Spencer says Jessie is 18 months past her prime, she had a cute little pot belly! Amanda says a pig has a cute little pot belly.

12:20am Out on the backyard couch – Andy, Amanda, McCrae and Spencer are talking. Andy says I am glad my loyalties are paying off and people aren’t listening to what poopy (Aaryn) is saying. The others agree. McCrae says absolutely, I dunno, I don’t trust her for a f**king second. Andy says she blatantly lied about Judd the other day and I called her out on it. Amanda asks about what? Andy says that Aaryn said Judd was up there campaigning to get me to go up and he immediately said no and went to the room and screamed at her. Andy says Aaryn and I had a heart to heart and she said she wouldn’t campaign against be and 10 minutes later she was campaigning against me, you know?! Amanda say evictions all about timing. Evicting the right person at the right time. Like Aaryn saying you’re skating. Andy says anyone who thinks I am skating is a f**king a$$hole, I have worked so damn hard. And sure maybe my working hard doesn’t involve winning a ton of comps but getting in peoples good graces and proving my loyalty week after week is a lot harder than people think.

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“Aaryn says Elissa has a crush on JUDD She thinks He’s the hottest guy in the House” – Amanda

11:27pm Aaryn, Amanda, GM, Spencer and Aaryn
Amanda is saying that Elissa is obsessed with Aaryn. Aaryn should feel flattered.
Amanda: “Elissa obsessed with you since week one”
Aaryn – “I think she’s freaking out because she told me a couple weeks ago she thought JUDD was the most attractive guy in the big brother house she basically has a crush on JUDD.. A secret crush on JUDD”
Amanda: “NO way she told you that”
Aaryn: Ya”
Amanda – Did you hear that brent
Aaryn – ”That fact that I’m flirting with JUDD is the reason she called Andy into the cockpit to talk because she doesn’t like it”

Amanda: “Cmon.. she told you.. Can I go up there and tell her you know it will cause world war 5”
JUDD walks out and they fill him in.

Aaryn explains that Elissa said JUDD is the hottest guy in the house. She’s seen JUDD flirting with Aaryn and is worried that is why Elissa called Andy in the Cockpit to talk.

Of course Amanda goes up and tells Elissa.

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Big Brother Spoilers – JUDD eats a knee, 911 was a conspiracy and Aaryn tries to poison Spencer

7:45pm Backyard JUDD, Andy, Spencer, McCrae and Amanda

They are talking about different solitary confinements in Big Brother History. JUDD says he remember Dan’s from last year with the house music playing in the background, ‘Solitary dance party”
They say JUDD’s snooze alarm was the worst. JUDD – “9 minutes is a b!tch.. who sets there snooze alarm for 9 minutes”

GM joins them they start talking about the beer pong tournament they are going to have tonight if they get beer. Andy mentions how Elissa said “I don’t play bar games” so they can rule her out.

Andy: “Where is Elissa upstairs” Someone opens the back door.
Andy – “maybe this is her.. no it’s just poops.. hey poops”

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“I bet there is two chicks in every state that want to F*** me .. that’s a 100 girls” -Spencer

4:29pm BAckyard Amanda and McCrae
MC yawns
Amanda – I love you sleepy boy
MC – I love you
Spencer joins them they start talking about the HOH competition on thursday. McCrae says sarcastically that the competition will be something that GM will excel at.
Spencer – Dancing comp
Spencer adds that it’ll probably be a quick competition because they had such a long endurance last week.
Amanda is trying to figure out things they can do tonight.. Beer pong and pool maybe.
Spencer – “Elissa says she doesn’t play pool because she doesn’t play bar games”
MC – “She doesn’t play bar games it’s beneath her”
Spencer – “I am glad Helen is gone.. all those games she wanted to play all the time all dressing up and Sh!t”
Amanda thinks helen had more energy than them because she has kids and works out every day. Amanda wishes she had the discipline to work out every day.

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J U DOUBLE D kisses Aaryn on the LIPS! Aaryn asks why did I just kiss Judd?! – Securing VOTES

3pm – 3:10pm Out in the backyard – Gina tells Aaryn while they are alone that she was thinking of talking to Ellissa and to tell her why not keep Aaryn because after she goes there will only be 3 girls in the house. And you know how she wanted to have a girls alliance. Aaryn tells Gina that she only didn’t make the deal with Elissa before because I was working with Amanda and McCrae but since they aren’t helping me any more I want to make a deal. Aaryn says that if I stay I will remain a big target for Amanda and McCrae to go after. Gina asks do you think we should go talk to her again? Aaryn says just vote to keep me and if I leave then lie and say it wasn’t you. Aaryn thinks she can get Spencer and Judd’s vote. Gina doesn’t think she can get Spencers vote, he is being weird. Amanda joins them. Aaryn and Gina head inside.

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Elissa says it’s funny how Amanda’s Botox is wearing out and it looks like her eye is drooping.

10:40am Big Brother wakes up the House Guests. When the live feeds return – Gina, Judd and Andy are out in the backyard finishing up their dance party to the morning wake up music. They head back inside and Andy and Gina go back to bed. Aaryn and Judd bead back outside to talk. They both think something is going to happen today like a luxury competition or Pandora’s Box. Aaryn asks what if something does happen from that photo booth session. Judd says yeah, we took photos with all the props. We took them together, we did everything we could do. Aaryn and Judd head back inside. Judd goes back to bed. Elissa comes down from the HOH room. She makes coffee and then check to see where Judd is and says she was going to ask him if he wanted to sit out side but tells him to go back to bed. Judd gets up anyways and joins her outside to talk.

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Amanda says I’m like a jack rabbit I want to have $ex all the time but McCrae keep denying me.

12:30am – 12:50am In the bathroom – Gina and Amanda are hanging out talking while Gina does her hair. Gina says there are 75 of these in a bundle. Guess how much they are? Amanda says I don’t know. Gina says $250 a bundle but I got a deal from my friend. Gina tells Amanda that Aaryn is trying but Elissa ain’t budging. Amanda tells Gina that she apologized to Elissa. Gina says its cool that you did that. Gina talks about Nick and how she really fell in love with the kid. I haven’t felt like that since my fiancé. Gina continues to talk about her ex and how they met. Amanda starts talking about Elissa again and says that she has been gunning after me this whole game for no reason. Gina says yeah. Amanda says that she tried to explain to Elissa that nothing I said was personal until she tried to use something so personal against me. (Amanda’s pregnancy) It’s not my personality to hold a grudge. Gina says yeah its good you squashed it.

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“I know I can be mean, there’s 2 Elissa’s, the fake Big Brother one and the normal down to earth one”

9:07PM Amanda and McCrae

Amanda doesn’t think she will make it much further in the game, “I thought I had it planned out.. but I guess you can’t plan out this game”
A – I’m ready for next week.. why do you look worried
MC explains when Amanda says she’s going to leave it gets him nervous. It’s going to be tough for them moving forward but they have to focus and win competitions.
A – I feel defeated.. because poopy is going home I don’t want her to go home..
A – the first time this entire game I have to vote someone out that I didn’t want to leave.. it sucks.. it’s OK though.. it’s just a game.
A – I don’t like the stress that i’ve been under these past couple days.
Amanda says she feels bad for what she did to Elissa because now she’s being normal now. Amanda adds that Elissa isn’t always like this. Amanda sobs.

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Exterminators VS The Brown Recluse, Black widow, Tarantula and The Plastic Toy Spider

5:00pm cockpit Spencer and Andy
Spencer says he was talking to Aaryn and she’s telling him if they keep her she will go after Amanda and MCCrea. Spencer adds that she thinks that she has JUDD’s vote. He told Aaryn to talk to him later. He wants Andy to know she’s spinning a lot of bullsh!t.

S – “She told Elissa that she is going to put up Me and McCrae next week.. that is bullsh!t’
A – I just talked to JUDD and he’s humouring her
Andy says most likely however wins HOH next week they will be safe as long as they rid the middle. Andy thinks when it comes down to it they should stick to what they planned last night.
S – Amanda needs to go and we can work with McCrae
A – exactly
S – I talked to McCrae and he said that he’s using her as a meat shield.. we’re at the final 7 sooner or later that meat shield is going to have to drop
S – I would like elissa to go next week..

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Amanda says I can’t stand one more day of Elissa walking her c**t rag around this house.

12:05pm Amanda tells Aayrn there are still a few days, see what you can do. Aayrn says I think I would rather just accept it. Aaryn heads into the rainbow room to talk to Gina. Aaryn tells Gina that Amanda told her that McCrae won’t vote for me to stay even though Amanda wants me to stay. Gina says oh no, I though they voted together. Aaryn says that Gina needs to be careful and stay in the middle of things. Aaryn is crying. Aaryn says just be careful of Amanda and McCrae. Gina says f**k them throws up her middle fingers. Aaryn tells Gina that Andy will work with you. Spencer is going to go against them (Amanda & McCrae). So stick with them and Elissa even though she wont have the power next week. Gina doesn’t understand why they would keep Andy over her. Aaryn says because they have been with him since the beginning. Gina says we still have a few days to figure it out. Aaryn says I just want to let it go. I know there’s no hope this week. Gina says what should I say if they ask me?

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Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

10:12am – 10:50am The Big Brother live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the Veto Ceremony. When the live feeds return we learn that Amanda used the Power of Veto to remove McCrae from the block. As Head of HouseHold Elissa then nominated Andy as the replacement.

10:50am – 11am In the havenot room – Amanda and McCrae just finished talking to Judd about coming clean with him. Andy joins them and they tell him they just finished telling Judd everything. Andy says oh my god this is the most stressful week. They reassure Andy that he is safe. Judd asks Amanda and McCrae if they are interested in make a 1 week deal with him. McCrae and Amanda says yes, we are going after Elissa so there’s no problem making that deal. Amanda says if you get HOH don’t put me up and if we get HOH we won’t put you up. Andy says Ah this will be a long three days. I trust you guys but.. They tell him he is fine, don’t worry.

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