Austin “Its a whole f**king love story, like I get torn away from you every 3 days!”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 01-32-28-898

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12:20am Austin and Liz are in the hammock. Liz says I can’t believe that they think that you don’t know. Austin says I think Jason knows and has figured it all out. Its okay I think it actually plays into our hands. It would be more obvious if I wasn’t trying to hangout with you. Now it looks like I am caught in this emotional thing and I’m vulnerable so he can work with that and Jason can work with me. So I can go to him looking for advice about how when you leave I get all upset. Liz says I know, eventually we have to play it up. Austin says its a whole f**king love story like I get torn away from you every 3 days. It’s perfect I go to them sad. I can tell them that you finally were able to open up to me and tell me about it. There’s a lot of ways we could play it but I think we need to be proactive about it. Austin says we can’t get blindsided. Jace-style. Liz ask when is top 10? Austin says after Audrey so two more. Liz says we need one more person that is super secure. Austin says Jason. Liz says yeah I love Jason. Austin says we could both talk to him and tell him. Liz says I can tell him I saved you last week so I hope you keep me safe this week. Ausitn says I like him a lot. Maybe I approach him and tell him about it. Liz says right then he will tell other people. Asutin says He’s a big fan of the show so he’ll know that no one likes it when you get rid of the showmance couple, like you have to keep us in. Liz says but what if he doesn’t win HOH then we told him for no reason. They talk about what their name would be Liztin / Austiz. Liz asks who do we tell Jason or Johnny Mac.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 01-04-07-256

12:35am James says she was like this last time. She didn’t want to get out but this one is a little bit worse I think. Jackie says she’s sleeping on the floor in the havenot room. She doesn’t have to do that, you know. James says she’ll probably just sleep in a bed. Jackie says well if she’s eating. They let her eat whatever and do whatever then.. Big Brother switches the feeds to a different camera. When they switch back – Becky is talking about who to put up if they win HOH. If a person that hasn’t been winning gets HOH then they could put up whoever put them up. Becky says I know I said I wouldn’t put you up but.. James says it makes my decision a lot easier. James starts using a spoon and flicking grapes at the house guests in the living room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 01-39-24-508

1:10am HOH room – Clay tells Shelli about how they (DR) asked him to talk about his conversation with Audrey yesterday in the backyard. He says he’s irritated about it. She is just so unappreciative of people helping her. I feel for her situation but I don’t feel for her. I feel bad that I don’t feel bad. You can only do so much to help someone. I feel like a bad person for how she is acting in this situation. You did this to yourself. And the hope that she isn’t in control of the situation. That is the only hope that I have to hanging out with her outside of the game. Shelli says it does become personal when you establish a friendship with someone and then they betray that trust. You connect with people on a personal level but then you also have to play this game. You have to also remember that we knew that people were going to lie to us. Clay says I understand that but when its the people that you risk your game for. I don’t know if she realizes how personal it feels. Shelli says its obvious she is taking it way more personal than anyone else would in the house. Is she that affected by this? Clay and Shelli get into bed. Clay comments on how Jackie, Becky and James are hanging out a lot. And Johnny Mac is close to Becky. They might form something. Shelli says and our side is falling a part because of Audrey.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 01-45-35-952

1:15am Backyard – Steve says he feels bad for Audrey. Jason says its life Steve, you can’t help everyone. Steve asks do you think this is a campaign for her? Jason says no I think this is far more than that. Unless she is trying to mist everyone. I don’t think this is a campaign. Jason says they wouldn’t take away the havenot rules from her.. Steve asks if this was a campaign? Jason says if it was for game. Steve says she’s crossed the line if its for campaign. I can’t help but feel that she is abandoned by us. Steve tells Austin I wish there was a way I could help her but the best thing I could do is not. Jason made the point that she has to help herself right now. Austin says they brought her food but it was scary though. Jason says you can’t help everyone, some people have to help themselves. No one can help her. Austin asks what is going on with her? Jason says I don’t know but if they talk away the havenot rules for her we know that this is not a big scheme that she is doing. She is going through something. Austin asks you mean they might suspend the rules for her at this point? Jason says they already have, she’s allowed to eat pizza.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 01-55-56-830

1:40am Jason, Liz, Austin, Johnny Mac and Meg are in the bathroom. Jason says they (DR) wanted my reaction to the difference (between the way Audrey was before and how she is acting now.) Jason says I just said for someone who has fought all summer to be here I just thought she would want to go out with me dignity. And they were like you got that. We understand that. I didn’t want to bash her. You’ve got to hold your head a little bit higher. They’re not going to suspend havenot rules unless its something’s really going on.

2:15am Comic bedroom – Austin and Liz are lying in bed. Austin tells Liz you have two chances. Its like if one of you goes the other one would be pretty.. Its like when Jace left. We were able to move around pretty well. It’s going to be tough for us, its going to be tough for me. Liz says I’ll be happy if I make it to jury. Liz says Becky is smart. Austin says she’s getting good at competitions. I think our group is strong now. We can keep winning things.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 02-18-26-696

1:45am – 3am Backyard – Becky, Jason and Jackie are talking. Jason says I 100% know that Austin knows about the twins and is helping her. Every time they switch they go hang out on the hammock. Giving them all the updates that they couldn’t get in there. Becky says it is 100%. Jackie asks how do you know. Becky says Jeff was talking in bed with one of them. Jason asks and they just said it? Becky says yeah. Becky says it was super brief, it was super quick. But it was just enough to confirm it. Jackie says I still need to see for myself. Jason says Meg walked in on Audtin telling the one we just had yesterday about the date that he had with the one that is here now. Telling her they had mashed potatoes.. telling her about what the other one did. Calling the other one she. And Meg was just like !?!?!? Becky says it was something about hanging out with her again when he got out but that he didn’t know if he would see her again before he left and it was 2 days before. It was like I’m going to miss you, I don’t know if I’ll see you again before I go. I was lying in bed going HUH?! Becky says I am going to let it come out to the house. I do not want to be the one that says hey guess what I heard. Jason says it was like they told people so less people would be on the hunt. She didn’t know her name was business.. I was screaming across the yard . hey business busiess when you going to get naked? She had no idea about what I was talking about. Jason says if we do get them out its even more benefit for us because I think a person in jury will get to come back. Jackie asks so are we doing it next week? Jason says I don’t know. I think its better to get them out when their individual rather when they’re both in here together. Jackie says If I put her on the block and she doesn’t go then I have two of them after me. Jason says maybe they’re a backdoor plan if there’s enough people on board to get them out. Johnny Mac says just showmance them. It’s easy! Becky says the twins and Austin are a solid threesome. They wonder if its better to get out Austin first. Jason says I like them both as people. Jason says with the dance it was clear this one was doing it in a hotel room. She didn’t know what side to stand on and didn’t remember the jesus life we added. Jackie asks which one put me on the block? Jason says this one (Liz), Helga. Becky says we also don’t want someone to come back from jury. We are game players, she is a ditzzy twist.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 02-28-14-621

3:05am – 3:15am The Wack Street Boys beepers go off and Liz, Jason and Johnny race to get dressed to do their routine again. They do the routine and then Jason tells Liz she forgot to do the lift again. Liz says oh I forgot. After Liz heads back to bed. She comments that Jason was on her about the lift. Austin says he’s just f**king with you.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 03-08-52-105

3:25am – 4am Backyard – Jason and Jackie are talking. Jason comments on how Austin got up to watch the routine because its this twin, he didn’t get up for the other one the last 3 days. This one had no idea we get woken up at night to do it. Jason says I am not putting up Steve. He came to me and cut deal not to put each other up so I won’t. I’m not coming back at Shelli. I’m not putting up Becky. And regardless of Shelli putting me up because she also saved me this week. I am definitely coming back at Austin. Jackie says one of them needs to go next week. Jason asks Austin and liz? Jackie says Austin, Liz and Vanessa.. Jason says I can’t put up Vanessa. Jackie says I can’t either f**king bit*h! Jackie says if we’re going to allow the twins come in then Austin needs to go. If they all stayed it would be a disaster. He needs to go. Can we address this to the house? Jason says we need to wait and see who wins HOH first. Jackie says if I had to pick someone it would be him (Austin) because we’ve had questionable back and forth experiences. Jackie says we have to win eventually we have the numbers .. we have it all! I don’t get it. There are so many of us versus them. I still think Shelli and Clay are closer to us.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 03-39-05-402

4:10am All the house guests are now sleeping..

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 04-10-21-26

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Allison Grodner

This game sucks without Audrey point blank and period!!!


Fuck you Grodner!!!!!


That’s basically saying this game is bad without Devin. Now the next thing will be jason investigating the twin twist



Audrey To the left/ witchcraft to the right

At first it was entertaining watching Audreys gameplay. Now it is quite obvious that this woman is suffering from serious mental issues, paranoid delusions being one of them. CBS needs to cut her and let her leave before she does more damage to her health… not only that… could she be dangerous to the other contestants, this is no joke, this woman has serious mental issues.


I think once they start breaking the rules for someone ie:letting them eat pizza when they are a “have-not” it should be time for them to go. The others are following the rules so one who is getting special treatment should not get the chance to stay in the game. If you ask me Audrey is acting like a brat because she know she is on her way out. She is all about the drama and is using the fact she is transgender and taking hormones to get the sympathy of everyone else. She would be fine if no one had called her out. It’s called being a poor sport. She needs to put her big girl panties on and gather any sort of dignity she has to make it until her eviction. Production should stop catering to her as she knew what she signed up for.


That’s a man on female hormones.
His genes will always be XY not XX, whether he goes by Adam or Audrey

J-Mac for a T-Mac

Jackie is pretty underrated and so is Becky.


I sincerely hope you’re right. They both seem quite smart with good BS meters. They’ve also proven they’re good physical competitors. They also seem to genuinely like each other. BUT…do something! They need to team up so that either one wins HOH this week and THEN we’ll see if they’re under-estimated. Come on, girls, let them (and us) know you’re there!


Isn’t Becky with Vanessa? If she is HOK, Vanessa will tell her who to put up. JMO

Ditzy Twins

Lol at Jackie not knowing about the twins. Is she clueless or just blind. Anyway it’s about time the outer side catches… Austin and his twins need to be broken up ASAP. Vanessa needs to cut Austin loose. He doesn’t have her back anymore.

Eric CA

She probably knows all about the twins just like everybody else… she is just better at keeping her cards close to her chest than other players… she may feel the twins is what got Jeff evicted. She is not all that in with the powers that be. Jackie knows more than you all think.


Way more. She’s not a dummy, that one. Aloof and unfriendly? Yes. But, not dumb. I’d love to see her or Becky win HOH this week.


Jackie is smart and she’s just waiting to get to at least jury, she just doesn’t know how to attack Austin/Vanessa yet. But she definitely will. I don’t think she likes anyone in this house even on a human level so it’s hard for her to fake a friendship, unlike Jeff.

As for Becky….she’s just good at playing dumb…she works for A&F right? Those people are super good at appearing dumb to slink out of things and laugh their way out a convo. Not that I think poorly of Becky, but it’s just a trait they love to hire. Becky already seems like such a nice person. I hope that she goes far just because I think she deserves to. Really wish she and Johnny MAC would team up.


With Audrey in the block the other side still dont form anything solid!! I almost root for Shelli how are truly concern about the game and discuss all the scenarios….


I think it’s best for them to wait to form anything solid until they know the HOH. They’re plotting for sure; Jason certainly is.


I would like to see Johnny win HOH .just cause everybody would freak out not knowing who he’d put up. and also I want to see him look Clay in the eyes and say a ur safe this week but I need u to go up as a Pawn and throw it so I can remain HOH. Clay would freak out.




I like it! Or Shelli, for that matter. What are they going to say to that? Anything would come off as churlish and pouty. Those two should definitely expect to be playing the BOB at least.

Joe Kerr

Ladies and gentlemen, this season, the role of Caleb will be played by Austin.

It’s like a love story. Seriously?! Read better lines on a bathroom stall. And Audrey…yeah. She stays, I go. (Probably not, but you all get it. Lol)


Thanks for the laugh. That was too funny and so true. I almost had coffee in my nose.

another name

i’m trying to find a concise way to call a spade a spade. i’ll probably fail. I suck at concise.
clay and shelli. shut up. Own the type of game you’re both playing.
the whole honorable honest integrity b.s. they say to each other makes me want to vomit. say it to the house as a tactic, but don’t say it to each other when you both know it’s complete bullsh!t.
clay is mad that the d/r is making him go over the argument with Audrey. you know, the set up argument. the one where he lied with every breath he took. damn. there goes his good guy image. that’s the only reason he’s pissy. d/r is problably trying to make him own his lying game this week. (my guess). he’s a bloody narcissist.
shelli is still trying to make targeting Audrey into Audrey’s fault. they no longer needed her as a shield now that the people that were targeting her and clay (davonne and jeff) are gone. clay and shelli didn’t keep her for a second chance. they say that to look like good honest people with scruples. sure shelli felt sympathy. but she and clay discussed keeping Audrey because she would be a target before they would. Now that they want to flip alliances (as discussed after hoh), they have to get rid of Audrey because they can’t attach to the new alliance they want with Audrey attached to them. they set her up. she took the bait. and now it’s her fault that their alliance might crumbled (just like shelli and clay wanted only a few days sooner than they wanted). Shelli will probably never own that her sympathy and charity took a distant back seat to using and discarding Audrey, as was the plan all along. she’s as big a backstabber as Audrey ever was. Besides her showmance shield clay, it’s impossible to name one alliance member she’s had that she hasn’t targeted or disparaged. and each time she talks about how it’s their fault. she’s sanctimoniously deluded.
Audrey did not play the game well. it’s a given. But listening to Clay and Shelli hypocritically talk about what virtuous people they are….. someone make it stop.
I tried for concise. sorry I couldn’t do it. an embolism of disgust burst.


whats worse is the part where the blind sheep believe every single word shelli and clay say. without da’vonne to spot the bullsh**, no one’s left in the house that can tell or use their head to know when they’re being lied to.. i expected James to be gullible, but Jason? i am very disappointed.


Until recently, Jason was on the block and thus, being very careful. I don’t think he’s duped by Shelli and Clay at all. PS, I agree with ‘another name’ that the Clay and Shelli “we’re honest” hypocrisy line is getting old. It’s BB. So far, your game has been working well for you both – own it!


obviously im not saying jason should blow up and call out shell/clay/vanessa’s lies to their face. what i am saying is, he could tell his trust buddy(aka brain dead)MEG, he is 100% sure gonna be gunning against the other house(shelli, clay, vanessa, liz and austin) because they are all lying and in a possible alliance.

i dont know who would go to the HOH while they’re up on the block and call them a liar, its just not smart. thats the main reason why da’vonne left in the first place, SHE knew when people lied to her and was extremely perceptive on almost EVERYTHING. she just didnt keep quiet about it.


I’m so surprised anyone gives what Clay says any credence at all. Whenever he opens his mouth I hear insincerity and what he says does not ring true at all. He sounds like a liar to me but no one in the house seems to be able to hear it.


Totally agree with you about the virtuous Shelli & Clay b.s.! I posted about this awhile back but got a few thumbs down from Shelli/Clay lovers. I too want to puke every time they talk about playing an honest game-stop it! Don’t really care about Audrey because she is a liability, creepy & obsessed with them quite honestly. I just despise hypicrites that try to project a wholesome image when clearly we can see what they are scheming. If you are cut throat just own it, don’t deny it because then you don’t deserve the respect.

another name

sure it makes my eyes roll when the house buys it. sure it makes me shake my head when they say it to other people, but that’s a gameplay tactic so it’s acceptable.
it’s the nightly talks to each other with no one else around where they continue to do it with each other…. that’s just ridiculous.


I think Vanessa knows that it is time for Austin to go. He’s too involved emotionally with Liz and that makes him detrimental to her game. If she wins hoh I wouldn’t be surprised if she put him up as a “pawn”. The other side needs to put him up against Liz and watch him throw his game for her.
No clue about how this week plays out for Audrey but if she needs to eat because of medication….she should be eating slop. They claim it’s healthy. Stinks that she gets special treatment.


IF she puts up Austin, then she would gain stronger relationships across Shelli/Clay and all her scattered F2s. I think she should but she needs Liz’s buy in, which she may or may not have before Julia enters.

I still want to like Vanessa even though I probably shouldn’t and she reminded me of Homer Simpson in her skin medication.


Seriously! It’s not cool that she could turn the lights off and eat pizza. If she needs to break rules, she needs to be out of the game. Not fair.

Lemon balls

One would believe that’s what’s going on. Give her food and out you go Thursday.
She might just be the baggage production doesn’t need or want.


Just an honest fact the game is going to get boring without Audrey…Every week something was happening because of Audrey. When you watched the feeds who did they always talk about? Audrey.

Wow you again?

Yeah, what will we do without having Audrey hiding from the rest of the houseguests?


I think you have it wrong. Once Audrey is gone they can start scheming and turning on each other. She’s a distraction.


Becky says they are “game players” and Liz is a ditzy twist. I have yet to see Becky do ANYTHING. Dont get me wrong, I don’t dislike her, but she hasn’t done a single thing. Even she says production doesn’t even call her in for dr’s so until she actually does something she needs to just shush.


She wanted to target audrey week 2 in her hoh. That could be considered something. I think she has potential to really step it up.


Screw Audrey’s calculated gameplay, veto her in absentia. Decorate the nominee chair and let’s get on with it.


Austin is so disgusting! I cannot wait for his ass to go next!
He might just as well turn out worse then Caleb, there is
something about him that is cringe inducing & gross~!


Jason not being snarky against audrey is odd.
Something is wrong.


I’m pretty sure it’s compassion. Plus, he’s off the block so feeling relieved. He doesn’t seem the type to kick someone when they’re down.

Eric CA

Jason is gay, he knows what is going down here. There are good and bad things within the gay community that we never leak out from behind the Rainbow Veil. He does not want to get a bad edit or accused of being transphobic. Like Vanessa said when she was HoH that she could not be the one to put up Audrey because she was a lesbian. Remember when Jeff went off and said she wouldn’t put Audrey up because of some LGBT shit. He was correct, but it isn’t the LGBT shit you think.

The things that we don’t let people see are exactly what Audrey id doing right now. She running a stunt and emotionally manipulating the edit as way to create a platform to talk about bullying and transphobia. If she was with a psychologist for 5 hours and came out being so fragile she got to eat real food. They have had houseguest with dietary restrictions like Christine and Judd that did not get a slop pass… why Audrey???? I would say 45 minutes to two hours was a psychological evaluation… which is way more time than it takes to be declared 51/50 disability. The rest was negotiations with production on what they had to do to keep her from pressing the escape button and go public about the constant bullying and emotional abuse she had to suffer in the Big Brother House and How CBS and Big Brother allowed it to happen. They know that they a live feed clips that can be clipped together to show this, they were probably made aware that there are live feed Go to fishes during certain moments in the House that could be twisted to look like production was trying to cover up this abuse. CBS and Big Brother are probably afraid that Audrey will pull a Carmen Carrera like what was done to RuPauls Drag Race and vilify them everywhere. She already has her supporters that are doing that very thing right now. Trolling the web and complaining about transphobia right now. Ready and poised to spew out a stream of accusations about how Audrey was and is mistreated. This show is a business and after Seasons 14 and 15 probably wary of what Audrey is willing or would do and she would and probably will do.

Here is what I think what was negotiated.
Audrey does not have to do the Have Not restrictions
Production will help to campaign to keep Audrey
Now this next part is a wild guess…
Should Audrey be evicted she will be the eliminated Houseguest to return to the Big Brother House by an OVERWHELMING FAN VOTE.. and they make sure everybody knows that it was an OVERWHELMING FAN VOTE so as to have them thinking about how they are viewed outside the house.

I just get so frustrated as a gay man that has known LGBT that have real heartbreaking stories that have really struggled to see what is going on with Audrey, pulling the you have no idea what I have been through card. Here are some facts. Audrey was arrested for Marijuana possession and other charges in Georgia… all charges were dropped… transgenders of Non-Privilyge in Georgia… go to jail and rarely come back and they for sure do NOT get the charges dropped in GEORGIA omg. She has had some extremely expensive plastic surgery and treatments that a Transgender of Non-Privilage could not afford. Then there is the entitlement self centered narcissistic way of thinking… that requires a certain amount of privilege to be like that and LGBT. That is the kid who’s parent did kick them out… with a trust fund and an apartment outside the area kind of hard luck story. To be honest LGBT of non-privleage are not victims TBH we don’t have the time to be because none of us have uber rich mommy and daddy to fall back on a LGBT that has the real struggle is a lot stronger and less entitled. I am just saying Vanessa and Justin know what is going down.


I am in complete awe of how articulate,& well versed you broke that all down & it’s what I felt all along. I am not a part of the lgbt community,but know plenty of people to have suffered, been thru things & have been persecuted etc. Audrey is not one of them. These games she has played disgust me & when certain people keep making excuses for her it irritates & baffles me. I pointed out from week one that Audrey is a vapid narcissist. Audrey has said & fine cruel things & openly admitted she did things to screw with people in the house but those defending her actions are not addressing these issues. In conclusion, love your post!


All this is very interesting and insightful to the LGBTQ community, as always. And I have no doubt that BB/CBS are keeping in mind any potential legal ramifications. My take on what happened in the DR comes from what I know takes place in the mental health world when somebody is breaking down: 1) sedatives, 2) quiet room, 3) talking/listening, 4) food, 5) sleep. That could easily take 5 hours. Plus, I can see Audrey just plain refusing to leave the DR, so more time taken. What I imagine would be preferred/easiest/least legal risk for BB/CBS is that Audrey stay in the game until being evicted, no matter what ‘small’ rules are being broken. Then, quietly as possible sending her on her way – probably to an expensive private hospital. I don’t think they’ll be campaigning for her at all – she’s just too big a legal risk (if nothing else) as you say. From what I’ve seen (I don’t have the feeds), there are no grounds for Audrey making a bullying or abuse suit that would make it past a preliminary hearing. She has, in fact, received great compassion and tolerance on many occasions from HGs. Steve would have a better bullying case than Audrey. What bugs me the most is the unfairness to the other players. Audrey has made this game significantly more challenging, frustrating, and emotionally draining for everybody.


I think your comments are spot on. She is being allowed all these game infractions b/c I think CBS just wants to wash their hands of her at this point and gently ease her out the door on Thursday. There is no way she will be allowed to have another shot at this game. Plus why bring someone back in the house that no one trusts or wants to align with. She has become this dark cloud over the entire house. This isn’t good drama. It feels creepy and uncomfortable watching someone unravel to this extent. She has become a huge liability.
I don’t know why people thought she was a production favorite. I think initially they had high hopes for her , but she just fell apart Her meltdown happened before she was even technically on the block. Maybe the opportunity and all the responsibility that came with it were just too much for her. Time to go.


I think he realizes she’s on the block, he’s off and safe. It seems the entire house is decided she will go Thursday so they are all just cutting up and relaxing, using this time as a break from the game. No one is campaigning, Johnnie Mac is real comfortable on the block even though he is in a strange spot.

There is no point in poking fun at Audrey right now and I think the House guests realize this.

Killer K

I gotta say, im horribly disappointed in Audrey! Shes not even close to the gamer I thought she might be….in fact its getting annoying now….she was totally safe this week and just couldnt keep her big mouth shut….now that the pressure is on? Shes coming down like a house of cards….and why is the show kissing her ass so much? Letting her off have nots? Letting her skip POV ceremony? Wtf is she still doing there! Get out Audrey! Enough already! I wanted to root for her but I cant take it anymore…


I agree with the disappointment, but I don’t think she was safe this week at all. And I think she knew it, she just played it all wrong.

Ira Gamagori

I can’t believe BB has let Audrey stay in the house it is quite evident that she has a mental problem and should be in a hospital where she can get the meds she really needs,if she flips out and hurts someone they are in big trouble.They have never let someone miss a POV meeting or have an all day DR session she’s not special she has a mental problem and needs help.Not fair to the other people in there.

Jay A

Lady satski should put her in her place with one of her awesome speeches


Why the special treatment for Audrey? This is messed up! If she is taken off slop and allowed to do whatever she wants, then the other HN should be given the same treatment. I hate a sore loser, and unlike season 15 when the target was shunned by the whole house which made me sick, these HG have never done that to Audrey. She is the one that isolates herself. They check on her, they tell her to come out and hang with the others, they bring her food, they try everything to include her and she shuts them down and hides behind her sunglasses in bed. She did it the first time she got caught and as soon as people risked their game to offer her safety she was doing the same thing that got her in trouble before. Now it blew up on her and she hides, she sits out the POV because she knows she’s going up and is trying to make people feel sorry for her. What a terrible casting choice. Lots of previous players have been in her situation, game blown up because of their own mistakes, on slop and waiting to go out the back door, but none of them have done what Audrey is doing, they campaign, or at least try to enjoy the time they have left. It bothers me that she blames others for isolating her when they have done more than I would have to make her feel welcome in spite of everything. She needs to go and I am glad she won’t even make jury.


all right. chloe in the house, telling it like it is. go on, girl.

Eric CA

So they have suspended the Have Not Rules for Audrey???? That has never happened before. If thy suspend them Audrey they should suspend them for ALL of the Have Nots this week. Something has to be at least a little fair about the special treatment Audrey is getting… I mean Rachel had a full on mental breakdown her last Season and she did not get any special treatment.
I am torn part of me wants to have compassion and there is a part of me that sees a stunt going on here. It feels like Audrey is pulling a con job over the house for compassion it is like what she did to kick in Shelli’s compassion and Vanessa’s compassion that saved her before. If she was really bad enough to pull the Have Not restrictions for her, and have her lie in the dark all day… why is she still in the house???? I know production and Audrey are pulling this stunt for sympathy to get Audrey to stay and create an edit for the show that will make Audrey look like a victim and Clay/ Shelli, Shell and other houseguests that targeted the fragile Audrey and put her up. This is all just smoke and mirrors. I hate to sound callous but she is working it… if she isn’t CBS should remove her or face harsh penalties…. my guess is that she struck a deal and a plan was put in motion to keep her in the house or influence houseguests to evict Johnny Mac. This reeks of scam… lets just see what happens, but I smell a con job.


It’s such BS about them dropping the rules for her.

Butters Mom

If production edits the show to make Shelly and Clay look like they were treating Audrey harshly because she is transgender I am going to be really mad. No one in that house has used Audrey being transgender against her. Everyone seemed to me to be very accepting of her and supportive of her for that. Shelly and Clay turned on her because of her actions and attitude. Production has ruined peoples lives in the past outside of the house by editing to save themselves and CBS and in those cases the houseguests did and said things that were wrong so they got what they had coming… in this case though… putting a bad spin on Shelly and Clay or any other house guest to show they bullied her for being transgender would be messed up… it didnt happen like that.


i gave up all hope on jason lol. how in the world did shelli save him from the block?? this guy needs to stop hanging out with meg, she’s giving him a bad case of the dumb blond disease. the only reason jason isnt going home is because audrey couldnt keep her mouth shut even while she wasnt a target. shelli might just win this game at this rate. these people are too gullible to know whats going on. if it wasnt for da’vonne, none of them wouldve even known liz was the twin.

Better Than Last Year

If Grodner & crew have done anything (DPOV, rewind twist) to keep Audrey in the game, I certainly hope the remaining HG’s understand how much power they really have. If they would all band together (house alliance) & go to the DR & hit the “let me outta here” button, what would Grodner & crew do then???? X number of weeks with no show??? Man, I’d love to see that!!!!!!!!!! (BTW, I know they’re not smart enough to figure that out.)


That would depend on the contract. I’m sure BB has a clause that states they can change the rules at anytime. There could be legal issues if they sabotage the show.


i cant with jackie and jason, “boohoo, i cant put up shelli or vanessa if i win HOH this week”. How about showing shelli and vanessa the backdoor…


Is Audrey going to stay in the HN room until Thursday? That is 3 days with no food and little water, while on some serious meds. She is going to need an IV drip soon to prevent dehydration. How much cover up is Production willing to do to keep her in the house? She is in no way healthy enough to stay there if she doesn’t get up soon. You can’t just keep medicating her until Thursday to keep her from going psychotic. I think BB needs to acknowledge that she is not right and get her to the hospital. So what, they made a mistake in selecting her. It is only going to escalate the criticism if they keep her in there.

Butters Mom

Becky took her food and Jason said Production was letting her have pizza… she isnt starving in there… she’s hiding.


Hiding because she is nutso!


They are giving her pizza and other food. She is not have not anymore. She is “special”.

Just me

I’m wondering if Audrey is pulling a “Dan Funeral” stunt to gain sympathy from the house. She already has Shelli questioning whether they should send her home. I can’t wait to see how they portray this week on the Wednesday and Thursday episodes, aught to be rather interesting. Also, the BB takeover could come into play. This year is much more interesting than the past two years, that’s for sure. Only problem is that the Sunday episodes are incredibly boring to watch. Thanks Simon and Dawg for all of your hard work keeping us up to date!


I’ve said this in previous years’ feeds: I give the HGs a lot of “personality” room because I think this game is crazy-making. But…Austin…the kindest thing I can say is that he’s a very (very!) young 30 – overly romantic, grandiose, attention-seeking). That’s enough for me to want him gone this week…or the twins. I’m not sure which would effect him most, but I picture some rage-pouting, that’s for sure.


He is trying out his new wrestling alter ego: Lancelot


Nailed it!


If production saved audrey and everyone complained by self evicting. They probably would cancel bb for good.
I know i would.
I am just going to go with production is testing things and if audrey’s new meds don’t work they might pull her


New meds would take longer than a few days to kick in. They are just trying to placate her until eviction night when she goes.

Michelle :)

Love love love Johnny Mac, Jason and Steve. Perfect final 3!


Production is only trying to keep Audrey in the game until Thursday. It’s obvious they’ve had to make some concessions to prevent her from walking out.


Do you think this will turn into a reoccurring event in future BBs? The “I’m a have not, I’m on the block and definitely going home, give me special treatment or I walk”
Side note: if she is under real serious mental and emotional duress I think they should pull her immediately. For her own sanity.


I think given all the press/Buzz/Whatever around Audrey having her barge out of the show is not in CBS’ interest. I only see this sort of care being given to special members of the cast.


Audrey has them crapping their pants because she can leave the house and attack production and the show and the media will eat it up with a spoon.

Even their non-disclosure agreements won’t help them. The negative press will be overwhelming and it could potentially producers fired or even the show taken off the air.

Jobs are on the line right now and they will be desperate to get her through the next few days without a major incident.


This occurred to me after reading Eric CA’s “con job” theory above: What if Audrey isn’t even transgender?!? I mean, people can say whatever they want to about themselves. In this case, what proof is there? I have noticed her hands are very female looking, and I imagine that (and feet) would be almost impossible to do surgically.

Misty Beethoven

And I have a wee bit of a problem with that. They should have negotiated financially with her, and let her leave. These concessions of sleeping with the lights out, on the floor, eating food other than Have Not food, God knows what else, are not fair to the other HGs. And for her sake, she just really needs to go.


My favorite house quest is easily Johnny Mac! I hope he wins! My least favorite, other than Audrey of course, is easily Austin! He is easily the most pathetic 30 year old I have ever seen following Liz around like a little puppy dog. I have seen middle school relationships less awkward! New flash Austin, you are 30 not in middle school! He is so full of himself and thinks he is so awesome that he doesn’t even realize he is getting played and Liz admits she is just flirting with him to get farther in the game!


My understanding is he didn’t go to school, so perhaps missed all that middle school stuff. I think he’s looking for love. At 30 some men want to settle down. It would be nice if Liz actually liked him. Finding out she’s playing him will break his heart.


I’m not being mean about him not going to school as a child. One of his bios said his parents took him out of school.


The good news about Audrey going is hopefully the others may finally be able to stop focusing on her and the twins and see Clay and Shelli running this game with Vanessa. Right now they have just let them run through the game. This season has potential but only if one of Jackie, Becky, Jason or John can become a real player and offer a challenge. Otherwise it will be a classic Clay/Shelli vs. Vanessa who backdoors who first.


I think Clay and Shelli are still bigger targets than Vanessa since it would take two weeks to get rid of them.

I think Vanessa vs Austin might be more likely at this point if Vanessa does anything to mess with him and Liz/Julia. I can see Vanessa being crazy enough. The Twins may also want to ditch her too, Liz more than Julia (she told her first).


Wonder if they’ll tape the eviction tonight so they can get her out of there.


If I remember the House guests record their votes Thursday afternoon, they may take Audrey out then. During the live show they act normal and for her eviction have a CBS employee audience with her family and do a softball interview about what she’s going to do. They’ll already have her separated from the others and allow her time to get herself together.


Austin may be too emotionally invested but to me it’s the only interesting thing going on.


I know Clay and Shelli are seeing through everything, but there’s just something about a Ken and Barbie that turns me off. Whenever I see a power group I start to cheer for the underdogs.


The loser five is Becky, Meg, Jason, James and Jackie. These five have zero shot at winning the game.

These peasants who have no game will slowly wilt and die.


I bet Jeff is steady broing it up outside the house right now. Just trying to sort through all the hoes he’s got locked down on facebook and instagram. Producers are figuring out how they can get him back in the game to get a ratings lift.


I have quiet enjoyed this season so far. There’s the house guests I enjoy. (J Mac) The ones I can’t stand. (Austin) After the disaster of the 79 alliances in the first week I thought it would never come together. But it’s been alright. I really want to see the other side of the house in power next. They haven’t made any real official alliance or plan but they haven’t been in a spot to even try. Them getting the power and the opportunity to organize will be fun to watch. If the 6th sense stays in power it’s will be more of the same. Unless the suspicion of Austin and Vanessa gets bigger….
Looking forward to Thursday and the possibility of a power shift.
Dunno why ppl complain every single year about the season sucking. It’s BB. There’s ups and downs and just plain stupidity. But it’s entertaining one way or another.


100% agree


I agree Austin needs to go! Time to flip the Clay, Austin, Shelli, twin alliance. I like the twins on that side that is all. Jackie is right they have the numbers!

Back home on the ranch.

The cows have the numbers, but no seats at the table.

Beef it’s what’s for dinner.


LOL. Supergood! Or, should I say, “Suppergood”.


Is it me or does Austin’s painted nails make him look even creepier?


Austin just needs to go! He just gets creepier and creepier. Not to mention he is really delusional about how females in the house really see him. He is the one that wants the showmance. I think he’s jealous of Shelli/Clay. Can you imagine what the conversations in his own head are really like. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH yuck!


Jackie has what numbers? And who os “we”? She has no one in her pocket. She only speaks to create a illusion she is doing something. She has zero game. She knows nothing. Does nothing. Is irrelevant totally in this game. “Jackie has the numbers”. Ok good luck with that. Go Jackie. Lmmfao!:-0


if anyone besides austin, liz, vanessa wins hoh, the other side will run the game until final 6 because they are all very close (Jason, James, Meg, Jackie, Becky, Jmac)


Even if your statement were true that those six have a tight alliance which by the way isn’t the case. But even it were. Those six can run the game how..against Nessa, Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve and Shelli and Clay?

Also Johnny is more loyal to Clay and Shelli than he is to James, Meg, Jason, Jackie. The only one he close to is Becky on your list of the non existant power alliance that is going to “run the game”

Furthermore Jackie is a floater and would shift in a second to whoever she thinks has power.


As soon as any of them get out of bed for more than an hour at a time they’ll be AMAZING.


I cannot get over the level of stupidity of these people. No wonder they are getting picked off so readily. Jackie is an idiot. When Vanessa came to her about a deal, you should have strung her along instead of letting your distaste for Vanessa show. She is now out for Austin, when she could have used him as a shield for a few weeks, and still can use him to help get out Clay/Shelli and even Vanessa. Jason is just a little, foul mouthed bitch, who for all his knowledge about the game hasn’t realized he can use Austin and the twins to his benefit to stay longer in the game. If he thinks Clay/Shelli are going to protect him long-term he is stupid. Anyone getting in an alliance with that couple at this point deserve what they will get. One word about Clay/Shelli and you are gone. Clay/Shelli so ready also to get rid of Austin are nuts. They know everyone is going for him, while he still has loyalty to you. Get rid of him and the target goes onto you. You are losing Audrey who was your shield before. Austin may be a creep, but he is loyal to the people who are working with him. That is why Vanessa doesn’t really want him to go this early. They are all playing like they are down to about 6 people, while there are still 12 people after eviction in this house. They don’t see the long term, they are playing short term games right now.


I could not have said it better myself- These people are so quick to flip on their alliance members and they are not even down to jury yet– Where is the loyalty?! You create a 6 person alliance and have continued to maintain control, ride that ish out to 6 people and fight from there– These guys are too power hungry and want to make a “big-move”


I think BB should get out the Violins, Candles and Wine for the Greatest romance that has ever been on television. {NOT} Austin is the grossest, creepiest, egotistical, delussional, maniac to be on BB. I Know AG likes wrestlers, but come on, this is the best they could do. I want to stick a fork in my eye every time he speaks. He is the biggest smuck!! The twins are not that much better. I hate their voices, nasally and whiney.
Jackie is not as stupid and clueless as people say, Jeff told her who turned on him, don’t forget he told her that Jason went around bad mouthing him, so she is not going to be forthcoming with him. She is holding her cards close to her vest and trying to figure out who she might be able to work with. I do hope she is not being taken in by Shelli and Clay. Jeff warned her about Vanessa, Shelli confirmed about the fake fight, and then tried to back pedal, so I guess we will just have to see if she can win the HOH.