Christie “It would be a dream come true! Like America would eat it up!”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie pulled ), Holly (Sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson did not use the power of veto

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7:19pm Hammock. Nick and Sis.
Sis – you want to know what my dream come true? Nick – if we got to final two. Sis – no but that is a dream. Nick – if what? If Jess went up on the block? And Christie stayed? Sis – why do you talk so loud!? Nick – is that it? Do you think we can make it happen? Sis – yeah! Nick – Bro! I’m rocked! I already have an idea of how it could work. Did you talk to Jackson about it!? Sis – no, I am going to but Christie already talked to him. Nick – About it? Sis – yeah about if we make another six – Holly, Jackson, Christie, Tommy, me and you. Christie already talked to him about it. Nick – what did he say? Sis – she said he didn’t really say too much about it. Nick – I was talking to him before Cliff came out about Jess. Jess is saying a lot of sh*t. Cliff told me some sh*t. She thinks that Me, Michie and Tommy have a final 3. Sis – Jess is saying a lot. Nick – she is going to come after us next week .. me and Michie. Sis – yeah I know. I totally see that. I said that’s why you need Christie here because she is good at mental comps. If we can convince him that Christie is a bigger f**king target than him, he needs to f**king keep her here. That will keep a lot of people on his side. If he gets rid of Christie that’s one number. Nick – I need to talk to him but I can’t say what Cliff said. Sis – why can’t you!? He’s not going to say anything! Nick – I am not saying his name. I want to talk to him and say that Jess is saying that me, you and Tommy have a final 3. Sis – we have to convince him. We have to convince him. Like literally f**king her a$$ (Jess) would leave this week. Nick – and I would be so happy. I wouldn’t even care if I wend next week. Sis – and this next comp is a mental comp. Nick – that’s why I’m scared. We could petition for jury votes like you will lose Jack’s jury vote if you vote Christie to leave. Nick – and Christie’s. Sis – I don’t know if Christie already said that she wouldn’t vote personal. Nick calls Tommy over. Nick to Tommy – Jess is saying that you, me and Jackson have a final 3 and we’re working together. Tommy – no way! But we don’t! She just made that up!?! Nick – and she told Sis that she wants me to go up as the replacement nom and for me to go out. Tommy – oh my god! If she (Jess) goes up on the block it is part of the deal that everyone has to vote her out. That is the f**king deal. If we made the deal we couldn’t go after each other .. Everyone of the six has to vote her (Jess)( out. Sis – yeah I know. Sis tells Tommy that he has to talk to Jackson about the deal. It can’t just be me and Christie. Christie and Cliff joins them.

8:04pm Hammock. Tommy and Christie.
Christie – the Jess thing could happen but I am also having another thought that I am just brainstorming. If we want to do this six again with Nick.. like Nick is literally good with EVERYONE! And lately people are talking about him and Nicole going to a final two. Like a lot! But since we want to work with Nick..I would rather work with Nick than against him right now… so we need to start to disarm him. Like Nicole.. I love Nicole. Tommy – I think it should be Cliff instead because Cliff is weaker. I mean Nicole is weaker. Christie – Michie wants a girl gone this week. Tommy – then I would do her. Christie – but I don’t care. I would pitch it like you pick .. Jess or Nicole! But putting up Nicole forces Nick to have to show his side. Because if he votes to keep me then ..boom! He shows his loyalty and I stay. If he takes me off it is going to look like its a blatant plan to get us all back together. If he takes Sis off it just looks like he feels really bad about putting up Sis since she doesn’t deserve to sit up there but we still look like I’m his target. And it will force Nick to have to choose. If he picks me, then fine whatever we move on. If he votes to keep Nicole then it goes to a tie and he (Jackson) breaks it but Nick would not want to be against us going into next week. Tommy – smart! Christie that’s genius! Christie – Nick literally thinks he has EVERYONE and we need to disarm him. Tommy – you keep someone in here that Nick is against (Jess). Christie – it would be a dream come true! Like America would eat it up! Tommy – I think he is going to need some guarantees.. would you be willing to go up as a pawn once we get down to the seven? Christie – it depends on against who? Tommy – whoever is left .. Jess or Cliff. Christie – if I knew I had the votes, yeah. Tommy – You might have to do that if we get to that position. Christie – its life or death for me right now.

8:15pm HOH room. Jackson and Holly.
Holly – Christie or Sis .. one of them said to me today that if Jess wins she is going to put up Nick and Jackson. Jackson – well if she does, then she has lost my vote and my respect. Holly – which is so weird because then it makes me question everything else she said. Did she or did she not apologize for what she said? Jackson agrees. Holly – and then she went right immediately to Christie and Sis. And was like Holly asked me why I would tell you stuff in confidence. Jackson – she is painting a massive target on her back with a lot of people. Holly – yeah. Nick scares me a lot. Especially since I talked to Sis and Christie today.. they are pushing hard for the five of us together .. they really want to but they also want to add Nick as a six. And that worries me a lot .. and yes I agree with Christie in a sense that it is better to be with him than against him. Jackson – but not with Sis and Chris. That’s lethal .. that’s sixth place for me. Holly – and fifth for me. Not meaning we will get farther against them because that could bite us in the a$$. Jackson – that’s a risk I am willing to take. Holly – and I think that Nick and Sis definitely have something. Jackson – Nick has something with everyone! Holly – true. But Nick for selfish reasons wants to also keep Sis in the game. When Chris was talking and said you can use me to your advantage .. I’m like yeah you’re just reminding me of how dangerous Nick is. Jackson agrees. Holly – I see through his (Nick) sh*t and I can’t hide it. Sis does too but realized that she has to flirt with him. Kat did the same thing and it killed her. Towards the end of her time here she said it makes her sick what she had to flirt with Nick to keep him on her side. She was acknowledging how gross it made her feel. Even if you weren’t here I wouldn’t do it. I would never be able to make a deal with him or trust him.

8:23pm – 8:44pm HOH room. Tommy, Sis, Holly and Jackson.
Tommy – I wanted to check in with you about the potential plan that was brought to you and wondered what you thought. Jackson – to be honest I haven’t given it much thought. I was going to get through a workout. Vlog .. and then. Tommy – yeah, at some point I wanted to talk you about it. It doesn’t matter which you choose. It doesn’t change anything between us. No matter what. Jackson – for me and I expressed this to Christie .. she can beat me. Do I think she could help me in the next few weeks… yes but then comes the extent of in the next 1-4 weeks where do I fall in the scheme of things in terms of where her loyalty lies. Yes she might be able to help me in the next few weeks but it comes down to who wins HOH first. And I don’t know if I truly will get his opportunity for real. And I don’t know if I could go toe to tow with her in the next few comps that we haven’t had. And I know her strengths. I know she is very close to you and you and I know when it came down to it .. it would be me first. Tommy – wasn’t that part of it that she wouldn’t be able to? Sis – once we get down to a certain point is everyone for themselves. Tommy – with an army we can get two more weeks definitely. Christie can beat Cliff and he scares me. We have some strong players in this house and we have to get them out together. Sis – you really can’t do anything in this house without numbers and without Christie we don’t have the numbers. Tommy – you ask for whatever you want and I guarantee she (Christie) will agree to it. So ask for whatever you want. Set your guarantees. Tommy – I promise I will do whatever I can to protect you. Sis – same but I need to start sinning comps.

8:44pm – 9:20pm HOH room. Jackson and Holly.
Jackson – I think they’re scared because they’re scared because all they have are six-shooters. I think they did too little, too late. They put all their eggs in one basket .. and didn’t even consider having outside relationships. I think as long as Tommy is in the house he is a bigger threat. Jackson – if I take her (Christie) off the block it exposes everything. Holly – The only thing I worry about is if Nick wins HOH.

9:25pm HOH room. Nick, Holly and Jackson.
Nick – fun fact .. Jess said that me, you and Tommy are in an alliance together and have a final 3. Holly – Nice! Jackson – are you f**king kidding!? Are you f**king kidding!? This chick is asking me to use the veto! And change the noms! Nick – She told Cliff and Cliff told me. Holly – WOW! Nick – dude she is dumb bro! Jackson – she is f**king asking …like begging! Holly – she is losing her mind. Nick – she is literally trying to get me up as a replacement nominee. Jackson – She is f**king Holly over. Nick – how? Holly – She is telling me sh*t about the girls and then running to them and telling them sh*t about me. I am like .. could you not!? Then she came up here and apologized for it and then went back to them and said Holly just admitted to it. Nick – Cliff didn’t believe it but all she does is drag me. I can’t wait to put her up next week. He said if you put her up next week I will vote her out in a heartbeat. Jackson leaves to go to the diary room. Nick and Holly continue to talk about Jess. Nick – I’ve been trying to get her out for weeks. She is so emotional ..she is dangerous. I’m scared of her.

Jackson and Cliff. Jackson – Nick just told me and hasn’t told anyone else. Cliff – she told me one time and that was it. And I don’t think she said it like she knew it. She just said it like she was throwing out stuff. Jackson – I don’t have anything with anyone. I am just up there with Holly .. and I don’t even have a final two with her. Cliff – its just her conjecture more than anything else. Jackson – no, I just wanted to let you know directly. Cliff – that was actually yesterday early morning before we even talked. Jackson – she (Jess) is throwing Holly under the bus going back and forth to the girls. .. and she is saying this about me. We haven’t had the veto ceremony nomns.. its still not locked in. Cliff – I told Nick .. he is worried about Jess coming after him. Jackson – I would be too if I was him but now its.. Cliff – keep it quite. Jackson – I am not saying anything.. I’m on my own. I will let them duke it out.

9:50pm Bathroom. Christie and Jess.
Christie – I think Nick is upstairs with them. Jess – I just wish there was something we could do. A deal or something. Christie – they’re not going to put Nick up. There is more of a shot at them putting up Nicole, than Nick. I don’t think they will put up Nick ..they’re working with Nick. I am going to sleep on it tonight and wake up early tomorrow ..hopefully with a plan and hit it hard. Jess whispers something about wanting to push to get Nick up as the replacement. Christie – I don’t know if Nick would go home over me. I don’t, I really don’t. Jess – that is f**king ridiculous. Christie – Nicole and Cliff aren’t going to vote out Nick. Think about it.. they know you’re gunning for Nick. They are not going to let Michie be the only male threat left in this house. They know .. why would they have to take a shot at him.. if you would. Do you know what I mean!? That’s a fact! That makes sense. There is more of a shot of them putting up Nicole over him.

10:30pm Big Brother tells the house guests to check the storage room. They house guests think they got alcohol. When they race into the storage room they realize its just cookie dough. “Since you’re here for the dough, here you go now show us how you decorate a handsome Orwell.”

10:30pm – 12:40am The house guests make, bake and decorate the cookies.

12:45am The house guests are hanging out in the backyard chatting..

1:03pm – 1:45am HOH room. Jackson and Christie.
Christie – I know you spoke to Tommy and Sis today ..we and I would literally love to get the gang back together… even if its just to get us through the next couple weeks. I feel like numbers wise it makes sense. I obviously want to be here. I started to observe groups and trios in the house and as much as I have had a love hate relationship with Nick and I want to work with him for now … he is.. Jackson – hustling! Christie – working with EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE HOUSE. He has Cliff, Nicole, Tommy, Sis, Nicole .. he may have you .. I don’t know. Me, Jess and Holly are the only people he does not have. It scares me and kat dropped a bomb on my .. Nick is going to go to the end. If you were even to consider using it on Sis as a you don’t belong to be up there type thing.. I look at how is left to go up. That leaves Jess, Nicole and Cliff. Jess, I personally like Jess. Jess wants to take out Nick. They talk about the things that Jess is saying. Christie – Nick has everyone in the palm of his hands. Then I look at Nicole and she is literally like perfect. But she is not a threat and she’s not winning comps and we feel bad for. She is Nick’s greatest ally. Jackson – whatever happens this week is about taking the personal and setting it aside. You’re on the block because of how much I respect your game play. Christie – I see you in a different way too. I respect you ten fold. Jackson – its mutual. Christie – sleep on it and do whatever is best for you. I will give you my word.

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Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Christie talks like she has the HOH key and veto hanging around her neck.Still in charge as she’s walking out the door.


Umm…of course she’s full of herself — Christie’s can manipulate the frick’n Universe to do her will.




That’s what I love about Christie! She is confident and always coming up with a plan. That’s what I love about a player. Never give up!


Not much to love about her based on what I have seen .. but give credit where its due to ALL of the houseguests that make a last ditch effort to pitch bs in an effort to stay, when they know they are leaving…. Everyone does that and has done that….KUDOS


Telling everyone she’s ok then her mind won’t stop. Uh ok. Get nick no mitchie no holly. I hate em all maybe a buy back lol. Maybe your as dead as the fish crusty. Bye ba bye manifest this girl lol. Hey jack. Get ready you thought blubbering Kay was bad here’s crusty crybaby coming she has it all figured out really.


please tell me Jackson is not stupid enough to take christie off the block…..

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

He’s dumb but he’s not stupid.

Nicks Cousin

Nope. She is going.


Hanging my head. Just when I thought reason had hit Jackson in the head and Crusty was going out the door. Doh dumpy redurns anda id loka lika Crusty, the insidious, may stay.

This season is hopeless. Just like in Mobey Dick, Jackson, Captain Ahab, got caught in the harpoon line dragged to his death by that Great White Whale. I guess this may be a wasted HOH after all *** sigh ***


Nah…Christie is still going. Don’t underestimate how dangerous Christie is to Michie’s game and he knows it. He treated Holly bad in a fight they had…and was ugly to Kat several times…and Christie ran with it, amplified it, and added on to it. And trust me, Michie knows how he was to Holly and Kat and knows how Christie made it worse by defining him by those 2 events.


Jackson’s lack of intellectual gifts will not allow him to entertain complicating options which is why Christie has to go. It would require too much mental effort to switch gears and watermelon doesn’t provide that kind of juice.


No he will keep the noms the same, he mention around 8pm, they are scared and they put all their eggs in one basket with Christie and 6 shooters… he clearly see the panic in Christie and sis strategy.. Christie is a goner

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Seriously, Christie, Nick and Jess ALL need to go; Tommy is sitting in the best position to win and needs to go. But only one at a time; take Christie out NOW. Nick flips every hour and I don’t think anyone REALLY trusts him. Jess will NEVER win a physical comp or an endurance comp. Jess didn’t create ALL this chaos; Christie spewed ALLOT of nonsense on her. She’s doesn’t REALLY know what’s up. No bird, no bush, no Christie!


Jess seems to be more clueless by the day.

Nicks Cousin

I have watched and stayed silent, bur this is seriously ridiculous. Jessica is getting herself into hot water, and they are putting it together. Her best bet was to stay close to Holly and Michie, and let this devolve to twos and threes with both sides picking each other off with the target off of her back, but she is sinking herself with the drama and will be swinging in the wind solo next week. Clueless game play at work. Nicole has wised up nicely and Cliff has floated brilliantly this week.


It’s like Jess has no instincts about people at all. She turns on anyone trying to help her and believes only the things that the people against her are saying. She turned on Nicole when Nicole was just trying to give her a heads up. She turned on Holly and Jackson when they told her absolutely that she was safe this week. And she’s been talking crap about Kat who is already out of the game. The cluelessness is mind boggling. All she had to do this week is sit back and enjoy the week. I thought Victoria was clueless but Jessica is taking top prize right now. I can’t stop shaking my head in disbelief.


I know! Stupid irritates almost more than anything, and Jess is so stupid! Even Sis has more smarts when it comes to gaming.

J e t s jets jets jets

The one thing you left out of the H, C, T, S conversation was during it Sis made the comment that they need to get the rest of the players out who don’t deserve it and haven’t done anything. I’m thinking. Doesn’t that include her?


sis is delusional about her standing in the game. she’s the only player with a worse resume than nicole as at least nicole didn’t have jack carry her through the first half of the game.

J e t s jets jets jets

Jess tonight after Cliff put rice in Christie’s bed: I don’t get. Why rice ? I don’t get it I don’t get it. It’s like she’s never seen a practical joke before.


And at least Nicole has treated others pleasantly and respectfully

J e t s jets jets jets

How funny was it tonight when they were trying to explain the solstice to her. Her reply killed me. Well at least 10 will get here sooner. This my friends is today’s college graduate. Join the Army instead. You’ll actually learn some life lessons there. I swear that whole thing while funny scares the hell out of me.


i know, how can someone be so damn stupid?


Maybe she used her head to hit the soccer ball too many times- punch drunk, like the boxers. I really loved her clueless look but really wonder if it wasn’t just to get camera time.. They sure showed her posing for the cameras a lot.

J e t s jets jets jets

She also could have hit her head on the headboards.


The only thing these kids are learning in today’s colleges is how not to use their brain. It’s mostly just brainwashing and one-sided thinking. The opposite of what colleges use to be. But at least Sis learned how to properly kick a soccer ball.


Jess really needs to shut up. Crusty lies too much but if i were Jackson, i would take off sis and put up tommy. i believe gamewise he is a bigger threat..but i would be fine with either either going


I do too….but being inside the game…Tommy APPEARS as an ally to Michie. Trust me…I wish he could see it our way too!

Franks fumes

Jess may need her Gas X again if Jackson listens to Tommy/Sis/ Nick plan to put her up as possible replacement…… but even Jackson isn’t that stupid……


No…he’s not that stupid.
I hope that this is all something production dreamed up to keep the pot stirred for ratings or whatever.

I can barely stomach these latest updates and find myself just skimming thru this nonsense (Simon, Dawg – don’t know how you guys do it but thank you!).

Christie HAS to go and then Sis…my brain can’t take much nore of either one of them.

another name

Some basic thoughts that are likely to run long (skip it if you’re sick of me kvetching):

Christie’s presence or absence doesn’t change much to the game. No, really. She’s been the paper monarch for weeks. When Nick and Tommy make plans, they make sure to link it to Christie enough that Jackson’s obsessive hate on for her will fill in the blanks and come to the wrong conclusion. Her own ‘allies’ were plotting two weeks ago for Jackson to take out Christie, and they’d have clean hands. Tommy, I think, likes the idea of having a supposedly locked jury vote that an evicted Christie would give him in his estimation. As long as he isn’t directly responsible, and puts the look of effort in, he thinks she is a lock to vote for him. He’s included her in his math. It’s been Tommy and Nick pulling the strings for weeks. Jackson is taking out the loudmouth self righteous emotionally exhausting figurehead because of his personal vendetta.

About Jackson’s reasons for targeting her. Target her because she’d target him. THAT makes absolute sense. Saying that it’s completely game when he’s STILL going on about how she maligned his character… coughcough shaddup.. He was repeatedly diminutive and rude to women until he got his little time out suite and a stern talking to from production about how it would be hard to redeem his image if he kept talking to people. It’s not blind suppostition. Feeds were down an extra hour after the day 44 hoh. They’ve given production notes during extra long outages before, Remember week Two? I’m all for targeting Christie. I’m not buying the ‘this is strictly game’ edit for even a nanosecond. He’s obsessed that a woman got in his face and said something he didn’t like. He has yet to challenge or speak to a man in the game the way that he has almost every woman at some point. He’s even disregarded the presence of men in the discussions he’s overheard that he is using as his basis for ‘strictly a game move’. He has an issue with Christie, and to him it’s a personal quest. Go for it, but own it. It’s not like they’d put it in an episode anyway. But at least feeders wouldn’t think he was obtuse, and buying into his own story arc edit so much. He’s not a hero. He’s the tool that is giving fans what they want, and some are working hard to convince themselves that maybe they can like him, or maybe someone else will take him out so that they don’t have to try so hard to convince themselves. My opinion.

Just a thought. What in God’s name are they paying Holly? She sits and listens to Jackson say Christie is his only impediment to a half million dollars. So… what, is Holly not even in the running anymore? If I were her, I’d be thinking about number one more, and stop being such a drag along stepford case. That’s going to be way more embarrassing than a possible towel slip before feeds went on.

When the guys speak of how it’s Jess’ fault that everything runs on gender lines this season i’m perplexed.
Jackson week one said he’d like to grab a couple guys as the core group and run it to the end. Jack was the one that wanted both genders. Nick wanted to make a guy’s alliance subset within the 8/9 that included Sam. Also week one. Their target at the time was Jackson, but it was intended to get rid of Jackson and then the women. It later flipped to getting rid of Jack, and then the women.
Cliff and Ovi bringing up the dread women’s power theory if two men were evicted first egged on the gender division this season that can be seen by the fact that every HOH has targeted someone of the opposite gender, the only disruption to that was Nick’s week when he targeted Nicole, but Cliff ended up evicted and returned a half hour later. Yes, Jess spoke of women’s alliance. She spoke of women empowering women. Then she became an apologist for anything and everything a man in the game would say or do. Jess says way too much, and more often than not, it only has the substance of the breath used to speak it, because she’ll say the opposite within five minutes.

Sis proclaiming she doesn’t say anything about anyone, because it’s not in her character is as laughable as Holly calling others meangirls. The two of them are the common denominator in every meangirl conversation. It is always one of them, and another woman, or the two of them together. They both need a School bus to come along Regina George style. I’d say a train…. but 17’s Becky already got that one.

I. Just. Dislike. These. People. So. Much.
I don’t want to hear about Jackson putting in an effort to change. Putting in more effort to hide or disguise is not the same as accepting what is wrong, and going about changing it. Sorry. It just isn’t. That’s like if Nick only talked about dryhumping everyone but didn’t actually do it. It’s not a change, it’s an effort to put forward a better look to viewers (and one we’d all appreciate cus noboundaries dude is just creepy af).
IMO, these are everyone’s current game style: Nick, Tommy, and Cliff are all doing variations of the classic early seasons floater strategy, where you try to keep social relationships with both sides strong enough that you can jump ship with every HOH, and jump back when the pendulum resets. While some are trying to play it alison style, a couple have gone straight to andy style. Jackson is playing the bull in a china shop righteous indignation game, It’s the same game as Christie is playing. Holly is playing the stepford showmance game. Nicole: under the radar woe is me game. Jess and Sis, the hey look like free like rent for a few like months literally game. Anyone that points to Jess’ HOH edit, I’ll point you to the session where Nicole came up with the plan for Jess to use, Cliff repeated the plan back and got episode credit, and Kat steered the plan to keep Jackson safe (an early indicator that her post eviction talk is complete drivel based on production debriefing to get her a bigger shot at afp). Planning for Jess’ HOH could have been done more efficiently, and without having to repeat every step so much if Jess had waited in the hall and just come in to be told what to do.

One more thought: I really don’t want to hear about houseguests talking about what d/r has been telling them, what information they are being given about outside world perceptions, what tricks certain individuals have been told they should employ in order to do well in competitions, or for that matter, about the length of time some are given to practice for competitions beforehand. I don’t want to hear it. I keep hearing it, it keeps feeding my conspiratorial tinfoil hat sense, and I don’t like it. I want to fool myself into believing there is nobody behind the curtain that is actually playing the game harder than some of the house guests. They keep making it so damn hard.

Kat's Alien Bitch

The game post-Christy is in an interesting place.

Holly is considerable more mature (or smarter) than Sis. What she sees in Jackson is beyond me.

Nicole, Nick, Cliff and Jess are playing similar games. I don’t remember such a large group of floaters at this point.

It is really at this point about comps: but I don’t think either Holly or Nicole are likely to go next week. Holly is insulated by Jackson. Nicole is just not viewed as enough of a threat.


Amen. No really. Amen

SD Bird


Last week Nicole risked her game to let Jess know she was NOT in the new 6 alliance, but would protect her as best she could.
Jess blew up Nicole’s game and extinguished any hope of Kat staying by stirring the pot before voting.
Now, she chooses Christy over Nicole by not telling Nicole is being set up to go home (in Gr8ful’s eyes).

Knowing Jess through BB21 is Enough.
I could never, EVER be in the same room IRL.

I cannot believe how untrained these HGs are with basic cooking – with a few exceptions.
Kraft Mac & Cheese – Cold water cooking of pasta??? adding cheese/butter to boiling H2o . . . Pre-made Sugar Cookies stuck to everything.
READ the Instructions.

Silent Screaming x 2

Christy needs to go.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

That’s when I was done with Jess. Again, I should say. Brief hiatus during her HOH but she is wrong about 90% of the time game wise. For Nicole, no good deed goes unpunished for her. Every single time she brings good Intel to a trusted source, they burn her.


What planet is Jess from.
Can’t believe how stupid, clueless she is.
I guess love is blind, they way she is following, listening and yapping her big mouth to Crusty.
There my rant is over!!!


Exactly right. Nicole is one of the few basically honest and loyal people in the house and she gets s**t on at every turn. You would would think by now that most of them would realize that she usually tells the true facts. But that’s the nature of this game. Honesty never gets rewarded. And most of these people have no idea what the meaning of loyalty is.

Donna Wachtler

Christie is annoying but I think Tommy is a bigger threat. People should lie low some weeks if they want to stay in the game. Why paint such a big target on their back?


I think Christie has been Tommy’s shield. Without her, he’s exposed but he may have set himself up very well and it’ll be hard to dislodge him unless people start seeing just how well positioned he is. If they can see it, he’ll move up people’s list quickly, if not, he may drift to the finals without a lot of effort.

Christie's Tears Jar

Can this week end already oh my god get christie out


Why can’t Jackson & Holly see that Christie, Tommy, Sis & Nick will say ANYTHING to get Jess on the block as a replacement??
Regardless if Jess actually said it or not, SHE IS NOT A THREAT!
Jackson is making such a rookie mistake by listening to them.
Every single thing those 4 say to J/H should fall on deaf ears.
Jackson shouldn’t be giving them a shred of false hope, and he certainly shouldn’t act like he’s contemplating their “deals”, because if he does, those 4 will be completely up his ass & totally unrelenting until they get what they want… Christie off the block.
Jackson & Holly NEED to talk to Jess privately, instead of getting their information via the telephone game.
Why wouldn’t they go up and ask Jess if she ACTUALLY said those things, instead of putting their trust in C,T, S & N??
Ugh, Jackson seems like he’s going to be VERY easy for Tommy & Christie to manipulate & Holly just goes right along with whatever he wants.
If Jackson takes one of them down & puts up Jess, he’s playing with his ego and deserves to go home. Jess is all by herself, so she’s NOT a threat.
I’m gonna be honest… if Christie doesn’t go home this week, I’m not sure I can finish watching this shit show of a season.


It’s frustrating. I hadn’t watched the feeds unless it had been to see the comps. I couldn’t continue BBAD without fast forwarding much. A few glimmers of hope when Jess won HOH and now Jackson hopefully getting Crusty out. However, you are correct. If this week turns into something unproductive, there unfortunately isn’t much more I could watch without fast forwarding.

Jess has shown herself on the feeds to be, well I can’t think of a polite way to say it. For example, when talking to Sis, and Crusty she was trying everything to get them off the block including throwing Nick and then Nicole under the bus. Later asking to Nicole in the bathroom sofa Jess had this look on her face like she could smell something unpleasant? It was so uncomfortable to watch I just had to fast forward.

It’s really sad to see a guilty viewing experience turn into something like this mess.

J e t s jets jets jets

I’ve been saying this about Jess since before her HOH and no one wanted to listen to me. I’m glad everyone is catching up. It probably took some of the other houseguests to leave before she got noticed. She’s more concerned about being with the “cool” kids Christie and Kat that she was only to ready to throw her “real” friend Nicole under the bus. She is not a nice person and she’s definitely not someone I’d want to be friends with IRL.


I agree with you. Cliff also does this…..


Jackson has to listen to these idiots so he doesn’t burn all his bridges. I would do the same thing – just hear everyone out and not promise anything.

SD Bird

Enough With The 6
(The Greats, (now)

They do not need An Army to take out 2 HGs
Tommy just wants to replicate Level6, but better (in his mind)

another name

But that’s not why he wants what he wants. Tommy is stuck in some degenerate 80’s highschool movie where all of the cool kids have a great summer adventure. He needs to stay close to the people he considers the strongest players, whispering in their ears and controlling their perception of information. He uses those people as figureheads by playing power behind the throne. He pushes the rumors that meet his agenda as the most important, he pish poshes the rumors (that are usually true) but don’t fit his agenda. If there are multiple factions, instead of a gang picking off the weak, Tommy’s game is up in the air because he doesn’t get to temper the flow of ideas. He could care less about the five/six/eight/212 as a team, he just requires bigger targets in front of him, and to be on good terms with all of the bigger targets / threats so that they don’t target him. It’s a lot harder to play the social floater game if everyone is hyper vigilant. hyper vigilance isn’t a big deal if you are in an alliance with most of the house. Unless you’re Jackson and you listen at every door because you’ve had ten too many watermelons and you’re hyper paranoid that it’s what people say about you that causes issues, not what you’ve said of your own volition. Otherwise, people aren’t generally suspicious when their allies talk to each other.


hahaha Most of them are listening at every door and I’m pretty sure that Chrsitie, Sis, Nick, and Tommy are not his allies as he’s been told by diff people. How else are you going to decipher the truth than by listening with your own ears.

another name

he started listening at doors the day after Christie overheard Cliff. At that point in time, he was still allied with them. That’s where i’m saying he was being hyper paranoid before there was need to be hyper paranoid. At that point in time Tommy and Sis were all about Jackson and Holly.


Don’t these people know you can’t make a six person alliance with nine people left?

J e t s jets jets jets

Don’t understand what’s so damn important about making it to 6. The idea of the game is to make it to 2!

Melvin McKinney

Jackson should get Christie sis jess in one room and blow up all their games.. Maybe jess would see that they don’t give a crap about her.. Oh wait no she wouldn’t lol.. But Christie has to go for sure..

Sis's Werewolf

Pretty sad that one of these dildos is going to actually win BB21…. Production needs to absolutely overhaul how they select their players for this game.

Bo Man

Why is Sis referred to as “soccer Star”? In checking her college website she wasn’t even good enough to get playing time, far from a star!


In CBS BB bio interview, she lists her occupation as “College Soccer player”, go figure.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Maybe it refers to the men’s soccer team? Sad to say but so far that’s the only talent she’s demonstrated.

The Beef

Where did she play?

The Beef

Never mind. University of Nevada. She lettered her Senior year and scored one goal that year against UNLV on Senior night (the last game of her career). Started one game her Senior year but ten her Junior year (one goal that year too).

another name

Jackson and Holly discuss how they are not taking any of the deals presented. That’s smart of them for their intended goal.
Their discussion to me goes a little off the rails. Jackson talks about how when he was down (or as I see it, when he created his own problems, and then got special treatment as long as he stayed on the straight and narrow hiding in the have not room), only Cliff and Nicole talked to him. Tommy and Sis did not. Funny that. He’s saying that after day 44 when it came out that Jackson had said he wanted Sis and Tommy out of the alliance, Sis and Tommy didn’t come crawling to Jackson. There’s a huge amount of selective memory there. It’s been endemic to his game, and fits his edit quite well, but it is a far stretch from reality. It’s pointless to me, it’s like he thinks feed watchers only take someone’s revisionist history into account, and don’t remember what they saw and heard.
He keeps saying that all of them burned him. Was he not in the process of burning them? Apparently that self reflection doesn’t fit with the righteous fury of a hypocrite.
His target is Christie, so that he can exact his divine justice (eyeroll when he says crap like that), and be crowned the moral winner. With that in mind it would be stupid to change his noms.
The fact that Nick and Tommy and Cliff and Jess would all go after each other instead of the showmance is beyond. How long do these idiots spend getting programmed? Showmance in endgame is a bad idea. That’s remedial level big brother history. Never keep the showmances intact to end game. Unless of course Grodner is in everyone’s ear saying gotta have more showmance clips so we can fill episodes with 15 minutes of drivel to try to alter their image. Oh, come on. I’m not the only person that saw that big heaping pile Grodner dropped still steaming into the episode. In terms of game, it’s been obvious since week one that Jackson’s ideal final 2 is Cliff, not Holly. Go back and review. All the evidence has been there. In terms of game, Jackson has not been burned by people as much as he pontificates. If anything, on each occasion he’s suffered a burn, it’s because somebody beat him to it in a torch race.
On day 44 Jackson successfully caused his own problems. He caused problems for Holly, he caused problems for Kat. He opened his yap and spilled their secrets without giving them a heads up. He told Jack to dump his support system and join a group that was filled with Jackson’s support system, and took offense when it didn’t go according to his plan. He spent two week sulking because he screwed up, and now retells the story like it was everyone else vilifying him. He broke the alliance, and blames everyone else for the breakage.

Getting rid of Christie is good for Jackson’s game, in that from what he knows after sequestering himself for two weeks, he thinks she’s the ringleader. Truthfully speaking, if he’s after his biggest threat: He really should be looking at Nick. Christie would go after him, no doubt, but she’d have very little support. Nick has support lines everywhere, and switches his allegiances weekly. That is actually the more dangerous house guest to leave in the game. But true, Christie would target him so it’s a plus move to his game, it’s just not the best move. Standing in front of the jury saying he took out the biggest player in the game is going to be delightful, as the jury looks at each other saying ‘who, the loudmouth none of us paid attention to that was pretty much not part of anyone’s plan moving forward, not even her former nephew final 2?’ You know he’s going to play it up for jury. And at least one of the jury is going to have that look on their face. Is anyone going to take revenge for Christie? Of course not. It’s the safe biggest move, not the best biggest move.


Christie talks a lot……….

I really hope that Jackson isn’t buying this and keeps noms the same.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Some people can’t comprehend why Jackson is so focused on getting rid of the cud chewer; perhaps to the detriment of his own game.

Conversely, I can’t comprehend why the other players would go to so much trouble trying to save the cud chewer; she provides nothing to their games.


It’s funny that Christie thinks America wants them to stay when in reality we’re pissed because she didn’t go to jury last week.


I think I threw up a few times just reading this. Can’t take Christies underhanded ways and delusions anymore. “It’s just a game”, BS! She is the leader of making things “personal”. Holly (I admit) has me a bit worried with talking to Jackson…seems to be pushing (in her own way) for him to do something that keeps damned Christie in the house. Hope he just sticks with his original thinking and doesnt change anything.


You know after everything he did early in the game I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’d rather Jackson get deeper in the game than any of Christie, Tommy, Sis, Nick, Jess and even Holly.

There hasn’t been much to like this season players wise and Cliff has occasionally annoyed me but for the most part my preference has aligned with getting Nicole, Cliff and Kat getting the furthest. With Kat leaving it’s those 2 now. But for them to get deep in the game I feel Jackson is their best bet b/c any of the others can’t be trusted.

Jess wasn’t someone I was big on from the beginning and her actions this week (particularly against Nicole who was the one person other than Kat that tried to help her) have her right at the bottom of the barrel with her BFF Christie for me.

As for Holly I’ve always been “meh” about her, but I worry if she was the one who stayed & Jackson left she’d just slither back with the 4-some (3-some after Thursday). That leads to me hoping the next two weeks features Tommy/Nick leaving. Then Sis will cling to Holly and I’ll hope for a Nicole HOH where she either takes out Sis or gets pay back versus Jess and takes her out.


Tommy/Christie/Sis/Nick needed to pull together a strategy to present to Jackson and go through it bit by bit on why it would make sense for him & or for him/Holly. I still don’t think Jackson was going to budge b/c I think he blames Christie for the blowing up the S6. In particular I think Jackson blames her for the demise of his relationship with Jack and that was the true reason why the group of 6 failed.

Instead of making one really great pitch they were all over the map scrambling. First (Sis/Christie) they pushed coming back together as a 5 & threw multiple people UTB. In order they pitched/targeted Jess/Nick and Nicole.As is typical of this group the issue was each of them attacked focusing on the person who they feel in the greatest danger with. The initial shot at Jess worked for Nick who pushed the hardest for it. Since Tommy didn’t want Nick leaving he didn’t get behind that pitch and without him on board any pitch from the 4-some had little chance of working. Christie who has trouble not being the controlling voice never liked taking a shot at Jess b/c she has her wrapped around her finger. She preferred taking out Nick but felt Michie wouldn’t target a guy so she focused on the person she personally wanted out which is Nicole.

These multiple pitches watered down each individual pitch and therefore worked to make Jackson only more resolved to take out Christie. Now, Holly & Michie have all this intel they can use once the new HOH is cemented & they can tell each of them how the 4-some worked to have them put up as a replacement.

In the end it also helped solidify their working relationship with Nicole/Cliff b/c as everyone scrambled downstairs with pitches and targets those two stayed completely out of the drama. That served to make them look stable and trustworthy. You may recall I posted a while back how important “real conversations” and kindness are in the house and that rang true as Jackson spoke of how N/C were always checking on him when he didn’t feel well, when he was on the block & when he was doing his punishment. Those actions are why Jackson trusts them and why this 4-some of N/C/H/M are now in the most secure alliance in the house. Also, if Holly wins HOH next her targets are easy: Jess & Nick & if one comes down they’ll have a good opportunity to back door Tommy if he’s not the one winning POV.

Moving forward, Jess will be a house target after all this nonsense and it’s her own fault for spewing information about everyone.
Ultimately, the 4-some of C/S/T/N efforts to keep both women and push their own narrative resulted in exposing Nick as a big target, highlighted how dangerous Tommy is and IMHO positioned the new 4-some of Cliff/Nicole/Holly/Jackson the strongest alliance in the house.

another name

I think Jackson’s reasoning is more simple. He thinks things he says don’t cause public opinion to form negatively unless someone else calls it out. He thinks he’s disliked by America because Christie called him disrespectful. He’s an injustice collector with limited self awareness that is unable to accept the consequences of his own actions without laying blame at the feet of others. The three warnings in d/r between week one and week three were meaningless. It’s Christie calling him disrespectful that needs to be vindicated.
The five remaining members of the shooters could have reformed if Tommy had done one thing that he is incapable of doing. If Tommy had shared all the information that he had about Nick targeting Jackson and Christie 2 weeks ago, during Jessica’s HOH, the five would have likely reformed in the quest for the eviction of a common foe. So. Why didn’t he? Because Tommy says he wants them back together, but he actually wants Christie to be evicted so that he has that jury vote.
Tommy blames Christie for the alliance crumbling more than Jackson does. But reasonably speaking, what would bring two self righteous big mouthed hotheads to the bargaining table? A common enemy. Tommy had the perfect opportunity when Nick laid out his entire plan to get Jackson to take out Christie, then the house to take out Jackson.
What Christie doesn’t realize because she’s still listening to the little pieces Tommy gives her without asking if there’s any more, and still taking what Nick says as real, not opportunistic fiction: If, before veto was played, Christie had laid out what Nick had been doing, knowing he had promised to save Sis but not her, and pushed for Nick as renom: Jackson might have gone for it if Holly were pushing the same agenda. With the two days that have passed, and repeated campaigning, she might have worn away his grudge. Maybe. okay, 5% chance, 10 is Holly is pushing the same.


Yeah, I can agree with some of this but listen to Jackson’s talk with Holly about why C needs to go & it’s the entire group he doesn’t trust nor want to work with.

As for Tommy – two things – he won’t do that b/c his preference is keeping Nick over Michie. Going back about 4 weeks Tommy has issues with Christie. She hurts his game & I agree he wants her in jury. So him telling that information wasn’t going to happen b/c it reinforces she will leave. On top of that Nick has so many side deals with so many different people but they are all out in the open so Michie knows he needs to go but he also rightfully believes Nick has targets ahead of him (what he doesn’t know is Nick would likely put Holly beside Jess OTB).

It’s the snake you don’t see that is more dangerous which in this case is Tommy!

Plus the key here is Tommy will protect Nick UNTIL he has need of using information to help himself which will be when he’s sitting beside him OTB. Until then he is Tommy’s ally and shield and more trustworthy than Christie.

Melvin McKinney

Well put and so true

Swaggie's Missing Brow

There is some logic to Jackson getting rid of Crusty. Nick is a greater comp threat (so is Tommy), but for some perverse reason Crusty can manipulate the others to a far more dangerous degree. Just look at how they’ve all rallied to try and save her.

Don’t play chess…just cut the head off the snake.

J e t s jets jets jets

I can honestly see Cliff, Nicole, Holly and Jackson making final 4. I would love to see Nicole and or Cliff making final 2. I think people are really overlooking Nicole if there’s a mental comp coming.


I can see them making final 4 too. Not sure who I think should win it yet…waiting another couple weeks.


OMG! These people are so pathetic. I have never seen a season where people are so dependent in being in an alliance every week. Just last week they made another 6 alliance. Now no one from that alliance wins so you break up that alliance to form another one. There is zero loyalty from any of these people. This season has a lot of useless people.


No Christie, America would be angry!!!!

Middle Aged BB Fan

I can not wait for Christie to find out she’s more than hated by America!!! Sis… Does she even have a brain?


Sis has no BRAIN. How in the world can a college student not know about the Summer and Winter Solstice.
The look on her face was priceless.
My 8 year old son knows about it by reading the Percy Jackson books.
Can someone please send her a copy of the books.
Can’t wait till she leaves after Crusty the clown and Clueless Jess


Just get Christy out please then let’s start over. Damn people play your own game.


This has got to be the worst season! I thought nothing could top BB19 but this one IMO has truly become the worst of the worst. So sad after such a great season last year. None of these people this year are memorable in any way!


Come on….I know that most of the time, when we are watching a season, it is always seems like it is the worst….but nobody will be able to convince me that this season is worst then BB9 or BB19

Melvin McKinney

I agree.. Maybe not the greatest season but I’m starting to enjoy that they are so out of touch and in some cases just dumb. And trying to play a game that they have no clue how to.. Yet they think they are masters lol! Kinda like watching flies hitting a glass window..


I think BB19 was the worst with it being the “Paul” show!!!!!

Please, pretty pease

I so want Tommy to do something to make Christie mad at him this week so she can rat him out before she goes, revealing that they have known each other for years. I suspect he’d be the next out the door.


OMGGG That would be awesommmmeeee!


At 10:40 PT (1:40 EST) Jackson walked in room to say they have 10 minutes. I’m so anxious for them to get this POV ceremony over so we can FINALLY say she is leaving!

Btw — Does anyone think Christie will campaign against Sis? My thinking is she’ll go to Nicole/Cliff to try to sway their votes thinking she has Tommy & Jess. AND at that point I hope it comes out how Christie/Sis/Jess tried to get Nicole put up after failing to get Jess or Nick put OTB. LOL – give me some drama.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Lay it all out…”Hey folks, just so you know, Crusty threw you (Nicole), you (Nick) and you (Jess) under the bus. Something to keep in mind when you vote.”


What happened at the veto – At work and everything is blocked but this site


Still waiting


The suspense is killing me!


POV was not used.


Thank you!


You’re welcome 🙂

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Did someone give IT a call? Apparently the universe is out of sync and needs a reboot or something.


Heck yea!!!!


*head desk* *head desK* *head desk* Christie you’re gone, stop beating a dead horse….let it go OMG I can not wait until Thursday!


Julie better have a case of Kleenex ready.


Jackson DID NOT use the POV – nominations remain the same.

Shortly afterward – even though Sis told Jackson she understood even if Christie left she is now backtracking saying she wants them out and won’t work with them. Nick telling her to do what she feels is best for her game but that she has him/Tommy. Sis also is still in delusions that America is so incensed by this week they are voting on a special power & sirens will go off Thursday to stop Christie’s eviction.

Christie’s only concern at the moment is not having to go out in athletic wear. Oh wait – now Christie is throwing Nick UTB to Sis telling her that he’ll never take her to F2 & gets her digs in about Nicole in the process. So, I was wrong, on top of Christie worrying about what she’ll wear she’s also making sure HER top targets (Nick/Nicole/Michie) remain in the targets of others. I guess Nick didn’t fawn over her enough & show enough sadness over the fact she’ll be leaving.

Tommy is talking with Jackson (who apologized but says it’s a game move) to ensure they continue to work together moving forward.

So that sums up the 4-some for you Tommy is playing full on game ensuring his relationships and safety for next week, Sis is delusional thinking she matters (ummm remind us again what you’ve won or influenced?), Nick is loving there is conflict between the two sides and Christie is focused on herself and only herself. Yup – that pretty much sums up the character of that group.


Of course Sis is backtracking now…she knows Christie is gone now. :p Tommy is playing so dang smart I can’t stand it (it’s really pissing me off ha) lol. Very nice assessment of the game as it stands right now.

J e t s jets jets jets



It’s already been decided pretty much for next week. Because Sis seems to be back tracking and Jess tried to blow up games and flip the vote, unless Jess wins HOH or gets to win a POV shes out.
Perfect one to ditch on a double!
They are also stating that Kat told people she was paranoid because of Jess. This will yet be another reason to get her out.
Something interesting though. Michie says if Sis acts up or goes crazy she will go. Surely he can’t be serious and wouldn’t blow his chance of getting further in the game because Sis had a tantrum?
#ByeJess (unless she pulls a win)