Adel “We gotta win HOH or I’m going home.. they are going to know my card is fake”

11:10pm have nots Adel and Jon

Adel tells him the prize for his power is going to be huge he’s thinks it’ll be 10g’s Jon isn’t sure it’ll be that much says he was thinking more like a pizza party. Adel doesn’t want to use the power stresses that they need to win the HOH.

They lay out their plan, firstly they need to take out Kenny. Once Kenny is gone they can focus on Sabrina, Allison and Rachelle.

Adel is worried about Arlie floating between both side, ‘He’s our final 3 bro”
Jon tells them heather is loyal to Adel, Neda is loyal to him and once Kenny is gone Sarah will be loyal to him as well.

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“I love it that she thinks she’s playing me.. but i’m playing her. It makes me h*rd to think about it”

9:00pm Hammock Momzi and Arlie

Arlie – how is everything with you and kenny
Sarah – fine and I calmed him down after the jon thing.. he’s still unsure about jon
Arlie – A I can feel it, you and I are sitting pretty still
Sarah thinks tomorrow is going to be a crazy day and night.

Arlie and Sarah agree they both want to get a good sleep tonight to be ready for tomorrow.

Arlie – Jon just gets too worked up
Sarah – I know

They both agree that Jon is overreacting they were in a great spot this morning and he kinda messed up talking to Kenny.

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Sabrina to Andrew “Allison, I love her to death but if it wasn’t her here it would be me on the bed with you”

7:37pm Bedroom Allison, Sabrina and Andrew

Sabrina says she’s 100% with them (Allison etc) Allsion and Andrew don’t question Sabrina’s loyalty they know Jon is trying to turn their team into chaos. Andrew mentions the conversation Jon had with him and Allison by the pool. Sabrina sobs tells him when he goes home he can watch the episode and see she was not campaigning against him.

Again Sabrina mentions about production telling her something that set her off today. Production tells them to stop talking.

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Sarah says it kills me that you and Kenny are on opposite sides of me and I am in the middle!

3:15pm – 4pm Big Brother puts the house guests on a backyard lock down. Andrew, Allison, Sabrina, Sarah and Kenny are hanging out by the hammock. Kenny and Sabrina are studying and talking about what they remember from the mug shot photos they saw this morning on the living room tv screens. Sabrina says that at first she thought that the dates were just to throw them off so she started studying their faces. Kenny says he thinks the dates would be used as a tie breaker. Meanwhile out in the hot tub room – Neda and Heather talk about relationships and their views on cheating. Heather says that Sabrina is the one that f**ked up my game with Ika. I want her gone so bad!!

The house opens up again and Sarah and Jon head up to the chairs outside the bathroom. Jon says that he is voting out Andrew. Sarah says good that’s what we’re all doing. Sarah asks Jon if he would lie to her? Jon asks about what. Sarah says if you really trust me .. you going after Kenny is like me going after Neda. Sarah says it kills me that you and Kenny are on opposite sides of me and I am in the middle!

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Sarah says F**K HIM F**K THAT PIECE OF SH*T! F**K JON! I am so f**king done with him!!

1:20pm IN the bedroom – Sabrina starts freaking out to Sarah and Kenny about how she’s being told Andrew is campaigning. Sarah asks who f**king told you that! Was it Jon!! Sabrina says it was Jon and Adel. Kenny says why would you believe Adel he swears all the time on his Quran! Kenny and Sarah tell Sabrina that Andrew is not campaigning against you he is just telling people that he wants to stay but wants everyone to make the best decision for them. Sarah asks did Jon tell you that I was campaigning against you! WHAT DID HE SAY! They tell her that Jon said you were taking care of Neda campaigning to her. Sarah says F**K HIM FUCK THAT PIECE OF SH*T! F**K JON! I am so f**king done with him!! Sarah says Jon is going up. Kenny says if I win HOH JON and Neda are going up and he is going home! Andrew joins them. Sarah says Jon is running his mouth! Andrew says I knew it! Sabrina says my mom told me this was going to happen! Sarah says we have the numbers, f**k them. Sabina asks if she is going to be the next target next week.

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Jon tells Rachelle you cannot change your vote at any cost! You will f**k me if you tell this to Sabrina!

11:40am Out in the hot tub room – Andrew, Allison, Sarah and Adel are talking about really random things. Meanwhile Kenny and Jon are in the backyard talking – Kenny tells Jon about how Sabrina has been campaigning hard against Gordo. And he is her best friend. Kenny says she needs to go.

In the bedroom – Jon tells Rachelle that he knows Andrew is not done campaiging. Jon tells Rachelle – you cannot at any cost change your vote and not vote out Andrew. Jon says that Andrew is not lying down. Rachelle says that she wouldn’t do that to Sabrina. JOn says if you don’t change your vote – Andrew will go home. It will be a 5-4 vote. Jon says I want Andrew gone, Neda does, Arlie does and sure as f**k Adel does.

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Andrew asks Kenny “Who would you rather stay? Me or Sabrina?” Kenny says “you hands down.”

9:20am – 9:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Arlie heads into the havenot room and has a quick talk with Arlie. Arlie tells Jon to tell Adel that we should really try to convince Sarah that we’re not after Kenny at all.. we’re after the three girls (Allison, Rachelle, Sabrina). Arlie says that we’re confident with them (Kenny, Sarah) now, so we’re after them (Allison, Rachelle, Sabrina). Arlie heads back to the kitchen and tells Kenny that he feels so much better now with him after they had their talk the other day. Arlie say however that long term he is worried about Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison. Kenny agrees. Andrew asks Kenny in your honest opinion who would you rather stay? Me or Sabrina? Kenny says you hands down. Andrew says that Arlie told him that he would give him his vote. Kenny says that he is still working on it. Adle runs around and talks to Neda and Heather about sticking together against the others.

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Heather’s secret piercings, Jon’s stink finger and Arlie wants Kenny gone next

11:00pm Jon, heather and Neda
Jon asks her if both her nipple are pierced. heather says yes. (jon asked this because there was a slip up in the bathroom and jon say her chest)
Jon is shocked, Heather says she showed her boyfriend her piercings and it shocked him to.
Jon – “Nipple pierced Heather.. “
Heather – “Shut up Jon”
Heather says her mom doesn’t even know. They laugh
Heather leaves. Jon touches his junk with his finger and tries to touch Neda with it.. they topple over on the hammock and he drags her off..

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Kenny – “She stares at me all the time and I look back at her and she doesn’t turn away.. STOP THAT”

8:51pm HOH Kenny and Sarah

Kenny says he’s dated two me.. long term. He adds that he doesn’t have any gay friends back home.
Kenny – “I’ve been with way more women.. Guys still make me feel really awkward,.., I can’t um it’s strange..”
Jon joins them.

JOn asks them if they think Jenelle will break up with him. Sarah says if she was Janelle and she got a whiff about something happening with Jon she would be watching the live feeds like a freak and she would understand what is going one.

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Learning new things “It doesn’t matter if you hit the bottom as long as you bash the sh!t out of the sides”

7:15pm Sabrina and Arlie

Sabrina – “The only time Kenny is nice to me is when his stomach is full”
Sabrina says that Kenny pushes her to the side all the time and when she comes to him with information he acts like he already knows it, “He acts so confident.. I’m not stupid I’m catching on”

Sabrina says that Sarah must have talked to Kenny and told him Sabrina is drifting away. Sabrina add that She tells things to Sarah on purpose to see if they come back to Kenny. Sabrina is certain Kenny and Sarah are as close as you can get.

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Sabrina says this is my first pulled pork! Arlie says you’re losing your pulled pork v!rg*n!ty!

4:25pm In the living room – Jon, Heather and Arlie are talking about the boost the meter numbers they had seen on the tv screens this morning. Heather says so the HOH was from the 2 million. She asks what’s bigger than HOH? Jon says that Canada probably got different scenarios to vote on. Arlie says he isn’t even convinced that two are related. Jon says well they did say in the diary room that it was a twistos twist. Jon asks they said that to you? Jon says yeah they slipped it out to me when they weren’t supposed to. Jon asks is that what Ned’s was saying or did they say that to her too? Jon says they did it to her too. Arlie says yeah right, they accidently let it slip twice. Jon says I don’t care anyways. Arlie says it doesn’t even matter its not like we could guess it anyways. Andrew says that’s exactly how I feel too! Sarah asks 6 million!

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Sabrina figures out why Canada put her up! “Because I scare them & don’t put no make-up on!”

1:20pm In the living room – The house guests are laying around. Allison has Arlie and Andrew laying on her. She’s rubbing her hand on Arlie’s head. Big Brother tells them that nap time is over. Meanwhile in the main bedroom – Sarah and Sabrina are talking. Sarah says the only thing I trust in this game is Kenny and that he is looking out for us. Rachelle joins them. Sabrina says that Kenny barely talks to her. Rachelle says you have me. Sabrina says I know if I didn’t I would hang myself. Sarah says we just need to trust in each other. You either trust me or you don’t. Some days you might waver. Sabrina says that she just questions Sarah and Kenny. Sarah says I could say the same thing about you and Rachelle. Sabrina says yeah. Sarah says we need to get rid of Adel.

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