“I love it that she thinks she’s playing me.. but i’m playing her. It makes me h*rd to think about it”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 17-48-33-142

8:48pm Bathroom Jon and Arlie
Jon is pointing out how obvious it is that Kenny is coming after him next week. Arlie thinks after Andrew goes they can calm Kenny down.
Arlie brings up how the HOH competition they are going to have is perfectly suited for Kenny. Jon thinks Heather has a good chance to win it. Arlie – “Kenny is the best.. he has the best memory in the house”

Arlie mentions how Deli is deadset on not backdooring Kenny which Arlie thinks they should. jon agree they should backdoor him.

Arlie says even if Kenny wins the POV they have Deli’s power and can put up Allison aor Rachelle and get them out.
Arlie – Either way we’ll get out Rachelle or Alison if KEnyan wins (using the power that Adel is saying he has but he only has a veto card)

Arlie tells him Momzi is really trying get Kenny to stop coming after Jon.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 18-02-12-332

9:00pm Hammock Momzi and Arlie

Arlie – how is everything with you and kenny
Sarah – fine and I calmed him down after the jon thing.. he’s still unsure about jon
Arlie – A I can feel it, you and I are sitting pretty still
Sarah thinks tomorrow is going to be a crazy day and night.

Arlie and Sarah agree they both want to get a good sleep tonight to be ready for tomorrow.

Arlie – Jon just gets too worked up
Sarah – I know

They both agree that Jon is overreacting they were in a great spot this morning and he kinda messed up talking to Kenny.

Sarah – “F*** sabs the thing that scares me is she has such an ability to make you feel safe.”
Sarah- “ She told me she told you I was worried about Kenny”
Arlie – She’s playing so many angles
Arlie says Sabrina is trusting him now more than anyone else beside Rachelle they can use that, hopefully she will tell him stuff about Sarah.

Arlie – “I love it that she thinks she’s playing me.. but i’m playing her.. it’s makes me hard to think about it”
Arlie – I can’t wait to crush her soul in this game.. the first five needs to stick together for another couple weeks.

Sarah wonders if they should get rid of Sabrian so early
Aralie mentions that Allison and Rachelle are controlled by Sabrina.

Arlie thinks the eviction order should maybe be Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison

Sarah would feel more comfortable getting rid of Heather first then starting to pick off their side.

Arlie – Thats not bad idea.. it’s a option i’m not ruling that out

Sarah says today she was ready to toss her out the window.

Arlie and Sarah agree that Sabrina has that initial loyalty with them where they don’t have it with

Arlie points out he’s not at the top of his side Jon is at the top

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 18-21-24-075

9:10pm Storage room Tears

(Didn’t listen to it can’t handle it)

Sabrina tells Allison whatever she needs to know she’ll tell her.
Sabrina says it’s them three against the house now.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 18-23-34-100

9:30pm Living room Andrew with his girls.. Sarah, racehlle and Kenny are on the other side of teh couch.. chit chat.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 18-28-48-296

9:15pm Adel, Jon, Neda and Heather bedroom
They start laying out their plans for next week. Adel thinks Sabrina is running the girls side.
Talking about how ALlison is threatening everyone if they don’t vote to keep Andrew they will go hom.
Jon – “They think they are still running sh!t”

They bring up how the other side keeps saying that Andrew is going home because he’s such a strong competitor they think he’s going home because he’s a douche bag.
Heather says Andrew treats her like sh1t
Jon – “I can’t believe he called you a f*** dumb b1tch”
Heather – “straight to my face”
Neda- “and he wonders why he’s on the block”

They talk about their fear of Sabrain going in Jury and spreading all her lies. Heather brings up if SAbrina was able to cause so much damage in the house with her lies and gossip just think of what she’ll do in the jury house especially if someone she knows is in the final two.

The boys leave Heather and Neda.

Neda says it would be so nice if they can keep Sabrina, Andrew and Kenny out of the jury.
Heather – “kenny is going to be so bitter”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 18-43-59-586

9:40pm Jon and Sarah wrestling around

Jon grabs her foot “Hello its me Jon and welcome to foot fetish wednesday”
Sarah – “Get off of me in that position.. you’re like thrusting over me.. ”
Jon – “You know what we call that in newfoundland.. ”
Sarah – “Start with an R and ends with an APE”
They laugh..
After Jon is done with Sarah he grabs Neda and they wrestle.

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Tonight’s BBCan opening segment was quite an eye opener for me. Caught a glimpse of why Paul may have been so fired up about Andrew. Clearly Andrew and Ika were never on friendly terms in the house. So Andrew…bye bye and take your immature patois with you. Go Jon, Neda, Adel and Heather…you rock!


Don’t start that crap, That was one of the reasons that Paul used, If you have watched any of the feeds Andrew uses or tries to imitate all kinds of accents. Andrew is many things and may very well be a racist but if he is it is unknown to us as he has not given any hint of it, He is insensitive for sure I mean just before and during St Paddys day he was on about drinking |Irish Car Bombs” He is young, stupid and a bad game player, but don’t ever try and bring up Pauls sorry out for his lack of game play in trying to infer that he is a racist just because Paul was a south African. Paul was The worst BB player in BBhistory.


Andrew may be immature…………………nope, Andrew IS immature but at 27, Andrew isn’t what I consider young. Andrew is arrogant and having the girls fall all over him adds to his huge ego but that shouldn’t give him the right to treat those girls that don’t fall for his “charms”, like dirt under his feet. Canada voted for Andrew to go on the block not for his game play but for his gross behaviour both in hygiene and actions to people that he sees as below him. I hope he goes home tonight.


Arlie aint playing nobody, he has floated this entire game in the first 5’s shadows doing nothing. I love how Canada wins HOH and he all of a sudden is some master mind. Arlies over playing and over confident and its gonna screw him as neither side will trust him.


Well put Name – I couldn’t put my finger on how come I am not a fan of Arlie’s but you nailed it! My Roommates compare him to Alan from 2 and 1/2 men, which made me laugh hysterically 🙂


I haven’t liked Arlie from the start. It might be smart play to not commit to one side or the other, but I find it despicable that when it becomes apparent one side has the power now, he is decides to honour them with his support. If by some miracle the other side stages a comeback, he will switch alliances and tell us it was his plan all along.


So Arlie is an ‘unusual’ person to say the least but is it kind of um, ‘highly unusual’ shall we say, for him to get aroused sexually by ‘playing’ Sabrina? Seriously guys, I don’t and will never know so I’m a little weirded-out by that suggestion. Any logical or even absurd theories on this?


I really don’t think he meant it literally. I know a lot of people who say similar things and don’t even think about it.


Phew! That’s a relief. That’s the reason I asked, ’cause I could never use those words (obv), but maybe I would if I was a dude drunk on power…..
Thanks. 🙂


Same as me saying that I get a hard on thinking of the possibility of Brina going home, its a saying, not that she turns me on but just the thought of her leaving the house before jury turn me on, Turns me on meaning that I would be really happy about it not sexually aroused.


That comment of his weirded me out as well, the first thing that came to my mind was that it’s possible he may be a “fetish” type of guy. Likes to be tied up and whipped while dressed up in costumes? LOL. I can picture it, he looks the type. It’s almost like he is asexual and doesn’t seem to be attracted to any of the girls on the show, if he is, he hides it really well.


Why is no one seriously fighting to stay in the house this season? Ika and Andrew both should have been really entertaining to watch fight to stay in the house. It’s like as soon as the nominations are decided they just give up. I do feel a little bad for Andrew with him thinking a whole country actually hates him though.


The whole country doesn’t hate him, just folks who don’t like immature, arrogant, bullying assholes.


actually 80% of the country hates him, but that’s not as bad as Sabrina’s where it’s closer to 100


Hate, such a bad word, just a bad player, how can you HATE someone you don’t even know? Dislike, don’t like fckn Jerk no problem but hate? really we have laws about hate in Canada, please use words that you really feel. The most over used words for not liking someone right now, Hate. bully. etc,

Reality check

More Heather bashing by Sarah …. Lol
Surprise surprise . She is so jealous of her .
Go Team Underdogs … Adel and Heather

ihate sarah

lol i know eh this time she wants to throw her out a window
she is doing a great job representing for all the moms out there


so does anybody know if there is a double eviction tomorrow and when does jury start?


We are usually given a heads up for a double evict on the live shows. Jury will start when there are nine players in the house – 7 for jury and 2 to choose from 🙂


^ thats why andrew is an idiot…how many big brother fans does canada even have? I dont know anyone who has actually heard of it or watched it to be honest. He has such a big head that he thinks that he is recognizable now?? The whole crying was PATHETIC, there are real problems in the world and these people are balling their eyes out over poor andrew leaving..he is so sad because canada hates him, NO…its because his ego cannot take it. GET OVER YOURSELVES!


Haha…. -_-

Sarah, Sabrina, and Allison are game playing, scheming, and planning while Rachelle is crunching on a stick of celery doing nothing as usual.


I like this note above:

“Sabrina tells Allison whatever she needs to know she’ll tell her. Sabrina says it’s them three against the house now.”

The three in the picture where Sabrina, Allison, and Sarah.

What about Rachelle and Kenny?


Sometimes I love Arlie and other times I’m not so sure. I guess we’ll find out more about who he really is when everything is unfolded.


dang the sexual tension between neda and jon is so obvious


I had a thought. What if there could be another, likely much smaller, comment section that is strictly for strategy and game talk? I know I would miss out on the occasional funny comment but I would be happy to if I could get away from all the opinions about house guests moral, personal, and aesthetic failings. I find again this season, I’m at the point now where I’m skimming trying to find straight up game comments, but then just leaving the comment sections feeling a bit sick to my stomach. I know some people like to mix their game and personal comments, or read both, any they can happily stay in the free-for-all comments section, where anything goes. I guess the worry would be how much trolling would happen, but as I imagine it would be a smaller section, trolls would receive less attention, especially as the commenters like myself would never respond to them. If you think this is a good idea, please thumbs up! Oh and if you love the free-for-all comment section and hate people that post asking for objectivity and fairness when writing about the house guests, you could be rid of our need to post such futile comments, so please also thumbs up! Simon, Dawg, a possibility?


is Rachelle still in this house?


Arlie’s not shooting straight with Sarah. He knows for a fact that Big Jon, Adel, Heather, and Neda want Kenny’s head on a silver platter next week if their crew wins HOH. He wants Kenny out because he sees Kenny getting closer with Sarah by the day and that’s bad for business. He’s supposed to be Sarah’s #1, not Kenny. I was happy Kenny came out to someone finally in the house BUT and I hate to sound cruel, his intentions were not all sincere. He specifically came out to Sarah to bring her closer to him and solidify their trust. It was a little personal but more so strategic for his own game.


Allison is so conniving. She says she hasn’t really had a chance to play yet. Well …………….you’ve done your job (hand), to get some protection in the house. I’d say she’s done a lot – letting people know that she’ll just agree with everything you say and that ‘poor her’ has had a ‘disadvantage’ joining so late. Po little Allison, who got to observe before going in is now claiming she got ‘distracted.’ She could care less that Andrew’s leaving it seems from all appearances and is super-thrilled to have the bulldog bitc**s on her side (yippee)- the Fake 4 Alliance. Heather handled her very well and I would have asked her to please stop rocking the effing hammock like that – don’t you have somewhere to be – like saying b-bye to the boogerman? To be fair, I am opposed to calling a woman or a man a whore, sl*t, etc. because what you do sexually is none of my business. When you air it and you know it’s going nationwide – all bet’s are off. You’ve now joined the likes of Paris Hilton, Kardashian, etc. So both her and Andrew are disrespectful to those who value at least that part of our integrity more than them.
Happy Endings.
Still liking Jon the East Coast Beast.


I agree with you, I fought for Allison for three weeks but she just has no clue.Liking the Jon, Adel Neda thing and hope it comes to fruition.


Deli’s awesome but it’s frustrating that he’s keeping up this veto lie. He could have said the power expired this week and it would have been the cleanest out. Now he has suspicious alliance members who are counting on him next week.


Jon and Arle remind me a bit of that comedy skit HONS AND FRONS. They make me laugh, but am finding they are getting too cocky. JON has won a POV, and already thinks he is cock-of-the-block. I am always for the underdog in any situation, but they are completely and utterly screwed if they are counting on Arle’s secret power for anything this week. It should be good when the guys want him to use it and find he has out and out lied about it. Arle won’t be showing that “shit-eating” grin then. It has been an entertaining week as far as the sneaking around and talking is concerned though, but find Neta is just a pretty face, and can hardly tie her own shoes. Heather has been a pleasant surprise though, and is finally showing some game. Sarah is just a snake no matter how you look at it. Her game has been good to this point, but am tired of hearing about “the love of her life” and her children. She is as loud an obnoxious as any of them, all the while putting on this air of the mother of the group to further her lies. She cannot keep her hands to herself as far as the men are concerned, and her constant hugging and flirting with Jon is grating on my nerves. Act your age!!!


But they were there to “PUMP YOU UP”


The thing with this game, is that you’re forced into a house, and your goal is to be there til the end… Forming an alliance like the first five is so risky, you don’t know anyone’s personality from the start, but you want to be loyal.
Then when everyone’s true colours come out (like Andrew being a complete douche… Or hard headed…. Alpha male) turning your back on them is completely disloyal, so you’re forced to stick up for them. Personally, I think Allison, and Kenny would have been better off without him. I really liked Kenny at the very beginning, and love me or hate me, I’m hoping to see if his persona will change with Andrew gone.


I totally agree. I would never make a true final 5 deal on the first day. Of course if I had gone into the house with the first 5, and they all wanted to shake on it, I would go along with it, just because it would be stupid not to, but I would not lift a finger for them until I knew the other HG first and had a couple of days to assess things. A first day alliance almost never works, and the two that I can think of that did work there was chemistry. There are way more early alliances that crumble.

If Sarah and Sabrina hadn’t been blinded by the male attention, they would both have realized that everything they have done up until now hasn’t really helped their game, but it did help Andrew and Kenny. Sabrina burned herself badly with everyone in the house, she infiltrated and destroyed the “girls alliance” from within, and leaked everything to Kenny and Andrew. Now the gig is up, and once Andrew is gone, she is left with Allison and Rachelle, neither of whom have any relationship whatsoever with anyone else in the house. And now the house knows how she operates. Nobody is going to work with her anytime soon. Sarah is so smitten with Kenny that she voted to evict Paul, which totally exposed her to everyone. It ruined her chances of working with Heather, Arlie, Adel and Neda. Sarah could have voted to keep Paul, and forced Ika to break the tie. No blood on her hands, and for her game, it didn’t matter which of the two went home. She declared sides, she betrayed the girls and it damaged her game. She did it to please the guys. To Kenny and Andrew, the other 3 are just horses and goats to ride to the final 2. They don’t even hide it well, but the girls are oblivious. I really wanted to see both Kenny and Andrew on the block this week, because they would have had to duke it out, their minions would have had to pick a side. From what I saw this morning, it was Arlie that started the whole sh*t storm and he is the most benefited from it all. Arlie is sitting in the best place in the game right now, and Kenny is one HOH away from taking control. If he is HOH, he would have the votes to do whatever he wants, it doesn’t matter what Arlie does, because Kenny’s girls will vote however he wants. The other side won’t have the votes. Secret wizard power to the rescue!


I really don’t think Sarah voted Paul out for Kenny, she voted Paul out to show her loyalty for the first 5. And with that said, it was more so Andrew who wanted Paul out because of the stupid decisions Paul made as a player… Sadly the people I see low on the radar right now is Sarah, Arlie, heather and rachelle… They want Kenny Sabrina Allison gone, and Adelle, Jon and Nedda from the other side. Until the eviction and the hoh competition we really won’t know how the next week will play out since, breaking up the biggest alliance has clearly stirred up the house. I’m very curious to find out who will find the secret power of veto, because it will definitely shift power to one side of the house as well.

ihate sarah

what you just wrote totally offends me as a fan of online bb…i have been coming to this website for years and its awsome just the way it is! for you to come and try to tell simon and dawg how to run there website is very rude! i think you need to go back to your PTA meetings and just leave everyone alone!


Oh quit your crying and continue to muse about how you hate Sarah.


Is it just me or is BB Canada different this year. Seems like a totally different format. Last year we heard from BB all the time but they seem to have abandoned the players. The feeds were better, and you could go back and pick a time or date. The whole atmosphere of he show is different- not as entertaining, or structured as per usual…..or maybe its that the contestants are not as fun as last year? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s different somehow – and not for the better. Any one agree?


I understand now why you didn’t watch the video of “storage room tears” I had to watch it just because of that sentence. You were right. Now I can’t unsee what I seen LOL


I feel like if I was in there Arlie would constantly make me feel violated. and that lil monologue he had in the storage room was creepy af. He looked cute in that pilot outfit tho I must say


I enjoyed Arlie and Sarah’s talk in the hammock–it was interesting to hear someone actually talking strategy. One thing not mentioned in this recap is that during the hammock conversation, Sarah told Arlie she would go to the pantry to try to assuage Sabrina and Allison’s concerns. And she did, which is why you see her in that photo above.

It’s this kind of strategic thinking that makes the game interesting for me. How many moves can you make without people catching on? How many alliances can you keep up before you start burning bridges? How do you make it to the end without people hating you?

I did like it the other night when Jon and Neda were talking about how Arlie couldn’t be trusted. Now they just need to figure out how to handle him.