“I literally hate everyone in this f*ing house”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie pulled ), Holly (Sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson did not use the power of veto

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1:20 pm Christie, Holly, and Michie
Jackson – I just can’t do it.. keep you here
Christie – ok
Jackson – I’m f**ing with ya, Nick just asked if it was a tie and I said I would vote to evict Sis. I think we got Jess, Cliff and I think we have Nicole.
They shake.
Christie – I’m gunning for this HOH. look me in my eyes on my sister I’m going for this HOH and I’m not putting either of you up Nick is my target.
Christie says Cliff wouldn’t vote to keep her unless she could offer Nicole safety “I did give Nicole a promise I hate hate hate.. Jess might have to be the one” (Jess and Nick would be her noms)
Christie – It’s going to be whoever doesn’t vote for me I don’t know how Tommy is voting I am assuming he’s voting with the ouse.
Christie – If you keep me here I am not targeting you
Jackson – I’ve been saying you’re my target for weeks. I’m either going to look like the biggest f*ing idiot.
Christie reassures him she’s not putting him or Holly up next week.
They hug.
Christie – this means everything to me. I give a shit about this game
Holly – this f*ing game means a lot for me

1:21 pm Cliff and Nicole
Cliff – Apparently Nick asks Jackson in the storage room if it came to a tie which way are you going. He’s keeping Christie
Nicole – so voting out Sis
Cliff – yeah
Nicole says she shook Christie’s hand and Christie told her she wouldn’t put her up. “I wouldn’t be a target moving forward”
Cliff – the issue is if someone else wins and puts us up. how is she voting?
Cliff – she promised you and she promised me. She creates a bigger target overall
Cliff – if you won HOH do you know where you would go
Nicole – I was thinking about that during lockdown. In my Brain for me, it doesn’t make sense to put up Nick. I won’t put up Michie and Holly because of that deal we made. I would put up Christie/Tommy.

1:37 pm Nick and Cliff
Nick – do what you have to do for our game.
Nick tells him he’s not coming after Cliff, he loves and respects Cliff.
Nick – I want you to know you’re not going up as a pawn or a replacement
Cliff – let me tell you something.
Cliff says he always gives it 100% in competitions but he wants Nick to win it “it makes things easier”
Nick mentions that with Sis gone they are going to be closer (?)

2:19 pm Nick and Sis
Nick – he said if it was 3-3 he’s going to break it against you
Sis – against me.. why
Sis – f*er, is Tommy going to vote against me?
Nick – I’m not
Sis – what about Cliff and Nicole
Nick – Nicole was going to vote for you once she found out that he would break the tie the other way
Nick – I just found out.
Sis cries “I literally hate everyone in this f*ing house”

2:20 pm Sis runs to the RV and cries. Nick joins her.
Nick – I’m sorry
Sis – what the f* did I do to him
Nick – Christie promised him safety
Sis – I f*ing told him …
Nick mentions that there were things she said about Jackson and he found out
Sis – So Christie told him stuff

Tommy and Holly come in to comfort her
Sis – I literally hate Jackson I’ve never done sh1t for him to be on the block. Who was the one talking sh1t and wanting him out.. WHO? That’s the person that’s f*ing staying

Sis – he thinks he’s going to get farther… OKAY Jackson
Nick – it’s not his fault it’s not like he’s voting
Sis – if he breaks a tie
Sis – it’s literally so annoying
Sis – I have done nothing to him.. literally nothing. I don’t care he’s f*ing stupid like literally, he’ll be right after me so it doesn’t even f*ing mater
Sis says she hopes Nick or Tommy win the HOH “that way he’s out the f*ing door next”

2:28 pm Sis and Christie
Christie blames it on Nick says Sis’ frustrations should be direct to him or Michie
Sis – he’s so f*ing annoying I understand why America f*ing hates him (LOL weren’t you also on the field trip)
Sis – like oh my god
Sis – I’m not mad at you
Christie cries “I’m so upset … I’m crushed. I’m mad at Nick Yeah I’m f*ing mad at Michie I’m so pissed”
Sis – yeah I wish you never made a deal with him
Christie – what would have been my choice I had no choice.
Sis – he’s just a bullshitter talker. I hope you f*ing beat him
Christie – I am devastated and I hate this. I am really really sorry it’s me and you.
Christie says she never told Michie the things Sis said. “I never told Michie anything we said in private.. to be honest, Michie was my target whatever was said I said it too”

Jackson joins them
Sis – can you please get out of my f*ing face I literally cannot look at you.. Literally, I f*ing hate you. You shouldn’t make promises to people you don’t f*ing keep
Jackson – I never made a promise
Sis said he promised she was a pawn
Jackson denies “I said I didn’t want you to go home”
Jackson – this is a game I don’t hate you regardless of how much you say you hate me
Jackson – you gotta do what you gotta do in this game
Jackson leaves.

Christie – Nick f*ing did this
Sis – and so did he
Christie – I didn’t know until 20 minutes ago. I’ve just been trying to stay outta everyone’s hair and just be quiet
Christie – I want you to know how much I love you. I love you so much. I’m sick to my stomach
Tommy joins them
Christie – it comes down to. he wants Nick out
Sis – then he should have f*ing put Nick up on the block
Christie – I know .. I 100% agree

Jackson comes back “I’m sorry you feel like I didn’t make the right decision”
Jackson – I have to do what’s best for my game
Jackson – I’m sorry you f*ing hate me, I’m sorry you think I’m a liar and I’m sorry I am dead to you. I told you the truth. I never said you were a pawn.
Sis – Okay
Jackson – I never lied to anybody… this week

They argue about whether or not the word “Pawn” came out of his mouth
Jackson – I gave a fair and square opportunity to win the veto and it didn’t happen. I gave you an opportunity to campaign
Sis says she had the votes until he said he wanted to go against me.
They go back and forth whether or not it’s Jackson fault
Christie goes back to blaming Nick. Says it was Nick going around saying he would use the veto on Sis. “he’s playing a really selfish game. He built an army around him to make people protect him of his own sins “

Jackson leaves again. Christie goes on about she’s probably going next.
Sis says she’ll be fine she’s covered all her bases
Christie – what bases did I cover
Sis – Christie, You’re not going home.

Sis – I’m so f*ing mad

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Simon the headline and pic on this blog entry is absolute gold !!!!! Dyinggggg


Yes I dislike Sis almost as much as Christie. Almost. And Sis is probably the least deserving to win Big brother thus far. If they are not careful Christie will win the game.


Christie has already been telling Tommy that her deal with Holly & Michie is THIS WEEK ONLY…typical lying bigmouth…and that she will put up Michie and Nick if she wins HOH


Simon, that’s the best way to look at it since we have gotten the worst cast possible… but on the other hand, every eviction, someone STAYS, so, really, are we winning or losing?


We’re still winning…because we’re left with one less nasty than the week b4. :p


yeah, but few would be more of a winner than the whiner…


Truth. Rooting for everyone to GO at this point

Kat's Alien Bitch

From a purely game perspective, I guess the idea is Christie is more of a target than Sis.

But it still doesn’t make sense to me.


As me, JR_TX_RI….I want Christie gone. But as Michie…I can see with everything that happened this week…new info learned about Nick, Sis, etc…that it’s best to keep Christie.


Nothing about this season makes sense to me

Frustrated again

it is BUT PRODUCTION HAS GONE WAY TOO FAR THIS TIME it’s just way too obvious that they did this. We don’t really have any likeable people this year (not saying Sis is likeable but we don’t hate her yet shes basically Jen City) It’s gonna get to be another season to turn off because there won’t be anyone to pull for, Very much like Pauls last season. Nicole is stupid, Cliff’s crap is getting old (way before the wife ) Who can like Michie with the way he treats girls. Holly loves being used and abused by him. Kat seemed cool but then Nicole takes an idiot pill and votes her out. I dunno , sorry to ramble


To be fair Jackson has calmed down quite a bit since his bestie Jack left.


It always baffles me season after season after season how easily people are swayed into believing something. It makes me wanna scream. Like Jackson had everything set to send Christie home. Why couldn’t he just stick to his guns!!! Just because Christie comes to him and fills him with a bunch of bullshit he believes her and changes his mind. Like all this crap she’s saying about Nick everyone is eating it up. They need to clue in that she’s doing what she has to do in order to stay. Christie is 100% going to burn him and then he’s gonna look like the biggest idiot every. Christie can win comps, manipulate people, lie with a straight face. Sis can’t win shit. Gahhhhh I hate these people lol


I did say at the beginning of the week…I wanted Christie out most…but I’m happy with Christie, Nick, Sis, or Tommy out tonight.


Yessss!!!! Getting Sis out would be a WIN WIN!!!!!!


It’s almost worth Christie staying to see Sis act like this lol

you're gross

you’re an awful human being

An ornery mouse

Do you know the very worst part in all this? I’ll never again be able to properly enjoy Taco Tuesday. I fear my formerly healthy appetite will hence forth be replaced by a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and the urge to barf profusely…….. no matter how seemingly delicious the tacos.

As a proud American, it’s my belief that Taco Tuesday will live on in greater infamy than even Pearl Harbor…… for it was Taco Tuesday that ruined the Christy Eviction Party.

Thanks a lot, Nick.

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

Good job production….NOT!!!You guys make me pine “for the good ole days” of Paul!


You are right, Production has made this season almost unwatchable, but NOthing will ever make me wish for the good old days with Paul.


nothing, and I mean nothing and no one, will make me pine for Paul…. wow.. no way!


I hated Paul (both seasons) as much as I hate Christie


hahaha true! If sis was smart though (which we all know she is not) she should start throwing Christie under the bus, it ain’t over yet, she still has time to fight, I hope she gets pissed off enough to blow up Christie’s shit!


What could she say about Christie? Everyone knows everything she’s done. Seriously…what?


She’s all in on blaming Jackson for this, so she’s clearly waaaaaaaaay too stupid to figure that one out.


Sis would not be in this position if she got her ass out of bed and started campaigning!!! I want Christie gone too, but her laying there crying instead of doing the work to stay, is pissing me off!


Sis hasn’t done any work… at all… ever…


Yes she did, she worked on Jack.

Ovi's tongue

Michie told her she was safe and Christie was his target, so seeing as this is her first exposure to Big Brother I can’t really blame her for thinking her BFF had her interests at heart and would never pull a full court press to get her out.

An ornery mouse

Oh hell…… the normally alluring (physically, at least) Sis looking very Faye Dunaway, Mommie Dearest-esque in the above pics. She’s good and pissed too — for God’s sake, keep her away from the coat-hangers.

Jon Bon Ovi

Christie is absolutley delusional in the way she talks to people. I think she believes her own lies. it’s insane.

Makes no sense Jackson would change his mind. He’s a lot of things, but he doesn’t seem like he would change his mind. Obviously production stepped in and for the first time ever I honestly don’t blame them. As much as I can’t stand Christie, Sis has not even played the game. I think there is a couch in there that has put in more effort. If i was production I’d want her gone too. Look at her entitled spoiled reaction to finding out she’s leaving. Ridiculous. I think my toddler is more mature than her.


Christie manifests her stories/lies .. and with her phony prophecy’s she actually believes them.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“Look at her entitled spoiled reaction to finding out she’s leaving. Ridiculous. I think my toddler is more mature than her.”

I don’t think that even comes close to how Crusty ran out of the room bawling just because Tommy played Bay Watch.

Frustrated again

Does Christy HAVE a sister ?


Jackson what a moron? He went from almost makiing a smart move to following it up with one of the dumbest moves. In what world is it better to get rid of Sis than Christie. Sis will never win anything. Also the deal Jackson made with Christie is to only keep Holly and him safe for 1 week? What kind of bs is that? Christie annoying self will probably win this game. Is this production or is it just jackson’s stupidity. How the heck did Christie convince these people that Nick is public enemy number 1? Also didn’t Jackson tell Jack he would keep Sis safe?


Yes, no, BS for sure, they are stupid, and yes. Christy made a deal with J/H to take 5th place after them and Cliff/Nicole, not just the next vote. If they keep her they are all idiots.


Thanks Simon for your site. I don’t have to watch the feeds, BBAD, or the show. You’re a brave soul ( and whoever helps). I’d hope for a change of heart on the vote flip but then I remembered, who was cast.

On a positive note, anyone interested in THE BOYS series, I’m half way through and although, it has a few flaws, it made forget some of this mess of a season on BB21.

Too bad there isn’t a reset for the entire season with an entire new cast. Thank you for your hard work.


I have watched half the episodes so far. It is good. Just be aware that There is a lot of violence in the series


Agree with a total rewind. Back in BB 16 they had a rewind twist in the game. (Not sure it was really that successful). That would be awesome to do a rewind of 2 weeks versus a battle back followed by a double eviction. Sadly I am not sure anyone left would know how to take advantage of that


I was surprised to see the veto this week be the one from season 16 when they had to align planets and not sea creatures…. has it been done again since 16???

Ovi's tongue

Is it too much to ask that in her eviction speech Sis says “Anyone of you idiots that think you have some kind of a deal with Michie, you are lying to yourselves hoping the crocodile will eat you last. Whoever wins HOH better make damn sure they put Michie and Holly on the block. If you honor some BS deal you think you made with Michie you deserve exactly whatever you get because he is a lying sack.”

another name

Aw, my feeling is hurt (I’ve only got the one). Poor pillowcase. She’s had an exciting summer of tanning and mean girling and practicing animal husbandry in a shower stall. Isn’t that what big brother is all about?
Okay, in a perfect world topsyturvy for crack Crustie goes. But… Imagine if Sis stayed and became the lesser of 2 evils bb19 style, and won?
Would you want her game matched up with other winners? Would there be a case where they handed this season to hopefuls and said: this is how you play big brother?
Excuse me while i make more lemonade?

Could the vote flip back? anything is possible. I have to keep telling myself anything is possible, because otherwise there will be more Crustie eats things videos.

Ovi's tongue

Jackson had ONE job and he screwed it all up.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

He decided playing checkers was easier.


LOL…best comment

g Love

On his knees! Lol

another name

Ever think the slip and slide has become a cursed comp?
Last year it gave us Fester evicting his own alliance member.
Two years ago, Jason nominated Mark and Elena (Mark being his secret alliance and the only alliance that didn’t include Paul).
This year, Jackson.


Screwed it up? He actually made a perfect 180.


Well thanks to Nick, looks like Christie is staying.
This is why we can’t have nice things, NIck!

Feeds Gold

grodner didnt end up needing pandoras box to keep christie…she was gonna stay regardless

the blow up was staged to give christie the hero edit and an attempt to get some type of energy into a lifeless season

christie was always gonna stay whether there was a nick v christie blow up or not…the blow up contained no major new info

cliff was always gonna keep christie(he poopoos sis game, yet he has already been evicted)…and nicole does what shes told, following her game partner like a sheep

holly was always gonna keep christie(holly insanely jealous of the attention/compliments sis got all season)…and jackson does what hes told, following his sex partner like a sheep


Wow! Sis finally has ONE thing to say that I agree with…..michie is effing stupid! Too bad she waited until the end to have a thought that made sense. Now because Sis was one of the many stupid hgs previous she allowed this to take place! Even better Michie even ADMITS what he is doing could screw him over so why do it? Production, production and production!


Everyone runs to blame production but we all got to see how HORRIBLY sis campaigned…. I don’t think production is handing out scripts on how to lie and make deals. If you’ve watched big brother you should know what has to be done.

Jan Nan

It’s hilarious the way Christie is blaming Nick for everything. I wish Sis would tell her to shut the hell up. Christie is making me pull for Nick. I hope he wins HOH and puts Christie and Jackson up


So Sis whines, why the Hell doesn’t she get off her a$$ and hustle some votes? If you want it girl, you gotta work for it. THAT is the way Life works. She is pretty enough, but is her life aspiration to be someone’s Barbie doll? We all get old (if we are lucky), and looks fade. Character doesn’t. I want to kick her off her lazy, entitled a$$ and tell her to ‘play the game’!
Notice how Christy takes NO responsibility for switching the vote. Blame Nick! Blame Jackson! Also, so interesting how her interpretation of the deal is so different from J/H who think they have a free ride to 4, how she will fight for them and take 5th behind them and Cliff/Nicole. (She DID say that). C now says they are safe for just the next vote. I really hope that comes out before the eviction vote tonight.
Both of these girl-women need a loud wake up call. Their crying, whinning, emotional outbursts because they didn’t get their way for once and are OTB (Oh the Horror of it all!). No matter that their allegiances put Cliff up 3 times, evicted him once; they put Kat up twice, evicted her; Jess twice; Nicole and Nick. They evicted Obi, Bella and Sam. They, plus Tommy, are the only ones who had not been OTB. Did they really think they were going to skate through the whole season? Their entitled arrogance is astounding to me.
If Christy stays tonight they get just what they deserve, the idiots. They may just under play the world famous Foutte of BB 20!

Susan Corbridg

I for one am glad Sis is gone. Nicole needs to go next, then the competitors can duke it out. Sick of do nothings floating thru the game being “protected”.


Thanks production. They want Christie because she’s a mess. I wouldn’t be surprised if they protect her to the final 3. Sis is boring. I hate them both, but Christie should go.


Analyse can’t cry just cause she got outplayed by the MASTER OF BIG BROTHER HERSELF


Easynow, ChristyTrollz


I. D. I. O. T. S.

another name

They’re saving Christie for two reasons:
to get her zinged.
so that she can be the victim of the America’s Prankster viewer vote.

another name

rules of secret prankster. viewers vote tonight until tomorrow. winner gets to secretly name a nominee. if the nominee is removed with the veto, the prankster gets to name the replacement nominee.

Ovi's tongue

I hope Zingbot really lays into her.


I will be watching the HoH competition with interest. Taking a vacation for a couple weeks so try not to lose your minds over these houseguests while I am gone

Feeds Gold

sis leaving is really bad news as some great potential rivalries/drama leaves with her, leaving a pretty bland group to battle it out

im not invested enough to want to view collectively the most boring unlively low energy final 8 alltime(nick v christie was a one off)

i dont want to watch 7 boring people + the very irritating christie play…theres just very little prospect of great entertainment

boring pompous cliff/nicole have been fluky…hes already been evicted, she survived being evicted through no fault of her own
boring jess…furniture and almost always outta the loop
boring holly/jackson…with each other all the time
boring nick/tommie…humping each other all the time
christie…entertaining but you can only take her in small doses

so im not gonna watch any more of this seasons feeds/eps after tonights sis interview

ive enjoyed the energy, liveliness, sass, rawness, wildness, fiestiness, warmth, banter, humor of sis, who entertained me more than anyone

also the most complimented houseguest, and for me the sexiest laugh and one of the most stunning girls, in bb history:
sissy talavera

to all the sis haters, she has been good casting, and without her, the season would have been far more boring than it already has been(and i find it strange some people hate someone like sis because she enjoys sex in the bb house, or because she is likely gonna be sipping mojitos on sophia stallones yacht in greece after jury)

to simon and dawg…as always thank you so much for a great site

to those who upvoted my posts this season going against what the group think sheep thought…youre so nice to me and i appreciate it

i look forward to bb22


Never thought I would say this but go Nicole. Prove me wrong, Please!

MyGirlSis <3

My beloved beauty, i will miss you, you are stunning, and gorgeous, and you lit up my feeds like the rising sun. Goodbye my love <3

Let's get real

If only Sis could do the math.

The only person Christie has consistently said she will target is Nick. Im not a fan of a house meeting, but Sis needs to get them all together and say-“If everyone is willing to flip their vote, clearly Christie has made deals with all of you. Do the math. She cant keep all these deals. She has to stab someone in the back. Will it be you Nicole, you Michie, etc? I haven’t made promises. And besides are you really afraid of me? I haven’t won anything. Does it really matter if you think I’m coming after you?

What is better-to know that Sis is coming after you, but her chances of ever being in a position to take you out are slim or to have Christie’s promise of safety on her sister’s life that clearly cant be trusted if you just do the math.

The season is more than half over, what are the chances that they’ll have a shot like this again? Is it possible there will be another opportunity to get Christie out somewhere down the line? Maybe. Is it probable? Maybe not. Is it probable they can get Sis out somewhere down the line? I think so.

Get Christie out this week.

Val gal

As much as I can’t stand either of them, at least crusty brings drama and entertainment.. I’m personally routing for Nicole or Cliff, but they are kinda boring…


I’m pretty sure I dislike Sis MORE than anyone else left in the house. Not only is she a self absorbed moron, but she’s also a sore loser and a spoiled brat……