Big Brother 21 Week 8 recap and Live Eviction Results

Every week we get so close to Christie being evicted, This was the closest yet. I truly thought this was going to be the week. At least there will be no lack of funny faces in posts to come and plenty of CHOMPING.

Last week ended with Kat being evicted. Jackson went on to win the Slip n Slide Head of Household competition. From the moment he won the HOH it was clear Christie was going to be nominated and he wanted her out. Jackson spent considerable time talking to the other players securing the votes to evict Christie. It’s no surprise he ends up nominating her with Sis. The power of Veto is played and Jackson pulls out the win . Jackson doesn’t take Christie’s deal. He does not use the veto keeping Christie/Sis on the block.

Christie melts down plenty of times. The entire week was her crying. After the veto wasn’t played her campaigning focuses on destroying Nick’s game. Happening during Taco Tuesday Nick and Christie battle it out. Wednesday in the early evening after what I assume is long hours in the Diary room. Holly and Jackson start thinking of keeping Christie. They make a deal and decide to “work together” Christie won’t put them up and they will break a tie in her favour. Some reason for their flip – She’s a bigger target in the house, She’s after Nick, she loves the game, respect, Nick is the puppetmaster, Nick will go after her, Safety, love..  etc etc.

Nick tells Sis before the Live show that she’s going to be evicted she has a mini-meltdown before feeds go down.

America’s Prankster

Everything you need to know about the twist can be found here to Vote click here

A summary of the twist

America’s Prankster Vote Description: During the Voting Period, viewers of the Big Brother 21 television program will be asked to interact with the show by voting for a Houseguest they want to see become America’s Prankster via the platform stated below. The eligible Houseguest who receives the most votes during the Voting Period will be named America’s Prankster, and will be given the power to secretly control one nominee for eviction during the applicable week, by selecting one nominee at the Nomination Ceremony. America’s Prankster will also choose a replacement nominee if their original nominee is vetoed during the Veto Meeting. Evicted Houseguests and the current Head of Household of the applicable week are not eligible to receive votes in the Program. Viewers will vote via the BB Web Site. There is a maximum of ten (10) votes per registered user during the Voting Period.

Results from the show

SIS – mom dad I love you. I’m athlete competes, loyal, stay true to who I am. Respect
Christie – challenging experience.. I adore everyone one of your souls. I love this game. My word. making deals keeping deals. My truth and authenticity

Jessica Votes to evict Sis
Nick Votes to evict Christie
Tommy Votes to evict Sis
Holly Votes to evict Sis
Nicole Votes to evict Sis
Cliff Votes to evict Sis

Sis Evicted

Head of Household Competition

Last night they had bird calls it was a prank done by production. (LOL Love it)

The real HOH is “prank shot”

Houseguests with the two lowest scores will receive a punishment (Cliff, Nicole and Jessica)
Holly – 50
Cliff – 18
Nick – 34
Nicole – 18
Christie – 21
Jess – 3
Tommy – 41

Holly is the new Head of Household

Live feeds back.

7:05 pm Christie crying “thank you god thank you thnk you god”

7:11 pm Conversation is about the competition.
Jess cheers “I get to be relevant this week”

7:20 pm Jackson and Holly
Jackson – I’m proud of you
Holly – I’m really nervous about this one. I’m nervous about the pranks. If I don’t have control.
Jackson – you are guaranteed to be safe and that to me is worth whatever happens.

Holly – I felt I was in a good spot unless Nick won.
Jackson – you got options, Nick and Christie who volunteered Used me
Holy – that’s what I was thinking Nick and Christie you two duke it out
Jackson – and Nick openly said he would put you up as a pawn. Veto put Jess up there and we vote Jess out
Jackson – we need Christie a few more weeks to be a target

7:32 pm Nick and Jackson

Nick Asks him how many girls are left
Jackson – 4 and 4
Nick comments on how weird it is that it balances out.
Jackson – at one point we were looking at 6 -3
Nick – I remember that

7:52 pm Chit chat

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Hmmm. Normally Julie is dressed up. Is she part of the HoH competition?


Julie needs a new stylist… big time.
Every year they attempt to dress her younger & younger and she comes out wearing these ridiculous hairstyles & outfits (tonight is a perfect example). They put her in all of these big dangly earrings, huge statement necklaces, frilly tops & strange shape dresses (a lot of cut on the bias, which doesn’t sit right on her).
She’s the Chen-Bot, for God’s sake, they need to show some respect and dress her like it!
Julie is classy, tasteful, simple & stylish off camera, but you would never know it based on the clown outfits that they throw on her.
If you go back through her styles every week for at least the past 5 years, you’ll see that the clothes & accessories that they put her in do NOT match her personal esthetic off camera.
I imagine she has no say in her wardrobe, as her personal style varies SO drastically from what they put on her for the show.
There are nights where you can see that she’s visible uncomfortable in what she’s wearing.


Her hair was the windblown look.

Stylists wanted

I totally agree with you. To me it looked like they had no time to do her hair so they decided to braid it up like the houseguests did. It looked horrible and wtf was that shirt she was wearing. I would not even wear that if I was at home cleaning. She is too pretty and classy to be looking like that.


Nothing is tailored to fit her. It’s as if she picks the dress off the rack right before she goes out. And she has terrible taste.

She thinks she’s so cool, she could pull of the ridiculous outfit she had on tonight. She looked like she was pulled through a knothole backwards.

Just sayin'

Yes! I say this every week!


she’s showing how many f*cks she gives about this show. no way she’s back next season.

The Corey's

Guess the one benefit if chrissy sticking around is shes gonna find out first hand how shes viewed when shes nominated as the third nom.

Change Of Heart

The only thing we can do is wait..this twist is going to finish turning the house up side down.. It is up to America to give the prank to the right HG Nick or Cliff and maybe Nicole.. but will Nicole do the right thing or will she run her mouth to the other HG telling them America gave her the prank and what it entails. I can’t see Nicole keeping quiet..then on the other hand all of the Hg talk too much and all over the place in this game. Smh


Nick should be the prankster. Holly can’t stand him and it would serve her right to have him be a part of her HOH choices!!!


I say we all vote cliff for prank week. he made a comment earlier today to nick about christy being his target but quickly retracted his statement. Nick said previously (after the blow up) that he still won’t target Christi (could just be blowing smoke) but just to safe let’s vote cliff for prank week, in hopes he will nominate christy and maybe she will actually go this time

Crusty go home

Cliff already proved he does not know what to do as HOH. My vote is Nick! Crusty needs to go already. Man these pple are idiots

Change Of Heart

Cliff and Nicole.. all over the place in this game..Cliff already wasted a HOH and both of them make me tired.


I just hope nick will actually do it! All I care about is christy going out! So whatever way will guarantee that I’m down! Nick said even though they had a blow up he still wouldn’t target christy! That’s what makes me worried

Another stupid twist

I bet they will give it to Crusty or tommy Watch.

The Beef

What do you mean third nom.? According to what Julie said, there are only two noms, one by the HOH and one by the prankster.


I don’t think there is a 3rd nom. I feel like the prankster gets to nom one of the two. That’s my guess just by the way it was worded. And no, not Nick. I can’t vote for anything that gives him any kind of power. I just know I’m giving my 10 votes everyday to whoever is polling highest for this, that is not Nick.


Let’s vote Nick so he puts up chrusty!!


If I knew he would put up Christie….I would. I don’t think he will. Besides…I think Holly will anyhow.


I refuse to watch tonight. I’ll get my updates here. Oh, and I hope Christy wins HOH and puts Jackson up!


Everything depends on the latest America’s vote


Agreed! I don’t think Holly will put up Christie so I want to vote for the Prankster who will put her up. Besides Nick, is there anyone who will do that?

Big Sister

I am voting flr Nick in hopes he will put Christie up.

The quiet one

Agreed. I want Christy back on the block. Not that anyone will vote her out. ? I tried to vote but they say I have to pay and join all access, is that true?


You don’t have to join all access log in with Facebook to vote or just log into CBS.


no…you click out of that and can sign in through facebook


Nicole told Cliff she would put up Cristy and Tommy if she won HOH.

Change Of Heart

Nicole just blowing air..


Nope…so I gave my first 10 to Nick

Just Sayin

Since Taco Tuesday, didn’t Nick tell Christy he would never put her up?


Yes…he is not putting her up. Vote for anyone besides Nick.


I think anyone besides Tommy and Nick will put Christie up.


This is f’n bullshit!!!!

House Stark

I love the twists and turns in this game. I thought Christie was history but we are going to have sparks now if she stays. it will almost be worth her staying to see Nick pucker.


Christy’s speech ranks up there with Dan’s Funeral.

Bravo Christy you have arrived at Superstar status.

Give us a mic drop babeeeee




Do not insult Dan by comparing him to Crusty!!!!!!

J.r. Childe

Totally agree.. great moves by christy.. definitely playing the best game

Christy Must Go

Sis can’t tell the truth. Christy can’t tell the truth. Could they evict them both?


As I watch, more respect to Christie for her week. She should still be evicted, as a huge threat to win and raise an army will be gone and Nick would become a huge target for everyone….I know Cliff talked to Nicole about pulling him in after the blowup, but that was before Taco Tuesday, and everyone has suspicions.

With Christie out, the entire house can put Nick up as target with Sis up as pawn. Housevote.


This week’s vote brought to you by the letters W, T, and F.


I wish I could like this one thousand times, it’s also brought to you by the letters B and S


I hate this cast!

Swaggie's Missing Brow

There was a very audible sigh from the live audience when the deciding vote was cast. That pretty much says it all.


holly heard it too


OMG are they going to keep Christie. Her “blowing up” Nick’s game is basically describing the game. If they all are going to question if he’s a threat now, they can all just put him up next. Why do they need her to stay to get rid of him? I thought the cast last year was stupid, these idiots make them all look like geniuses.

Crusty Crabs

That was what I was thinking. Why does the whole house need Crusty to kick Nick out and why would they extend her game when they know she is a huge threat. She just convinced all you retards to keep the biggest threat. These are the biggest group of jack holes and I hope they all lose. I think Mickie was playing chess not checkers. It appears that he is playing go fish. I hope he is next.


Michie is playing Candyland. He’s not smart enough for checkers after this boneheaded move. Neither is Holly, who egged it on. It took very little to convince him when he was dead set on evicting her.

I don’t even know who, if anyone, I like anymore because no one has a backbone in this game

Either get smarter or less obnoxious players. Half of these people didn’t know anything about the game at all until they were cast. It’s been getting worse every year. Stop casting people who want to be models and actors.

And don’t forget that production wants a basket case like Christie to stay. I hate it when they rig the game. It’s almost always this obvious but they play it off like it was an amazing move on her part so we will think she’s clever instead of dumb. Everyone knows Sis is a nothing-burger so they had her evicted to keep the drama flowing. I wish they would allow the game to be played without their puppetmastery.


Exactly what I was thinking you just yelled at him describing how your supposed to play she is like hey hey hey how dare you develop strong relationships with everyone and make them not want to put you up for eviction and make them think you were there best friend gosh!!!! How dare to play the game strategically that no one wants to vote you out I hate you that’s not fair your doing it better then me….now let me cry for an hour and say I manifested some more shit


God Bless America, these people are morons. I am beside myself that Christie was not evicted. Another week of her lying, loud, crying, obnoxious, bullshit and mannerisms.

another name

let’s say christie was evicted tonight.
who would be target number one of the prank week twist?
Is that why they wanted her saved?

crapshoot hoh so the birds were for nothing? oh.


The birds were a 24 hour distraction from campaigning throughout the night and thinking of their vote. Tuesday sealed Sis’s fate, Wednesday provided mental tasks to listen and study, with less time to think and discuss strategy of vote.

another name

bird task started at about 9pm bbtime.
yes, it was a distraction. but Sis had already finished campaigning by about 7pm.
Christie was still at it after Sis had called it a day.


But also takes time away from the other HGs to discuss and focus on with each other as they were grouping to study instead.

another name

There were multiple discussions in between birds. it wasn’t constant.

another name

i know this will not be appreciated… how did only holly’s ball bounce? from somewhere in the late 30’s to the 50?
I’m not saying rig so much as i’m saying how did that happen?


It didn’t bounce, it rolled all the way to the end and off into the 50 zone.

another name

no. it bounced. twice.


Holly’s ball certainly bounced but so did Tommy’s, just not as much.

another name

I wasn’t sure about tommy’s, i missed his throw while still laughing at jessica’s.


I was laughing at Jess’s too!

John Doe

Holly’s ball bounced on the metal? separator between the lanes. When I first saw I thought, WTF, how is that a 50? But ultimately the score was determined by where the ball came to rest.

another name

Thank you. I wasn’t implying rigging unless her ball was rubber and the rest were lead. lol i’m joking, this isn’t bb 18. I just thought it bounced a long way. Seemed sketch.

My Two Cents

Those wooden (or plastic?) slats that were dividing the numbers….her ball landed on the top of one of those slats and went airborne. I think it bounced once on another slat and then dropped into the 50 zone. Lucky shot!

The Beef

Holly’s ball “bounced” because she fired that f’er down the lane with some zip on it, unlike the other morons who obviously weren’t paying attention to her shot. She had a lot of top spin on it and a lot of forward motion, plus it was accurate and stayed on the lane a good long distance. It was a text book shot.


Yea I didn’t get why others were so delicate. You had nothing to lose by firing that “f*er” down lol :p


That was my favorite thing I’ve ever seen in my life, on BB…the fake bird HOH. I loved everything about it…them studying.,..doing little dances to it…and even the pretend HOH stage. I was lmao!!


Well Sis is Out!!! Great season so far…NOT


she was the least deserving to win by a landslide. i guess other people make more sense to get out, but i’m happy she can’t possibly win any more.


Agreed. Not upset so much that Sis is out but the fact of how stupid everyone else is by coming up with that jacked up reason to keep the threat. No one would have voted for Sis even if she got to the end…which she would not have not deserved to. The only smart thing she said was Michie was effing stupid to keep a threat that just bashed him weeks b4 (well Sis did too n said he had no one)
Just pist!! Pist no one took a real shot other than Jess n that’s making me sick at the moment


I can’t believe what I just saw. These are the dumbest collection of simpletons ever assembled for a big brother cast. Without a doubt the A1 worst ever!


Season 16.


Oh Dear. With Sis saying she wishes Tommy wins HoH, if he does he will get a complex because that would make 2 weeks that America messed with his HoH


This HOH with all the studying….planned for less campaigning over the 24 hours pre-eviction?


Wow ! The edit of the fight !! Showed Christie making her point NONE Zero Zip points that Nick made about Christie !! Production at its finest, what a crock !!


As they did with Jackson, the next 2-3 weeks will be to repair Christie’s image and try to win her AFP.

another name

How do you repair Christie? are they going to remove her tear ducts, and wire her mouth shut?
There is not a month of Sundays chance that Christie would ever win AFP. Not even if Paul was in the house and she got the Cody treatment.




F**k that noise!!!


it made it look more like nick shot himself in the foot than christie landed a knockout, which is kinda what happened.


Makes me want Nick to be prankster so he noms Christy

B $

Looks like holly plans to put her up so it won’t matter


holly only gets one nom and she will put up nick

The Beef

100% on the money post! By the edit Christie got you would think that Nick didn’t say anything after he started the stink with Christie on Taco Tuesday, PLUS based on what they showed you would think that “meeting” was the entire reason for the flip, which we all know was not the case. There were many many meetings and deals between different players that “manifested” the flip over several days.

But production clearly wanted Christie’s Taco Tuesday soliloquy to be seen as the reason, so we got the edit that we saw.


I wonder if someone is going to tell Christie Tommy was all for evicting her until someone told him the house wanted Sis out?

SD Bird

They agreed to part ways when getting out the Duo talk was in high frenzy awhile back.
Tommy is the one who helped her to campaign platform against Nick instead of Jackson. (there wasn’t much on the feeds before they cut away)
Tommy & Christy reconfirmed they are still working for WIN & SHOW yesterday.


Big Brother is evil… they had them studying birds all night… keeping them up only to find out that is not the Comp tonight… that is hilarious kind of evil.


So who are we voting for???

Big Sister

Nick to put up Christie!

SD Bird

Would Nick be able to keep it secret?
Would He??

SD Bird

He can keep a secret, would really enjoy it & put up Christy.
Holly is already talking about Christy as 2nd nom.

another name

name a secret Cliff has kept.
he spills to every new hoh like they’re a bell and he’s pavlov’s dog.






Nick is Holly’s target but something tells me she will not handle prank week well


Let’s vote for Nick to put Christy up!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Already did but Nick will still have to win veto for himself which means Nicole would be the replacement leaving another week up to Jackson.

another name

The evil in me says vote for whoever will nominate Jackson on Holly’s HOH.
Won’t happen.


I think everyone is in agreement that no one should vote for Jackson. Part of me thinks Nick but the other part wants to vote for either Jess or Tommy

another name

Nick will be on the block. He’ll target Christie if he is the prankster (I’m giving it a 40%-60% chance by tomorrow). which is fine if you want to fall into the story and writing department’s trap. That’s why the switch to keep Christie happened. It’s no coincidence that Nick went from the diary room to confront Christie on Tuesday. She was chickening out. They pumped him up. There is no coincidence that Holly and Jackson were invisible for about an hour on Wednesday. They were being convinced to keep Christie. It would be worth their while. Christie was kept to make sure that the other field trip participant (Jackson) wouldn’t be in danger. And because we’ve been buying the redemption story arc artifice, we’ll fall into this trap too.

I still keep thinking that by timeline, if they want to have their increased advertising dollar block double eviction, they will either need to have a false eviction week, or bring back a juror. Since they told Sis they would see her on finale night, that leaves me thinking okay… when would they do a false eviction? on Prank week? ZIIING.

Okay. i’ve finally gone crazy. someone call the white coat society, i’m ready for my happy place. Tinfoil poisoning to my brain from being tooooooooo conspiratorial.

Conspiracy Theorist Much?

” They were being convinced to keep Christie.”

I’m sorry, but that’s ridiculous. Don’t you think that if production was actually changing HGs’ minds in the diary room, and steering them in the direction that they wanted the story line to go…… that one of the over 200 past HGs would’ve spilled the beans once the show was over???


they usually don’t let contestants just leave the diary room. usually they’re dismissed. it looked pretty suspicious.

another name

Yes. I am a conspiracy theorist too much.
Check the contract for big brother contestants. Check the length of time after term of production that they are not allowed to talk about the production side of the show.
Point of clarification: on feeds in bb18 on no less than 5 occasions, hoh’s came out of d/r saying mom and dad (their term for d/r that season) told me i shouldn’t target Nicole, I should work with her instead. The most infamous of those feed talks had Vic and Paul saying screw mom and dad, Nicole has to taste the block. Second most infamous was when Natalie and James had the choice of working with either Paul and VIc, or Corey and Nicole. Natalie came out of d/r and told Jamesy that mom and dad made it clear they should work with Nicole.


the contracts are interesting. they very specifically refer to the show as not a game show and give a lot of leeway to tptb to define the narrative. the non-disclosure aspect isn’t the only suspicious part of it, but meh, i’m not convinced the producers have nearly as vested interest in christie as they have in keeping past returnees in the house.

another name

I only think they wanted Christie kept for the express purpose of being the easy out for the prank week that was already in the works. Otherwise, they would have some small level of control loss in narrative. And while houseguests are free to decline the guidance of the d/r monkeys, they do receive ‘suggestions’.
I’ve read the contracts for both US and Can bb. It’s billed as a reality entertainment program in a gameshow format in one of the two. Meaning it doesn’t have to follow gameshow guide lines for legal purposes.


They seem to keep whatever has brought them ratings lately. The seasons that haven’t had a compelling showmance, have had a villain that everyone keeps watching to hopefully see get kicked out. It’s why in wrestling Ric Flair(the biggest heel in wrestling most of his career) always had the belt, people hated flair so much they would fill arenas for the possibility that he would get beat. As long as Christie stays, they can put her on the block every week, and every week we will tune in to see her hopefully get sent home.


I don’t believe that production has any legit fingerprints…however…they most def feed HGs with theories on where they would like it to go…and then HGs, in turn, change a lot of times because they think what was told to them by production is how America really views things. And they believe production knows best since they are privy to everything going on.


so i’m guessing everybody votes nick as he’s most likely to put up christie?




Before Holly rolled i just felt that she was about to roll a 50. And then she did and I’m excited for this week. I feel like we should all vote for nicole so we can see what she does when she finally had a little bit of power lol

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

panic and cry

V bb fan

I agree with giving it to Nicole perhaps she’d put Tommy up to freak him out. Or Jackson


Nick for Prankster!
Btw, isn’t it about time for a double eviction?


I’m voting for creepy Nick because maybe he’ll put up Christie.


If I thought he would….I’d vote for him too…but I don’t believe he will.




If Christie isn’t an original nom this week….


It would be hilarious if Nick was the prankster and put Christie up!

B $

Ahhhhhh who is everyone voting for?

g Love

I’m thinking Nicole, I’d like to see what she can do with some power .

Big Sister

Nick to get rid of Christie.


I don’t like anyone! Who to vote for prankster??????


Let’s all put quick bets on the menage a trois that Jack’s going to fall into ? He’s the real winner of bb


hahahaha right!

SD Girl

Top Photo of Christy -> Could be Batman’s Joker with some makeup.
Great Choice for Duo Pix of OTB !!

Let the Pranking Continue :0


I just can’t any more. This show jumped the shark seasons ago… this is the worst yet.


Looks like they are having a re do on America votes. Last time it was the field trip and many expressed its uselessness because Tommy was able to use veto to take Christie off. This time the prankster takes the of hoh power by half AND can call the replacement nominee.
So once again Holly will not have full control of her HOH. #ThisTwistBetterBeGood

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Another irrelevant twist.

Kat's Alien Bitch

So the twist only matters if POV is used?


I know I think this new twist stinks. Holly earned her HOH and cannot compete next week but only gets one nom. Therefore I am voting Jackson, him naming one would be the closest thing to Holly having a full HOH.


Can we all please vote for nick to take Half of Holly’s power…. he will put up Christie and we will get to see her cry all week about how unfair she’s being treated even though she came in to the house with a real life friend… witch is the biggest advantage you can have.

another name

I still think the biggest advantage is having the Grod pulling you into d/r and telling you to change your behavior multiple times to alter your image, being given hints on how to win a comp, being allowed to break rules without consequence, all the while having another house guest who knows your ex girl friend, your room mate, and shares two other friends with you.
Having someone that shares friends with you, and the hand of Grod… even more of an advantage.


Cliff gotta be pranked, wtf he doing, from Godsend to Hoggsend.

Miss Conception

Nick was the only vote to evict Crusty,so I would absolutely LOVE to see nick voted as the prankster.He would then have the power( one half of Holly’s HOH power) to pick Crusty to go on the block along with Holly’s pick. Talk about “stirring the pot”,this would be a huge bomb! You want to see a trick…………… for Nick!


He voted to save Sis..because he’s horny. I expect him to be on Christie’s bandwagon any second now.

Sally B

Call me disappointed and disgusted. Christie will somehow win the Prankster vote (via production assist—-again!), & once again be in a power position. Holy hell. Her phony fakery will once again be center stage (boy, did she get the sweetheart edit tonight or what??). I am soooo over her. Enough.


Okay, so who to vote for to mess up Christy or Tommy’s game. I don’t know who among these losers would actually deserve the power and would do something worthwhile with it. Obviously NO to Jackson, Christy, Tommy, Jess. So, down to Nick, Nicole, or Cliff.


Why no to Jess? Cliff has his chance so I say no votes for Cliff. The only reason to vote for Nicole is to see what she does with it; I feel the power would be better spent with Jess,Nick, or Tommy than her(provided they don’t let it slip who has the power)


Nick! Cliff and Nicole will play it too safe.


It will be hilarious if Nick wins Prankster!! Maybe then we will get rid of Christie!!!


Does Nick get safety if he is the Prankster? Holly is going to put him up. If he stays up on the block, he will still be voted out over Christie.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

How?Who are the 3 votes?


I believe that Michie, Cliff, Tommy, and Jess would vote out Nick over Christie.

another name

possible implications: fake eviction.
keep that in mind.


Not a fake eviction, but definitely a possibility for a battleback

another name

She told Sis see you on finale night. puts battle back in doubt.
in order to get the double, considering the timeline (and considering they increase their advertising block rates for double eviction night) don’t they need either a fake or a return? since julie cast doubt on the return with Sis saying you’ll be back on eviction night to cast your vote…
I’m just being conspiratorial. I know. but What if we are being pranked as much as they are?

John Doe

Plus, with every battle back that I can recall, I don’t remember the departing HGs being shown their goodbye messages. That was the “no battle back” indicator for me.


No I do – remember when Judd battled back & talked about his GBM? So sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t


Julie usually says by now that there will be a battle back. Seriously, bite your tongue Bill. Do you really want to see any of these people back in the house? I don’t.


No Battle Back. Julie told Sis she will see her back there on finale night


the exit interviews really don’t suggest battleback, but i can see a bb rewind or some comp the evictee competes in to return happening.


Holly puts up Nick and Tommy. Christe back door.

another name

Holly only gets to nominate one.


holly’s putting up nick. nick will probably be the prankster. he’ll put up christie. he needs to win pov to stay. nicole would likely be his replacement and she will go over christie.


Dear god dont vote for cliff and nicole…. they will just roll over and do whatever holly and jackson want. Wtf is wrong with u people, if u hate christie voting for nick literally confirms to her America hates her lol. Nick wont be swayed, the followers nicole and cliff will be.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

agreed,,,and yet it still won’t matter.

SD Bird

Prankster needs to nominate Jackson!

Ovi's tongue

He blew his big opportunity. He evicted that frightening nemesis Sis.


This feels almost like a game reset with the opportunity to put up & take out Christie this coming week. I can already hear Christie going off about how it’s unfair (especially if she lands on the block). I’m assuming Nick will be Holly’s nominee & also assuming she only picks one & the Prankster picks the second (hence why they said – share HOH responsibilities). Cliff & Nicole will know who she’s putting up presumably so that will help determine the nomination if they win (fingers crossed).

My personal choice is Nicole. My reasons are two-fold, Nicole knows the game well enough to know we heard her say her noms were Christie & Tommy so presumably they would still be and the second reason is I want her to know she’s popular outside the house (like send her sign if you will). Cliff is trying so hard to win AFP, so I worry he would do more things where he puts his people in jeopardy thinking fans like that (although I do think he’d target Tommy which is my preference to leave although I’d be thrilled if Christie left too). I don’t want any of the others getting power b/c I want them all gone lol. I would consider Nick but he’ll NEVER put up Tommy if Christie comes down & I want one of those 2 leaving this week (or Jackson if not).

We have to consider who the THREE picks of the player would be — for example if Christie goes up & Tommy plays POV – wins & takes her down the replacement nom has to be Michie (not a waste on Jess) b/c then Nick leaves. If Nicole has the power I think she puts up Christie or Tommy & Michie if she has to put up a third (b/c she won’t put up Cliff, Jess or Nick – if somehow he wasn’t on the block).

So far I’ve only seen four names mentioned of the tweets I read: Nicole, Nick, Cliff or Jackson. People are assuming Nick would put up Christie but I’m not sure he would. Nicole would only put up one of Christie, Tommy or Jackson (although I’m not 100% she’d put up Tommy she might see this as an excellent way to take the shot b/c it’s anonymous).

NOTE: Holly just said I was thinking of putting up Nick & Christie & he said NO we need Christie for a few more weeks to take out Nick. Ummmmm Jackson if she puts Nick on the block & he leaves then why do you need Chris for a few more weeks? THAT is why I don’t want Jackson winning lol.

Who is everyone voting for?


i’m with you, give it to Nicole, she’s the only one that hasn’t been HOH yet.


It’s mostly b/c I want to give her the shot in the arm & anyone she’ll put up I’ll be happy to see leave anyway. Beyond that I was thinking who would Nick put up if Christie came down? Not Tommy and if it’s Michie beside Nick he’ll stay because of Nicole/Cliff vote. Not sure Nick could stay ahead of Tommy either but it would make Christie/Tommy paranoid at least.

It could all be for naught I guess but Holly is very aware of the outside perception so I think if Nick came down (and Christie was on the block via Prankster) I think she’d put up Jess. Michie/Holly keep bringing up Nicole which also concerns me so I’d rather she have the power for that reason too.


agree. i’d rather have nicole have the power but i think nick will win it.


Holley said she will put up Nick and Christie… so, all of you wanting to vote Nick for prankster, it will be useless/wasted

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

The whole vote is useless/wasted anyway,the ‘house’ has targeted Nick,he goes no matter who is next to him.


So if Holly nominates Nick and Christie they can’t be the prankster?


I think they can be voted as the Prankster and still be on the block since the Prankster is secret. Even though Christie would probably talk her way into staying again vs Nick, it would at least weaken her again this week and that might be enough. I’m voting Nick as the only one I think would for sure put her up.


what if Christie comes down? Would he waste it & put up Jess as the replacement?

another name

The prankster will be notified before the noms are made. they will make the first nom secretly. like in the hijacker twist last season. the nom Holly makes can still be the prankster.


I’m guessing the prankster will be notified before actual nominations so everyone is eligible except holly.


Did Holly say we need Christie around a few more weeks to be a target?! Seriously, your at the point were you are trying to build a resume for the finale. Otherwise all you can say is I put on the most make up of any house guest ever and did whatever I was told.


No Jackson did – Holly said she was thinking of putting up Nick/Christie & Jackson told her to put up Jess instead b/c they want Christie around as a shield FOR A FEW MORE WEEKS & to take out Nick. UGH