“I’m blowing up his game. on Taco Tuesday at the dinner table.. I have nothing to lose”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie pulled ), Holly (Sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson did not use the power of veto

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3:02 pm Nick and Nicole
They are talking about voting Christie out.

3:03 pm Sis and Nick
Sis – what is your issue, what is your problem
Nick – something is going on with you guys, Christie was b1tching about me outside
Sis – to who
Nick – to you
Sis – saying what
Nick – I know she’s saying something
Sis – how do you know that
nick – I’m not stupid .. why are you lying about it Sis. I’m sick of people not trusting me.
Sis – are you feeding things to Nicole telling her I’m coming after her
Nick – no
Sis – you never told Sam to tell her
Nick – we’re going back 4 weeks
Sis – Yeah
Nick – I knew that you were going after her.. yeah like 4 weeks ago
Sis – why would you tell her that when we’re good. I trusted you Nick and you told her. Why would you
Nick – I don’t know

Sis – did you make a deal with Michie this week?
Nick – no swear to god. I made a deal with him before the HOH
Sis – and that’s why you threw it
Nick – I did not throw it.
Sis – you just said you made a deal with him before the HOH
Nick – Tommy did too. I did not throw that competition I swear to god. I thought they were going to put me up
Sis – that’s what Holly said
Nick – SIS I did not throw the f*ing competition
Sis – then why are you not on the bock
Nick – two days before the HOH I went down to talk to Holly. I said Holly I’m going to be straight with you do I have to win this competition she said I’m good with you.
Nick – I went to Michie and he said I’m good with you I’m not going after Christie. I said ok. then the whole blow-up happened
Nick goes on to explain after the blow-up Michie and HOlly were pissed at him. he was worried thinking he was the target now so he fought hard for the HOH. Halfway through the competition he gassed and knew he couldn’t win it. When he went to talk to Jackson he found out that they were going to stick with their deal.

Sis now accuses him backtracking. Now he’s not putting up Jess and Holly if he wins HOH.
Nick – I don’t have a deal with Holly right now. I want to get Jess out and whatever pawn I have to put up next to them will go next to them. If that has to be Holly that has to be Holly. If it has to be Cliff it has to be Cliff.

Nick – I’m so close to start winning vetos and show you guys where I stand
Sis – I never doubt you wanted to win and take me off
Nick – what would me purpose be of taking Nicole and Cliff over you guys. Granted Nicole never put me up
Nick – If we got to four and you guys put her out then put her out.
Nick – I promise I want to go to three with you guys (Tommy, Sis)
Nick – I already told Cliff last night if you put up Sis and Tommy I’m going to take one off.
Sis says she’s nervous about Nick
Nick – I get nervous about you and Tommy all the time.
Sis – me and Tommy have nothing. Me and Tommy have your back 100%

3:12 pm Jackson resting while Christie and Jess have a conversation.
Jess – Gillette made the worlds biggest shower.. for use. it was an event

3:39 pm Nick and Sis
Sis says if she and Tommy don’t win they’re going up and if Jess wins Nick is going up.
SIs – what if she f*ing puts one of us up because she thinks that…

Nick – I’ve never been the puppet master I’ve never told an HOH who to put up.
Nick – I didn’t throw that HOH comp I went hard as sh1t. I want to prove my loyalty to you guys so bad I can’t because I haven’t been able to win. It sucks.
Nick – I’m to the point now I have to put up my friends regardless.
Nick tears up “I want you and Tommy in this game so bad you have no idea all I want to do is get to three with you guys”
Nick – I don’t care if I don’t win I don’t care if you take Tommy or Tommy takes you. I don’t I just want to get to three with you guys
Nick says it would be better for him to go final 3 with Cliff and Nicole. “But I don’t want that”
Nick – I don’t want to beat Nicole because that would be boring. Cliff will beat me in the end.
Sis – I won’t question you anymore (She’ll be questioning him tonight)

3:47 pm Sis and Nick
Sis crying.
Sis – I’m scared now, I only have you and Tommy left. it sucks everyone that I’m so loyal to is leaving.
Sis – I love Tommy..
Nick – but you’re scared with him and Holly
Sis – yeah
Nick – he’s really good with them
Sis – he’s really starting to play for himself which makes sense because everyone has to
Sis – it sucks
Nick – you feel alone
Sis – yeah. I know I have you it just sucks if someone comes after you then I really am alone.

Nick says Jess is going up to Holly and telling her things that Sis and CHrsitie have said about her
Sis says she hasn’t said anything
Nick – I know I’m just saying what hse (holly) told me
Nick says he’s in a good spot but he never did anything to be there “I never lied”
Nick – I’ve literally just been myself and people like me. I don’t want that held against me. People just enjoy being around me (Who are these people you speak of?)

4:00 pm Sis and Christie
Sis brings up parts of her conversation with Nick. Says she believes Nick’s story about not throwing the HOH.
Christie – it doesn’t even matter he’s making deals to throw comps
Christie – I’m blowing up his game just so you know. It’ll be really awkward for everyone. really awkward.
Christie – I have nothing to lose because I’m going home.. I’m blowing up his game right in front of everyone
Christie – on Taco Tuesday at the dinner table
Sis – ohh sh1t

Christie – who did he say he’ll put up
Sis – he said Jess and Cliff
Christie – yeah right
Sis – I don’t know what will happen.. I’m just done
Christie – you’re going to be fine in this game. You’re good as gold and there’s no shot you are not getting rewarded for that
Sis starts to cry “it’s so hard”
Christie – I’m going to put him (Nick) right on the spot. I promise you
Christie – I hope someone initiates a gratitude ceremony. I’m going to be grateful .. Nick who exactly are you loyal to Sis/Tommy or Cliff and Nicole I’m just curious
Christie – he’s (Nick) pathetic

4:30 pm Christie, Tommy and Cliff
Christie saying if she goes she wants to make sure Cliff and Tommy aren’t enemies.
Christie – take a stance for what I see and maybe unite people that wouldn’t normally unite.
She starts insinuating that there are “people” that want the groups to fight each other.
Sis joins them.

4:41 pm Jackson and Nicole
Jackson talking about Christie, Sis were dragging his name in the HOH last week. Brings up them saying 6 vs 2 they never win comps etc etc..
Jackson – they only show up when they want me to do something for them (Christie/Sis)
Jackson bring sup tomorrow of the next day the four of them have a discussion (Cliff, Nicole, Michie, Holly)
Jackson wants to avoid a blowup Wednesday Night, “I’ve always thought you were an angel I respect Cliff. I want to work with y’all ”
Jackson says Cliff and Nicole gave him respect when he had nothing to offer Christie and Sis only give him respect when they are wanting something from him

Nick joins them.
Jackson says the deal offered to him was no good. Helps him for a couple of weeks “then what”
Jackson goes on about how he’s told everyone in the house and on the show that he’s targeting Christie. If he doesn’t complete this he’ll look like a sellout.

5:43 pm Christie and Nick
Christie – I’m not mad
They go over him making a deal with Holly and Jackson “to throw a comp and allow people to take shots at each other’
Christie – I was loyal to a set of people. I played loyally
Christie says it’s just game.
Christie – I’m going to leave this game suckingly early
Christie – I’m obsessed with you I love you

They cover a lot of ground going over the Jack vote.
Christie accusing Nick of playing the middle of in the house.
Christie – it’s frustrating I am loyal
says his goal is to have Tommy/Sis and Cliff/Nicole to take shots at each other
Christie says there are people in this game that are loyal and she hopes those people link up.
Christie – I have nothing to lose I’m going to be vocal
Christie calls him a puppeteer
Nick – when I got out of gr8tful I had to realign.
Christie – I do not believe you were trying to win that HOH.

Nick – if you had all these concerns why didn’t you bring them up before
Christie – I did.. what’s the other option? calling a house meeting and airing it all out. I’ve done that. I’ve done that twice and now I’m going home.

Christie – you’re playing Big Brother you’ll probably win good for you
Christie – I don’t have any issue with you
Nick says she just doesn’t want sis and Tommy f*ed over
Christie – I Don’t want either side to get f*ed over. )Cliff/Nicole, Sis/Tommy)

Christie accuses him of constructing a huge plan to make Michie and Holly the house targets.
Nick says he has Tommy and Sis’ back, “I’ll take them off every time”

Christie – I’m not really mad at you
Christie – It’s frustration, I want to make sure the people that I care about and the people that I do think are playing a really CLEAN good game aren’t being dupped going forward. My game is over but there’s people in here I’m really rooting for.

Nick – you feel like I should be up there
Christie – I think it should have been me and you.. it’s frustrating
Nick agrees with her. He was very surprised. He brings up Christie and Sis trying to see Michie would put Jess up beside her.

6:23 pm they’re still going
Nick – I’m trying to be super transparent and honest with everyone
Christie says she wanted an explantation of things.
Nick – As a person, I respect you so much and I love you so much and then as a gamer I respect and Love you and I feel like you deserve that explanation. Whether you agree with what I’m doing or not that’s fine

6:22 pm Sis and Tommy
Sis tells him about her conversation with Nicole where she finds out that Nick isn’t trying to pit the two of them against each other.
Sis – I think it’s Jess in Christie’s ear telling her all this stuff and none of it’s true. I believe him
Tommy – I do too
Sis about Nick “I think he’s really looking out for us”
T – he’s in a tough spot
Tommy – going into this week I want to make a deal with Cliff, Nicole, and Jess that we’re all going after Michie.
Sis – Jess made a deal with Michie and Holly. If he didn’t’ put her up this week she won’t go after them next week. She just told Christie
Tommy – What about Nicole
Sis – I don’t know about them you will need to ask Nick that.
Sis – If I win I’m putting them up then (Jackson/Holly)
T – we’re good with Michie and Holly
Sis – I’m going to pretend we’re good. I f*ing hope I win because I’m putting their a$$es up
T – hopefully people throw it to one of us because one of us will take the shot.
Sis says Jessica is gunning for Nick she doesn’t want Jess to win the HOH
Sis – I don’t thin kCliff will come after us he wants Jess out, Nick wants Jess out
Sis – maybe he’ll put one of us up as a pawn. I’m not sure

6:35 pm Nicole and Cliff
They want to try and pull Nick closer. If Christie blows up his game they’ll grab him
Nicole – I respect Nick’s game so much just like I respect your game. the three of our games resemble each others so fricken much (ZOMG)
Cliff – I feel for Nick. He put me up he put you up but that was a long time ago
Nicole says that Christie is calling Nick a snake and a puppetmaster “If that’s the case then you are and I am. I don’t see it that way it’s surviving”

Nicole says she’s worried about Jess. Originally when Kat was around she wanted Jess to final 4 but now she’s not sure.
Nicole – constantly looks like she’s going to explode and that loose cannon(ness) is scaring me (LOL)
Cliff – Michie, and Holly feel like they got us
They talk about having a meeting with Jackson and Holly.
Cliff – I told him I’m all for it
Nicole – I do respect Michie and Holly so much and I have moments where I go… it’s a feeling they will stay true to their word when they say it
Cliff – everyone is trying to use people as a tool and we are definite tools
Nicole – ohh yeah

7:15 pm

7:30 pm Cliff telling Sis, Jackson, and Jess random bits about his family. There is someone named “Ima Hogg”

7:36 pm Christie and Sis
Sis – you can campaign you can flip the votes if I go home I go him it’s not a big deal
Christie says she loves this game so much and she feels it’s disrespectful by not campaigning.
Christie gives her a quick version of her speech. “I’m going to win things and take shots”
Sis says she’s never agreed to any deals she was only part of the 6.
Sis – I never agreed to anything he always said he had his back.
Sis goes on about Nick making her uncomfortable by saying they have a 3 with Tommy.

Christie says Nick is all talk. “they’re literally just words..”
Sis says she’s going to go crazy in the house without Christie “You never know there might be something.. battle back a f*ing button”

They hug it out

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Melvin McKinney

Gonna be interesting.. She’s gonna blow up half the people left games.. Good thing its people i want to go lol


I don’t know that she’ll actually blow anything up. Maybe Jess will finally realize how wrong her impressions are. Maybe Analyse will realize she’s done little more than adorn Jack’s little jack. But is there anything big the other folks are missing?


I agree, and like you hope Christy can bluye things up enough for them to keep her and vote out Sis.

This could be the turn a lot of fans have been hoping for, Christy has more of a following than most believe.

You go girl. The universe is listening and will deliver.

Good times ahead Melvin!


The only thing she’s going to turn around is people’s heads b/c she’s been the snake the entire time. Sis is a floater, she floated on Jack’s little Jack and now she’s trying to float on Nick’s. She would be a prize possession at the end b/c no one would vote for her. The universe did listen and they are sending the wackadoodle out the door.


My day just got better with Christie still on the block !!!!!!!!!!!

Swaggie's Missing Brow

So on Taco Tuesday Crusty is going to perform a final act of stupid by undermining the one remaining player that both Sis and Tommie need to rely on.

Just how many alliances has she blown up?

Franks fumes

Not on Taco Tuesday Crusty…..is nothing holy?


Blockstar’s kid’s birthday…no one better mess that up!

Sally B


Melvin McKinney

I think its also rockstars daughters birthday! Lol


That was a few weeks ago. Rockstar and Brett got together for her show. I dunno if it was in person or via phone.


But did she own it?


Nope…can’t even lol


Hahahaha!! Good one fumes!!


Geez, Sis really raked Nick over the coals didn’t she?


Biggest secret reveal on eviction night: 2 votes for Christy to go, Holly and Cliff;
4 votes for Sis to go, Tommy, Nick, Jess, Nicole. What a shock for Michie and Holly!
Then out the door #1 Michie, #2 Holly, #3 Cliff! Then let the playing begin!!

E. Wood

No Jess will vote out Christy so it will be a tie, with Michie the tie-breaker.


So Crusty is gonna blow up the house and she hopes someone throws her a gratitude party? The way I see it, the only gratitude she may get …is that the door doesn’t slam her in the a$$ as she leaves!

Sis's Werewolf

Crusty is going to corrupt the jury. Another season wasted by a bitter jury. Production needs to think of another way to pick the winner. Maybe have America vote that counts toward 50-60% of who wins. Something has got to change. Bitter jury’s are BS.


Maybe, maybe not. With the exception of Jess….most seem aware of Christie’s tricks.

J e t s jets jets jets

This is why I like survivor. Hard game play and backstabbing is respected as part of the game. Season 19 there’s no way Paul loses on survivor.


But I agreed with the bitter juries on Paul’s two seasons. No bitter jury last year because the HGs weren’t a$$holes. Lol


Sam was bitter toward Tyler and it cost him the game.


Pinkie swears are serious business.

Franks fumes

Tyler was royally screwed over by Sam….she was pissed he didn’t romance her the whole season lol….

Roll Tide

Sam was a girl

Swaggie's Missing Brow

If she somehow holds any influence in the jury. I’m not so sure she will.

Jack was tired of her and her attitude before he got sucked into her demolition of their alliance and his bromance. He seemed to have realized this before leaving; too late. I don’t see him getting along with or being influenced by Crusty in the Jury House; quite the opposite.

Also, Kat does her own thing; there’s nothing Crusty can do to influence her vote.

Then there are Nick and Tommie. It’s very likely, with a great deal of credit going to her, that one or both of them will join her in the Jury House. I don’t imagine either of them will be happy to see her, and while each had their games undermined by Crusty, Jackson has been direct and honest with them.

As long as Jackson/Holly continue to treat them respectfully, within the game framework, if Cliff and/or Nicole end up on Jury I don’t see them voting emotionally either.

I do see Crusty, Sis and Jess being angry (denied) and voting emotionally together.


Anything but America voting. If that was the case the best players would never win. This page was dominated with posts warning Dan Geisling’s wife because of how he was such a sociopathic liar. People hated him. Now he’s seen as one of the best ever.

For whatever reason the largest group of fans cheer for house plants that never win anything and do nothing. But at least they’re really nice people.

An ornery mouse

Come on Taco Tuesday! I may even get myself a few tacos for the occasion. The Universe Whisperer to blow up Mr. Likeable.

I’m no Nick fan (although he’s extremely likeable), but how exactly did he become the villain in all this according to Christie? Just by avoiding the block while she was not able to?

Probably wouldn’t be best for Jackson’s game at this very moment, but I can’t wait for him to narc to Jess and Nicole about the plan to get one of them put up as a replacement. Please let this happen before Thursday so that we can see Jess’s nuclear explosion directed towards Christie.


Oh please Jackson narc to Jess!
Although Nick is extremely UNlikable and vile, but ya, how DID he become the target of Christy’s ire?

An ornery mouse

Damn, looks like the Taco Tuesday Fiesta is being diffused by the Nick/Christie pow-wow. No worries though, I’m sure Christie is just getting started for the week. There’ll probably be a different antagonist each day as the spiral goes downward. Can’t wait for Jess-day.


So Christie can play all sides, she doesn’t mind if tommy does but nick??? oh no, she forbid it!!! That girl was just starting to be tolerable then she started the latest attack on nick! She’s just hating bc she wasn’t as smooth as him


I’m sorry but f*** Sis!!
Same for Christie as well and I hope Julie throws some hard questions at both of them about the things they have said and done and their toddleresque tantrums.

I seriously can hardly stomach anymore of either one of them. It’s not even about Big Brother anymore but the lack of human decency.

Franks fumes

Yep Sis’s sense of entitlement is off the charts…..can’t wait for her to languish on the block against Jess lol.


As per my previous post said – while Christie campaigns and all the spotlight is on her, Nick and Sis this entire scenario is playing right into the new 4-some’s hands.

Jackson sat down with Nicole ( earlier with Cliff) saying the 4 will meet in HOH to discuss moving forward together. Give Jackson credit he is playing his HOH well & making moves at the right time. He delivered on his promises (kept them safe & didn’t use the POV despite the pitches) & is ready for the next stage. He’s let Nicole in a bit on the “deal making pitches” but once he tells C/N how hard they gunned to get her OTB it will reinforce his intentions. I wonder how these pitches will be framed in terms of Tommy/Nick being involved or their knowledge of them. I’m pretty sure Tommy spoke to Holly & Michie about them so he’s not immune in terms of his involvement. What this will do is thwart any & all efforts by Sis/Tommy to pull in N/C very difficult for them. Jackson also smartly tells her how he appreciated N/C being real & kind to him when they didn’t need to be vs. the other 4 only using him when they need something. That will carry favor with C/N, show how genuine he’s being & adds validity to the timing of them cementing their deal.

This is especially true given Christie will be approaching her asking for her vote to stay, offering an alliance when a day earlier she was making the case for why Nicole should be OTB & going to jury.

With the focus on Christie who’ll be lit until Thursday it only serves to strengthen this group & inadvertently Christie is going to make the other four people in the house targets just by going after Nick. Christie’s plan to call out Nick for his promises to take her Tommy & Sis to F4 while also working the other two duos is meant to highlight how shady Nick is (he is fwiw) BUT what it also does is increase the spotlight on the entire trio. C/N will see they truly are just votes/throwaways to that group & this again will push them toward H/J. Tommy isn’t going to like this plan & I wonder if he’ll be able to talk Christie out of it. Worse Sis is thinking it’s okay for Christie to do this.

As for Jess, her snarky comments are trickling out & Nicole will wonder why Jess was so quick to jump on the Christie wagon. After how Jess treated Nicole’s show of loyalty/trust last week it has to be giving Nicole pause. We still don’t know if Jess was also mean to Nicole last Thurs when feeds were down but it does sound like Cliff was the only one who went to her while she was upset. Again — I’ll reiterate I hope Jess gets exposed for the sh*tty personal swipes she took at Nicole b/c I fear she’ll continue to want to support Jess otherwise. The GOOD news is Nicole knows now Jess cannot be trusted with information so I’m assuming she’ll keep game details to herself.

Anyway, it sure seems like these plans are working to make C/N safer without even intending to & who knows maybe Tommy will push so hard for Christie not to do this or attempt to stop it & that will lead to Christie outing she knows him.


Very good points. Once again…Jess is sucking up to the next Jury member…trying to leave a lasting impression.


Yes how dare Jess try and play Jury management. Cliff dumps people for safety ok he is trying. Nicole is being buddies with Nic who is a snake. Be careful Nicole. Nicole is trying to play the never successful NEVER LIE HONESTY game, but that is her choice. Only Jess gets the heat for trying to play her game. I get frustrated with her too. Like all of the hampsters the solitude of the house gets to everyone. For the most part all of them now seem to be trying at some form of strategic game play maybe not Sis.


Oh Jess can play jury management all she wants. It’s just to the detriment of her game that she can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. It’s like for the last 4 days that someone is there…Jess goes into this vacuum and doesn’t realize all the game that’s going on around her.


Completely agree and have to say, I like this F4. I’m hoping Nicole gets HOH this Thursday to 1) keep up the 1st HOH trend and 2) give her a chance to get rid of Jess. She can put Sis back on the block for the table lamp she is. I wonder how and if Nicole will come to realize Nick is a snake that can’t be trusted. That is my only worry with Nicole at this point > her trusting Nick.


Well if the blowup on Taco Tuesday happens I wouldn’t put it past Christie to say you have a F3 with Tommy/Sis so do you also have a F3 with Nicole/Cliff?

The truth is he does have the F3 with T/S as well as F2’s with each them & also a F2 with Nicole – he can’t take them all to F2 so it would be good if this came out. Then again like Nicole just said to Cliff both of them (N/C) have played similar games as Nick. The difference is N/C are more subtle in their efforts. I do kind of think Nick would rather take Nicole b/c she’s been with him longer & he’d be worried Tommy would take Sis over him.

For fans of Nicole/Cliff the best thing that could happen moving forward is for Tommy, Holly, Nick to get evicted in succession. Although I think Tommy will start stacking up wins now that he doesn’t have to hide. It’s better for Holly to leave before Jackson for fans of N/C b/c she’s more likely to switch back to her old crew if Michie leaves.

Over It

I am sorry but there is no one worth rooting for this year. By default I guess I will pull for Cliff. I have never seen such an incompetent bunch of people. I thought the game was about keeping secrets and working behind the scenes. These people can’t keep a secret to save their lives. It is sad what the game of Big Brother has come to. Just a bunch of millenials who have never watched the game and just looking to increase their social media followers. I miss the early seasons of Big Brother, this has just become a watered down Real World.


I’m rooting for those poor fish. No one can keep them alive. I’ve had county fair goldfish that have survived longer than the Big Brother fish.


i don’t understand why BB keeps putting fish in the house year after year when all they do is die, poor fish!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I’m rooting for the watermelon.


Are Christie/Tommy/Sis buying the crap Nick is shoveling right now? Dude, if you’re loyal to everyone, you’re loyal to no one. He keeps saying he’s not going after Tommy, Sis, Nicole or Cliff and he would take Sis and Tommy off the block which doesn’t mean shit when he throws the comps. It’s so obvious he’s playing both sides, losing comps and letting each side pick each other off so he keeps his hands clean. “Oh, I really tried to win”. What a douche-bag. As long as everyone knows they can’t trust Jess with anything close to a secret, I’d say both sides need to get rid of Nick next or he’ll hump his way right to final three (and no one needs to see that).

Nicks Cousin

Just a reminder that Christie was perfectly happy to talk Holly into putting up Nick and Sam when she was HOH. Loyalty? Please…… This is Big Brother, and Jackson put her up not Nick. As for her other theories, she missed the manifest that Holly and Jackson are working with Cliff and Nicole, and this destroys Tommy and Sis’s game. They then sit alone with Jess against five people. This is unhinged on her part.


Christie to Nick- You promised Sis and Tommy that if this happened to work out, you would take a shot at Cliff and Nicole first. I guarantee that if I asked them, they would not be under that impression. That’s just not how I play. I am loyal

REALLY Christie? Aren’t you same person who told – Jess, Nicole, Cliff, you are in my dream 5 – I don’t want to go to the end with couples while you still working with Jack/Sis, Jackson/Holly? Hmm- aren’t you the one who had a conversation with Cliff about letting Jackson go & not using your DPOV if he stayed on the block during his HOH? Aren’t you the one who told Kat you’d be fine with her targeting Jackson & others how you knew Jack had to go?

Just saying – THAT does NOT sound like a loyal, honest game & it sure sounds like precisely the same game Nick is playing.

Nicks Cousin

Ah Christie. Jackson was told by Nick he did not want to win the veto before it happened, so he already hedged that bet. Jess hates him anyway, and Sis will be on the outs with Jess in block land. Tommy will roll with Nick in the end and that is your final six. He gets along with Cliff and Nicole and Jackson, which means he has some numbers, so he is ten steps ahead of the blowup and Christie’s freak out will alienate more than hurt. Oh well. Nick may be on the block next week, but not because of Christie and really only if Jess wins.


I just realized we are going to have to sit through Sis’s speech Thursday night…guess it will be worth it to have Christy out


That’s right Christie, you got nothing left to lose (except maybe that last tiny shred of dignity & self respect that you have).
Speaking of a total lack of respect…
Has anyone actually checked in on Christie’s poor sister?
Is she still with us in the land of the living?
I mean, Christie KNOWS that the universe always has it’s ear to the ground just in case Christie makes one of her crucial earth shattering proclamations, the universe ALWAYS has to be waiting and listening, right?
Over and over again Christie would lie and over and over again she’d then swear on her sister’s life (clearly to make the lie more convincing).
It’s funny how she NEVER swore on her own life when she knew she was going to tell a lie, huh?
I mean, I don’t have a doctorate in Universal expertise like Christie does, but even a neophyte like me knows that doing that is probably a really, really bad thing to do.
I hope Julie calls her out on that, because as someone who evangelizes SO self righteously about the universe’s personalized power created just for her, she NEEDS to be held accountable for all of that cataclysmic karmic blaspheme that she just put on her sister.
The fact that she’s a DEVOUT believer in universal energy, karma, manifesting your dreams, etc. makes swearing on her sister’s life THAT much worse.
God / Universe, are you listening?
Please seat Christie’s sister directly in the front row, so the first thing she sees as she walks out of the house is the cursed death glare peering out of her sister’s doomed soul.

Franks fumes

Julie Chen is a hypocritical enabler of her creepy husband……I don’t understand why people like her to begin with.


I needed this laugh so bad!!


Jess earlier talking to Christie whispering something about Nicole knowing some knowledge before hand. Christie asks “she did?” Jess shakes her head up and down and says “yes!! I’m not 100% sure, I could be wrong but yes!” Lol she creates stuff in her head and tries to count it as facts


LMAO —- Yes I’m 100T sure — but i could be wrong, but yes———— hilarious

Feeds Gold

jess almost successfully sewered nicks game but he is too good explaining himself

there will be no blowup of nicks game by christie after nick put out the fire with good damage control

christie and sis are now satisfied nick is telling the truth and is most loyal to them

its been a fantastic turnaround for nick the last few weeks after being kicked out of gr8ful/unde9able and losing bella/sam

nick, tommie and sis remain united

tommie and sis one on one agree nick is good and sis realizes jess was in christies ear trying to ruin his game as hes targeting jess

sis to tommie: “im going to pretend we are good but if i win im putting the showmance up(and blindside the sh!t outta michie like he did to me)…i wanna be in cliff/nicoles good graces…i dont want jess to win as she would go after nick and he is a number for us”

tommie: “i want us to work together with cliff…it doesnt make sense to go after each other”

tommie: “i love you and happy to go to the end with you”

sis: “i love you so much”

the tommie/sis friendship is strong, they are like brother and sister


“Nick, Tommy, and Sis remain united.” “The Tommy/Sis friendship is strong. They are like brother and sister.”
I’m sorry….your posts crack me up lately. It’s like the lens you see this game through is hilarious. You take the words these liars say as gospel and so meaningful. And when other liars may or may not be doing the same….they are liars and phony. hahaha It’s just funny.


So it’s not the “Jess news” I’m waiting for Nicole to hear but she does now know Jess is talking b/c she overheard part of Christie/Nick conversation where she said why did you tell Sis that Nicole was putting you/Tommy OTB & vice versa. Nicole smartly went to Sis & clarify Nick never told her to do that & Sis said the same. Notably I specifically recall Nick saying to Nicole “if you have to put up Tommy/Sis I understand”

This isn’t exactly working out the way we might want (i.e. pull Nicole away from Nick b/c it’s just working to make her think Jess is setting him up). Anyway, Nicole downloads this info Cliff. She tells him she asked Sis why Christie is saying this and Sis told her Jess is the one telling Christie things. Cliff asked if it was to make her go against Nick? and she says yes.

LOVE THIS comment by Nicole (about Jess): No offense, but Jessica is getting a lot of targets and unraveling a lot this week. She says that she was in a good spot this week with Holly, Jackson, Cliff and Nicole so she should “Keep ya mouth shut.”

Nicks Cousin

She is the easy target now. Not smart.

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i know nick has alot of haters but i appreciate his passion in the game

hes genuinely sad with tears in his eyes that his good play has caused those he is closet to to be in danger

i think he has surprised himself how much he has turned his game around to now be in a decent spot

if he wins i think it would be very much deserved especially after his roller coaster ride of a season, with many peaks/valleys

creator of gr8ful/unde9able and kicked out of his own alliance…then slowly comes back from the dead

hes obviously nowhere near dans level…but they share one thing: being in a role of manipulative smooth talking mentor

Nicks Cousin

He has played a great floater game since winning the veto and taking himself off of the block. Listen, I get it. He is a Phillie area guy, and rough around the edges (yes, I sometimes hold my head in my hands too) but he has maneuvered this game masterfully for a few weeks now. I may be a bit biased however, but I do not think so on this score. He should not be in this game and is still hanging tough.


Nick is a trained psychotherapists, which means he’s studied the human emotion & all of the depth and ranges that come along with it. Nick knows exactly what to say and who to say it to, because he is trained to specifically look out for patients who can do this.

They have a word for it… it’s called manipulative.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Supposedly he’s a “mental health therapist for children”. I have to wonder how many parents will allow him to treat their child after this show?


Totally agree.
If my child was a current patient of his, I’d be in the market for a new “mental health therapist for children”.

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sis hugs nick
nick: “you didnt make the sound”
sis hugs nick again
sis does her high pitch squeak haha

Sally B

Nick is a creeper. And, as someone else already pointed out, a manipulator. Just something smarmy about this guy. Jmho


just squeezing the air out of her head!

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Awwww I can tell you saw that as such a sweet, tender, even romantic moment.


Done with this season now

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You can’t be. You said Christie is going to still be running this game even after she’s evicted. :p


Live feeds have been down a while & POP tv not airing after dark show. Wonder what’s up?


Taco Tuesday on a Monday?

Nicks Cousin

Back up.


Christy and Sis are getting the power they asked for….

BB Casting Call

Production setting up a Panic Button to save Christie….

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feeds are still down for an hour, no after dark

i believe it was only sis running, with jess outside when this incident may have happened and they were called for a lock down inside the house


I don’t know b/c Holly was discussing it with Jackson but I guess they could have just been speculating but I got the impression they knew something. Figures it has to be Sis (tied to Tommy) & Jess who would act like she never heard it (unless it was about ANYONE other than Christie!) ‘

Hopefully they come back


I read elsewhere that Cliff, Tommy & Nicole were in the hammock when it was played & as per my other post re: Holly asking Jackson – he wasn’t outside (DAMN) when it played. Odd thing is if Cliff or Nicole heard it you would think they’d be discussing it & Tommy would be panicked b/c he’d be treated the same way as he/Christie handled the Holly/Kat situation. So it sure doesn’t seem like they heard what it said (or if that audio is exactly what was said).


Holly & Jackson were talking & feeds flipped really quick but if I’m deciphering what their conversation meant it sounds like either a drone or a someone in backyard:
Holly: Do you know what the thing said?
immediately feeds switched.

So, I could be trying to make this be true (or I guess you could say manifest it into being lol) but based on them switching the feeds so quickly & forcing them on inside lock down it makes sense. I wonder if Tommy/Christie were in the backyard at the time b/c they don’t seem too anxious.

Hopefully we get more on this as the night progresses but I sure hope it was the outing of Christie/Tommy knowing each other. Tommy will be in big trouble if that’s the case b/c at the moment he’s not on the top of anyone’s radar & Christie is getting evicted BUT if the backyard shouter or drone did happen the fact Tommy was so anti Kat/Holly knowing each other prior & has hidden their relationship this entire time so seamlessly it will make him a much bigger target b/c of how stealth that will make him appear. Stay tuned.

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Just wondering…did Sis’ parents buy her way into college?


Sis and Crusty talking about America possibly hating her. Sis telling her no. Crusty speculating that Nicole was simply crying about them laughing at Cliff during the comp when that part probably did not get aired that perhaps she was exaggerating. Ok I wonder what kind of culture shock they will experience when they actually realize cameras are on them that 24/7. meaning viewers have access to a very good view of the actions on HGs on BB21, and this cast has possibly been one of the most disliked of all seasons.


The other night Jackson & Holly asked whether cameras were on 24/7 and Cliff told them yes. I seem to recall Sis/Christie also learning that fact recently too. Plus Christie KNOWS the show – she talks about a lot of early seasons. She also mentioned someone she is good friends with at Jokers? or another site & would talk to on the site sooooooooo this naivety she’s trying to play off feels more like her attempt to plant a narrative or put a target on Nicole b/c she’s been trying to do that for a while now – (i.e. get her on the block) since she knows Nicole sees through her, would never truly align to kiss Christie’s ass AND b/c of what Jess said about Nicole too. Basically it’s a double edged objective by Christie but pretty transparent IMHO.


Jess is the worst player in big brother history….plays with all emotion, no logic and now is trying to join forces with people who have consistently left her out of every alliance that’s been made in the house. All the while screaming women’s empowerment the whole time. She comes across as a person trying to be accepted by the cool kids who dont give a shit about her, its pathetic