Sarah says F**K HIM F**K THAT PIECE OF SH*T! F**K JON! I am so f**king done with him!!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Have Nots Jon and Adel

BBCAN2-2014-04-02 10-16-07-369

1:10pm – 1:40pm IN the bedroom – Sabrina starts freaking out to Sarah and Kenny about how she’s being told Andrew is campaigning. Sarah asks who f**king told you that! Was it Jon!! Sabrina says it was Jon and Adel. Kenny says why would you believe Adel he swears all the time on his Quran! Kenny and Sarah tell Sabrina that Andrew is not campaigning against you he is just telling people that he wants to stay but wants everyone to make the best decision for them. Sarah asks did Jon tell you that I was campaigning against you! WHAT DID HE SAY! They tell her that Jon said you were taking care of Neda campaigning to her. Sarah says F**K HIM FUCK THAT PIECE OF SH*T! F**K JON! I am so f**king done with him!! Sarah says Jon is going up. Kenny says if I win HOH JON and Neda are going up and he is going home! Andrew joins them. Sarah says Jon is running his mouth! Andrew says I knew it! Sabrina says my mom told me this was going to happen! Sarah says we have the numbers, f**k them. Sabina asks if she is going to be the next target next week. Kenny tells her that he isn’t after her.. why would I take out a number from our side. Kenny leaves. Sarah says I am just sick of all the lies in this house. Sarah asks why do you not trust Kenny. Sarah asks why can’t I have Kenny? You have Rachelle! Why can you run around with RO? You two are little Gremlins together! Kenny and I are two grumpy old people. The fact that I am close to Kenny is good for you because the fact that I have your back helps you because thats one more number for you. Sabrina starts crying. Sarah tells Sabrina that she has her back. Andrew leaves and Sarah says its really hard to talk to you about this in front of Andrew. Sarah tells Sabrina that Andrew isn’t campaigning against you. Something he was told in the diary room made him sound like he was looking like a pu$$y.. Sarah tells Sabrina you are not going home. You need to calm the f**k down. If you hear anything about us trying to get you out its a lie. They are just trying to turn us against each other.

1:45pm Jon comes into the room and asks if they want to talk? Sarah says no. Jon says well f**k it them! Sarah gets up and says I can’t be in this room! Sarah leaves. Jon asks what was that all about? Sabrina says it was about me. This is the second time she has done this to me. Jon says I’ll talk to her.

1:55pm In the storage room – Sarah and Andrew are talking. Sarah comments on how f**k this game is. They’re worried about the votes. Jon comes into the storage room for a second and then leaves. After he leaves Sarah yells out F**K YOU JON! She throws up the middle finger. Andrew says we just need to get to the weakest one .. Heather and we scare her! Maybe you can start that conversation with her. We need to scare Heather with as little time left as possible. They leave the storage room. Sarah joins Arlie on the hammock and says that she heard first hand that Jon f**ked her over. Arlie says I am not tied to Jon by any means. Andrew tells Arlie and Sarah what they should tell Heather to scare her.

2pm – 2:25pm In the kitchen – Sarah talks to Rachelle about Sabrina and asks her if she likes the way that Sabrina treats her and how she talks down to her. Meanwhile in the havenot room – Andrew lays it all out to Jon and campaigns to him for why he should stay over Sabrina.

2:30pm – 2:45pm Jon talks to Sabrina out in the hot tub room. Sabrina questions if Jon will vote her out or not. Jon says I am the deciding vote according to Andrew. Sabrina asks would you tell me if you were going to vote me out. Jon says I would tell you if I was going to vote you out but I am not voting you out. Jon asks do you think Kenny and Andrew would back me up. Sabrina says that she think Kenny would but isn’t so sure Andrew would. Jon asks Sabrina if her and Rachelle will keep him safe? Sabrina tells him that she isn’t coming after Jon. Sabrina says and Rachelle will do whatever I say. Jon says I am telling you I am voting to keep you. Sabrina says I see who has your back – Adel, Heather, and Neda. Jon says I hope so. I am with Adel right now because he has that card. Sabrina tells Jon thank you. She says that if you hadn’t come to tell me that upstairs that Andrew was campaigning I don’t think anyone would have. Jon says that Gordo told him that if you don’t vote for Sabrina to go .. you will have 5 people gunning for you. Sabrina asks Gordo said that?! Sabrina starts to cry. She says I am not saying stuff like that. Jon says well maybe you should start saying stuff like that. Jon tells her not to tell Gordo I told you that. Sabrina says she won’t.
BBCAN2-2014-04-02 11-38-20-378

2:30pm – 2:50pm Meanwhile – Kenny talks to Andrew about what’s been going on this morning and where the votes lie.

2:50pm – 3:05pm Sabrina and Sarah head out to the hot tub room to talk. Sarah tells Sabrina to not put out there little digs about me and Kenny because people are coming back to me. Sabrina says she only said it to Arlie. Sarah says its not Arlie telling me. Its not Arlie. Sabrina says that the only time she thinks she could have said any thing would have been to Arlie. Sabrina says its just sad to see that he is going this hard against me. Sarah tells Sabrina 100% Kenny and I have your back. Sarah says that Kenny even asked her if he should change his vote for Sabrina to stay just so that she trusts me. Sarah starts crying

BBCAn2-2014-04-02 11-53-37-165

3:15pm Big Brother calls for an in door lock down and then switches it at the last minute telling them that they need to vacate the house. All of the house guests were completely confused on what to do and frustrated that they weren’t prepared to be locked out in the backyard.

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Sarah just said to Andrew, “I feel like a horrible human being.” That’s because you ARE, Sarah. The reason Sarah especially pisses me off is because she’s a mother!

Who’s truly on whose side for real anymore?

Why did Jon even talk to Rachelle in the first place? Did he really think she would vote out Sabrina? Idiot! All he needs to do is keep his mouth shut. But he can’t. NOBODY can and I know why. They all think it makes them a strong player to contend with as long as they’re talking to, and trying to manipulate, someone else. As long as they’re talking, they’re a strong player. IDIOTS!

The Black Guy

I think this was excellent gameplay. Turn everyone against each other while you know the outcasts will stick together no matter what.

Adel, Heather, Neda and Arlie are voting Andrew. Rachelle will not vote against Sabrina.

And now the other side is split. Kenny and Sarah vs Sabrina and Rachelle. Allison is in the middle. To survive 2 people (Sabrina and Rachelle) will jump to the outcasts and take out the rest. Allison will continue to be furniture we wish we didn’t have.

And what better time to stir things up than the day before the vote. Especially if you are playing a possible double eviction which always think is the upcoming week.

Whats up

I dont think Sarah is a bad person, up until now she has been playing a fairly good game. where she went wrong is talking jon & neda out side by the pool. Andrew told them (Sarah,Arlie,Kenny) that Jon approached him & Alison last night saying he would vote for him to stay and he suspected that he was doing it to cause more drama and he was right. Andrew is a coward you wait till the last minute to fight. Jon is listening to Adel too much Sarah will never trust him now, I feel that Jon could have floated til the end of this game but he has made it clear to Kenny,Sarah,Sabrina that he is 100% on the other side. I think Adel influenced his game. Adel told Heather to go chime in and tell Sabrina that she heard so campaigning going on and she told him no. Even though Adel has no power in the house he is a strong player very manipulative. Arlie is good as well. He is really trying to demolish first 5 alliance. I dont think he should, I think he should stick with them after Andrew is gone its a better move for him. Not playing with Jon he would dump him for Neda in a heart beat.


Love it that either Sabrina or Andrew is going home hope its Andrew


Bye bye Andrew or Sabrina….. To bad you both don’t go.


Adel and Heather are in the best position and I LOVE it. Its gonna be 2 groups fighitng each other with those those in the back eating popcorn


Adel is actually a huge target for the other side…if Jon is gone, the target is on Adel since they think Neda is useless without Jon…Heather, i agree should just sit down and eat popcorn…


I just finished watching the video and I take Adel back. How did Sabrina not figure out that Sarah Lied?
Especially after the “Sabrina told everyone that sarah and kenny are close ” argument


If the First Five win HOH this year…Jon or Adel will be going…however, i’m hoping that Jon’s side wins HoH…the First Five will just all scatter and turn on each other and fight…that would be so much more entertaining to watch…but if the First Five wins HoH…not only do i not like them…it’s gonna be a boring week…


If Jon and Adel are nominated Neda will find the twisto veto to save Jon.


and then Adel goes…it’s one of them…Neda isn’t a target right now…


Well adel still has his power, so he doesn’t have to worry about being backdoored, and even if he does get put up, he can still try and win the veto, or find the surprise veto that is hidden. Adel still has a fighting chance.


The reason Arlie and Adel are the best players (Arlie more than Adel), is that they’re level-headed and keep their composure when talking to others. Everyone else is so wrought with emotions that everything comes flying out of their mouths and, without even knowing it, Arlie and Adel’s calm demeanor puts them at ease and they end up talking more, giving away more information. Arlie is much better at this than Adel, though. Adel still gets a bit too passionate in some one-on-ones. Adel gets cocky and arrogant and it’s going to be his downfall.

As far as Sabrina or Andrew leaving, I don’t care which one does. The smarter move is to get rid of Andrew but I’ve given up on these kids doing what’s smart. It’s smarter because Sabrina’s already shot herself in the foot with all the talking she’s done. She can’t keep the lies straight anymore and everyone knows it and hates her. Sabrina has done the First Five’s dirty work for them. Andrew, on the other hand, tells everyone else what to do and intimidates them into doing it. Meanwhile, he just sits back and let’s Allison pick his nose for him.


OMG!!!…this actually can’t get much better…the whole alliance just continues to fall apart…this is great…


Exactly. Totally Agree. These people are such liars. Kenny saying that Adel swears on his Quran, but not once have I seen Adel do or say anything in that manner, plus what Jon said was true. Andrew did go to Jon practically threatining him, saying that if he votes him out 5 people, plus Allison, will be gunning for him. I don’t understand what the hell Andrew is trying to do, but I know one thing is for sure, what ever he is doing it is not working in his favor.


Either this was a brilliant plan and I missed Jon’s goal or it was not the wisest thing to do (probably because he got overexcited) by telling Rachelle of all people. Rachelle is Sabrina right cerebellum (well at least a fried synapse).
Either way, I like the pressure cooker here because we get to see ‘how nice’ everybody is because they’ve been claiming it all along. I believe it’s the reaction to the fallout that determines what you’re made of and Heather (who I had no liking for), has now become someone I admire. Go figure.
Great job guys with the site and the gentle and polite reminder because even I am tempted to become a little irrational (which gets me nowhere) and only ages me.
Thanks 🙂


I want to slap Jon !!! He just ruined their own game.. all are power thirsty once they have they go Nuts! Wrong move

I hope Andrew goes home though.


Maybe not that stupid…he knows he is voting Andrew out, but he has now let Sobs know that Andrew is campaigning…which is freaking Sobs out. Now that this has happened, Andrew is basically campaigning out in the open. This is deepening the cracks and mistrust in the 1st 5 alliance. It will be easier to taken them down if they are not a united front. Jon knew that he is target #1, so it doesn’t hurt him to stir shit up. I think it is friggin’ hilarious. I love how Kenny is telling Andrew to let Allison know not to fully trust Sobs with everything. He said he would talk to her tonight. This is perfect…instead of staying a solid 6 and banding together till they get the rest out, they are turning on each other…before Andrew is even gone.


High five to u guys that can sit and listen to the mentally challenged Slobrina talk in circles and the disgusting ego maniac nose picker Andrew spew B.S.. !!! I was intending on watching the feeds but listening to them both have convos with the other H.G`s is like listening to nails on a chaulk board !!!


Feeds are crazy today.I bet BB production enjoying live actions 😉


I really hate Sarah because she actually thinks that she’s such a great person and above all of the drama when she partakes in it every chance she gets.


Ugh…Sarah turning on the waterworks now. Wait…is she saying that all the cuddling with Kenny and Jon fills the hole in her heart from missing her husband and kids?? Yeah…way to go…play the “missing family” card to deflect Sobs attention away from almost busting your plan to get her out. Now Kenny and Sarah double-teaming Sobs against Jon. This is all so funny.


Did Sarah just not campaign to Neda about getting rid of Slobrina? then she’s got the nerve to blow her top that Jon mentions that she wants Andrew to stay over Slobrina? Am I getting this correct? I am SO sick of Sarah playing with her stupid emotions in this game and blows up every time her sad attempts at playing the game back fire on her ugly A88!!! Her nut has been cracked ages ago if she self-destructs like that so easily.


I have not disliked Jon once this far – even the ‘little verbal slips’ are forgiveable because he truly seemed remorseful. He doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body but the guy is crafty and I love it. It’s that Beast Coast charm again dammit!


Where did they get these people?

bb is a house full of crazy

different parts of Canada, hence the title of the show.


But with a crazy high percentage of east coasters, which isn’t very representative of Canada as a whole


Jon is looking at Sara like he isn’t buying her breakdown.


Neda is on the ball with what’s going on. She’s my dark horse hopeful… Against someone like Arlie


Is Jon trying to save sabrina or gordo?? Why did he even talk to rachelle about it??


Why do people keep calling Andrew, Gordo, More like GOD NO!!!


They call Andrew Gordo because his last name is Gordon.


I always thought they called Andrew ‘Gordo’ because he would do his ‘cooking show’ like Chief Ramsey with his stupid ‘Australian’ accent. Im I wrong?


Cuz he’s fat? Gordo means fat in Spanish.


I’ve always felt that every season contains at least 1 sociopath (although I’m not a professional). This one’s might just be Allison. She really hasn’t displayed any emotion that I can think of. She saw a way to the top (the so-called top dog of the house) and is going to survive him. Well done. I still really dislike her.


here’s my daily opinion on Allison

Allison is a disaster


At least she’s a soft-spoken disaster. Hey, that’s one good thing about her – she’s not loud.




really’s my daily opinion of Allison….ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz!!! 😀

bb is a house full of crazy

My impression of Allison…Nice night for camping. Handjob anyone?


Fingers crossed – that counter that they’ve been watching are votes for a double eviction? Dunno. Maybe they’re preparing to announce – INSTANT DOUBLE EVICTION. Oh I swear to God on my head…….I would love that. LONG SHOT?


odds are high for this, i feel they might do an “insta-double” outta the blue
or leisurely happily announce one for the middle of April or later on in April!


Ugh…Sarah whining to Jon about how he needs to trust her and Kenny isn’t coming after him. “Wait til you see my DRs”…this is her version of Sobs swearing on her head…”it kills me that you and Kenny are on opposite sides of me and I am in the middle”…Like they are fighting over her. (rolls eyes) Then she says him going after Kenny would be like her going after Neda. Now she is making veiled threats that she can give him info from the other side, so he better not throw her under the bus or lie to her.

I HOPE Jon sees through her bullshit and is just going along with her for now. I want her exposed more than anyone.


It’s always worth asking –
who would you want to be with in the Zombie Apocalypse ?

There aren’t really parallels with Walking Dead characters, but I wouldn’t feel safe with the First5 at my back.

Maybe Heather as Beth, Adel as Glenn?
Sorry. Off-topic.


WALKING DEAD just did its big season finale. All TRU~fans must wait until fall.
None of ’em have wise Carol’s “true grit” or Darryl’s astute eye. Something worse
than Woodbury looms, and BB*CAN’s S2 comes across as blythe & Woodburyite.

The West is Best

Before I began to read this summary website a few years ago, I had NO IDEA how TERRIBLE pretty much every houseguest on Big Brother is. Whatever was shown on tv used to be my impression of them. How wrong I was, this is so englighting!

Sarah is less and less appealing. She’s the type of person I could see raging at a child’s hockey tournament and getting kicked out of an arena. Gotta look out for those punky looking “hip” parents that clench on to their 20s well into their 30s. And the eyebrows…I know it’s been said already so I’ll lay low on the sharpie marker jokes.


It kills me as a fan to see how Andrew just laid down and died the second he was nominated. It defeats the purpose of even being there! “Would you campaign against your brother or sister?” YES!!! That is the game! You can convince people to keep you without throwing mud at your friends. This last day ditch effort was never going to work. I seriously hope Jon wins HOH next!


Andrew is such an A$$hole, bully… Threatening Heather to get her vote… that’s horrible, I hate Sabrina, but because of his comment I hope he goes home…


It may be lame, but the scare tactic is always used in BB. It’s the threat of putting someone up on the block, not actually a threat of harm, so I don’t think it’s particularly shocking.

Reality check

I can really appreciate Neda and Jons game
Play . Neda has been calm and just watching
What is going on around her . I definitely
Think she will step up and win a challenge when
It is needed . Her and Jon I would say are by far
Playing an intelligent well thought out strategy
Unlike the rest of the vicious bully’s ,,, popularity
Contest douche bags .
Go Neda ,Jon Adel and Heather .

Reality check

Ha ha Sarah you got caught …. Did she seriously
Think that all her bashing of Sabrina wouldn’t get back
To Sabrina .. Come on . Snake .


I love how 1/3 people are rooting for Jon
And that no one even bothered giving a vote to Rachelle.
Weird, because she was somewhat high on the list last week

I hate sarah

Rachelle whos that?lol what a total waste of space she is which is the only reason sabrina is bffs with her so she can control her

Nerd herder

Jeebus people ! This is a game for Christ sake stop judging these people. Bunch of hypocrites the things people say on here about them makes you no better. Disgusting. We are Canadians right? You sound like bunch of ignorant Americans.

Captin underpants

So you are telling us not to judge cause
It’s just a game , then you proceed to call
Americans ignorant lol … You must be related to Sarah
She says she hates bullies then bullies … Is that you Jason lol


I am the only one who thinks that Jon didn’t ruin his game with his actions today? They (Sarah and Kenny) were coming after him anyway…before all this happened. Now, he might have support in the form of Sachelle, in case they win HOH.


Adels problem…HE DOES NOT THINK BEFORE HE SPEAKS! He really has no clue what the hell he is doing.