Sabrina figures out why Canada put her up! “Because I scare them & don’t put no make-up on!”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

BBCAn2-2014-04-01 10-29-43-761

1:20pm In the living room – The house guests are laying around. Allison has Arlie and Andrew laying on her. She’s rubbing her hand on Arlie’s head. Big Brother tells them that nap time is over. Meanwhile in the main bedroom – Sarah and Sabrina are talking. Sarah says the only thing I trust in this game is Kenny and that he is looking out for us. Rachelle joins them. Sabrina says that Kenny barely talks to her. Rachelle says you have me. Sabrina says I know if I didn’t I would hang myself. Sarah says we just need to trust in each other. You either trust me or you don’t. Some days you might waver. Sabrina says that she just questions Sarah and Kenny. Sarah says I could say the same thing about you and Rachelle. Sabrina says yeah. Sarah says we need to get rid of Adel. We put him up and get rid of the little spider monkey and we get rid of another number on their side. Its bad for all of us if Kenny goes because then its just me, you, Arlie and Allison. Sabrina says she knows there’s something going on with Jon and Neda because they’re getting called into the diary room one after the other. Sabrina brings up Adel and how he keeps changing what it is and how he now has a prize. Sarah says it tastes like I ate a sh*t sandwich! She goes to brush her teeth..
BBCAN2-2014-04-01 10-23-26-097

2pm Sabrina says she needs to go blow her nose and put her makeup on. She says maybe that’s why they put me up because I scared them and don’t put no makeup on. Jon says that’s possible! Neda repeats Sabrina and says don’t put no make-up on..

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 11-25-30-248

2:25pm – 2:35pm In the main bedroom – Kenny changes and Neda tells him that he has a nice a$$. Adel is challenged to do 50 push-ups. He does it and says he can do it because he only weighs 135lbs.. Heather asks really? Adel says no 140lbs. Heather says you only weigh 20 more pounds than I do. They talk about how big brother is building things in the backyard. Kenny says he thinks they’re building things for a double eviction so that they can set stuff up and quickly remove it to set something else up. Big Brother then blocks the feeds.

2:45pm Big Brother tells the house guest they have 15 minutes before they’ll be on a lock down. The house guests finish getting ready. Adel, Rachelle, Jon and Sarah are on the couch. Sarah snuggles up with Jon. Big Brother calls Jon to the diary room again. Sarah says Jesus JON! Neda talks about asking Big Brother to get her sister to send the guy shirts she designs if she wins HOH. Big Brother tells them to all head to the main bedroom for the lock down.

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 11-47-15-420

3pm All the house guests head into the bedroom. Jon sings “don’t stop get it, get it!” Heather sings “Don’t STOP N***** HIT IT! .. wait I didn’t say that!” Neda asks what did you say? Jon says she can’t repeat it. Heather says I am not repeating it. Jon says “don’t stop blank get it!” Nead says it’s already on tape.

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 12-41-52-104
3:30pm – 3:55pm All of the house guests are silent during their bedroom lock down. Big Brother tells them nap time is over! They wonder if the people on the mugs will be in the house for a visit when they get out of the bedroom. Rachelle says I would torment them.

3:55pm – 4:15pm Big Brother is blocking the live feeds again..

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zzzzzzz…is it “live” eviction Thursday yet?


What a goon.

I’ll leave it up to you all to decide who you want that to be direct at.


I just posted this on the previous update as this update came out. Since it’s about Sabrina, I wanted to post it here, too, since it applies.

Sabrina was pretending to explain (but was actually whining) about how Canada shouldn’t, and can’t, be allowed to have a jury vote to decide the winner. She said it’s not possible because there isn’t time to get their votes in. She is really mad about Canada’s involvement! Oh, Sabrina, but there IS time and it HAS been done before! I just finished watching BB 6 US which had the first America’s Player. America had a jury vote for who won.

A seriously scary and creepy personality trait about Sabrina is this: When something happens that she doesn’t like, the goat droppings in her head twist it around to form a scenario that makes her the victim, the situation unfair, and the person who has the advantage becomes the villain. She keeps whining about how Big Brother is SUPPOSED to be “Houseguests nominate. Houseguests evict.” Has she not heard the phrase “Expect the Unexpected?” How about “Twist?” Of course. She’d LOVE the twists if they worked in HER favor. (Then all we’d hear is, “I love you, Canada!”) She knows that Big Brother can do anything they want. Even Sarah told her that BB UK and AU operate so that the public votes to evict/save. Sabrina rants about how she hates that.

I think when Sabrina wakes up in the morning, she has her own theme song and opening credits that automatically play in her head and it starts with, “Welcome to the Sabrina Show! Starring Sabrina! (automated applause) Inconsequential Nobodies also appearing to help Sabrina look good, include seven hot men who lust after her and three jealous, ugly b!tches!”


Sabrina is the girl in high school who thinks she is waaayyy more popular than she actually is. She surrounds herself with weak individuals and is ALWAYS in the middle of boy drama.

I have such a strong desire to personally call her out on all and everything she does.


Agree completely! She is upset when she is not the center of attention.

To those like Sabrina that complain about the twists Big Brother is throwing at them, This is not a sport, its entertainment. The rules can change on a dime, and anything goes. The only goal is to keep the audience entertained.

Sabrina is upset because her control of the game is lost. She thinks the only way to win the game is to be a bitch, complain about everyone behind their backs, cry to the camera when she doesn’t get her way, and to talk about herself as much as possible.

Her personality is a huge turn off to everyone watching, she doesn’t know how or get that you can be an evil conniving mastermind in this game and also be liked and respected by the viewers. Its happened dozens of times before and even Arlie is doing a great job of that this year.


Liza, Peter on the left and Tom on the right – oops. That’s Allison


Wow. Allison has no identity whatsoever apart from Andrew. She literally just takes up space on the camera when it’s pointed at Andrew. Heather is at least her own person with her own strategy, no matter how bad that strategy is. But Allison? She’s just… there. She has to be the most unremarkable, uneventful thing to ever (not) happen on BB. Slop is more exciting.


LOL Andrew looks like he’s enjoying the strokes of Aliison hand but Arlie looks like he’s in straight up pain


That’s because Allison is digging her nails into Arlie’s head…. 😀


…………and Andrew is in her crotch area but Arlie is smart and has a pillow between her and his head.


Arlie has the look of a man who has sold his soul to the devil. lol.


Sowbrina is right about one thing… She scares me. Like Friday The 13th scared.


I’d love for an HOH competition on who would be more likely soon.
For example:
Canada thinks who is more likely to star in a horror movie: Rachelle or Sabrina?
Tough question if you ask me.


Feeds just dropped again. HGs were still in bedroom lockdown. All they can talk about is getting drunk and farting. Really wonderful cross section of Canadian youth. Blech!!! Kenny can’t stop man loving his beard. Sarah can’t stop touching Kenny. Allison and Andrew, well you all already know what they were doing. Arlie kept insulting Heather and talking in his annoying cheap game show host voice. Sabrina was burrowed into the blankets like a large lizard waiting to strike a passing frog. Neda was being Neda = boring. Jon was talking about farting = typical. Ardel was trying to fit in = typical. What a boring group these people are.


Lol. A sad but accurate description about the HGs… But dude you missed Rachelle!!!! Lol! Dang she must be that bad.
Ps: I don’t know why people are so taken in by Neda.
Until she starts playing… She is just a bore


i find neda entertaining and funny, i dont find her boring at all

each to their own, but for me without the humor, weirdness and warmth of neda/jon banter and adels upbeat antics it would just be a bunch of negative grumps bitching and being mean spirited all the time


It makes me miss Ika Wong even more.


Also cause he might have received some unwanted hairgel leftover from last nights events! She is using her right hand on Arlie’s head.


So there was a huge reaction when Jon said the “F” word but no reaction when Heather sings the “N” word? Cool.


I was just about to point that out.
I believe. Heather is actually more stupid than she is letting on


it was clearly a mistake, she was in the flow of a song that has that word.
we love to judge, but sometimes its just pathetic.


Yes because calling out problematic behaviour is akin to being “judgmental”? Give me a break. Listen it’s not a complicated math equation. When will you people understand that intent is irrelevant. I can’t believe people still do not understand why it isn’t okay to use racial or other slurs. I am a straight person and I know plenty of songs with the F-word in them but you will never hear that come out of my mouth. I know that many gay people have chosen to reclaim the word in the same way that racial slurs are reclaimed by the people within that specific group and yet I have no desire whatsoever to repeat it. Nor do many other allys. See how that works? What Heather said was wrong and that doesn’t mean I’m going to hold pitchforks outside her house when she exits BB. It just means I’m going to hold her accountable for her actions and hope she learns from it. As we all should.


Oh get off your high horse, it’s a song and if black people didn’t want us singing their lyrics then don’t put words like that in a song.


You’re an idiot 😉




thats so stupid… if the black man tells you to jump off the bridge would you do it?

The Black Guy

Good point, shouldn’t be in songs if it cannot be said elsewhere. And she didn’t say ‘shine my shoes ******’. Or say behind someone’s back ‘S/He has ****** like tendencies’. She was singing a song which showed she is down with the brown. I let this be.

Cardboard Box

You people?!


Yea who feel that intent matters. I thought that Heather made a mistake too


Yea who feel intent matters. I thought Heather made a mistake too


Relax…it’s a song!!!!!


Umm…no actually you’re an idiot .

To Robert 😉


A mistake she obviously was not sorry for. I think what that person was trying to point out is that no one reacted to what she said- neither Jon nor Kenny. But when Jon slipped the F word out everyone’s jaw dropped.


It’s a song. Chill.


I have zero qualms about singing the N word in a song. It’s a freaking song! I swear people are way too sensitive.


Hey Rachelle, so you would torment BB Fans if they came in the house??? How about BB makes you freeze where you are and the BB Fans torment you about your Vag pics all over the net.


She torments us by winning HOH’s and wasting them.


sarah has to go she is calling the shot for some who is floating….she talks lots but is a bully too….she wants Canada to know she is nice but its too late….you are who your friends are…..her whiny voice but big opinions….bum game plan player

Who cares

I think people get way to bent out of shape over those 2 words NEXT!

Robert- I Care

Well I’m glad you’re so unaffected by it. Truly, good on you.




Tumblr is the worst most god foresaken place on the Internet.

All Hell has broken loose at Heather slip up. People are acting like Aaryn just popped out of Pandora’s Box or something.


i would love for canada to pick the next havenot that would be fun.. i pretty sure everyone would vote for sabrina to be a havenot again….


Sarah’s kind of a ho though, you’re married – stop cuddling up to other men.

zero class sarah

that what ‘friends’ do, they snuggle cuddle and spoon, and flash each other.


I dont care who in the house hates the Canada vote or who likes it. All i know is i cant stand it and it ruins the integrity of the game.

I”m an actual BB Fan and just like the game for what it is, not for the bullsht antics production pulls. and have been since the beginning. What BB CAn did this year giving the public HOH is a joke and takes the skill right out of the game and no nothing like this has been done before. America having 1 vote in the jury, who cares, its not a game changer. America getting to put 1 person on the block beside the normal 2 nominees? big deal, its not a game changer.
This Canada HOH however is a huge game changer and its bullsht. Way to take the skill right out of the game BBCan! BB Us would never do anything like this.

bbus does wicked rigging

guess your forgetting about rachael and jordan veto pairs again 1 week only. and the comp was the same one rachael won earlier in the season. cxoup de tat, that ring a bell?


I was just going to say that!


Is it just me or is sarah trying to be the new neda everytime i turn around she is snuggling,spooning or petting jon(puke)


I said yesterday to expect a lot more of Sarah snuggling up to Jon now that she knows Kenny is gay. Flirting with Kenny now defeats the purpose of stroking her ego and making her husband jealous…


You did say that, and I thought you were being ridiculous at the time. I don’t know if it has anything to do with making her husband jealous, though. I think she may be a power wh***. She used to see Andrew/Kenny as the power in the house, but Andrew is leaving and Kenny is gay, so…….Jon’s next.


When Kenny came out to her yesterday, she starts saying that she is relieved because she was worried that her husband would be upset with the flirting and cuddling. So then she shouts out to him…to the camera…and says, “It’s o.k., you have nothing to worry about.” So, she knows she is off the hook with the Kenny-cuddling, and instead of just sticking with that and staying out of trouble, she amps up the cuddling with Jon…keeps giving him long hugs, is on the couch right now with his head in her lap stroking his hair…

Seems fishy to me. Besides, she doesn’t have to give that kind of attention to be in with him. If she is power-hungry for anything, it is to have these borderline exchanges…which she basically admitted could get her in trouble…and know her husband can’t do anything about it. Then she can claim she was just being friendly to further her game…when being that friendly wasn’t needed.

No need

Its really sad that sarah thinks she has to use her body/sexual intentions to get farther in the game she must have a really low self worth


I think Sabrina is playing the perfect game. Being a long term fan of all BB,s She is setting herself up nicely for final 2.


These Houseguests have no imagination at all. They could try and play word games, make up simple games or even play water/juice pong with a bunched up aluminum ball. Instead they want to lay around and complain and run others down. BB production need to find some more mature contestants to mix up with these childish players. Andrew’s main contribution to the viewers is sleeping and cuddling with Allison. He acts like the others are there to stroke his ego and work to keep him in the game so he can win. I’m glad he’s on the block.

Heather is smart but plays a ditzy blonde. Sabrina got very upset and angry with her because Heather wouldn’t share her knowledge of names and events, saying, “I’m in competition with you, why would I tell you?” The ‘Bullies” think everyone should give them what they want even after they were meant to others. Just like when Ika took the money and shredded the letters.


True that Natyn.
the only person who was creative was paul remember the ping pong game ?
And about Heather.. loved what she said to Sabrina 😉 she fuming just because she didn’t get what she wants lol started bashing Heather..looser scum