Heather’s secret piercings, Jon’s stink finger and Arlie wants Kenny gone next

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 19-36-26-262

10:30pm Gremlins heading to the hot tub

10:45pm Hot tub.

Andrew is saying Canada hates him because he picks his nose.
They briefly bash Neda because she thought Norwegian was a made up word from Harry potter.
Allison says something has changed with Jon he’s walking around like he owns the place.

Sabrina says they have to win HOH she will bleed to win that competition. They start studying the dates..

Rachelle – “On a serious note do you think i’m going to be offered something”
Allison and Sabrina say yes to modelling
They think someone is smoking. Sabrina says she found a butt.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 19-58-14-793

10:45pm Bedroom Sarah and Kenny GEtting ready for bed. Sarah is called into the Diary room. She asks them if it’s audio or video because she needs to know if she has to put her eyebrows on or not. They tell her it’ll just be quick.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 20-02-42-351
11:00pm Jon, heather and Neda
Jon asks her if both her nipples are pierced. heather says yes. (jon asked this because there was a slip up in the bathroom and jon say her chest)
Jon is shocked, Heather says she showed her boyfriend her piercings and it shocked him to.
Jon – “Nipple pierced Heather.. “
Heather – “Shut up Jon”
Heather says her mom doesn’t even know. They laugh
Heather leaves. Jon touches his junk with his finger and tries to touch Neda with it.. they topple over on the hammock and he drags her off..

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 20-19-27-402

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 20-11-04-318

11:00pm bedroom

Sarah and Kenny are amazed at how much weight Heather has gained. Sarah jokes it’s like the new heather ate old heather. Kenny says he doesn’t want to be mean he’s just saying.
Sarah agrees tells him Heather eats only sugar.
Kenny – All she eats Nutella, ice cream and cookies she’s like a elf.. seriously.. she takes peanut butter and puts it on fudgies”
Sarah – she’s like stoned all the time”
Kenny – “thats what i’m like when i’m whacked out but she like that all day long.”
Heather walks in
Sarah – “what do you have there”
Kenny – “Fudgies and peanut butter”
Heather nothing..maybe (her mouth is full of them LOL)

Heather says she’s getting ready for bed grabs her PJ’S and leaves.
Kenny laughs says he’s thinking about sitting her down as a friends and telling her to eat less sugar.

Sarah – I wish you weren’t a furnace so we can snuggle all night..

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 20-26-41-914

11:30pm Hot tub RAchelle and Sabrina talking about starting their own line of handbags called “Sachelle” Sabrina says she has investors with big money. She also has contacts in China for manufacturing.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 20-38-33-242

11:30pm Have Nots Adel and Jon

Adel telling Jon how popular he is, “Canada will s*ck you **f right now bro”
Arlie joins them
Arlie saying the other side is starting to crack a little bit.

He points out that Momzi (Sarah) and Kenny are very close much closer than he thought they have to get Kentyn out next week it’s now more important than before.

Arlie – “Andrew is not throwing in the towel he’s trying to get votes” Arlie says he was going to give him a vote
Adel cuts him off “NO f** way”
Arlie “I told him I would but I won’t I don’t F*** care”

Arlie says Kenny, Sabrina, Rachelle, and Allison want Adel and Jon gone. Sabrina and Kenny are pushing for Adel first, pushing really hard.
Arlie has noticed that side is talking mad sh1t about Neda now he’s sure they must not be close now. Arlie thinks it’s important Jon and him talk to neda alone and bring her into the group officially.
Alri – I don’t know about momzi much anymore i’m really confused she’s not telling me much about kenny.. I dont like it
Arlie warns them if Kenny wins HOH right now he would put up Adel and Jon up, “Everyone wants Adel first and Jon second. “

Jon says if it’s instant eviction they should take out Kenny and Rachelle.
Arlie says Kenny allison and rachel are all fit any of those three need to go but Kenny needs to go first.

Adel asks who Arlie would you put up , Arlie – “If I won I would probably put up Rachelle and Allison and backdoor Kenny.. if it’s instant eviction Kenny goes up with a pawn”

Arlie says the other side treats Neda like shit.. they do not trust her.
Adel asks who does momzi want out
Arlie – “momzi wants sabrina out the most it makes me think she’s got something with Kenny”
Arlei – ‘F** sabrina’

They tell Adel if the opportunity comes up he has to use his power to get out Kenny.

Arlie lays out a strategy for next week and the Adel power is a cornerstone. Adel jumps in saying they have to go balls to the walls to win HOH he’s got his card but doesn’t want to have to use it.

Arlie leaves

Jon – “We have to make f** sure Kenny goes up on the block next week”
Adel agrees says they have to forget about a backdoor strategy and just put kenny up.
Adel – “F*** prick”

12:00AM Hot tub Sabrina and Rachelle Sabrina tells her she had people in the house where she was loyal to from the beginning but her relationship with Rachelle trumps the other people. Sabrina says she doesn’t trust Kenny and Sarah as much anymore they sketch her out. Sabrain adds that Andrew leaving gives her more freedom in the game.
They agree Allison winning HOH is best case for them. Sabrina says he has a deal with Jon and Adel until Jury she cannot put them up.

12:45AM Rachelle and Sabrina

Rachelle is saying that Neda is dumb “She says nothing.. she’s so stupid”
They agree Jon, Adel, Neda and Heather need to go that buys them 4 weeks. They have a good laugh at teh prospects of Heather winning HOH and putting them both up.

Sabrina – “I will cut my body in half literally ”
They agree Heather is “Useless” in physical comps but she knows the dates in the house.


Rachelle “Did you legitimately not know Sarah was going to NOT vote out Heather”
Sabrina says she knew.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 22-44-59-399
1:44Am Everyone sleeping

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Johhny (the European one!)

I’d love it if BB would let them all see some videos of what has been going on in the house: like “Sabrina swearing on her head/life/dog/nona/… that sher never did/said sth”, then directly a dozen of different scenes where “Sabrina does/says exactly that”.

BB could call it “the ugly truth challenge” or sth like that. Given we didn’t get to see the certainly very interesting aftershock of Canada nominating Sabrina and Andrew, that would at least be really interesting to see!

I know that’s a taboo for BB since they should all be allowed to “get away with their lies” if the other HGs aren’t smart enough to figure it out, but BB has already thrown this rule out the window by telling the HGs that what Sabrina said about Ika by the hot tub wasn’t correct.

Throwing Canada’s HOH in there at this point, coupled with Gary and Peter repeatedly telling the viewers who to vote for, seemed to me like BB had given up on “the other side” landing a win by regular means. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Sabrina or Andrew at all, but by pure game standards, that was very extreme intervention by BB to even things out, giving the hopelessly dominated side a big gift. There’s no doubt what side of the house will be “lucky” and find the diamond power of veto.
Oh, well. I wasn’t in favor of allowing Gary a second shot after having already lost last season either.

Sabrina's Mom

They may show some highlights from Sab’s meltdown on Wednesday’s show.


At least they showed us another set of Boobs on Sabrinas back..sexy and you know it..


They are pretty much setting it up to look like Arlie will “find” the special Veto.

Johhny (the European one!)

Arlie, Adel, Jon, Neda or Heather.
They’ll probably ask them each in the DR “did you ever feel the need to check behind the fridge* if there might be something hidden there?”
* Or whereever they hide the D POV.
From then on, BB won’t intervene, and it will all come down to luck.

Reality check

FYI …. Sarah gets golden edits because she has
Been on a slice reality show before its called
Bulging Brides …just google Sarah miller bulging
Brides and it comes up . Thanks Bb for giving
A bully the upper hand 🙁 or should I say
Thanks for giving a bully 100,000


Even that video is sketchy. She says she eats all that crap food every night and isn’t that big. If she did eat what they say she eats, she would be Sabrina;s size. Was nice to see what her husband looks like. Nothing special. He must feel great looking after the kids while she is playing around with other men.

shes a plant

everything about sarah is sketchy she lies about everything- she looked alot better in bulging brides no painted on eyebrows and she is like double the size know…8 pounds in six weeks HAHAHAH come on that is like a pound and a half a week that doesnt make any sence that show is total fake just like sarah


You have made some very good points. I too was disapointed that BB downplayed our role this week and then gave us nothing in the last episode. They (BB) turned off the feeds for the whole weekend and then gave us shit to watch. this year is a major disapointment in terms of production and cast.


arlie wants kenny gone so he can be sarah number one smart move


i know eh… you know there is ALOT more going on in that house then we see!


Yes. it would be great if the 4 cams were on 4 situations.


I think it would be more beneficial for most of the house guests game if they got rid of Sabrina and then Kenny. Keeping Andrew in the game keeps a big target around with absolutely no game play or knowledge of how Big Brother actually works. Without Kenny and Sabrina Andrew is no real threat.


Allison knows the game though, and she would tell Andrew what he should do.


At least they would be fed.


the snakes spits her venom at heather again lol sarah you need to look in the mirror. you have put on a couple LBs yourself(easy there big girl)


Needy Weepy McStreaky
the MILF wannabe
stains her panties
for Jon and Kenny.


Yep…this is why I wasn’t buying her meltdown over Andrew picking on Ika. If she was so worried about confusing her kids with her acceptance of this behavior, then she wouldn’t relish in picking on Heather so much. She ENJOYS doing it. I understand her annoyance for Sobs right now, but Heather has done nothing but be nice to her. No wonder that poor girl is eating away her feelings. I would LOVE to see how Sarah would cope with being treated the way Heather has been and enduring what Heather has had to during this ENTIRE game. That girl has more strength than Sarah will ever know and if her kids should look up to ANYONE in that house, it should be HEATHER. Not to mention, Heather doesn’t have the luxury of coping with the house on prescription medication. Take away Sarah’s meds, and have her treated the same way Heather has been, and see how she handles it…


“Abbreviated version of my post…” Sarah relishes in picking on Heather. If her kids should look up to ANYONE in the house, it is Heather. She has endured more than anyone and hasn’t had the luxury of prescription meds to get through it. I would LOVE to see how Sarah would cope if they took away her meds and she was treated like Heather. No wonder the poor girl eats away her stress…

i love howie

its to bad bb gives sarah such “good” edits on the show it would be nice if her kids to see what “mommy” is really like in the house .

Miss Manners

Sabrina looks like an old Italian woman (all in black) already at her age. She’s talking about slave labour from China – great morals. I swear on my head she has not had one conversation with anybody; she has monologues and everyone must agree. She makes me want to bitch-slap her so hard her ancestors feel it.

Reality check

Oh more Heather bashing by Sarah ..getting a little tired
Of her bullying a much younger women .
Come on grow up for Christ sake . I hope Arlie
Is being true to Adel and Jon . As far as BB intervening
In the game ..I think it is a brilliant move
People should have consequences for there
Actions whether good or bad and this adds a new dimension
To the game .. This will force people to use
Intelligence when developing a strategy instead
Of bullying and lying and backstabbing.
People with bad morals have been succeeding
For long enough it’s time to reward good
Intelligent game play .


I wish I could like your comment x xxmillion times !!!


Yeesh more Sarah bashing, everyone bashes each other in there. She does far less than anyone I’ve seen in there.


Sarah was his legitimate F2/go to. Slippage with her has Arlie thrown a bit. He may not recover her as a true allie. The ‘secret’ of Kenny is something he could not equate within his strategy.Maybe in time her allegiance to Arlie will return, but at this time it is a formidable hurdle for him and he can’t do anything about it unless he is aware of it.

another name

preparing myself to read the comments congratulating arlie for running through the house gathering intel for his new alliance. sure it’s exactly the same as the gameplay Sabrina was doing. but she’s a villain. perhaps more people can comment on how amazing it is to watch jon and neda flirt, even though he has a girlfriend, while demonizing sarah for flirting because she has a husband. and surely people will cheer adel and jon’s attack plan in the have not room, even though if you close your eyes and go back in time a few weeks it sounds exactly like Andrew and Kenny in the hoh room. ooops, how could that be…. they can’t sound exactly like the bad guys. yes, this comment will get lots of dislikes because it isn’t the popular perspective, but from a logical, analytical standpoint…. it’s true. as the twists, shifts and production move the power in the game from the ‘villains’ to the ‘heroes’, the ‘virtues’ of the ‘underdogs’ seem to be replaced by the exact same characteristics that everyone has sited as ‘vices’ of the ‘evildoers’. Frankly, it WAS good to see arlie actually step up and play. This is supposed to be a social and strategic game, and it was a good move; however, after reading about how shameful it was for ika to be betrayed by her allies, i’m going to be mystified when the same behavior is applauded. oh wait, no I won’t, because he shafted the alliance that is hated. yeah… that’s perspective. don’t worry, when the unlocked secret power of veto is given to one of the former ‘underdogs’ so that production can help ‘good’ triumph over ‘evil’, i’ll stand chastised for my cynicism. really.


People just like seeing things switched up, it’s annoying to watch a big alliance always have the upper hand & they’re only perceived as “villains” because of how they’ve acted so far in the game with their bashing other house guests and arrogance thinking they have the game in the bag. As things change in the house, our views change too, it’s the perk of being a BB fan. One week we’re against somebody but once they’re humbled we start rooting for them again. The house guests aren’t the only ppl having a social experiment, we all are.

i just got stupider...

…reading this post.

dont do what i did, dont read it.

Reality check

I agree with some of your points …Sabrina has been
Given the ultimate evil label … Even though her alliance
Completely benefited from her actions … Arlie included
I don’t respect Arlie’s game play . I think he is a weasel .
As far as Kenny and Andrew is concerned
I think people dislike the cockiness more then anything,
And the both of them really haven’t done anything in the game
Other then let Sabrina clear the way lol. As far as Jon and Neda
Jon’s flirting is disrespectful to his girlfriend as is Sarah’s to
Her Husband . Neda isn’t doing anything wrong .
And as far as Adel goes .. Come on the guy is
Honest and loyal and no fault can be found there .
I dislike the first 5 … They couldn’t keep it together
And have all turned on each other .


I think Arlie is playing a great game, and I don’t blame him for switching sides. There’s no honor in being loyal to scumbags.

another name

my reason for commenting was to say that when two people exhibit the exact same behavior, it’s disingenuous to praise one and punish the other. I’ve read comment after comment for the last few weeks that does exactly that depending on what ‘side’ the behavior comes from. there isn’t a single person in the game that has not in some way shape or form been offensive on some level at some point in time. they’re human. human with cameras rolling at most times (won’t say all given that feeds cutting out). criticizing game play and tactic or strategy: cool. calling out bad personal behavior: also cool. creating two sets of standards regarding what is acceptable behavior depending on current character likability: not so cool. just an opinion.


Arlie has assessed everyone and is now aligning with people he respects and likes. H e sees right through Sabrina while she may have helped him he has no respect for her as a person. The ideal of the game is to win. Arlie has a master plan after getting to know the houseguests and I think no one is going to stop him now. I like Arlie, Jon, Neda. Adel and Sarah. I’d be happy with any of those people winning. The others are just there to further careers or are just truly awful people. Rachelle last night was talking about how Heather never talks when she was the one who didn’t say a word for 10 shows. Sabrina said she was a model??? For who?? Mad magazine centerfold? I hope when Andrew leaves and watches the show he never has anything to do with Sabrina again. She has honestly put EVERYONE in the house down at one point or another.


Wow! A lot of big words! Goes to show you can have a good vocabulary without having any common sense. You state that its suppose to be a social and strategic game, and your right. What part of the first 5s social and strategic game are you impressed by? Is it there high school bullying, making fun of anyone that threatens their insecurity, constant jealousy, ostracizing people out of interaction with the rest of the house, or the constant lies and blatant defamation of character and slander, where production even has to get involved. If you don’t see the differences of character between the two new alliances, your either not watching the feeds or a horrible judge of character. There’s a big difference between the way the way Arlie and Sabrina are playing the game. And the difference between Jon and Sara isn’t obvious to you? Jon’s is a lot younger, he’s not married, and does not have kids at home watching.

Johhny (the European one!)

Wow! A lot of big words! Goes to show you can have a good vocabulary without having any common sense.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 😉
I think “another name” brings up a lot of valid arguments, which should lead to discussion (and possibly to some introspection?!?), not simple bashing and insulting.

I don’t like Andrew and Sabrina at all, and I still think Kenny is a good guy who has acted in a deplorable way at times in this house, mainly due to wanting to prove complete allegiance to Andrew (and Sabrina). Same thing happened with Emmet at times last season when he was still in his Bromance with Tom. That’s why I have a hard time reading some posts that bash Kenny for doing stuff all houseguests do. That’s my opinion, and I am also entitled to one, as we all are.

In terms of gameplay, I’d say it actually makes a lot of sense to team up with a jerk (Andrew), who’s so full of himself that IF he somehow made it to F3, he wouldn’t mind taking Kenny to F2 because he doesn’t get how unpopular he is. That’s part of my explanation why Kenny was so close to Andrew. Let’s face it, in this game, good players only very rarely tell others to their face “I disagree with you! You’re wrong! You make me sick!” – at least in these early stages of the game.


All you did was stick up for Kenny, what points that another name made did you agree with, his main point was that their is no difference in which the two different alliances are playing the game, and I pointed out the differences.


Kenny’s a straight up turd. He’s the most arrogant person in the house. He acts like he’s better than everyone, he talks so much smack behind their backs. He told Rachelle last night that he hates every single person in the house. What kinda person is that?? “OMG I hate this person, I hate this person, I hate that person…”

He’s a catty little diva. The way he treated Ika was abhorrent. I just don’t understand who this guy thinks he is.


Just wondering – would you have called him a “catty little diva” if he was straight?


For sure I would, if he acted like one. A catty little diva is exactly what he is. Always rolling his eyes, getting angry over the littlest slights, acting better than everyone… how else would you describe it??


Being a jerk.


I’d call it being a jerk or an a-hole.


Woops – apologies for the double post Simon & Dawg. Hiccup on my computer.


“He told Rachelle last night that he hates every single person in the house. What kinda person is that?? “OMG I hate this person, I hate this person, I hate that person…”
What kinda person is that? Same as Neda as she tells Jon above in the hammock. “I hate everyone in this house”


Elle – I was thinking the same thing! And just last week, Jon was saying how he hates everyone in the house but Neda. Come on people–you can’t take these kinds of comments seriously. People get frustrated being around strangers 24-7–of course they’re going to say stuff like this sometimes.

another name

thank you for the compliment on my vocabulary. I truly appreciate it. my comment was not an endorsement of either ‘side’, nor was I defending any player in the game. i was, however calling for objectivity regarding how we, as the fans and commenters, state our cases. i appreciate your point of view, although i would have likely appreciated it even more without the personal insults regarding my common sense and judgement of character; but then, as a complete stranger, i am absolutely sure that you are eminently qualified to form such assessments, and i appreciate and value your opinion. i wish you well, and again, thank you for posting your opinion in regard to my comment. 🙂


Yea, that’s why he calls her his ‘sister.’ They probably have to justify that point everyday, but you can clearly see the line they’ve drawn and Neda respects Jon’s relationship and loyalty to Janelle. Sarah is a different story…


And calling them villains is giving them way to much credit, it’s not heroes vs villains as much as it is mature vs immature.


Humane, inhumane.


Great points.


I wish I could like your comment x xxmillion times !!!

Go Arlie and Sarah!


to ‘another name’

are you mad bro?

ha ha

Sabrina's Mom

Heather! First a neck tattoo and now nipple piercings? You little vixen….. 🙂


I wish Heather would release more of herself. She probably is more interesting than we can know.


I hope that’s the case, but when I hear her say stuff like: “Tall people always do cool things,” it makes me think she’s a bit vapid.


Imagine Heather to win the secret power and put those 2up lol I will have good laugh about it.
good grief Ratchelle … calling Neda a Dumb? When she’s kicked out will see it for herself who’s dumb.stupid pushy dumb ass bi**h


Oooh poor Adel, I wonder how he’s going to explain his “power” when his alliance needs him to use it. His only chance is to win hoh to avoid that scenario. I like that Arlie is breaking away from the 1st 5, I think I may have finally found somebody to really root for in this game, yay!


Why don’t they leave Heather alone?

People deal with stress differently and maybe she eats junk food as a coping method. She already was put on the block twice and is the least dramatic housemate. She barely had any alliance and everyone put her off to the side week after week, until now…things are getting better for her.

It would be so funny if Heather won HOH and got Sabrina or Rachelle out of the house (I would say Sarah, but I really think she will be in jury or be final 2).

Reality check

FYI …. Sarah gets golden edits because she has Been on a slice reality show before its called Bulging Brides …just google Sarah miller bulging Brides and it comes up . Thanks Bb for giving A bully the upper hand 🙁 or should I say Thanks for giving a bully


Yes! Omg! Yes I used to love that show! Damn! That makes sense. She does get an amazing edit however, its so different from her live feeds behaviour! Wow.


Heather is supposedly very good with dates. I’m hoping she wins HOH on Thursday. I’ll bet the HG’s won’t find her so annoying when they’re begging not to be evicted.


Kenny is on a roll. I highly doubt he’s going to stop with his bitchy antics especially now that he’s decided to take over on-his-way-out Andrew’s role as King of the Jackass Douchebags.


Is it just me or are Rachelle and Sabrina freaking annoying. Sabrina the paranoid one, i want her gone
and Rachelle, don’t get me started, saying “Neda is dumb, she says nothing, she is stupid” – ur the stupid one Rachelle, Neda is playing a game unlike you – a floater, a follower – who does not know what to do except follow others –
you do nothing!
useless and boring people in the game, i want them out


Unfortunately, Rachelle will make jury. I would prefer Kenny in jury over her and Allison. At least he can have an independent thought.


I cant believe all these bozos still think Adel has this great power. When was the #hashtag reward, like a month ago? It will be hilarious if Kenny’s side of the house wins HOH and everyone on the other side will expect Adel to save them with his non-existent power. Should make for some funny TV at least..


Adel needs to come clean about his power to his alliance, or he’s screwed.


I feel like Sabrina is copying Neda with the hat.

Russ from Van

After seeing Rachelle in her bikini for the first time today, I was expecting a much better and tighter body on a girl who was cast to be the most attractive girl this season. Especially for the fact that she’s only 20 years old.

Johhny (the European one!)

I’m still trying to picture how Anick would look like without her “retro”-glasses…
I think she might have been the most attractive to me… Too bad she overdid it with her good vibes – it seems weird to me that they’d have gotten rid of her first, and not some threat…

But other than that, Neda and Ika have killer bods, so I don’t think Rachelle was meant to be THE hottie of the season! 😉


This is the lowest and most superficial comment Ive read here.
I would say to get laid, but obviously you probably never do.


I think since my wife is flirting and stuff in the house that im gonna go after all her fatass friends (they want me)and flirt with them see how she likes it!!!


Jason id come over and give you a hummer if you would like


words cannot express how freaking adorable jon and neda are


I really like Jon, but I was so disappointed when Jon started picking his nose in the hammock last night. Seriously–can we not get one episode without someone picking their nose on camera?? It’s like an epidemic in there, and it’s so disgusting. Have to turn the channel when someone starts doing it, which is often.


i wanna have a beer with jon and neda

awesome fun people


I really hope that Adel wins HOH and VETO and also finds the “HIDDEN VETO”… THIS NEXT WEEK….THAT WOULD BE AWESOME…

…… ALSO,

sounds like Jon, Arlie, Neda, Adel, Heather “IF” they win HOH will be putting Allison & Rachelle on the block hoping that one of them will POV so they can than place Kenny on the block and vote him out and if that plan doesn’t work, vote out Rachelle.


I just want to say how much I like the last photo of Jon .he sleeps like a lil baby boy so cute:)

Real Deal

I really want to hear everyone’s opinion on who they think NEEDS the money the most?? Or who they think DOESN’T NEED the money. Really curious to hear peoples opinions. Me personally I think Ika probably needed it the most ( single mother of two ) but I didn’t want to see her win. The person who I think needs it the most of who is left is probably Sarah. Two kids and a mortgage where most of the others are single and young. The person who needs it the least is hands down Adel. He makes big money in Fort Mac, has an invention and is marketing and selling those t-shirts and hats ready, plus he comes from lots of money. He is the last person I want to win.


I suspect Jon or Arlie need $ the most.
Sarah’s a Mtg broker , hubby works.

Anyone know what Jon’s studies are ?
Or what Arlie took in school ?


I know for a fact that Sarah’s Husband makes
80,000 to 100,000 a year and she is a mortgage
Broker and they make decent money .
This isn’t about who needs the money it’s about
Who deserves it . Go Jon , Neda ,Adel and Hearher


Am I the only one that read “Rachel Modeling” and just started to laugh out loud so my my family asked what I was laughing about….

The EGO of some BB contestants just amazes me…. Rachel is NO model…..

tyrese jones

the casting crew for this season sucks. big brother canada 1 was one of the best big brother seasons in a while and it is quite a letdown to have this boring shit right after. This show is only as good as the characters allow it to be. and besides arlie everyone is is boring. dont worry ill apply for next season and i will get on. i will cause mayhem in that house like no other. i dont even care about winning the money all i care about is casuing chaos and mayhem and being the most craziest player this game has ever seen. for example if i was getting evicted and i had no hope left i would fart on people while there asleep. i dont give a fuck ill do anything muwahahahahahaha.


Heather hoh would be terrible she would give into pressure from 4 hgs from the other side and not put up Sabrina, i also don’t think she would put Allison who is after her because she thinks she has a side alliance with her.

Sabrina's Mom

She’s not going to listen to the people that have been shunning her. She’ll listen to Neda, and Neda knows what to do.


Rachelle a model. ROFLMAO!!! Sorry girl but seriously?


Heather is going to find the POV in the Nutella, then they will all piss themselves for not eating more Nutella like Heather. LOL


Note written for HG BBC2 Sarah (who you know will the Googling herself the second she gets home), the hater of all forms of bullying but who is one- Your criticizing Heather for gaining weight prompts me ask….have you looked in the mirror lately bulging HG? Ya we know you have a vapid need to be on TV. Take a long look at your face. Should you be criticizing? Now move down from there and take a good look. Enough said. Heather will lose any weight she’s gained that only you and the HG’s see, in about a week once she’s home. You on the other hand appear to have a more chronic weight issue. You referred to Adel as ‘the little spider monkey’. WTF! Ironic BB picked you to be the house cop. Think about that Momzi. Think about the irony of the rat being the cop and of BB choosing you LOL!
Perhaps Slice will develop some new surreality show with you in mind after your BB fame 🙂 fades. Bulging Momzi’s, Flabby in Finance, Bullies with Bad Brows, Clown make-over. Sorry but do you feel bullied? I hope so. My son had a learning disability and was bullied everyday. I have an issue with bullies. A real issue, not one I feed my HoH Canada in the DR while wearing my clown make-up. Ooops sorry, but just being honest. Want to take me on??? Heather who is slim and beautiful eating whatever she wants without a drop of make-up is an easy target especially after a month of being emotionally abused by the likes of you. Take me on Momzi, I have a whole theory on the bad parenting you exemplify in my arsenal. You can call me a hyena, or a spider monkey, or fat. Bring it on bully!


Rock on Maplesyrup !!!!!!!!!


I LUV you MapleSyrup!


“10:30 pm gremlins heading to the hot tub” hahaahah too good


Sabrina is not a good player. Yes she is playing hard, but really the people that benefited most from her lies are Kenny and Andrew, not Sabrina. The epic lies have hurt her game and protected the boys. It is the reason why she is on the block this week, because she is annoying, loud and because she tells so many lies. It’s one thing to lie about game to further yourself, but its just stupid to tell lies for the sake of lying, about things that have nothing to do with game, especially when it ruins your credibility in the house and protects the strongest players. Does anyone really think that Sabrina would have made it to the end if there was no twist this week? Do you think that Kenny or Andrew would have stuck with her to the end? Of course not, they were going to let her be their snitch as long as it lasted and let her burn herself while they sat back looking innocent. Sarah also burned herself by voting Paul, and it benefited nobody, not even the boys (seriously, Paul wasn’t a threat to anybody, they just didn’t like him) but it destroyed Sarah’s creds with the other side of the house. It’s the reason why Neda still doesn’t trust her. She is still playing the game for Kenny. At least Arlie was smart enough to see that the 5 was really 2 and those 2 expected the other three to do all the work before being shown the door. Sarah and Sabrina took all the risks and got burned, but Arlie hasn’t taken those risks for the 2, and that pisses Kenny off. What have Andrew and Kenny done to help Sarah, Sabrina and Arlie in the game? Nothing. They haven’t even done anything to help themselves. Even their comp wins did nothing to really help their game, they only sent Anick home and backdoored Kyle. Backdooring Kyle took out a competitor they couldn’t control, but it got them bad votes with Canada, and we all know how that played out.

You go girl

That comment maple syrup made about sarah is AWSOME i am so sick of people coming in here trying to defend her actions
Sarah has been bullying heather since day one and i for one am sick and tired of watching it the worst case of bullying i have seen in a while
BB should have givin sarah a shirt that said im a bully on the front and im a bitch on the back


Adel think he running the house list how he tells Arlie he can not vote for Andrew. I have waiting for him to start talking like this.


I wonder how Jon’s girlfriend feels about his relationship with Neda.