Sabrina says this is my first pulled pork! Arlie says you’re losing your pulled pork v!rg*n!ty!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 13-27-17-105

4:25pm In the living room – Jon, Heather and Arlie are talking about the boost the meter numbers they had seen on the tv screens this morning. Heather says so the HOH was from the 2 million. She asks what’s bigger than HOH? Jon says that Canada probably got different scenarios to vote on. Arlie says he isn’t even convinced that two are related. Jon says well they did say in the diary room that it was a twistos twist. Jon asks they said that to you? Jon says yeah they slipped it out to me when they weren’t supposed to. Jon asks is that what Ned’s was saying or did they say that to her too? Jon says they did it to her too. Arlie says yeah right, they accidently let it slip twice. Jon says I don’t care anyways. Arlie says it doesn’t even matter its not like we could guess it anyways. Andrew says that’s exactly how I feel too! Sarah asks 6 million! Its amazing we could get 6 million anything! Arlie says 6 million fake votes? Sarah says ARLIE!

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 13-29-23-241

4:40pm Andrew, Allison, Neda, Jon, Heather, Sabrina, Kenny and Rachelle are in the kitchen eating. Sabrina says this is my first pulled pork!. Arlie says you’re losing your pulled pork v!rgin!ty.
BBCAN2-2014-04-01 13-38-45-181
BBCAN2-2014-04-01 13-58-17-863

4:50pm Kenny and Sarah head out to the hot tub room. Kenny says 6 mil eh!? That’s pretty wild! Sarah says yeah. Kenny says I am assuming votes. Sarah says I wonder if its Canada voting on a power to give to one of us. I hope its you. Kenny says that’s very nice but I highly doubt there would be 6 million votes for me. Kenny says they were talking about it earlier and thought it could be voting for a double eviction. He says if it is, I am going to try for the first one but it would also suck to get it .. because then you don’t get a letter from your family. Kenny says god I hope I win this game! Sarah says that she really hopes Sabrina doesn’t bug her about being final two. Kenny says she probably has a final 2 with Rachelle too. Sarah says she probably has a final 2 with everyone. Sarah talks about the things Sabrina does that really annoy her. Sarah says I f**king hate her. Sarah says someone on our side has to win HOH. You would have to back door Jon. Sarah says I even told the diary room that I am spending the week trying not to kill Sabrina. Everything is like walking on egg shells with her. Sabrina and Neda join them and the conversation ends.

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 14-00-40-621

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 14-18-30-560
5pm- 5:30pm Andrew and Allison are laying in the hammock. He says that he thinks he could get Arlie to swing to vote for him. He says it would be kind of sh*tty. Allison asks if he could get Kenny to swing. Andrew says he thinks he could. Allison says that she doesn’t want him to give up. Andrew says he doesn’t want to be looked at as giving up either. I don’t look at it as giving up .. its surrendering. Andrew says my goodbye speech is good.. do you want to hear it? Allison says no, I don’t want to cry. I need to try and hold myself together. Andrew jokes that he’ll say f**k you, F**k you, F**k you, You’re cool! Allison says you’re not going to say that are you? Andrew says no it live tv. Allison says this kind of hope is killing me because if I do go with it and it doesn’t work it would ruin my game. Andrew says if I was going to try this it would only work if I did it tomorrow. I’ll think about it tonight and than see if Arlie can give me his word. Andrew says when he gets out they’re going to say Pick your nose boy is back out in Canada! Andrew says I’ve made conscious efforts to reduce the nose picking. Is it really that gross is it really that bad? Allison says no!

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 14-12-57-621
Meanwhile out in the hot tub room – Sabrina says now that Andrew is leaving – you are my final two for sure. If he was still here it would be a difficult decision you know what I mean because I started this with him.

Most of the house guests are in the living room talking about random things..

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 14-28-31-539

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 14-59-48-319

6pm – 6:30pm In the living room – Rachelle comments that she really hopes she gets some time of work when she gets out. Sabrina tells her that she’ll get some P*RN / MAXIM shoot when she gets out! Sabrina, Rachelle and Arlie head out to the hot tub room. Sabrina continues to talk about how she thinks Rachelle will get a modeling contract when she gets out. Sabrina says I don’t think Canada hates me because I am a b***h to people because I only protected people who were a part of my original plan. Sabrina talks about how their popularity will be high until casting in Sept/Oct.. then it will go down and come back up again before the next season.. and then it’ll done. Sabrina then practices her eviction speech. Arlie says that was gold! That was perfect. Rachelle says yeah. Sabrina says you don’t know how hard it is to be up on the block with your best friend. My boy best friend. And I honestly believe if I was up on the block with Allison …he would keep me over her. Sabrina continues to talk about the flight attendant job she used to have. Rachelle heads inside and Adel joins them. Sabrina asks Adel lots of questions about his job and his life. Adel heads back inside and Sabrina comments on how much Adel has lied to her.

6:50pm – 7:15pm Sabrina starts talking game with Arlie. She tells him that she has been 100% loyal to them. She tells Arlie that after she had a couple late night conversations with him she feels way more comfortable with him. Sabrina talks about how during the comic relief montage she wasn’t laughing .. she was paying attention to who was with who and what they were saying. Arlie says you’re really smart at this game. Sabrina continues to spill her game out to Arlie:

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This week has been a really boring feeds week. ZzzzZzzZZzzzz


Hmmm sarah said i f%cking hate sabrina and am doing everything i can to avoid her that sounds like something a bully would say!


No if anything she is being the opposite of a bully
And avoid that nose picking slob. I can’t stand

Reality check

I agree with you 100%… People hate Sabrina cause she told
Lies to help her alliance .. Plus she is gross I will give you that.
But everyone in her alliance benefited from those lies.
Now all of a Sudden Sarah starts saying she hates her
And wants to backdoor her and the fans like this
Behaviour lol too funny .dont forget people that Sarah has
Bullied Heather pretty bad and continues to
Do it . She said “I’m gonna beat her in her face
Because of the sound of her voice “. Sarah is a fake
Hypocrite . That alliance was fine with Sabrina Doing all the dirty
Work . And I hate to say it at least she was
Staying true to her alliance . Sarah has realized that canada
Hates Sabrina and she now has a problem with her lol.
I agree Sabrina is a witch but Sarah is definitely
The wicked witch from the west . Plus she is using
Questionable methods with the men . I wonder if she
Will teach her kids to use there sexuality to get ahead.
Over all she is a liar , massive bully and lacks
Loyalty . I wonder how long till she turns on Kenny

bb is a house full of crazy

Lots of people saying Sarah is bullying. I don’t see her bullying anyone. I see her talking smack behind their backs but no bullying. Sabrina is a bully and so is that goof Andrew.


I guess you missed when Sarah said she wanted to beat her
In the face because of the sound of her voice . Or the time she
Said That heather won’t be able to win challenges
Because she has gained weight . Or the time she said the Guys must deprived
Because they thought Heather was attractive . Or the time she acted like a doll
… Her impression of heather . . There have been many other
Times but I can’t list them all … Bottom line she bullied
Her over and over

bb is a house full of crazy

I guess you missed where she never said that to their face and just said it to someone in a passive/aggressive manner.


Well now I am deeply offended and claim no connection to that rattlesnake Sab and her venomous fangs! 😉


That goes for both of them!


So everyone is loving Sarah the bully for hating
On Sabrina Lol you people are fucking dumb .Sarah
Was with Sabrina before and now she know canada hates her
She has a problem with her . If Sabrina hadn’t gone up
On the block Sarah would still be riding her coat tail.
I want Kenny , Sarah Sabrina Gone . I hope Jon
And Neda and Adel don’t side with any of those scumbags


I totally agree sarah is a fake horrible person


I don’t want Kenny or Jon to leave next week but it appears that’s what’s going to happen, depending on who wins. I like how Heather is looked at as more important now to one side of the house – it’d be funny to see her win and out up Rachelle and Sabrina.
Still don’t know what Arlie would do if he won HoH, he would probably not stick with F5 cause Canada hates them, honestly his best move is to throw the competition to Adel Jon Heather or Neda and push for Kenny to leave.


I don’t like what Sarah said about having to backdoor Jon.

She’s supposed to be forming a new alliance with him.

That’s pretty crappy

snake in the grass

im not surprised that sarah is stabbing jon in the back already she is the female version of kenny in everyway!
plus she just let everyone know that the only person she cares about in the house is kenny!


Sarah is starting to grow on me. I hope we get a scene of her ripping into Sabrina before she goes.


So you like bullies who say they want to punch
People in the face for the sound of their voice . Your hatred
For Sabrina is clouding your judgment . Sarah is a scumbag
Who is using Canada’s hatred for Sabrina to her advantage .
She is lacks loyalty .

Oink oink

All the people that have put weight on in the house should be the next on slop: rachelle,sarah,andrew and allison:SLOP TIME!


If Sarah is so annoyed with Sabrina then why aren’t they discussing getting her out next week ‘(I know she has mentioned backdooring her)? Seriously, for everyone in the house’s sanity (and for all of us who mute the live feeds when Sabrina is talking) they should get rid of her. I think that Kenny and Sarah need to team up with Jon and Neda to maintain their safety in the game. They are smart enough to know that once the F5 start getting evicted that the numbers will not be on their side.

Also, why is no one in the house noticing that Heather would be a perfect person to add into an alliance? She is doesn’t have anyone to be loyal with, and if she was brought into an alliance Im sure she would just be so happy to have a friend in the house that she would be easily manipulated.


Sarah has discussed getting rid of Sabrina next week.. Sarah said if I’m going to backdoor her.. sounds like discussion on evicting Sabrina…


Heather is in an alliance with Adel, Jon and Neda (possibly Arlie and Sarah – they’re flip-flopping a lot).


Sarah’s Husband has got to be getting nervous with all of the attention she is giving the guys. First her obvious crush and wanting to cuddle with Kenny, and now snuggling up with John on the couch. I wonder what her kids think?


The next two days are going to be boring… I don’t see anyone changing their vote for Andrew… Arlie won’t most likely….Adel certainly won’t… Jon…no..,Neda won’t… Rachelle for god sakes won’t because she’s so far up Sabrina ‘s ass…Heather is just gonna vote with the house… even Sarah who can’t stand Sabrina won’t… bye Andrew… you might only get Allison’s vote.. maybe Kennys if you are lucky… BTW, Heather is finally in a good spot.. Kenny and Jon are gunning for each other.. Sarah hates Sabrina and wants her gone.. Kenny also wants Adel gone really bad.. Rachelle is quilt you by association and so is Allison…Heather should just ride this wave and do nothing for a bit… she is pretty much the safest at this point…


Well you never know…Sobrina is right now telling Arlie that she doesn’t trust Sarah and wants to take her out soon. She thinks Sarah is in love with Kenny and is working with Neda and Jon to screw over the rest of 1st 5. Now Arlie can either tell Sarah this, knowing Sarah can’t stand Sobs, and it might convince her to change her vote this week…if she thinks Sobs is coming after her and it will be better to get rid of her now then later. Or Arlie will keep it to himself because of that fact…so Andrew will definitely go. It will be interesting to see if Arlie tells Sarah or not, he has kept her in the loop so far…

Anyway, Sobs is pretty stupid to be vocalizing any of these thoughts to anyone while she is on the block. If she keeps this up, people may change their minds and decide they would rather have her gone…I doubt it, since Andrew needs to go…but it is SO FUN watching Sobs having a meltdown and turn on her alliance. FRIGGIN’ LOVING IT!

Now Arlie has left and she is talking to herself (kissing up to Canada) because no else wants to. That is all I wanted…is for her to feel shunned, since she relished so much in other people feeling that way.


Ugh! Why do we have to have two cameras on Sobs sucking up to Canada and the other two on everyone else in the living room…except Arlie and Sarah. I want to know if he is telling her what Sobs said. Damn it, Skippy…get it together! Hopefully one of them is in the DR and I am not missing anything…


even then… I still think they will get rid of Andrew since he is going be harder to get rid of they keep whereas Sabrina is going have a meltdown like she is alreadys starting to have… and she’ll just self dustruct her way out soon whereas that is not going to happen with Andrew… also, Sabrina is not going to win a challenge to save her life…all she’ll do is meltdown her way out when she loses… even if Sarah wants to change her vote… she realizes she can’t magically make another go Andrew’s way… she has already mentioned that a couple of times already…


I’m hoping that Jon &Neda will take that Twistos Twist ( production had given the hint) into consideration! If one of them no matter which one ( adel.neda.jon. h eather) find then it will be awesome!


After a long talk with Arlie by the hot tub, Sabrina takes it upon herself to pray: “God, please f***ing help me in this f***ing game! I’m not staying f***ing loyal to anyone who isn’t f***ing loyal to me. Please, help me God in this f***ing game because it’s been my f***ing dream.”

SERIOUSLY???????? I fear for this girl.

Then she turns to the camera and pleads to Canada, saying she loves Canada and that she takes it as a compliment that she’s a strong player to be on the block. “But it sucks that you got rid of my friend…” And on, and on, and on…


Waiting for the Sara vs Sabrina smackdown to happen.


LOL… in that case, I hope Sabrina gets her ass kicked…


Two of the biggest b%tches in the house fighting with each other i hope sabrina lays into sarah about her slutty waysGO SABRINA(who i dont like) but i dislike sarah more


Sabrina in backyard talking to god wanting a help lol
(Of course she’s speaking to viewers to say look …I’m so innocent?)

She talks outloud, ;’Please god help me, I want to stay here, have to win HOH this is a game, your suppose to be strategic, to play this game, I`m off with Rachelle, so is she, if anyone thinks I `m not going to have her back, your wrong, she loves me. Hey birdie (talking to a seagull) Canada I love you, I`m staying in this house, and I`m going to win this. It sucks you got my ally out.  Come  on god help me, Montreal help me, come on my friends, mes amis. With Andrew out of the house, they want to see if I`ll survive, I have Sarah, Kenny, Arly, Allison, Rachelle, I gave my word too and I`m gonna keep my word. And people think I`m a backstabber? I`m not a backstabber thank you very much, I don`t feel bad about myself. I need to win HOH,
I need to have the eye of the tiger. I`ve already won, I`m in my HOH room, with my comforter and pillows and my letter from Stephnie, Don`t let them bring me down, I`ve already won. “


I’m wanting someone to put Allison in her place already. Please someone, get her to spill the beans so she is forced to SELF EVICT!!! That would be the greatest thing ever 😀

How many more weeks until jury? This girl cannot get another undeserving free ride.


Jury starts at 9….one more person is going after Andrew is not going to jury…


I’m praying it’s one of the 1st 5…


Peter should just go into that house and just rip on Kenny, Allison, Sabrina and Sarah