“You three are really BIG characters that I think people LOVE watching and they want more of you”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie pulled ), Holly (Sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson did not use the power of veto

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9:02 am Cam 1, Tommy and Nick

9:34 am houseguests getting up..
Cliff is talking about finding spots to hide a veto pulls apart some of the boatroom, “the problem is If I saw (a good spot) what are the chances someone else did as well”
Cliff says the veto ceremony went as expected. “Now Christie and SIS are realizing one of them is going home”
Cliff – Christie has now said she will campaign she won’t drag sis under the bus. A big part of that campaigning will be blowing other people’s games. Sounds like Nick is the main one.
Cliff – I’ve gotten friendly with her, Tommy and Sis. Everyone is scrambling at this point. Everyone is theoretically on good terms with everyone else. Makes it hard if you are HOH and you have to put people up.
Cliff – Tommy had a good point yesterday. He said he feels like this is starting to devolve into 8 people left broken up into 4 groups of couples, Nicole and myself, Michie and Holly, Tommy and Sis, And then Jess and Nick are the wild cards.
Cliff says no more game talk “I’ve learned my lesson”

9:48 am Cliff moves to the bathroom
Cliff says he made the deal to flip when he was on the block. But if he’s not on the block he won’t make a deal with Tommy to put Michie and Holly up.
Cliff doesn’t want to make a deal with Tommy if Tommy wins HOH and he doesn’t go up. “if he wants to go ahead with this idea of four couples I will mention to him that the three guys are big targets”
Cliff – let him start to worry about that a little bit

Cliff – Michie and Holly want to meet with Nicole and I. If this is a double eviction who our targets will be.
Cliff – being used a little bit there. Michie isn’t playing in the HOH. So there’s only three of us potentially getting blood on our hands. He gets to skate but he took out Christie and he’s made himself a bit of a target.
Cliff – I could be in the same position next week. Hopefully, he’s got my back
Cliff – at this point we all got blood on our hands we’re gonna have to put up people once we’re down to the final 8.
Cliff – if I have to turn on Jess.. I don’t like it, I would love to see her and Nicole and myself go further.
Cliff – I don’t know if I can guarantee a three-person alliance makes it to the end. I’m unsure Jess would have my back if it came down to it. More so than the other guys perhaps but .. Don’t know
Cliff – we don’t have the yard anymore it’s shutdown until the end of this round
Cliff – we had something unsettling happened last night. I’m not going to talk about it with any detail cause it doesn’t merit it. Fortunately, it didn’t work the way someone wanted it to work. It won’t have an effect on any of us. But JEEZ. It just hits home that a lot of people are invested in this game (A lot less than their use to be)

10:27 am Tommy looking around at the props, “lemme see if I can find a hide and go veto spot”
Tommy- wow, look at this. this is f*ing dangerous.. a tool.. that’s frightening
Cliff joins them “That’s a shiv”

11:34 cam Sis, Tommy, and Nick
Sis – after Christie leaves it’s just going to be us three

Nick goes on to retell everything Christie is pissed about him about.
Sis brings up Christie saying that she was going to throw it. Tommy agrees says there was a point before the blowup where they all said that but after the blow up they weren’t
Nick – before it got blown up I wasn’t going for it beforehand none of us were
They agree the original plan was to throw it to Cliff and Nicole.

12:23 pm Christie, Sis, and Tommy
Christie wonders if she’s getting a phone call
Sis says they were told they do
Christie starts to cry.
Tommy joins them
Christie – “I’m ok.. I literally just started crying. I’m having a hard time this house has made me go crazy I really miss home”

12:32 pm Sis, Tommy, Christie
Sis – if I’m being honest I think the powers this year sucked, Ovi’s the only one that had a good one
Sis says Jack’s power sucked and Christie would have been good if she got to pick the person to renominate.
Sis – I feel so brain dead without reading. I can’t even spell anymore
Christie goes pm wondering of getting rid of OVI was her big mistake maybe they could have used their power
Sis – if there’s anything I would take back it would be the blow-up on day 43
Christie- I would. I would take that back so quick.. I would take it back just vocalizing my feelings about Jackson.
Christie says she told Sam/kat that when she gets to 6 they would take out Jackson if she kept her mouth shut, they wouldn’t have had the blow-up.

Christie – I wish things were different
Sis – things happen for a reason
They go on to fantasize about a jury battle back. They say the competition will be something equal to all of them.
Christie whimpers that she will be competing against Jack and Kat for the battle back
Sis – you three are really BIG characters that I think people LOVE watching and they want more of you
Christie – thanks that you think that.

12:51 pm Tommy looking around for places to hid the veto

1:04 pm  Nick and Nicole
Nick going on about how he was going to throw the HOH but then he didn’t because he thought he was a target. Adds that CHristie and Sis were both planning on throwing it to “You guys”
Nick goes over all the points that Christie is pissed about him about. .

1:27 pm Jackson and Sis
Jackson says he’s made zero handshakes with anybody. All he’s done is going into the nominations he wanted to secure people’s votes.
Jackson – it’s not against you. There’s a lot of people that want Christie out but they are too timid to nominate her. She is a big threat to people in this game
Sis is going to tell him something he needs to swear to keep secret

Sis – Jess did tell me she had a deal with you. I’m not sure if it was you and Holly.
Sis – if you don’t put her up she won’t put you up

Jackson clears up the deal he made with Jess this week. “Scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.. Keeping me safe during Jack’s week.”
Sis saying that Jess is going up to the HOH saying one thing then down to the RV saying another.
Jackson – back and forth .. the deal if you even want to call it a deal was I won’t nominate her if I can count on her vote to go in the favour I like
Sis says Jess was trying to get Christie off the block and Nick put up
Jackson – wow .. she said I had a final 3 with Tommy and Nick.
Jackson says he doesn’t have a final 2 even with Holly.
Jackson – I had a final 2 with Jack and he was sitting in jury
Sis – Jack said he had a final 2 with Tommy.
Sis – what if there is a battle back
Jackson – we’ll cross that ridge

2:10 pm
Cliff – “Looking for hide the veto places”

2:14 pm
Jess Checking herself getting ready for a day of MAD game play

2:40 pm Just waiting around for the taco Tuesday call out.

3:01 pm Just eating and chit chat.. still waiting for the big blowup that’s planned.


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Damn Christie’s disgusting !! Never seen anyone be a more obnoxious eater !!

Roll Tide

Very gross, she doesn’t know how to chew. Maybe smaller bites would help.


And the eyes…her eyes are full of crazy. It fills me with fear for the other hamsters.



Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Why did Simon make me see that?Why Simon Why?

Just sayin

It is gross, but funny too…keep em coming Simon!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder


Just sayin

I think she has a protruding lower jaw and wide lower bite, so she is more or less chomping than chewing in appearance. With that said the talking and mouth open while chewing doesn’t help this. SMH…she is going to be so ‘watered off’ if she were to read all this when the game is over. LOL

Analyse the Nincompoop

Christie eats like shes being timed & is trying to finish before time runs out.

Sally B

Rubbing hands through hair & eating at the same time gives me the heebie-jeebies. Just yuck.


why is Cliff looking for the VETO?


No he & Tommy are looking for “hiding places” in case the next POV is hide & go veto (you know where they tear the house apart).


I am hoping that they decide to skip the “hide and go seek” this year just to throw a wrench in their plans. Cliff’s constant flipping is getting old.

Sally B

Well, especially since I read that certain houseguests are already telling their cliques where they’re hiding their clues, so their buddies once again have unfair advantage. Bogus! This comp shouldn’t even be in play if it’s that easily rigged. I used to enjoy it when it was all chance (or when I was naive enough to believe it was all chance. Now? What can I say except…….).


My favourite, might drive Jackson nuts!


He’s looking for a place to hide his Veto.

Miss Conception

Is that what Sis and Jack were doing all this time? Jack was just trying to hide his veto!


I’m wondering if Jack and Kat are now playing hide the Veto? Sis ment nothing to Jack other than a convenient place to keep his Veto. Like Jack, Kat seems to have no issue hiding the Veto and then moving on to the next Veto. Young people today!

Cotton Weary

*golf clap*

lol i see what u did there

I second that emotion



He’s preparing for the hide and seek veto, so he’s looking for hiding places so he will be prepared



J e t s jets jets jets



I was thinking the same thing….


Curious if they are still blowing up Nicks game. These people couldn’t blow up a balloon !! They can’t keep their mouths shut so they tell them the day before what there are going to do basically, so Nick has had time to do damage control before it even happens . They are idiots !! I do admit these on going fights right before eviction have def been entertaining !!


Entertaining yes but only because they are so boring…every ‘superfan’ has their sure-fire way of winning the game but what they don’t realize is past winners (especially early on) won not by a gameplan but by playing the game and adapting to it. Hamsters these days think if the copy a past winner’s strategy they are golden…they are not – you have to play given your respective season.


Ugh, I will not miss Christie’s chewing!


Sis is delusional we DONT want more of crusty!


What happened last night that put them on lockdown?


Someone outside the wall was playing a recording of Christie’s DR over a loud speaker when she was talking about her and Tommy knowing each other.


Megaphone announcing Christie and Tommy know each other


Tooms at it again?

Nicks Cousin

She has awful table manners, but then again they all do.


I was on Twitter last night when the big megaphone shout-out went down. It was Christie’s actual voice recorded from a DR session (revealing she knows Tommy) that was played on a loud speaker over the fence. Cliff’s statement today that the incident isn’t important means that he either didn’t hear it properly or that production did one h*ll of a job covering for it.


Methinks it’s a production cover-up…but one can hope that it somehow comes out and blows the game wide open!


Cliff won’t say anything because he is too busy kissing butt.


Allegedly production told HG not to discuss what they heard if they heard anything with other HGs or they would be evicted from the BB21 house.

Nicks Cousin

I guess what I have the biggest issue with is the entitlement complex Christie and Sis have. What do they want? A participation trophy? The whining is simply too much, and the begging for powers only adds to the grating annoyance that their pleas impart to the people watching. It is very obvious that neither has ever had anyone reject them in their lives, or otherwise said the magic word “no” to them. Brattishness at its worst.

Feeds Gold

part of it is sis campaigning to save christie in front of her whilst they are both on the block which is going to help secure the christie jury vote for sis as she has been so loyal

and it also disarms christie in campaign mode wanting to fully go against her

sis social game is underrated…both christie and tommie much prefer sis over each other, which to me is remarkable for two people knowing each other going into the game

for a player with the know how and gift of the gab of christie to feel like she cant really properly campaign shows how much of an impact sis has had on her friendship wise…as well as that tommie seems to have no issue at all with voting out christie, not even a thought of a sympathy vote

im sure youll get over players asking for a power…much more of a concern to me is we are about to enter a final 8 with collectively the least exciting/lively/entertaining players in the shows final 8 history(even production have called them out for being too boring during after dark hours)…at least christie/sis are providing more entertainment/liveliness/banter/humor on a regular basis compared to most of the rest of the low energy cast


There’s a pathetic gif floating around out in Twitterland of Sis once again sticking her face right up into the camera asking for a power and then casually turning around to show off her red thong.

She truly believes her looks are going to get her thru life and is in for one helluva rude awkening!

Feeds Gold

sis often says she loves her life…and her life isnt based on what she looks like

she says she is a wild girl with alot of self confidence and doesnt care what people think of her…no f-cks given

it amazes me how many people get offended by a sexy girl either having sex or showing some ass in the bb house haha

Cotton Weary

XD LOL bruh, you sound desperate. come to southern cali. sis herself is from the area. u want girls like sis? trust me, girls like her are fcukin everywhere down here. thank me later. tootles! 😉

J e t s jets jets jets

I’m so glad she’s going to be gone in 2 days. I’m so sick of looking at all the pictures and gifs of her ugly mug. I want to go up to her and rip out that nose ring.

Just sayin

Looks like she’s pickin her nose.


Christy is talking of backing out of the “Taco Tuesday” blow up and Michie is telling her she needs to do it, that it isn’t lies, etc.,,,, lmao

Miss Conception

What is the phone call that Crusty and Sis are referring to?

Christy Must Go

I think they are mistaking getting evicted for getting arrested. They think they get one phone call. 😉

Feeds Gold

i think you are allowed one phone call after being evicted before going to jury

sounds like prison haha


If you insist on making this site your political place https://gph.is/2me7nYp


This is so unreal that it is real!

Sally B

I LOVE politics, but this is neither the time nor the place. Just leave us to our fabulous Simon & Dawg, pleeeze.


Jackson encouraging Cristy to call Nick out. He thinks everyone should know the truth, whatever that is.

Roisin Dubh

A lot of you Trump supporters are really an obnoxious life form. Keep politics off this website. Simon and Dawg should have a strict rule about that.

Just sayin

Roisin: Let me throw my political jab then chastise others about keeping politics out of it.
You’d fit right in with these hypocrites.


Really Simon just had to put that up of her chewing didn’t you lol so gross

Feeds Gold

i want to see tacos thrown tonight

lets turn up the voltage


Waiting for the Taco Tuesday drama hehe

SD Bird

I am wondering if these ‘Jess Massage Sessions’ is her way of being indispensable so she won’t be evicted.
Night time sleep oil sharing as well.

Kind of aware of her position is in jeopardy and this her next best tool other than gossip.

Susan Corbridg

What disturbing event was Cliff talking about that happened last night? Does anyone know?


Loudspeaker telling those in the backyard that Tommy and Christie knew each other before Big Brother. Apparently production shut down any further dissemination of the information and probably tried to discredit it. My problem is that makes it look like it was a lie and not production gifting someone an advantage when no one else had a similar advantage.

Feeds Gold

nicole is low energy most of the time and bores me…time for her to go!

when she gives a spiel/rant by herself or to cliff, her tone/inflection makes her sound overly pompous, arrogant and self important

much like surviving her eviction against cliff through no fault of her own…if nicole were to win this season it would be a major fluke

if you agree, down vote me


Say what you want about christi… I hate jess way more