Sarah says it kills me that you and Kenny are on opposite sides of me and I am in the middle!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Have Nots Jon and Adel

BBCAN2-2014-04-02 12-35-02-161

3:15pm – 4pm Big Brother puts the house guests on a backyard lock down. Andrew, Allison, Sabrina, Sarah and Kenny are hanging out by the hammock. Kenny and Sabrina are studying and talking about what they remember from the mug shot photos they saw this morning on the living room tv screens. Sabrina says that at first she thought that the dates were just to throw them off so she started studying their faces. Kenny says he thinks the dates would be used as a tie breaker. Meanwhile out in the hot tub room – Neda and Heather talk about relationships and their views on cheating. Heather says that Sabrina is the one that f**ked up my game with Ika. I want her gone so bad!!

The house opens up again and Sarah and Jon head up to the chairs outside the bathroom. Jon says that he is voting out Andrew. Sarah says good that’s what we’re all doing. Sarah asks Jon if he would lie to her? Jon asks about what. Sarah says if you really trust me .. you going after Kenny is like me going after Neda. Sarah says it kills me that you and Kenny are on opposite sides of me and I am in the middle! Jon says Kenny doesn’t talk to me. Sarah says that Jon getting freaked out this morning didn’t help. Jon says all I said was that Andrew was campaigning. Sarah says if I actually though Kenny was after you I wouldn’t be so close to him.. I swear to god! Jon says that he has tried to talk to Kenny so many times and he gives me nothing! Sarah says lets just get the f**king BULL out of here! Lets just get him out so we can move on. Jon says then we can actually talk. Sarah says I know its not true. Jon asks what? Sarah says that you threw Kenny under the bus. Jon says no it was 100% ADEL! Sarah says Rachelle told me it was you. Jon says she is a liar and now I know I can’t trust her. Jon says I told them that you would not turn on them. I am rattled. Sarah tells Jon not to say anything. Don’t throw me under the bus. I can get you information. Sarah says do not trust them. Jon says I can’t. Sarah says I think you got worried when Kenny came to you about keeping Andrew and you got scared. Jon says I didn’t throw him under the bus. Sarah says I trust you over Sabrina and Rachelle. Sarah says we are all voting to evict Andrew any ways .. I just wish none of that happened this morning. Sarah says just understand Kenny is my Neda. Jon says I understand that. Jon says that he just wants to talk to Kenny and see if he will open up to him.. none of this we’re good, we’re good. Sarah asks Jon to wait till I talk to him and see if I can fix it. Jon says just wait until I win HOH and then he will be forced to talk to me…

BBCAn2-2014-04-02 12-38-47-031

BBCAn2-2014-04-02 12-51-40-388
3:50pm In the bedroom – Sabrina talks about how Sarah is f**king her over. She says that Sarah is using information to convince Jon to vote me out. Sabrina and Rachelle head downstairs. In the storage room Sabrina complains to Kenny about Sarah and Jon talking. She says that they wouldn’t even look at me when we walked by. Sabrina says that Jon said shes such a f**king liar as we walked by. Kenny says I don’t care. It doesn’t matter! I am shutting down today. It doesn’t even matter we all know Jon is a f**king liar.
BBCAn2-2014-04-02 12-48-58-015

Next Sarah talks to Sabrina and calms her down. Sabrina asks if Sarah and Jon were talking about her. Sarah says no, that her name never came up. Sarah tells Kenny that he needs to hide how much he hates Jon for now. Kenny comes in and Sarah tells him that she needs to talk to him after. Sarah then goes to talk to Kenny.

Meanwhile Neda talks to Sabrina in the corner. Neda tells Sabrina that 100% yesterday she was staying .. but isn’t sure now. She says that she thinks the diary room told Andrew to fight. She says that they did that with Ika too because they need it for the episode so that people wonder who is going to go. Sabrina sees Sarah finished her conversation with Kenny and leave to go talk to her. Sarah promises Sabrina that she is not going home. Don’t stress out. I am trying to put all the sketchiness on Adel. Sarah says Kenny knows Andrew is f**Ked he has the worst game ever!

BBCAN2-2014-04-02 13-07-56-571

In the kitchen – Kenny talks to Andrew and Allison. Kenny tells Andrew to do him one favor – don’t do or say anything! Don’t freak out! Andrew says I am not going to expose anything. If I didn’t freak out already I’m not going to. The cams switch to the main bedroom where Neda, Heather, Adel and Jon are talking. Jon says I wish we could just evict two people today. Heather says It is nice walking around this house and seeing people talking and I am not on the f**King block. The others laugh.
BBCAN2-2014-04-02 15-19-38-987
4:50pm – 5:25pm IN the bathroom – Jon complains of having hard white sh*t on his d**k. They wonder if its a yeast infection. He runs into the main bedroom and tells the others. He asks them if they want to look at it! Adel says he will. Heather and Neda say they don’t want to see it. Jon goes back to the bathroom and ALLISON SMELLS HIS FINGERS AFTER HE TOUCHES HIS D**K. Andrew tells her to shower before she comes near him again. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back – Jon comes out of the diary room and tells everyone that he whipped it out and showed them. He says they said it is definitely not herpes! We’ll get back to you on what it is.. Jon goes to the bedroom. Neda says that she didn’t know guys could get yeast infections. Sabrina says yeah, are you circumcised? Jon says no. Sabrina say yeah so dirt and stuff gets in there.. Arlie was busted for sleeping under the stairs. He comes up to the main bedroom and says so Jon, I hear you have herpes? The others say no but he does have Vv@gin@l cream. They all laugh. Arlie wants to read the box. They tell him he probably doesn’t want to touch it because Jon’s yeast hands were all over it.

BBCAN2-2014-04-02 13-41-12-776

BBCAn2-2014-04-02 14-26-58-735

5:30pm Jon talks to Neda in the bedroom. Jon says that he thinks he will be going home next week. He then remembers that Adel has his power and Neda says he would use it on him. She says unless something crazy happens. Neda says if it was me and you on the block you would stay. Jon says he’s not thinking about that. Neda says you have to! Neda tells Jon that he has really nice eyes. Jon says thanks. You have nice eyes too. Neda says cool. They leave the bedroom. Jon comments that he will tell them all about his yeaster. Arlie says Big Brother made it perfectly clear that you have a v@gin@. Jon goes back to bed. Sabrina goes to Jon and tells him to look into her eyes! I am not the one going around saying stuff about you. If you fall into their trap then its your fault. If they say anything its not me. Sabrina asks are you still voting for me. Jon says yes! They high five. Sabrina heads back out to the hot tub room with Rachelle to study the mug shots. Neda joins them. Heather joins them and Sabrina asks he if she is voting to keep her. Heather says that he 0s
BBCAN2-2014-04-02 14-36-04-942

In the havenot room – Jon talks to Sabrina about his conversation with Sabrina. Jon says that he never said anything to her any ways so he doesn’t know what she was talking about. Jon asks Sarah why she doesn’t come work with Arlie and him. Jon says it will buy you and Kenny a couple more weeks. Sarah says that Kenny is not coming after you. Jon says that I want to trust him. Jon says I feel more comfortable now. I’ve lost a lot of sleep over losing Kenny. Jon says Kenny will see when I win HOH and don’t put him up. Sarah says if you do that then you will have him for the rest of the game. Jon says I will swear on my dog over it .. do you think he would do the same for me? He’s losing his biggest ally. Sarah says she thinks he will do that.

BBCAn2-2014-04-02 14-45-36-413

6:15pm Out in the hot tub room – Neda, Heather and Sabrina study the mug shots and talk about other random things.

In the bedroom Sabrina tells Arlie that out of everyone she trusts him the most. Arlie tells her that she is definitely good. Sabrina asks what about Jon. Arlie says I don’t know about him but the fact that he came and told you means he is not sneaking around. Sabrina says that she just doesn’t know because Andrew was going around offering deals. Sabrina says I have you, Sarah, Jon, Neda, Heather, Adel… Arlie says I think so too.. I think you’re good and in the clear. Sabrina says she’s worried everyone is just telling her what she wants to hear and then tomorrow they’re going to blindside her. Arlie says he thinks she’s fine. Arlie says there is no way Jon would vote you out because he would never come and tell you and then do the opposite. Sabrina says this makes me have your back more than any ones..

6:50pm Out in the backyard – Allison, Rachelle, Sarah, Sabrina, Jon, Neda, Kenny and Andrew are all laying out by the hammock sharing stories about their outside lives.

BBcan2-2014-04-02 15-32-23-384

7pm – 7:15pm In the bathroom – Andrew asks if Sabrina is okay? She says yeah I am just hurt by things. I don’t want to talk about it though. Andrew says I know what you are talking about but with campaigning its all on how its worded. All I did today was ask questions. Sabrina says all I’ve asked today is do I have your vote. I actually asked it two days ago Andrew says I’ve never said that. Sabrina says yes you have. Andrew asks when? I’ve done nothing differently than you have. I have never said anything bad about you. All I’ve asked is do you want me to stay in this game. Anything else you’ve heard is a lie. Sabrina starts to cry and says that she’s been staying up all night trying to think about what to say to him. Andrew says I think that you think by me doing the same thing as you it’s wrong. Sabrina says no I don’t think it’s wrong. Andrew says I know you would never say anything bad about me and I wouldn’t about you. Andrew says that it was only today that I started to think about staying. I know I came to the race late. Andrew says I still love you. Sabrina says that she is starting to question everyone now and knows she can’t trust any one.

BBCAN2-2014-04-02 16-12-18-976

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Those lumberjackets they gave them to wear really muck up the sound of their mics. I wish they would tell them to fix the mic (production) more often. They did it a lot more last season. Anyways, back to the house of horrors (rubbing two hands together).


I wish BB would stop the warnings and go straight to tasks & punishments for rule infractions.

Like a Solitary Confinement cell.
head-shaving – women not excepted.
no talking for “X” hours.
no moving except on hands and knees for “X” hours.
a sleep-deprivation room
skip a meal – or 2 – or 3
an actual hamster wheel
shower privileges cancelled
“x” hours blindfolded
stuff like that
no more Mr. Nice Guy Big Brother


The “shower privileges cancelled” wouldn’t be a punishment to them……………they rarely shower. The rest are good ones.


im sure there will be a veto punishment similar to dans 24 hour solitary dance party

and a havenot week like last season where havenots have to prepare all meals for haves…it creates alot of drama


hopefully, finally kenny on slop next week, with sab, and one of or both rach, allison


(using over the top hand gestures to emphasize his points)

im the last to know everything

i dont know anything

i literally cant talk game right now…or ever

2 days after the finale i will come to see you at 5:30 am in the have not room and we can continue this discussion then

im so glad we had this conversation

arlie leaves


My favorite part about that absurd convo between Sarah and Jon, is that he said that if Kenny hadn’t turned on him, the three of them could have taken the game to the end together. Sarah replies that that would have been the most ideal situation for her emotionally. Yeah I bet it would… having Kenny and Jon fight over you to the end. (rolls eyes) I don’t care what people say…she is just as delusional as Sobs. I hope this crap catches up to her soon. Her and that pompous ass, Kenny, need to be brought down a few pegs.

(Oh and I wish I could take credit for the title…but I was just repeating what came out of her mouth…she gets to claim that little jewel all herself…)


At least Sarah has been playing the game hard. Probably too hard, ultimately, because now she’s juggling a lot of lies while trying to maintain relationships within different alliances. Something’s gotta give. But still, at least she’s actually talking strategy and trying to keep her plan together. Sabrina’s playing too–unfortunately, she’s a train wreck.

Most of the rest of them seem to be doing nothing but waiting around for someone else to do something.

I wonder if Arlie really thinks he can keep floating along without ever having to get his hands dirty. I guess we’re not going to know until the next HOH. As for Adel, he’s like a one-trick pony with that Veto power, so he’d better come up with some other strategy or he’s toast. Jon is scrambling and doesn’t seem to be able to rally anyone together. Neda is sitting back and waiting. Heather is relying on others to tell her what to do. Allison is investing all of her time in other people. Kenny is letting Sarah do a lot of his dirty work. Andrew was ready to give up–just like Ika. Rachelle lets Sabrina do all the decision-making. Sigh… Come on people!!

Rachet the face chewing submissive puppet

rachet said:

“heathers mind can be moulded so easily”

ah hello, hello, hello rachet, is there anybody in there? just nod if you can hear me…is there anyone at home?

you were conned into backdooring someone in your own alliance who wouldnt put you up

rachet said:

“we can put neda in jury, as nobody would vote her back in”

not true rachet, neda is alot more popular than you amongst fans, probably top 3 with jon and adel, and fans favorite girl in the house, and in my opinion the nicest person in the house

rachet(to sabrina and kenny) repeatedly says:

“i always see jon and neda whispering, i know they talk game, they think I am stupid?”

yes rachet they do think you are stupid…its a fact, not opinion…and it is big brother…are you seriously whinging and whining that other people are talking game? do they need to ask your permission for that? what an airhead

rachet always asks:

“will i get any modelling work after this?”

who gives a sh1t, just do whatever slobrina tells you to do and sing your silly fart song


I think Heather and Neda could make a pretty sneaky and effective alliance. Would be cool to see.


I could go to the local mall right now and find 50 ladies that would be better modelling candidates than Ratchet


one hundo


LOL! too jokes


WOW. Just wow.


I gagged.. What nurse smells fingers to detect infection. She is so gross.


Super disgusting, but Allison is a nurse so she was probably seeing if she could smell the yeast. I give credit to all nurses out there, they have way stronger stomachs than I will ever have!


Does anyone know if there’s a way to download the little video clips from the office BB website? I just love the one called Mind Your Manners with Gary and Peter and would love to watch those 2 minutes from time to time to cheer myself up!


Oops, I meant “official” BB website – Slice. None of the usual suspects are working.


Its time Neda and Jon go guns blazing! Expose Sarah and Kenny and let Sabrina go crazy on them. Wake I p Neda and play the game. Keeping quiet bgor too long sucks!


do you really think it’s time for Neda to make a move…?..she’s in a pretty safe spot right now in an alliance with two HUGE targets in front of her…on the other hand Jon can stir the pot since he knows he is target #1 for the other side…


i agree maybe a week or two early

neda doing her best to be switzerland for now, not rock any boats

alot may not agree with me, but if i was giving advice, particularly for a girl, on how to play a low key game to not give anyone reason to target you, i would study how neda has been very nice to everyone, and not reacting to negativity…always being self aware of how any action can badly impact you in the game, she has very strong mental discipline and emotional security, and doesnt make too be a deal out of anything, almost the exact opposite strategy as sabrina…even when sarah f-cked over the girls, and sab/rach turned on ika, she didnt let it affect her too much…obviously her friendship with jon can make her a target eventually, but you need strong trust and genuine friendship with at least one person or you will go insane…if they downplayed it alot more from the outset they would be better off in terms of a pair being a target, but it is what it is…i would imagine it would be kind of difficult hiding it, being around everyone 24/7

next hoh is critical

go neda, jon, heather, adel…and im praying both sarah and arlie will turn against sab, rach, all, kenny too…that would be 6 on 4


Well…everyone will eventually be a target…Neda has herself in a good position…it’s obvious either Adel or Jon will go before her…and she’ll at least the jury…and she has backup from Sabrina and Rachelle if her side loses the big guys…when she loses one or both…that is when i think she should make her move and go after Kenny and Sarah..maybe Heather will go with her…and all these girls will target Kenny and Sarah…that’s also a possibility…i find it hard to believe Sarah will ever go after Kenny…they are really tight now…especially after Kenny revealed his “TRUE SELF” to her…now, where would Allison go…i don’t know…i think Neda has positioned herself to be a potentially very dangerous player in the long term…she’s not at the top of anyone’s target list and she has a couple of options of where to go depending on what happens…if the big guys go…she can easily jump ship by exposing Sarah and Kenny to Rachelle and Sabrina and all the girls will go after everyone else…it Jon and co. wins HoH and Kenny and the Gremlins go…then she can easily stay with them and wait for the numbers to dwindle to see if she wants to stick with the big guys or go with Heather…lots for her to choose from…i have high hopes for Neda…she is also automatically one of my favs since i live in BC and no one else is from BC.


as you say she has options…and she is smart, wont ruin anything by talking too much, and could definately win question comps as she is very intelligent, and even hanging/holding endurance type hoh’s as she is small and light

as a person, i find neda thoroughly delightful and hilarious…and i think she is really gorgeous…and a big fan of the game…very good choice by casting in my opinion

interestingly the same day i first saw the pics of the houseguests i had a feeling jon and neda would be a strong partnership in the game and ive cheered for them both ever since…alot of people like the backstabbing, lies and blowups…i like that too…but i also really enjoy watching a strong genuine bond and mutual respect develop between players within the game and how they face challenges together…like adel/kyle/paul…adel/ika…jon/neda


especially if Jon goes…Neda could have backup options with Sabrina and Rachelle in case her alliance starts being picked off…


wait i take that comment back…i misread the second comment back since i misread what you say…if Sabrina goes crazy on Sarah and Kenny…Neda will have another ally…but is it time for Neda to make a move when she is in a relatively safe position…she doesn’t want to be moved above Adel on the target list…


if jon ever left, neda would still be on good terms with adel, heather, arlie and sarah

and sab/rach would go after others before neda, as would kenny/allison

i really dont want to see any of adel, jon or neda leave any time soon as i really enjoy their hilarious conversations…those 3 are like my stooges to watch for a good laugh…the nicest, funniest and most genuine in the house…if they werent there it would just be a bunch of negative grumps constantly bitching and being mean spirited and annoying


and if Jon and Adel both go…she will always have to option of going with Rachelle and Sabrina…i like her chances…


and also…i’m pretty sure Neda won’t be going anytime soon…i’m just worried about Jon and Adel though…


hopefully things will work out ok this hoh

i think rach/sab would be her last option as she doesnt really like or trust them, and vice versa(sab/rach always say do you trust us?)

she has plenty of other options first

im going to be interested to see how she does in the pirate ship style hanging/holding endurance hoh, always the most epic hoh of usa and canada bb

and i hope she is still there for the freeze task…if so i think they might send her sister roya (a big bb fan) in to wish her well, similar to andrew monaghans brother pete last season


Neda won’t do that she is scared of Sarah


the only part of sarah that anybody is scared of is her eyebrows

ha ha


Sarah is so fake omg. Jon needs to wake up. I’m sure Neda still doesn’t trust her since she changed her vote. Damn it! I hope Adel wins HOH and puts Sarah and Kenny on the block. I want to see how she throws Kenny under the bus.


OMG… she may go for the ultimate one.. worst than throwing him under the by bus by revealing his secret… you know the reveal is coming soon… and there will be drama… MUHAHAHA…

Arlie's aggressive shouting whisper

arlie enters

(using over the top hand gestures to emphasize his points)

i had no idea, this game is a real eye opener

i literally am really really really really really really glad we are having this conversation

but i cant talk game right now

i shouldnt even be looking you in the eye or breathing the same air as you

be patient…there will be a time i come to you to continue this conversation…maybe…and if i do i will wake you out of a deep sleep at 4:15 am in the have not room, so you are really switched on and in a good state of mind

not definately, but most likely…outside chance of not at all…i will eventually continue this discussion with you when the time is right, when there are no houseguests left to catch on to us, so it might be before the finale night, possibly after

dont panic, dont say anything

ive literally gotta leave this room like right now

im really really really really really really really glad we had this conversation

before the other person has a chance to say anything, arlie is gone like a thief in the night


What would have been BEAUTIFUL is if Jon walked in to the bedroom while Sabrina was masticating that pizza so fu**in loud it was disgusting; and he announced it right there. “I’ve got cheesy stuff coming out of my privates, what do you think it is?” Well nevermind – she probably wouldn’t have blinked an eye

Uh huh

I am still hoping every day I check this site, that at some moment very VERY soon, Allison lets it really slip and is FORCED to self evict.
Call her to the diary room and send her packing!!!

Not that anyone in the house, other than Andrew’s d**k would notice, but it would be nice to see her undeserving pathetic time in the house over. Shame Ika has to be gone and yet Allison has a chance of being in the jury.

Andrew better still be going home.


I almost didn’t put my name in ’cause I don’t want to admit how much free time I have this afternoon to post this much:
Anyway – could it be a really high probability that the numbers are how many votes were for Sabrina and how many votes for Andrew, and Canada gets to evict; not the houseguests?
So all this scrambling around today (albeit very entertaining) would have been for nothing, except to shed some light into what each person is doing and doing to eachother?
I dunno – what does anyone else think?


I’ve been thinking the exact same thing! It would be a great twist if that’s what they did. I personaly really, really want to see Sabrina go. I know a lot of people would prefer to see Andrew leave, but I just don’t find him THAT bad. I can’t handle how dishonest Sabrina is to everyone, and how horribly she talks about people… the things she says are beyond mean. She really does think she’s the queen bee…would be kinda nice to see her ego popped!!


The two things that bugged me the most about the Sarah/Jon convo in have-not room are: most importantly…Jon, please tell me that all of this bullshit you are swapping with Sarah is just a setup. She keeps trying to convince you that Kenny isn’t coming after you, but you should be paying attention to the HUGE RED FLAG…SHE is trying to convince you…not Kenny. He should be telling you this himself, but the cocky bastard would rather have Sarah do the work, while spitting venom about how Jon lies. Ummm…didn’t you just confess to Sarah that you have been lying to everyone this whole game, Kenny? And that should be a red flag for Sarah, as well. But she just wants her two cuddle-buddies to get along and at least make it to jury with her. *gags* And the other thing…oh look, Sarah is hating on Heather again. For someone who hates people being picked on..she never lets up.


Jon and Arlie are really good at telling people what they want to hear. I’m sure all this talk from Jon about keeping Andrew is just him trying to see where everyone else’s loyalties lie.


exactly…well said


What the freak sabrina is thinking about?? That Andrew should just shut up and let her win?? It’s BIG BROTHER, can’t wait for her to leave!!


Can’t wait to see the “tricky” veto and hopefully Sabrina’s meltdown on tonight’s show!


Sabrina is like my dog. She gross, fat and lies everywhere.


Haha ..Jon “The Beast with the Yeast” 🙂


BTW, what’s with the talk about Adel’s power… it’s not even real… is it..?


Oh gawd… no Jon! No! I really like you on the show, but that is TMI. And please, no more nose picking.


I want Big Jon to win the whole damn thing. Go, Jon!


gotta give props too Andrew don;t give up YOU CAN DO IT!!!!


man oh man i love you guys disliking my comments plz keep dislikng

ihate sarah

then write something intelligent 😉


I agree with moon3k on Kenny being cocky. It’s kinda stupid of him to snub the guys except Andrew. He has made himself the next biggest target once Andrew is evicted. All the guys are coming after him. Speaking of which, it seems to me he’s attracted to Andrew. He once admitted to Sarah he likes manly men. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t been talking much with the other guys. Anyway he’s been playing a bad social game.


what is “pp1” that they keep saying? i heard jon, adel and sarah saying it, as in, to freak out?