Adel “We gotta win HOH or I’m going home.. they are going to know my card is fake”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 19-03-26-402

10:03pm Jon and Sarah hot tub

Jon asks if Andrew has rolled over again
Sarah explains he doesn’t see anyway to stay in the game .
Jon says Allison threatened him again today and it’s driving him crazy. She told him “Oh I Jon you won’t be seeing George for a while.. I said ohh you never know.. she said well it’s your decision to make”

Sarah says she’s going to vote out Andrew. They both agree it would be nice to send Allison packing

Jon mentions how Allison went to Heather and started telling her that Jon was saying things about her. Heather told him.

Sarah says Allison and Andrew are stupid they have no idea what is going on in this game why would they threaten Heather and Adel .

Jon brings up how Andrew is going around telling him I can give you 3 weeks I can give you 2 weeks. Sarah says that is just a way of him saying I think you are a dumba$$.
They agree Allison and Andrew has no clue about how to play the game.
Jon – “Superfan my a$$” (Talking about Allison)

Sarah – She’s Panicking”
jon – She like holy sh!t I attached myself to a person leaving this week”

Jon asks if Andrew and Kenny trust Arlie 100%. Sarah thinks Kenny trusts Arlie a lot.
Sarah doesn’t care what Jon says Adel will put up Kenny if he wins HOH.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 19-10-05-505

10:10pm O CANADA

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 19-34-11-383

10:36pm hot tub time

At one point all the attention is on Andrew’s cr*tch. Someone asks him if he has a 1/2 chub. Andrew says no it’s just normal like that when he’s in the hot tub. Kenny suggests they have Allison touch it to find out.
Sabrain – isn’t it supposed to shrivel up not explode”
Andrew – “I’m not exploding”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 19-48-55-258

10:40pm HOH Jon and Adel

Adel – We’re in the best position we’ve ever felt in..

Adel adds the girls they have right now will stick with them not like the alliance they had before.
Adel – “I’m so happy bro”
Jon – you went from leaving the game to having the power
Jon leaves…

Adel – leaving the game to being with the two best guys in the house
Adel – See.. I had nobody in this game.. I had Kyle and Paul but they sh1t the bed.. Ika saved me and she got backdoored.. then Canada won HOH put Andrew up.
Adel says Andrew is the Big Brother Canada bully now he has a real alliance with Arlie, Jon, Neda, Heather there’s five of us.. “5 of us the five handed pow right on their butt when they get out of here, Arlie is afraid to pick a side”

Adel – Me Jon, Arlie final 3 I hope it works we gotta win the next HOH or I’m going home.. they are going to know my card is fake then i’ll be back with nobody everyone will want me gone cause they know I lied about my power.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 19-59-51-506

11:00pm Bathroom Sarah washes Kenny’s back.. Jon comments on the high quality a$$ Kenny posses. Rachelle runs up and takes a look..

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 19-59-27-497

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 20-04-14-353

1:00 Jon tries to kiss Sarah, promises her he’ll land a kiss soon enough.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 20-22-45-487

11:10pm have nots Adel and Jon

Adel tells him the prize for his power is going to be huge he’s thinks it’ll be 10g’s Jon isn’t sure it’ll be that much says he was thinking more like a pizza party. Adel doesn’t want to use the power stresses that they need to win the HOH.

They lay out their plan, firstly they need to take out Kenny. Once Kenny is gone they can focus on Sabrina, Allison and Rachelle.

Adel is worried about Arlie floating between both side, ‘He’s our final 3 bro”
Jon tells them heather is loyal to Adel, Neda is loyal to him and once Kenny is gone Sarah will be loyal to him as well.

Jon and Adel both think they can get Rachelle once Sabrain is gone.

Adel brings up he’s studied the entire Canada HOH room“Theres not 5 Canadian flags there 6.. I told the girls there was 5”

Adel – “the only person to have their tongue out is the bear there’s 6 different species of animals.. one of the animals is a loon.. The hockey player is number 5”
They agree that HEather is very smart she has everything memorized.

11:30pm Bathroom Arlie and Heather

Arlie Tells Heather Deli isn’t onboard with backdooring Kenny. Jon and him are going to put Allison and Rachelle and once the veto is played they will take out Kenny.
Heather – OK.. what if it’s a instant”
Arlie – “Put up Kenny right away”
Heather – “OK.. good night love”

11:50pm Neda, Sabrina and Racehlle game talk

12:04am last night together..

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-02 22-15-54-175

1:16AM Big Jon

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Jon – “Superfan my a$$” (Talking about Allison)

Truer words have never been spoken.


Peter Brown thinks she is doing a good job and playing the game well. 🙂


Who? Oh yeah, the robot that called Jillian ‘an idiot’ and has no ability for self-reflection. I am so ashamed of BBCanada/Slice hiring him as a commentator. He still lacks the skills in that department that he did inside the BB House last year. Frankly, I am shocked at their choices – Peter and Gary both have no TV charm or ability to entertain (me).
Note: Allison did promote the Shyld or WETF they called their loser alliance by wearing a t-shirt so I am sure he would love her – and she wears hairbands : O


Watching Peter on the Side Show has been so difficult, I’ve emailed Slice about it and complained, you should too

It’s genuinely upsetting watching him insult and ambush players as they walk out of the house. I LOST it after the hidden houseguests were evicted. Peter was flat out abusive. It was so unnecessary. I mean, yes, these people sign up to be on a show and maybe do awful things, but it’s a GAME. The minute they walk out of the door it’s the regular world. Sure, there are some things that people should be held accountable for but Peter taks cheap shots and seems out to humiliate people and entertain HIMSELF first. That shit is not fun to watch. He makes me uncomfortable.

I also think he has no right to be commenting on anyone’s game. He was AWFUL and his game was so weak. No social game and his creepy infatuation with Liza, Heather “creepzilla?” She’s got nothing on Peter, the original BBCan Creep. He got picked off, his alliance was incredibly weak and his exit was just embarrassing. Ugh. Then he has the nerve to scream at houseguests about how awful and idiotic they are? It’s not fun to watch. Slice made a huge mistake bringing him on.

He has no business being a guest host.


Thanks – I was beginning to wonder if I’m part of some very tiny group of people that disliked him so much. Both him and Alec were nothing short of a bad joke. I know Gary has lots of fans so I generally try not to post my distaste and disrespect for him and his gameplay last year. We’ll just leave it at that.


Yep Peter is a douche claims to have thrown comps but you don’t see it, at least arlie has proof he threw the comp, Peter showed his true self once he was out of the house calling people names, saying that Gill had no game, um excuse me Petey boy how many times did she win comps? Just wish he would go home and flick his hairband. So irritating.


Yeah well Peter Brown thinks he’s Dan Gheesling.


I’m still trying to understand how some Youtube loser with no game got on the show in the first place, played absolutely horribly in season 1, and gets invited back for the Sideshow!! This fool is all talk, and no substance. Ironic he had the gall to say the same thing to Ika when she was evicted! I’m surprised his mouth hasn’t bought him a few blackeyes by now.


Sorry but Peter sucked and believes he is smarter then he is. Not a good player at all and cheesy on top of it from having ZERO social skills.


Nobody care about the showmance!! LOL Exactly how nobody care about about Rachelle opinions or sabrina crying! LOL


I’m convinced that something is seriously wrong with Sabrina. I have never, EVER seen a houseguest that paranoid, scared, weepy and insecure in my life. I am SO sick of listening to her. ALL DAY she whines and cries and lies. It’s gotten to the point that the sound of her voice makes me cringe. (Just like the mere sight of Kenny does the same thing to me.)

I truly don’t care who leaves tomorrow. If Andrew leaves, it puts the house of their misery. If Sabrina leaves, it put the public out of their misery! Win/Win.


No kidding, and people talk about Heathers voice! It’s nothing compared to Sabrina’s! I’m done with the cringing, when Sabrina talks I literally have to hit mute fast forward. The worst is when she says “I swear on my head” what the hell does that even mean? When she gets evicted they should have a giatine on the stage, then play a montage of her saying that. Arissa can say “OK, get in”


the worst is when both sabrina and sarah are in conversation

2 of the most brutally annoying voices you will find anywhere in the world


Suggestion Boxes should be an option on the Slice Website; that’s an excellent one.


Whats up with Jon kissing all the girls??


He’s happy. He’s spreading the Jon love.


i wish Adel,Jon, or Neda win hoh for the fans sake. They are the only ones who can keep the game interesting at this point. Heather can be manipulated to making a dumb move, and Arlie will throw it for sure. first 5 win=boring, and PREDICTABLE!

Anyone remember BBUS season 2, sure Chilltown laid down the blueprint for how to play the game and Dr.Will was a master manipulator, but it was extremely boring because they dominated and picked off whoever they wanted one by one, Its like a curse lol

Other Name

You think Chilltown dominated Season 2?

Plastic Cup

Adel and Jon sure are cocky for people who have done absolutely nothing. And I don’t buy Adel’s Captain Canada personality — such a put on.

team adel

Yo, adel is the peoples champ he said it in his intro, his not trying to sell his captain canada, he got most buzz worthy for a reason(Arnolds voice) “stop whining”


Re: comment above.Yeah, I remember BBUS and Chilltown hardly dominated the entire season of BB2. Shannon and Mike were gone in the first 4 weeks. True, DR. Will was a master manipulator but he was on his own as one of the original remaining members of CT. Will was kind of an underdog of sorts against the entire house for most of the game.


Actually, the only reason “Chilltown” became “famous” was because it was the first alliance with a name and the players were memorable. Chilltown’s strategy was HORRIBLE and the alliance crumbled.


How is it anymore predictable then if the other side of the house wins? All you whiners have already got production to ruin this season enough as it is


Sarah YUCK!! this 40 year old woman acting like she’s 22 and single..i want ber gone more than Sabrina now


Sarah is a 30 year old woman. Hardly a hill peaker.


Momzi is 32 according to her bio. However she mentions to Jon in the video of them going to the hot tub tonight, that she must be close to the same age as Jon’s parents. I don’t care either way. I just want her evicted.


Can the next TWISTOS TWIST plssss be 3 nominees going up and the houseguests vote for only 1 to save so that 2 are evicted at the same time??? I want Sarah and Sabrina gone!!! NOW!!

Superfan My Ass

Words cannot describe how repulsive the showmance of this season has been. Allison thinks she has a real prize and goes on as though she won’t be able to survive without him…. don’t you remember your exact words honey?? You wanted to take this shmuck out, instead you gave him a handjob LOL. I see Andrew rubbed off on you as you decided to use the bullying tactic instead of your real brains that you were using inside the war room.

Good riddance nosepicker, see where your pathetic tactics got you? You’re right Canada does HATE you! Classiest moove by you yet was being a big fucking goof and bullying Heather calling her a fucking dumb bitch because she didn’t pick someone for you… LOL why would she Dumbdrew??? You have talked absolutely no game with her and if you weren’t always down Allison’s throat you would have known nobody else in your precious first 5 has either, oh wait yes they have, your loyal man Arlie has but you don’t bother to check in with him either, little do you know he’s been plotting your demise for a long time…

Nosepick your way out that door douche, the other disgusting pricks will follow soon. BTW Andrew go back and watch how some of the first big brothers were played….those players if they were in the same house would have laughed you out that door so fast… PUNK.


@Super fan my ass! That was the best, most honest, real, no bullsh*t comment that I have read yet! You can’t see me right now but I’m giving you a standing ovation! I know we’re a friendly country, but when dealing with pieces of sh*t like this sick nose picking douche, more people should call him out on it. If not for people like Heather, then for everyone else that this goof has treated like this before. I really hope the crowd doesn’t cheer for this degenerate!

Superfan My Ass

I would LOVE for this douche to be booed as those rejects from hell in last season’s BB America were, they are like angels compared to him.
Allison is going to be completely blindsided when she sees who he really is. With his impulsiveness, he’ll cling on to one of his “superfans’ and dump her ass.
Glad Canada is not going to put up with bully pigs such as himself too!


….or the audience gets to fling boogers at him?


Superfan…..couldn’t have said it better myself,


Ika was way more entertaining when she was on the block than these two.


I’m not liking their fake romance either not intersting enough couple to watch.
I’m going to behave & don’t comment no more and not be a troll !

By the way Simon & Dawg. Cheers…keep up the good work.
I really enjoy Online bigbrother .


So if Adel, Heather, Jon, or Neda win hoh Rachelle and Kenny will be on the chopping block and if Kenny, Allison, Rachelle, or Sabrina win Adel and Jon will be on the chopping block…. Sara wants Sabrina gone and Arlie wants Kenny gone…. this upcoming HOH will be one of the most important yet:O


Is bb giving Jon cocaine or something? He seems to be so hyper lately, he runs around the house like a horny little boy trying to get affection from the girls.


That what happends when you stop smoking BC Budd..


seeing neda, jon and adel dancing after the veto draw went perfectly was hilarious…then neda says,”you weirdos” ha ha i love the humour of those 3

good to see Dawg has more votes than both sab and rach, and the top 5 are the 5 i want to see do well…adel, heather, arlie, jon and neda


As of now I’m rooting for the Adel/Jon/Neda/Heather alliance but seeing that they want to ditch Neda and Heather for a final three with Arlie makes me want to somehow root for Sabrina’s gang sometime in the latter part just so it does not happen. Hopefully after Kenny leaves Arlie’s gonna be exposed and follows. He’s a great player, is not really annoying as Sarah and Sabrina but I’m just not a big fan of the guy who plays too much for the camera.


no carlos when it comes down to it, the guys are going to want to take heather or neda to f2 as they will be easier to win against so i wouldnt read too much into the adel, jon and arlie f3…its just for solidarity for now as the male leadership of the 5 person alliance


Who wants lemonade? They say when you got lemons….. Allison is to Big Brother, what lemons are to lemonade…..
I guess she figured it would be Jillian/Emmett or Peter/Liza or some bizarre world psych nurse meets ego warrior guy and after 2 days – voila. C’mon she got her foot in the door and now is ready to rumble. She’s gonna be a fighter but not one I particularly admire.


I agree, you got me, I really thought allison was playing a game but she just fell into the andrew trap.small towm Jon Jon with the monster dick oh right he has a good personality, his bug dick has nothing to do with it, blah blah, Cor smalla, you make all us average/underaverage guys seem so small….lol


Very interesting typo: BUG dick ….or was it on purpose?


lol, yep must have been a typo.what a disappointment Allison has become I have tried to give her the benifit of the doubt but time is here to give up and go for your tele bf Jon.

Got his on FB the other day and thought of you,


1. A dance using predominantly your bum
2.A place where Newfoundlander s go, usually 9-5 Mon – Fri

Ihate sarah

Ok so i thought maybe i was going over the top with sarahs flirting and such but then i see kenny taking a shower nude(of course) and sarah has the shower door wide open and she is cleaning his back!…really? Is this normal for “friends” to do?.. WOW…well at least im not wrong she is a tart!


Once andrew is evicted thursday and if kenny gets evicted next thursday and a girl than wins the next hoh, i wouldn’t be surprised if the girls form a alliance and go after adel, jon and arlie because it would be 6 girls vs 3 guys….. however, I hope that outcome doesn’t happen….

I really hope Adel or Heather win HOH thursday and one of them find the hidden VETO….. the look on sarbina and rachelle faces will be very sweet:)


There’s nothing in an all girl alliance for Neda or Heather. They’re safe! Sarah, Allison, Sabrina and RoRo will be the ones plum out of luck. Plus Sarah doesn’t work well with other women. An XX alliance will never happen name.


Name = darrell. Sorry!


Plus, unless they all kissed Sab’s butt she couldn’t take it.

another name

I’ve pretty much decided that whichever side wins hoh, the other will win the unlocked power of veto. in order to maintain a heightened level of interest and dramatic tension, this makes sense from a production point of view. after all, it was at about this time in season one (week four to six period) where the formula was enacted in order to shift the power from the original power brokers to the underdogs, and then back again. don’t worry about your favorite players, because one of them will be voted back in if history is any indication.


Can’t wait till Adel or Jon go next week 🙂 BB can only fix it to please you cry babies so many times.

little mouse

i hope the live audience tonight does not even acknowledge andrew the best thing to do to a bully is turn your back and walk away wouldn’t that be something if the audience. all stood up and turned their back to him.that would send a clear message out to the world Canada hates bullies.


Come on, Heather! Win that HOH!


Can’t wait for Adel to leave the house. Can’t stand him anymore.


The fact that he keeps claiming his power is good is bugging me. He needs to come clean with his alliance. When I read the title, I thought he had finally told Jon.


Lol what


If the show is rigged and I’m not saying it is, then Adel isn’t going anywhere. I think his haters here should try and imagine themselves in his shoes, surrounded by these people, locked up for 42 days ostracized. I’d have snapped all over them. He and Heather haven’t and I applaud them for it!