“She’s still my target.. If Christie blows up Nick’s spot it’s a win win for me”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie pulled ), Holly (Sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson did not use the power of veto

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3:20 pm Nicole and Cliff
Nicole talking about putting one of each pair, Michie and Sis.
Nicole says Sis and Tommy are “so close” and “Michie and Holly they’ll never turn on each other”
Cliff – I would hate a power couple
Nicole – Michie is a beast, Nick’s a beast (Is nick?)
Cliff – have we promised anything to Michie and Holly. we talked about they have our vote.
Nicole says the deal was they don’t go up this week in exchange for voting Jackson’s way and they won’t put him up next week.
Cliff – there’s kinda an obligation but whatever.
Cliff – Michie talked about us all getting together to talk.

Nicole says if it comes down to her, Tommy and Sis in the next HOH, “Am I better off letting them.. I promised I’d never throw anything ever”
Nicole mentions letting Tommy or Sis take the shot “we stay in the clear and we can still play the next week”
Cliff – Sis seems pissed at Michie and Holly if I can throw it to her with some kinda guarantee you and I are okay
Nicole says Sis might be pretending she’s mad at Michie and Holly.

Cliff points out if they have to do a Date’s competition he would rather be up against SIs than Christie “SHes got her numbers down”
They agree Sis would be a horrible winner of the season.
Nicol – if Sis goes after Michie and Holly Okay.. but my gut says she’ll put me up
Cliff – I’m not sure anyone will put you up right now
Cliff – a perfect world will be Sis winning and taking out Michie or Holly
Nicole – yeah take one of them out
Cliff – take one of them out we don’t have any blood on our hands
Cliff – if we can be nice to Tommy and deflect a target. I don’t know what that involves yet I need to grab him and talk to him as well
Nicole – that would be great if Sis won put up Michie and Holly then Michie went then if I win put up Holly/Sis ..
Cliff – if Michie went there’s all kinds of new groups that will form
Nicole – Holly will need a spot.. I like Holly, I like Michie and Holly a lot
Cliff – I do too, I don’t want to turn on them if it’s legit
Nicole – I worry about Jess.. I love her
Cliff – she’s been stirring it up
Nicole – she’s got a vendetta against Nick.. I’m kinda in the middle of it because I care for them both
Cliff – that would be nice if Nick won and put jess up in some ways then we see what happens.
Nicole wonders who Nick will put up against jess, Holly?
Cliff – I think it could be me.. as a pawn

Nicole – Christie said to me, ‘Not today because my throats all jumbled but Tomorrow I want to talk to you’
Nicole – I was like ohhh great.

4:09 pm Christie and Jackon
Christie giving Jackson her regular talking points. Tossing Nick under the bus left and right. She’s going to blow up Nick’s game to the house tomorrow.
Christie – he’s panicking because he knows I’m going to blow up his game.
Christie – He wants to make sure all the people he has playing his little pawns remain playing his little pawns
Christie – Nick let me ask you a question you threw OTEV so you wouldn’t have to use the veto on me. You threw tossed in space to Jess with your malfunctioned buttons so didn’t have to use the veto. You threw tie me a river you told me and you threw slip n slide. I don’t care if you’re denying to me. I f*ing know you threw slip n slide. I know you threw it.
Christie – You’re (Nick) coasting to the end. I want to take a shot at you. You are a threat a mental and a physical threat and if he goes to the end with Nicole I said straight up you’re going to win .
Christie – but my question is who are you planning on going to the end with. Sis is convinced it’s her you are protecting her to the very end. Tommy thinks it’s going to be him.. then there’s poor Cliff and Nicole..

Christie about Nick “Who are you loyal to and to which he responded. I don’t care who you tell you can blow up my game all you want but I am only loyal to three people and that’s Tommy, Sis and Nicole”
Christie impersonating Nick “It sucks everyone just likes me. It’s not my fault everyone likes me and everyone wants to WORK FOR ME and everyone wants to do my dirty work and everyone wants to trust me”
Christie – he’s playing this victim role that he’s in such a bad spot. he’s in such an uncomfortable spot because everyone likes him so much and trust him so much
Christie says her only angle is destroying Nicks game. “he’s my target”
Christie – this is the official campaign I’m just telling you
Christie – my brain is just going and going and going and going am I going to be on the coach for the next three days or am I going to figure out a way to f*ing make myself valuable to people.
Christie – this whole army that Nick is creating is scaring me it seems like if you did change the noms we could have made this work like me, You, Tommy and Sis .. Holly and Nick as the you know whatever.. (LOL)
Christie – we would have wanted to come with the numbers
Christie – now that I see it’s either me or Sis I want you to know I do have a target and it is Nick
Christie says Nick will put up Holly/Cliff as pawns up against Jessica.
Christie – these are all factual things
Jackson – they are facts
Christie – he’s running this game. I’m just wanting you to know I’m campaigning tomorrow I’m going to speak my truth
Christie – I just wanted you to know my angle
Jackson – that’s a good angle
Christie – I see Nick going to the end the way he’s set up in this game. It’s scary to me.
Christie – he’s going to hurt a lot of people that are cushioning him right now and he’s going to force them to take shots at each other.

Christie offers she would protect him and Holly and Maybe Tommy. She mentions “mental comps” as a reason to keep her.
Christie says since Jack left she hasn’t had a close game relationship with Tommy she doesn’t know where he stands.
Christie goes on about wanting to switch up the power in the house.
Christie – I’m sick of it… Honestly, I am sick of it.
Christie – I didn’t come here to get far by minions.

Christie calls Sis a Floater “like Nicole and Cliff”.
Christie – I have a target it’s not you and it’s not Holly. I have grown a personal and game respect for you.
Christie – Cliff ain’t taking a shot at you guys this week, Jess ain’t taking a shot her target is Nick
Christie – I don’t know where SIs and Tommy lie because I know they are upset. They probably want to take shots at Nick’s other people
Christie on and on about Nick skating down the centre while all the sides battle it out.

Christie – Before I start campaigning campaigning I wanted you to know. I’m sure you’re going to hear .. hating me for the next couple days
Jackson – that’s ok nothing new
Christie – I want to win comps .. I want someone that is winning comps to win this game.

Jackson is pushing her to go out with a BANG and call Nick out during Taco Tuesday.
Christie says that’s not her but she’s also a fighter.
Jackson says it will fore Nick to win the HOH, “IF you end up staying it’s you vs Nick”

They hug it out doesn’t sound like she’s going ahead with Taco Tuesday blow up.

4:50 pm Christie and Holly
Christie is campaigning all the same bullet points I’ve been typing out for the last 2 days.
Christie – I came to win comps, make deals and prove loyalty.
Christie – have targets and get to the end with people that I respect
Christie says Jackson told during Taco Tuesday to “send it”

5:04 pm Jackson and Holly
Going over the campaigning by Christie.
Jackson – Christie shared some interesting things
Jackson says Christie is going to blow up Nick’s game tells her that Holly was going to go up as a pawn if Nick won HOH. Jess would be the target.
they agree that the house thinking that “Michie and Holly are going up anyways” is good for them.
Holly – She told me she wants to stay because she does have a target and she will take shots at Nick
Jackson – she’s still my target has been my target and will remain my target. if she wants to go out and make some waves with her and make Nick a big target so be it. If people are going to take shots at each other paint targets on each other’s back I’m going to get out of the crossfire and watch it all unravel

Holly says Nick was blowing up Chrisite’s game to Sis.
Jackson – like what
Holly – like how she did say she was coming after you and Jack and she said she would never go to six with couples.
They agree Christie trying to blow up Nick’s game is a benefit for them, “If Christie blows up Nick’s spot it’s a win win for me”
Michie – it’ll either blow up Nick and he’s now a target and Christie still goes home or it blows up Christie even more and she still goes home

Holly doesn’t think Christie has enough for the vote to flip
Michie – it’s enough to get people’s gears turning (Cliff and Nicole)
Holly points out that 2 weeks in a row the girl getting evicted tries to blow up Nick’s game
Jackson says he recommended that Christie calls Nick out at dinner.

Holly – as long as somebodies game gets blown up and it’s not mine
Jackson – or mine
They agree it’s better for Holly not to win the next HOH so they both play in the following one.
Holly says Nick has been her target for awhile.

6:02 pm Nicole and Tommy
Nicole – how do you feel about them.. you don’t have to answer me.. I know you love them both
Tommy – this game is about looking forward. I’m sad, I’m sad for Christie for sure. I want to figure out a plan moving forward
Tommy – in this game you have to constantly adapt and it’s my time for me to adapt and I like that it feels good in a way
Tommy – Last night threw me for a loop so know I
Feeds flip

when we’re back ..

7:00 pm Jessica, Cliff, Christie
Jess respect all aspects of playing Big Brother.

7:41 pm Nick and Jackson
Jackon fills Nick in on Christie’s angle, “It’s commendable I like the scrapyness”
Jackson – it’s not going to work I don’t think so. doesn’t matter cause you’re not on the block

Nick – I’m so heated bro this is exactly why she’s going the f* home. I can hardly wait. at least so some f*ing integrity. You’re f*ing a fan of the game but you’re going to throw me under the bus because you’re going home that’s not my f*ing fault. Play a better f*ing game
Nick – I didn’t tell you to talk sh1t on people. I didn’t tell you to take out showmances before six. I didn’t tell you Nicol would take out Jack. I didn’t say that you were going to let the boys bully you so you didn’t have to use the diamond power of veto .. YOU SAID ALL THAT YOU DID NOT F*ING ME COS ..
Jackson – I know. that’s why she’s on the block

7:51 pm Jackson and Christie
Jackson pushing Christie to call Nick out in front of everyone.

7:55 pm Christie, Nick and the rest of the house.
Nick and Christie have their talk.
Nick – go grab them .. go grab them and we’ll talk about all your f*ing lies do me a favorite and manifest your powers and come up with the truth
Nick – Be nice bro because I’ve been f*ing dragged for all week.
Christie starts with everyone she’s been talking about forever.

Nick – blow my shit up here. I’m running the game I’m throwing competitions..
Christie accuses him of being overly dramatic

Nick starts calling Christie out on all her sh1t days and days of stuff …
Christie denies everything
Nick – manifest the truth bro

Nick getting pissed. Both of them deny what they are saying.

Jackson jumps in “wasn’t the goal to throw it to Cliff and Nicole have them take the shot”

Christie goes over all her points.

“Congratulations Taco Tuesday”

Jess jumps in “I didn’t know you were my target”

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Feeds Gold

production meeting considering if they should do a pandoras box to keep crusty…

grodner: “i need crusty still in the game for at least a few more weeks or its gonna be boring as f-ck”

meehan: “how about we do pandoras box?”

grodner: “but how do we convince mickie to take the bait…hes so obsessed getting crusty out i think he even turns down $10k”

meehan: “what about offering him a lifetime supply of watermelon and protein bars”

grodner: “thats an awesome idea…f-ck it, lets do it”



B $

I feel like Holly saying she should throw this HOH would be a terrible mistake for her and Michie.


Totally! What is up with ALL these people thinking their safe with sh%t and can throw competitions?

g Love

LOL, Nick dropping the F bomb, talking smack about Christie, being his own version of “mean girl” while he “reads” the Bible. Idk, I’m not religious but I’m thoughtful and something about that just gave me the willies.


I wish they’d have other religious books so the houseguests had a little variety. I seriously doubt everyone who ended up picking up the Bible was actually interested in what it had to say. Although there are some very interesting stories…like the guy who launched bears at a group of unruly kids…

Jan Nan

Christie throwing everyone under the bus. One minute it’s poor Cliff and Nicole the next Cliff, Nicole, and Sis are floaters. She’s throwing so much crap and hoping something sticks , but i think it’s too little too late.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Uh, yeah, Cliffs a floater… Sent to exile, made it back over three people half his age; voted out and Battled back only to win HOH AND veto. on the block repeatedly… The only thing floating is Christie’s bullsh*!


“everything but the kitchen sink” lol

Summer Gowen

Nick swears not freaking out but he is… and Christie is telling the truth about him. But don’t the rest of them realize what he is doing?


Oh dang it’s happening ! The blow up begins !! Nick is screaming at Christie and they are having a house meeting !!!


Nick was trashing her manifestations and everything , he let her say her peace and now he’s trying to talk and she’s talking all over him this is crazy !! He knows exact days she said shit

another name

Only he keeps referring to day 33…. and the true parts of his version of day 33 actually happened on day 35.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Tomato tamoto.


This comment right here hahahaha bahahahaha


So much being said I can’t keep up, I can’t wait for Simon and Dawg to break this all down for us, they do an amazing job, I have total respect for you guys , I don’t know how you do keep up with all this .

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Couldn’t she wait an hour for after dark.


Well mission accomplished Nick’s game def seems blown up, Christie is hanging out with the group and Nick is in the room alone !!

another name

wait for it. Christie was never going to be staying. She strafed his game, but isn’t going to be rewarded. The decision to evict Christie was made the moment she was nominated (if not before). Everyone will be saying buck up little camper to Nick until eviction.


> Me: popping popcorn in my mouth…or “innocently” sipping my Diet Dr. Pepper like Michie :p

Summer Gowen

Omg, Christie was in HOH talking to jackson and nick busted in and is yelling. He saying lets blow this up… and being yelling and screaming

Summer Gowen

Omg nick is out of control…. wait till they look back after out and see what he has done whole game and what she has done.

Danny B

I’ve seen every episode since the show began way back….these sad sacks today could never stand up against former players back then. Can you imagine any of these losers out strategizing Dr. Will ? How about a completely different opponent, Evil Dick or his daughter, Danielle? None of these current females can come close to Janelle…they would crumble in a heartbeat. All these pansy boys crying for their mamas and privileged white girls who can’t understand why anyone would choose them for the block and cry for a week…really now?

That’s because BB has become minor league tryouts for the REAL PRO show, AMAZING RACE which has ten times the viewership and real EMMY awards, too! These models and wannabe actors have now learned that COUPLES is the real focus and so the beauty queens and buff guys hop into bed on the second day so that they will be seen as the next HOT couple to move on to REAL TV status. The rest will be forgotten 2 days after the show is over.

BB producers steer the couples they think have potential to go on to their other shows. The PRO leagues. That’s why JACKSON who was their chief pick was blowing it with his racist, anti-female narcissism and they had to clue him in to how to reconfigure his personality and now everyone likes him. HOLLY is merely his sex partner to bring to the next level. CAT might have been a key choice, but no partner in the end. In any case, most BB couples break up after the show if they’re not chosen for AMAZING RACE or MTV CHALLENGE or SURVIVOR. It’s all SHOW BIZ. Don’t take it so seriously folks. No matter what you think is really happening before your very eyes…it’s all been chosen by the producers in the end. Am I being overly pessimistic and talking through my hat…? Nah, it’s jut 50 yrs working as a producer that gives me the knowledge to say all the above.

As for the losers…the ugly pusses, the screaming mimis, the delusional nut jobs….well, America outlawed carnival freak shows decades ago. Reality TV brought it all back for viewers to laugh at and mock and pray to God none of us can be like these stupid assholes. What is wrong with them? Or rather…what is wrong with us?

BB Casting Call

Other than this post, what have you produced?

Name? IMDB page?


wow producer for 50 years so what are you like 80.. smh you do realize you don’t have to watch this horrible show right???


I’m curious what else have you produced? Also 50 years that would put you late 70,s or 80. Here’s some BB knowledge for you since you’ve been watching from the beginning and you should know this, BB has produced more couples than The Bachelor. There are multiple couples that were in a showmance that are now married or still together. You can always not watch


Privileged white girls? But you want to call Jackson racist?
Everyone cries on the block. Guys and gals of every color.
Take your cynicism and change the channel.

Feeds Gold

here we go!

nick v christie is on!

J e t s jets jets jets

“Christie – I want to win comps .. I want someone that is winning comps to win this game”

How many comps have you won 1. (Not counting advantage) Yet you call Cliff a floater and he won 2 in won night. Just saying!

J e t s jets jets jets

“Jess respect all aspects of playing Big Brother.”

And what are those Jess?

Has anyone ever seen Jess wash a dish?


LOL…she just likes how it sounds…respecting ALL ASPECCTTTSSS :p


Seen Her empty them


Chief I just laughed out loud hahaha

Feeds Gold

during the nick v christie blowup

sis asked a question by christie

sis: “im not getting involved in this”

smart girl

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Wait.What?Sis did something smart.I’m confused.

Feeds Gold

bb 101 – during a house meeting blow up…

say less

Feeds Gold

i think they gave christie a few lines of coke in dr before the blow up haha


Frothing at the mouth spittle flying maybe

An ornery mouse

The roller-coaster continues….. and I take it we’re currently in a ‘manic’ phase. Ha, she’s even campaigning in the shower. She may crash down for an armageddon-esque bawling session in 20 minutes or so, but not to worry….. she’ll be back up rapid-fire slinging shit at Nick again in no time.

On Thursday, I wonder if I’ll experience the same pangs of loss that I did when Kaitlyn exited last year?


Taco Tuesday will never be the same again !


8:38 Tommy – get a tissue

Thank you Tommy, I was getting sick of Nick’s snot clearing



Nicks Cousin

Ok, Christie looks crazy but we all knew that.


I have to say I am not a huge fan of Christie’s game play However, it’s the lack of others being able to deal with her way of playing this far that makes me gag. They didnt like it when it was done to others but now its another of their own and they still dont say a word to her about it??
Finally! Tommy seems to be actually telling people how Christie was talking way too much the past couple weeks especially about Michie. Guess Tommy has to break from Christie now being on block for sake of his game and possibly because outsiders tried to out he n Christie’s relationship. I kinda think he’s had to play a game within a game because of his concerns for Christie’s game play as well as his own
His full playing chops can come out now!
Will Michie n Holly be able to wisely use this info n blow up to their advantage?
If they can work to get Nick n Tommy out they may coast to the end. But we need a twist!!!!!
Jess says “Wow see sorry if Nick gets to the end I’m voting for him! Hope someone else is ok with the $50,000”
Talk about a butt kiss. Shut up Jess. So Christie’s blow up made u see Nick as primary threat? Yep Christie still got some game in her cause Jess is eating it up with a spoon n fork!!
After thought….Nicole is the only one left in the house that never worked with or trusted Christie. (Jess trusts her but was never aligned but has blind loyalty for some odd in reason)
Seems like Nick, sis and cliff are now saying they realize how Christie was playing.
I wonder if that tidbit will somehow help Nicole?


Tommy better tread lightly & keep his mouth shut. If not, she might just blow up his game as she’s walking out the door!


Another blowup in the BB21 house. I caught the end. It’s just getting cruel beyond the game aspect. It doesn’t even make sense anymore. Blatant lying by Jess especially at this point where everyone expected being prepared.

I know nick can be despicable but seeing him alone in the bed I could empathize with him and seeing Holly extend a hand of compassion at least reminded me that we are watching people with feelings. Tommy taking him food, even though he’s not my favorite HG reminded me that he has good traits.

Crusty can’t be out of this game soon enough for me followed by Jess. I’m not defending Nick’s action and I know he did his own amount of screaming but I didn’t see any reason for more verbal abuse thanks to this blowup.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Really, now Miche and Nick are now the only two who stood up to Christie.


I think think blowup will bring Nicole and Cliff closer to Nick, unfortunately. I think they will feel sorry for him (gag). I know most people like Nicole but I think she is too naive. I guess she is a better person than me because I wouldn’t be able to forget what Nick did earlier in the game. Sorry, but I don’t want her or Cliff to win.


Christy has some nerve calling ANYONE else dramatic. She’s the queen of drama and narcissism.

Southern Girl

The picture showing Tommy trying to make himself smaller on the kitchen sofa had me cracking up.
Has anyone seen the video about the DR leaking Christie and Tommy know each other?
Not sure if the link is actually showing as a link.. It’s on BuzzFeed with Rachel from last season

J e t s jets jets jets

Julie PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Christie have it when she comes out Thursday night PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.


7:18pm Christie – “I’m crying again,…it’s so annoying”!


If she only truly knew how annoying her crying is! I’m assuming she means annoying for her, if she could only imagine how frikin annoying it is for us!!!


I swear….in about 1/2 of her pictures, Christie looks like she’s in the middle of a painful bowel movement.

another name

Hey, been missing a lot in the last few days. Gotta hate it when the real world or even the pseudo world interferes.
What i’m hearing: loudspeaker interference puts after dark on hold last night? Like the announcement that Christie and Tommy know each other is important now. She’s toast.
There will not be some magic pandora thing. It would have been announced as a possible game changing thingamajiggy on Thursday. Just no. I mean… why would anyone want to listen to her chew more?
Point of the argument:
a) Christie trying to save herself. failed. while she got the last word, he got the condolences.
b )NIck trying to clear his name. In any other season a big fail. In this season of floaters (classic definition) it probably won’t be a problem.
c) Jackson hoping he and Holly aren’t targets moving forward. Jury out again. Considering nobody was targeting them because they all suffer from bbcan3 Zach’s it’s too early to make the big move syndrome.
d) Grodner hoping to shake up some games that aren’t attached to her pre season picks to get to final two. Grodner always wins.

The only way Christie would be saved is if Tommy, Nicole, Jess and either Cliff or Holly flipped the vote to save her. Would it be smart from a strictly game maneuver to do so? Yes, actually. It keeps Nick and Jackson both occupied. Would any of them do it? Of course not. they’re anemic when it comes to dealing with externalized stress. Notice: Holly couldn’t even pity vote her final two. Tommy looks like he’s going to gnaw off his fingers any time voices are raised. Nicole runs from conflict. Jess is Jess. Cliff wouldn’t be able to make a deal with everyone if he was ever definitive about anything. No. They won’t do the smart thing, for the sake of their own longevity in the game, they’ll do the least resistance tactic. It’s the season of least resistance. It’s the season where one of the nominees hasn’t had to campaign at all, and after the eviction, all is forgiven because the entire group is trying to skate in the middle. Here is the problem. The middle of what. If they talk out one of the people they have, for some reason given alpha status to… there is no polarity. Are they going to suddenly endow somebody else with a pre-conceived level of power in the game they don’t actually possess in order to be an opposite to Jackson? If not, there is no middle because there aren’t two sides. What… suddenly Jess is the big bad? Really?
Christie is toast….. at least from the small amount of feeds i’ve been able to catch. Considering their is a little pep circle happening around Nick the snot bubble, I’m thinking oh. it’s the five of Tommy, Sis, Nick, Nicole and Cliff back together again, with Jess on the outside and Jackson and Holly alone. So exactly what it was the moment nominations happened? oh. okay.


“The snot bubble” hahahaha Pleasseeee don’t let this turn out to leave Nick unblemished.

Derp Derpington

i had a dream i was in the BB house arguing with Christie, she said to me,…”You aren’t playing this game”
i said to her,…”So? neither is Nicole”

Danny B

The basic mistake most players in this high stakes game make….they think it’s a therapy session and when people don’t like them or plot against them in order to win the big money, they take it so seriously they have a nervous breakdown. Tell them that America hates them and they’re ready for the loony bin. BUT do high stakes poker players or football players or pool players etc react the same way when a half mil is on the line? Are they crying if they lost their bid at roulette? Of course not. BB producers stack the game with head cases so we viewers can kvetch about their personalities and breakdowns, etc. Often, they do throw in a high stakes Vegas player….like NICK….and we regard him as a cold, calculating bastard at times…exactly… that’s how he won 1/4 mil bucks playing cards. He’s REALLY playing the game here, not attending an AA meeting or therapy session or looking for a mate or even a friend. Will he win in the end? As I’ve said before, CBS is really looking for a COUPLE to promote to other shows….and he lost his bid for that awhile ago.

J b

insert Antonio Brown comment here:


The pic of Nick pushing his fingers with talking points and Michie in the background, innocently sipping his drink is TOO MUCH! hahahahaha And Jess “respects all aspects of playing Big Brother.” And Christie’s faces with her tongue! hahaha I frickin LOVE this game! :p


Simon and Dawg? Has anyone addressed the elephant in the backyard? Not sure if that’s what happened but the feeds went down Monday night for about an hour. There didn’t seem to be a reason for it and no one openly discussed it but Tommy said that what happened threw him for a loop and there was another comment about it. It’s obvious that they were told NOT to talk about it but i’m surmising that it was either a banner (which given the hour of day i’m skeptical about). Or someone outside the wall trying to give them info. Anyone get any other info about it?


Some one was said to have played back diary sessions from crusty in her own voice outing her and Tommy’s relationship

My Two Cents

Some guy (who has since bragged about it) paid a DJ to broadcast a message saying that Christie and Tommy have been very close for eight years. That was followed by a diary room recording in Christie’s very distinct voice saying that it could really be bad for her game if anyone else in the house found out about her and Tommy. BUSTED. I know Tommy and Cliff were in the backyard but I’m unsure if anyone else was out there.

t b

jess is l.y.i.n.g.