Christie “I’m starting to feel negative, like I really do feel like America hates me.”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie pulled ), Holly (Sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson did not use the power of veto

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8pm Bedroom. Cliff, Sis, Christie and Jess.
Cliff talks about his wife Sharon. Christie – you must miss her real bad by now? Cliff – yeah but I’m more used to it now and I don’t know if its because I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Christie – or that its become your new regular. I’ll be there at the wedding when y’all find your forevers. Christie – I’m going to have a black heart when I get out of here. I feel so cynical coming out of here. Cliff – Isn’t it horrible, no one is going to trust anyone once they get out of here. Christie – I know.. this game changes you. It made me really cynical. I came in here with flowers and rainbows and now I literally don’t trust anyone. I feel like when I get out of here I will be like you’re a bullsh*t artist, you’re a bullsh*t artist, you’re a bullsh*t artist. Maybe that will change again when I get out of here ..and I’ll see rainbows again. I don’t even have any issues with people.. I just see the manipulation and lies. But I don’t have a specific vendetta against someone (Nick) or something someone did .. even Michie .. I’m not mad at Michie not even a little bit. Cliff – after 67 days of not trusting anyone you can’t help but carry that over to the real world. Christie – yeah feel a little dark.

8:11pm Backyard. Jackson and Tommy.
They’re talking about how hard it is in the house. Jackson – when you feel like you’re on your own its even worse. Tommy – its okay, its going to work out. If its my time to go next week then its my time to go. I will fight. Jackson – I don’t think you’re going anywhere. Cliff joins them. Tommy – I can’t wait to go out after this. I can’t want to go out with Cliff. Cliff – I can hold my own. Jackson – I am very intense and aggressive outside of this house. Especially when I go out or do anything. Sleep 2 or 3 hours a night for weeks on end. I will work constantly. Spend 4 or 5 hours at the gym. In here I am very quiet. In real life I am the most vocal person of all my friends. Jackson leaves. Tommy to Cliff – I really do want to talk to you. Cliff – my door is always open. Tommy – I want to see where your head is at. The way I see it the house will be separated into duos.. Sis & I, You & Nicole, Jackson & Holly… and then Nick and Jess in the middle of it. And because Michie and Holly are coming off their HOH .. I don’t have any deals with them but I would be naive to think that other people don’t. That’s why the only thing I ask is that this stays between us. Cliff – that serves us both better. Tommy – because of that I feel like next week is being set up as it is pushing Sis & I to be against you and Nicole.. and I don’t want that. I don’t want that! I really don’t want it. Cliff – I felt the same thing. Tommy – it doesn’t make sense, its stupid. That’s why I wanted to talk to you because I know I don’t want that but I don’t know what else to do. I feel like I have to fight and I don’t know what the answer is. I have nothing anymore… I’ve been telling people that I’m in a position that.. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

8:26pm – 9:16pmBig Brother blocks the feeds…
9:25pm Still blocked..

9:31pm The live feeds return to Christie, Holly, Jess, Jackson and Cliff are in the kitchen.

In the Bedroom. Sis and Nicole are talking to the cameras about wanting a power or a button or something. Christie joins them.

9:53pm Bathroom. Tommy, Sis and Christie show off their plastic surgery faces.

10:50pm Bedroom. Cliff, Nick and Tommy.
Tommy – No matter what happens after this we are going to be okay. It my hurt while we’re here or immediately after but we will be okay. Nick – everyone wants to win but only one person can. And I think people want to get far in the game because they’re fans of the game. Tommy – yes, that’s how I feel. I would love to win but I really just want to get as far as I can. Nick – I feel like top five is a huge accomplishment. Cliff – once you get past 5 .. there are so many little things ..I don’t think you win this just on luck. Tommy leaves. Cliff to Nick – if Christie does end up blowing up things the next couple days, don’t be worried about me. We’re good.

1pm Bedroom. Sis and Christie talking. Sis – if you do end up going, I could literally follow you later that day. There could be a double or there could be a jury battle back. Christie – I have hope, I do not consider myself dead yet. I do have faith. Sis – we won’t know until Thursday. Christie – I am starting to feel negative, like I really do feel like America hates me. Sis – No Christie, America does not f**king hate you. You haven’t done anything for America to hate you at all. If anything you stand up for what you believe and you stick up for what you think is right. And you call people out on their sh*t. Christie – I don’t know because then I think what if Michie is a favorite a f**king favorite. Literally a fan favorite! And America hates me because of the things I said about him. And then to find out that Nicole was crying about us laughing at Cliff. That was after the comp during what wouldn’t be shown and people won’t see that it was playful and fun. Like to think that, that could be a thing!? Like I literally love Cliff. Sis – that is not a thing. We talk to Cliff so much.

11:25pm Bedroom. Sis, Christie, Jess and Nicole are sleeping.

12am All the house guests are sleeping..

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There needs to be special awards made up and given this years final. After 2 decades and 1 season, the biggest floater, most useless houseguest to ever enter award. I would make it a stuffed skunk plaque and award it to——————————————–
The 2nd award would be a bucket of tears and year supply of Kleenex awarded to—————————————————
The 3rd special award would be a years counseling at Dr Ruth’s sex clinic awarded to———————————————-.

Hearts Reality TV

Victoria, Christie, Nick

Susan Corbridg

1. Sis
2. Christie
3. Nick


Christie….America does not hate you. The whole universe does.

Kat's Alien Bitch

Somehow that makes me think of the scene in Fight Club where Brad Pitt says you have to consider the possibility that God does not like you. He never wanted you. In all probability he hates you.

There is a point of peak hate for HG’s: about 2 weeks later you realize that they are all imperfect humans playing a game and the hate weakens.

But right now I am at peak C hatred.

Last Season was Better



They do Christie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes Christie…you are on to us. We don’t like you. Not sure why you keep talking about how good of a person you are and how you’ve never done or said anything egregious to anyone…that’s NOT your truth! Delusional fruit-cake.

You are burnt toast . Adios contaminaos!


If you have to tell ppl all the time that you’re a good person then you probably aren’t a good person.


Don’t forget…..Crusti’s special wacktivity power is probably the only reason she was not gone earlier. It screwed Cliff’s HOH.


Christie is on point, America doesn’t like you very much.

Just sayin

The truth will set her free LOL


Has there been another season where so many outgoing housequests try to blow up everyone’s game in this way?
Christie can make very ugly faces and the camera seems to capture all of them.
I want Tommy and Nick out.

SD Bird

Blowing Smoke is Christy’s ‘best’ answer to Everything.

She is a Believer. She can Express her way out of Everything – Words (b/c hers are Truth), Sheer Speed of Words, Facial/Hand gestures & a small range of Emotions – Tears, Anger & Indignation.

This limited arsenal, coupled with DENIAL is here entire Bag of Tricks.
I feel as though I am watching a Mean Girl trying to fit into Middle School -not even High School.

She is used to being a Big Fish in a little Pond – used to moving on when faced with scrutiny.
She’s trapped and exposed.

Dawg and Simon – OUTSTANDING job at capturing facial expressions!!!! Makes me laugh so much seeing the stills.

Thank you 100%


Thanks, SD Bird. .. Christie is a goldmine of funny quotes and images. I’m actually going to miss it. Maybe we should keep her on the block for another week 😉

Just sayin

She thinks so highly of herself, she will try to run the house while in jury.


Oh yeah ChrsitieRulez said that!

Kat's Alien Bitch

Awesome work!!

Kat's Alien Bitch

They always say this. It’s a bit like the 5 stages of death. There is always
– a DR where they say they are going to fight to stay in the House
– a later DR when they say they are going to blow up the House
– Their speeches are never as dramatic as they threaten
– They walk out giving hugs to everyone (except Kat)


Christie meet reality ! Yes you are disliked by fans, yes you are the biggest liar there, and will even lie on your sisters life, and hell yes you are going to jury Thursday !!


Does she even have a sister?

Sis's Werewolf

To go far in Big Brother, all you have to do is be a bicycle like Sis…


Haha- add Holly and Bella to that statement


True…but Bella didn’t make it

Just sayin'

As a Canadian I feel pretty confident in saying that Christie, Canada hates you too

Guy From Canada

Hate is a strong word but this guy is no fan…

Just sayin'

Hahaha fair enough. How about strongly dislike?

Stephen Hughes

I feel so bad for the SJW Christie… when she is evicted… I hope she is not greeted by a chores of boos. She has it rough already… might I suggest to boo for a few seconds and then just applaud her for being on the show?


Nah she doesn’t need boos. She was just annoying on the feeds like so many before her. I’m sure she’s fine to hang out with just don’t feed her anything and you’ll be good.

For boos I always think of shitmass, Christine, Paul, Frankie, Jason roy, etc etc those are boo people.


Now, if they ever had an All-Star, those with Christie, and maybe sis and jess Thrown in, would be a show.

Just sayin

Now that would be a season, with all the ‘Christy’s” in the house at the same time.


That would be a cut-throat season. The survivor would be?


The day Sis and Jess are brought back as All Stars will be the day I stop watching.


Did I read that correctly? Sis and Jess ??? All-stars for what? Definitely not Big Brother. .. That would be a shitty season.. Besides Sis would probably not come unless Jack does….


Lawd….flashing back to Christine and Christmas – ugh!!

I hope Christie only gets a very light “golf clap” and that Julie has video clips lined up of all the CRAP that we had to endure this season!


I still think Shitmas was nastier than any of these


Shitmas was 1-hundo-P more nasty.


She really was. Like I think most of these peeps have been nasty to someone at one point or another in this game…but Shitmas was deliberately cruel to many people throughout the game and with Paul, ganged up on people. There was no learning curve or progression of being better to people.

Sis's Werewolf

Christine was the absolute worst


Christmas was a close until Christie. I’m sure Christmas is now happy that Christie took the lead.


Yes, Simon, she does need boos. Many, Many Boos. She deserves them. Each and every one of them. And, I still cannot figure out why everyone is so down on Paul. He was a player. He should have won every time he was on the show. People are just haters.


I think BB19 fouled up Paul’s image. BB18 I was a fan.


I agree. It was a set-up from the start for Paul to win. It was also a very unbearable season. BB18 was good though, again, agree.

Guy From Canada

Victor is what kept him in check in bb18. Bb19 he ran wild, incited mon mentality and couldn’t articulate what he was doing at the end to explain his game…..which means Paul had no game and is inherently a dick……


Same thing with Jason. Liked him on his season and then he came back and I couldn’t stand him.

Kat's Alien Bitch

It wasn’t Paul’s fault that the BB19 HG listened to him like some Oracle spouting wisdom. I didn’t like him: mostly I was frustrated by the others.


Imagine if they had an all star season with only villains. They may have not been liked during their own season but it could be fun to see them go at each other.


Don’t feed her? Is she a gremlin?!!

I believe Amanda Z and Aaryn got some boos, too.


If you feed her she will eat in front of you.


Applaud for existing, or finally booted?


I hope they boo her so bad for so long that Julie Chen has to stand and ask them to stop and then they still don’t. I want them to make her cry real tears.

Christie Seems Entitled

Applaud her for just being on the show? Is that like a snowflake participation trophy?


Ding, ding, ding Christie 100% right!!!!!!


Has Big Brother or any of the blogs given us any indication one way or another about a possible Battle Back? I remember Julie saying in past seasons’ post eviction interviews “you are out of the game for now” or something to that effect. And this season she has been saying “you are now part of the jury that will help decide the winner”………if there were a battle back, I don’t think she would say that.

Also, I am excited that Christie is leaving this week BUT I kinda wish she had been there for Zingbot because I am sure that would have been good!


The only thing we have to go by is the number of days left and people left. I’m thinking we are set for 1 double and no battle back. With a battle back they would need two doubles.

Given the jack exit I’m going to bet against a battle back.


i think when jack was evicted, the BB voice voice said “who will lose their chance at a half million dollars” when they were going to commercial before eviction. to me that sounds like no battle back. IMO


Yeah it’s funny that she’s going to be so disappointed that she misses getting zinged.


After all is said and done, she may feel relieved that she missed Zingbot.


Christie has given Zingbot so much ammunition the poor robot would probably overheat!

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“No Christie, America does not f**king hate you. You haven’t done anything for America to hate you at all.”

Stick with pondering those missing ten minutes Sis. Obviously her college and BB have no IQ threshold for admission.

Season Six - Yes Please

Is anyone hoping for Pandora’s box like me? The ability to take Christy off the block and then give about 3 years of quality education to Sis. Thinking if SIS could go-to Jury, there might be a tutor there or something.. A big brother miracle..


Haven’t seen a pandora’s box in a long time. That said I hope GROD doesn’t read your comment because she would be all over it “fan favorite” pandora’s box they can call it.


As much a fan favorite as the battle of the block…which wasn’t a horrible idea but just horribly implemented.


fan favorite means they just need one fan who liked it, right? cuz even then i think you’d be hard pressed to find someone with that opinion on pandora’s box.

Season Six - Yes Please

I was attempting sarcasm. Disappointed I could only get 36 thumbs down. So ready for Christy to go..


You’ve cursed us with that sarcasm now watch it happens 🙂


haha Too funny…I did get the sarcasm and gave ya a thumbs up :p


Even the best tutor cannot help someone who is beyond comprehension. Maybe a life coach would be more appropriate. Do they have nannies for adult children?


“Sis – No Christie, America does not f**king hate you.”

America – YES, we f**king do!!

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

Im really really really hoping for a jess/ sis final. How funny would that be??!!! After the worst season in BB history the 2 dumbest and weakest players make the finals!


Ugh Jess…


Ugh… Sis

even worse

a nicole and sis final 2


but one of them would have to win something to get there

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Ughhh……Shower stool Sis does not deserve to be anywhere near the final! She would equate that to winning a pageant




I’m just hoping this round of fish survives until the end…

There's a moose on the loose!

From my understanding, Canada isn’t too fond of her either.


Here’s my math for the final month.

Sept 25 is finale

8 people august 22nd
7 people 29
6 people September 5th
5 people 12
4 people 19
The finale should have 3 people remaining

I’m thinking Julie will announce a double this Thursday.

My prediction unless Jess wins the comps during a double she’s going home.

SD Bird

Could you clue in the HGs with that info?
Math doesn’t seem to be their strong suit.


Yes, please. For someone who preaches female empowerment, Jess sure fell into the mean girl category. Really, I just get tired of listening to her.

I know this is a game. The goal is to get to the end and that will include lying, breaking promises, etc. It is a game of deceit. The way people are in this game is not necessarily who they are in the real world. (I admit that was much easier to believe in the past.)

I just get annoyed when the house guest put on the pious act and it’s so much worse when they actually believe it themselves. (“I never lied … I stayed true to myself… Integrity… I played a clean game.” I hear blah blah blah!) That is the making of a bitter jury.

Maybe they should just give us just one season wherein they surprise the jury with a twist. They can go through the motions of casting their vote and then WHAM!! Surprise, your vote doesn’t count. Then a jury consisting of veterans that fans know, love and respect for their gameplay (i.e., Janelle, Dan, Dr. Will), come in and cast their vote for who they think played the best game. Of course, a clip of their deliberation would have to be included.

Just a thought! I just drank an energy shot so my mind is racing with all of these ideas which seem great in the moment.


HAHAHA….energy shots do that to me. I start blasting around, thinking up all these awesome, convoluted ideas…lmao


I like that idea.. It definitely goes with the theme .. expect the unexpected.. However.. what if who they choose is the one we dislike the MOST? Then it would suck… but definitely it has a good ring to it and would switch it up



“Someone just blasted this on a loudspeaker outside the house: CHRISTIE AND TOMMY KNOW EACH OTHER”

EDIT – This was from last night. Sorry, I just found out about it now. I’m pretty sure nobody heard it.

Just me

Are the house guests even awake yet to have heard it?


I should have included the time.. that was last night.

Just me

I’m dying to know if anyone heard it and how they reacted. It’s Taco Tuesday! Get the Kraken ready…


I know .. should be fun 🙂


Weren’t they on indoor lockdown?


I believe the feeds cut and BBAD was delayed because of it and I heard Cliff and Tommy was outside when it happened but I don’t know if that’s true.

Just me

I just went back through and noticed:

8:26pm – 9:16pm Big Brother blocks the feeds…
9:25pm Still blocked..

If so, it was when Tommy, Jackson, and Cliff were talking in the backyard.


Jackson had already gone was just Tommy and Cliff outside.

BB Casting Call

Around that time, the feeds went on and off quickly. Not before enough time where Holly was heard asking Jackson, “what did it say?”. Then feeds cut.


They should have been. What I don’t understand is how these people plan these great raids on the house to reveal key info, but they don’t bother to pay $6 for one month’s access to the feeds. Then just watch on your damned phone until you KNOW the people are out in the yard, and the RIGHT people, before you go blasting the bomb to them.


Do you think anyone heard it?


I don’t think so. If they did they are keeping it very hush hush.


How can we get them back there to do it again when everyone’s outside? That would be the best thing that happens all season!


Cliff, Nichole, Tommy and Jess all heard it. Its been talked about by the HG’s but they say they aren’t allowed to talk about it


You think that’s why Christie had the revelation that America doesn’t like her?


Hmmm….now THAT is interesting. Because she obviously would not want to say anything about it…cause it would clue everyone in, who didn’t hear it and nail the coffin shut on her game and Tommy’s.


The houseguests were talking about something right after this happened. Every time they started talking about that something the feeds would cut. Many people on Twitter were speculating that they did hear it. I don’t mean to be vague, I’m just reporting what I read. Simon is probably right, but it is weird how the feeds kept cutting out. Mabey they were just covering their ass.

Dalia Hobelman

Cliff heard and it’s not sitting good with him


Well that sucks if no one heard it. I would love to see Tommy in panic mode. Given the things already said by Christie, the HG might actually believe it.

Ax Heck

If they did hear it, it would not change anything other than cement Christie in jury and laudatory conversions with Tommy on how difficult it must have been to conceal this truth.


Christie is finally seeing the light that America doesn’t like her or her airhead side kick Sis.

Real life dummies

The season where no one can keep a secret or an alliance. First mistake was starting a nine person alliance.


First mistake was casting Christie,Nick etc etc


They are ALL playing a game……


Christie…..You are so right….America hates you. You are a pain to watch, and even a bigger pain to listen to. Listen to the Universe…..everyone in it hates you. You are a control freak. When someone does not dance to your song, you turn on them. You act like you are the leader and most wisest person in the house, when in effect you are rather stupid. You have not manners. You talk with your mouth crammed full of food. You talk over everyone else when they are talking. You are rude, rude, rude. Cannot wait to see your crying, poor, poor, pitiful me butt go out the door.


There are quite a few in the house whom I would not want sitting across the dinner table.


Fo sho!


Ok, well, at this point you’re proving to be as bad as Christie. She’s just a person playing a game who is annoying, hypocritical, and self-righteous. Your constant condemnation is getting really personal and mean–exactly Christie’s problem. Perhaps you share Christie’s problem of not seeing the irony?


I want her out as much as you…and I do want her to see what she did to others and how she treated them…but I don’t want it done back to her. Ya gotta forgive…even if it’s not popular to do so.


Like Cliff always reminds us he has to say or do things to stay in the game and he’s good at it and deserving. I felt the feeds are good with Christy. My least favorites are Nick, Sis and Jackson at least now is watching what he says or acts.


Simon or anybody that knows, what was the POV competition this week ? I was moving my son into college this weekend and missed watching the feeds after it to see if they discussed it .


Not sure what is was but it involved a puzzle of some sort.


Thank you


even if someone puts tommy on the block would they have the numbers to get him out or is he going straight to finale night?


As it looks…unfortunately it seems he’s going straight to finale night. However…it’s still too far out and too much time for someone to trip up.


You don’t hate her because you sound just like her. Birds of a feather flock together.


Cliff is up & talking to live feeds. He’s referencing an incident that happened last night that could have affected everyone but seems they are ok??? Probably why the live feeds were down for so long. He says he’s not allowed to talk about it much. Any ideas?


The loud speaker over the fence saying that Tommy and Christie know each other

Feeds Gold

cliff 9.45am bathroom cliff notes…

“we had something unsettling happen last night…and im not gonna talk about it with any detail because it doesnt merit it…and fortunately it didnt work the way someone wanted it to work…and wont have an effect on any of us…but geez…it just hits home that alot of people are invested in this game…alot of people are paying attention”


thanks for adding this!

I won’t be adding updates until 3 ish today.

Feeds Gold

no worries simon

i remember when sis was running outside(jess also there) they were called in for a lock down and sis was saying she didnt get to finish her workout(she had run over 100 laps back and forth)

then they were allowed out again and it was tommie and cliff on the couch when the one hour feed cut happened

i could be wrong but it appears there were 2 incidents/lockdowns, not 1


So Cliff heard the announcement !

Feeds Gold

if i were cliff(and nicole) i would take a safety deal for next hoh with tommie/sis rather than with the showmance as michie cant play the next hoh

then cliff only really has to worry if holly wins, even then its unlikely she puts him up at final 8(or maybe a renom for a jess hoh if she noms nick/jackson)

as a superfan he also needs to realize the danger of allowing a showmance to get to the end game…comp threat wise they are very dangerous, especially michie in vetos and soon everyone will play in vetos


I understand the need to break up the showmance but in the end, if it comes down to sitting with either Tommy or Jackson, I might go with Jackson. Everybody loves Tommy. I do think if Jackson makes it to the end, whether you like him or not, he deserves the win. The odds have not been in his favor. Who knows with the jurors of late. I think I would work on getting Tommy out next.

Feeds Gold

yes both would be a big chance to win…but if i was in there i would want jackson out asap as he is going to be favorite to win any veto he plays in, and soon he will be in range to beast it out kevin bbcan style…whilst he remains in the house everyone elses chances of winning comps, especially vetos, is alot less


Most superfans don’t give a crap about showmances, one way or the other…we just care about how people play the game.

For example…
As a superfan…I do not want someone that has just lounged around and banged all summer…who is as dumb as a box of rocks…and who spits vitriolic statements. (Sis)

As a superfan…I can recognize that he is playing a fantastic game and can respect that…even though it’s so hard to stomach him a lot of the time. (Tommy)

As a superfan…I can acknowledge that he is playing a pretty good game…but the disgusting way he is, makes me not like him at all and want him nowhere near finale night. (Nick)

As a superfan…I do not want someone who is so clueless that she has missed almost everything that is happening in the house…someone who is so reckless that she risked her standing in the house just to blow everyone up and create drama.(Jess)

As a superfan…I am pulling hard for someone who appears to have a good heart…to win some comps and make some strategic moves…so that I can envision her sitting in the final 2, but I’m not there yet. (Nicole)

As a superfan…I can see someone who I thought I didn’t like…either work hard to show who he truly is, as opposed to how he was in a certain group, OR realize how he was and do a 180 and start beast moding comps and appear to soften the edges and treat people respectfully. (Michie)

Feeds Gold

if youre in there at final 7, 6, 5 – super fan or not – players should be worried about showmances(especially both very strong in comps)

cliff wants to win comps…if michie gets taken out in the next 2 weeks it majorly increases his chances to be hoh or win vetos

the longer michie/holly remain the harder it will be to get them out

cliff knows michie would take holly final 2, rather than himself, as michie probably wouldnt do that to his gf(plus she isnt hugely liked), and cliff likely beats most of them in a final 2 due to his likability and respected gameplay


I guess what I meant is most superfans don’t view a showmance as a final 2. Most non-superfans do. They think it’s like the real world where love conquers all. But we’ve seen b4 where one member of a showmance cuts another at a certain point. In Michie/Holly…because Kat and Jack are gone…Holly def needs to be cut by final 5.

Feeds Gold

i get you, but firstly michie is very loyal

secondly i think michie highly likely beats holly in final 2 and he sees that

he probably wont need to do a jon cutting neda at final 3 to increase his chances


You’re right in that he doesn’t have a final 2 with anyone else currently…so why wouldn’t he keep Holly? If he thinks he’s viewed more negatively by the others in jury, I can def see him taking someone who is either controversial (Nick) or weaker (at this very moment but can easily change: Cliff/Nicole). He thinks everyone views Holly as a sweet girl (not necessarily true, but HE thinks so) and she has done really well in comps even though she’s only won 1 so far. So if I’m Cliff, I think I would trust Michie more than Tommy and probably talk to him this week or next about the long term. And if I’m Cliff….and I gauge that he is def final 2 with Holly…I probably stick with them just until the final 5 or so.

Feeds Gold

cliff waiting to get out a showmance at final 5 i think is pretty risky…jackson beasting vetos etc…and the longer michie is there the less chance cliff has of winning hoh,building his resume, remaining safe, and maximizing his ability to impact the game

i think its highly unlikely michie(or perhaps majority of the house) would want to sit next to cliff final 2

cliffs likability, story as the old guy, and game of deals and survival, and amount of respect he has earned i think makes him a scary person to be final 2 with

and i feel michie views sitting next to holly as a fairly straight forward win(nicole/cliff are more liked…and nick has been very influential as well as having a very good social game)…and if he were to lose, he would rather lose to holly, then also the showmance get the full $550k


What about Cliff?


Fact of the matter is…I don’t have a strong opinion about him really. He botched his HOH, whether it was out of his control or not…and he has thus far floated. He’s super nice and respectful. He’s more in the Nicole category for me…meaning he is not doing anything in my eyes to NOT be worthy of the prize…but he still has to prove that he IS worthy of it.

Dalia Hobelman

Feeds went down last night for a hour or two because someone used a megaphone to say Tommy andc Christine know eachother

Feeds Gold

most likely noms heading into next week as of now that i have heard…

cliff/nicole – to nom either the showmance or tommie/sis(to be determined depending on deals)
tommie/sis – to nom the showmance
nick – to nom jess and holly
jess – to nom nick and michie
holly – to nom possibly jess/nick?

based on that cliff/nicole are safest

if anyone knows of any current likely nom combos different to these let me know


That’s what I’m seeing right now too…except I think Nick’s COULD be Jess/Cliff…simply because I think he thinks many view his and Cliff’s game (not social interactions) somewhat similarly and I don’t know how much he trusts him.

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ok thanks

im thinking nick could be key to which direction cliff/nicole go

nick keeps telling nicole to trust sis/tommie
if she goes along with that, nick/nicole could convince cliff to go after the showmance and jess
potentially resulting in nicks ideal final 5…nick, tommie. nicole, cliff, sis

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if nicole or sis win the next hoh it will tie the record from season 6 where there were 9 different players being the first 9 hohs to start the season


Please don’t let it be Sis.

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michie/holly put up by sis would be an entertaining week


Hey all. Does anyone have any idea where the camo hat with the bucking bronco they’ve been wearing comes from ?

BB cast this year as you all say sucks for the most part. I hate Christy, and Tommy, and Sis, and Nick. Holly and Michie. And while I dont see cliff and nicole as having done much I like them at least as people. Cliff has won comps at least. And nicole is genuinely a nice person ( how did she ever sign up for BB ? LOL ) And jess…..jess who ? Good on her for getting Jack out on her HOH but otherwise not a fan of her either…

Just me

I believe it’s for the Wyoming Cowboys college football team.


It is indeed!


The morning after the backyard bandit:

Cliff kind of confirms it without saying it:
This morning Cliff delivered his typical morning missive looking quite exhausted and I guess I’d say emotional spent. He notes “something unsettling happened last night” Told live feeders he wasn’t going to discuss it & that it didn’t work the way “someone” wanted it to work & won’t have an effect on any of them.

Unless someone did something shady “inside” the house (and we didn’t hear any discussion to that effect or see anyone visibly upset) it’s likely he’s referring to the backyard blast. At the time it sounds like the only people in the backyard were Cliff, Nicole & Tommy on the hammock with Jess out there too. Cliff’s explanation of people being invested (felt more like he was talking about fans although I could be wrong) & he also pointed at himself saying he was sure there those who are dissecting his choices/moves. He said I signed up for this & all I can say is “I’m an imperfect man playing an imperfect game”.

Potential effects of bandit on Tommy/Christie/house:

Tommy seemed less himself last night (more subdued) so that might make sense. And that’s b/c that type of knowledge hurts his game the most since Christie was already leaving (based on the intel we have). For Tommy though even if the hamsters say they won’t let it affect their game it can’t help but, especially b/c of who it’s about.

Christie in jury won’t just vote for Tommy she’ll try to sway everyone in there to also vote for him (which let’s face it is her best attribute in the game). So, does that make him a more likely oust now? Probably. Part of me feels bad for him b/c in truth he’s playing a good game & better since beginning to distance himself from C. BUT— he hung himself all on his own when he made a big deal about Kat/Holly POSSIBLY knowing each other & trying to flip the vote based on that information. If he hadn’t said anything & C hadn’t pitched in with “that’s not fair” speech it wouldn’t have been so bad for either of them. So, the fact they both were fine having this HUGE advantage over everyone but extremely vocal re: how unfair that type of advantage would be if anyone else did. That fact IMHO will move him up the target list.

As for C – her comments to Sis about being pretty sure she isn’t liked by America could also stem from the backyard bandit. Since Tommy couldn’t miss hearing what was said he likely told her and that would solidify for her at least one reason why she was on the field trip although she’s still trying to blame Nicole & Michie for it. As for the long term affect – if she elects to not go at Nick today then I’d say for sure it’s b/c she’s afraid Nick could turn around & say ‘yeah well I’d love to be playing with my friend of 8 years too!’ And again, that would be only if Nicole/Cliff share this intel with anyone in the house (which based on Cliff’s comment won’t happen).

Out of the frying pan & into the fire!

I’m not sure what Jess would do with this information I mean were talking about Jess & her favorite hamster. I can’t see her using it against them/gossiping about it b/c it’s C. It might make her back track from pushing to keep C or it might move Tommy up her hit list.

If it was anyone else I wouldn’t feel as confident in that fact. Again, we’re talking about Jess so I’d be lying if I said I can gauge her choices at a decent accuracy. I’ve felt she began changing how she treated departing hamsters once jury started (just like Sam last season). But, I would never have imagined she would turn on Nicole as that was someone firmly wanting to protect her.

Speaking of Jess she entered this week after Wacky Weds & still managed to be in a great situation with safety from M/H & with C/N doing their best to protect her. Sis said there is an apparent promise from Jess not to put up H/M this coming week but I never saw or read that so it might just be Jess spinning a yarn to keep her options open.

Where Jess messed up was the unnecessary outing of intel about people she was safe with. I’m not sure if she doesn’t care, doesn’t see it or is just so thrilled to be in the mix with Christie but her “extra” commentary this week pushed her from the shade into the spotlight. With fewer people to target she becomes an easy pawn/scapegoat/pot stirrer. For the most part she’s spilling truths (other than some of that nonsense about Nicole) but she’s magnifying them & putting a “Jess spin” on them.


Simon, you should hire TTOT. She does a good job of dissecting this stuff.


She’s the best! love their comments. OBB doesn’t have the funds to hire anyone on. We’re in keeping the lights on mode right now.


Totally agree. There’s a lot I can’t understand about Jess…but the biggest is why she would risk her standing when she wasn’t otb and the horizon looked decent…except with Nick. The backyard bandit could ultimately sink Tommy’s really good game-playing for one reason….and that’s hypocrisy. Like you said…if only he had not made getting Kat out because of possibly knowing Holly, the centerpiece of his HOH…he would be ok through all this.

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i think jess was just trying to turn players against each other thinking it would get her extra safety


True…but at that point…whether the 6 was broken or not, she knew there was a 6 at one time and it would be very risky. I say “she knew,” but then again, it’s Jess lol

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i think jess feels pretty alone after kat left

shes rolling the dice with playing “he said, she said” hoping it will change her position a bit

she did successfully turn christie against nick, which may help jess a bit, depending how damaging christies anti nick campaign is…as nick is targeting jess

but sis/tommie didnt get swayed after discussing it with nick…both still fully committed to nick, as he is to them

due to sis letting holly know jess has been telling her everything holly has been saying, holly/michie no longer trust jess

so overall it hurt more than helped jess

but how do you get jess out? who do you put next to her to ensure she goes? nicole? nick may have a tough time achieving that goal


On Twitter…different clips after the “incident” happened plus the “incident, Cliff says they are in lockdown in the house for a week because of it

K Bake

Sorry, Christie. America does dislike you, you sobbing hunk of insanity.


the look on Crusty face it is like OH MY MY PITS SMELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just me

I totally thought the same thing! Ultimate Stink Face.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I don’t want to see the audience boo Crusty when she walks out the door…but I do think an audience wide shout of “It ain’t fair” would be fine.

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christie to tommie: “they told me you can tell me anything”

feeds cut

probably relating to what happened last night


Hmm – pure speculation on my part but two things Christie said make me think the announcement was real (but not everyone knows about it).

First Christie says to Cliff/Sis how she felt really bad for Tommy last night (??), then tells Sis she’s sad, been thinking a lot about her ex

Then alone w/ Tommy “they told me you can tell me” & once again they cut to fish.

Thinking only Tommy/Cliff/Nicole (maybe Jess depending on what part of backyard she was in) are the only ones who heard what was said & based on Christie’s comments I’m thinking DR called those 4 in & told them not to repeat what was said. That’s my guess, but b/c Christie is affected perhaps TPTB said Tommy could tell her. I wonder if he does if Christie will have a meltdown.

More importantly – does this impact N/C wanting to take out Tommy & vice versa?


It is not fair AT ALL if it’s true that they’re not allowed to talk about it. How can they be so obvious and deliberate in giving some players an advantage with that information and others a disadvantage without it. If some heard it…then they have to be allowed to discuss so that everyone knows it.


We can only hope.

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tommie and sis saying to christie maybe its not a good idea to blow up nicks game as it could hurt their games as well

tommie suggesting maybe to shine the spotlight on jackson instead

nick is p!ssed about christies plan to blow him up

i think sis/tommie eventually desuade her from doing it…its really based on christie being jealous of how good a spot nick is in

Susan Corbridg

Well, it’s Monday afternoon and Christie is crying and working Nicole.


Nick is singinggggg….I love it! haha


Yep, totally blowing-up Cristy’s game to Sis, telling her that everything Sam said was true. And Sis is blowing up Jess’ game to Jackson. The circular firing squad is clearly in position. Hope everyone can duck on time.


Further confirmation of the backyard bandit:

The video is of a screen & concrete (several people sent in picks who live in the area & it looks legit – mind you it’s from a street so hard to get close & the studio is basically a parking lot as you all remember (which BB player was that? We’re basically playing a game in a parking lot? Anyway I digress)

So the recording is on a loop – Big Brother Fans for fairness (male voice) not sure if that is the end of the recording or beginning
*(same voice) Tommy & Christie have known each other for I think it says 8 years, then they play Christie’s voice from the DR from early game (week 1?) of her saying how it could hurt/help her game but no one can find out they know each other. Another person posted they heard the whole version which also mentions Christie dated Tommy’s aunt for 7 years & they had a business together for 3 years.

So YES it could be fake news – not that something wasn’t said (we know now it was) but rather this tweet being the right recording.
Also Cliff spoke to Tommy about it. saying ;’ts like your deal last night, when something is blatantly untrue.’ Tommy tells him he couldn’t sleep.

Here’s the thing – if Christie’s voice played there is no denying it. So EITHER it wasn’t that recording OR Cliff is doing this to make Tommy feel like he has an ally (and to protect himself). Nicole looks like she got hit by a bomb today & she heard it too. Jess may or may not have heard it & Tommy – it was only those 4 in the backyard. Another intriguing thing. Christie got up ready to campaign then asked Tommy about it (fish) but when it returns there is ZERO campaigning from C just tears/unfair/loyal spiel ironically mostly to Nicole who C tried to get put on the block.

Did C not campaign b/c of what T told her? And why all of a sudden is Nick throwing Christie UTB? He told Sis/Holly that Sam was telling the truth about C not wanting to go F6 with couples, how she targeted Jackson early, how she was the one who tried to turn him against Jack & had the day down to 33 as well.

Also, Sis told Jackson about Jess saying she had a deal & then told Jackson how she is voting for Christie & was trying to help her figure out how to get Nick put OTB & was scheming with her.

Anyway, part of me almost wonders if the whole thing was a production stunt anyway.

Regardless, at least 3 of them including Tommy heard SOMETHING.


Yes, Christy, we hate you. You wanted to be queen bee and run roughshod over the house like the controlling person you are. You’re just mad that you won’t get yourself a new career in show business like you hoped. Your a liar and hypocrite who uses your FAKE understanding of new age philosophy as an excuse to be an awful person. The Universe does not reward you because the “universe” knows you’re 100% fake.