Sabrina to Andrew “Allison, I love her to death but if it wasn’t her here it would be me on the bed with you”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 16-17-12-018

7:15pm Andrew and Sabrina
(They start off in the bathroom where Sabrian is crying saying that People are so mean)

He’s telling her he’s going home and she needs to stop acting like she has no one in the house because from what he can see she still has the 1st5 and Allison/RAcehlle.

Andrew says he wants to be her friend outside the house, “The relationship I have with you is real and I love you “
Sabrina – “You are going to be more than my friend outside”
Sabrina asks him if people in the house are saying they are annoyed with her.
Andrew says no they are not the major concern is Sabrina saying that she’s alone because it’s making her other friends feel like they are not as important.

Andrew says she has to stick with the team they have and get Jon, Adel and Heather out of the house.
Andrew – “don’t turn your back on Allison. “
Andrew says Jon, Adel and Heather want him gone theres nothing that will change that, “I’m OK with it.. When I leave I want you all to keep your head”

Sabrina says she will not leave Allison and Rachelle. Andrew says Jon is a lying piece of sh!t and he’s going to lie to everyone.

Sabrina starts to cry swears she never said anything against him. Andrew hugs her and say he doesn’t want them to be spending their last days mad at each other.

Andrew says Adel, Jon, Heather, Neda, are all Shiesters.

Sabrina starts going over how the Dairy Room “pokes” her.
Sabrina – “Theres so many things they tell you on purpose”
Andrew – “Ohh of course”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 16-35-23-234

7:37pm Bedroom Allison, Sabrina and Andrew

Sabrina says she’s 100% with them (Allison etc) Allsion and Andrew don’t question Sabrina’s loyalty they know Jon is trying to turn their team into chaos. Andrew mentions the conversation Jon had with him and Allison by the pool. Sabrina sobs tells him when he goes home he can watch the episode and see she was not campaigning against him.

Again Sabrina mentions about production telling her something that set her off today. Production tells them to stop talking.

Sabrina tells Allison tomorrow if they don’t win they’re dead. Allison agrees says she’s going to fight.

Sabrina gets up to leave tells them she should leave them alone. Andrew tells her to stay.
Sabrain – “I just want you guys to be together.. I just feel like you should be.. she (Alison) can talk to you the way she wants to”

Sabrina “Allison I love you to death but lets say it wasn’t her here it would be me on the bed with you.. it’s very hard for me because you can be here doing thing and I can’t” . Sabrina leaves ..

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 16-53-17-628

7:52mp Hot Tub Sabrina and Rachelle

Sabrina full breaks down says nobody thinks she’s telling the truth and she cannot tell who is lieing to her. She explains that Andrew is making it sound like people within her own alliance are turning on her.

Rachelle and Sabrina Are worried about how they are edited. Rachelle plans to watch the first episode when she gets home and take a break
Rachelle plans to check out her phone first thing and see all her followers and read all her hate mail. .
Sabrina – “I’m going to be so affected by that”


8:17pm Andrew in the kitchen tells a bunch of houseguests in the living room he’s not motivated to cook for everyone today.

8:21pm Hammock Heather and Allison
Allison want to know who Heather will put up. heather won’t say but the person she’s after is the person she trusted completely at the beginning of the game stabbed her in the back and that is why she’s in the shitty position she is in.
Heather tells her she’s doing her best to protect Allison, Every Time her name comes up she tries to shify the conversation away. Allison appreciates it.

Heather says she needs to be quiet because she’s been on the block two time before.

Allison – ‘It sucks feels like I haven’t played much yet”

Allison says that they need to watch their backs with Jon, she has no idea what is going on with him and it’s freaking her out.

Heather says Jon is the one person in the house that seems like a nice guy but she’s never gotten close to him, “WE’re just not close”

Heather adds that Sarah, Kenny and Jon are all people she would like to have a deal with but she isn’t close to them in that way.


8:33pm Hot tub Heather and Jon

Heather tells JOn about her conversation with Allison “She just told me a bunch of crap so I wouldn’t vote out Andrew” Heather and Jon both Agree Allison is lieing through her teeth. Heather mentions how Allison told her if Andrew stays it will buy her 2 weeks.
Jon says they are going to take out Andrew this week and maybe next week Kenny. Heather says kenny before Allison because he is controlling them all.

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Hmmmm heather…..I kinda like where your head is at.


Totally agree, she’s finally getting some redemption. and considering what those snakes have put her through, the poor girl deserves it. I still love Adel, but I’m totally jumping on the Heather bandwagon. If history proves anything in this game, it’s that slow play at the beginning is the way to go. And as far as the first five goes, my mom always told me “what goes around comes around!”


Seriously Sabrina shut the hell up, im annoyed with your crying! i do not watch this show to see u cry – leave i don’t wanna see your face
gosh these annoying people, especially sabrina and rachelle


I know! She is in denial about so much. It’s funny how she suddenly can’t handle this game now that she is on the block, but she didn’t lose any sleep over all her backstabbing before. And you know she says she loves Andrew so much but not once has she asked him if it’s better for their alliance if he stays.


Sabrina knows that she did more for the 1/5 than Andrew and in doing so may have fucked her game a bit. Despite our annoyances of Sabrina we can not deny that she did more than Andrew within this game. Muscle bulk means nothing positive if you don’t have great social/gaming skills. Andre lacks this.


Omfg Jon, Neda, Heather are so dumb. I love how they all of a sudden think their all powerful in the house, meanwhile if it wasnt for the twist they wouldnt be shit.
Kenny, Sara, Sabrina, Rachelle and Alison are much better competitors then the others and one of them will win HOH this week because Canada lit a fire under their asses and there pissed…

Watch & See


Umm….jon, neda, adel and heather all knew what to do before the twist. Andrew/Kenny/Sabrina/Vampire Diary Lady were going to be put up on the block in some fashion if any of those guys won HOH.

I hate 1st 5

Here comes sabrina’s relative 😀


How are they better competitors? Sabrina only competes with her mouth and tears. Rachelle has endurance, but if she didn’t have someone in her ear telling her what to do she would have no strategy. Sara is very average, Kenny is really the only good competitor on that side and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t even won a challenge yet.
I’m expecting Heather to be next HOH, she’s much smarter than she lets on and she has an amazing memory.


Great points, and none of the first 5 have even won a HOH yet!


Well you were 0-9 thumbs down before I showed up. 😛 I think what you wrote was spot on. The outsiders have been all freaking talk. Canada’s HOH benefits them but they didn’t do a thing. Heather, Neda, Jon, Adel and Arlie only Jon has even a POV win. Maybe Heathers alleged memory prowess is true and she wins HOH? Oh I’d love watching Sab kissing her azz and telling her who to nom. Would be some great feed stuff. Oh and don’t forget Ratchet as well. I can hear it now. We girls need to stick together! When I stop laughing I’d vomit. Better go watch tonight episode I have taped to see if we get a double tomorrow. They’re taking their sweet GD time with the 1st double of the season. Got a feeling we may not see “a Gary” this season and no HG voted back in.

Odds to miss jury(10 left)

1) Jon- 2:1
2) Adel- 7:2
2b) Kenny- 9:2
4) Sab- 5:1
5) Ratchet- 6:1
6) Heather 7:1
6b) Allison 7:1
8) Sarah 10:1
9) Neda 25:1
10) Arlie 99:1

Kenny wins POV if his side loses and takes down Sarah if up. 1/4+2 will vote out Jon unless Adel does something really stupid. Jon’s in big trouble and it’s his own doing. Sarah had no interest in really playing with him. He just got played! Only Sab/Kenny directing the evicted should be Adel does Jon survive IMO. I actually think Heather might be the outsiders best shot to win a memory style HOH. We’re due for that type of comp again.


Andrew in the kitchen tells a bunch of houseguests in the living room he’s not motivated to cook for everyone today.

I bet they are all silently thankful there won’t be any booger food tonight.


Oh my god, seriously loving Heather now!! I feel like she’s actually starting to play the game. Totally rooting for her. Jon, Neda and Adel. I hope they pick the rest off one by one! And honestly as much as I hate sabrina I hope they save her for last because then she would have NOBODY, maybe we’d be lucky enough to watch her self evict 😉 also, I hope Andrew leaving lights a fire under Allison’s ass- what a WASTE for canada to vote her in! I feel like she played me and that’s the ONLY bit of game she’s done so far!!!


Allison is like wallpaper. There, uninteresting, undesirable, but will be challenging to get rid….but once gone, not missed.


That’s it Sabrina, keep underestimating Heather. Heh, heh.

Watching the show now. I’m getting a huge kick out of Andrew realizing people really do think he’s a jerk, Sabrina rationalizing it all into how Canada loves the 1st 5. Then to see Sarah and Kenny claiming that Canada dislikes the alliance, not them… well, they’re in for a surprise when they start reading the Internet!


does anyone have a live stream for episodes?


So Simon & Dawg…. Did you found out who are POV players of week 5?


Andrew and Sabrina (of course), Jon, Neda, Heather, and Adel.
The challenge was airplane themed and Sabrina claimed to have been a flight attendant in the past.


Lmfao, so flight attendant, hair dresser to the stars, model, actor, has agents fighting over her, has investors, and connections with distributors in China. How do you spell delusional? C-O-M-P-U-L-S-I-V-E L-I-A-R!


Yes, she’s quite accomplished for someone so young (insert eye roll here).


Good to see you back, Captain!!!


Thanks Maria, but I only doing the stats!


im glad arlie is finally realizing neda is a much better choice as alliance member compared to sarah

i wanna see adel, heather, arlie, jon, neda kick ass


im just hoping adels fake power doesnt screw up the trust jon, arlie, heather and neda have in adel

so its critical that side win hoh so it wont come into play


When did this happen? Omg that’s great news!
Something about Sarah doesn’t seem normal. At 32 married with 2 kids, she should be secure in herself and be more mature. I feel Neda is the most mature girl in that house. Sarah insults Heather for no reason, she needs constant male attention and she is worse than Rachelle in that regard because Rachelle is a dumb 20 year old twat, as she would say. I may be a pride, but out of respect for my husband, I would never behave like Sarah and if I had daughters, I would be scared of Karma in terms of the bullying.

I hope to God that Jon is just bullshitting Sarah and he puts Kenny and Allison on the block.


arlie came to this realization last night whilst talking with jon and adel

i agree neda is the most mature girl in the house, by a long way

Ihate sarah

I totally agree…i dont understand why sarah thinks she needs to play the game in such a horrible manor.its funny that bb doesnt show any of it on the episodes ie flirting/spooning/heather telling kenny if he wasnt such a furnace she would snuggle him all night long!
Anyways GO jon,neda,adel,heather and arlie!!!


BB is very respectful to her even on the feeds. They go to secret screen when she is having trouble changing. Maybe she has made a request in the DR or something.


I’m loving Heather even more then before!
Where are the Heather haters?! 😉


This is just my opinion, but heather is by far the prettiest girl in there and I think that’s what really separated her at the starting of the game. I think the girls must have been jealous because it really didn’t make sense from a strategic point to want Heather out that early


Yes thank you!! Poor girl she had been in between wolves for a month without any chance.. Jealousy is real dangerous


heather is a good looking girl, and very nice

in terms of looks, personality, and humour combined i like neda the most

but each to their own


Oh don’t get me wrong..I cheer for Neda too since we come from same background .



team adel, heather, arlie, jon, neda


I love them both! I would really like to see them as final two, but I have a feeling it’s going to be Arlie and Sarah


i hope your feeling does not end up happening

crazy eyebrows in f2 would be really annoying

i would be happy if any of adel, arlie, heather, jon, neda made f2


I enjoyed her on the episode tonight and how she handled Andrews’ challenge to the House Guests choice for Veto players.
It was like DUHH!


I’m watching tonight’s episode and these aren’t the brightest contestants this game has ever seen. Last week when Allison won the POV, it was only because the other players were idiots and tonight they are showing Jon win his POV and it was with a terrible time and a 2 year old could have figured out the clues to win it, Not a lot of brain power in this group,,,


That was too funny. I expected something totally different from their talks on the feeds. “Jon’s very smart. Much smarter than we expected.”
LMFAO when I found out what they were referring to.


One of the many golden moments today was when Sabrina was ‘studying’ the mug shots and Heather said I’m just really tired and don’t feel like studying anymore and just sat there while Sabrina took stabs at the answers frustrated as hell. When Heather left the room momentarily she immediately said I love her but c’mon she is really weird (not the exact words), Loved it. Heather has one of the best memories and all them cookies and nutella she’s eating is only going to be used as fuel anyway (she is by no means near fat). Sabrina felt it necessary to say Oh my God Heather you love chocolate.
Great moments brought to you by Jon starting a sh*tstorm today which caught onto Heather, Adel and Neda – oh, and Arlie – but Arlie never needs a fire lit under him. Arlie’s just on fire about being on Big Brother anyway.
Cranberry Nutsax.


Aftermath! Does Canada hate the First Five? Watch this deleted clip of Sabrina & Andrew seconds after they were nominated for eviction by Canada!


Thanks Viola. Andrew came across as sincere and Sabrina continues her audition for a failed soap opera.


oh well at least ANdrew can go home just in time too watch stanley cup playoffs which is a REAL GAME AND i’SN;t rigged


See the TV show where Andrew confronts Heather about her choosing Adel for the POV after she drew HG CHOICE ?

He just keeps proving what an asshole he truly is.

I hope the studio audience goes fooking HOOLIGAN on his ass when he’s evicted, with standing double middle-finger salutes and so much shouting Arisa can’t talk to him.


I wish I could say I’m surprised, but after seeing his behaviour up to this point, it wasn’t surprising. I loved that Heather stayed calm, stood her ground, then went and told Jon everything!


Lol but that’s awful !! 🙂
They should just not cheer for him.


After what Andrew did to Heather tonight he’s got it coming! Either that or they should just turn their backs and leave when he enters the studio.


I don’t like Andrew, but people say things in the heat of the moment and I’m sure it’s a lot of pressure being on Big Brother.
He’s clearly a very insecure person already, and even though he’s an overly aggressive ass, I hope the audience is nicer than he is.


But this wasn’t in the heat of the moment.
It was consciously pre-meditated and deliberate.

I’m sure the obedient studio audience will cheer.


Viola, that’s so nice !
Very polite. Very Canadian !
Imagine….dead silence….
I respect that.
I guess I’ve lost my nice – and my patience – seen too many psychos and scum…
He’s young. He may learn.
Maybe the harder this lesson is, the sooner he’ll smarten up.


hey sabrrina a pig no one form first 5 has won hoh? really think you;d better check that again


Yup, my bad, forgot about Andrew, guess I erased him from my memory already. Thanks for the call out!


Yeah, he’s an abusive a-hole if he doesn’t get his own way – Sabrina’s the same way. Spoiled brats.