Kenny – “She stares at me all the time and I look back at her and she doesn’t turn away.. STOP THAT”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 17-52-31-107

8:51pm HOH Kenny and Sarah

Kenny says he’s dated two me.. long term. He adds that he doesn’t have any gay friends back home.
Kenny – “I’ve been with way more women.. Guys still make me feel really awkward,.., I can’t um it’s strange..”
Jon joins them.

JOn asks them if they think Jenelle will break up with him. Sarah says if she was Janelle and she got a whiff about something happening with Jon she would be watching the live feeds like a freak and she would understand what is going one.

Jon leaves. Kenny goes back to talking about being gay. He says she has trouble flirting with guys. When he was with his last girlfriend he never thought he was gay, he thought some guys were attractive but so were girls.

Kenny – “After I hooked up with a guy I was like ohh sh1t I’m super gay.”
Kenny – “I find women attractive still… I could hook up with girls.. I never realized something missing until I knew something missing”
Kenny says he told his best friend he was gay and they never believed him.

Jon comes back.. Chit chat Jon leaves

Kenny goes back to explaining his sexuality. says he cannot fall in love with a women but he still can be attracted them.

Sarah brings up Kenny hooking up with a “Married” couple. He says after that he realized he was gay. He never talks to them anymore but they did invite him on a bunch of trips after which he declined. .

He goes back to talking about how his friends handled him coming out, all his friends were super cool. Kenny adds a lot of people back home home think it’s a phase.

Kenny mentions how he plans to tell the house later but right now it’s not time. He adds that Rachelle is loving him right now so they can use that because their 5 has gone down to 4.

Sarah- “Rachelle has such a hardon for Kenny but she doesn’t know he wishes she does”

Kenny brings up how Rachelle told him she is really horny and just want to have s$x. She mentioned to him she doesn’t remember what her boyfriend looks like. Kenny – “She stares at me all the time and I look back at her and she doesn’t turn away.. CREEPY.. STOP THAT”
Sarah – “we need that right now..”
Kenny – “We need to be strengthening our secondary bonds.. Sabrina is teetering on the edge of sanity”.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 18-11-18-571

8:56pm Hot tub Neda, Rachelle and Sabrina
Sabrina brings up how she gets the feeling Jon and Neda are with Heather.
Neda says Adel throws out little things all the time.. “I don’t want to repeat incase it gets out”
Sabrina – “I swear on my head I won’t say anything”
Neda – “It’s not about you guys it’s about the house in general”
Rachelle and Sabrina trying hard to get Neda to say what Adel told her. neda doesn’t say and tries to play it all down.

Sabrin says Jon loves Neda he will never put her up. Neda knows they will be good friends.

Sabrina to Neda – “I don’t talk about you ever I swear on my f** life” Sabrina continues to swear she’s never said anything bad about NEda.

They ask Neda if she trusts them. Neda says of course. Sabrina says she thinks JOn loves her

They start talking about Paul leaving was a big mistake for a lot of people in the game. Sabrina says there is a lot more people in the house that talk a lot more sh!t.

Sabrina asks if Jon wins HOH would he put her up. Neda says no she doesn’t think so, “I hate that everyone thinks I run and tell Jon everything”

Sabrina says the best ratings for big brother were season 1,2,3,4 because there was no twists.

bandicam 2014-04-01 18-27-14-565

9:27pm Kenny and RAchelle

Kenny saying Jon told them they shouldn’t go for Adel anymore and should go for Allison.
Rachelle calls the other side idiots, Allison is the least of their worries right now. Kenny – “Oh my god she is totally on board” She points out Neda won’t win anything she’s useless and Jon isn’t great at competitions. She thinks Adel, Heather, Jon, Neda should be the order.

Kenny wants Adele to go next, “We have to worry about who we want in Jury because that is super important”.

Rachelle agrees says they can put Neda in jury there is no way people will votre her back in the house.

Rachelle – “Jon isn’t a strong player.. me, you and Allison we can win sh1t”

They both agree Neda and Heather are buddies now.. Kenny keeps saying how horrible the other side is at playing the game. He highlights that they are not even trying to hide their alliance.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 18-51-27-532

9:45pm Hammock Neda and Jon

Jon – what is sabs saying
Neda – Annoying sh!t I think they know i’m lying.. what do you do with your eyes when you lie do you look up or down ?
Jon – up
Neda – oh shit I looked up ..

Jon says he really doesn’t think sabrina will put them up she will put up Adel, Allison and Heather

neda is sketched out because sanb and rach always asks her “Do you trust us”

Jon tells her Andrew is going home there is no way the vote will change.

Jon says if Andrew stays they will be f*** “It’ll be me you and Deli vs the house”

Neda – “Heather needs to stop following me around”
Jon – “You have to tell her if we are going to work together she’s got to stop following you around”
Jon asks her if Sarah will turn on them. Neda thinks she will but not this week, ‘She’ll do anything to save Kenny”

Jon isn’t sure because she won’t win in the final 2 with Kenny, “She is going to go where the numbers are”

They agree Alrie is “sketchball”
Neda – “Is it smart to have Kenny gone next”
Jon says he say Adel’s card

Jon say on the back of Deli’s card it says he gets a prize if he can survive 3 weeks without using the card.
NEda doesn’t’ think Deli will use the card to save her she thinks he’ll only save himself.
Neda – the only reason I want to keep Kenny around is him and sarah will be a bigger threat”
Jon brings up Arlie and how he’s playing it safe with both groups

Neda says Arlie hid his own cigarettes she asks him why. Jon – He didn’t want Andrew to smoke them all

neda explains Arlie never smoked he brought the smokes into the ouse to build trust and relationships with people then he took them away to throw people off their game.

Jon – “As long as Canada is making twists I’m going to be alright”

JOn says production told him they have now soundproofed the have nots room. Jon says he’s going to put up Allison and Rachelle if he wins HOH on Thursday.

Neda says Rachelle and Sabrina said the meanest sh1t about Allison and now they say they never say anything about people.

JOn thinks Kenny will put up Adel. Neda points out POV is played Jon will go up.

They both agree Getting out Sabrina would mean neda can get Rachelle on her side. Heather joins them, They talk about the possibility of Andrew staying. heather say no way Sarah will not vote to keep Andrew.

Sabrina joins them and they start talking about their pictures. Sabrina tells them she looks HUGE on video but on pictures she looks alright. Jon says Sabrina has the best memory wall picture of the bunch the close second is Anick.
Sabrina – “I don’t like muscle I say that to Andrew all the time”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-01 19-19-11-038

10:21pm Racehlle doing Yoga

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I’m waiting for Rachelle’s head to spin around –
like in The Exorcist.


I cant believe these people have boyfriends/girlfriends back home and still flirt with the houseguests!


Rachelle saying that Neda wouldn’t be voted back in makes me laugh so hard. I actually think that the top three favorites are her, adel and jon. I actually like how Neda positions herself in the game, her diary room session shows she knows what she was doing. She has a solid alliance with Adel, Heather, and Jon but has a back up plan with Sabrina and Rachelle. She’s almost like Arlie but is much less annoying and is not playing up to the camera.


She didn’t position herself in the game. She was abandoned after the girls alliance split and found herself in no man’s land. She’s not controlling anything. Her DR edit is totally unrepresentative of her game. She’s fake to Heather and to Jon. Remember she completely sold out Jon to that evil bitch Sabrina in an attempt to get back on goods terms with her. She’s a snake.


AntonyG you have no idea what is going on

neda has been with jon since day 1, she doesnt give a sh1t about sab/rach

you clearly simply dont like her as a person and all your posts indicate that

your read on the game is brutally bad

she has done well to ensure nobody is wanting her nommed or evicted, a good low key game with jon as her only true trust, and adel, heather on her side, and good relationships with arlie, sarah…and being fake to sab/rach, who both dont want to put her up as they dont see her as a threat

use your brains dude

team adel

Lol sabrina doesn’t like muscle, haha who told she she can have an opinion?I


I just watched the video where Sabrina spilled her game to Arlie, she is so good at this game and perceptive. I wish she wasn’t annoying/psycho because she is the only one playing the game but I honestly can’t hear her talk (non-game) without wanting to smack her.

To funny

Lol jon i dont think sarah is the person you should be going to for relationship advice…silly boy


Ok so im confused most of the people in the house are in relationships but they are all flirting and snuggling /spooning/petting WTF
This is by far the worst season for this that i have ever seen is anyone faithful to there partners anymore?
Such a “dirty” mess this year.

team adel

Adel is to his girl


I just wish Sabrina’s head would pop already, she’s sworn on it enough! You can see the meltdown is coming! Please, please make Adel, Heather, Jon or Neda win HOH!!!

You rock

I have to admit i like coming on here more than watching the live feeds(so boring)and i just want to put a muzzle on everyones mouth!
Thank you simon and dawg for having this website and letting us all vent our opinions!


Simon and Dawg I beg you to please post a video of Rachelle and Sabrina talking about their fashion career after BB. It is a must-watch and funny to see how delusional they both are. They have already planned on moving to LA and starting their own 2 fashion lines selling handbags, belts and fashion accessories. Sabrina claims to have big investors who are willing to spend good cash on her. They are also planning on going to Hawaii, Europe, New York to get inspired and to help them start their fashion lines. They will also rent an apartment together in LA and meet all designers and sell wholesale to everyone. Sabrina will work on her modeling and acting career and she will also lose weight because it’s very easy for her. Rachelle will also forget school and work on her modeling and acting career.

Listening to Sabrina more and more makes me believe that she has the mind of a 12 year old tween. Actually even a 12 year old would be more savvy.


A similar scenario occurred in BBUS15 with some prominent players. Nothing to date has occurred.

BB Obsessed

Sabrina keeps talking into the camera as if Canada will believe the act she’s putting on. She is extremely annoying, and only validates the reason we voted her on the block in the first place.

Johhny (the European one!)

I’d love it if BB would let them all see some videos of what has been going on in the house: like “Sabrina swearing on her head/life/dog/nona/… that sher never did/said sth”, then directly a dozen of different scenes where “Sabrina does/says exactly that”.

BB could call it “the ugly truth challenge” or sth like that. Given we didn’t get to see the certainly very interesting aftershock of Canada nominating Sabrina and Andrew, that would at least be really interesting to see!

I know that’s a taboo for BB since they should all be allowed to “get away with their lies” if the other HGs aren’t smart enough to figure it out, but BB has already thrown this rule out the window by telling the HGs that what Sabrina said about Ika by the hot tub wasn’t correct.

Throwing Canada’s HOH in there at this point, coupled with Gary and Peter repeatedly telling the viewers who to vote for, seemed to me like BB had given up on “the other side” landing a win by regular means. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Sabrina or Andrew at all, but by pure game standards, that was very extreme intervention by BB to even things out, giving the hopelessly dominated side a big gift. There’s no doubt what side of the house will be “lucky” and find the diamond power of veto.
Oh, well. I wasn’t in favor of allowing Gary a second shot after having already lost last season either.


Something like was done in BBUK, a house task where the reward can be food or something. Everyone plays the guessing game of who said what. Where BB takes some of the worst things houseguests have said about each other. Then we’ll get to see the fallout for them seeing how the others really talk about them.


Rachelle and Neda and sabrina they are discussing a third eye, and if you have it open, it’s easier to see. Sabrina says the last time she had a premonition was when she was 21; she saw a guy who wasn’t real. He was wearing a black hat. She has only interacted with people twice in her life and only males, never females. But she doesn’t want to talk about it because then Canada will think she’s crazy and that’s another reason to put her on the block.
She’s one crazy chick!


She must be using her third eye when she says Heather’s the ugliest girl she’s ever seen. Because she’s obviously not using her first two eyes.


Lol.. very funny 🙂


Sabrina is being such a baby over the twist of canada being HOH… oh season 1,2,3 off bbus had more ratings without twists. SHUT UP Sabrina we all know your pissed over canada nominating you, so stop complaining.. That girl can not figure out for the life of her why canada nominated her and its funny because shes on this high horse thinking she queen b. Sorry slobrina you’re probably the most hated in the house.