“If I’m getting guarantees you’re working with me and not against me… That changes everything with me”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie pulled ), Holly (Sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson did not use the power of veto

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12:39 pm alone

12:41 pm Christie and Jess
Christie – know I don’t have Nick’s vote (you think)
Christie says Nicole, Nick, and Cliff are tight “I’m assuming”
Christie – if it’s a tie I think I have Michie (LOL)
Christie – Holly, and Michie are going to vote the same way
Christie – If I can get Tommy I can stay
Christie – I had a really good talk with them last night. Really good (Holly/Michie)
Christie – they see right through Nick especially after yesterday
Christie says Michie and Holly have no one “they’ve been working on Cliff for days”
Christie – I don’t even know I get him.. he probably thins his odds are better with Nick and Nicole. If Sis goes Tommy is kinda in the middle that’s why I need to convince him to come with us if not Him and Nick are next weeks’ target. It’s obvious.

1:33 pm Cliff and Nicole
Nicole – there’s nine of us. If Christie goes we have me, you, Holly, Michie, Jess I’m not sure where she would fall and then Nick, Tommy, Sis.
Nicole – If Sis goes, it’s me and you, Jess/Christie, Michie/Holly, Tommy/Nick .. you have Christie/Jess going after Nick. Michie going after Christie, Nick going after Christie and it kinda clears the airways of that trio Nick, Sis, Tommy and allows more…
Cliff – it seems that it’s more fluid and up in the air if it goes that way (Christie stays)
Nicole – Sis told me last night if I win HOH I’m putting up Michie and holly. If she wins and puts up Michie/Holly, if Holly would to win I imagine she would put up Nick, Tommy, Sis or even Jess.
Cliff – I can see good and bad both ways
Cliff says when they talk to Miochie and Holly later today and they are told the plan is Christie than the plan is Christie “we don’t cause any waves”
Cliff mentions he talked to Tommy and he’s saying that Christie heard from Michie/holly that they are leaning towards keeping her.
Cliff – I can kinda see that if Michie/Holly see her prime target (Nick)
Cliff – if they (M/H) think there’s this group of 5 coming after them they may think Christie is a bigger ally than sis. Who knows what promises Christie has made to them.
Cliff says he’s not telling anyone his vote until the last minute.

Nicole – the passion and the drive to be here.. it kills me to send Christie home (Good christ people If you vote to keep her I hope she wins y’all deserve it)
Cliff – I know
Nicole – I know how much more she wants it than .. you know .. am I shooting myself in the foot 2 weeks from now she’s sending me home. Then again Sis could easily send me home.
Cliff says if Michie/Holly say they are keeping Christie he’s going to say “y’all killing me guys”

Nicole says they may be just blowing smoke, “It’s not like sending her out is a bad idea she’s a HUGE competitor”
Nicole – if she stays people have blatant targets.

1:55 pm Sis and Cliff
Sis – I’m officially starting.. you’re the first one
Sis – wheres your head at right now
Cliff – I’m avoiding talking right now.. I think we’re still good I haven’t heard anything to make me think otherwise. I hate to say anything bad about Christie I know y’all are such good friends
Cliff – she’s a strong player
Sis – I love CHristie
Cliff says he has no problem with Nick’s game “he’s always played I know he’s tight with you that’s no big surprise”
Sis says she has no deals with anyone “literally zero final deals”
Cliff – I don’t know what is happening with Michie and Holly.
Cliff assumes the plan is what it’s always been and they are good

2:02 pm Feeds flip to the HOH where Holly and Jackson are talking
Holly – Sis says she still wants to work together.. I told her what people would want to hear because she seems a little lost.
Holly – She said she would put Nick up but I don’t believe it
Jackson – I don’t believe it for a second that’s like kat saying she was going to put me up
Holly – to me Nick is the biggest threat to my game but Christie is also a HUGE threat and Chrisite could win this game.

Holly – the more I think about it for myself. If Christie is here BOOM Nick has two targets, Christie and Jess. If Christie is here she has a target Nick. That’s two people in this house I know won’t put me on the block
Holly – If Sis is here Nick will put me up and Sis might be persuaded to put me up as well
Holly – Tommy is under Nick’s spell
Holly – Christie staying could benefit both of our games because Sis this morning mentioned wanting to work with me and Tommy but she never mentions working with you. She said the three of us to still work together

Holly – She still Has loyalty to Nick. Where does that leave you?

2:08 pm Nick and Nicole
Nick – I’m not voting Sis out I don’t care if I’m the only one. if everyone wants to f*ing target me go ahead.
Nick says unless Cliff is targeting him it would be dumb to keep Christie this week

2:15 pm Sis and Cliff again (FYI for an hour here the feeds were only showing 1 camera angle so they were jumping back and forth)
Cliff says if Michie changes his mond right now he doesn’t know why.
Cliff says his targets don’t involve Sis or Tommy. Sis says her targets don’t involve Cliff or Nicole
They hug.

2:21 pm Jackson and Sis
Jackson – I’m sitting here doing the math. Cliff is going to be 5th
Sis – before you get into that I have no final 5 deal with anyone
Jackson – I’m saying in Nick’s head not you ..
Jackson – Nick is saying Cliff is 5th, obviously, Nick wants to win he’s first. we’re on week 9. Christie is his target too so she’s 9th. Jess is 8th gotta fill in 7 and 6, Michie/Holly.
Jackson – 4th and 3rd, Tommy is 4th Sis and Nicole 2nd and 3rd
Jackson – so, you know hearing that I am 7th and Holly and 6th or that Holly is the pawn he’s saying things that are raising red flags to a lot of people.
Sis – has your target changed
Jackson – nope, I’ve given the house 2 people to pick from
Jackson – my individual game is to have Christie as a target.
Jackson – if I was voting it would be concerning that Christie is good with her words. That is why I had you up against her because literally anyone in this house she could spin to get evicted she can flip a vote except for you
Sis says she has “no final anythings” She claims she will take a shot at Nick.
Jackson says the explosion last night exposes a lot of things “takes what potentially was a unanimous vote and taking it to a split”
Jackson – Christie is f*ing smart she’s good at this game. If I were you that is something I would pry on. Also, Nick is good at this game.
Jackson says his biggest concern is how close she is to Nick, “and how far Christie is from Nick”

2:30 pm Cliff and Christie
(this is a long conversation I skipped a huge section)
Cliff – I feel for you
Christie – I have no one in this game. Jack was my person he was someone that scooped me up. he then scooped up Tommy.
Christie – Once I lost jack I also lost Tommy
Cliff says if he had to pick a winner between the 2 nominees it would be Christie, not Sis.
Christie – If I talk to them (Michie/Holly) and they see from a game point that it’s valuable to keep me and I get Holly’s vote and I get jess’ vote, and Michie would break a tie to keep me. would you vote for me
Cliff – probably. I won’t promise now because I will have to think about it.
Cliff says he would piss Sis and Tommy off.
Christie thinks Tommy would flip too

Christie – you are not my target, I regret not being more game associated with you earlier
Christie – I am a little bit emotionally unstable and I am bold
Christie – if I make it through this week I don’t care if I’m 5th
Christie says Cliff has a better shot with Michie and Holly than with Nick
Cliff – I think so
Christie starts to cry. “If it was me, you, Michie, Holly in a four I would be honoured.. Honoured, to have gotten there and to be standing next to you”
Christie – I know my family would be proud. I would be proud, you’re family would be proud .. and you would probably win and I would be fine with that
Cliff tells her not to assume he has anything with Michie and Holly if they made it to final 4 with them.

Cliff – there’s a part fo me that would love to see you stay over SIS you are a bigger competitor than she is a bigger threat than she is.. the respect I have for you. I love SIs in her own way but from a gameplay standpoint. You’re the one.
Christie – I want to fight I want to win comps not to take a shot at you I want to take a shot at people running this game.

3:48 pm Christie campaigning to Jackson
Christie says she has no one. Tells him that his HOH he made the “Sickest move”
Jackson – I’ll be honest with you if I’m getting guarantees you’re working with me and not against me
Christie – I’m telling you I’m willing to take 5th and deal with it
Jackson – I’m telling you now that changes everything with me
Jackson – I’ve been waiting for this christie for 8 f*ing weeks
Christie – I want to make a deal
Jackson – well you’re barking up the right tree
Holly comes in
Christie – I know I don’t have Nicole’s vote. Sis is Nick’s number one you vote her out and she moves up 1 (Nicole)

Christie – if the numbers were in my favour I would have Tommy.

Christie says everything they’ve talked about right now is “BIBLE” meaning she’s given them her word she won’t say anything outside.
Christie says she “BIBLE” Swore with Cliff they weren’t targeting each other.
Christie – I told Michie if I stayed I want to be his ally and I want to be yours.
Christie – I want to keep the both of you safe I will take 5th because at this point I am going home.. I am good for my word I am a competitor. I will win mental comps someone has to combat Nick it won’t be Sis, it won’t be Nicole. I think Tommy will come with us he’s just scared of taking Tommy out.

Jackson – you are significantly stronger at competitions than sis. You aren’t attached to Nick, you will keep me safe. You do have Jess on your side. you do potentially have Cliff on your side what does SIS have?
Christie – Sis has Nick and apparently Nicole
Jackson – She doesn’t have skills in competitions and if she does win she’s telling me I could be going on the block
Jackson – the reason why you are on the block is not because of your mental skills, your social skills, or physical skills whatever it might be. Its because all of those Skills have been aimed against me. The reason why you are on the block is because of the respect I have for your game and because it was a threat to me.
Jackson – if those are guaranteed to not be against me than why the hell..
Christie – here I am use me

Jackson leaves for a coffee. when he comes back Christie is telling them that her targets will be Nick and Nicole. She will 100% go after Cliff and Jess after that as long as she has Michie and Holly’s vote this week.

4:32 pm
Christie is curious how America preceives Nick.
Holly – I can’t imagine people on the feeds like watching him hump Tommy
Christie – it’s so inauthentic too

4:38 pm Holly and Jackson
Jackson – this is f*ing beautiful
Holly goes over Sis’ campaign “she does want to be loyal to me and Tommy”
Holly says Sis’ campaigning lacks authenticity she offered final 3 with Holly but then referred to Tommy as her “Person”. Holly doesn’t want to be 3rd in their group.
Holly – I’ve lost sleep over this. Keeping Christie makes more and more sense to me the more I’ve thought about it. Tommy is not convinced though. He just told me he went off on Christie for how things were handled yesterday. Nick was the one that started it so why Is Tommy not mad at Nick. Tommy is mad and Christie.

Holly – if she gets Cliff and Jess as of right now I would keep here. Christie has burned us so many times she would look like an a$$hoel if she burnt us again.
Jackson – I don’t trust SIS
Holly – I don’t either

4:53 pm Christie CHOMPING while filling JESS in.


(I took out some of the campaigns as they’re not critical it’s more or less the same thing. There’s a flip in the air. I don’t think it will happen)

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Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

The lesson of this season is –
act entitled and people will treat you as if you are entitled.


K. R. A. K. E. N. #facepalm


So production er. I mean the universe may be talking to Jackson and the others?!

Seriously, it’s seems too much a shift with so little reason for it to be anything other than production.


I honestly hope he is blowing smoke on this cause this is the straw that breaks the camels back for me… I cant believe this is even a legit conversation.. W T F


Honest to god… All I read was the headline for the new update and stopped right there – couldn’t go any further.

Just the thought of Christie not walking out that door tomorrow night is too much for me right now.

Jackson..don’t you eff this up!!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Good God!What the Hell!If Christie saves herself this week I hope she goes straight to the end and wins.If she stays it screws up Tommy’s game.The #1 target shifts from Jackson to Nick and leaves Nicole vulnerable.

BB Casting Call

F@$&’em all, in that case I hope Jess wins…such is the season….terrible.


I don’t think she’s saving herself. Someone is talking to them and the talkers aren’t living in the house.


This cannot be…why, oh, why would anyone in any situation think a flip is good…aah, I see Jess is giving out strategy…thanks but no thanks!


And so is my prediction at the HoH competition that it could be Jackson & Christie as the final 2. There really wouldn’t be a surprise based on a bitter jury because people would be bitter at both of them


It would be Paul and josh part 2… a choice between piss and poop.


Come on……. noooooooo

Conspiring Britches

I’m not surprised. Sis is an idiot. She has NO idea how to just simply reassure the people that matter. It’s not rocket science but somehow she is screwing it up. What a waste! Blah!


Sounds like someone has been talking to the houseguests in the diary room.

Just me

That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking…

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Come on Jackson,stop thinking and just be the stubborn dickhead we all know and hate.Don’t live on you knees,die on your feet!

Franks fumes

Let’s just hope this is typical Wednesday drama to keep viewers guessing…..this is not smart for anybody but Jackjaw and his Mom…..and production lol.


Yeah I can see keeping Christie if only you could trust her on her word.
Old saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, Christie will likely evict you and laugh her ass off as you get to stepping out the door.”


What wasn’t smart was your foolish comment about big brother 18. Truly shows how inept you are when it comes to this game.

I second that emotion

Same here .. .WTF

Nicks Cousin

Good Lord they would have to be nuts to keep her around. Good campaign though.


No, not good campaigning…good on production. If they can force the hamsters to disregard the ‘backyard yeller’ then anything goes becuase all they want is to push through agenda.


Please make Christie go away tomorrow night….please….


Soooo another vote flip attempt? Not sure they have been that great at flipping this season because people wanted to honor what the HOH wanted. The Sam/Kat potential flip didnt work. At some point there is going to have to be some flipping with less people in the game to move up in the suspected rankings. Looking forward to the day!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Thank you.I’d find it more entertaining gamewise with Christie gone,she overshadows everyone else.With her gone other players are forced to make moves.This has been a season of hide & seek.


Spot on!


She chews her food like a horse! Gross!


HAHAHAHA OMG I’m laughing soooo hard because everything…and I mean everything in me wants her the heck out of that dang house tomorrow night…BUTTTT…I’m getting a tingle of excitement from all of this and am like…ok…can I hate Christie but still want her in the game for the excitement??!! I say no…but I just don’t know. I’m all over the place. I feel like I need to go back through some of her greatest hits that made me dislike her so much in the first place, set my mind straight…and wake up tomorrow AM with a clear head. 😮

Turd ferguson

The game got better when jack left and it will when Christie leaves too


I was thinking the same thing. He’s been saying she’s the biggest threat to his game he has to finish what he started and now he’s saying well maybe not. Production fed all of them lines


I will be really pi$$ed if Christie doesn’t walk out the door on Thursday. Just saying!


Me too. I need to keep scrolling down through these comments and get my head straight again lol

Sally B

Omg, who else wants to take Jackson right now, slap the crap out of him, & yell “Snap Out Of It!!!!!” ???? This. Cannot. Be. Happening.

Jan Nan

I want Christie out , but it will make the game interesting if she stays. I don’t know what to “manifest “ lol.


Why does BB think that live feeders want to watch Holly’s daily 3 hour ritual of putting makeup on??? I

Feeds Gold

the prudent play for cliff, nicole, tommie, nick is to keep sis

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I agree,so we’ll find out tomorrow how many brain cells they collectively have.


So, um, no. Not in. Why would anyone ever trust her? They must see it. Not a social butterfly but a social fly paper. Run away! Hopefully this is just this weeks scripted drama to get us to rune in. I will, of course, but, man, if they waste this opportunity, I will be flabbergasted.


That’s what I’m starting to think. They’ve been trying to do this to us every Wednesday night.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I’m beginning to have an existential crisis thinking the universe hates me.

An ornery mouse

Oh geez…… the motor-mouth might actually be getting ready to flip this thing. Please, no.

You know, if you’re on the block as the week’s target, but you create a villain and are able to convince the rest of the house of your single-minded obsession to crush this enemy going forward….. then you’ve still got a shot. It’s a smart play and seems to be working right now.


I can’t stand her…I do want her out tomorrow…but I do have to be unbiased and say she has run a heck of a campaign. As a member in the house…I would def be concerned about Tommy, Sis, and Nick…BUT…Christie would be the most dangerous to me winning the prize…so I would have to send her out.


The way I see it, either way Jackson is screwed. He will have Nick, Sis , and Tommy after him immediately. Nicole and Cliff the following week. He says he likes to gamble. If this flip goes through and Cristy stays and doesn’t go back on her word he would have Cristy, Tommy, Holly, and Jess by default. The target falls of Jackson’s back, temporarily. This is really good or really bad depending on your point of view. My point is that this season totally sucks.


jackson is in a no win situation. he needs to alternate hoh wins with holly to stand a chance.

Turd ? ferguson

He’s screwed so he should just take Christie out.

BB Casting Call

If Christie stays, her and Tommy are back to being 1 and 2…. He’s just distancing himself in the event that she goes and no one suspects him of being close to her.
Christie stays, she has everyone (directly or indirectly) and if she can get this flip, she can easily get Tommy to sway Nick…and ultimately back against J and H

Miss Conception

I would not trust Crusty as far as I could throw her. I can see it now,”thanks for keeping me, but after all,500k is a lot of money and I think that you(Michie) and Holly will get over it after I stab you in the back”! “Hey,it is game and not real life but you are a complete idiot for buying my bull shit. BTW,I will not screw you directly,I will have someone do it for me and America will love me again!


I wrote on Sunday that four days is a lot of time. It seems every Wednesday there is a flip in the air.

Jackson realized yesterday that he should encourage the Nick and Christie fight to see what came of it. That just created an epic set of enemies between Nick and Christie. If Jackson believes he is no longer an immediate target of Christie’s anymore, it would benefit him more in the short run keeping her.

She is so gross. I still think she is gone as I think they will revert to the initial plan and move on.


Good summary. I feel for Michie right now cause I can so see how conflicted I’d be if I were him. I could see how I would possibly be safer having her, as opposed to being a constant target by Tommy, Sis, Nick, etc. But pleassseee….for all us…take her out. We promise to manifest Tommy, Sis, or Nick’s eviction next week.


Wait so no one told Jess that Crusty was trying to get her nominated and evicted?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

If they told her she wouldn’t believe it anyway.


i feel like everyone told her this, but jess is oblivious.

Over It

I can’t believe I am saying this but I much rather Christie stay than Analyse. At least Christie brings energy to the game and some drama.
Analyse is useless, let her go. If Christie pulls this flip you have to give her credit. She was dead in the water and she is at least giving herself a chance at staying. This is some Dan’t funeral type mist going on here. Christie for the win!


Yes, I am with you. Christy for the win. Also to the people who mock her eating. What fault do you have that you would want other people to talk about. Sll of us have little idiosyncrasies, so leave her alone. I love Christy.

Turd ferguson

Her eating is relevant because if I recall she was the one making fun of other people’s rating early on so she called attention to herself and open the door for comments about it.

Franks fumes

You mean production’s help for Dan and now Crusty…..


This’s can’t be happening……


YEAHHHHHH CHRISTIE RULEZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Have you been manifesting?

Franks fumes

More likely masterbaiting….they are basically the same thing lol.


Ohhhhh nooooo….there you areeee 😮 lol

Ovi's tongue

What is it about BB houseguests that as the week advances they convince themselves they are getting smarter? We’ve seen this many times over the seasons but it never fails to astonish me when it happens.

All you people that saw Cliff’s HOH as some kind of sellout to Christie when she had a power are going to blow that big purple vein in the center of your forehead when Jackson blows this one.
So if Christie manifests a resurrection, do you think she will act more, or less, messianic?

An ornery mouse



More then ever she will! She is not only a narcisist, she’s a pathological liar

My Two Cents

Has anyone heard ANYTHING being said about the guy with the bullhorn letting the cat out of the bag about Tommy and Christie being longtime friends on the outside? I’m not sure who all was in the backyard but I know that at least Cliff and Tommy heard it.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

If Jackson Cliff or Nicole actually heard it why would they ever consider keeping Christie?

BB Casting Call

Production gave everyone some of the good stuff to affect short term memory…hence all the feeds down and only one camera for all screens.

Turd 1

Has this bullhorn guy told them how much America hates them all?

Kat's Alien Bitch

Did you know there was someone they call “Sis” who is playing Big Brother? I saw her on my TV tonight and I wondered who she was.

Because they never interview her. After the veto ceremony, they always interview the people on the block.

But they didn’t interview this person they called “sis” who I have seen it claimed is OTB.

They ALWAYS interview the annoying person called C. My god half the show tonight was her DR sessions.

But “sis”? It is like she doesn’t exist. Maybe “sis” is an android.

Watch from a distance

I can’t even deal with Christie’s eating!! Watching and listening to it is so damn gross!! What the hell!! I was watching BBAD last night and when she was eating ice cream of all things to crunch good god!! But the look on Jess’s face when she was really getting into it! It was priceless! LOL!! A child has better eating habits then her. And let other people talk good hell! Always talking over everyone and interrupting! Again NO manners!! Who the hell taught her as a child. Okay rant over!!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

And did you hear her gulping her drink?Reason alone to evict her.

Nicks Cousin

Dude, she has to go. Michie is foolish to keep her. She has burned him how many times and he actually trusts her now?


They would be SO stupid to keep Christie… so stupid


simon you really enjoy making us suffer watching christie eat! lmao


Nooo my eyecandy can’t go yet, there’s many more lovely screenshots to be taken


OMG!!!! Please VOTE Christie out. I’m not sure I can continue watching if she stays. Hopefully Jackson gets his sh&t together and sticks to his plan to get out Christie.

On a side note – The only person I can root for is surprisingly Jackson and I’m not even rooting for him at100%…….maybe like 30%


i’m finding myself weirdly rooting for holly. sure, she’s hitched her ride to jackson which is hard to overlook, but if she is just using him as a shield, her game really hasn’t been half-bad and she hasn’t done anything else egregious that i can think of.

Turd 1

You must have a thing for horses and/or sluts.




All season I have been trying to put my finger on who Holly (<more) and Jackson reminded me of and it hit me tonight watching the show on CBS….the cartoon Popeye & Olive Oyl and also there was a movie years ago were Robin Willians played Popeye and the woman that played Olive Oyl……..Also I wanted to Thank Simon, Dawg and everyone that post on this site, that I really enjoy reading all the post. I enjoy the laughs and the updated info.


I think that was Shellie Duval. She was in The Shining as well.


Will Sis ever figure out that Christie staying is bad for her game?


uuh well ya Sis would be going to jury that would be bad for her game


I finally figured out the whole Christie/Michie thing…jealousy etc. They have the same jowls and Christie wants hers to be bigger…it’s jowl envy. On another note…I have never liked Holly. If there’s a flip I can see her being a big part of it. And if that happens…america will be pissed at both her and Michie.

New York New York

Christie is a mix of Amanda, Vanessa and Kaycee. If she pulls this out she will go down as one of the greats. I am team Christie! Manifest it!

I have no bird, I have no bush

If Christie can flip Jackson, she deserves to win this whole flipping game. Jackson is stubborn to a fault, and he’s right about getting Christie out. He should be smart and go through with his plan. They’re each other’s biggest threats and aren’t friendly toward each other. Tommy should want her gone, honestly. The more she’s on the block, the more he will be expected to win the veto and use it to save her, putting a huge target on his back. This week has been so tiring. I don’t think Christie is playing a bad game. I’m shocked/impressed that someone who simultaneously lies and blabs everything is still around. I really don’t want to see her be dramatic for another week.

Cut the Crust

“Christie has burned us so many times she would look like an a$$hoel.” — Holly

Idiots, idiots, idiots — You’d not only look like an a$$hoel, you’d be the a$$hoels.

Dalia Hobelman

I don’t like. Christine but if she gets through this she deserves to win because these people are idiots


Say what you will about the cast but I don’t hate this season as much as the more recent seasons sauve for season 20.
The fluidity of the alliances is exciting and a lot of that can be attributed to Christie’s gameplay early on in the season. People gravitated to her in the house. We might not understand it as viewers but her social influence has been her power. I don’t want her too but Christie may take this game and deserve it by the end.


Christie is always assuming stuff then reacts like it’s true when she, literally, just makes things up.


Christie – it’s so inauthentic too
She’s the most fake, inauthentic person in the house. She’s one of those people who are so full of herself to not see that she’s a giant liar and a big phony. She has a habit of protecting what she’s doing onto other people.


I’m hoping that production talked to everyone in the DR and told them to put on a good show to keep us guessing. CBS would like an interesting show tomorrow night and Julie would love to say again that she has no clue how the votes will go.


Lol these people are either just being told to keep it not so obvious for ratings sake or they are really really dumb. Christie would flip on Jackson in a minute because she is close with sis who is close with nick… so the idea of her targeting nick over Jackson is insane.

If Jackson takes out Christine he has a decent chance of staying longer. No one is going to vote for Jackson though if he did get to final 2.