Learning new things “It doesn’t matter if you hit the bottom as long as you bash the sh!t out of the sides”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 16-20-29-725

7:15pm Sabrina and Arlie

Sabrina – “The only time Kenny is nice to me is when his stomach is full”
Sabrina says that Kenny pushes her to the side all the time and when she comes to him with information he acts like he already knows it, “He acts so confident.. I’m not stupid I’m catching on”

Sabrina says that Sarah must have talked to Kenny and told him Sabrina is drifting away. Sabrina add that She tells things to Sarah on purpose to see if they come back to Kenny. Sabrina is certain Kenny and Sarah are as close as you can get.

There is a serious thing happening here our strongest player is leaving. Sabrina says it should be a major concern for them that Kenny and Sarah do not talk game to the 1st4 anymore. Sabrina points out that last night she wanted to talk game but everyone told her they should just enjoy the slumber party.

Arlie leaves.. Sabrina talks to god tells God she will fight to stay in this game all her life all she wanted was to play this game “I have to win HOH I f*** have to”

Sabrina says all the people are talking game but just not with her.. She Loves Rachelle and Rachelle loves her she will never put Rachelle up or vote her out.

Sabrina – “Canada I love you I love this game a lot I’m a fighter i’m staying in the house and going to win it.. I’m taking it as a compliment that you put me up.. “

Sabrina – “Sucks that you got my best friend out that is my ally.. what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. . I lost the love of my life my real life and i’m still stronger.. I’ll survive”

Sabrina tries to rally her Montreal and Italian fans.. “cmon Montreal support me.. first Montreal player.. I need to F** win this HO I need the eye of the tiger”

Sabrina hopes that Allison is telling her the truth that she’s her girl. Sabrina thinks it’s the person that she least expect that will be there for her.. “F**** Arlie”

Sabrina talks to the Camera and it turns away “Are you turning away from mer.. ARGH i’m insulted”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 16-30-39-807

7:30pm Chit chat living room

Rachelle rubbing Kenny’s feet..

Andrew says he if leaves he’s not going to watch the show he will watch the finale though. He jokes about leaving the country and moving to Thailand. Andrew laughs says they will tell him at the airport “You big man you pick your nose”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 16-57-34-037

8:03pm Living room very boring on the feeds Allison and Sabrain sucked onto Andrew. He continues to do his beat boxing and accents.

They start talking about p**nis sizes. Sarah says “It doesn’t matter if you can hit the bottom as long as you bash the sh!t out of the sides”

Sabrina – “Let be a voyager and bash the sides”
Sadel – Lets eat ice cream and bash the sides.. like a voyager I learn so many things in Vancouver bash my sides”

They start talking about “weed” Andrew claims that weed in Canada is federally decriminalized. (I believe marijuana is fully illegal in Canada. Laws have gotten much stricter in Canada under the Conservative Government. There’s mandatory sentences now, you have 6 plants you do minimum 6 months in jail.)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 17-33-39-513

8:16pm Andrew and Arlie Storage room
Arlie asks him if he’s thrown in the towel.
Andrew says no.
Arlie says he was going to vote for Sabrina because it looked like Andrew had given up.

Andrew isn’t going to throw Sabrain name through the mud, “I’m not going to campaign against her I love her.. I still want to stay here we’re a team”

Andrew says Allison and Kenny will vote to keep him he really hopes the vote comes out to be 6-3.
Arlie says he will vote for Andrew he doesn’t have a problem with that at all, “I have no idea what the house is doing”
Andrew says he’s been trying to stay positive but he doesn’t want to try and go home anyways.. plus he doesn’t want to hurt Sabrian.

Andrew – “Nobody has been placed in the same spot being put up by their whole Country

Andrew says going up against any of the 1st5 is like him going up against his brother he will never fight against his brother.

Andrew tells him allison is a awesome girl she will vote with them moving forward ‘everything will go well regardless if i’m here or not”

Arlie tells him he’s not opposed to Andrew making a real push and making a miracle happen.

Andrew says there is a wildcard situation, Counts allison, Arlie and Kenny as votes after that he could try for Neda and jon, ‘Who knows what Adel will do”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 17-27-46-328

8:30pm O CANADA
They are made to sing the national anthem 3 times. ONce they are done they run up to the HOH but nothing was there.

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darth vader

Who else thinks everybody this season has horrid eyebrows?


Well they can’t really get their eyebrows done in the house xD


Why do ppl even care? We sit here and judge there every move, every word, and now it’s the eyebrows, I guess next we will talk about the way they walk.

Give me a comment that is pertinent to the game, ppl aren’t voting ppl out because of the house perception of Sarah’s eyebrows!


I would vote her out of the house based on her eyebrows alone. They show that she clearly has bad judgement.

“Don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you shit about life”


I totally agree … Your hilarious. If you can’t tell
That your own eyebrows look like a clowns you can’t
Be trusted with even basic tasks lol .

darth vader

so why did you only point out sarahs eyebrows? I said EVERYBODY. haha LOL


I think people say Sarah’s because they
Are the most obvious drawn on . Allison’s are pretty bad too.


And inconsistently so.


Now what if I said I would like to beat her in the face because of her eyebrows
That would be pretty brutal right ? Well Sarah said she wanted
To beat Heathers face because of the sound of her voice .
Sarah is a bully and she shouldn’t fire and
Expect not to sweat . She gets what she gives


What’s with Sarah’s eyebrows? Seems she has none but draws them on daily.


If you have to draw your eyebrows on …
What am I saying …you shouldn’t have to draw them
On . Leave your eyebrows alone people .
Pluck a little not a lot …. Then you won’t have to
Pull out a Sharpie every morning Duh


Neda has just thrown Adel under the bus to Sabrina. She is a pathetic player and I don’t know how she is one of the favourites….

team adel

How so?


She’s talking shit about Adel with Sabrina and Rachelle and she said the Adel has been talking shit about Sabrina. How is she a favourite? That is a mystery to me. She is not fun to watch on the feeds and she is clearly obsessed with Jon.

team adel

Ya I’m not a fan of Neda, she’s sketchy, adel is in no way a threat he doesn’t win any comps, his honest and a free vote, it’s not that his floating. It’s just that he isn’t that great at competitions eventually he will win, and everyone will have to go to him rather then talk behind his back.


sambooooode and teamadel, neda is throwing people off that neda is with adel obviously

dont believe every thing the houseguests say to each other, often there are lies to hide the truth

neda thinks adel is an awesome funny guy and realizes he wants out who she wants out


She did what… ???…I miss be missing something….


Who do you think Allison will be all over after Andrew leaves?


Obviously Kenny… that is until he drops his BOMBSHELL on them all…and then she’ll be so embarassed and Sarah will be laughing…


I’ll take a long-shot and say Adel.




This season sucks so boring


Not even Productions blatant rigging can help make this game entertaining.

Sabrina's Mom

I wish Andrew would campaign to stay. Maybe Sabrina would find out and some fights would happen.

ByeBye 1st5

I really wish Arlie would just pick a side already. I want him, Jon, Neda, Adel, and Heather to form an alliance and get rid of nasty ass Sabrina next week!

Johhny (the European one!)

Arlie is in the same spot as Sarah: He tells both sides he’s 100% with them, that the time he spends with the other side is fake.
He doesn’t want to commit to one side.

If you asked him if he’d honestly rather be HOH or be on SLOP, he’d say he’d rather be on slop.


If Sarah was my wife, we would have some serious issues. She lets random horny guys spoon her and she flirts with guys and now told Jon that she will force him to kiss her if he tries to do it as a joke….


Anyone else think double eviction? House guests have mention it and I thought so yesterday when Arisa Cox didn’t come back to Edmonton. She usually comes back for Monday and Tuesday, and since she didn’t I think they may be rehearsing for a double eviction this week.

Johhny (the European one!)

In previous seasons, when there was a double eviction, was the viewer always told about it being Double Eviction the Thursday before? (7 days before)
Or has there been times when they only told the viewer on Wednesday, 1 day before the eviction episode?

Russ from Van

In BB US they definitely give a double eviction at least one weeks notice to milk it for the ratings.


I have to agree, this season is agonizingly BORING! The one piece of excitement that we could have had (Sabrina’s full reaction to going on the block) and we were denied that. The Fun Police were on patrol that weekend.

Honestly, I have to wonder how much more of my life I want to commit to these children on the Live Feeds. None of them know what they’re doing. They change who they trust, or even talk to, at the drop of a hat. These people would be ANNIHILATED by the British public if they were on BBUK. And they would be chewed up and spit out by the houseguests on BBUS.

The blame also lies in part with BBCA. They’re not exactly trying very hard to keep things interesting.

Russ from Van

As far as interest in this season goes we have:

-a brutal first HOH followed by false racism accusations
-Sabrina who is a complete psychpath and total train wreck (good luck with rallying Montreal and Italian fans. I’m sure they are so proud of your behaviour!)
-the fall out from the letters from home scenario with Ika
-Andrew getting a ‘handy’ in the backyard last night

Not a completely action packed season, but some good highlights!


Agreed. Why do they block the feeds for the best parts and then only show a few seconds to us later? I understand they want good ratings but at least show us the blocked stuff later. Its hard enough as it is to watch this season. They really did a poor job of casting most of the HG this season.


Even though sarah seems like she has a huge ego im gonna say that she has very low self worth and that is why she feels that she has to use flirting and spooning and flirting with the guys to get farther in the game its quiet sad!. I hope she doesnt have any daughters


She has two daughters around 8 and 9 yrs old. The flirting is bad enough, but how is she going to explain the bad-mouthing of Heather to them?


Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t recall Sarah’s disdain for Heather being shown on the episodes. If it hasn’t than your point is pointless.


Sabrina talking to camera then she says uh you’re turning away from me? Argh….I’m Insulted ..lol


Since when is Laval part of Montreal? Kenny is the first player from Montreal Sabrina. Cut your crap already.


The power is going to shift back to other side again according to Neda.


Does Sarah have the hots for Jon?

hoe bag

the question is who DOESNT she have a crush on!


She doesn’t have the hots for any of the guys. She talks about her husband and family constantly.


Hey Hey Hey
New update “Kenny-She stares at me ” is stuck, nada happens when read more is clicked . Thanks Guys


ADEL will screw it all up if his team is depending on his “Canada’s Veto” to sway the vote. His lying is going to get him in a shitload of trouble with his own side. I kind of hope it blows up in his face. He has gotten way too cocky this week waving it in all their faces. He keeps adding things to this magical power he is saying he has, and to the point where most don’t believe him with the exception of Jon and Arlie. I was all for Jon and Adel up to about a day ago, and then Jon gets into the booze and starts flapping his gums. Arlie has just gotten weird and I don’t know what side he is on for sure, and think he is just waiting to see who wins the HOH. You can bet it won’t be him because he doesn’t want to show his cards yet.


Agreed about Adel. If one from the 1st 5 side wins, Adel just might be gone. If he fails to save himself, others will save the other ally on the block over him, as they will see he can’t be trusted. I don’t understand why Adel isn’t telling even Jon about the fake power. You have to trust someone.
I want Adel be brought down to earth, but hopefully it won’t screw other on that side over.


At this moment Adel is hoping a lot that his side wins. Maybe he hopes that this lie is what is fuelling the confidence within the ‘others’. And he is in deep and knows that revelations at this point won’t help him. This is one reason he is so antsy about Arlie not divulging enough info.
Best for him to hope Jon and Arlie can keep reigning in Sarah.

evil twins

i am so sick of looking at kenny and sarahs stupid mugs!
they are both so over-rated and ugly inside and out!
someone really needs to put the evil twins up on the block next to each other!


honestly i wish this season would just fast track to the end, i am watching because of curiosity but it is just plain boring, i thought last season was predictable and boring well this is really bad. Last year every one got along much better (aside from Suzette and Tom), but its hard to watch a whole season where i can feel the damn tension/divide..there is no charm or charisma with this group of people, hell they dont even play the game, no campaigning, NOTHING! Andrew doesnt want to watch the show but will watch the finally..that just goes to show he is not a “player”..if he knew anything about the show he would know that he is going to be at the finally along with every other houseguest!!

A season filled with unlikeable and some barely likeable characters, cowards, liars, 2 faced, fake and filthy losers! If i was big brother i would cut a check out to Gary from season 1 and call it a day already. Close up shop, season 2 is a flop. If they want to make it interesting they should cast real people not some cookie cutter cast!!


Last year there was a few dynamic characters that were quite entertaining to watch.


Adel has proven he is an idiot, loyal but an idiot..his whole strategy with the veto was stupid from the get go. Why would you say 2 weeks, when the real power doesnt have a time limit?? Then he keeps changing it and expects people to believe him, way to build credibility there Adel! He has turned himself into the bb joke, if they didnt take him seriously already. I wish he would use the stupid thing already and get it over with because he is gonna keep changing it, we all know he has no prize!!

Final 2 has got to be Arlie and either Heather or Sarah…Arlie will win because these hg’s are plain stupid.