J U DOUBLE D kisses Aaryn on the LIPS! Aaryn asks why did I just kiss Judd?! – Securing VOTES

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andy
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


2:55pm Spencer makes a “SEXY FACE for Marilyn” Elissa says oh yeah she will know that one is for her.

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3pm – 3:10pm Out in the backyard – Gina tells Aaryn while they are alone that she was thinking of talking to Ellissa and to tell her why not keep Aaryn because after she goes there will only be 3 girls in the house. And you know how she wanted to have a girls alliance. Aaryn tells Gina that she only didn’t make the deal with Elissa before because I was working with Amanda and McCrae but since they aren’t helping me any more I want to make a deal. Aaryn says that if I stay I will remain a big target for Amanda and McCrae to go after. Gina asks do you think we should go talk to her again? Aaryn says just vote to keep me and if I leave then lie and say it wasn’t you. Aaryn thinks she can get Spencer and Judd’s vote. Gina doesn’t think she can get Spencers vote, he is being weird. Amanda joins them. Aaryn and Gina head inside.


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3:15pm – 3:40pm In the kitchen – Judd, McCrae, Gina and Aaryn are standing around talking. Judd and Aaryn hug each other. Judd then goes in for a kiss on the lips and Aaryn kisses him back. Andy says I saw that! Judd laughs. Aaryn asks why did I just kiss Judd?! Ginamarie says Ummm.. I donno! Aaryn says because we’re getting married! (Aaryn trying to secure votes. Didn’t work for Jessie but maybe it will for Aaryn.) The house guests continue to hang out in the kitchen talking and eat. Aaryn keeps Gina company in the bathroom while she does her hair/makeup.



Elissa and Amanda try taking photos under water in the pool but they say none of them turn out. Elissa says oh my god, I think I am going to get an eye infection from that pool.

4pm In the storage room – Aayrn and Gina talk. Aaryn asks Gina to talk to Elissa tomorrow about trying to keep Aaryn. Aayrn says when I make a deal I keep it. Gina says I will tell her about the girls alliance too. Aaryn says if I stay I will be a bigger target than Elissa and I will go up next week. Aaryn says tell her to Elissa that Andy will put Elissa up next week even though he says he wont. He will win in the final 2, why keep him?! If you talk to Judd and Spencer and lay out all the points. Gina leaves the storage room.


4pm Backyard – Andy, McCrae, Amanda, Spencer talk about real estate, house renos and flipping houses.


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177 thoughts on “J U DOUBLE D kisses Aaryn on the LIPS! Aaryn asks why did I just kiss Judd?! – Securing VOTES

  1. Good thing that ain’t gonna work. I think you might have a batter chance LITERALLY kissing Amanda’s ass for votes. She’s upset she hasn’t been getting any lately.

      1. I couldn’t hold that outburst of laughter after reading that. Aaryn, as vile as she is herself, she takes baths, and stays clean, she would have to sanitize her whole head after kissing that nasty skank rear. C’mon now even MustyMan “Only takes showers once a week” himself don’t wanna f**k her, that should tell you there’s something else wrong with her that’s beyond her being funky.

          1. Well, Aaryn did mention how she wanted to have her lips “altered”, and kissing Amanda’s ass may be the cheaper route.

    1. if Amanda knew about the exterinators she would save aaryn little does she know when aaryn leaves its her and mccrae good luck with that

      1. If Ginamarie told Aaryn about the Exterminator Alliance, then Aaryn could pass on this information to Amanda.. and all hell would break loose!

        Come on Ginamarie, give your best friend Aaryn the BEST ace she could have up her sleeve.

        Anything to get the Red Rat out.

    2. it’s so funny that Aaryn calls Jessie a slut when she only kissed Judd but Aaryn kissed Judd AND David. I’m just saying……

      Thumbs up if you think Aaryn is more of a slut Jessie
      Thumbs down if you think Jessie is more of a slut than Aaryn

    3. I have to say too, I’m enjoying the peace and quiet and camaraderie that seems to be happening right now…for right now.

  2. Wow, getting desperate for votes. Aaryn, face if you’re leaving back to your racist world. Have fun thinking of your boobies money because you’ll have nothing to go back to.

    1. Nope she is leaving to go to the jury house where there are people who don’t like her very much. She is about to have her birthday and will have to spend it surrounded by people who don’t like her. It is going to be a lonely existence for her for a while.

      1. Nah, Aryan will still have Helen to hang out with in the Jury house. Remember, Helen still has no idea about all the racist shit Aryan said behind her back.

            1. SHAME ON YOU GUYS!!! She does make really good fried chicken according to the houseguests! What’s with the thumbs down?

      2. They will ll b nice o Aryn in Jury. They will have a lot of reflection. But if he walk in and say
        Heeey Shaniqua. I need to Acts you somon. Then Candice might have her reflect at the bottom of the pool, while Helen screams ok ok ok no more ok.

      3. Personally I don’t care for either one Arryn or Andy but this what I think: If Arryn stays I believe she would work with GM and Elissa (my girl, would just have to suck it up for a while longer) then Arryn wins HOH she puts up McNasty (onion boy) and AMeanda (onion girl) one of them leave and then the following week the other one leaves. That way they’ve gotten rid of all three.

        I don’t care for GM either but she seems to have a good spirit along with her bad eating habits, I think GM would be alright if she had a better self-esteem about herself and stop trying to be so tuff. I believe inside that toughness is someone calling out for help!!! I know she’s flip flopping but who isn’t. Time will tell.

    2. While I agree with you, her moves are more dumb than racist. Amanda has said far worse than her but Aaryn’s were all aired.
      Honestly, Andy is sort of on the lesser end of my book compared to Aaryn. Clearly based on his loyalty to the bully and the bitch.

    3. I do have to say….one thing that made me sad about the whole season, is that I started watching this rooting for McCrae, a pizza boy that I felt had low income and deserved a good chunk of cash. now…..I despise him and slightly feel bad for him, because I am only certain that the people in his town, along with his family, will be the only people that have good thoughts about him. Amanda destroyed his outcome on bb.

      1. I get what you’re saying, but HE destroyed how the public perceives him. Can’t stand her – but Amanda didn’t force him to ride her coat tails…

      2. I don’t feel bad for McCrae at all. He made some poor decisions. He aligned himself with Amanda, which has helped him get this far in the game…but now he can’t get from underneath her. He just stood by while she wrecked his game. Now, I think he’s trying to figure out how he can get her evicted but still get her vote when she gets to the jury.

    4. I hope Gina Marie gets her job back or gets something out of this. she has low self-esteem and everything that comes out of her mouth is out of immediate anger without processing what she is saying. I sort of like her because he is very honest and only listens to what people tell her.

      1. I agree with you. Too be honest, after the first week, I haven’t had a problem with her. She has her problems like the rest…but as the season went on, she seemed to be toned down a lot. She does listen to people and at least she’s honest with most things. I don’t get her hate toward Candice, but eh….the way she handled it when the jury came back in, was decent, surprisingly. I just think she has a lot of internal issues. I hope she can get the help she needs.

      2. GM made some of the most offensive and insensitive comments in the house. She’s not getting her job back. The pageant environment has changed over the years, and there is no room for someone as narrow-minded as GM.

      3. Oh my god you people are so gullible. GM has said ALOT of racist things without being angry. She didn’t make a one time slip with a racial remark. She’s a 33 year old woman so you cannot give her the ‘she just fell in with the wrong crowd’ excuse. Adults know it’s not ok to say racist things period, but even more so when you’re on camera and being watched by millions of people. She’s a racist…face the facts. That does not mean she is completely evil and unredeemable, but stop feeling sorry for her like she’s a child who doesn’t understand what those words mean.

      4. Seems like there are 2 Gina’s. The one she is when talking alone with Elissa is not half bad….but when she gets with the others….ugh!

        1. Please, let’s not forget that this a women (not girl) who referred to welfare as N—-r insurance, and who won’t go out
          with black guys because she does not date out of her “species”‘
          Let’s not try to rewrite history.

      5. She IS honest, that GM, at the very least and she IS loyal and nonjudgmental for the most part; the girl just needs some education; I don’t think she’s had or given herself may opportunities that way yet. I would kiinda like to see Aaryn stay too and go the girls’ alliance along with Judd. Let Spencer shoot himself in the foot with DemandCray, he’ll jump ship once he sees Judd commit. I’d rather Andy go, although a bit ashamed by that ’cause I think he’s a nicer person overall.

      1. Seriously – what the JUDD just happened there?

        But, if she got Judds vote, and GM’s – well then she would still be one vote shy of staying.

        Spencer is too loyal to McCranda to vote against them – and Andy.

        Aaryn goes home this week.

        But maybe judd will be mad about it – and help Elissa get ride of the nasty duo.. ?

    1. Don’t go near the water. Yuck. Everything in that house has to be infected. They will have to demolish the BB house after his year’s cast. On another note, don’t like Amanda acting like besties with Elissa. She is letting Amanda off the hook too easily. I am sure it’s game play but don’t like it.

      1. Yes and yeast infections can spread to all other areas of the bodies along with their partners. With the hygiene of those 2 it will be a wonder if not of the others end up with problems. Just google skin yeast infection and look at images….very scary!

    1. Production definitely hides any active involvement in film and television. They want the HG’s to appear as if they are just normal everyday people
      (just like us! Yeah, right) there to compete. If any of the HG’s have talked about their past involvement in television or film, it is either being completely hidden from the feeds or they have been told to never, ever mention it. Amanda talks about sex way, WAY more than she has ever talked about her job. While someone like Andy or GM do occasionally bring up work or whatever they do full time at home.

      Based on the information people have dug up about Amanda’s real estate “job,” I am willing to bet that she has NEVER sold a house. When she applied to Big Brother I am sure she was told that she would have an advantage if she had a normal job and not as a production assistant on a show or whatever. So she got a real estate license and went into some kind of partnership with her mom. If my memory is correct, she was working in real estate for only a few months before she left to do BB.

      1. Who cares if she had a real estate license or not! Many people go into the game without even having a job. It has nothing to do with having any kind of advantage. Amanda is simply just scum…..nothing more. Nobody is actors or have a relationship with CBS or production. You cannot believe every rumor you read and hear. It comes down to a group of people picked that are not mature enough to play the game. People that would rather fall into Amanda’s trap than just grow a brain cell and play their own game.

        On another note, it is quite disappointing that CBS has allowed so much nonsense to continue. The words that come out of their mouths is astonishing! So many things have been said that should have warranted a huge warning and dismissal from the game. Does anyone remember the season where they brought in the house guests ex’s to play? The one guy threw a huge fit and started throwing chairs around the yard. He was immediately dismissed. (that was also the first time someone had sex in the BB House) It is left to wonder why CBS has not taken these threats and words more seriously. One would think it would be a huge liability to them should these threats become reality after the fact. CBS will have law suits against them.

        1. tanya do you think that maybe that is why mostly everybody,IS on the show because of connections they have in the industry? thats pretty much how life works right,opportunities come your way becuz of a friend of a friend,etc.its no big deal and has nothing to do with the game. i just wonder how you can make such definitive statements about cbs production when you have absolutely no idea what their internal hiring policies are….or do you?

    2. I don’t really care who goes first, Andy or Aryan. However, if Andy gets blindsided and evicted, it will be SO MUCH FUN to watch! He’s feeling pretty confident right now and it will be great to see his reaction when Julie says he is evicted. It will also be wonderful to see McStinky’s face when he sees his plan going to crap.

    3. Anyone else beginning to think that all of these houseguests were picked straight out of an agent’s casting book. I do!! I think they are all actors, and Elissa was only cast to try and deflect that they are all actors and actresses. That is my guess.

    4. I had seen that particular Facebook page for McCrae which at first appears to not be BB15 McCrae. But a search in his photos yields McCrae himself. There is a second Facebook page for McCrae, and mostly it has many ugly remarks left for him.

      1. * mesays * FB page is : McCrae Tuglord Olson
        from Oak Grove,Minnesota

        He being a legit pizza boy ? dunno¿ He seems to be involved with a production co. and with a friend on a podcast webite?
        If he pulls off a win on BB15 …. he’s a Houdini! :-)
        Amanda looked around on night one of BB and poor McCrae
        looked good for the pickin’! Still not convinced – CBS/BB is
        NOT….behind the WHORE/McPUSSY showmance?!?
        McCrae’s hook-up with Amanda and her twisted sick ploy to
        ABUSE him for her “boytoy” could cost him $500K!!
        McCrae will remember this summer nightmare of 2013!!

      1. If you look at the posts attached to the Janelle pics, they are from an open casting call/audition. Janelle and McCrae are both from Minnesota, so it would make sense for Janelle to be there (former houseguests occasionally make these appearances and talk about it on twitter).

    5. Wow! That explains why Mc has cartoons drawn all through his bible!!! What the Judd NBC!?! As a bb fan since day one I’m feeling more like a fool each day…Jeff & Jordan? Very real! Why all the lies and misreps this season??? Mc is no more a pizza boy than Amanda is a realtor?! At least we know Elissa Judd and even GM- PLEASE LET THEM GO TO THE END!

      1. * pilldocswife * IF you google Amanda Zuckerman Realtor in Boca Raton,FL you will see her in a pic AND under the pic it is noted “3rd Generation Realtor” she is a
        REAL ESTATE AGENT! Check it out! :-)

        1. She may have her realtors license but she’s spent more yrs trying to have a Hollywood career in TV than he has sold homes – she has worked in MULTIPLE networks – From TLC, Spike to Bravo…not as their Realtor either!?! But we understand the patient / confidentiality clause – so “ok” Amanda’s Therapist!

    6. It looks like it is nothing more than just a local radio station. How do you figure his job history has anything to do with high profile contacts? You people believe everything you read and hear. Nobody in the house has any contact or relationship with production or CBS. They are just a bunch of idiots that don’t know how to play their own game.

  3. Oh JUDD messing around lol, wonder if they’ll keep Aaryn now and vote out dirty rat bastard Andy…I wouldn’t mind, only if Aa teams up with Elissa and GM

    1. Aaryn will be voted out this week. Judd hasn’t forgotten that Aaryn was the one who put him up on the block.

    2. if aaryn was in the exterminator alliance instead of andy they would roll and its easily done judd gm spencer vote out andy aaryn takes his spot

  4. I got to give Aaryn credit for trying. If she can sway Spencer, maybe she stays.

    And I would love to see the expression on Opie’s rat-face on Thursday night if Julie Chen says, “By a vote of 3 to 2, Andy, you are evicted from the Big Brother house.”

    1. I hope this happens and Andy is evicted from the BB house Thursday night. If the players are smart that is what should happen.

  5. This week has been great, Im so happy that Amanda’s minions are on the block and taking the fall for their “queen”. I like Judd, but he annoys me. He has no skills of perception. The fact that he has a faux alliance with Spencer and Andy is ridiculous. He should know by now that he is a popular and extremely likable guy. Spencer would never take him to final 3, and Andy definitely would not. They are lying for just this week to secure his vote. He is so scared of being a target, but he needs to accept it. Next week if McCranda get the power back, he will be the target, even if they say it’s Elissa & GM. Im starting to like Gina Marie. I think she is smart, and does not give out too much information. She also has good skills of intuition and perception. Elissa made a good move, I actually think nominating two of McCranda’s minions has done more for her game than evicting Amanda or McCrae this week would have. If she had nominated the 2 of them with 1 potentially going home, the rest of the house would come together. The minion nominations have created small divides and mistrust. I love it!!. I hope Gina Marie or Judd win the next HOH. That would completely shake the house for good.Andy is the most unlikeable player to me at this point. His rat floater strategy is not really a strategy at all. He always runs back to McCranda like a scared child. He will be playing for second place much like Spencer if he does not win HOH next week and make an unexpected big move. I think Spencer and Andy will be final 2 and that is absolutely horrendous.!!!This would be the worst season yet if that predicted final comes to fruition.

  6. I think Amanda’s being nice now only because production stepped in. And somewhere in her cold, calculated brain, she realized that Elissa (if she goes to Jury) might affect Helen and Candice’s votes too. That’s like 33% of jury votes!

    1. guess America in general aren’t that sharp everyone thinks Amanda will win my lord elissa Helen Candice Jessie gm arryn judd wouldn’t vote for her against anyone just like dan from last year a month left I said the best he get is 2nd I would love to be in finals against her its a lock for anyone

        1. FYI, accents are not indicators of intelligence. Judd does not speak that poorly, he just has an extremely think accent. GM on the other hand, despite her thick accent, speaks poorly (as in ‘more funner’) so that is one indicator of her intelligence level. For whatever reason many people peg those with southern accents as less intelligent, but it’s no different than any other accent from any part of the world. Pay more attention to grammar and sentence structure rather than accent. Even with that, however, you cannot fully gauge a person’s intelligence level.

          1. Don’t confuse intelligence with education. Some of the smartest people don’t have a ton of formal education. GM’s speech speaks more about lack of education than intelligence. None of ’em are great orators, with Helen and Andy being perhaps the strongest communicators. They likely have the most education as well. Elissa has an education if she’s also licensed nutritionist, but she doesn’t come off sounding overly educated

        2. They should put subtitles when Judd talks. Half the time, I can’t understand what he says. Oh no, call me a racist for making fun of how red-necks talk. Come on people, grow some thicker skin!!

  7. Hate to say it, but somehow beautiful people get away with anything. I’m sure Aaryn will be fine when she gets out of the house. I’m sure there will be some initial backlash, but people will soon forget.

    1. The internet never forgets. Aaryn wants to host a show or be in media–in front of the camera. But for the rest of her life anytime anyone does a search on her all of this will come back up. Anyone who hires her will know that she is a bigot and thinks she can say anything to anyone because she’s from the south. So they better have their attorney on speed dial. If she says anything racist to another employee they can sue right then and there because the employer knew this is the way Aaryn is.

      If she goes back to modeling, she will become the talk of the show/shoot. People won’t pay attention to the product and they risk an economic backlash just for hiring her. Her future prospects look pretty dim sort of like her understanding of people.

      1. Look at Tiger Woods. Why did Nike resign him? Look at Miley Cyrus after her VMA fiasco. Everyone is talking about her. Lindsay Lohan, Kardashian’s, Paris Hilton, etc, etc, etc………

        1. What fiasco? Miley stole that show! Gaga who? Katie who? Taylor Who? Miley burned those bitches down! SOOOO CUTE!!!

    2. I really don’t think Aaryn is a racist. A true racist has deep rooted hatrid for certain races. I know there’s a fine line between making fun of races and being a true racist. People make fun of racial stereotypes all the time. Check out Russel Peters Red White and Brown. That is some funny shit, and no I don’t think he’s a racist.

      1. if Aaryn is not a racist, she is at the very least ignorant and a has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder IMO. This type of person believes that the rules of a civil society do not apply to them. They are incapable of sympathy, much less empathy. They can learn to act civilly when it benefits them but they will never be able to have real feelings. This disorder is just steps away from being a sociopath. What synched it for me was when she said to Amanda “I probably SHOULD feel sorry ( for her insensitive and racist comments, BUT I DON’T.” To a narcissist, the whole world is simply resources that exist only to help her fulfill her wants at any given moment., I know some of you might think tat Amanda isn’t much better or maybe you think Amanda is sooo much worse—but knew enough to know what Aaryn was saying was wrong. Aaryn doesn’t have a clue- No wonder Aaryn wonders if she will ever fall in love with someone, IMO she is only capable of needing people but will never know how to love someone.

        1. I agree she is immature, ignorant, and shelftered, but I wouldn’t call her a racist. She says innapropriate things when she’s angry. I’ve never heard her blatantly say she hated a certain race. That is what a racist is. As a minority, I’ve been subjected to these type of comments many times before. I can tell when someone truly has hatrid for my race, or is just making fun. If making fun of someone’s race makes you a racist, then every comedian out there is a racist.

          1. I look at the sum total of Aaryn’s comments. Has she ever said anything comparable to what she has said to and about Candice, Helen, and Howard to any of the white HGs? I don’t recall any. Plus she chalked up all of the criticism she received to being “stupid” and “ridiculous”, said she was “joking” and did not apologize. In other words, she took no ownership for the awful things she said. The real world is going to kick her butt when she gets out and finds out about losing her jobs and sees what is on YouTube and other places. I don’t think any PR rep will be able to repair the damage.

  8. last time i watched the feeds amanda was harassing elissa all over the house and now they are in the pool taking pictures and laughing together. what a crazy house.

    1. * D * IT would take a TEST ReSuLt (for me)
      to find out if chlorine/chemicals were used
      in that pool before getting in there!
      Amanda is like a “cesspool” !
      I would not want her “fungus” growing on ME!!!

  9. Thumbs up if you want Aaryn to stay over Ratty Red. I would live to see Amanda leave on an Aaryn HOH. I don’t have a favorite. I’d be ok with Judd or Elissa

  10. Mc: After having some tests, I’ve discovered Amanda is eating for two. I asked the doctor in the DR if there was any way we could control her Schizophrenia.

    Judd: One good thing about schizophrenia is that if she ever has a kid Amanda will never have to worry about being a single parent My youngest brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and I supposed he needed some cheering up. So I hugged him and then whispered ‘You are not alone’.

    Mc: I have to deal with this plus Amanda keeps seeing spiders all over the house

    Judd: ‘Some male spiders castrate themselves during sex to escape the female, who often eats the male after mating’ Good advice not only for male spiders, but for you and anyone else who attempts to have sex with Amanda.

    Mc: I’ll keep that in mind

    Judd: “I once had an embarrassing moment with a spider. I felt something crawling in my boxer shorts. I thought it was a spider and you know i hate spiders. So I quickly unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down along with my boxer shorts. But in the panic, I must have stood on the remote and accidently changed the channel” … “and that’s why my Mother caught me half naked with my hand on my genitals watching fox news”

    1. I think I hate that fucking weasel more than anyone in that house. He’s basically played the part of a rat all season. He’s a coward. I’ll be very upset if he gets anywhere close to sniffing the money.

  11. I would rather kkk stay more than the rat head weasel. You can figure out what KKK is up to but the rat you can’t he is really smart

    1. Rat Dog is easy to figure out…he’ll do McManda’s dirty work until they get on the block and then he’ll turn. If GM or Judd win HoH they need to put up McStinky and Demanda and if one wins the POV put Rat Dog back up. If Rat Dog wins POV and leaves the noms, I’ll be happy but still won’t respect him or his game.

    1. Season of floaters, cowards, lazy people, and the mentally ill. And one asshole. I’m sure you can figure out who that was.

  12. Oh, no the pictures of Amanateeda didn’t turn out! Those pix could have been useful in FLA. Be careful Elissa, it’s a protected species, try not to smile around it because that’s considered bullying by the WPA, and it could go insane again and hurt itself!

  13. Why did you kiss Judd? Maybe, my dear Aaryn, bless your heart, you should consider the company you have been keeping with that 3AM alliance??? Your ally Amanda has set quite an example…

  14. Judd: The most exciting job I had before Big Brother was when I worked for Pepsi….until they fired me..

    Elissa: They fired you? Why?

    Judd: I tested positive for Coke…

  15. best discussion of the year…..about 3 weeks ago….

    Amanda: lying in the HoH bed alone…without the HoH there….”am I bully?..am I really a bully?…do people think I’m a bully”

    Spencer: after an awkward pause states…paraphrasing as not remembering the actual words…..no, you are just strongly persuasive”

  16. This is not an Elissa bashing moment, just an observation…

    She wears a tube of glue and a pound of fake lashes daily but is worried about getting an eye infection from the pool…??????

    Am I the only one who sees the irony here?

  17. would aaryn really put up mccrae or amanda if she stayed?…..she would probably win HOH and if I thought she would indeed put them up I would want her to stay…..

  18. Nest week is going to be extremely exciting….

    If Aaryn leaves, which is highly probable, the nominess for next week is going to be key. Especially, if someone gets nominated and wins POV. I would hate to be the person who put that person on the block.

    GM wins HOH – hopefully nominates Amanda and McCrae
    Judd wins HOH – hopefully nominates Amanda and McCrae
    Spencer wins HOH – more than likely nominate Amanda and Elissa
    Andy wins HOH – more than likely nominate Elissa and Judd or extremely unlikely Amanda
    McCrae wins HOH – more than likely nominate Elissa and Judd

    Also the HOH better factor in that next week will be a double eviction

    1. ol Mcrae might have something wrong with his “Johnson” because with all the yeast & onion Amanda has laid on him! js

  19. “Elissa says oh my god, I think I am going to get an eye infection from that pool.”

    If I was in the water with Amanda, I’d be worried about more than and “eye” infection. Chlorine might not protect you from whatever McCrae don’t even wanna sleep with her for.

  20. I heard that also. There was a whole thing about it on twitter by some guy who seemed to have a lot of details about lawyers, etc. But he took it down. Not going to happen. I do however firmly believe they told her to cut it out and threatened that she would have to leave if she kept up those antics. Kind of wish they’d kept quiet and let her continue so that she would have been forced out.

    1. I think at some point Elissa would have smiled and laughed at her and she would die. She was beginning to lose her voice and the energy was simply not there anymore. Mcpussy was right the more she went after Elissa the more it isolated them, Exterminator grew out of that.

      I think as soon as Andy is actually safe from this week,its only then will he tell Amanda and Mcpussy about that alliance. right now he fears should word get round back to judd and Spencer, they could easily join GM to vote him out. He needs their three votes not so much Amanda and Mcpussy.

  21. The kiss Aaryn gave Judd isn’t working, she might have to put that “thang,thang” on him. She looks like she’s a “cowgirl” and can ride. That will surly get his vote, and get him to get Spencer to vote as well, then GM would vote too, and Aaryn could stay, and Ratboy can go eat some cheese in Jury.

  22. Dawg/Simon I saw a screen shot of a twitter thread that says Demanda met with her mother and lawyers and they negotiated settlement that she will apologize live on the show Thursday night and self-evict. They are saying CBS is paying her not to sue and to keep her mouth shut. They also say that if she says anything mean to anyone she’s out and loses the settlement and a chance to apologize on the show.

    Can you confirm?

    1. Anything can be posted on the internet and when it comes to Big Brother in particularly anything and everything will be posted.

      Personally I just focus on watching and enjoying the feeds everything else I tune out as BS

    2. How can Amanada sue CBS. She is the one that acts like a jackass and said racist and many other very disturbing things in a house full of cameras and microphones This story/rumor makes no sense. .

  23. Racist or not. Aaryn is one hot piece of Texas Ass. Lie to her and do it her Judd!!! Your father will be proud of you.

      1. Judd looks like the good kind of person who respects his parents too much to do anything other than kiss on tv. At least I hope so.

  24. It really looks like CBS is thinking they can getting away with letting Amanda’s behavior slip under the rug and we will forgive and forget . I am Not buying what they are selling for a min. I was happy that I found a Petition to sign online to have them remove her from the house . I don’t know if it will help But at least I could my part in saying this is disgusting behavior and I wont stand for it !!!! against Elissa or Anybody else .

    1. YEEAAHH!! You tell em, Cat Lady!! They wont get over on you!!! SIGN THOSE PETITIONS!!! That’s a very productive use of your time!!!!

  25. A comment earlier stated that the minions are taking the fall for their queen.

    It would be absolutely amazing and a huge turn around in this game if they actually got a few brain cells together to figure that out themselves and get together to get out mcranda.

    They would get a final fair shot at the money. And I totally don’t get why in Sundays airing Amanda kept being confused as to why anyone would put her and McCrea up… Um you admit you are a power couple. Hellooo…

  26. Aaryn’s mouth is so weird…it bugs me. Judd must be bored. I don’t know which one is more desperate, Aaryn or Judd. Lol

  27. Who would they nominate if they won next weeks POV comp:

    AMANDA – Elissa and JUDD replacement nominee: GinaMarie

    McNastyPussy – whoever Amanda tells him to

    Andy – whoever Amanda tells him to

    Spencer – whoever Amanda tells him to

    J – U – double D – whoever Amanda tells him to

    GinaMarie – whoever Amanda tells her to

    Elissa – out going HOH cannot play (she is fucked)

    Back to the same old, same old. Eissa’s HOH was a nice change of pace but the rest of them know how this game is to be played. That is Amanda’s way. Rat Andy will still be sent out to gather information on all on going conversations and report his findings back to Amanda so that she can counter any move before it is made. McNastyPussy will solidify the votes (they all know how to vote because Amanda has already put out the word) by talking to the other houseguests nicey, nicey. (this is all he is good for, he has no game of his own,so Amanda lets him do this so that he can feel like a “SUPE FAN”)

    1. Judd for sure he will win HoH, but he doing under his own terms not Amanda. If she wants to nominate someone, win HoH herself. Elissa will keep winning her PoV so she will keep her safe. Beside, Amanda has to deal with it of Judd nomination not hers.

  28. Lag! Lag! Lag! Wifi & 4G both sucking! Could’ve saved my $$ for OBB instead of paying CBS for live feeds that SO rarely work for me! So very thankful for every update y’all give us about what’s going on in that house!!! (I’ve made my donation and will make more cause y’all ROCK!) from this bb Fan – THANK YOU for keeping us in the know!!!

    Especially annoyed I can’t connect now…Elissa & Amanda are playing together n the pool today? That doesn’t make any sense!?! Anxiously awaiting next updates –

  29. All of you Elissa lovers are constantly talking about what Amanda said to Elissa but make sure to leave out how Elissa has talked down and called names about every girl that she felt competed with her for attention. She is a sad situation. I am sorry but I have more respect for someone who says something to my face over someone who is constantly talking sh!t behind my back. Especially personal digs. Amanda is definitely not the most tactful person but Elissa is no better.

    1. Naynay do u NOT have live feeds or BBAfterDark? Elissa is a human stuck inside a petre dish! Scary dirty cast this yr!!! ANYONE would b disgusted & speechless – thus the studder and other “issues” Miss Elissa appears to have?!?

  30. I just hate to see Elissa duped by Aaryn if she stays. She says now she isn’t working with Amanda. Although Andy is still a snitch and reports to Amanda. I don’t trust either of them. Ugh. I am hoping Andy will leave and Aaryn is not playing Gina and Elissa.

    1. I honest think she will hold true. She wanted to put Amanda up so bad last week but honestly thinks production may have talked her out of it.. Not to mention the beast bullying her to put up Spencer instead.

  31. Production must be monitoring the websites and their own blogs…because their is definitely some changes from yesterday to today…

    People are being cordial, cleaning up, doing laundry and taking showers (e.g. Amanda); don’t know if McCrae did yet…because I had to step away for awhile to get sanity….

    1. About time they made them clean that house, but I think getting McCrae to wash his ass may be a chore. They might have to threaten him with a penalty nomination.

    2. Demanda said she was going to do her nails, self-tan and wax because she wants to look like a lady. Something is up and I’m beginning to believe the rumors.

      1. Aside from Elissa basically calling MC and Amanda out as pigs and humbling them, somebody behind the scenes had to warn them to clean up their acts (literally). Amanda has been cleaning the house and offering to make food for others since last night (such a nice girl, that Amanda). I think MC has showered two days in a row! MC doesn’t look too happy about this cleaning up stuff. I think there should be a pool for when the “real” McCrandas return.

    3. they didn’t need to monitor the forms. people were waging a campaign to contact cbs and tell them to kick her to leave elissa alone make the house guests clean up the dirty house. fans this year are more annoying then the house guests and that’s saying a lot.

  32. Still bouncing off walls that CBS will pre-empt for firkin footie on Thursday. There is no indication that it will be shown at a later hour. Chit!!!!!!!!

    1. Contact your local CBS station. Many times they will air a pre-empted show late night. Especially if they get a enough request.

  33. Wow, just saw rumors on Twitter that people are harrassing Demanda’s family in real life. I understand she’s been outrageously rude and crass this summer, but people need to calm down and realize it’s just a game.

    1. I heard that too….

      Could be Brenchel Drones, could be McCranda Army(both of them) trying to get sympathy for them by perpetrating, or could be both???

      Anyways, STOP IT, RIGHT NOW…. We may talk shit about HGs, but we’re just fucking around, it’s JUST A GODDAMN GAME………… Don’t do Stinkmeaner like you did Straight Shooter during season13..

    2. wouldn’t put it past elissa’s fans. they spout such vial hatred for amanda on all of the boards and they have no lives.

  34. Why is it that someone is a racist when they comment about a minority ,this has been going on forever,people need to lighten up,the word racist is used to loosely

  35. If this boring, kumbaya, hand holding, love fest is the result of people emailing and writing complaints to CBS then people need to stop and do something more constructive with their time. The feeds and spoilers are much ,ore interesting when the house guests hate each other.

  36. You don’t think that an excuse for Amanda to leave the show is that her “meds” have been screwed up? Think about it, if production doles out these medications and missed a dose or have not been getting them out in a timely manner- would’nt that be rather a good excuse for all the bad acting?

  37. Okay now McStinky is trying to form a guys alliance. He’s going to ask DR if they can call it No Ma’am–isn’t that from Al on Married with Children?

  38. Andy really is an oversized toodler wearing “Carters” and “Garanimals” ugh…can’t stand his ass. He reminds me of the kid in school who always said the most uncool things….making everybody else around him uncomfortable…..

    1. And to think he was so proud a few weeks ago that he got through his HOH without getting any blood on his hands. He looked like his Underoos were two sizes too small and he was enjoying the wedgie.

  39. Amanda – next time, be sure you pack your electric toothbrush. Then when your man can’t do the deed….

  40. The Gries Ranch is 54 square miles according to their website. In other words, 1 1/2 times the size of Manhattan and over 1/2 the size of Staten Island. It’s chock full of rattlesnakes and cactus. Imagine being 250 miles from the nearest city (San Antonio) and 20 miles from the border of Mexico. I would guess there’s not a lot of etiquette instruction happening out there, but target shooting would be a must. Aaryn probably thinks she is totally p.c. because she hasn’t said anything bad about Hispanics or Native Americans. Unfortunately, both of these groups are the ones who face discrimination on a daily basis in the world that Aaryn comes from. Does she likely she think she is funny mocking blacks and Asians? Probably. Is she an idiot for doing it? Of course! Does she hate them and have racism in her heart? Who knows? It seems that she finds it hysterical to stereotype people and make jokes at their expense. I would be more worried about her heart if she talked badly about those who have migrated north of the U.S. border without the benefit of a visa. The border patrol is active in that area and a lot of large ranches in that part of the country receive a lot of “unwanted foot traffic” across their property. It’s hard for some people to “turn the other cheek” to that. The fact that Aaryn hasn’t commented about the groups of people who are different from her that live in her geographical area, it makes me think that calling her a “racist” may be overblown.

  41. I dont use twitter so im not sure if this is correct but based on reading some of the comments on here she has two twitter accounts. And the posts are fairly current so how does that happen if she is in the house? Are people actually creating twitter accounts with her name or is she allowed to tweet?????

  42. 1. I felt like Elissa wanted to ask Amanda in the HOH room: “Why are you crying?” But, she starts to laugh to cover up her real thoughts and facial expressions. That was the funniest part tonight for me.
    2. Aaryn has been playing everyone since day one. Going back to be a person’s puppet to stay in the game and to break out in a fake cry/voice during Amanda’s and McCrea’s shower was commical.

    BTW: It is good to play a competitive game. HOWEVER, having people as puppets reflects a dirty player. Be your own puppet with integrity. That is all I am saying. HAHA

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