-318

10:25am Vanessa pulls Johnny Mac into the cabana room and tells him that she has to take Jason off. She says the decision was stripped from her and its something the house wanted. Its literally out of my hands. Johnny says I wouldn’t want you to do stuff that is going to mess you up. Vanessa says I am already in this incredibly uncomfortable situation.. my POV has essentially been stripped .. this is the houses. Johnny says I feel that’s good for you. Vanessa says I just wanted to let you know what’s coming. Johnny says its okay. They hug and leave the room.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 10-55-12-057

Vanessa talks to Jason in the bathroom. Jason explains how what Audrey did last night was game. She picked your bed specifically because you have the power to not use it. If it was after the POV she would have been up in the HOH bed.

10:40am – 10:50am Becky says that Audrey bites the hand that feeds her. Today is going to be hard for her and I am hoping that before she leaves we get to see the funny Audrey. Clay says she’s not going to .. she is going to be like this the rest of the time. I told her that she isn’t even enjoying this opportunity. She is going to look back and wish she had enjoyed it more. We can’t even talk to Audrey because all she talks about is game. You need an off switch. Becky says that James is like that he has a game mode but knows how to turn it off. Johnny says she’ll be alright. Clay says she gets to go home to her family. Becky says its like what Jason said .. she picked the right bed .. she did not pick Meg’s bed, Jason’s bed. .. and next she’ll pick Shelli’s bed. She knows exactly what she’s doing.

11:10am Clay says that Audrey doesn’t appreciate. Clay says she went to Vanessa’s bed and I am telling you right now either tonight or tomorrow night she will be up in your bed. SHelli says I didn’t think about that. I wondered why she didn’t come up to me but I didn’t have the power Vanessa did.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 11-33-15-452

11:45am The live feeds return from being blocked. In the bedroom – Vanessa, James, Clay Becky and Austin are chatting about random things. They discuss having another Podcast on Wednesday at 10pm while the havenots are waiting to get off being havenots. James says that Audrey has been in the diary room for 30-40 minutes and that’s the reason why they haven’t done the veto meeting yet. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Jason and Johnny Mac are sitting on the backyard couches. Jason heads inside and talks with Shelli and Jackie about Audrey’s chemical imbalance. Jackie says that Audrey got some Advil and said she was starting to feel better. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return Wackstreet had jsut finished performing their routine.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 12-25-52-819
12pm – 12:15pm Austin tells James I think the next time we get alcohol its your chance to get with Meg. Wait until she drinks the whole bottle, you just have cranberry juice.

12:40pm The house guests are waiting around for queen Audrey to finish her apt with the psychologist so they can get the veto meeting under way… Shelli says I just couldn’t talk that long about the same thing. When we would talk she would talk about the same thing for hours and I would have to end it. Steve says if she does leave the producers would have the sole power to decide how this … Big Brother blocks the feeds. Jason says I came in here and thought I was going to get “Jodi’d out in the first 5 minutes”
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 12-49-34-113

1:20pm Queen Audrey is still holding up production having her session with the psychologist.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 13-35-09-563

1:30pm Austin tells Shelli that the twin switch is supposed to happen today but Julia can’t even get a warning because Audrey is still in the diary room. He says she’s been in there for over an hour and a half.

1:35pm Kitchen – Vanessa says a man was walking along a side walk and fell into the hole and screamed help, help help. A doctor walks up to the hole and writes a prescription and throws it down into the hole then walks away. The man continues to yell for help. A psychologist walks up to the hole next and he tells him he’s stuck in a hole. They talk about his childhood, he does an hour and it doesn’t really seem to help. The psychologist walks away. Help Help I’m stuck in a hole. A priest comes up to the hole the priest prays with him and tells him to do 3 hail marys and tells him everything will work out. The priest walks away. Help I’m stuck in a hole. And finally up walks his friend and his friend looks down and the guy says help help I’m stuck in a hole .. there’s been a doctor, psychologist and a priest and no one can help me. I need to get out of here or I’m going to die. The friend jumps into the hole and the guy looks at him asks why the f**k did you do that? And his friend looks at him and says well I’ve been here before and I know the way out.. Shelli says AWE!! Vanessa says is that not the best story ever!! I love that story, I love it, I love it. I told her that story. When I was down I woke up the next day and everything was okay so I told her I’d been there before and maybe I know the way out.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 14-10-33-756

BB17 Live Feeds for only $5.99/month!

2pm Backyard – Austin says that its almost a reset for everyone’s game. I’m worried she will get attention for winning HOH because people have that in the back of their minds. Vanessa asks for next week. Austin says they have it big time in the back of their minds and since everyone else has kind of cleared the slate with everyone it would be easy rational for everyone to target. Vanessa asks what people going to do for their targets. I think people are still going to stay on their sides. Austin agrees. Vanessa says well you better win this week. Austin says I’m going to die trying. Vanessa says you really really really need to. Audrey was trying to make me the target when I had the pov and then she tired to turn it onto you. Austin says she was fine doing this to everyone else but as soon as it happens to her she is ready to walk out. That whole thing yesterday she went nuts on Clay out here. Austin talks about how Shelli and Clay have a mature relationship and realize it might not work out after because they’re in two different stages in their lives and live so far a part. He says they’re going to see what happens. Austin then talks about him and Liz and how she seems receptive to his feeling for her. Vanessa asks who do you not want to win HOH this week? Austin says Jackie. She would likely put you and Liz up with me as the backdoor. Or me and you with Liz as the backdoor. Jason comes out and they comment on how they think Audrey is leaving. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Jason and Vanessa talk about Audrey being on hormones and how that likely affects her so much. Johnny joins them and asks if they think Audrey is quitting? Vanessa says I hope not. Jason says she’s panicking because she knows she got caught.. she wouldn’t be doing this if none of this didn’t happen. Steve says he tired to go into the diary room and they wouldn’t let him in.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 14-29-44-550

2:15pm HOH room – Shelli thinks Audrey is in the diary room talking to them for so long saying its because of all these lies she’s been put up to do (They think she’s America’s Player and that’s why she’s lied so much.) Clay says she got caught .. she can’t sit in there and beg to be put back in.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 14-43-26-626

2:35pm Austin “I’m 85% sure she’s (Audrey) gone! I think she walked! Everything’s been held up all day” Johnny “You lose your stipend if you walk! There’s no way I would do that I have bills to pay!” Austin says you can’t go to the finale either.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 13-53-20-482

3:30pm Audrey hasn’t come back yet.. nothing major happening in the house yet most of the house is sleeping, there’s some speculation.
I’ll update once we know what happened to Audrey or anything happens worth posting.

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Well, it was only a matter of time before week 1 was going to bite Audrey in the ass, this is worst than Devin, at least there weren’t chants about what the house wants about him


It’s Da’vonne!!!! haha


It reminds me of the Frankie Grande situation last year when the house turned on him for doing the same things. Too bad she doesn’t have a popstar sister to get her out of this mess.


Yes, Frankie got beat last year in the final 5 and he started to stir up shit thinking it would turn all of them against eachother. It was obvious Derrick was going to win but Frankie is making everyone think that he did that. The whole jury knew that Derrick was the best that season. In my eyes, I see Derrick right under Dr.Will and Dan. I also see him above Evel Dick and Ian terry. People might give me flack about ian but he’s a fighter, he won everytime he had too.

Just Mauid

Johnny needs to win HOH then put up Shelli/Clay/Vanessa; backdooring as needed. His reasoning can be that there are only a limited few from him to choose from.


John wont put Vanessa up though, He Austin, Becky, and Vanessa have a deal where they won’t nominate, pawn, backdoor, or frontdoor each other until top ten. He is super loyal to Clay and Shelli for some odd reason as well.

Lemon balls

Throw Austin in that mix

Triangle of Love

Whoever win’s HOH this week needs to get out Liz, this is the last chance to knock out two players with one HOH. Attention Houseguests: “This week only, Two for One sale on Twin’s on Isle 5.”


Absolutely adore JonnyMac! He has had to deal with so much crap & does it amazingly. I honestly couldn’t. Audrey needs to go because this is a train wreck that goes beyond funny hot mess houseguests. Never been an Audrey fan but the fact she is speaking of chemical issues(true or not,I realize she is taking meds) means it’s time to go. Vanessa needs to follow thru & get Jason off the block & Shelli needs to put Audrey up & send her home. Clearly we have all seen the many sides of Audrey but it’s ridiculous for her to use her pity sob stories & issues to progress in this game.


I seriously think Production is slacking horribly with the cast psychological testing I’ve seen lots of houseguests have mental breakdowns. But get sent back in. It’s those people who shouldn’t be on the show because this show drains you mentally. Production is only making it worse. They need to start digging deeper into their mental health backgrounds


America doesn’t hate Audrey, her BB game just sucks bro.
And baby Jesus? Seriously, if baby Jesus is sitting next to Johnny Mac, you keep baby Jesus bro.
Straighten up bro.


Thanks Jeff bro! Cool post dude. Like really dude I thought they sent you home bro. Let it go bro, relax bro. Dude enjoy your summer dude ok dude?


Baby Jesus would be never play Big Brother… Baby Jesus would never do anything immoral and baby Jesus would probably be the house baby like the house pet aka the fishes….and who would put up baby Jesus. .what is wrong with someone that would put up baby Jesus????


Seriously bro. What’s wrong putting up baby Jesus?!?! Dude! His father will think it’s wrong! His dad bro! Seriously bro, his dad will be pissed! BB could be wiped out of all existence bro! Chill bro….

Baby Jesus

No worries, if I get nominated and voted out, I’ll be back in oh……2-3 days???


I must say this is the funniest and most witty comment of the summer, so far.


I say 3 days but then I bet you’re gone again in 40 days…


You ‘ole dirty bastard.. That comment was funny as hell! LMAO

Y y y y y

I can see it now…

Audrey tells Shelli she can’t trust Vanessa because they told her in the diary room that….feeds cut to baby Hesus.

Y y y y y

I can see it now…

Audrey tells Shelli she can’t trust Vanessa because they told her in the diary room that….feeds cut to baby Jesus.


Omg thats hilarious


Lighten up. Jason wasn’t being literal. He was reassuring Johnny that it would be ok. As for Audrey…..this American can’t stand her. I suspect that her game play and her real world are much the same. One can’t pretend a personality 24/7 without true colors shining through.


it’s called having a sense of humor. Jason is no dummy!




Is this Jeff leaving comments?? Bro? It was obviously meant to be a funny joke to express how well liked J-Mac is. Calm down, bro. And just a bit of advice, if you are going to take everything so literally and seriously, probably shouldn’t tell a gay man to “straighten up”. Just sayin, Bro.


Whoa, s#!^ got real bro.
I got you bro I got you!

Eric CA

If I was a player in the game I would evict the baby Jesus and keep Johnny Mac…. The Bay Jesus’s Dad gives him unfair advantage in the game….. but could turn slop into steak and water into whine… so I might keep him…. now I’m torn…. I hate amoral dilemmas.


I don’t like Audrey. Having said that, I want her to stay! Jason, James, Meg, Jackie, johnny mac, and Steve can’t see what is right in front of their face (the sixth sense). They deserve to get picked off one by one. Audrey is the only one who could unite them against the alliance and create amazing drama! I don’t want a repeat of last season!

the house

they can’t see what’s right in front of their face …
there’s still a little of dan’s mist lingering around in here


hey house…vanessa said you are making her decisions. true?

Twistin' for the win!

Ummm….no. The Outsiders are doing exactly what they need to do right now: focusing on the issue at hand and that’s Audrey. Get her out and then deal with the Insiders. There has to be a shift in power for this to happen and Audrey would NOT be the catalyst go unite anyone. She would fail them and fall back in with the Clay Clan and screw them. She isn’t capable of genuine strategy – she’s only good at planting lies, seeds of doubt and destroying relationships. She couldn’t even manage the relationships the Clay Clan were trying to build with her WHILE she was being protected by them.

Audrey…get outta hea!

Just Mauid

Jason, James, Meg, Jackie, johnny mac, and Steve can’t see what is right in front of their face (the sixth sense) because there aren’t on the outside looking in, like you are. They are right in the middle of everything, with everyone (except dreamy Audrey) getting along with each other; with multiple alliances being made with multiple players. I agree that they need to pick up on the clues (like Shelli’s nomination speech (small pool to choose from) or Clay’s telling Johnny mac there isn’t anyone else to put up as a pawn) but I’m sure it is much more difficult living in that house than the viewers can appreciate.


Audrey can not be the one to unite the other side because she never can have true loyalty to one group. She will always just go with the group in power hoping she does not get put up.
If she were not to go home because of the other side yet Clay was HOH next week you can bet she’d try to slither we way back into their good graces and put the other side under the bus again

Teri B

Audrey seems like a poor man’s Shelly, doesn’t she? Only she won’t last nearly as long as Shelly did.


I would be surprised if this season becomes like last season simply because the house guests are so quick to turn on each other. I’m sure they will all jump ship before they can steamroll anything.


Audrey unite alliance’s? No friggin way! Cause drama, deliver crazy hell yes! I agree with ya about the others(james,meg,becky,jason,meg,jonny & steve)needing to start strategizing & get in the game but Audrey is loyal to nobody. The moment she feels insecure she goes around like a ticking time bomb & blows up over nonsense. She had total protection & an easy ride & she could not even hold it together. She runs to rat out her alliance. Audrey is the crazy,not the glue to hold it together. Alliance’s will all turn on each other, that’s a given in BB,but Audrey only brings drama which ya never know when she will explode or backfire on ya so who wants that as a contestant trying to win at the end.


No, no one can trust her. This is already the second time she’s turned on an alliance and outed it. She’s a loose cannon and won’t help anyone in there except herself.

What sucks is how fast Clay started the fight with Audrey and then how fast James spread around the six-person alliance after he heard it from Audrey.

Had things been status quo for another five or six hours, Vanessa would have approached Jason with the deal to take him off the block in exchange for safety for Vanessa, Austin and Liz. (She never intended to ask for Jackie’s safety — that was a crock and damage control.) Then Jason would have seen for himself what was going on — particularly already knowing that Shelli was tight with Clay and Vanessa…..

Sarah's weed stash

As much as I also dislike Audrey’s gameplay, I have to agree with this. Her ONLY way of staying this week will be to not talk game to anybody (I know, impossible for her) until Wednesday night/Thursday morning. She needs to be nice to everyone and tell them all she has given up, and just wants to enjoy her time there. And then at the last minute she needs to pull Jason, Meg, Jackie, James and either Becky or Steve aside and tell them everything she knows, make them aware of the alliance that is going to pluck the rest of them off once she is gone. And really be loyal to that side, and maybe she could redeem herself. Everyone may hate Audrey for their own reasons, but ahe really isnt a bad person. She has just played a terrible game and she has now realised that. I still think she has potential. I would love to see the battle of Shellie/Clay/Vanessa vs. Audrey


There’s no way she can get Jason. Audrey isn’t a unifier, she’s played a divisive game. She actively tries to pit people against each other. Everyone knows it now and Audrey still won’t modify her game. This makes me think that she’s like this in real life. My own niece runs her mouth about everyone she knows behind their backs and gets pissed when confronted and deflects everything.


leave stash alone. It’s too late for Audrey. She blew up the alliance two seconds after she had a blow out with Vanessa, Shelli and Clay. Then she had the nerve to crawl into Vanessa’s bed and played victim with her crocodile tears. She’s out of options and no play left in the game. time for her to go!


Audrey is the only one when armed with empirical evidence will unite the people against the alliance, restore peace, freedom, and chemical balance to the Galaxy.

the house

put me in as a favorite this season on the polls… i’m running the show i’ll be walking out with the check in no time if everyone keeps doing what i want


I wonder if 2 of the outsiders win HoH next week…are they going to use John as a pawn to send one of Clay, Shelli, Austin or Vanessa home… I feel like they would… I like speculating, so what is the move for the outsiders???…anyways, they really need to win HoH…


It would be ideal if Becky and Jackie won HOH and put up Shelli/Austin and Venessa/Clay. They could say it was time to put up someone who has never been on the block. Clay would be torn to throw BOB to save Shelli and Venessa would be pissed if he did, destroying their alliance. Hopefully Shelli/Austin would win BOB and leave Venessa/Clay to fight it out. We will see that Venessa is just as paranoid as Audrey.


Time for Taudry to go. Then….hopefully….the power switches. Could have an interesting week then. I would like to see Liz go and get Austin to throw a hissy fit. LOL


If Audrey is put up and clearly on her way, production cannot possibly mess with it and they had better not. She is beyond exhausting and I feel as though the house is going crazy because of her. Her never ending tears almost always make it seem like you’re attacking her for being transgendered and I’m honestly done with it.


I’d keep baby Jesus over ANY of these fools!


Johnny for the next HOH. His nomination speech should be ” I was put up a lot so now it’s your turn”.


Um, Shelli, you’re just a pawn. Now throw the BOB!

Lemon balls

How is production gonna pack all this excitement in under 2 hours of television?

Triangle of Love

Production will cast Clay as the bad guy in all this, manipulating Shelli’s HOH and attacking (screaming at) Audrey. She (Audrey) will be cast as his defenseless victim. The whole story will be told in two or three minutes.


A lot of editing. Shouldn’t be hard. The Shelli/Clay/Vanessa/ Audrey conversation only was about 5 hrs in length. Lol. Just leave everyone else on the cutting room floor

another name

I’ve commented a lot that I haven’t picked someone to root for yet. usually I end up picking two by about 1/2 way through the game. I think the first person that takes their head out of their butt and figures out what has been going on in the house and makes a plan of counter attack is going to be the first one I pick to root for. they might have a short life expectancy in the game, but i’ll be happy to root for them anyway (my picks usually lose so it won’t be a big deal).
If nobody figures it out, i’ll end up choosing one of the six/five most likely.
I like underdogs, but I can’t root for a lemming.


The beginning of the end for Johnnie Mac. I don’t think this week as it’s apparent the house has come together to evict Audrey. Sad truth is she’ll go down swinging and some things she says targeting Johnnie will stick. He’ll no longer be off the radar. If it was Jason up he’d have the same problem. 3 plus days of a nut job attacking you not pretty.
If your Johnnie find a way to make jury and the BOB disappears with any luck. Next week whose the target(s)? Austin potentially, Jason and James seem to be off the evict next list. Without Nessa giving a thumbs up only the outsiders will target Austin. We say this on Monday after POV ceremony next HOH is huge. I’m not sure if that’s true. Bigger for the outsiders as they need a week with control badly. 12 left lines gotta get drawn and you want to be on the winning end. Steve/Johnnie/Becky gotta pick a side sooner rather than later. Jackie’s on a 12 hour pit stop that’s lasted weeks already. James/Meg/Jason no numbers but squeaking by that can only last so long.
9 or 7 man jury if someone knows? Presuming the twins both get in 2 more weeks of BOB before jury at minimum.

Lastly the AG touch. She had it early seasons of BB. Her she has a choice interfere to save Audrey or let natural selection happen. AG has made poor choices last few seasons IMHO. Canada is a train wreck. My concern has always been good HG’s will get gobbled up with Audrey in the house. Thus I want her gone the Kast this season is pretty decent. We just need a fast forward to Thursday and a clean eviction.

PS…. The house is making a terrible mistake allowing the 2nd twin in. Strengthens Nessa in particular. Those 2 have potential to flip the house.

Chill this Town

how the heck is clay sliding by in this game? has anyone actually been looking at the guy? he is in pretty great shape. he seems to be pretty good with the game. I know people dislike the Shelli Clay duo, but really they are playing the best games so far. they should have a Brendon and Rachel sized target on them, but they don’t. even with winning multiple big competitions. I think its possible the lack of another alpha male is helping Clay. I have to think Jeff would have gone after him eventually. and no, I am not forgetting Austin. but Austin is no alpha, he is a beta who dreams of alpha glory. Clay would be wise to remove him through someone else’s HOH. likely a double eviction night. that guy is toxic.

Audrey needs to go, no one is really going to be a target until she is gone, and thus everyone will sit around feeling pretty comfortable even if on the block. remove the Audrey.


Absolutely love everything you wrote in your post. Dead nuts on lol! The outsiders are laying back & acting like it’s summer camp. It’s time to go big & pay attention to who the real threats are. Shelli & Clay annoy me but they are a strong duo that people seem to like & gravitate toward/respect. I understand that it’s easy for viewers to see things that hg don’t,but you must be blind to not want to go after a huge target like Clay/Shelli. After Audrey,Shelli & Clay need to be at the top of list in terms of targets. Waiting too long will almost make it harder as the game goes on.


I am so sick of Vanessa, I used to like her but her attitude over the weeks have changed my mind. It’s time to get her, Shelli, Clay and Austin out and change the game enough of this everyone catering to these 4! Johnny Mac does not deserve to be on the block, this is Big Brother therefore them leaving him on the block is not at all safe and he’s done everything for them! Audrey will lie and do anything she can to get not voted out it’s going to be crazy once she is nominated!

I survived last seasons BB

It’s pretty simple..Audrey overplayed several times, creating lies She could not back out of. The first few weeks You grab an alliance and ride it out, Then You start making big moves..She tried to do way too much too soon and now She is toast

Eric CA

It is not Audrey’s lies that are getting her evicted… It is her self centered emotional vampirism… the lies or loyalty are a good excuse but the fact is she is just draining to be around… that is what is getting Audrey put up…. they can’t deal with her anymore.


Really Vanessa, You have no control over your own Veto. I hope people don’t fall for that Crap. Shelli and Vanessa’s “This is not me, this is what the house wants.” I am tired of hearing that drivel come out of their mouths. “I never Lie” , What, never lie on your back??
Austin…..Jeff is slime, but if it wasn’t for Liz, Jeff and I would be friends. How many people want to be friends with Slime???? He is just PATHETIC!! The truth of the matter, he was jealous of Jeff, therefore Jeff had to go, if Austin finds out Liz voted for Jeff, because she liked Jeff, he is going to go off the deep end.
I thought maybe Jackie fell for Shelli’s and Clay’s lies last night, {We didn’t want to put up Jeff, we had no choice} but after her conversation outside with James and Jason, I think she was on a fishing expedition. {I am pretty certain she believed everything Jeff told her} and she will put up some big fish if she gets one of the BOB, hopefully, if she gets one of the BOB spots Becky, will get the other. I want to see Vanessa, Austin, Shelli, and Clay scramble. I want them to be asked to throw the BOB. I want them to hear “We have to do what the house wants”, and put them on slop!!


Amen on that! Definitely want to see Vanessa & Shelli be at the mercy of the HOH, specifically JonnyMac but he prob won’t do it. Regardless of the HOH, meaning Jason,Becky,etc. I want to see actual fear, panic, &paranoia in their(Van,Shelli) eyes lol.

Valentina Corleone

I read on another site that Vanessa said her POV power was stripped from her. If by any chance Audrey stays in this house, I am done. I don’t expect anyone to shed a tear, but Production/Grodner need to stop interfering with the game. Enough already.


at least with bbcan3 we had Seagull and Maintenance guy to vote for as fan favs.

I struggle picking 3, 2 i can do


LOL BBCAN3 sucked


Odds 6:1
That’s my present line for Audrey self evicting.

One of 2 convos in the DR with Audrey right now. 1st she is getting professional help for her mental issues. That would be a good thing. Second she is flipping out at production because she’s about to get evicted and wants them to fix it. Regardless this is why POV hasn’t started yet.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Yes, Audray deserves to be evicted but you have to be a heartless bastard if you don’t feel sorry for her as a person 🙁

Growing up transgender must have been a painful experience, and to come out in front of the entire world is a testimony of courage. Now leaving just one step before Jury must feel like a huge failure. Good luck Audray with everything in your life!


Vanessa is Jesus…haha.

And she told Johnny “I have no choice this is what the house want’s” as to not hurt his feelings for not taking him down. She is playing the game to
perfection. She may annoy a lot of u but that is because she is owning your fav HG’s. When u the best player in any game people start to hate on you. Ask Aaron Rodgers.

#Nessa gona have that CBS confetti dropped on her at the finale.


Austin is disgusting. Insinuating getting Meg drunk so James can take advantage of the situation. PIG!

Just Mauid

I agree. Makes you wonder how many women Austin has used this ploy on. In legal terms, it’s called “rape”.


He is vile!
I pray to Otep that his ass walks out the door next. Preferably by Liz’ hand, but unfortunately that would be a long shot.


this the order next three eviction should go to me
1 clay should go
2 vennissa should go
3 shelly should go
if they want the twins to come in the game Austin got to win hoh
cause he the only one who will not put up liz think about it
in johnny mac got to win hoh two
he should get a off day for once
that’s why I want Austin an jonhnny mac hoh
cause it fit with the game twin twist in johnny mac fan favorite think about it


I do not have a favoriw


Audrey gonna stay in the DR forever so POV ceremony never begins. This woman is a complete nut job. AG just offer her the full season stipend and get the POV ceremony going. Supper hour approaching on the east coast!


well meg is right. if there is some sort of save after the veto then its rigged. i mean, its already rigged but that would just make it more obvious.


I’m tired of this pity-party Audrey mumbo jumbo. They should all treat her the same as everyone else, regardless that she’s trans-gendered. If anybody else acted this crazy they would be gone in a New York minute!


Agree. People who post on here to have compassion for Audrey make me worry about them for going to that length. Everyone needs to have compassion for an arrogant, self centered, twisted, manipulative(not just in a game sort of easy) cry baby who loves to play the transgender boo boo card-hell no! She is vile & does not represent herself well for her community. Enough already with this garbage. Hey for those defending her actions, why not have BB write her the check & let’s not have anyone compete because the whole focus is having Audrey & her transgender issues,probs,trump the actual game!!! Sorry but baffled by some comments on here & needed to vent-thanks!


If in fact Audrey is acting the same in these long DRs this morning and using the chemical imbalance excuse I think any chance of production trying to save her is not even being considered now. Production will want her out of there too ASAP so they don’t have to deal with it.

Teri B

DANG….I keep forgetting there’s a Shelly IN the house… LOL. When I made my comment before, I was talking about Shelly from a few seasons ago who loved to work on all sides, going back and forth between the alliances, and lasted a surprisingly long time in the game. Call her Shelly/Judas I guess.

Sorry bout that….hanging my head in shame…..


Has anyone else noticed Shelly can’t work with women? She was in an alliance with Day, then got rid of her, now Audrey, next may be Vanessa if the pattern continues. Also interesting how all the minorities are targets.


shelli is an alpha female. da’vonne was an alpha female and so is audrey. she has to be the woman in charge and cant handle others strong females around.

if she was in an alliance with meg and becky she would never even consider nominating them as actual targets because they would be secondary to her. they’d listen to her and it wouldnt be a problem. she probably weill target vanessa next but after that she’ll start targeting guys

B-bad owl

Shelli and Clay will target Austin next. They have already started the “watch out for Austin” campaign.

Just Mauid

What minority is Jeff?


“all the minorities are targets”
what minority were Jace and Jeff?

brotalk to human dictionary

You’re right. Jeff and Jace can’t be called minority because there’s no shortage of morons.

kevin nash

well audrey isn’t a women so your theory is incorrect. plus you’re looking past all the other factors that led to her decision to target davon and audrey.


If last night was a true panic attack and she been in the dr almost an hour with the doctor, she might get pulled out for health issues.


Wouldn’t be shocked if a minor power came into play this week. Last week it was a gift the week before a power..

Twistin' for the win!

I can’t believe its taking this long to get the POV ceremony going. Something is probably up that I won’t appreciate!
-_- currently giving Audrey and Production the side-eye!

Houka Inumuta

Steve is the only one playing, love the show and season but man this group cant get it together. no real alliances in my eyes.


This is the part of the game that isn’t fair. Production will do anything they can to keep Audrey and her drama not to mention her being a Transgender and wanting to keep her in there. If she does not get evicted this week, Production had everything to do with it!!

brotalk to human dictionary

the true irony of audreygate:
the one time she’s voted with the group at eviction and told the truth is the time she’s being condemned for being the dissenting voter and telling her biggest lie.

Hoping production does not pull a fricken stunt~!!

They have a tendency to do that.

Last time i checked at 1.45pm, still no veto ceremony.

Vanessa, meg n jason got a wee tired of waiting, decided to take fortu winks.

From past “experience”, production has their personal favorites, and WILL pull last minit stunts to make certain houseguests linger on — even if they are majorly not received by the house.

I’m waiting to see what they are trying to pull this time?

The delay in the beto ceremony seems fishy to me.

just saying.


If Audrey is seriously ill , I hope she DOR’s and gets whatever help she needs. However, and I feel bad saying this , but based on her past behavior , I think she is in the DR negotiating . I think she wants to self evict and spare herself the embarrassment of being put on the block and evicted. The problem is she will loose all her earnings. I think that’s why she claiming she’s having a panic attack and requesting to speak to a doctor. If she can get some sort of official diagnosis then she can leave with her earrings intact. Im sure there is some clause in the contract that lets you keep your earnings if you have to leave due to illness or injury. BB wants a show, if Audrey leaves we’re going to be stuck watching the Hg’s play charades for the next 4 days. Audrey is not going to be able to manipulate production. For her earnings sake , I expect her to return soon. Of course this is all random conjecture—nothing much else do while waiting for the POV ceremony.


The problem with the negotiating for money theory is that Audrey lives at home with her parents and practically never leaves her house. She works as a digital media consultant, which she described as posting on social media sites and improving websites. Also, she said that her parents paid for ALL of her transgender medical procedures. So, she is probably from a very well to do family and does not need the money.

I truly believe that Audrey was the wrong transgender person to bring on the show. She does not know who she is. This is beyond gameplay. She rarely ever admits fault, cries if she is called out but expects you to concede if she calls you out, and she has not really stated what are issues within the transgender community because I doubt she associates with other transgender people outside the house. She is a SAD person to watch. I support everyone’s empowerment for the most part including TG people. But, Audrey was not the one. I’m not saying that she needed to be Jackie Robinson, but she needed to be someone better than the most psychologically confused person in US BB history.

truth hurts

Audrey was a terrible, exploitative casting choice. CBS was cynically trying to cash in on the “transgender trend” without fully thinking through the potential issues of putting someone like that in the Big Brother house.

This is a person who had their genitals cut off because of severe depression and identity disorder – not exactly the best candidate for someone you want to subject to the intense scrutiny and paranoia of playing Big Brother.

It’s not far-fetched to imagine that she is threatening production with suicide or other self-destructive acts. Their cynical ploy to cash in on “LBGT” goodwill is blowing up in their face.


If Audrey needs to be in with a psychologist for as long as it seems… shouldn’t she decide to maybe step out of the game… at the end of the day her health and life are way more important than this Big Brother opportunity.


You’ve got to be kidding me. She is probably playing this crap to the hilt. This is incredibly unfair to the other players. You got mental issues……get outta here!! Don’t ruin a perfectly good season of BB!

Sparkling Irma

I agree, she is unstable. however it is unfair for all players and those who didn’t get pick for her to leave. This totally will mess up the game for everyone. Shelli will be force to place someone else on the block or loose Jason. If she quits they should continue and just bring back the reverse button. That way no one exits at her expense.


Dawg, In the story Vanessa told Shelli, was a physiologist or a psychologist?


No worries at all. You guys do a great job; really you do.


what taking so long with the pov ceremony
they need to just evicted her now
in play for hoh wed night with a live
rewind hoh show


Shelli needs to quit playing Clay and Vanessa’s game and play her own game. Audrey will never go after Shelli and once she’s gone, the person who she wanted gone this week, Jason, will be nominating her with her boo Clay. I wish Shelli would just go rouge and do what she wants. I still have high hopes for her…

Just me

Can’t believe they are holding the game up like this. We all know how long winded Audrey can be. Will be interesting to see how this week is portrayed on the show Wednesday and Thursday.


Audrey just self evict already…sick of the drama…I support the transgender community and even Audrey personally but there is no reason to hold up the game for one person. If she needs help she needs help and like others before should just leave the game in peace Production is just scared it will look bad if a transgender leaves the game….they will probably offer her 50k just to stay until she gets voted out. I think if she does leave the game should continue with the people on the block that are on the block and let the POV holder think a couple more hours then continue on with the game.

another name

When a house guest gets all bent and restless about having to wait because Audrey’s with psych services, I wonder to myself ‘gee house guest’:
A) would you rather she had the meltdown on or in front of you (a Sabrina bbcan2 you want good tv moment…. or better yet a drunken nakomis rant or a Shannon moment with your hair extensions or tooth brushes ).
B) it’s not like you’re running late for work and stuck in traffic. you literally have no place else to be and nothing else to do.
it’s still going to be day thirty-something an hour from now.
if anything it should be the people paying to watch your lazy asses moan and lay around that should be annoyed.


This nonsense with Audrey is so ridiculous! She knows she messed up & there is no turning back from this-she is not as smart & crafty as Dan G. What is appalling (from what I have read on a few sites) is that she is pulling behind the scenes crazy shenanigans to not allow the hg to vote her out. Been reading on others sites about Audrey called in DR telling production she wants to self evict. Proves just how selfish she truly is to hold up the game because she don’t want to get the boot. Take your medicine Audrey-poof be gone & stop subjecting people to your insanity. If she leaves/self evicts,it is being said that she will not get her BB stipend. All she has to do is hang in till Thursday. Nobody is bullying her & have absolutely no sympathy if all the stuff I have read is true. Audrey seriously sucks & I am sure there are people out there that are wanting to provide excuses for her but I am not one of those people. Pisses me off at the level she will go to cry, seek pity,& ruin the game! She should feel beyond stupid for what tactics she is pulling,but knowing her,it’s always someone else’s fault for her actions. Need an update!