Spencer says Jessie is 18 months past her prime, she had a cute little pot belly! Amanda says a pig has a cute little pot belly.

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andy
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


12:20am Out on the backyard couch – Andy, Amanda, McCrae and Spencer are talking. Andy says I am glad my loyalties are paying off and people aren’t listening to what poopy (Aaryn) is saying. The others agree. McCrae says absolutely, I dunno, I don’t trust her for a f**king second. Andy says she blatantly lied about Judd the other day and I called her out on it. Amanda asks about what? Andy says that Aaryn said Judd was up there campaigning to get me to go up and he immediately said no and went to the room and screamed at her. Andy says Aaryn and I had a heart to heart and she said she wouldn’t campaign against be and 10 minutes later she was campaigning against me, you know?! Amanda say evictions all about timing. Evicting the right person at the right time. Like Aaryn saying you’re skating. Andy says anyone who thinks I am skating is a f**king a$$hole, I have worked so damn hard. And sure maybe my working hard doesn’t involve winning a ton of comps but getting in peoples good graces and proving my loyalty week after week is a lot harder than people think. Like people saying that you (Spencer) were expendable and I convinced them you weren’t, or when people wanted to flip the house on you (Amanda). Like I am really glad that you are all here when I really need you. Spencer says yeah I would be gone if it wasn’t for you. McCrae says yeah, I dunno. Amanda says the odds are in our favour. There are 4 of us that have a chance to win HOH. Andy says 66% chance. Amanda says and Elissa is a huge target. Amanda says Ginamarie would put up Elissa, I hope. Andy says she said she would. Amanda says only one person won’t play in veto. McCrae is pissed and says she (Aaryn) makes me paranoid as f**k. Judd and Gina join them and they end the conversation. Amanda says if Elissa will put you up, she will put anyone up. Andy says yeah. Then asks do you think we will have anything to do tomorrow? They all hope so.

CBS Interactive Inc.

12:30am Gina, Spencer, Andy and Amanda talk on the backyard couch. Amanda confronts Ginamarie and says that Aaryn said that you would be coming after me and McCrae. Gina asks why all of a sudden when she is on the f**king block! I had her back since f**king day 1 and now she is trying to f**king say sh*t about me and Spencer! For you guys to come after us when she leaves, is that her f**king plan! Amanda says we aren’t coming after you. Amanda says I have no idea what her plan is. Amanda says she thinks if she says that would change because she has influence over you. Gina says okay well if she wants to say sh*t, I will say that she tried to have a plan with Elissa so that she says so that she can go after you f**king two. How you like them apples! Nice how grimy people do f**ked up things to stay when the plan was to get Elissa out. I think we are all pretty much on the same page for 4 weeks now to get Elissa out. They all say they want Elissa out. Gina says to be honest, since Elissa always says she is so in love with her husband I don’t even know why she would say that about Judd, it’s so odd! You know she would not say that sh*t on camera. She won’t even curse on camera. I am not defending her but that sh*t would not come out of her mouth. Amanda says I agree I think it was taken out of context. Judd says what it boils down to you have to watch exactly what you say to her. Amanda asks how they all keep their anger in when sh*t like that alcohol happens tonight. She (Elissa) poured herself some when all of us were going to wait to drink it for the game.. and decides to pour her little princess a$$ a glass of when when we are all waiting for the f**king game, did that not irritate the f**k out of you. And all of you bit*h a$$ motherf**kers just sat there and let her drink it. Spencer says there were two thinks going on, you the ruthless dictator telling everyone what to do and her drinking it. Andy says that Elissa always finds some way to break the rules.


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:40am – 1:30am Judd and McCrae are talking alone on the couch. McCrae tells Judd that Aaryn told him that she won’t vote for Amanda or McCrae in the jury if they don’t vote to keep her here. Spencer joins them. Spencer says there are 8 other people in the jury, you don’t need her vote! Dude that f**king sh*t pisses me off! McCrae says I need some blood on my hands. Spencer says it’s just desperate words from a desperate woman. McCrae says there is nothing that she could say. Judd says I should just say no because now she just keeps saying the same thing over and over again to me. Andy and Amanda join them again. Amanda says I am so interested to see what America thinks about me. Judd says it could be really good or it could be really, really, really bad. I was told not to look on the internet for a year after. Gina joins them. The conversation turns to talking about past competitions.


1:30am The conversation turn to talking about Jessie. Gina says that she liked to antagonize people. Spencer I bet she will pose naked just for attention afterwards. Amanda says ew who would buy that magazine. Spencer says I f**king would! Andy says I think Jessie is pretty. Amanda says oh Jessie, I thought you were talking about Candice. Amanda says that Jessie looked like she was 6 months pregnant. Spencer says she had a cute little pot belly! Amanda says a pig has a cute little pot belly. Gina says yeah not a human. Spencer says I am not going to argue with you, a woman’s view of what’s sexy is altered by Barbie. Jessie was sexy! Amanda says ew her personality made her unattractive. Spencer says yeah I can attest to that. Gina says she had no tits, her legs were stalky and she did not have a nice a$$. Spencer says she is about 6 to 8 months past her prime as a female. Her body is going to get fatter, more rippled with cellulite and it’s going to be all over for her. She is on the downhill slide. Amanda says agreed. Spencer says and its really closer to 18 months past her prime. I bet 25 or 23 year old Jessie was a show stopper. I bet that pu$$y would, that’s like Olympic pu$$y. That’s like Beijing battle pu$$y. Gina says she will f**king crack your di*k off. Spencer says dude don’t you remember the popsicle, I was like dude what in the world is hanging on to this popsicle! Oh my god its her pu$$y lips! Marilyn gave me a hall pass but I am not stupid I am not going to use it. Judd says I guarantee she is a scraper. Gina asks what do you mean like she don’t want di*k in her a$$? The conversation turns to which girl in the house could beat other girls in the house up. Gina says when I start I can’t stop. They start talking about random things.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

*** WARNING Graphic Conversation ***
2:20am Spencer says if you are having problems with your man, there is this thing that if you su*k his di*k twice as much it will fix it. McCrae agrees and says yup! Amanda says but that’s not what women want, they don’t want to be the c*m dumpster. Spencer says well I don’t give a f**k you all also want nice relationships and I am a lot nice to get along with if I know that there is going to be a goodnight bl*w j*b. Amanda says well tell prudence (McCrae) over here that, that is what men want.

Spencer asks if you could only have oral or normal $ex for the rest of your life what would you rather? When McCrae says oral Amanda says I would like to say that is a lie because of the amount of times I have tried to go down on him and the amount of times that he has stuck his pen!s inside of me, one greatly outweighs the other and it was not the oral. Greatly! McCrae says I don’t know what to say. Amanda says now you’re not getting neither.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Andy says oral takes him forever. Gina says did you see me eat that fro-yo! NICK’s in a good position! Amanda says Ginamarie can suck the best di*k, she can suck a golf ball out of a garden hose! Gina asks from what? Amanda says look at you, you have mouth muscles and jewellery in your mouth. Gina says I asked Nick if he ever f**ked a girl in the a$$ and he said no. They wonder if Nick is a priest. Gina asks did you see the hotdog trick, I f**king deep throat a hotdog. Spencer says I would like to see her with a smoked sausage link just to see what GM can do! Amanda asks Ginamarie if she has ever had $ex with a black guy? Gina says no, I’ve never even kissed a black guy. I’ve hooked up with Porto Rican if that counts? Amanda says no. Spencer asks McCrae if he has ever been with a black girl. McCrae says no. Spencer asks Andy if he has been with a black guy and Andy says yeah. Spencer asks Amanda. Amanda says one. Spencer says I’ve been with 3 black girls. Gina asks there’s black girls in Arkansaw? Spencer says yeah. Gina references Aaryn’s comment about black people in Texas and says swarms. Amanda says the only black guy that I had $ex with had a tiny pen!s. And I was like meh, this isn’t for me! Gina says I had one kid that his di*k was like the size of my pinky. I think he had a problem. Amanda says small di*k-idis. Gina says it was probably the 3 guy I had been with and I didn’t know where it was, it was really weird. Amanda says in high school she gave a guy a bl*w j*b and it was literally a baby carrot. And he was like don’t use your hands. I was thinking I couldn’t if I wanted to! She says it was her girlfriends ex-boyfriend and she had said she couldn’t tell if it was in or not because it was so small. Gina says this kid I sleep next to and he doesn’t even touch me! I am talking about Nick. Amanda says McCrae has the biggest di*k she has ever seen, it’s like a kick stand. Gina agrees and says yeah I’ve seen it. Amanda says excuse me!? Gina says no it is shorts. Amanda says he’s a grower to so it big and then it gets bigger. I am kind of scared but I like it. Spencer says di*k slap her in the face for me. Amanda says I want him to di*k slap me in the face. Gina says were did Judd go? Talking about small di*ks. Amanda and McCrae head to bed.

3am – 3:20am Gina and Spencer are alone on the couch talking. Gina doesn’t understand why Aaryn is talking sh*t about them. Spencer says go out with some class. Judd and Andy join them again. They talk about how they all have each other’s backs. They tells Andy that he is good and has nothing to worry about. They talk about ignoring Aaryn and what she says. They all head to bed.


6:40am All the house guests are still sleeping..

9am – 10:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – All the house guests are going back to sleep except for Elissa. Before Ginamarie heads back to bed she tells Elissa that Aaryn is throwing her, Judd and Spencer under the bus. They both laugh. Ginamarie then heads back to back and Elliss goes up to the HOH room to get ready for the day. She then listens to her HOH cd. In the rainbow bedroom – Judd asks Gina if she is getting ready to do her goodbye messages. She says she did her’s yesterday. Aaryn heads out into the backyard and starts working out.

11:25am – 11:50am Aaryn lays out by the pool and lathers up with Olive Oil to sun tan. Elissa comes out and starts doing yoga. All the other house guests are still sleeping.


12:55pm It’s been a very quiet day in the Big Brother house today. Elissa and Aaryn are the only house guests awake. Aaryn suntans, gets in the pool, lays in the hammock and does her laundry. Eliss finishes her yoga and heads up to the HOH room to change she then heads to the storage room and wraps an ice pack on her leg. Elissa then heads to the backyard to read her bible. Elissa goes to the diary room and tries to get in. They don’t let her in. She says out loud these things (ice packs) don’t help at all! Oh my gosh! She then goes up to the HOH room and gets back into bed.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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Elissa is ugly inside and out

Cant wait til rachel 2.0 goes home. Amanda deserves to win, plain and simple


It will never happen!!!!! Elissa is not going anywhere. She will keep winning PoV so Amanda will go home.


to bad you’re gonna lose a”hole


You bet my Jewish Queen is going to win. You still can make money. Vegas odds have her at 2 to 1. I got in at 10 to 1 a month ago. Thank you CBS


Amanda can’t win HoH and she sucks. That why Amanda will be going to Jury house next week.


Hey Captain Amanda, my Jewish Queen isn’t going anywhere except as the last person out of the house with 500,000. She will be making close to what I will be making. She will become a 1 perecenter. Thank you Amanda and CBS. Love you all.


Neither Elissa, she ain’t going anywhere either. The only Jewish Queen she going is the Jury House so that her and Pizza Boy can make out in the bedroom.


One 500,000 payday doesn’t make you a one percenter. After taxes your looking at maybe 300,000. One year you’ll file a tax return that puts you there. Frig. You act like that payday is going to set you for life. Most will piss it away. If you’re lucky you’ll invest wisely and in 5 to 10 you can be a 1 percenter. You’ll just go to vegas and piss it away. Amanda will use it for plastic surgery, which I would support, and definitely piss it away. Or she’ll use it to run from the damn country.


Gee name did anyone ever call you Ms. Know It All. Seems to me you like to correct a lot of people on this site. I love to see you on BB16. You be the first person voted out. My Jewish Queen is going to invest her money in real estate and make a fortune. She is a very smart woman. With my winnings I will be set for life and can live off the interest and be lazy on some nice tropical beach drinking Pina Colada’s.


Not going to happen!! The Jewish Queen won’t get the shot half million dollars. Nobody will never vote for her to win. Beside, she going to the jury house. How smart is that.


Just you BuffaloChip… I just love to pick on you. I’m a bully. I thought you like that. I’m just trying to turn you on for you can get a little wood. My bad. Trying to be your new Jewish Princess. Purrr

Andy's Closet

I can’t wait to see that. I’m sure they will welcome her with open arms…..not!


Copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste redundant redundant redundant


Dude, give it up. You need some new material.


Pigs. And they wonder why Elissa doesn’t want to hang around them. Simon, I appreciate the “warning” but really they talk like that all the time. Or sadly, maybe I’m just used to it/


well you pissed that money away you believe that cbs employee that said it was predetermined guess what im the cbs guy it was a joke what an idiot


Assuming that it was true the show rigged for aMANduh to win (all signs point to YES), there is NO WAY it will happen now:

a) The CBS employee spilling the beans to the point it’s almost common knowledge around the net and BB does not want to get sued for rigging a game.
b) Amanda knowing she was a sure win (?) did nothing competitively, and instead just bullied, effed and leaked her way to the finals.
c) The 8000 signature petition to get her off the show.

Amanda’s wondering how the public perceives her? Here’s a short summary of amanduh’s depraved behavior:

– Admitting she had herpes
– Admitting she was pregnant few days before show but “lost it” (decides to have sex w/out condom anyway with McRae)
– Admitting to drugs, drinking & driving
– Racial slurs, lying about sexual harassment (Howard)
– Numerous threats of beating, killing, dismembering and raping other House Guests
– Leaking menstrual blood all over the place and not cleaning up after herself (hope she didn’t lose the baby in house – just odd she’s always leaking)
– Yeast infections galore (I would not get into any hot tub, pool or bed after she;d been in it and Aaryn said Candice had crabs…VILE!)
– Giving BJ to McCrazy after having sex with him WHILE on her period

What am I missing? To be honest I would not eat anything she cooked either, she;s SO unhygienic! Don’t blame Elissa for “looking down on them”. She may sound like a snob, but tbh would you want to associate yourself with such people? UGH!!!


wasn’t buffalobill the name of the serial killer in “silence of the lambs?” no wonder you like amanda.


Amandahater that was funny. The only reason why I love my Jewish Queen is because she is going to make me plenty of Benjamin’s. For the people who believe she is not going to win let the jury members tell you that. Really who do you think is going to win. The woman is so freaking smart and with the help of CBS production she will win. More important I’m going to win more. That is why she will always be my Jewish Queen


OMG!!!!! Buffalo bill, what show you are watching? The only reason she will win because of CBS production keep interfere the comps. That why she going home next week. The Jewish queen will end up in the jury house. It’s sucks for her of winning the game because of CBS production crew. That why Jewish ueen is going up next week.




You know what I am going to win Bill?? Unfortunately not $$$ JUst the satisfaction of knowing she won and the several hundred people here are just gonna F*CKING GO INTO A HUGE FREAK OUT CRYING, GNASHING OF TEETH, WANTING TO KILL OR FIREBOMB THE NETWORK!!! PAAHAHAHAHA!! Then after that, the depression will come. hahahaha.. omg. cant. breathe. going to be sooo epic!!!


Nope. Doesn’t matter if she wins. I’m waiting for the real show to start after the show ends. I hope the network offers her 1 million just to follow her around for the next 12 months and watch karma go to work. I don’t like her, but I really don’t like any of them enough to care. I might lose my dinner if a couple win but I’ll forget them about as quick as I will once they go to jury. And, truth be told, I’ll forget Amanda right after the shows over unless she crosses me in life. Then I’ll walk the other way or ask for another broker or agent. That’s what most of us are gonna do. Forget her unless she enters our lives and then we’ll drop her like a bag of bricks.

Amanda's Therapist

I’m betting this Is NOT her FIRST Miscarriage/Abortion!!



Well said!


Not to sound like a prick, but dude you are spot on. Call me shallow, but that woman makes me cringe. The majority of the rest do to. Rarely do they have anything funny or witty to say. They have the intelligence of ants. They act like ants too. I go to sleep watching BBAD. If I was in that house I would self-evict out of boredom unless I really thought I had a shot at the 500K. Those people are boring as hell and that includes Elissa so I’m not on anyone’s side. I do see Elissa’s point though.


If it wasn’t for the great summaries on here I wouldn’t know a damn thing going on. I must say you guys do the best job I’ve found on the net regarding reporting on what’s going on. Nice and concise. You don’t want a word by word transcript, it would be like reading a court document. Boring as hell. The only way to make it better is put your own spin on it (but let us know when you are saying what your thoughts are and not their thoughts)… I don’t care if I agree with you or not. I’m sure I’ll get a few laughs. If it wasn’t for the fact for being a fan of other seasons I don’t see myself watching this one really. It bores the shite out of me, but I’m addicted to the game so even a bad game is better than no game to an addict.


Russell, Russell, Russell you throw a good football for the Seahawks, but you just don’t know a fix. I have won so much money in the past when a game is fixed. You still can bet. Look past the forest and see what is occuring. CBS is just another corporation and Amanda is making money for them every week with the high ratings they are getting because of her. Now put your helmet on and get into the game and give love to our Jewish Queen!


Dude, it’s called Rigged. Amanda can cheated herself to win it. As long as Elissa will win Big Brother, the CBS production crew will find a new jobs without cheat the way of winning the comps.

Annie Oakley

Hey Buffalo Bill – I knew you always had a ‘thing’ for Lillian Smith! But I was a much better shot. I’m guessing I’m going to win this bet as well.

Amanda's Therapist



Just a smart investor who knows when to hold them and know when to fold them and I’m holding on to my Jewish Queen.


Dude, Jewish Queen is going to the Jury House!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buffalo Bill would you please stop singing? you’re costing CBS money


So despite all odds, an Ethiopian model has won Israeli Big Brother. And guess what… two contestants were disqualified for making racial remarks against her during show. WHY CAN’T BB US DO THE SAME???




The 1st amendment only applies to the government, not private companies….

bb is a house full of crazy

If BB did that in ‘merica, every house guest would have been evicted except for maybe Judd. Even Elissa would have got the boot. They are all trash….every single on of them. The only one I would say rises above it is Judd.


Totally… Judd just sticks to degrading women. He’s no racist, just a misogynist. No harm, no foul!


She may win but won’t get first place. Everyone in jury hates her.


Some of the people on this site act worse than the people on the show, yet they have the nerve to criticize the people on the show. Ask yourselves these questions: Are the houseguests on the show having an impact on YOUR life? Have one of the houseguests done anything to YOU personally? Will anything you see on this show matter to you in ten years? If your answer to these questions is no, then chill out. Stop taking everything so personally and seriously. It’s just a show. If it bothers you, change the channel and watch Sesame Street.


Name, I am sick to death of your holier than thou comments and your bashing Elissa.
First off, some people on here, most in fact! would answer YES to your questions as this show does infact personally hurt them. No doubt, everyone here is a die hard fan or pretty strong fan, we all love this show. But COME ON, YOU are the one that needs to relax. Because everyone has a right to say how they feel. Yes we get right into the show intensely cuz we LOVE it. But that doesnt mean we tolerate the houseguests behaviour. We have every right to take their remarks personal. Its a game BUT the houseguest still affect people. Their slurs affect people who do not support racism, bullying, vulgar dirty behavior. We CAN soeak our mind about it as we dont want the next BB to be worse. We are not going to change the chanel, we still LOVE the show but we DONT LIVE some hg’s behaviour? Got it now know-it-all? Good. Thannnnnnksss


Sadly, your post just comfirmed what I have been sayin…some of you people really need to get a life and step away from the computer and learn to take this shit not so seriously. And no matter how much hell you raise, it wont shape or determine the overall character and tone of the show next year!! Giving yourselves WAAYY too much credit if you honestly think that for a second.


Ask yourself the same questions. Are the people on these boards having an impact on your life, etc, etc. Blah blah blah. Same format, different media outlet is all it is. Like others say to viewers. ” If you don’t like it, shut it off”. Same with the boards. If you don’t like it, shut it down.
Seriously. People really need to think before they preach.


To be honest YES it will affect my life 10 years from now. If you were able to see the big picture, and the slow, creeping degeneration of our youth (vis a vis so-called entertainment) then you would not be making such banal comments.

Desensitizing the young with this type of trash is exactly what the Miley Cyrus’ and Amanda Zuckerman’s of the world are doing. Good Day!


That is bad parenting. I do see the whole picture. I’m not their parents. I’m not there to smack them upside the head. If you know about those girls then you have watched them. You are part of their fame whether you like it or not. Anything said about them is coverage for them. So go out and preach your sermon to the world. All the better for them. We don’t need your sermons. We are here to discuss BB and not all of the comments are rosey red but its why these boards are here. Go talk to your politician if you want to change the world.


I know the odds of Amanda getting a role on the Walking Dead without applying make up is great…….


Where you been all season? You’re telling us she’s going to win like it’s news and like she did it on her own. Didn’t you hear that she’s besties with Allison Grodner and she was designated to win from the get go?


I think Andy has more of a chance being a queen over Amanda any day!!!


Rachel 2.0 infers that she is better than her sister lol You’re not too clever, buddy. Nobody is playing well this year, Amanda is the turd floating above the cesspool, that’s why when it comes to F5, any of these losers could win-out. Good luck praying for a non-bitter jury if Amanda’s special ed. boytoy fails to win another comp and she’s sitting next to literally ANYONE else in the house.


I agree more. Elissa will keep winning so McCrae & Andy will get double eviction.


I agree more!!! Elissa will keep on winning every comps.

Andy's Closet


You really should apologize to turds everywhere.

Elissa is BEAUTIFUL inside and out

Jealous much? Elissa is BEAUTIFUL. GORGEOUS actually!!! And she is a sweetheart. Must really suck to be you… whats it like being jealous, mean and hateful?


I fear for a world where ellissa is considered beautiful. Anyone that cant see she is a gold digger should remove their rose colored glasses


Every time i give a thumbs down to a “elissa is perfect” comment, three or more thumbs up pops up right at the same time???

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

I knew something was “hinky” about the thumbs up/thumbs down links. Every time I give a thumbs up against Elissa, 5 or more thumbs down appear, and vice versa. Try it yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

This Season Blows

Tried it and the same thing happened to me. Either Elissa’s fans are really insecure and obsessed or there’s a glitch in the software.


I gave your comments a thumbs up and nothing spectacular happened. I guess Rachel isn’t logged on right now.


Allright rachel! thanks for ur input

Not Rachel but do love her

Alright Name, thanks for ur input (eye roll)


Ha! I wish Rachael was on here…


Even Elissa knows that she is unattractive. She has a face only a mother could love that is why she has gotten so much work done, obsessively exercises and constantly does everything she can to maker herself look presentable.


Wow, you’re as bad as Amanda. What a loser.

bb is a house full of crazy

Elissa is as bad as Amanda regarding derogatory comments on ones physical appearance.


Not sure how Amanda rationalizes her constant hurtful comments of others. A person like her is so insecure and sensitive of comments towards her. If anyone says the least insensitive comment to Amanda, she flies into a rage or starts to cry. However, she feels free to spew any thought that comes to her mind about others. Amanda, you are so lucky that there is not a girl in the house remaining to directly take you on. Because you have provided so many juicy tidbits that would just crush you. For instance, that abortion you supposedly had before coming to Big Brother. It could be said that the baby was lucky. Because if he had lived, he would of had you as his mother. I know that was a harsh comeback, but if Amanda can dish out all this BS, she needs to take some of this BS with her.


Amanda is a twisted bully. I remember big oaf bully kids like her when I was in grade school. Throwing tantrums, pushing kids, crying to the teacher when they didn’t get their way. But I’ve never seen an adult like her. I guess you can say she’s an original.


you wanna know what demanda deserves?
– rachel bitchslapping her at the finale
– elissa’s hubby punching out mcpussy at the finale
– never being able to sell houses again
– never being touched by tv again
– a crying fit from knowing what america really thinks of her
– a night at home watching and re-watching all of the nasty youtube videos of herself online

probably more, but i’m getting nausea putting that much thought already into that bitch


I would pay to see how Rachel deals with Amanda after this show!!!


none of that stuff will happen to her or mccrae, so suck it.

Dan Fan

If you’re older than Chicken George gimme a thumbs down!

Botox Pelosi

What Amanda deserves will be coming her way when she gets back to the real world.


You hope, you wish, you pray….but nahhh. She’ll be just fine when she gets out. 500k richer.

Real Scandals Phony President

You might want to read the warning label on your medication.


Please, let’s not insult Rachel. As crazy as Rachel as, she was a heck of a player. Elissa has basically been on vacation the entire season and just took orders from Helen. The moment Helen left, she made an enormous mistake by not splitting Amanda and McCrae up. She’s lucky there is an alliance forming to do that, and so far it hasn’t cost her. But none in that group like Elissa – nobody in the house does – so she is going out any time now.

And I can’t wait to see her crazy, badmouthing, jealous, selfish, uptight, elitist, botox-filled ass out the door myself.


No one in the house likes her? LOL They all dislike EVERYONE. Every single one of them are fake nice to people, then turn around 2 seconds later and talk sh*t about that person. It doesn’t seem like any of them like each other. Even McCrea talks sh*t about Amanda. I think Judd truly “likes” Elissa, and I think GM does too. Who cares about the rest of them? They’re all worthless.

Amanda's Therapist

NAME….Gutter/ Trash Mouth Amanda on BBAD telling story
of her jr. high school girlfriend’s … ex-boyfriend
and HOW she gave his “carrot dick” a BJ!
Classy girl that Amanda ! To the “EX”of her friend-no less? OMG!
FAR back as … jr high — Amanda was TRASHY !
BTW….I’m just sure her friend – did not know prior ?
Amanda spilled this trash mouth story on TV!
Amanda is in need of *** “therapy”!!
*drug abuse & *alcoholism & *sex addiction


Can you really blame them for not liking each other. Although they all think their shit doesn’t stink, they all are bores. Who would like them?


I KNOW Spencer and Amanda aren’t talking about bellies. Wow, pot calling the kettle black if I’ve ever seen it. Are they blind? Do they LOOK in a mirror??


Amanda has been the best player all season. The one time she truly needed to win a comp she did but she has been playing so well that she has been able to rule the house without lifting a finger for most of the season. If people can’t recognize how great of a player she is it’s because they take things that happen in the house way to seriously and forget that it’s a game. From a game stand point no one except maybe Aaryn comes close and even then Aaryn has been a follower for weeks and had no independent thought of her own. This isn’t a sporting competition it’s about being the last person standing when the dust settles.

Elissa plese slap Amanda

Amandaarocks You are her mother I am sure if you can sit there and say that..Your daughter is the most naty person I have ever seen..

This Season Blows

Demanda was the best player for the first few weeks until she went unhinged and turned into a power-mad bully. Now nobody likes her, everybody wants her gone soon, and she won’t get any jury votes if she somehow makes it to the end. She’s taken a blowtorch to her own game (and her reputation) in the past few weeks.

That being said, I’m actually starting to change my opinion on wanting her out ASAP. I think it’s a dumb game move to get her out right now, as now is the time when the focus begins to shift from surviving on a weekly basis to getting jury votes in your favor. Demanda is the PERFECT person to take to the final two because whoever is against her will win unanimously, especially considering how personal the jury will be this year. Every time she opens her mouth, she gives the jury more material to use against her – so why get her out now? Elissa should be the rest of the house’s primary target because she has multiple friends in the jury who will give her their votes no matter what.


Agree. Take out McCrae and Andy. Amanda will have nobody left to do anything for her.


Ok, from a game stand,, yes, Elissa too. But I’m not hoping for that. :P

Amandas cootch smells like onions

No jury member is going to vote for your skank ass Amanda


Baahahaha!!! You just made nearly 700 people’s eye twitch!!! omg. I cant stop laughin at these fools. CANT…WAIT…TILL…THE FINALE!!!

Real Scandals Phony President

I’m wondering who you think would vote for Amanda to win the game besides production?

Amanda's Therapist

*realscandals * Amanda is one of the most / IF not the #1 MOST hated BB player – of all the BB seasons!
She should have gone out the EXIT DOOR – NOT ENTER through the doors of the BB house!
At this time in her game – DOUBT if the Jewish families
of the WORLD … would VOTE for their WHORE?!?


wow I see the stupid brenchal sheep are out in full force lately, all they can do is down vote anything slightly negative relating the dutchess of botox. Who gives these monkey’s their computers?


It is going to be hilarious when McCrae and Amanda figure out too late after they vote Aaryn out that Andy is working with Elissa and will put them up in a heartbeat, and that GM, Judd and Spencer all have a pact to get rid of them. BWAHAHAHA!! They will eat crow when they realize Aaryn was telling them the truth but too late.

Elissa's Ass

OMG Like you are so disgusting!!!!!


Our local CBS is showing stinking football Thursday instead of BB. Is there a way to watch the Thursday night BB live show online while it is happening? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!


I am in the same fix. CBS showing firkin footie in Florida. I cannot access on-line as I live in the Caribbean so “content is not available in my region”. Very frustrating. I jumped ahead in the tv listings and there is no indication that it will air later. I contacted CBS Florida but no response. What will probably be one of the best shows this season and it is unavailable.


I am in Central FL. Currently my DirecTV schedule for Thurs is showing that football is on ABC, not CBS. It shows BB airing on CBS but of course it could be wrong, I hope not.

Preseason Football Sucks

In the Miami area CBS will be broadcasting the Miami Dolphins game on Thursday night but supposedly WBFS-TV (MY TV 33) will be showing the regular CBS Thursday night line-up including Big Brother. This is the last preseason game so in general, Football should be on a National Coverage Schedule from now on…. In other words this should not happen again.

I am not a slut

“Amanda says I would like to say that is a lie because of the amount of times I have tried to go down on him and the amount of times that he has stuck his pen!s inside of me, one greatly outweighs the other and it was not the oral.”

REALLY!! … and some of you people wonder why Elissa “looks down on her”!!! It’s because she is on her knees all the time trying to get “her boy’s” dirty nasty dick in her mouth. Think about this …. how nasty must she be if HE doesn’t want her to blow him. What guy wouldn’t take a blow job if offered to him…. especially when it’s from his own woman!!

Here is what I imagine aMANdah’s supporters saying … just because she is willing to screw and go down on some guy that she met a few weeks ago on a reality TV show that does not mean that she is a slut and in general a bad person.

………. yes it does. I bet her mama is soooooo proud of her slutty, dirty, nasty behavior… or perhaps she is. I don’t know aMANdah’s mother so I have no idea if she is mortified by her offspring’s behavior or proud of that chip off the old block.

I am not uptight

Amanda likes sex, you know what many of us do! I know you find that shocking and dirty and nasty, but atleast you have your anger to keep you warm.


Same here – but it will be shown on CBS’ affiliate station UPN. Check to see what your affiliate station is – for your city/town

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

ifyou ask them the day of, Simon or Dawg will post a live link for you =) they did it for me once!

HELP is on it's way...

Here you go! Cheers :)




They will be airing BB on channel 38 so don’t fret you will still see it you just have to remember its on a different channel

Team Elissa

It’s on global!

...about Thursday

Simon always post a link to watch the feeds on BBCanada…I’m on the west coast and view it two hours earlier and that’s nice…Thursday nights used to drive me crazy and I was on here trying to get updates until he posted the link…so grateful…and I need a life after reading what I wrote…HaHa! Good Luck :o)


Reply here

Big Brother is on at 1am in my area. DVR it, if you cannot stay up past your bedtime!!!

Elissa is ugly inside and out

When that happens by me they show it after the game.


Based on Spencer’s previous comments, I think he meant to say that Jessie was 18 “years” past her prime. He’s already exposed himself as the pervert he is.


Amanda calling Jessie fat is amusing.

ashamed to say I watch BB15

“Go out w some class” wow has that ship ever sailed!


compared to amanda gash, every guy has small dickidis

House Ghost

Amanda’s vagina is soooooo big you would have strap a 2×4 around your ass to keep from falling in, it’s so big that it has two zip codes.. The Grand Canyon.


It’s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!


LMAO but ewwwww…


Amanda has that house so scared of her either way it goes

The move these people talk

Not anymore she doesn’t.


The tides are slowly turning on Amanda. That’s why she’s having a breakdown.

Brown Fat

I’m neither shocked by their topic of conversation or entertained. The girls are skanks and the less than men are lying pussies. Most of all they are all boring as clean toilet paper. Guranteed next season hg’s will be better


All these people seem to do when they get in a group is talk about sex …and in pretty offensive ways. I’ve I was trapped for a summer with people in a house I’d want to talk about favorite books, movies, life’s ups and downs…..

I hope next year the casting folks at BB look harder for people who have more depth to them — at least a couple. How about a rocket scientist or a Harvard grad? Why not? Elissa may sound stuck up when she complains about the houseguests being ‘uncultured,’ but she has a point. Even the ones who likely have good educations (Amanda, Andy) can’t seem to have an intelligent discussion.

Rocco Gianini

How about a house full of Mensa types?


Scuzzy, Sleezy, Slimeballs, what has happened to BB’s casting, it’s become a horror show of sub humans.

Andy's Closet

I resemble that remark.


The RAT needs to stop saying so-and-so BLATANTLY LIED!

Why is it with so many unlikable houseguest, the RAT annoys me the most?

I want the the RAT boo-hoo to go!


Don’t worry when it’s time my Jewish Queen and CBS will get rid of him, just like the racist Aaryan. Bye, bye Airhead.


Jewish Queen will end up be on the block as long as pizza boy will be sitting right next to her. Rat boy will go week after.


No one ges inbetween my Jewish Queen and me and the money we are going to win!

Amanda's Therapist

*buffbill* R U PREPARED TO LOSE YOUR $$$?


OMG, Buffalo Bill! Are you dumb and stupid? It’s sound like Amanda will go to the jury house next week. Curiosity of Judd win HoH!!!!!!


Even though I’m not a big fan of Arryn it would give me great pleasure to see them evict Andy (watch him cry) and Ameanda and McNasty would swallow one another. Just a thought and dream. Either way it’s going to be interesting.


I agree the RAT needs to go this week. I think it would be in the interest of Judd and Elissa to keep Aaryn. Andy is the BIGGEST floater in BB history, plus such a snake. He is too tied to Amanda to think for himself. I don’t think it is likely, but I sure hope he goes with a 3-2 vote!

Is It 2014 Yet?

What a bunch of blowhards!


Julie Chen must be so proud!!!
The most repulsive subhumans on the planet!


I had to cancel my feeds after listening
to them last night.
Sorry I can no longer stomach Amanda and Spencer.
I am done!
Imagine one of the male contestants saying “I will kill you in your sleep and rape your limp body” (Jessie)or “I will knock her teeth out and make her perform oral sex” Everyone would have been mortified and rightly so….. it is the same thing even if a woman says it. Who even thinks like that, game or no game. The suggested acts of violence and torture are disturbing at the least – you can play dirty, lie, pick on people, say mean things, act a fool, bang pots and pans ets…. but to describe horrific thoughts of killing contestants is crossing the line.


You need to seriously lighten the f*$# up!! They were JOKING. We think they r funny as hell but then again we actually have a sense of humor. Get a sense of humor or change the channel

John Durham

I definitely agree most of this stuff I just laugh at. It’s absolutely hilarious. What happened to people having a sense of humor or in this case adult humor? I agree with what they said that if you are really tired of this, then you don’t HAVE to watch anymore. But quit trying to ruin it for people who just MIGHT still be enjoying it.


That is joking to you!! Are you nuts. They are mean, nasty and should not be allowd on tv.. Get a Life!!!


Amanda seems to get away with just about anything. I thought she’d be a goner after raping MC. Then the in your face bullying of Elissa. I would have spit in her face and that’s the most gross thing you can do to someone, but even still i believe they would have kept her in the house and evicted Elissa for defending herself.


God, these people have no class.

John Durham

Why does everything have to be about having class? I’m so sick of this Politically Correct BS I could scream! I know I don’t have any class.

What about it? No, I’m not going to talk about what they did here, but still. I say what I want, when I want and how I want and give no crap about what anyone thinks about it. I quit caring a LONG time ago what people think about me. What makes it better is that I live a much smoother life because of it.

That’s why I like Amanda, she’s not worried about being politically correct like everyone else in the world is apparently now. By the way, no I don’t agree with EVERYTHING she has said, but most of it I just sit and laugh at.


Bring Back The GLASS BOX

McRae you NEED some blood on your hands?? Are you kidding??

Twerk Miley Twerk

Well thanks to Amanda, he already had blood on his…


Additionally, it’s hard to believe none of the women in the house call out Spencer for his sexist and misogynistic attitudes. His assessment of Jessie turns my stomach. Jessie is a naturally sexy woman, who’s probably not going to get unsexy any time soon. When has Spencer ever been sexy or appealing. In any way. Sheesh. If some one I knew talked like he does about women I’d call them on it in a heartbeat.

Rocco Gianini

Spencer, you’re not exactly Brad Pitt.

Botox Pelosi

Spencer’s best shot is with Andy.


That’s what cracks me up. I wouldn’t touch his ugly ass if I were a female. He probably talks like that out of anger he (I imagine) never could get himself a real babe. There’s a cause he seems to hate women so much, and that’s likely it.

Pinocchio Obama

Spencer saying Jessie is past her prime is priceless. Spencer could never get a girl like Jessie and you know he has strangled his chicken thinking about her. Fowl Spencer, very fowl.


He could to! It would just involve a Amsterdam and the red light district. He’s not getting a discount though.

Amanda's Therapist



The woman are misogynists too. You don’t have to be a man to hate women.

They are threatened by, hate, mistrust and mistreat the other women. Those women are misogynists!


Next week Judd wins HoH so he can put up McCanda and Amanda will go home next week in double eviction with McCrae. I would love to see McCanda in jury house. That way they will have sex in jury house.

Rocco Gianini

I would rather see them split up with MC. In the jury house with Jesse, it will drive Amanda more crazy than she already is.

helen is still clueless

They won’t need a double eviction if they vote out Mcrae first. Amanda will self evict and walk out the door with him.


I agree. Spencer and Judd seem like they can’t wait to be able to tell Amanda off. Spencer seems the type to say “Amanda we’re gonna send McRae to jury first so Jessie can have some alone time with McRae”. She talks a tough game, that Jessie isn’t attractive but she almost lost her mud when McRae wouldn’t move away from Jessie when he was seated NEAR her. If Spencer says that she’ll be in a straight jacket by Sunday.


not a double eviction this week….they would have told us on Sunday if it were going to be DE.


Amanda should not be putting down anyone’s looks, body or personality.


I know I think its funny that at the beginning of the season she said she didn’t like Jessie because she had a nicer ass than she does. Hey Amanda you have no ass lmfao and she only has big tits because she paid for them! Her body is shaped like a man so I guess in the real world Mcrae must like trannies because that is exactly what Amanda looks like!!

Ex Fan

McCrae smokes like Bette Davis I swear. Get out an old old movie like “Now Voyager” and look. On BBAD last nilght I thought Amanda was going to mount him when she got on the ottoman with him. I thought she’s not gonna mount him, is she? It was disgusting the way she swung her cow-like leg over him. OMG. She finally got next to him with her big horrendous wide ass to the camera and her hands started stroking his stomach. He looked like he was going to puke. He then got up and started playing with his ball to escape. I am sure he hates how she ruined his game.


Dude I’m a smoker and watching these people I swear that I’ve never been more motivated to quit. Someone talked about not caring about class. I’m sorry, if people viewed me (people in my life and not someone on a message board) like most view those in this show I would be as bitter as these people are. It’s not accident they most are bitter. They are viewed in their pre-world BB life just as they are now. People don’t look down on them because of the way they look, its the way they act when they don’t think you’re watching. When I first saw McRae, Andy, Spencer I was all about pulling for them. Surfer boy was about the only one, plus the guy that said he was of Indian blood, that I saw and said no way. Call me shallow, but surfer boy I assumed would be as intelligent as mud and Mr. Indian that lives on a skiff turned me off as soon as he said he lived on his own boat as if it was a 40′ sailboat. I could see they were as fake as fake the first time they had a chance to open their pie holes.

Amanda's Therapist

*exfan* Amanda on BBAD last night was acting wacky…
And this was before ALCOHOL!
(I saw her “fall” on McPussy!)
He gives her looks/glares at times…but he seems timid…and says very little to her? Don’t think he wants confronted by her!
When BB15 is over…I’m hoping he runs home to Minnesota!
THE STONER aka McCrae….won’t be able to “play” with Amanda and her “Big Dogs”!!


Jane Goodall

Amanda reminds me of a mountain gorilla, in looks and personality.


… but she is doing that in hopes that McCrae will see Jessie the way she does and if he gets sent to jury first, then he won’t succumb to her advances.

But amanda is just appearing desperate and insecure. Not really becoming of such a “strong” woman.


Bring in another jury member!!!! LOLOL. Id LOVE to see another jury comp and Jessie come back in or Helen HAHAHA. The houseguests would FREAK OUT!!!! Wouldn’t it be hilarious and awesome???


That would be great! Especially if the rumors about Amanda self-evicting is true (I doubt it), then Amanda and Aaryn goes and another jury member comes in that could be on Team Juddlissa.

BBfan from Florida

I don’t think there is any way Amanda is self-evicting. She would be behaving differently with everyone and would be “locating” her personal items. She isn’t leaving.

Elissa's Botox

Amanda talkie about Jessie’s body..has that cow looked in the mirror?

Aryan is so pathetic & juvenile, you don’t pull that with a married women…no class

And The Hate Continues

Jessie is very pretty with a very nice ass. Since this BB season is played on such a personal level, Aaryn is correct Mcpussy and Amanda will not win.

Blring Blring, Hello, Chilltown Here

Amanda you really have the nerve to make fun of someone Hahahhaaa


I picked the wrong day to read these posts on my lunch break…

Elastica's....err...Elissa's smug face


just wow

too bad after BB is over there isn’t a follow up where someone finds out how the family, neighbors thinks about many peoples behavior in the house. would be interesting to see how the HG are greeted when they get back to their hometowns.


So this is it. Andy, will finally turn on Mc and Am. Ellissa maybe safe for a while cause when they turn on each other she will be the one the others need to more forward. So hope it’s GM and Ellissa in the end.


I could live with that. Prefer JUDD and Elissa, though.


If Andy wins HOH he’ll never put up Amanda. He’s to scared of her, weak crybaby Andy.


These houseguests have no class whatsoever lol they constantly talk bad about each other. Can’t they find something better to do then talk badly about each other personally. The Jesse talking makes me sick and Amanda talking about that is ridculous does she in her own mind think shes thinner than Jesse WOW!


Agreed. Also, I want to yell let’s stop this and just talk about game, which I really want us to, but there is no game going on here. We’re just watching a train wreck. Sitting at the mall at the food court being shallow and talking about people. Nothing else to do. How sad is that?


I always thought Jessie was the prettiest girl in the house. She had the “Cute girl next door” look that I like. But, every girl in the house was/is way better than Amanda. I would even date Candice wearing the clown outfit before I would Amanda.

Elissa's Botox

Jessie was my favorite girl in the house, amazing ass and natural look…Aryan for example spends an hour putting on makeup every morning…Jessie didn’t do that and still looked cute

Ex Fan

Why does Andy dress like a 6 year old. Is he socially slow? Short shorts and pajama tops with teddy bears are not becoming to a man.



Go Elissa!

I love how lately Amanda keeps wondering how she is being portrayed? lol Well I have watched pretty much all the bad crazy things you do and I can tell you that you are awful! I honestly think she forgets about live feeds and BBAD! Millions of people see you for how you really are! I am very interested to see the show tonight to see of CBS will show how Amanda harassed Elissa for a whole day! If they do not show that I will be ticked!! Why protect Amanda from her own actions and words? She isn’t afraid to say or do them so by all means show the world!


Andy is not a man–he’s a yappy, ankle biting rat dog to the evil queen Demanda. A Man stands up for those being harassed and bullied. A Man doesn’t sell he’s soul for the chance at money. A Man would have told McStinky to shower and the others to clean up after themselves because Helen and Elissa weren’t their maids.

But what did Rat Dog do? He sat by and listened while others spewed vile about the other HG’s and even started taking part in the hatred. He did anything and everything so the evil queen would pat him on the head and tell him what a good Rat Dog is was for scurrying around and getting all the info so she wouldn’t have to get her fat butt , out of bed and do the work herself. And while he may shower, the fact he can live in that filth tells you he’s spent his life with someone following behind him cleaning up after him.


Only 808 more signatures needed to make the 10,000 signature goal for removal of Amanda on change.org

BBfan from Florida

I will be watching Thursday and noting all the sponsors. Then will got to each sponsor site and complain about supporting the toxic environment.


with all the troubles in the world; war, famine, disease, corrupt governments, natural disasters, climate change, anti-privacy laws, human rights violations, etc. you would think you would get more worked up and fight for a cause that would actually make a difference in the world. i guess getting someone off a reality show is so much more important. glad you have your priorities straight! people that feel the need to hound CBS and torment contestants families make me sick. go find a real cause to fight for loser.


Dude or Dudette, we’re multi taskers. It takes about 5 minutes to do what she’s talking about. Believe it or not, one can do both plus a whole lot more with a little motivation. Most of the causes you talk about wouldn’t be such a problem in this world if there weren’t clowns like the ones we see on TV wasting space and oxygen.


By the way, 6 years in the Army. I fought many causes. I’ve lived as a civilian in various places throughout the globe and have worked in Uganda. I’ve done what you stated, thus I can torment CBS and that pig Amanda all I want and anyone else here can too. If she has the right to be a vile disgusting POS. We have the right to go after her. If you reflect on you words, most of the people here probably do things about what you mention and are concerned about them. How does that make you feel that Amanda’s behavior is so disgusting that it channels this much energy. If you’re related or a friend do an intervention. She still has time to become a productive member of society or at least one that doesn’t take away from civilization. How do you like those apples? In reality, you probably can’t grasp them.


Sounds like McWussy is ready to cut the umbilical cord from his swine. He has been throwing out subtle hints for awhile about how toxic Amanda is (inside and out). And Aaryn’s rant only heightened his paranoia as sat and watch Judd, Andy, Spencer and Gina Marie in the hammock


GM said her legs are “stocky” and Judd said she is a “scrapper.” I was about to google why “scraper had a sexual connotation. lol

Anyways, Amanda has no room to judge Jessie or Candice because she is a disgusting beast of a woman. Gross. Although, Jessie is next on the list of attractiveness. I didn’t get what anyone else saw, including Jessie herself. She was not hear the hottest girl there. She was also fat.

Elissa fan

Um hey psycho lover, Elissa is awesome! The only woman on their with any class, integrity and mind of her own. I retract, sheiks the only person in their with any c lass, integrity, and mind of her own.


No she is not awesome! and please check your dictionary on the proper use of there, their and they’re. Plastic fake women are NOT awesome


Please do not comment on the proper use of a word unless you are able to write a correct sentence as well. Please look up “punctuation”. You may learn a thing or two.

You call Elissa plastic? In what way? Is it safe to assume you have the inside track on what “work” Elissa has had done? If so, please advise.


F==K OFF !!!! How is that? Does that suit you better? I mentioned the proper use of the word, big fucking deal. You have something to say about everyone and everything. Get a fucking life besides sitting around posting on a blog every day. I spend 5-10 a day during my work break checking out what goung on in the house and it appears you are in here every day all day commenting on and picking on everyone. So Fuck you. If you want to come to Va and talk face to face and not hide behind your computer I will give you my address


Dan. How would you know if Name was on this site every day and all day if you were at work working? That really doesn’t make any sense, now doesn’t it Dan? I’m just saying….


Dan, are we as unstable as Amanda? You’re hilarious. You jump on someone, a few jump right back on you and flip. Like that’s a game, this is a message board. We aren’t even playing for money. Your thoughts and beliefs are clear. Take your meds and learn to control that temper or don’t go after one if you can’t stand being chased yourself. Please do it again. Let me know your blood pressure just spiked and you’re throwing darts at someone’s picture and using a tube of lipstick to write your hit list.


By the way brainiac, every one that uses the word Name is not the same person. It’s the auto fill if someone doesn’t write anything in that spot. You are addressing internet space. The person that wrote the original comment is probably never saw your response.


Can we say mentally disturbed? Clueless?


dude, chill. People that type fast often make mistakes on to, too, and two… If all you can grasp at is a little misuse of the English language instead of the train wreck on displayed by these house guests you’re the loser. There’s not a soul (sole) (I hope I don’t use the wrong one, that’s writing a paper for college here. No reason to go back and proof read what one’s typing. Jeez, quit grasping at straws.


No plastic fake woman aren’t awesome. That’s why it’s so hard to find a plastic surgery center in this country and it is such a low paying job. There’s no demand for it. Eyes rolling. Quit worrying about their, they’re, and there and do a little critical thinking.


so funny to read about demanda talking about personality’s (in this case jessie) being ugly. almost as funny as her trying to then talk about jessie having a bad body. seriously? you have absolutely zero self awareness. so glad america will make you aware of how you are when you get out of the house.


None of these people have any room to talk about Jessie’s looks, body or personalities! At least with Jessie there is nothing fake about her. They all either have hair extensions, breast implants, botox or plastic surgery and whatever else they had done. She didn’t need a ton of makeup to look good either. GM sated before that she was fat and ugly so she should know better. Spencer of all people should look in the mirror. I can’t believe he is only 31. I’m not even going to get into their personalities – they all suck. Jessie for fan favorite!! That will piss them all off.

The move these people talk

The more I root for Elissa! Ewwww! Really no class!!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

And they wonder why Elissa doesn’t want to interact with them. If Elissa came on the show for exposure, she is doing a great job at promoting herself. She provides one-on-one yoga instruction and I think she’ll get a lot of business off the back of her Big Brother appearance. I have never had any desire to start doing yoga, but after watching her on the show I just might start doing it. Her body is incredibley toned.

Elissa fan

Is Amanda really being removed? She should be since she has mental outbreaks .


What the hell did I just read?


I know, the Jabberwocky makes more sense.

Elissa slap Amanda

Amanda is so nasty..She has to control everything in the house..Please put me in the house for just 1 hour..

Really Hard

Now, now. No reason to slap someone off the balcony. They could land on five or more innocent houseguests and crush them. No, sorry I was wrong, I just counted and there aren’t five innocent houseguests left. So go right ahead. CAN I WATCH?


They love to say somebody should go out with class. How about come in with class. The most vile ones seem to have the most sh*t to say about people. Yet, get all riled up if it’s given back to them in any sort of small dose.


Spencer is a fat pervert.
Andy is a rat.
Amanda is just disgusting.
GinaMarie is a Nick obsessed lunatic.
McCrae has his head stuck so far up Amanda’s ass it’s sad.
Aaryn is a bigot.
..and that leaves.. JUDD AND ELISSA TO WIN


It’s up to 9,217 votes to get Amanda out. I don’t think this girl has any self awareness of what she has done.


Considering the 7 mil that watch BB that is number is way too low to influence CBS.


I know some call Amanda fat. I don’t Amanda think Amanda is fat. Her frame size and her height makes her a big girl. To me she looks like she takes the lazy way out and doesn’t work consistently work out but depends on other things like maybe plastic surgery or pills to keep the weight down. Her main workouts seem to be mouth muscle and giving men blow jobs. Mainly she has a HORRIBLE shape with no type of curves. So she should keep her mouth shut because her jealousy is showing. And Spencer is one to talk he’s about 100 pounds past his prime.

Don't forget

EVERYONE!!! Don’t forget there’s a petition online to remove Amanda out of the big brother house for her narcissistic, vile, and racial comments. Most of all her disturbing acts of violence should never have been allowed. Just go to change.org/petition, and in the search box type “Amanda Big Brother.” You can play the video and watch for yourself. Come on people let our voices be heard and make an example out of Amanda. Or else the Big Brother show that we have all learned to love will turn into some Jerry Springer show. Time is running out….


get a life! i bet you couldn’t realize a cause that really needed to fought for if it whacked you upside the head. stop spamming the thread!


I don’t want this to slow down the petition, because the result of the petition I desire isn’t seeing her get kicked out. Aaryn has a petition on there that has over 27,000 signatures and she’s still there. However, I do want them to see the petitions one day and see how the world does view them. Hopefully, it will allow them to reflect and change. I can see it now, 100 years from now someone will be doing an Ancestry.com on for either family, find them in their tree, run across the petition, and label each as a black sheep. Those petitions are public record and always will be. I don’t want them to hurt them. I do want them to perhaps assist them in both becoming better members of society.


Dan, maybe you should start a petition to Name of this website. LMFAO at the boy from VA.

Nameless 1

Even if the “people” started attractive they have certainly de-evolved rather quickly . Now there is only 1 maybe 2 you would actually want to stand within a foot of you.

Tammy Lynn

The moment you realize you have no life: When you post comments to every single BB15 update, and get angry at the cast for following their script.

Pinocchio Obama

I hope this starts a run of the 3AM alliance being evicted. Hopefully Amanda, Andy, and McCrae go next.


I think Elissa is very pretty, when her face isn’t caked with makeup. But I usually feel that was about most pretty girls. All the makeup I think takes away from her natural beauty. The most beautiful part about Elissa, in my mind, is her personality. I admire that, in that house especially, she is the only one to speak against all the racism and NOT act like a hypocrite. Amanda acted all high and mighty against Aaryn about it, then did it so much worse. I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be saying this, but in this cast, Elissa is the only one to really carry herself with grace and class (especially when Amanda was attacking her – wicked self restraint there !)

Andy's Closet

Is it true that The Red Rainbow Rats feet are red because he borrowed Kentucky Joe’s socks?


Amanda has nerve talking about Jessie’s body as if she is in exceptional shape and is the optimal beauty lol yeah right.. Her everything is ugly.. Even her soul is disgusting


Amanda is only happy when she is in the spotlight. She sadly seems to have a borderline personality. She steers all conversations towards sex in a highly crass and crude way and will grab any attention she can, even if it is negative. It’s almost sad that she is so desperate. I am sure she is like this on the outside and probably has very few friends. Women like this are not easy to keep around. She should have been let go early in the game for her bullying and replaced by a more deserving person. I have a feeling McCrae finally sees the light but feels trap. I wonder if he had it to do all over again, if he would avoid aligning himself with her. This is a game and it is all about playing that game but Amanda is playing it more like Real World than Big Brother. What a waste of a season since no one except Elissa sees what is occurring and people like Aaryn are so intimidated by a big mouth broad like Amanda.