Andrew asks Kenny “Who would you rather stay? Me or Sabrina?” Kenny says “you hands down.”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Have Nots Jon and Adel

BBCAN2-2014-04-02 06-26-48-015

9:20am – 9:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Arlie heads into the havenot room and has a quick talk with Arlie. Arlie tells Jon to tell Adel that we should really try to convince Sarah that we’re not after Kenny at all.. we’re after the three girls (Allison, Rachelle, Sabrina). Arlie says that we’re confident with them (Kenny, Sarah) now, so we’re after them (Allison, Rachelle, Sabrina). Arlie heads back to the kitchen and tells Kenny that he feels so much better now with him after they had their talk the other day. Arlie say however that long term he is worried about Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison. Kenny agrees. Andrew asks Kenny in your honest opinion who would you rather stay? Me or Sabrina? Kenny says you hands down. Andrew says that Arlie told him that he would give him his vote. Kenny says that he is still working on it. Adle runs around and talks to Neda and Heather about sticking together against the others.

BBCAN2-2014-04-02 06-47-47-109

BBCAN2-2014-04-02 06-34-13-427

10am Rachelle, Sabrina, Allison and Neda start doing laps back and forth and working out in the backyard. IN the bedroom – Arlie talks to Adel about who to put up if they win HOH. Arlie thinks one of the gremlins (Rachelle/Sabrina) or Allison with a plan to back door Kenny. Adel disagrees and says Kenny needs to go up. Arlie says we don’t want to give him the option to play in the veto. Adel still disagrees. Arlie starts to agree with him and then Adel leaves the room. Arlie says Deli your logic is stupid if you want Kenny out. Adel comes back in the bedroom and Arlie and Adel talk about how loyal they are to each other. They agree that its best for Adel to stay close to Heather, Jon to stay close to Neda and for Arlie to work on Sarah.
BBCAn2-2014-04-02 07-19-32-300

Out in the hot tub room – Andrew talks with Kenny about getting the votes to stay. Arlie joins them and they continue talking about getting the votes. JON and Sarah join them and the conversation turns to talking about travelling. When Jon leaves, Andrew talks to Sarah about how he hasn’t rolled over and died. He says that he’s asked both Arlie and Kenny who they want to stay. Andrew says that he doesn’t want to campaign against Sabrina. He says there is a chance for me to stay. Sarah asks what votes do you have? Andrew says Kenny, Allison, Arlie … You if you want me to stay.. and then we need one more. Kenny says it’s between Jon and Neda. I think I could get him to vote for you to stay. Arlie says I could too. Andrew says then we should go with that. Andrew says I am not admitting defeat.. but if you were put up against your bother or sister, would you fight? Sarah says I definitely won’t be bring this up to Sabrina.. I think me Arlie and Kenny should talk about it. Arlie says you’re my f**king brother for real and I would rather you stay.

In the bathroom – Adel talks to Heather. He tells her that they need to win HOH so bad. Heather agrees. Adel says when we win HOH we’ll work out every day. Heather says she wants to. She says that the reason she hasn’t been working out is because she didn’t want to be seen as a threat.


10:50am – 11:10am Allison runs out to the hot tub room to tell Sarah, Andrew, Arlie and Kenny that the tv screens are showing their faces! The house guests are calling it the “Bully Beat Down Mug Shots”. All of the house guests photos are cycling through on the screens. Big Brother has photoshopped their faces with bruises, tattoos, and lip stick kisses. Andrew says maybe we need to remember these for a upcoming competition! Each of them had their home towns and a booking date and their booking number on the boards they were holding. The house guests are trying to remember the dates and what each of their photos had. When it ends half of them head out to the backyard to look at the House Guest photos to discuss what they saw.
BBCAN2-2014-04-02 08-01-00-923

11:15am – 11:35am Sarah and Andrew continue their conversation out in the hot tub room. Sarah tells him that Sarah is pushing hard to stay .. she isn’t being as valiant as you are. Andrew asks with who? Sarah says everyone! Sarah says there is something to be said for Sabrina who is fighting so hard to stay. Kenny and Arlie join them and Andrew heads inside so they can talk. Sarah tells them that Sabrina is gunning for me hard. Arlie brings up his conversations with Sabrina and how she thinks she’s so smart and always thinking 10 steps ahead of everyone.

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As Talla would say “Busy” yesterday so I’m crash landing on BBOnline to get a much needed fix. What would we do without Simon and Dawg? Love all the comments, where we can agree to disagree. So here goes…

Kinda ashamed of Allison and Andrew. (more so of Allison as a Psycho Nurse?) Enthralled by the delusions of grandeur ie: Kenny and Sarah. Rach’s modelling career blah blah blah!

I do have a few favs though. Speaking on a strictly unbiased level.
Adel and Jon have both captured my heart as really good guys. Heather is a sweety and Neda a lovely “dark horse”. Just sayin!!! Love this site.


It’d be funny if Andrew thought he had the votes against Sabrina, and Arlie ended up screwing him by evicting him anyway – so Sabrina and Rachelle would be mad at Kenny Allison and Sarah for voting to evict Sabrina instead of Andrew.

Sabrina's Mom

They think they can get Jon, too. It’s so funny. Jon and Arlie can say they’ll save Andrew, then not do it and let Sabrina see the votes against her… or Jon and Arlie could tell Sabrina what’s happening and let her go apeshit all over the place.

Allison, Kenny, and Sarah would become her enemies. Then she and Rachelle would try to latch on to Jon and Arlie, as they were the ones to tell her/save her. Then you have the whole house after Kenny, Sarah and Allison. Arlie is smart enough to realize this. The only problem is if he still wants to roll with Sarah. Arlie can start a war just with a sentence. “Sabrina, Allison and the 1st 5 are voting to keep Andrew.” BOOM!


Who is Arlie??? Don’t know and just …don’t know. He’s like a worm after a rainstorm. Perhaps he shall arrive at the surface.

Sabrina's Mom

Here we go. Finally, Andrew is going to try to stay. I want him out, but he should at least go down fighting.


I have this feeling when Sabrina get evicted, the whole crowd is going to boo her when shes comes on on stage. Does anyone else feel the same way?


i really hope thats the case !


I know I’ll be cheering from home!!! She has to go tonight. I just can’t stand anymore. Sorry Sabrina’s Mom but I swear on my head, I think your daughter needs help.


That would be horrible. I don’t like her either, but I feel like people treat her like Amanda way too much. Amanda was way meaner and nastier than Sabrina. She’s got a shitty attitude, but I don’t feel like she’s done anything harmful/hurtful enough to get a mean audience.


I knew this was going to happen…Andrew has approached 1ST 5 about staying, Sarah wants Sobs gone now. Arlie did just tell her about Sobs not trusting her and wanting her gone soon, which has just cemented Sarah and Kenny’s decision to keep Andrew. They are just going to need one more vote…if Arlie is really voting that way. I really don’t know with him…he is shady. Since he DID tell Sarah what Sobs said, I am not sure which way he is going here. Kenny and Sarah also talked Andrew into guaranteeing Adel safety next week if he votes Sobs out…this being the back up plan if they can’t convince Jon to keep him. So this vote can could go either way…it really is in Arlie’s hands. Who knows which way he will go. It depends on which side he feels will take him further. As much as Andrew NEEDS to go, it would be so funny to see Sobs blind-sided…


A blindside would be hilarious totally unexpected.

I haven’t watched the feeds this morning so i’m just going by last night knowledge. I think Arlie wants to get Andrew out but doesn’t want to expose he’s turned on Kenny. Arlie’s Position in the house is very mailable so I’m sure he’ll be set up decently regardless of the outcome.

Johhny (the European one!)

I’d love for a blindside too! But a blindside of Andrew who would by then believe he’s actually staying will be pretty funny to watch too 😉
The part I really don’t understand is why Andrew, Allison, Kenny, Arlie and Sarah say that the 1 more vote they would need can only come from either Jon or Neda.
Why don’t they even TRY to talk to Heather?!? I mean, when Heather was on the block against Paul, Sabrina was one of those who voted against her, while Andrew didn’t. It just seems like poor gameplay by all of them for not having tried to capitalize on that situation: “we were with you, they were against you”.
If Arlie really does vote to evict Sabrina, and they fail by 1 vote, then I’d say THAT was their big mistake.

Arlie wanted Andrew gone so he can have greater influence on Allison, but I feel like over the last couple of days, he has resigned to never getting that influence with her, so he might actually really drop her, hence decide to rather keep Andrew and focus on targetting the “Sabrina-Rachelle-Allison trio”, certainly with the plan still in place to backdoor Kenny as soon as the opportunity arises.
Wow, so many scenarios that must run through their minds… I can’t wait for the actual voting on Thursday!
My gut feeling tells me that Arlie will still vote to evict Andrew though…


He is setting Sarah up to get burned. If she votes to keep Andrew, it will show the other side of the house that she can’t be trusted, but he will be fine. I don’t think he will vote to keep Andrew, and if Kenny ends up HOH, he has the option of swearing on his head that he voted to keep Andrew, planting a seed of doubt in Kenny’s head about Sarah, after all, she has flipped before. It also will be the final wedge between Sabrina and Sarah. If Sabrina knows that Sarah voted against her, she will be pissed. It would become clear to her that the only person she has in the house is Rachelle, and maybe Allison. She will also have no reason to be pissed at Arlie if he votes to keep her, but she will know she is screwed if Andrew gets Kenny and Sarah’s votes. EIther way, Arlie doesn’t piss anyone off, and Sarah takes the heat. Arlie knows that Sarah is tight with Kenny and has Jon lined up as plan B. He is making a sly move to mess that up. I am pretty sure Andrew is going home tomorrow. I think DR is making them play up the possibility of Sabrina leaving to create a false sense of suspense.


Great analysis! Arlie’s game is really getting good.


That would be great…I want Sarah to be exposed. Her and Kenny have been too cocky and feeling too safe. Let them both feel the heat and squirm! On another note, I want to gag when I see Sobs and Allison pledging loyalty to each other. If she only knew…


Sarah is falling for it hook line and sinker. She is almost openly campaigning for Andrew, and she doesn’t know it yet but Arlie burned her with everyone and exposed Kenny. Love it!


Oops..just watched that convo with Sarah and Andrew again and I think she was actually talking about Andrew guaranteeing Jon safety for his vote…not Adel. Andrew said he would promise safety for next week and maybe further, but not the whole game.


Noone that I can remember posting here has questioned Kenny’s ACTUAL age. I really think he look way older than what he claims.


Watching the back and forth with NEda and JOn over the last 3 days has me convinced they will become very popular with the TV crowd. Unless the tv network does a 180 with their edit (Which they’ve done before with other players) they have a good chance of winning alot of twistso treat powershift twist.


I would vote for Neda to win something, just because Rachelle said last night that the viewers would never give her anything because she is useless. LOL. Rachelle is going to be shocked when she finds out what we really think.

Gimme a break

I just watched sarah on bulging bride (also a slice show)and im just gonna say she MUST know someone in production how coincidental is it that she is on 2 slice shows 6 years apart…this might be big brothers new twist a rigged “plant” house guest to win the show .total bullshit. This does not sit well in my mind/gut at all!!


I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that because sarah was on another unrelated slice show that she’s been set up to win BB. It’s common knowledge that knowing someone in production helps your chances of getting on tv, whether it be BB, Survivor, the Amazing Race etc. If she really was cast through some sort of personal connection, I don’t see how that would in any way affect her chances in the game, negative or positive. Regardless, this is all speculation. She could have gotten the role fair and square by auditioning like everyone else.

its true

ATTENTION HOUSE GUESTS: big brother has planted a fake houseguest in the house to be the winner this year can anyone quess who it is?ding ding ding its SARAH


OK.. it’s obvious you do not like Sarah. I’ve searched the site for comments from your IP and it looks like you’re posting a bunch of the same thing about Sarah using different screen names every time.

There’s really no need to do this just pick one name and share your opinions. The method you are using is going to results in your IP being banned as it’s looked upon as troll like activity and is something we try to prevent. When I set up the parameters to filter out trolls the first thing I do is get it to check for People do just this. It’s a major problem with BBUS but not so much for BBCAN hence the reason I haven’t activated it yet.. but I’m going to start.

Just friendly request at this point…


heather jon neda adel and rachell are all going to vote to evict andrew.. its just to risky keeping andrew in the game,he could make a comp run.. they need andrew to go now…. i dont see andrew convincing any of this people to vote out sabrina… arlie will also vote out andrew he will just tell him he does not have enough votes to stay……allison kenny and maybe sarah will vote for andrew to stay…my bet on sarah is she will vote andrew out to keep sabrina on her good side…


Ok simon sorry about that…i’ll just pick one name and bash her with that lol