BB Bird Watching Audio Tour “Feast your ears on the symphonic sounds & calls of these majestic creatures.”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie pulled ), Holly (Sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson did not use the power of veto

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8pm HOH room. Jess and Holly.
Jess is bitching about Nick. Jess – so right now knowing that Jackson cannot play in the next HOH .. I think that he is the only person right now that I trust enough that is both.. physical competitors .. because I am not that person. Holly – yeah but everyone needs the other parts of the puzzle… of the aspects of the game. And its good to have physical competitors that don’t have you on their radar. Jess – and Nick’s been throwing every competition… and I know he has. Holly – I know. Jess – you can see it. Holly – because he’s felt so damn safe. Jess – he over compensates whenever he loses or wants to make a spect.. or when he doesn’t want it…whenever something happens he makes it big.. look at me! I’m doing this!! And that’s what he does! You know what I mean!? Holly – MMMMmmhhhh.. Jess – when he loses comps .. really!? You’re going to be that upset when he gets second place to Tommy? Holly – MMmmmhhmm. Jess – you were safe ..why are you going to be so upset!? Holly – yup! Jess – but you took the 5G’s instead of taking the veto from Michie.. so you must have felt some kind of.. but yet you were my backdoor option?! Hollly – mmMMmmhhhhmm. Jess – but you didn’t take the veto?! You know what I mean?! Holly – yup. Jess – if Nick gets anywhere within top 6 .. he is taking the whole damn thing. Holly – yup. Oh I know! Jess – because he has played one hell of a game. And the thing is he can’t do to you or to me what he is doing to everyone else. He can’t cuddle up with us or get in between and be all lovey dovey! Holly – oh I know. Since the beginning I have not bought into that bullsh*t at all. It drives me nuts. I don’t respect it. I don’t like it. I don’t like how he speaks to women. And I hate it when he tells Christie her GS cook (?) smells like halibut. What the f**K!?!!? Jess – it makes me so uncomfortable. He’s called women pieces of sh*t. Holly – he called me a B***H. Jess – me personally I don’t respect that kind of talk and behavior. However in this situation I told myself I am not going to be emotional. Holly – Sis straight up told me that she is targeting Nick. I said did you not learn anything from Kat? Kat just went through this same thing with Michie as her target and no one believed her and that’s why she left. And now Sis’s whole campaign is that she is going to target Nick. Its just a repeat of last week. Jess – she used the words that Nick is someone that I trust completely and then I would be stupid .. he’s not my final two.

8:33pm The house guests are listening to a message from the “BB Bird Watching Audio Tour”. Jackson – that sinister f**king voice. Tommy – we don’t know if this is HOH or if its something else. Jackson – it could be HOH in two or three weeks. Message – “House guests welcome to the BB Bird Watching Audio Tour! Feast your ears on the symphonic sounds and calls of these majestic creatures. I recommend you pay close attention to the names and calls of these birds because you never know when they might come in handy.” Nicole – we’re going to be up all night. Sis – whoever is saying that voice is f**king cool and I want it. “You never know when it might come in handy..”

8:47pm Nick, Tommy and Sis.
Sis – guys I am scared I am going home. Tommy – I don’t want you to say that and I don’t want to react because I believe your intuition because you’ve been right about a lot of things but I don’t want to believe you. Sis – Like I know I have you two right?! Tommy – yup. Sis – Nicole is good. Nick – Nicole is good. Sis – Cliff is good. Nick – he made it seem like he was. Nicole isn’t going to keep Christie .. because she knows that she’s going to put me and Nicole up together.

8:50pm HOH room. Jess and Jackson.
Jess – I am going to do whatever you wanted. Its your HOH. I love Christie and Sis equally. I personally don’t feel like either of them are gunning for me personally. Jackson – I would agree with that. Jess – obviously the blow up yesterday Nick said that I am his target. And it sounded like he would have put you or Holly next to me. That’s what I got. Jackson – and he openly said he wants Christie to go over Sis… so Christie is 9th and he said Cliff would be 5th. So lets fill in the blanks .. he wants you at 8, 7th and 6th .. me or Holly vice versa. 5th is Cliff… He is obviously take 1st .. 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Nicole, Sis, Tommy. And I didn’t sign up to play for 7th or 6th. I asked Sis if you were to win HOH what are you doing? Who are you putting up? And I know she’s told certain people that she trusts them and wants to work with them going forward.. Never said any of that to me. She couldn’t tell me that I would be safe next week or that I wouldn’t see the block. She said she doesn’t know who she would put up. That is a big red flag for me. Ultimately at the end of the day it on paper it sounds like a better idea to keep Christie. Jess – I don’t see anyone going after Sis. Jackson – she told me that she would go after Nick and put him up.. but I just don’t buy it. Jackson – would you rather me wait until tomorrow on what I would like? That way you can have plausible deniability for the next 12 – 18 hours.

Bathroom. Cliff and Christie.
Christie – Tommy didn’t even tell me that he would vote for me… I had him and now I.. don’t.. and I know I shouldn’t take it personally. I thought that he would be my Holly in this game. It is what it is. If everyone flipped he would to. I had him .. and I don’t.. its okay. This is a game.

9:15pm “BB Bird Watching Audio Tour” – No sudden movements a black bird just landed and now is your chance to hear their call (bird call plays). .. ah one of the smartest birds in the jungle.. listen to his unique pitch -(bird call plays). See if you can recreate the call of the crow. No suddent movements a

9:57pm Boat room. Sis and Holly.
Sis is crying. Sis – I just hate being in this position. I didn’t even do anything to be in this position in the first place. Holly – I know. I still don’t know what happening or what is going to happen. You did nothing wrong. Sis – I just feel so mad and I literally want to go off on people but there is literally no point since I am already on the block. Holly – I wish I could rewind this week. I don’t want either of you in this position. I thought it was going to be straight forward.. straight forward but not because its you guys. Sis – It doesn’t matter what I say or do, no one will believe me. I literally feel like I am in Kat’s position.

10:12pm HOH room. Cliff and Jackson.
Cliff – I have an issue to talk about. Nicole has heard that Christie’s first target, if Christie was to win HOH would be Nick and her up on the block. Jackson – I haven’t heard this from Christie .. so this is news to me. Cliff – Christie confirmed it. I told Christie that Nicole and I have been working together and that there is some concern about her so she makes an easy pawn. I can’t have her go up .. I feel closer to Nicole and I wouldn’t want that to happen to her. But it got me to thinking when we’re talking about final 4’s or 5’s or whatever are y’all cool with Nicole? Jackson – me, Holly and Nicole were talking about that. And that’s kind of what I was hoping for. Cliff – I don’t know what your discussion with Jessica was like. Jackson – I kept that vague because I know she can run back and forth. I really don’t want sh*t to hit the fan in the last hours for tonight or tomorrow. She said she would vote however. She is also a proponent of keeping Christie. Cliff – what are you thinking because I know Holly is and we talked before. And I am okay with that and I think Nicole. Jackson – Nicole would not go anywhere. Cliff – and I think Nicole is going to be okay with that even though Nick is going to be the sacrificial. She doesn’t want him up but she understands its the game. And Nick said if it comes down to Nicole and I .. I want you to vote me out. And I said I would. Cliff – I know that Nick is planning on going after you and Holly .. targets number one and two. I just heard. Please don’t say anything. Jackson – you have my word that there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell that any of would vote against Nicole in that situation.

10:30pm BB Bird Watching Audio Tour -The extremely rare red throated falcon. Listen to her call. Wow now listen to this condor. Well house guests I did not expect to see this next bird.. the pink flamingo… just listen. Jess – F**K me! Christie – this is going to going to be hard.

10:32pm Bedroom. Jackson and Nick.
Jackson – this next HOH if you win .. and I don’t have to beat around the bush.. if you win HOH are you going after me and Holly or Chris and Jess. Nick – Is Christie staying? Jackson – I have no idea I am not voting and I told Christie that and I told Sis that. Nick – well you are going to break a tie. Jackson – but I don’t want to break a tie and I am not telling anyone what I would do if I had to break a tie because if its not a tie I don’t want that person coming for me. Two – I want everyone to do whats best for their own decision. Nick – before the blow up I was going to put up Jess and most likely Holly and if she took herself off… most likely Cliff. And now I am public enemy number one so I am not sure what I am going to do. Nick – if Christie stays.. that would be difficult. I wanted people that were volatile out. For me personally I have a better relationship with you so it probably going to be her. I am going hard for this HOH. I am voting out Christie regardless.

HOH room. Nicole, Holly and Jackson.
They talk about how Christie said she would put up Nicole and Nick with Nick as her target. Nicole – I have no problem keeping her but if her goal is to put me up that is pretty sh*tty. That would be the stupidest thing ever for me to do. Jackson – I am in your corner and I would love to work with you and Cliff. Nicole – I don’t want to look back at this and be like I had the chance to get out the person that literally said before the eviction .. I would be the person that she would put up next to Nick. Granted I don’t know what Sis would do. But she hasn’t blatantly said it either. When someone says something .. how do you say okay .. I am keeping you. Cliff joins them. Jackson – I was just telling Nicole that I have her back and going forward we want to work with you and Nicole.

12:10am Bedroom. Nicole and Jess.
Nicole – if next week is a double .. oh my god! Its going to get insane! Because there are so many big targets and so many people gunning for each other. After the double ..I bet its going to be endurance with the four jury members.

12:53am House guests now that its the middle of the night .. there is ever more action to be heard. Listen to this wild snow owl… that is much different than the captive snow owl.

1:25am Bedroom. Cliff and Tommy.
Tommy – I am going to do my best to win this. And as far as this (Him and Cliff) goes .. same status. Cliff gives a thumbs up. I look forward to working with you. Tommy – me too. I feel exactly the same way. Nothing changes. As we go on in this game I love you and nothing changes. They hug. Cliff – I respect the players that love the game.

1:40am The house guests are studying the bird calls and messages..

3:05am Boat room. Tommy, Sis, Nick and Cliff are practicing / studying the bird calls.

3:07am Storage room. Christie and Nicole.
Christie – this game does that to you .. it makes you assume and paranoid and worry and paints pictures that you tend to just believe. And so I just wanted to make sure I came to talk to you. Nicole – and I wanted to talk to you before.. now its all the bird sounds. Christie – so you’re freaking out and you’re scared. I am gunning for the HOH and unfortunately Nick is my target. I didn’t really give anyone else my word besides you and Cliff.. because I really needed your vote. So anyone else is.. I love Jess but she didn’t ask me for anything in return.. she didn’t ask me for my word. So I don’t feel like I would be breaking it. But I know I need to win this. I don’t know how much he knows .. but its best to just keep it as I don’t know what’s happening. Nicole – I am going to keep it as I don’t know what is happening .. till right before. I would like to tell Sis and I would like to tell Tommy. Christie – Michie did tell me that if he has to break a tie he would vote to keep me. Nicole – shake on it .. you have my word.

6:04 am Blue robin .. Cheep cheep cheep .. A black bird Cheep cheep .. a crow CAWW CAWW CAWW

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It sure sounds like Jackson is keeping Christie now….watching BBAD for a change….what a dumb move..


No, it’s called playing the game!

Change Of Heart

I am not a Christie fan at all..but she is playing the game. All that lying, crying, putting people on blast, backstabbing and just working the house to pieces..Christy is performing like Dan on his season with the bible when he was on the block Dan came right off that block. You do what you have to do to win. Wake up HG… BB is a dirty game of lies and backstabbing etc..we all know that if you join the show you already know what it takes to win the game and Christie is truly playing the game. Again I am Not a Christie fan. I don’t not feel sorry for other HG..Christie wants the 500k.


I have no issue with her game play, it’s her annoying personality I hate watching, AND I think getting her out is a good move for the other house guests. If they keep he they are once again “playing Christie’s game”!


Do t forget her table manners


it’s a dumb move though as she’s another big personality that can sway people. He should get her out and then work with Cliff, Nicole, Sis and Tommy to get Jess and Nick out.


Not for his game because either way he is screwed. He was going up and out next week but know he might have bought himself a few weeks. I don’t like the guy either but if you look at the facts and take the emotion out of the equation this is a smart game move for him. Sorry


Jess DOES realize shes in no ones alliance right? She blew up her own damn game! Sucks cause she had promise after Jack’s exit. Please dont tell me Jess is going to be the big move of the season and shes not even in contention for being in an alliance let alone winning? They got Sis crying now cause she fears she’s going over something that had nothing to do with her.
Come on now. Stay the course people and take the Christie shot or the rest of u r playing for 2nd place. They will probably come up with Sis had to go because Christie’s really loves the game and plays hard and has done so much more in the game. I am sure after the whole message in the backyard from the public made production “rethink” things as Christie probably called FOUL and that it led to an unfair advantage cause it wasn’t something in the BB house. So the fix to productions problem? They mastermind a flip to get rid of Ms no reason to vote out Sis. (cause we know they r not that smart to flip for a good reason let alone a lame reason like Nicks reaction to something he KNEW was going to happen on Taco Tuesday or their non reason to get rid of Sis)
Let’s hope production just uses this footage as hype like the potential Sam vote flip and allows the game to take its rightful course to evict Christie


What happened in the backyard? Sorry I’ve had guests and haven’t been keeping up.


Someone outside the wall played a recording over a loudspeaker of Christie’s DR where she was talking about her and Tommy knowing each other.


When was this??


I don’t want Christie to stay. Praying everyone wakes up and votes her ass out


Late Sunday night/early Monday morning = they shut down feeds for over an hour. Anytime it’s mentioned (usually between Tommy/Christie) they go to fishes. At the time Cliff, Nicole & TOMMY were laying in the hammock & apparently Jess was also in the backyard, but I’ve read Michie also knew what went down.

The morning after during Cliff Notes he said something along the lines up ‘ an unsettling event occurred last night but the individual will be disappointed it didn’t work’ (even the Cliff Notes seemed like production told him what to say. If it was her voice/DR that twitter is showing then & production is demanding they not talk about it then it’s pretty messed up. I was trying to remember what season it was (Derrick’ s maybe) the last time it happened but the aired it & the hamsters discussed it. And, there were other seasons too whether it was a plane during the day with a banner (but usually the backyard bandit).

Anyway – they aren’t letting them discuss (or us hear) so either they are going to air it tonight/Sun or they are sweeping it under the rug. There are far too many things (for various hamsters) which were ignored (the biggest one being Tommy trying to flip the vote last minute & then Kat leaving on Tommy’s HOH b/c they couldn’t trust Holly/Kat might’ve known each other prior. Plus with Holly’s man in HOH she’s just going to completely ignore that fact? umm no way. Hence why it feels like a very heavy handed production move to keep Christie.

another name

I would guess, and guess only: they’ve set an unsettling precedent this year (the first full season after Les). They told the house week one about public perception of their game play. They informed Jack and Jackson of behavioral shifts that were required (in Jackson’s case 3 times that he has mentioned). They allowed rule breaches of the have nots to go unpunished, and have even rewarded the offender by being on call to deliver special treats for him (name another season where someone yelled we’re out of a food item, and production refilled it within the hour). In the new normal, I’m thinking they have changed policy regarding back yard bandit activity as well. Considering the lazy casting process of having five people in a house of strangers that each had a connection to one of the others, but thus far they have not revealed one of those pairings (and i would say that discussing having 4 friends in common is a link), they aren’t just protecting Tommy and Christie, they are preemptively protecting Holly and Jackson as well. I have heard of them having meetings with people that heard over the wall shouts in the past, and telling them that they are not in any way shape or form to discuss it, or allow it to play a role in game. I have no clue why they would choose to keep Crustie. Maybe the same person that thinks the bird theme is funny, also thinks the breakdowns and subtitles and brussels sprouts are more entertaining than a leaning Sis? I don’t know.


Wow, that’s huge. Did the other hg acknowledge it? Did they ask hear?


Most of the hg were not in the yard but those that did hear bits n pieces of it Clearly were told NOT to discuss it.

The Corey's

If chrissy stays tomororw then I’ll be back when survivor returns.

I may never return again to US bb


Your not alone. There are many other things besides BB to watch and be entertained with, rather then frustrated by a scripted reality show with recruited players.


LOL, This season is starting to look like “Alaskan Bush People”, though it at least was obvious from the start. Maybe next season if BB is still around, they can move to the Discovery Channel and be a lead in to the Bushers fiasco show.
I ask, is there anything that can save this season if Christie stays?? Is there anyone that really is left and deserves to win? If so, why?

New York New York

This is turning into a great season. Don’t know what you are watching. Team Christie all the way! Manifest the victory!


I didn’t even watch BB last night. Its been taking a dump and from feeds and forums/chats you know Christy is most likely staying. So I watched the first new episode of the new Ghost Hunters on A&E. Didn’t miss not watching BB even a little.


Been over 3 weeks since we watched edited broadcasts version and live show. To many more interesting stuff to watch, including baseball games. Was seriously going to watch tonight eviction show and then decide if we were going to pursue any further BB shows. I’ll check here tomorrow to see results, if Christie stays, its “adios BB” not just the remaining season, but any future seasons. Thanks goes here and will be sending a donation here deservingly having to put up and update this fiasco. So if Christie stays, I’ll say my good byes now.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

So it’s looking like a Jackson Holly Christie Tommy final 4 unless whoever makes it to 5 sneaks through.


Jackson and Holly also have a final 4 deal with Cliff and Nicole.

Season Six - Yes Please

I am scared that my attempt of sarcasm on the post a few days ago about Christy staying is coming true. This is a nightmare, if this group doesn’t get her out. Nick will not win this HOH, because he doesn’t want to.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Yup,it’s your fault.


Damn cause I said the same thing like half joking but knowing how they were so dumb I questioned if Michie was smart enough to follow through. I even hoped they didnt get amnesia and forget what things had been like weeks prior. Sad to say amnesia along with a case of the “morons” set in.
Not your fault. U just could feel it in your gut so hoping u were wrong but partially knowing u r oh so right!


Watching BBAD Crusty knows she flipped the house and Sis knows it.

Franks fumes

Jess is such a dip$hit and worthless in this game all she does is lay around and make up stuff about everybody……..except Crusty her Queen……it’s like that is her sole purpose…..hmmm.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Cliff Nicole Jess and Tommy were in a position where they could have played Jackson/Holly and Nick/Sis against eachother.Now with Sis and then Nick gone there is no other side to hide behind and they get picked off.What are they thinking will happen 2 weeks from now?They are giving Jackson/Holly all the options.

Franks fumes

Does anyone think Crusty is gonna keep her word to Jackjaw and his Granny?…..would be funny if she stayed won HOH and put them up against each other with oily Nick as the replacement …….maybe it’s a ruse and she’s gone Thursday (please) here’s hoping.


If Christie stays, she’ll just say shes more loyal to whom she didnt put up and the deal was just a part of the game and her campaigning. She hasn’t stuck to her word thus far and have been able to reason it, twist and manipulate it away but they seem to like it….Stockholm syndrome syndrome at its finest. They r all trapped in her the “game is unfair cause of the backyard incident so u gotta keep me to make it fair even though I have called half of u gross pieces of ish!”

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Jess is so full of sh*t – Nick is FAR from my favorite player, but no WAY he threw the Slip and Slide comp. She knows nothing. (Had to get that out)

First, how DARE anyone make Sis have to actually play the game and compete… SO annoying (she reminds me of a Kardashian).

FINALLY, If the idea was to blow up the alliance of Tommy Christie Sis Nick, I say mission complete. Tommy will regret joining her at the hip this entire season. The idea that Christie “wants it more” reminds me of a bad relationship. One guy brings you flowers, treats you with respect,and let’s you get your way because he loves you. Another guy is insanely jealous, blames you for his insecurities, twists your words to where you question what really happened; he somehow always gets his way, and when he treats you like crap, it’s your fault because “if you really loved him….”

Christie is that second boyfriend. Just because they keep you on an emotional roller coaster doesn’t mean they love you more. Now break up with Christie! Her word and truth are crap.. Just ask her dead sisters.

another name

While I don’t think Nick necessarily threw it, he did tell people he was going to throw it.
What is the best way to throw an endurance comp while saving face? Go out hard and fast as if it was a sprint not a marathon, and when fatigue sets in, slow to a crawl.
If He’s telling people he’s going to throw (he told Tommy, Sis and Christie) and he is treating an endurance like a quick speed comp a case could be made. Even if it is wrong.


Sis totally thinks she’s a Kardashian! I was trying to figure out who she reminds me of.

Sally B

Omg, I thought the exact same thing. Meltdown anytime any single solitary thing doesn’t go your way. Height of entitlement. Smh.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

She even said “Bible” the way Kourtney K. does (meaning “I swear”). I’m saying Nick isn’t some comp beast any more than Tommy or Christie. Tommy is a dancer so cardio is normal for him. SHOULD be for Sis.


What the h*ll is a goin on?? Annoyed at this turn of events and really hoping they don’t keep Christie!


I, on the other hand, am really hoping they DO keep Christie!!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

OMG!Now I have to root for Nick to win HOH.Will these horrors never end?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I think Christie is Pennywise,we’ll never get rid of It.


I wish there was a bird that says, “Cacaw, Cacaw…send Christie home! “


Jackson keeps telling them all to wait, they can have 12-18 hours of deniability, and he will let them know right before the vote which way he wants the vote to go. If Production is pressuring him to keep Christie, dare we hope that he is playing along and will tell them all to vote her out at the last minute? Think he’s that smart?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Did you get that convoluted plot from Jess?


No…it’s something I would probably do if I were in his position…so there, jerk!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

so wait…is this Jess?


So the latest is that Jackson has decided to attempt to flip the vote on his own HOH and keep Christie. WTactualF?! Production has been working overtime. Must have told him they’d cut-off his watermelon if he didn’t keep Christie.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

No not the watermelon!


On his dog’s birthday!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

So I guess Sis’ strategy is to continue to do nothing even as she’s being evicted.
And Nicole’s strategy is to keep the person who will nominate her.


How stupid are these ppl.



SD Bird

Final Four ??

Jackson/Holly/Cliff/Nicole + Christy

Jackson & Holly are keeping their options open.
Cliff & Nicole may be doomed believing Christy agrees to the 4+1

Christy got game changing campaign advice from Tommy that won her a chance back into the game.
They later confirmed that they are still playing together to WIN & PLACE.

Will any HG be able to stop these two?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

To answer your question,no.

Christie's Tears Jar

Nicole for HOH!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Really?What’s the point?She’s gonna nominate Nick and who cares.


True dat!!!! How ’bout you route for Christie??????

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

At this point do we have any other choice?

another name

So what happens if the girl afraid of birds wins the birdcall HOH?
Oh with the constant bird / fear associations we have to wonder.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

At this point she might as well nominate herself and fly the coop.

BB Casting Call

If C stays, I hope there are daily messages every hour for the rest of the season keeping the HGs locked inside the rest of summer.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

It takes a special HOH to flip on himself.


If crusty stays I hope she puts up Jackson right next to mrs plastic surgery

Franks fumes

I’m getting the feeling Jackjaw is thinking of taking Jess and his Granny to his (potential) final 3 (although he would dump Granny like a bad habit along the way lol) ….this is his only play to be guaranteed 500k. Who else could he beat at the end but Jess….nobody lol.


This entire situation has the POWERS THAT BE written all over it. Too many factors not being mentioned for it not to be the case. For example:

Things which logically would be mentioned & aren’t even being considered/discussed:
1. The backyard blast – okay so they’ve been told not to discuss but they are occasionally bringing it up based on feeds flipping and in previous seasons they DID air the backyard shouters and what was discussed. Why is this year different?
2. Holly doesn’t have an issue with Tommy/Christie after they were the driving force to flip the vote & then take out Kat the next week?
3. Neither Jess/Nicole were told Christie tried to get get them put up as replacements (esp Nicole if she’s in a F4 with J/H)
4. Christie has a pecking order she openly discussed with Sis/Tommy/Nick so why is she any different & why wasn’t that outed?
5. Christie has repeatedly made big alliances & then switched the following week – WHY do Holly/Jackson believe this would be different?
6. No discussion on how odd it is Jess is so committed to C but C told H/J she would want Jess out after Nick (AGAIN – red flag b/c Tommy isn’t even a consideration)
7. To that end, Christie said she could NOT put Tommy OTB – HUGE RED FLAG
8. At no time this season has Jackson every shifted once he is laser focused to do something but on the week he’s talked about taking out a big player he is going to change in the 11th hour to take out Sis who has won ~~~~ oh that’s right NOTHING!

Anyway this entire thing feels very orchestrated by TPTB. That said there are reasonable explanations for why certain people would want this, Michie just isn’t one of them b/c I fail to believe Christie won’t come up with some preposterous reason why she is switching back to take him out. Everyone knows all he has to do is cut the watermelon wrong & she’ll find a way to spin that into a major issue. Just wait b/c it will happen.

Jess is closer to Christie, Sis isn’t an obvious target, is aligned with the enemy (2 men) and she believes she is in a F5 now (she’s NOT). Sorry to be a mean girl but I’ll LMFAO when/if Jess leaves before Nicole.She cleared the air with Nicole tonight (did NOT tell her about the F5 she THINKS she is in though) & did imply to Cliff they need to keep Nicole safe “too” i.e. Jess sees Nic in the 6th spot. Jess told Nicole she was just doing what she did this week for positioning but she still throws Nicole UTB constantly to others. The vote by Nicole to take out Sis will hopefully end that narrative.

Holly gets her F5 & still thinks she has Tommy as well as Jess but I’m not sure Tommy will do what she thinks. Interestingly Holly/Michie are STILL debating whether to honor Nicole/Cliff after shaking on it. I mean it’s not like everyone hasn’t shifted, lied & switched but b/c of Jackson’s “I’m shooting you straight” comments this week it just seems like that will look shady on the level of Christy shady.

As for Cliff & Nicole this makes the most sense whether we like it or not. They’ve secured a F4 with Holly/Jackson & F5 which includes Christie BUT it won’t be surprising if Tommy ends up replacing Christie. And neither of them will be priority targets for Nick who feels bad he outed their games/made them potential targets during Taco Gate. Taking out Sis specifically for Nicole is solid especially if Christie sticks to her agreement at least for next week.

Nicole showed real savvy tonight by talking to Nick positioning it as a terrible situation based on the Taco Gate fight. Nick feels remorse so he’s told her to vote however Cliff does to keep herself safe. She’ll still be someone he protects as will Tommy. So yeah, as mad as I am that I have to deal with watching Christie eat & hear that voice this week couldn’t have gone any better for Nicole. In truth, Sis was never really going to protect Nicole or not nominate her & she’s less of a target than Nicole the longer she stays in the house. With her leaving Nick & Tommy will both move her up their ladder so it’s a win-win across all sides for Nicole.

Ultimately, Sis ineptness at the game (and TPTB) is why she’s leaving. She did absolutely nothing to remind the others why Christie should go like mentioning any of the 8 items I listed up top. Sure she campaigned today but it was done with the same attitude she’s had all game with expectation and little effort. One definite area Sis messed up is she should’ve told Jackson how she has sat in rooms hearing the things Christie is swearing on her sister’s life about that are blatant lies. She didn’t & apparently she’ll leave for it now. I can’t say I’m sad to see her leave either. (Man this cast is brutal)

Targets for the coming week:

Nick: Michie/Holly will go up if he wins. The renom would be one of Christie or Jess.

Christie: Nick is her target but who sits beside him? We know we can’t trust anything she says or does – as soon as she saw the momentum change in her direction she immediately pulled the — give her an inch she takes a mile by forming 3 different F5’s (all include Michie/Holly) the others are with 1) Jess/Cliff, 2)Tommy/Jess 3) Cliff/Nicole. Which one is legit? Holly/Jackson are saying it’s with their F4 of Nicole/Cliff but since they also made one with Tommy/Christie (YUCK) who knows. Makes you wonder if Christie will even try to win b/c she would have to show her cards & all she cares about is staying at this point.

She went to Tommy & said we still are going F2 (which tells you she has no intention of honoring the F5 deals she’s made. Part of me would like to see her win HOH just so she would have to be proven as the liar she is b/c Jess, Tommy & Nicole all have been told they are in F5s with her & in Nicole’s case that she’s not going on the block. I kind of think Christie would try to back door Michie & when she put him up just say “sucker” why would I ever work with you?

Jess: Nick & Tommy? She believes she is in a F5 so that only leaves Tommy/Nicole as options. Putting up Nicole would make her look pretty bad & they seemed to snuff out their issue tonight with Nic suggesting Jess/Cliff & her reform their F3 so my guess is she would put up Nick/Tommy (or maybe Nick/Michie). Given it’s a memory comp she’ll have a great shot at winning.

Tommy: the thing about Tommy is you never really know his true intentions b/c he “loves everyone”. He certainly is NOT happy with Christie b/c her Taco Tuesday blowup exposed his game & the backyard blast should’ve blown it up (damn TPTB). He won’t put Nick OTB or turn on Nicole. He could put up Cliff/Jess but he told Christie his targets shifted from them to Michie/Holly prior to the deal made tonight. The safe bet (i.e. weak move) is to put up Jess/Cliff – & Tommy likes to play safe. A Christie backdoor would be brilliant but based on TPTB seeming fingers in the pot it’s highly unlikely. Insert Tommy winning HOH & suddenly Christie & him reconciling to target Michie/Holly over the watermelon scandal.

Holly: Nick is her main target & I think she might put up Jess b/c she’ll feel she can still work with Tommy. In the event Nick came down I’m still not convinced she wouldn’t put up Christie. I think Holly will throw this comp believing she (& Michie) are safe outside of Nick — but is she really?

Cliff: Cliff committed to the F5 so he’ll put up Tommy/Nick & Jess as renom. I wonder however, if Nick came down if he might logically put up Christie citing the fact she said she’d go up as a pawn in order for him to avoid putting up Jess this early.

Nicole: voting to keep Christie will prove she makes her own decisions. She could go one better if she put Nick OTB beside Christie & cited the fact she is her own person & was uncomfortable with the public outing of people’s games last week with no regard or respect for the game. Not sure she’d go at Christie since she “promised” Nicole safety unless, like Cliff she uses “you said you would be a pawn”. I know Nicole wants to win an HOH but the truth is this is one she SHOULD throw & keep herself open to win the DE HOH.

So TPTB decided to “produce” this week & edit out actual events & stage manage their actors I mean cast to do what they say which means Christie is staying. The funny thing is Nick got put on blast for having safety between the couples — but can someone explain to me why Christie having 3 different F5 deals is ANY different? In fact, the ONLY person who she didn’t put in a deal was Nick.

Moving forward, there is still the chance TPTB are pushing for a Holly/Michie/Tommy/Christie F4 but that would equal a massive exodus from viewership since Nicole & Cliff are the favorites across every poll I’ve seen. Clearly TPTB want Christie here at least for now but I’m torn on whether they keep pushing that narrative through to season end. Also wondering if we’ll hear from Julie tomorrow night that next week they’ll be a DE combined with a battle back.

Likeliest to win HOH are Nick, Tommy or Jess (not sure how hard the others try). Although Cliff may want to win in order to ensure a big target leaves & make sure his F4 is real – but in his case it would be better to take out Tommy (remember he’s been suspicious of the Tommy/Michie bond) so could he position it with Holly/Mickie that he’ll backdoor Nick & put Tommy/Christie OTB & then hope Nick wins POV? It could also get interesting if Jess wins HOH & puts up Nick but he wins POV – who leaves in that scenario? Would Tommy get cut? Or would Jess put up Michie?

For our viewing pleasure a few things could make for a good week:
1) Christie wins forcing her to show who she is lying to
2) Nick wins & calls out Christie for making three different F5 deals while on the block proving how dangerous she is
3) Tommy wins & blindsides Christie or Michie
4) Nicole makes it through another week & then wins DE HOH (which I think will be next week) & takes out Christie! Yeah I know I’m probably being delusional b/c Nicole doesn’t do well in the live comps but a lady can dream.


The main reason Christie’s issues you mentioned are not being called out is she’s OTB against Sis….who has no game, no campaigning strategy, and continues to do nothing, but then cries it’s not fair.


Christie may be like Ariana’s brother from 16. They’ll keep her around long enough then cut her after some reveal. Ariana’s brother was almost booted before he revealed his status as a celebrity leech and saved by one very sketchy BotB. I think his protection ended after she appeared on the VMA.

J e t s jets jets jets

I am really dreading having to look at more pictures of Christie on this site but for game it’s probably best.

Analyse last night in DR saying nobody would come after her because everyone loves her was just further proof of her massive entitlement.

Franks fumes

Crusty talking to Sis/Tommy in boat room discussing her honest campaign and you can see a hint of Sis trying to use her atrophied brain cells to put 2 and 2 together……then she goes back to thinking about her a$$ again lol.


The only redeeming part of this seasons BB, and sorry to say we won’t be able to see, is when these idiots, get to see their season and how stupid they looked and played this game.
If Christie stays, I’ll wish those with strong stomachs that can bear watching the remaining season, the best. Because I’ll be gone and seriously don’t care who goes to final 3 or wins. I’ll be waiting for new Survivor season to start.
I can no longer stand C/Cs, Cliff and Christie, I can tolerate the rest.


Whether Christie stays or goes, you will watch lol.


no Terryb your mistaken, I’m not tied to this show. There were a lot of reality shows I have to admit I was turned to, until I saw what reality really is and how they are staged. I’m not addicted, nor a couch potato were these shows are must to see. Last years BB final I didn’t find results out till 6 weeks later when it was discussed at one of my clubs meeting breaks.


So what are your thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise?




Nicole has stated at least twice recently on the feeds that Nick has made her physically uncomfortable. Why hasn’t production intervened? Nick should have – at the least! – been told to back off the women and not invade their personal space without invitation.

Ovi's tongue

For those wondering, ‘GS cook’ is Girl Scout cookies, BB21 house slang for vagina.


Well now that sure didn’t take long for Christie to prove me right. She told Tommy she made a ONE WEEK DEAL & after that she can go after whoever the F*CK she wants.

Specific comments she made stand out:

Tommy: is there an alliance of with you, Jess, Jackson & Holly?
Christie: “absolutely not (LIE – she did try to make that deal with them & told Jess she is in that F5)
Christie: but I think Cliff took Nicole upstairs & the four made a deal & Jess is not in it! (HELLO – that’s b/c Christie is in that deal of F5).

Christie: I have no deals except Jackson/Holly are safe next week & it was loosely discussed I won’t go after them but realistically after this week and the dust settles I’m gunning for whoever the f*ck I want.

She also told him to get Cliff’s vote she had to agree to keep Nicole safe this week so she would put up Nick & Jess (that’ll go over big with Jess – talk about the karma slap hitting you right in the face! -you almost want Christie to win just so she does put up Jess & she sees how much Christie has her back). The pair also discussed how crazy it is that Nicole/Cliff are keeping her after what they heard (they were lying in hammock with Tommy when the backyard announcement blasted).

So, here’s the thing —- yes Tommy/Christie are a pair BUT he also saw how much she hurt his game this week when she felt threatened & she’s never truly acknowledged how much damage she caused to him. It’s pretty clear Tommy doesn’t want to go deep in this game with her b/c he likely feels SHE will cost him the game. On top of that he knows (b/c of Jess telling him as well as Nicole) that Christie is lying to him about the deal. Soooooooooooooo is there a chance Tommy goes to Jackson & Holly tomorrow & tells them:

Christie told him she made a ONE week deal but after that she will gun for whoever she wants
She told him she saw Nicole/Cliff go up to HOH & make a deal & that he heard from Jess a deal was made with them her & Jess.

If Tommy really wants Christie gone he could blow up her game by doing this & telling Holly/Michie look – she’s just telling you want you want to hear & everything she called out Nick for she is doing WHILE ON THE BLOCK – the difference is he didn’t lie but she is.

If TPTB are dictating what happens then no Tommy won’t do that – but if he’s really pissed off he might blow up her game just to get payback AND more importantly to try to make it seem like that “backyard blast” wasn’t real.

We’ll find out in hours.

The other interesting thing is Holly is feeling so safe she went to bed – which means she has no intention of winning the HOH (and it was noticed!). Cliff/Nicole & Jess agree if it’s a knockout they put Tommy up vs. Nick & then target Christie til she’s out. This may be based on them thinking it’s a DE – I wonder if they’ll try as hard to win once they learn it isn’t.


I really don’t want Christy to stay. It’s a sickening thought. But to see Christy put Jess on the block would be a wonderful sight. But I don’t think I want to see it bad enough for Christy to stay.

J e t s jets jets jets

If Tommy were to do that he would really get in good with H/J. That could be the move that wins him the game.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I’ve a feeling Tommy has been her doormat for many years.

Just look at that infantile tantrum she threw over his playing Baywatch; hard to believe that came from a grown woman. He immediately stopped having a good time, ran after her, said he understood why she felt like that and was apologizing to her and Sis.

For Crips sake Tommy, ditch the witch! She is toxic!


This really is the worse cast ever – no one should win. CBS should say never mind and donate the money to a worthwhile cause. You know what they say – there is no honor among thieves.

K Bake

They are all completely nuts to keep Christie.

What am I missing that everyone is acting like Nick is this big mastermind?

So glad the braids are gone.

Jess, oh, Jess….. you make my ass hurt.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

You probably could have abbreviated it to just “they are all completely nuts.”

There wasn’t a single good “player” this season. The remaining house guests aren’t there out of good game play, rather they’re there by happenstance as the more capable players/alliances continue to go off on tangents and implode.


If Tommy doesn’t vote to keep Christie she should put him on the block next to Nick as “a pawn”. I can’t believe he’s voting to evict her when they’ve been friends since childhood. As much as I’m not a fan of Christie’s kudos to her for executing a good plan to save herself.


Do you really think she cares that much about Tommy, or him playing his own game and experience in the house?

No way, just look at the Baywatch nonsense…..selfish, manipulative, conniving b….

He should cut her, it would help his game immensely.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Christie has been a HORRIBLE friend to Tommy.

Team Cliff

I have totally been anti-Christie all season, but… As a long time BB fan I have to give credit for her campaign. This rates up there with the Dan funeral for surviving sure eviction. But… I still will root her to go soon.


I in the same boat. I can’t stand her but after she stays she has shown amazing BB survival skills.

I can’t get over how stupid of a move this was for Jackson. He’s giving Chrsitie a HUGE thing to put on her resume.


I don’t mind that Christie is making deals to stay, it’s just that Jackson’s about face is too atypical to be anything other than someone with a clipboard is telling him it’s a good thing to keep Christie.


1hundo p this flips smells of production doing


I agree…it doesn’t seem like him at all. But…if they are still able to get her out in the next couple weeks…and he builds a strong alliance with Cliff and Nicole…and most importantly, they win stuff…then I will forgive this detour. I do not want to be giving Christie or Tommy credit on finale night for outstanding gameplay.

Kat's Alien Bitch

Hard to deny that this is some serious misting.

I hate her: but this is pretty impressive.




it is in jackson’s best interest to create a tie as it divides the house and he needs a divided house to take the target off him. but he should not be breaking that tie for christie and try to vote opposite from holly to create the illusion of discord between them.


When Christie stays I may have to start cheering for her based on gameplay alone. This entire season is so f*ing hopeless.

I’m not trolling . I do find Chrsitie absolutely the worst but if these people are stupid enough to keep her or if she’s good enough to stay in the game she deserves recognition.

So there you have it.. BB21 broken my head.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I could agree with that except for the minor problem that her “gameplay” shouldn’t be judged on this one instance of potentially saving herself and even that might work only because the other players, in this case namely Jackson, are so stupid.

If you look at Crusty’s “gameplay” to date, it’s been pretty much self-destructive; from blowing up the original alliance to deciding that Nick was the mastermind behind her nomination and the cause of her possible eviction. That is not good “gameplay”, it’s clueless happenstance, luck and a helping hand from production.


I agree completely!


Fair enough, but is it really good gameplay, or just horrible decision making by those controlling the votes. It sounds like they’re making decisions that really don’t have much to with Christie’s promises made to them.

I also agree with several others here who’ve stated that production has a hand in this. There is no way that they are not at least influencing it a little bit, I’ve been saying it since the season began. People began calling it out online when Jack knew she was lying, but still chose to go against Jackson who is loyal to a fault. To compare her loose lipped, all-over-the map gameplay to Dan is more than a stretch, with all due respect. Love this site.


I may have gotten excited about Christie this morning. It’s more horrible decision making with a heaping spoon of CHrsitie’s nonstop chomping voice than anything..

Glad you like the site 🙂 thanks!


Too much Krakken!

Watching last night and her DR edits, it should be like this, “I have faith (in production), yeah I have faith (in production)”.

Does no one ever clue in to which players are always in the DR week after week, those should be targets.


I still can’t stand her and want her out tonight or next week….but I got excited about all this last night. This is why we watch this dang show! But I’ll never be able to root for her. I can’t help but think that this would’ve never happened if Sis had vocalized her desire to continue working with Michie. Instead…it gets back to him that her, Nick, and Tommy are working together to take him out.


I’ve never really been sure before that production did a really large amount of influencing. I guess I’ve tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. BUT now, I am absolutely sure they are guiding this game in the direction they want. But I just can’t understand why they want Christy to stay so badly. They have to be aware of how much the fans detest her.
There have been a lot of players over the years that I couldn’t stomach. But there is something about her that just goes that extra mile. This is the first year in all my years of watching that I have skipped episodes of both the show and after dark. I find myself just getting too disgusted.
Reading it here is a little easier than watching it play out.


I was convinced of production interference when they kept Amanda even though she was as good as gone. I have no idea why they are keeping crusty. I never say this, but I won’t watch the rest of this season. I thought nothing could be worse than Paul – until now.


If Sis leaves, at least she has Jack… or does she?


Depends if Kat needs a breather.




I said it b4 but Love Christie or hate her, she has game that worked thus far even if its slimy!!! Thier lack of game play n her ability to twist while they cowardly back down is amazingly shockingly awful to watch it’s bad but I can’t just look away!!! But I want to
They deserve to lose to her if they keep her

Bullies SUCK

I’ll give it to her. If she has been able to pull this off, I will put her up there with Evil Dick in her ability to play an all around game that INCLUDES being able to piss people off AND get them to vote to keep her in the game. Don’t have to like her to see she is good at this game.


Not even close to Evel Dick. Dick had pre-planned his strategy (and articulated it numerous times in the DR). Crusty just randomly emotionally lost it and might get lucky.

Crusty would have been gone long ago if she didnt have the lame power that protected her for many weeks, or Tommy didnt win the veto when she got put up after the field trip.

She is more like Josh, who was equally unstable, and got lucky. This differs a lot from Dick who developed and executed a plan, or Dan Gheesling who masterminded, and executed, his staying by staging “Dan’s funeral”, probably the greatest moment in BB history.

But dont put Crusty with Dick, Dan or Dr Will. Sometimes unstable nut jobs get lucky (Crusty, Josh).

Bullies SUCK

Fair enough


I don’t agree. Christy pissed people off but then kisses their a** later. Will and Evil Dick showed their true game from the beginning and made it through. That is an accomplishment. What Christy ‘s doing is not even in the same category. Not even close.


I am done with this show if freaking Christie stays-I already do not watch it on tv anymore just read about it on here


Same. I usually watch Thursday night but fast forward most of the show. Last season I actually watched was the one Nicole won.


Literally same here


From BB Forums, thru Twitter and Facebook, and all the other online feed followers, the vote is around 99.8% to get Christy out. If these nimrods (Jackson) don’t get it done, they are going to lose some major fans (as will BB itself).


I can’t stand the chic BUT keeping Crusty is smarter for Jackson’s short game. She’ll go after Nick. Sis stays and its a powerhouse of 5 gunning for both Jackson and Holly. BB is about the unexpected. Crusty staying would for sure be unexpected.


She would put up Nick and Jackson it’s just how she is.


Exactly right. I don’t want this to happen at all…but short term, this definately benefits his game.



This is honestly the best move for Jackson’s horrible game!

KeePin it ReAl!!!

I see people are so butt hurt cuz Christie may stay, well its called Big Brother and its good for feeds entertainment! Go ahead and don’t watch anymore cuz you didn’t get your way! I luv it that someone stepped up and finally played the game and flipped the script to stay instead of floating to the end.

Cliff and Nicole are just floating week to week not doing nothing, sis is just being dragged along for the ride and doing nothing, tommy n nick are in the middle and just becoming too comfortable… Who is going after people???

It’s lame and jess is just there with nobody… Michie was the only one taking shots…. It’s a snooze fest and this is what u all are rooting for??? Thank You Christie for showing them that in Big Brothet things can change and you can flip a vote and PAWNS do go home!!! Luvin it!!!


Tommy’s cousin posted on social media she “spoke to production regarding something for Tommy’s HOH basket (HUH?) and was told ONLY people in backyard were Tommy, Cliff, Nicole. TPTB told her it was some DJ recorded audio off lot. Nicole didn’t understand it, (Tommy did) & Cliff kind of did – but didn’t hear it all & TPTB told her Cliff didn’t believe it (DOUBLE HUH?). And apparently the Jackson/Holly “did you hear it?” didn’t have to do with it (shrugs shoulders – maybe a DR leak I guess).

Others on Twitter are saying they think TPTB were the ones who played it b/c Christie is OTB & then told the hamsters it was unfair fan interference & are using that as a way to keep Christie. I mean stranger things have happened I guess. Regardless the entire situation especially how they are handling it is very suspect.

another name

I don’t know if I believe either, but 2 different people are taking credit for it. Neither works for cbs.

Manifest It!

If Christie pulls this off she will go down as one of the greats this game has ever seen. Mover over Dr. Will, Dan and Derrick. You have a new sheriff in town and her name is Christie!

Just Sayin

It’s not that she’s so cleaver, its that the rest of them are so DUMB!

Ovi's tongue

What, she cried to get her way?


Not anywhere near their league

Change Of Heart

I am about to have a change of heart and I am Not a Christie fan not at all..But the HG let…yes let Christie talk them into keeping her Wooow! She worked the HG over for 24hrs or more. If the house flip Christie deserve to win it all. No way I would let Christie be in my ear like that..She is working the whole house while Sis do nothing for her on game..Sis needs to go and on her way out grab at least 5 more HG with her. smh


She does not deserve to win it all because of this. Keeping her directly benefits several people in the house, short term. I agree it’s impressive….but not $500,000 impressive.


This season shouldn’t be about BB Camp but called Big Brother – Bat Sh!t Crazy. Those people run their mouths at every turn, change their head about anyone with the slightest hint of paranoia and betrayal, and show their cards to everyone and pair up with people they smacked days before. Crazy as hell. I can only put up with it because I watch it on demand. I’d never stomach doing appointment television style like back in the day…

another name

So, has the vote switched back yet, or are we still playthings in the wonderful world or Grod? (last part said with dripping sarcasm).
how many flying monkeys holding watermelons and itch relief cream does it take to make a vote flip?
That said, I do respect Christie fighting to stay more than I respect Sis for complaining it’s not fair.
At the same time… I’m still half expecting a ‘just kidding folks’ switch back involving Jackson standing at a doorway eavesdropping after leaving the diary room. I don’t know why.


OMG. I can’t believe these idiots especially Jackson flipped. Production HAD to have given them all like 5,000 to keep Christie. Well now I am rooting for her and I hope she wins HOH and he goes out on her HOH.


They wouldn’t have to pay them. It’s all about the carrot. Each person one any reality show understands that playing nice with production will get you additional screen time, post show opportunities, and other incentives. Even as far back as the very first Real World had the guy who became a host on MTV and somewhat famous for a bit afterwards.


Christi is going to jump ship on Jackson the first chance she gets! If she doesn’t put him OTB, she will vote
him out when someone else puts him up. From early on, has wanted the Jacks out and said she will not go
To final numbers with any couples.