“I bet there is two chicks in every state that want to F*** me .. that’s a 100 girls” -Spencer

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andt
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


4:12pm Storage room Elissa and GM
GM – Aaryn talked to be again last night
E – what did she say
Feeds cut
GM – Basically she says if she leaves and and Andy get into the final 2 she will kick all their a$$es
GM – She said I’ve kept my word before and i’ll keep it again
GM adds that Aaryn was pushing the girls alliance
E – no one is going to respect Andy’s game.. you don’t want to ruffle any feathers.. you are playing big brother that is what it’s all about. (Meaning Andy’s game didn’t ruffle any feathers.. )


4:29pm BAckyard Amanda and McCrae
MC yawns
Amanda – I love you sleepy boy
MC – I love you
Spencer joins them they start talking about the HOH competition on thursday. McCrae says sarcastically that the competition will be something that GM will excel at.
Spencer – Dancing comp
Spencer adds that it’ll probably be a quick competition because they had such a long endurance last week.
Amanda is trying to figure out things they can do tonight.. Beer pong and pool maybe.
Spencer – “Elissa says she doesn’t play pool because she doesn’t play bar games”
MC – “She doesn’t play bar games it’s beneath her”
Spencer – “I am glad Helen is gone.. all those games she wanted to play all the time all dressing up and Sh!t”
Amanda thinks helen had more energy than them because she has kids and works out every day. Amanda wishes she had the discipline to work out every day.
Spencer – Andy doesn’t handle being on the block very well..

Spencer says he smells cheap pot .. McCrae says he can’t smell sh!t.

Amanda – “for the last 4 days I haven’t been taking my medication and i’ve been feeling angry and depressed.. but I took it today and I feel better. “

Amanda wants them to have a beer pong tournament. Spencer agrees.
Spencer leaves
McCrae tells Amanda he feel depressed. Amanda thinks it’s because they are bored and have too much time to think.


4:55pm HOH Elissa and Andy

Elissa mentions that GM is spending her last couple days with Aaryn. Elissa doesn’t understand why she is hanging out with Aaryn..
Andy says it’s because they were friends and Aaryn is going home
Elissa says Aaryn said nasty things about GM and she is going to tell GM about it tomorrow to make sure GM votes to evict her. Andy is a bit worried he’ll get blindsided.
Elissa says she is very confident that Andy is staying this week she wouldn’t have put him up if she wasn’t sure.
Andy – I think Amanda and MCCrae are still sticking with voting Aaryn out.
Elissa reminds him that Amanda and McCrae are huge liars.
Elissa – Amanda lied right to my face last night.. They told me you are staying because of their vote not GM’s.


5:28pm feeds SLOW McCrae takes a shower Amanda tells him she loves him and give him a kiss.

CBS Interactive Inc.


5:30pm GM cracks Spencer’s back. She says she’s just like a Chinese warrior..

Spencer starts to sing Sinéad O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2U

Spencer: “I wonder if after this show if there will be a bunch of chicks that want to f** me.. I bet there is two chicks in every state.. that’s a 100 girls”
Amanda wonders how many girls want to F*** her. Spencer – “Two from every state.. Aaryn your numbers are looking very good”


5:42pm Cockpit Spencer and Andy
Andy says Helen was an a$$hole on Monday, Nice on Tuesday then a A$$hole again on Wednesday.
Andy brings up that Elissa assured him that she needs Aaryn to go for her game and she would never had put Andy up if he was safe.

Spencer says even though Elissa thought he was safe putting him up was a F*** u
S – you are handling things pretty well.
A – I’m hoping I stay because i’m excited about what is happening next..
Andy adds that the Diary room has been talking a lot to him about the exterminators. Spencer hopes that the biggest twist this season is MVP and JUDD coming back. He really doesn’t want a power being thrown into the game, “Lets just play ball”
Andy – getting rid of JUDD was the biggest move we played and it was all for nothing.
McCrae joins them. He says they should start a boys alliance. They are agreeing they don’t want GM winning the HOH.
Andy – “I think if GM wins HOH she will put up Elissa and Amanda .. I genuinely have no idea who would go up if the one of them come down.”
MC – “I just don’t think she will put up JUDD”
Andy – I want HOh so I can take Elissa out
MC – me to
Spencer – same
MC – I don’t know who I would put up..
MC says if he put up ELissa and GM if JUDD wins the veto and takes down Elissa he would have to put Andy up and GM would go home. MC thinks the benefit of this is they will know for sure where JUDD”s head is at. THe downside is it leaves GM and Elissa in the game. (GM and Elissa are the big bad wolf now)

MC says they need to stay up late so they can keep tabs on JUDD. They all agree if they stay up late they can sleep through the day and avoid Aaryn.
MC – I wonder if JUDD would want to do a guys alliance.. it will be 4 vs 3
Spencer – not a bad idea at all..
Andy – it scares me
Spencer – going into this HOH is scarey
MC – super scary
Andy – ya
MC – I think you guys are safe
Spencer disagrees he thinks they are all in danger at this point of the game.
Spencer is worried about a power being tossed into the game
MC thinks it would be completely ridiculous if they introduced a major power at this stage of the game (#powershift)

Spencer – before you approach him with a boys alliance talk to us first .. I don’t think it’s a terrible idea
Andy – I don’t either
MC – If i propose it JUDD won’t trust it
Andy – I don’t think he’s coming after you
MC agrees
Andy – he’s smart.. I think he’s still kinda pissed at Elissa.
Spencer says he agrees with Andy JUDD is only nice to Elissa because she won the HOH. They all agree they would have done the same if they got dropped back into the game.
McCrae says it’s basically them bringing JUDD into the “No Ma’am” alliance.

They start talking about what Helen said to JUDD when they were on the wall. Apparently when they asked JUDD about it he told them production said he couldn’t say anything about it. Spencer thinks this is a load of bull.
Spencer – “I could hear a lot of what she was saying.. she said GM tried to flip the house at the last minute and it didn’t work”

Amanda joins them they joke that they are having a private conversation..


[polldaddy poll=7352641]

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Danity Kane

Well at least Spencer isn’t as cocky as Amanda. Amanda thinks everyone wants to fuck her and thinks she’s the hottest chick ever. Sorry to bust her bubble but she’s unattractive and her body is far from nice.

Johnny T.

I agree, at first I found her attractive….but lately she dresses like a slob and she smokes like a freight train.

Just a fan

U found her attractive??????? Please find a psychiatrist fast!

The Wizard

Not to mention that she hasn’t taken a shower in 2 weeks. Come to think of it, the last time she showed was just to bang McCrae, which kind of defeats the purpose.


Mutation between the female version of Quasimodo and Frankenstein’s Bride.

give me a break

Judd is a moron….him trusting Andy again is stupid..if Andy wins HOH he is never going to put up McPuss and HandJOB……Andy will put up a Elissa/GM or Elissa/Judd…….Andy does not have the heart of put up McCranda, and especially when they save him this week….Judd is a moron


Judd should win HoH so rat boy Andy is on the block next week along with Spencer and Backdoored Amanda.


I think he doesn’t trust him, he is just keeping his alliance with Elissa under wraps so that it doesnt make him a target and covering his bases in case he doesn’t win HOH.

A Man...Duh

Also i love how Fugmanduh throws it out there that she hasn’t been taking her meds and its made her angry & depressed….your mind games wont work on us Spawn of Satan, we all know you’re a cunt with or without the meds…so does Elissa 7 that’s why she sees through your bs apology!!!!


Yeah, if you like child molesters. Amanda, along with CBS are so easy to figure out. That’s why my Jewish Queen is going to make me a bundle of money. People have to realize the Jewish people are the smartest people on this earth.

Amanda's Therapist

* Buffalo Bill *You are either delusional or a good liar!
AMANDA your Jewish Queen is a WHORE
and like yourself has visions of grandiose fantasies!!
AMANDA thinks all men want to fuck her ?
That is the job of a WHORE!! duh! She needs the money
to support her cocaine habit and keep her in cheap wine
and fancy named cigarettes!!
Buff Bill….I must disagree with your saying that Jewish
are the smartest people…your Amanda is Jewish and she
brings disgrace to all religions in all honesty!!
When do you think she last visited a synagogue?


I was sitting outside having a smoke when I had a thought. Everyone seems to be on Amanda’s case (and she has certainly earned that); however, I have a few questions that as a mother, daughter, sister, and wife make me wonder about Amanda and both her physical and mental health. I mean really, hear me out.

Who in anywhere NEAR their RIGHT MIND would go into a house of COMPLETE STRANGERS and in front of LIVE CAMERAS 24/7, tell ANYBODY they’d JUST had an abortion to be on the show? Okay? WHO??

IF she did indeed have an abortion just prior to filming this season, I can only imagine what that has done to her hormones. I don’t know much about abortions, but ANY PREGNANCY related matter involves A LOT OF HORMONES!! How many women out there haven’t dealt personally with HORMONES?

I don’t know Amanda’s past mental health status, but perhaps her parents do and are VERY CONCERNED for Amanda’s health, both physically and mentally. Perhaps THEY see something that has them very concerned and they are encouraging her removal for HER BENEFIT. You all know that girl is going to look back at this one day and . . . . . . . . . There is NOTHING normal about her behavior and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I have started to worry about her. We ladies know how cruel hormones can be so I’m very, very concerned about Amanda now.

Things are not always how they appear and if I’m right, I just hope Amanda gets help. She needs it.

Amanda's Therapist

AMANDA and the WHOREmones….that is why
she has an OB/GYN — hopefully?
I am not aware of any Dr. that would give
Think it is – unlikely, but mine – were by natural birth!
( She would– have been — “ripe as a peach!”)
Who would risk sex? Too soon after such an ordeal as that!!
Should be for a helluva longer length of time than only 3 days!
She had sex with McPussy on night ONE in the BB house!

She is taking too much risk for her own good!

Amanda appears to have symptoms of being
“chemically imbalanced”!

Everything about Elissa is phony

I disagree. I think Amanda is very attractive. At least she doesn’t have fake boobs, fake eye lashes, hair extensions, and Botox duck lips like joker face.


actually amanda’s boobs are fake…

Amanda's Therapist



spencer’s could be right. unfortunately, it’s a fraction of the number of girls that liked him two months ago…


Said perfectly NorthAlabama! He went from being just the nice guy floater of the season to a VERY SCARY predator type sexist pig n just the past week-10 days!!!


Online petition found & signed! Sure it means nothing but the bullying is just unacceptable! Every minute seeing that Amanda is still getting screen time & living n that house – and getting PAID by CBS to do so is making me sick! Aaryn and her racism was awful to watch but it made me feel sorry for AARYN! She is just clearly ignorant and immature! Amanda has proven she is a grown ass adult w an actual brain – so its a totally different story for CBS to be subjecting Elissa to her presence at this point!!!

derick alaska

um, WHERE IS THAT PETITION???? I need to sign that!!!

Just a thought

Yes….there are 2 petitions…one to take Aaron off the show….it has about 1000 signatures. The other is for Amanda’s removal and has over 8000 signatures so far…also CBS Facebook page has many comments too… It probably won’t do any good but at least people are given a place to show their frustration with at least these two…. Of corse it might have something to do with Amanda cleaning everything and being nice….who knows we just have to wait and see


How about a petition to get Gina Marie off the show as well, she’s been just as racist as Aaryn and Amanda.


Change.org. In the search on their site put un Big Brother Amanda. Theres one for Aaryn too actually


they entire house has been on good terms and acting sweet with each other all day. production already knows. you really need to read the feeds and stop trolling.


Ellisa is fine, she does not need you to save her from anything. It’s a fringe group of the viewers are the ones that are out of control this year. Write all the comments you want but just leave it at that. Trying to harm these people, their families or friends, or the show that so many of us enjoy, and I include this ridiculous petition is so much worse than anything happening on the show. It sucks to see bb become so serious ,over some mean comments and shit -talking in the house. Not one houseguest will have their lives damaged in any way by what another houseguest has said there, NOT ONE! If you are so concerned about bullying don’t let your children watch the mean show about people being mean to each other, or talk to them about the reasons why that behavior is bad, it’s really simple.

A few misguided people seem perfectly happy to ruin peoples lives over words that can at worst hurt someones feelings, and behaviours that no one is forcing you to watch.. Who in this house has actually been harmed? Ask Candice, Howard and Elissa. They will tell everyone how happy they were to be on this show, Howard already has, he loves bb!. He is fine, he is not going to be destroyed by some mean comments. If you are just having fun hating on the houseguest on here, okay fine have fun. If not, please, take one minute to really think about your reactions to these people and how out of proportion it is to reality (no pun intended). It might be better if you don’t watch this show, because this is not a place to look for role models and it shouldn’t be. Part of the fun is supposed to be watching people behave horribly. I’m mean that is literally the point fo the show, how do you not understand that? Anyone who can’t control themselves enough to stop from trying to harm these people should not watch this show, you really should consider councilling.


OMG…I LOVE YOU ALSO, Alliancewiththewall…Keep on preaching!!!


Well lets wait and see.

I think Howard(walked a way and did his best to keep calm), Candice(tried keeping it real but that was weak) and Elissa(well i like Elissa responses she just laughs in your face showing you she is unfazed) they all took the moral high ground in responding to the aggression and their lives can only get better, besides thats not the worst they’ve seen

I don’t see how the BB experience is going to help propel say Amanda and Aaryn’s careers, if you ask me they missed an opportunity to reach for bigger and better things given the BB platform with all the hate. Snooki on Jersey shore leveraged better her platform, for these two i don’t think.

Howard/Elissa showed some non-violate ways to react to situations, that can be equally be effective in dealing with hateful/ racists people like Amanda/Aaryn and for that I applaud them.

If a group of people don’t like what they see, its a free country, the show is made for us the viewers, sponsors pay because they count of us to watch it. people petitioning is a sign of love for the show and fans don’t want it to get turned into a jersey shore and real house wife show or a mob wives or some freak show. but a game show where there a mutual respect for everyone without fear or favor.

CBS should be happy with the petition and should listen to the fans and in some way address their concerns.

You have an opinion just like you have an asshole. so does everybody else. if the air up there suddenly stinks its cause you farted. there would be no fuss if it all could always be argued as game play, sometimes words hurt worse than punches.

If CBS had addressed these issues back then when the mean girls were getting mean, Amanda would not have behaved the way she did and there would be no petition or all the fuss


Hi DonB, thanks for remaining calm. I don’t agree with your perception on a couple things (“sometimes words hurt worse than punches” that is simply a figure of speech in reality violence does in fact hurt much more that any words. and “mutual respect without fear” who is it that you think is afraid, Elissa?, I wouldn’t like a noise maker blown at me either, but come on she isn’t actually afraid of anyone, She’s a pretty strong girl from what I’ve seen).

It would’ve been great if you had at least agreed that the harrassment outside the house is wrong..Did you know that the FBI had to be called again this year because of the threats being made to the Zuckerman family? But as to the petition, let me say that you have a point, maybe someone should start a petition asking CBS to please ignore the other petitions.


Well fans are fans, trying to rationalize their actions is just plain insane.

I guess this season is unique in many ways BB is or was an experiment to begin with, there will be several lessons learned from this show.
May be an entire clan needs to sign the waiver. I can Imagine Aaryn’s family must be less free than George Zimmerman is, they cant be proudly walking the streets like Judd’s family does where a whole city is rooting for their favorite son.

Yep yep....

DONB…you took these words right out of my mouth!!! Let them have it girl!!! I have to add that everyone keeps using “it’s a game” as an excuse. Well no shit, Sherlock! And there’s is a world of difference between game play and obsessive bullying/personal attacks. If we don’t draw the line now then who knows what’s next. I mean Amanda trying to cover up her vile actions by saying, “I haven’t had my meds in 4 days,” to me is a little scary. Thank God BB took all the sharp objects out of the house. Cause who knows what could’ve happened next.


you know! Game is game that’s all i can say.


Just FYI – Howard is bound by contract & can say nothing but that for 3 yrs after taking part in BB! But yeah, your super genius and I’m sure everyone appreciates your input- especially the parenting advice!


I always believed the point of the show was to watch good gameplay along with some big moves, shifts in power and some humorous diary entries along the way. Unfortunately, this season has had close to none of that. Do I enjoy a good fight now and then in BB? Sure, but I definitely don’t watch the show to see narcissism, persistent bullying, racism, homophobia, threats, bigotry and just an overall sense of ignorance. If that’s why you watch, then I guess this must be the best season of Big Brother ever. But unlike you, most of us don’t feel that way.


Not everyone can watch the feeds 24 hours a day like you loser. Leave them alone.


Amanda – “for the last 4 days I haven’t been taking my medication and i’ve been feeling angry and depressed.. but I took it today and I feel better.”

A more scripted sentence has never been uttered in the BB house. What a planted line. When she had her little “chat” with production she was asked to mention something about not being on meds the past few days to plant a little excuse seed for her latest reign of terror, bullying and insanity. What’s her excuse for all the other days?


Get a LIFE.

derick alaska

Just got one right now!!! Thanks for the reminder :)


If it makes you sick – STOP WATCHING!


THAT’S RIGHT, CAT PEOPLE!!!! SIGN THOSE PETITIONS!!!! 3 and 4 times over!!! That’ll BE A FANTASTIC use of your time!!! lol

derick alaska

It sure will :D

Go Elissa

Keep Watching but make sure CBS knows that we do NOT condone the Behavior !!! because if we say nothing ,nothing changes.


F@ck off with your petitions



derick alaska

No thanks :) I prefer to jack off.


I saw on Twitter that Amanda is being punished, her family and lawyer have been notified, and the FBI is involved. Please be careful what you post. Amanda’s family has been harrassed, and any comments posted on these types of sites may be reviewed by the FBI to protect Amanda and her family.


i have some ocean front property in nebraska i’d like to sell you if you believe all that

This Season Blows

Sadly, the shit with Demanda’s family is believable, because it’s happened with other houseguests and their families before (Shelly, for example). Like damn, this is supposed to be a mindless summer distraction and a GAME SHOW, yet morons take it way too seriously and insert themselves into the houseguests’ real lives. That plus the outrageous taxes that greatly diminish the grand prize probably goes a long way towards explaining why they’ve had trouble putting any great casts together for the past few years.


Leave my Jewish Queen along.


Elissa is a mean girl too, she’s bully but does it in a different way. I think she is more cruel and she’s a liar. Look I don’t like anyone in this house, but don’t put Elissa on a damn pedestal. She’s annoying and crazy!

Pinocchio Obama


Thanks for that shot of Elissa.

Elissa's Ass

OMG like thank you!!!!


I’m anorexic so seeing that really helped me. I totally up chucked my dinner when I saw that flat wide ass.

derick alaska

Elissa’s ass…………………………wow.

Elissa's Ass

Like thank you!!!!


Amanda please wash your nasty cooter.


Correction! WRONG of CBS to be subjecting every house guest to the raving lunatic at this point!!! It wasn’t simply Elissa that’s been SPEECHLESS on the issue since!!!


Oh Snap is this McCrae weekly shower time?


No Spencer It’s probably less than that


Wow!!! Could McCrae REALLY just be leading Amanda on? I’d laugh myself into the insane asylum if ole McCrae has been INTENTIONALLY riding her crusty ole coat tails this whole season. ROFLMBO at the idea of it all. <3


MC is just covering his ass in case his girl gets the boot next week. He’s gonna ride the Amanda train til the end, I’m afraid.


I believe that McCrae really likes/loves her. And that feeling will be cemented when they get out in the real world and they realize how Amanda was viewed, and McCrae too.The fact that McCrae was seen as a wuss and the fact that Amanda’s family is seeing some serious troubles now.

It will be them against the world!


Spencer’s is as delusional as Amanda believing she had a good boob job. ZING!

Amanda's dog Woofy

Did spencer get a boob job?


Spencer is a Boob Job.


Maybe they should just get rid of Andy cuz he’s shady AF and up Amanda’s @$$


Come on Production.. we expect an unexpected major power shift.. just about now.. to keep the rats at bay.


If the rumor is true and Demanda is self-evicting Thursday then everything changes. McStinky is trying to get a guys alliance and McManda cleaned their sheets!!

Just watch...

Just watch what happens. Amanda or Mcrea will win HoH and they will get a dominate power. That is my guess and i think 99% it will happen


there is already something out there from that Hailey Jones person who claims to have inside info and told everyone about the Amanda/Grodner link. Now she’s saying that A/M will win HOH and get a power in a Pandora’s box. but….add that to the rumor about Amanda self evicting…doesn’t make all that much sense. but then again the power email came BEFORE the self-evict story.


A/M won’t win HoH. Judd will get Pandora box. That rumor is a lie and it will never be true.

This Season Blows

It’s cute how people think that stupid petition will change anything, especially when you’re all still watching the show and/or paying for the feeds WITH Demanda.


I’m trying to make light about it with jokes, but actually, it’s not cute it’s sad is what it is. These people are out for blood. I mean, I’ve watched every season, but never have I seen such of an insane factor as I have on here this year.

If you are taking time out of your life to research and find numbers to call cbs and scream and yell and threaten…. YOU NEED HELP
If you are participating in petitions to get some loudmouth trick out who, btw, HAS NOT broken any rules then …….YOU NEED HELP
If you are researching to find out where people work and are putting pressure on those employers to get ppl fired…YOU NEED HELP

90% of this board, are the ones that scream and cuss at the villians of pro wrestling or say prayers for a character on a daytime soap. And sadly, Id bet real $$ they are also the kind that send out death threats to families. 20 bucks says th wackjob or jobs that threatened Shelly Moore’s people were on here, too.


“Combined with the rampant conspiracy theories about Big Brother 15 being rigged for Amanda to win, fans are in an uproar to get the former reality TV producer removed from the show.” Just found that quote on another site. I have always read that Amanda is friends with AG but did not know she ( AMAN) was also a former producer of another show. It may be another conspiracy theory or plain gossip but found it interesting.

peep this

go to youtube and type in Amanda reel


I am waiting patiently for a Pandora’s Box…Simon, do you think we have one coming before Thursday????


Why can’t they include Elissa in their group? none of them can win HOH or veto’s so she could be quite useful…. get Amanda out and Andy but quit saying you are taking out Elissa… she isn’t like the rest of the house but she deserves to be there… with her gone,,, comps would suck and be 5 hours long till someone can pull a win out of their ass….. geez,,,, just hope Amanda leaves and McCrae, then andy….


Because Amanda said if she sees anyone going off to talk to Elissa, they will be her target


Yeah, Elissa is not afraid of Amanda. She will keep winning her PoV so she will keep her safe.


Why would Andy be included in a boy’s alliance? Men, women and rats.

Pinocchio Obama

The Red Rodent Alliance?

are you ready????

I’m so sick and tired of the lack of unclever statements people make on these comments threads. So what about Amanda bullying Elissa. Its a game and the only reason she was told to stop was because Elissa bitched in the DR. Congrats on wasting your time with some dumbass petition to evict amanda because she said some mean things…..get thicker skin then. Onion snatch and yeast jokes show how low class most of the participants on the threads are. Yeah, I get it. You don’t like Amanda and McCrea because of the fucking REALLY dumb monikers you give them . You think Andy is a ginger haired rat…..this shows how very little tact people have. This is a game…..let’s all joke about Amanda not selling houses and agree with whatever Elissa says ALL THE FUCKING time. I know, we got lots of Elissa fans, who think her shit don’t stink and when it does, its because she had a thought of Amanda at the same time…..can we have the some original wit on the comments? Not the same “I hate this and that and you stink because of being a woman instead of a man and a bully and onion and the same bullshit over and over. Anyone who subscribes to the feeds, other than Sim/dawg, need more things to do with their time. I get it, we all wanna comment on big brother and because we are addicted to what’s going on, but some/most seem to sound worse than the houseguests. Because you get to spout off behind a computer or phone. Enough of the same 10-15 diatribes that we hear over and over and over. Let’s get some gameplay convos going. Or some original thoughts (I know, it will be hard with this bunch) let the thumbs down and negative replies commence!!!!! Because I will read them, but I won’t give a shit either.


here here! the bulk of the comments made lately have been beyond disgusting and completely unoriginal.


I guess you didn’t take your meds either, did you Amanda’s sister?


If the comments bother you that bad, then dont get on here and read them, that simple.




So has Amanda’s parents hired a PR firm now? Good for them, but I’m afraid it’s a waist of money, the girl is just plain trash, and her nasty and vulgar coments directed at Everybody in the house, is not a game, it’s called character, and she takes the cake for having not only the worst one on BB but maybe even any reality show ever! Besides all the vulgar crap she says about her own self as far as her personal hygiene and sex fetishes, (I hate when his dick gets hard and my mouth is watering to suck it, but he won’t let me), has nothing to do with game, she’s just such an immoral and nasty ass person Period. And saying Elissa can eat her a**hole with a spoon and she’ll kill her in her sleep and eat her! Give me a break. All of America sees how disgusting and vile she is, and to say it’s ok because it’s a game, give me a break, thats just down right ignorant.

Go Elissa

It is not just about her behavior towards Elissa but to ALL of the HG’s what she was saying about what she would like to do to Jessie was Beyond vile and disgusting ! Nobody needs a thicker skin for that ! if you really think so then there is not much point in talking to you about it either ……….Really Sad

Just a fan

Onion snatch and yeast jokes show low class? Wow, what a statement. The absolutely disgusting DuhManDa having the onion snatch and yeast – on top of the period sex and oral after is NOT low class???? I didn’t make the onion snatch and yeast comments, but how can you possibly defend the lowest class disgusting Hemale ever on BB?


Sounds like you are as addicted to the sites as all of us. Please don’t judge. We all have a right to RANT! This season has not lived up to your expectations nor mine; however, vulgarity and no class will never reign supreme. YES I can spell.


The irony of his ranting about how he hates reading other people rants…what a dipshit!


No more drugs to the psychos –


Humor me, exactly what game-play convos are we going to get going? it’s the same game-play… I think we talked about this type of game 5 weeks ago, nothing much has changed, so of course we find other things to talk about, which right now are silly things like Elissa’s bad surgery job and Amanda’s yeasty onion snatch.

FYI long-winded comments of BB Fans who constantly BITCH about other BB Fans BITCHING isn’t cleaver either, we also see that on every thread over and over, and over, that ironically always ends with a little hypocritical comment about how the posters who are bitching should “get a life, or call them idiots”,ect,ect. These people do exactly what everyone else is doing, yet fail horribly at trying to sound different.

We as BB fans have posted whatever the fuck we wanted, since, what? Season ONE? This is season 15, this will never change… We’ll always talk shit about the HGs, as well as their game, or lack-there-of.


Hmmm, eat me.


Are u ready? Unlike you I wont deny that I’ve been addicted to Big Brother since it aired. And yes I subscribe to the live feeds, get on here, and I happen to like to blog. Does that make me a bad person? NO. Does that mean I need to get a life? I have one. Thank you. But do you really expect anyone to say anything nice about Amanda when everything that comes out of her mouth is trash? I mean no one is making anything up about her. She did all this to herself. So if everyone wants to talk about how vile she is. So what? If people want to petition her out of the house….Let them! It would not be the first time BB has evicted a houseguest for violence. At least Elissa has class. It takes a certain type of person to “look away” when being treated the way she treated Elissa. But you keep cheering Amanda on cause she’s such an awesome person…NOT!!!! And we will cheer for ours…Go Judd and Elissa!!!!!


In the same way that you’re telling people to cool it on the their comments because it’s “just a game,” you need to cool it on your response to the comments as this is “just a forum” to discuss “just a game.”. Practice what you preach, dipshit!


Thank you for your comments Mrs. Zuckermann, now go to bed.

House Ghost

Of course Specter is right, some girls will fuck anything, just look at Amanda and Marilyn.


Dream on Spencer…..


Do Andy and Spencer do anything but join alliances?

are you ready????

If McCrea wants the boys alliance, it means he would have to throw comps, and that ain’t happening. He can’t be the one to put her on the block or win a veto and not use it to save his gal.

Amanda's Therapist

*ARE YOU READY* WTF? McPussy is getting sexually smothered by her twisted manipulation
“itching” to cut her LOOSE!!


Come on!!! Mc isn’t going to let go of Amanda ………… Spenser is stupid if he really believes this!!! Mc all season has been in several alliances but I believe he and Amanda want to be the first couple to make it the the F2. Wish AA would have taken the deal last week but again it wouldn’t have played out the same. Helen would have never let her put Andy on the block. Thinking it would have been MC and Amanada. AA would have made it further cause there is pretty good chance she would have won HOH.


Boogie & Erica made it to final 2 on all stars. They were as much a couple as the mcnasties are.


If you need medication to be “civil”, something is seriously wrong with you. She needs anti-psychotics as well, Xanax ain’t cutting it


if you can live productively and get along with everyone without medication then you don’t need to be on medication. your point is null.


And she can’t….


which is why she is on medication


Thank You

That’s all I was saying.


BB passes out their meds daily (a few multiple x daily) and then gives them wine & beer to mix w it every night…my husband puts the little stickers on the bottles all day everyday – WARNING: alcohol intensifies the effects of this medication! Aderall, Prozac, NOR Xanax do u mix w booze! Could explain why its a crazy house much more than a GAME this season?!? Just saying!!!

Amanda's Therapist

Another thing that I would ? about Amanda going several days
off her Rx or Rx’s…WHEN you have been on medicine for as long as her (8 years on Adderall-what she said on BBAD)
Sorry – I – would not skip taking it! Only if it was ok per a Dr.!


Sounds like she was having withdrawal symptoms, She said she hadn’t taken meds for 4 days.


Amanda is just saying she didn’t take her meds to rehabilitate the way people see her. It’s an excuse. She’s savvy and knows she went way too far and people didn’t like it, so now she is playing all nicey-nice (even cleaning and she NEVER cleans). Sorry, there’s nothing that can excuse her horrific, monstrous behavior. Nothing. Nada.

House Ghost

Amanda is a porcupine.

House Ghost

If she had as many sticking out of her as she’s had stuck into her she would look like a porcupine.

Mad Max

You are right Spencer, and they ARE ALL MADE OF VINYL.


MC: I saw a spider last night crawling on Amanda. I thought it had 9 legs but when I looked it really had only 8 plus an erection. Then the spider crawled up Amanda’s panties, poor fella was mauled to death by crabs.


Judd: My pet tarantula has a deformed back & real problems walking. I fear it might have spider bifida.


if amanda is evicted by production or is forced to self eviction i will stop watching because they never stepped in when people were being racist, homophobic, literally threatening people with physical violence and over turning their beds, not to mention joking about having sex with children no petitions were made and the show saw no need to make a stand and kick everyone off. this is a game and trying people to vote your way without breaking the rules is part of the game. people getting worked up into such a frenzy is ridiculous. and if fans are dumb enough to think she needs to go more than any of the other house guests and cbs caves i’m done.


From what I’ve heard it is her mother and lawyers who went to CBS with the settlement deal. If the rumors are true, I think her family watched her deterioration and stepped in. Demanda has said she had a cocaine problem before and she had run out of her meds which are controlled substances. So they might have seen this Demanda before and moved to intervene.


ID be willing to bet not one bit of that shit is true.


I believe the cocaine part.


I absolutely believe that as well, over the weekend on after dark – she went into the pantry, literally got on the floor and pulled trash cans to hide herself behind while she crept under the counter like a child hiding from their parent – all u could hear was her snorting something which she later told Mc she’d just taken her adderal – now this was at night w their bottles of wine, meaning she hd kept her afternoon pill, crushed it and then snorted it – very popular w high schoolers these days – how old is Amanda?


Looks like Elissa got a pair of the sheer Lulu pants.

Arya Stark is a Badass


Is Spencer with Amanda and McCrae?

Arya Stark is a Badass

Thank you Simon.


They need more booze, stupid banana BB production rules


Please explain to me how someone as grotesque in appearance AND personality as Spencer is can be so f*cking full of themselves?


He’s a guy.


I believe Amanda has exhibited the same behavior and she’s a… oh wait, nevermind.




Ppl keep saying Aaryn is just young…when I was her age I knew exactly what I was doing and saying…that is just stupid excuse …and for Amanda come on if u were stuck in a house that long and someone like Elissa was there who thought they were better than u…I would much worse…I hate people like that…and she says mean and hurtful things as much as everyone else…#teamamanda


Nice yoga shot!!!


Rat boy, McPussy & Perv doesn’t have a guts to put up GinaMarie & Elissa. Both aren’t going anywhere.

Crystal Ball

Amanda – “for the last 4 days I haven’t been taking my medication and i’ve been feeling angry and depressed.. but I took it today and I feel better. “

I have a very strong feeling this is the partyline excuse cooked up by production and fed to Amanda to say clearly on the feeds at least once before the live show. Rather than take responsibility for her aggressive behavior, they are spinning it to blame on 4 days without meds. Yeah, right. So when the show is over and she is interviewed about terrorizing Elissa, she will just state that she wasn’t herself because of being off her meds. Very convenient. It is also very obvious to everyone that she was told to make a concerted effort to be nice to Elissa and that Elissa was told to go down and socialize with the group and give Amanda the time to be nice to her so the cameras can get several minutes of their interaction.


Exactly. What’s Amanda’s excuse for how badly she has behaved the rest of the time? Amanda is a bully and a spoiled brat. She couldn’t bully Elissa into submission, so she flipped out. Simple as that. Elissa won’t cower to her every whim, incessant interrogatories and demands. Amanda was agitated and even said “Why isn’t she afraid of me?” The minute Amanda lost control of being able to control someone-Elissa, she lost total control of herself. Being off the meds is spin only; an attempt at PR to clean her up. Lot of luck with that one.


I don’t believer her anyway. She lies very easily. It would be inhumane not to give her medication she’s been on so I have a hard time believing that they just decided they wouldn’t give it to her for 4 days. She and Aaryn have the same problem of acting certain ways than making veiled excuses.


Amanda has some nerve talking mess about Elissa, I think Elissa is beautifulll. Amanda looks so butch I hate her.


elissa has a face only a mother could love. she knows that which is why she gets tons of plastic surgery and is so obsessed with keeping her body in shape.


Rat boy and Poopy should arm wrestle and winner stays, bubye Rat boy

Arya Stark is a Badass

Loves this. I just hope that next weeks HOH competition is not a crying competition.


Well, the Exterminators will be the all-time biggest floater alliance soundly beating out the Brigade.


Spencer has really working the jury votes lately. GM too.


Aaryn playing suzy homemaker. Cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

What is she making?

BB Fan

Her secret ingredient is Nail Polish remover.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I still can’t believe she drank nail polish remover.


Amanda & McCrae both look dirty !


Amanda sucks… anything


Was Spencer just singing a “Rush” song?



New drinking game for you….

Everytime McCrae says, “I don’t know”….take a drink!!! But be sure to have 911 or your speed dial for alcohol poisoning.


Worse yet, take a shot every time MC says “like”…he must say “like” twelve times per second.


Andy is EVERYWHERE. Except when he naps. And he doesn’t seem to enjoy the sound of silence. Yap, yap, yap. I know he is always working but still. He needs to be quiet sometimes.


Well, if ole Andy stays this week he will be sitting pretty sweet now won’t he? He may actually be the SMARTEST player in BB history if this continues to go the way it has. I don’t recall there EVER being a 3-way showmance like the one between Amanda/McCrae and Andy and the entire rest of the house is soooo clueless. I mean. Andy is in the BEST position of anyone in the house (and none of the other houseguests seem to realize just how LOYAL he IS to McCranda). Keep floating, floating, floating all the way to $500,000. Really. If he, Amanda, and McCrae make it to final 3, Andy’s half a million richer. NO ONE will give jury votes to Amanda or McCrae (except each other) and Andy can float it all the way to the bank. Who can blame him for sticking with them. Smart play for ole Howdy Doody the way I see it.


you realize by being loyal to the same people through out the entire game he can not be by definition a floater


Something must be going down with Amanda as I noticed whilst watching Big Brother After Dark today that she was crying and mentioned to McSmelly that she was going home and then she talked about how she was so stressed these past few days that’s why she was so angry with Elissa. It’s like she has given up and I also noticed that she isn’t bullying anyone into voting for either Aaryn or Andy. No strategic planning going on either, which is very strange since the two of them spend all the time in bed planning their moves in advance. Hmmmmm!!!


if it hit Amanda like a ton of bricks that Helen’s eviction and Elissa’s game
reduced things from 95% probability that the big prize money is to be hers
or McCrae’s by game’s end to something less than 50% odds, maybe like
Andy she is feeling more vulnerable. She can’t peg the house as easily…