Amanda says I’m like a jack rabbit I want to have $ex all the time but McCrae keep denying me.

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andy
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots

CBS Interactive Inc.

12:30am – 12:50am In the bathroom – Gina and Amanda are hanging out talking while Gina does her hair. Gina says there are 75 of these in a bundle. Guess how much they are? Amanda says I don’t know. Gina says $250 a bundle but I got a deal from my friend. Gina tells Amanda that Aaryn is trying but Elissa ain’t budging. Amanda tells Gina that she apologized to Elissa. Gina says its cool that you did that. Gina talks about Nick and how she really fell in love with the kid. I haven’t felt like that since my fiancé. Gina continues to talk about her ex and how they met. Amanda starts talking about Elissa again and says that she has been gunning after me this whole game for no reason. Gina says yeah. Amanda says that she tried to explain to Elissa that nothing I said was personal until she tried to use something so personal against me. (Amanda’s pregnancy) It’s not my personality to hold a grudge. Gina says yeah its good you squashed it. Andy joins Gina and says that it looks like Elissa and Aaryn are doing a lot better. Gina says yeah but Elissa’s mind is pretty much set. Gina says that Aaryn knows there isn’t really any chance she will stay.


12:40am Meanwhile out in the backyard – Elissa and Aaryn are on the backyard couch talking about whether or not they might get a luxury food competition. Elissa asks McCrae when they would usually get a luxury food competition. McCrae questions what a luxury food competition would be but says if they were competing for food it would be for the whole week. Elissa and Aaryn talk about how they want something exciting to happen. Aaryn says even if it’s Pandora’s Box with a punishment.


1am – 2am Spencer and McCrae set up for a game of pool. Andy heads out to the backyard. Andy says I hope we have a luxury comp tomorrow! Amanda says yeah. Amanda says we better get one or I will kill myself. Andy asks Aaryn if she had a good conversation with Elissa. Aaryn says no it was a really stupid conversation about her telling me why I would be good on The Real World. Amanda looks over and says loves her dirty little monkey. Aaryn asks Amanda if they will still be the same in the real world. Amanda says yeah. Aaryn says I can’t wait to fall in love. Aaryn and Andy are alone on the couch. Aaryn says I have respect for you even more respect than the respect I have for Gina. I am still going to try and stay but I am not going to campaign against you. Andy says yeah. Aaryn heads inside to be. They all sit around talking about tv show and what characters they would be off of them. Spencer joins them. They all laugh about how Ginamarie used his tooth brush for something dirty and threw it out. Spencer says she thought it was her tooth brush. Spencer says it has my dentists name on it. Spencer bring up how a number of times he went to brush his teeth at night and it was wet. My tooth brush looks nothing like hers. I can’t believe she was using my tooth brush to brush her nasty a$$ teeth. The conversation turns to talk about how Amanda is like a jack rabbit and wants to have $ex all the time but that McCrae keep denying her. Amanda says if you do use it, you lose it. They all make fun of McCrae for not being a good liar when he says they haven’t had $ex. Amanda heads to bed.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL


Andy, McCrae, Judd and Spencer all talk about how if they’re going to get a Pandora’s Box this week it will be tomorrow. McCrae says he doesn’t think they will get one. McCrae comments and tries to be cryptic how they had to do a “Shoe d’etat” in the diary room and that Elissa had to do it too. That’s why I don’t think she would get a pandora’s box. Andy and Judd don’t understand what McCrae is talking about. McCrae doesn’t really say much Andy gets it but Judd doesn’t at first. Big Brother tells McCrae he is not allowed to talk about his diary room sessions. McCrae says he thinks they might get a luxury competition tomorrow. Spencer says America has voted and there is another veto in play. McCrae says I could see that happening. They talk about how it happened last year where there were two vetos in play and how it could happen again. McCrae heads to bed. Andy, Spencer and Judd talk about their exterminator alliance (Spencer, Judd, Anyd, Gina) and how perfectly it worked out forming it last night. They discuss how Gina will be loyal as f**k after Aaryn leaves. They talk about who should go first McCrae or Amanda. Spencer says Amanda has the ability to bond with Elissa if McCrae is gone.
2:30am – 2:50am Judd says that he will make Amanda cry if she ever did to him what she did to Elissa. Andy heads inside. Spencer says if they (Amanda/McCrae) win HOH and take out Elissa. They are taking out the only possible person they could work with. Judd agrees. Spencer says they we have a clear path. Judd heads inside. Spencer asks Andy about how Aaryn told Amanda and McCrae that you and I had a final two deal. Andy says I haven’t ever said that, I don’t know where she would have gotten that. Spencer says I need to be able to know what to say to people if they question me. Andy says I literally don’t think I said that and if I did it was to down play it. Gina and Judd come back out to join the. They talk about how Aaryn is trying to persuade the them to keep her. They all talk about how Aaryn has already tried. Gina tells Andy that they really think you are with Amanda/McCrae. Andy, Spencer, Judd and Gina all have each others backs and that their alliance is solid. Andy and Gina head to bed. Spencer explains past events while Judd was in jury. They talk about Aaryn pulling out all the stops to stay. Judd says she was cussing me out just yesterday and today she was trying to make an alliance with me. Judd and Spencer continue to talk about past events.. Spencer heads inside to get ready for bed. Judd


2:55am Gina still doing her hair in the bathroom..


10:05am All the house guests are still sleeping..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Marlo Mike

The Yeast Queen is a brain damaged drug addict and her pizza boy is a castrated eunuch.

Mumblin’ Judd is slow as a snail and that pig Spencer floated his way damn near to the money….the freakish gay Red Rat Andy needs to be on the block with his master Mr Fillthy McHygeine but that’s just wishful thinking.

Arayn is going to jury where she can glue on a pair of new eyebrows and maybe grow some ass N titties when she’s not thinking of burning crosses and segregating the salt and pepper shakers.

Elissa has to win out or hope she can trust the orange skin nazi troll doll with the blonde weave or else she’s toast, but Elissa got Honey Badger in her blood so when her backs against the wall she comes out guns blazing and lips glossed.

It surely will be a delight to see that gutter monkey Demanda have a mental breakdown when her lesbian lover McNasty gets the boot at the hands of the
red-bearded Hillbilly and the mumblin hick….then she can go to jury and have another breakdown when Jessie hits her in the back of her melon shaped head with a fire extinguisher.

what a demented bunch of deviants, they should put bars over that hell hole of a house and trap those animals inside and keep the feeds going while we watch them do some Lord of the Flies shit and drop a projectile on Spencer’s head like they did piggy and don’t bring em any food from the outside, let em eat grass and moths untill they eat each other and let the best man woman or gay win.

Marlo Mike

Tammy Lynn

Good greif! Morbid much?

Let's Blame It on Helen; I'm Obsessed

Helen was a sh*tty player and had absolutely no insight. Let’s blame everyone’s demise on Helen. She was the cause of Candice, Howard, Jessie’s eviction because she had more than one vote. Elissa HAD to vote the way Helen did.

Let it rest. Helen is in the jury because she was her worst enemy and got outplayed and sucked at comps and had horrible social skills. Just like Candice, Howard, Jessie.

If Elissa is such an awesome player, why did she do what Helen said? At some point you have to take responsibility.Elissa should’ve cut Helen loose and campaigned on her own with whoever she wanted to save to get the votes.

Blame global warming on Helen!


You guys it is the RAT Andy that blew it. Did you follow the feeds that when moving company was formed Howard first suggestion was to evict Helen and Elissa. and same thing with Judd. Jessie kept pushing Helen and Helen knew they did not have the numbers and it is only now that it was done because Elissa has control of HOH. IF Jeremy, Nick, Howard have stayed the girls woukd have been outnumbered and they woukd have been picked off one by one bythe moving company. As much As I cannot trust Aaryan and I do not trust Andy more and hoping Elissa realizes that. Now that Aryan saw that AMMC would rather keep Andy who has not done anything even though she was the one doing most of her dirty works Aryan should realize to work with Elissa instead of Amanda.


AAryn is trying to work with Eliisa but elissa is having none of that which is stupid her best bet would be to keep aaryn because aaryn is a beast in comps and will probably pull out the hoh if she stays this week thus putting that vile creature and her lil leach up against each other and spencer as the replacement if need be


OMG! Aaryn knew for awhile now that Amanda was using her, the only reason she is trying to work a deal with elissa is because Amanda and MC won’t vote to keep her, however if for any reason Elissa makes a deal and keep her, that skank Aaryn would turn on Elissa the first chance she get. I would not trust her because she is to gulliable, the minute Amanda compliment her or say it was MC I wanted to keep you, you know I am your friend and I’ll keep you safe, that dump twat would believe every word and continue to bow down and lick that stinky ass of Amanda. Whomever leaves is a win win for Elissa, that rat would not keep his word to her either.


Oops above comment is by “What” not OMG


No way, Aryan is saying that now that Andy’s on the block and wants to save her ass. Numerous times she said any deal with Elissa she would go back on and put Elissa on the block. DON’T TRUST ARYAN!


I think Elissa did try to work with Aaryn (as coached to by Helen) but Aaryn would have none of it….until she went on the block, and especially now that it looks like she’s going to Jury. I agree though, if she would side with El for realz, their side would mow over the rest.

No-Alliance Alliance

Exterminator – what a joke. Let’s call it what it is: the Leftover floater/Who Gives a crap alliance.

Can’t get behind this alliance cause just can’t get behind a useless rat Andy. Cry some more!


Funny stuff, MarloMike!!……best post I’ve read in a week…looking forward to more.


I totally agree! LOVED MarloMike’s post. One of, if not THE, best post in weeks.


Guns blazing and lips glossed:)


Seriously, it scares me I live on the outside, in a world with people as angry and delusional as you,


People, there is time to double your bet in Vegas. Amanda is going to win. It is a done deal. For those who listen a month ago when the odds were 10 to 1 you could have made a fortune. Stop hating on Amanda and CBS and make some money. Amanda you Jewish Genius

Amandas cootch smells like onions

FUck Amanda


Amanda is as disgusting as they come! CBS cut your losses while you still can! Get her outta there so she can go wash her cooter.


I tried to like this comment a hundred times lol.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

no matter how many times the skank wad bitch Amanda says shes sorry she’s still a skank whore


@ MARLO MIKE…..You seem to be at the same level as all the house guests or “demented bunch of deviants” as you call them with all the hateful name calling, stereotyping, & racial slurs you just posted.

Ted Marie

I don’t understand why Spencer & Judd think McCrappys & his man wife’s baby rat will be loyal to their new alliance the “exterminators”. He’s proven what a true rat he is. I’m at a loss on that one?? I guarantee if one of them win HOH next week he will be right back to his Weasal ways—getting info and relaying it to his mommy & daddy.


Andy just made that new alliance so they wouldn’t vote him out. He still is in an alliance with McManda.


At her age Demanda still hasn’t figured out when a ho can’t get a man to crawl between her legs it’s over. And now she can’t even get McStinky to do the deed. She really has no clue.

Tammy Lynn

Maybe the DR told them to quit having sex because they are being filmed, or because they don’t clean up afterwards. Regardless of the reason, I’m glad they stopped. They need to wait until they get home and have privacy for that mess.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

The McCranda relationship is over the moment one of them gets evicted. I really don’t see these two having a relationship outside of the house. If McCrae could cut ties with her today, he would.

Amanda's dog Woofy

McCrae’s refusal to bathe is caused by his revulsion to being repeatedly raped by Amanda. He hopes he can stink so badly that she will leave him alone But the riper he gets, the more she wants it. She is that slovenly. I guarantee that if she is evicted, he will spend at least an hour in the shower, trying to scrub IT off.


LOL, yep he would throw out all the loofa’s and grab a brillo pad to scrub her stench off

Who Knows

I am thinking that McCrae doesn’t want to end the show with a BB baby, instead of the grand prize. Can’t raise a family delivering pizza. Learning she was pregnant just before the start of the show is bound to make a young guy keep his zipper shut.


Elissa pretty much save the game. I’m excited for this coming Hoh. Mcmanda and (andy who will stay in the middle) against gm and judd. Im really hoping for a gm hoh again.

Amanda's dog Woofy

If GM does not win HOH, And Ju, An Mc or Sp do, game over. One of the 4 guys win.

Chris B

The only reason Amanda is being nice is because PRODUCTION caught some heat and they told them to make nice! This is so rigged! What did Amanda’s mom call Allison and threaten her? “If my baby is your friend you need to save her reputation!” I hear it now! Well guess what mom, we know where fatass vile mouth bitch got her tongue from. I’m hearing reports that her mom is even worse a racist than Amanda is! That’s what I’m hearing thru the grapevine! Back to production! This game is so RIGGED! Just out of the blue Amanda had an epiphany that she was being mean because so one said we thru the comp for you! Get real! No one is buying this bullshit! Face it you guys fucked up having someone like Amanda, Aaryn, and Ginamarie on the show! It seems each have had a coming to Jesus moment after they took it too far! You know what’s even worse! NOT ONE OF THEM SAID THEY FELT BAD FOR TREATIG CANDICE THAT WAY! Fuck the black girl but I’m sorry I treated someone who did nothing to me but sayin I was acting like a bullying child! You guys fucking suck at production across the board! Racist asshole bigots! You probably won’t allow the audience to boo Aaryn or Amanda when they come out the house either! How rigged is that! Someone had a great idea to protest the show where it’s filming! Aaryn and the mean girls should catch hell when they leave! Fake ass show!


The audience will be CBS employees, another script !!!


All those assholes will get what is coming to them when they get out of the house. Over half of them have lost their jobs or about to loose their jobs. As far as reputation, they most likely were like that on the outside and only a select few new them for their true personalities. None of them have any morals, Amanda cries for the baby she lost to a “miscarriage” however she jumps on the first cock that will let her. As far as Amanda’s mom knowing the person at CBS well maybe that individual should loose their job for letting this crap go on and on and on. Oh and Amanda’s yeast infection, who has sex when they have a yeast infection? What guy is going to let any girl straddle him when she has that kind of mess going on between her legs?


Correct me if I am wrong but, if Jewish people wish to be buried in a Jewish cemetery they can not have tattoos isn’t is a slam to your heritage and religion to have a tattoo when your Jewish. Also it’s funny that she’s Jewish and all she wants to do is give McNasty a BJ when I thought good Jewish girls didn’t dot that kind of thing. Oh wait she’s not a good Jewish girls she’s a nasty, bullying, racist who wormed her way onto the show. Why didn’t people just get rid of her weeks ago?


That is correct. In the Jewish faith you are not supposed to have tattoos as that is defacing your body but lot of Jewish people do.


Good Jewish girls give BJs up until they marry, then it stops immediately .


Thats what Catholic girls do. Muslims give blow jobs when married all the time or else they are beaten

My Wife is Muslim

I’m not sure why you are getting negatives because what you say is triue


LOL. Nice one

AmanDuh's Gotta Go, DUH!

The only reason Amanda stopped being a monster is because there is a petition going around through to get “Amanda Zuckerman out of the BB House” that reached over 6,000 signatures yesterday and is still growing. I gladly signed it. It was sent to CBS. They definitely told her to stop it or else. So her “niceness” is totally just to save her sorry ass. Damage already done no matter how badly she tries to apply her acting lessons.


With 6,000,000 viewers each show CBS could care less about 6,000 signatures.

AmanDuh's Gotta Go, DUH!

Elissa better start talking to Judd. He’s turning from her and the boys are aligning. I hope Judd, GM and Elissa work together to get to final three. I would hate, hate, hate to see Amanduh, Andy-the-biggest-rat-ever, Spencer or MC get there. That would be horrible.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Judd don’t like gurls.


It really astonishes me how many posts comment on AmanDuh’s vile, foul, disgusting mouth, yet their depiction of this vile creature is just as bad as the way AmanDuh speaks. So, I’m not sure what point they are trying to get across? I can totally understand that this woman is the most disgusting creature to ever have played on any reality show and her behavior is the worst ever. However, when you get on here and talk about how vile and disgusting she is in regards to her mouth and you are using the same words that come out of her mouth does that not put you in the same category as her only as far as her disgusting and vile mouth goes? Just saying. She can surely be described without using the same horrible, ugly, disgusting, vulgar, foul language that this scum bag of a woman uses. Only my opinion.


Name thanks for sticking up for my Jewish Queen. Excellent Post!


Speaking is one thing and doing is another, I called her skank because only a skank would, mount a man on national TV when he said NO!!! only a skank talks about her nasty vagina leaking yeast and blood on national TV. I’m not bullying a person in their face and bringing a innocent little child into it, or a spouse. I can say whatever the hell I want on a blog, I’m not disrespecting my family, damaging my career or disrespecting myself, but if you see me on TV doing the things Amanda are doing then by all means CALL ME OUT BECAUSE I WOULD DESERVE IT.


Add to my previous post:

I was just reminded of the following,
Amanda has accused a man of verbal sexual harassment, which could damage his personal life, and she did this just to ensure he would get voted out, she has also made threats to kill a house guest. If she meant it or not she could be a physical threat, she has offended many different cultures with her racial comments and disrespect her own religion, so she is beyond being a skank, she is a fucking pathetic skank. Judge my comments if you will, it doesn’t change the facts, we hear and see what she had done and said to others on national TV, BBAD, Live Feeds, Youtube, the world wide web and she opened the flood gates I did not. So yes people are using harsh words when referring to her.


Actually the statement about using vulgar, disgusting language to depict AmanDuh was not directed to you, it was directed to the vulgar post that Chris B posted just above the post you are referring too. He was referring to what was coming off the vile fat a**es tongue, etc, etc and where she got it from, yet his foul mouth wasn’t in any ways, any better. However, if you need to justify it with your own filth go right on ahead. I probably dislike this vile, vulgar, disgusting woman as much as the rest on here. But, I don’t need to use the same foul, filthy language to describe her as to what comes out of her own mouth, because I refuse to lower my standards to those she doesn’t obviously have. I can find the same words to describe her without being vulgar and using profanity. There are plenty of words in the Webster dictionary that describes her quite clearly. And secondly, I believe she does a pretty good job portraying whom she is without too much of any written explanations. After all, actions speak so much louder than words. And her actions throughout the whole show has pretty much described with few words just what a pathetic, gross, nasty, smelly, distasteful, unlikeable, vile, racist, nympho, etc, etc she truly is. And look I described AmanDuh quite thoroughly without using one profane or vulgar word. So it can be done. But, of course each to his own, if it feels better to spew the same vile, vulgar language that spews out of the Queen of Mean’s mouth by all means do what you have to do. After all, noone knows who you are, unlike AmanDuh. She has to leave the BB house, eventually and this will all be reflected of whom she is as a human being. While all you have to do is step away from your computer screen and know will ever know who is using the same ugly venom that spews out of the hole on AmanDuhs face.

No you didn't

Will both of you give it a rest, this blog is not on a Sunday school site,
People can say what they want and how they want to say it. Deal with it and shut up name
Aka Mary poppin

Boot the Lowlifes

A protest at the studio where BB is would be AWESOME!!!!!!! Even though it would likely give the show more attention, I still think it would send a message. People in LA, go for it!!!

Chris B

Production told her to say this crap online so it takes away the heat they are catching! This ain’t game! This is Amanda being Amanda! Her whole family is vile! Trust that! Production keeps trying to make these beast into people! The three mean girls are bitches! Face it! You let them tear Candice down, violate Jessie, and try to destroy Elissa! It didn’t work it just shows how horrible a group of women can be! Fuck Aaryn, fuck Amanda, and fuck Gina! We aren’t forgetting this bullshit! Production wants it one way… They want it one way, but its the other! Amanda is a nasty punk fucking bitch! McRae wasn’t joking either… So now he didn’t mean what he said to Elissa either? Please, you want it one way! You want us to by Amanda’s bullshit? Fake bitch! Fake tongue syndrome… You guys at CBS bb suck! Let the audience boo them!


dude…you got issues. calm th f*ck down. They are on there tryin to make nice and you are madder than ever. Wow. But I bet you get this heated at pro wrestling and at daytime soaps too.


They will not get boo’d because the audience will be cbs actors and employees, tried to say this earlier, sorry if I am crossing a line !!!


That’s the thing I hate about the US Big Brother….in the UK version, its live, audience outside the door, and they boo away and the HG’s hear it. When they are evicted they get booed like crazy….but nooooo that’ll never happen on CBS….which is weak. Let the HG’s see how they are received. If they have caused you to put a disclaimer on the tv….let the people boo. Let them sit in jury and wonder why they were booed and what for. Don’t bring in actors to cheer for them.


I agree. It looks like the booing would really be ratings gold, so not sure why they don’t allow it, weird.


Simon , Dawg , Sorry for the double post, yes I am a idiot, and yes I self evict !!!

"Preach it, Chris B., preach IT!!!"

YAH!!! What Chris B. said: BBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOO-freakin’-BBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Big Brother is BIG BULLSHIT!!! The producers responsible for putting the ugly faces of this seasons cast on broadcast television should be held liable for knowingly, willingly, and with forethought and malice held the viewing public hostage with the promise of “expecting the unexpected” in that we certainly did not anticipate the permanence and degree of damage this show (and the conspirators who made it possible) has done to the viewing public. It’s not so much that I’ve seen these assholes for the pieces of shit they ARE…It’s just that no matter how much I try, I can’t seem to UNSEE them. God help us all; my eyes, my eyes, oh fuck me; my eyes.

AmanDuh's Gotta Go, DUH!

Let’s not forget how they treated Howard with their lynch mob mentality. Amanda being the worst making false sexual allegations against him and having the nerve to say Howard caused her to have “rape fear.” Let’s not forget just because it’s been a while. They tortured Howard and Candace. I fear we are getting so used to their vileness that we may becoming immune to it to some degree.

Amanda's dog Woofy



So Amanda is definitely Manic-depressive. (bi-polar). Serious mental illness, there. She is obviously medicated now. How can the producers take this lightly? Get her out of there before she hurts someone and treat her. My sympathy for the other houseguests as well, they certainly don’t deserve this either.


I’ve been thinking the same thing for weeks. It’s also really terrible that CBS has allowed her to embarrass herself and her family so much. I mean that is a medical condition and she should not be “on view” like a zoo animal. I feel bad for her – they have exploited this. I blame CBS!


It’s also possible, If the whole aMANduh pregnancy thing, days before the show is true, then it’s likely her hormones are out of whack. Generally I think she’s a horrible person though.

Also, I would be concerned that she so freely admitted to STDs and BB should have ensured the guests had clean bill of health so as not to spread anything to others… Sure a pantry full of condoms are great, but no one’s using them!



It is troubling that they cast people with what appear to be pretty obvious medical issues. So many of them are on meds. Amanda (has to be bi-polar), Aaran (mean girl disease), GM (eating disorder-very serious), JUDD (like him but he has issues-he was slurring and rambling so badly from his meds yesterday it was uncomfortable), MC (has to be clinically depressed-can’t move, doesn’t shower, can’t stay in a vertical position), Andy (snitch disease on top of eczema with all the head scratching he does). WHO CAST THIS MESS. All snideness aside, some of them really seem seem to have serious issues. That house seriously messes with your head, I just think it’s a slippery slope casting people with some of these problems.

Crystal Ball

How many hours did GM work on her extensions? Was she taking out the old ones and putting in new ones? It looks like a pain in the ass to end up with hair that looks super fake.

Super happy that Aryan called out Spencer’s final 2 deal with Andy. Spencer has got to know that the only way she would have known about it is if originally came out of Andy’s mouth either to her or McCranda. I really hope this plants a seed of mistrust in Spencer’s mind. I would love it if everyone figured out the rat that Andy is and sends him packing soon.

I am a little worried that Judd will dump Elissa in favor of working with Spencer. Still, as long as Judd makes it to the final two and wins this season, I will be satisfied. He is far from what I would consider a worthy winner, but this whole cast is pretty unlikeable and terrible at this game and he is the only one I can get close to rooting for. I find myself cheering on Elissa because she stood her ground against Amanda, but I think I would still like to see Judd win over her just because I think this game and show are a lot more important to him and he’ll stay involved with it as long as he can. Elissa will probably want to get this whole experience behind her as soon as the finale is over and never look back.

Crystal Ball

In the last post, someone suggested Amanda might have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I think her overall behavior is much more suited to all the characteristics of Histrionic Personality Disorder. The most significant difference between the two personality disorders is behaving inappropriatly seductive or sexual. Obviously, we cannot accurately or correctly diagnose someone just from watching them on live feeds, but I do believe that Amanda has ALL the traits of someone with HPD. Check it out folks:

People with HPD are usually high-functioning, both socially and professionally. They usually have good social skills, despite tending to use them to manipulate others into making them the center of attention. HPD may also affect a person’s social and/or romantic relationships, as well as their ability to cope with losses or failures. They may seek treatment for clinical depression when romantic (or other close personal) relationships end.

Individuals with HPD often fail to see their own personal situation realistically, instead dramatizing and exaggerating their difficulties. They may go through frequent job changes, as they become easily bored and may prefer withdrawing from frustration (instead of facing it). Because they tend to crave novelty and excitement, they may place themselves in risky situations. All of these factors may lead to greater risk of developing clinical depression. Additional characteristics may include:

Exhibitionist behavior
Constant seeking of reassurance or approval
Excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval
Pride of own personality and unwillingness to change, viewing any change as a threat
Inappropriately seductive appearance or behavior of a sexual nature
Using somatic symptoms (of physical illness) to garner attention
A need to be the center of attention
Low tolerance for frustration or delayed gratification
Rapidly shifting emotional states that may appear superficial or exaggerated to others
Tendency to believe that relationships are more intimate than they actually are
Making rash decisions
Blaming personal failures or disappointments on others
Being easily influenced by others, especially those who treat them approvingly
Being overly dramatic and emotional


Amanda is an Actress playing a Role! She is a ringer planted in the game to stir up trouble and be the conduit for production’s script! It does’nt make me enjoy the show any less or be less interested in other’s comments on this board, but please don’t raid the DSMR for what you think is an appropriate medical diagnosis. It’s dumb and takes up real estate on this site that LURKER might need.


Patrizio – It might be true that Amanda is a ringer who has been planted by CBS Production, and she’s being paid to act like a (I’m struggling to find a word that sums her up)…and part of the deal is that she walks around with Band-Aids on her breasts, in her underwear, announcing she has vaginal discharges, etc., takes Adderall & whatever else she’s on, apparently performs various sex acts with McCrae (who doesn’t wash very often), turns most of her conversations into sexually related remarks or just spouts vile diatribes on whomever she hates (usually Elissa) – what 28-yr old actress on earth would want this kind of “role” on her resume?

If she’s an actress (and I use the term loosely), she must have been type cast. I’m not saying you’re not right, it’s just that I can’t get over someone actually agreeing to act like that and going to the extreme behavior she has to be on BB.

Do you also think McCrae is also a plant, since he’s her sidekick? It is an interesting theory, but the woman is either the best actress ever, or is seriously mentally ill.


Add GM to that list then!

Tammy Lynn

Give me a break!!!! I am so sick of people trying to put labels on other people. Just because someone like Amanda does things other people don’t like, it doesn’t mean she has a mental illness. It just means she does things other people don’t like. Sometimes when a woman acts like a mean slutty witch, she’s not “crazy,” she’s just a mean slutty witch.

"Preach it, Chris B., preach IT!!!"

You are correct in all of the above expressions of HPD, however almost everyone of those traits described can also be attached to a disorder that is weightier in it’s chemical distinction from that of HPD, which is born from a considerably lesser genetic framework than a personality disorder; i.e. nature vs. nurture. I’m talking about Bi-polar. It can have a wide range from which to exhibit it’s symptoms and can lay dormant in ones brain until an outside trigger (whether organic or not) wakes it up. For example, drugs or alcohol have a terrific effect on this disease in that they are often contributors to “manic” episodes that could be described as ranging from the obviously colorful “the aliens in my toaster oven are telling my therapist to poison me”, to the more subtle, less obvious, and more difficult to diagnose “everyone thinks I’m hot and I’m gonna fuck everything thats breathing”. It’s really hard to tell unless you know her intake history and I’m sure that hasn’t been made public knowledge–yet. What has been made public is the fact that she’s a filthy pig, and degrades the very nature of not only free speech on public airwaves but that of humanity in general. In essence, regardless of her mental faculties and/or capacity; she’s an ugly, disgusting, fucking slut-bag. Peace.


Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms may include:

Believing that you’re better than others
Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness
Exaggerating your achievements or talents
Expecting constant praise and admiration
Believing that you’re special and acting accordingly
Failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings
Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans
Taking advantage of others
Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior
Being jealous of others
Believing that others are jealous of you
Trouble keeping healthy relationships
Setting unrealistic goals
Being easily hurt and rejected
Having a fragile self-esteem
Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional

AmanDuh's Gotta Go, DUH!

Bottom line is Amanduh’s gotta go. I hope she seeks professional help.


So amanda has a terminal case of “the terrible two’s”. That sounds exactly like a toddler to me(except for the overtly sexual bahavior).
Having raised two children and now have a teenage grandchild, all of the description you posted is that of a child that has never learned the meaning of the word NO nor has she had any boundaries ever set for her. Sad and destructive for her, and shameful for her family…
Just the opinion of an ‘old timer’…


Amanda I LOVE you my Jewish Queen. I can’t wait to see you win. You and CBS are going to make me ten’s of thousands because I have all my money riding on you.


I sure hope that’s sarcasm…


And after I gave you a compliment Name. I’m very serious. To me Amanda is only one thing – A way to make money. This was the easiest bet I ever made. If you were smart, you would place a bet on her today. Unfortunately, the odds have dropped to 2 to 1. I got in at 10 to 1. Once again I couldn’t thank Amanda and CBS enough. I can’t wait for the finals when she wins because then I win Big Time.


buffalo bill go back to skinning victims! you lose

amanda sucks

what was mccrae talking about, a “shoe d’etat”? does anyone know what that was about?


The “shoe d’etet” would really be a Coup D’etet which would mean one player would win the ability to void the HOH’s nominations and put up two people of their choosing. If this happened both the current HOH and the current veto winner would be safe from nominations. But everyone else would be fair game. So this week Elissa and Amanda would be safe. Depending on who’d win it it could be really interesting.

I’m not sure if McCrae just misspoke or if he changed the word in an attempt at subtlety.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

McCrae didn’t misspeak. Production is usually listening for certain words. If he had said “coup”, production would have caught on…and interrupted the feeds with those darn fishes or trivia.


Since Amanda is not on the block, and we know who is going home we all will be bored out our minds until the next hoh! Please put a pandora box or some type of entertainment bb!


One would have to be as naive as some of these house guests if one was to believe Amanda’s apology and dinner making wasn’t a direct result of being guided by the DR session. It’s clear CBS listened to the outrage and “took action”, but all they revealed was that the show is extremely producer driven. I may be wrong, but I still find it hard to believe it’s pre-written or decided, but they do “direct”. CBS should have evicted Amanda or given her a punishment, but they they decided to take the sharp objects out of the house and then sit her down and let her in on the outside world and how she’s being perceived by America or just flat out give her an ultimatum. The view it’s not pre-written or scripted is no matter how much advice DR gives these players only a little bit of time needs to pass for their ugly heads to pop back up. Amanda makes a great apology which I bet 100 percent will make it to the television and keep Amanda from looking like her true self. Yet, within minutes she’s back with McPussy showing how she can control E. In short, CBS directed these actions and its disgusting. I’ve never seen someone pull such a 180. Dinner and an apology? E all of a sudden feels safe to eat with Amanda?

The best one can say is is that the last two days have turned the house upside down and turned CBS upside down. I can’t wait to see the edits. Do we show the truth or not? Waiting to judge CBS. Yes I’m going to judge CBS because I’m going to make a decision regarding future viewership. Straight to Netflix for me. At least you know its all scripted. Kudos to those that made CBS wake up and change some behavior, but all they did was delay the unavoidable. They are going to let a psych job look plausible on camera and perhaps come away unscathed by her filthy inner-self. I have no doubt she’ll self implode again, but I’m so done trying to hope they’ll let stuff just play out and if someone gets out of line too much like Amanda just yank her. They totally just missed with the game dynamic in a major way. Shame on them.

I know this post sucks. I’m in such disgust I can’t even write what I intend too. Is ADHD contagious? Can I catch it through the internet? Smile. So many thoughts racing through my head and too little sleep. Sorry for the poorly worded post. I feel like Amanda must feel, dazed and confused.

The Thought Police

Considering production has the capability of removing a player from video (Helen from Aaryn’s nail polish debacle) – edits moving forward cannot be taken seriously. Big Brother is in control, always has been and always will be. However, by manipulating the video, Big Brother’s credibility as a reality television show has, and will, take a nosedive.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

The winner of this season HAS been pre-determined. The producers are being forced to run damage control so there won’t be a public outcry when Amanda wins the $500,000. They are trying very hard to portray her as a strategic player, but all she does is bully the other contestants…plain and simple.


“CBS should have evicted Amanda or given her a punishment,”

BB Canada had punishments for the 4 players caught cheating in a HOH competition. The Bee’s Knees. The winner (emmett) cheated and and he was “dethroned” and the 3 others were Have-nots for the week.

Something like a ‘time out’ would work. Maybe cold showers (although she wouldn’t miss a hot shower), Something to make any HG that thinks of doing the same thing will not be worth it. Like taking away their ability to play in the next comp. But in Amanda’s case I think that should only be considered because what she was doing was what sports players would do to mess with their opponents. And i believe that was ok until the re-noms were made. But the fact that she continued after, just to be mean (she said why is she the only being mean, why didn’t the others join her?) i think could be worthy of punishment.

Elissa sucks

Your tirade was waaaaay too long CBS. You should take a course in cliff notes. Nobody is going to read a book in this forum. If you can’t sum your thoughts up in less than 5 sentences it isn’t worth saying, or reading.

Amanda's Mom

How did i fail? My daughter takes pride in being c_m dumpster. What more can a mother ask from her daughter.


Amanda hunny he doesn’t want to have sex because you’re grade A whore.


Grade F whore. The F standing for fat.


I think its more that he is absolutely embarrassed that he can only last all of 2 minutes.


CBS your presence in BB sucks! Everyone can see that the ONLY reason that Amanda is “attempting” to apologize is b/c she knows she looks bad. Her apology is as disgusting as she is! She blamed every bad thing she said on Elissa. THAT is bullying.. I wouldn’t have said this if you hadn’t done that. Grow up and accept responsibility for your actions. I hope to NEVER see this disgusting human being again! MOST vile person ever.


This may be because this is my first season of BB or because I’m blonde but what is McCrae talking about when he tells them about “shoe d’etat?”

Clownie is alive

He’s stupid. A Coup d’état is what he is talking about. I think Jeff a few years ago got that and was able to override everything the HOH did for one week.

gina maries extentions

doesn’t America vote for who gets the special power?


When was the last time BB incorporated the Coup d’etat? I feel like it’s been quite a few seasons (maybe 4+ seasons) since but the players after the last time Coup d’etat has been used, bring it up in their attempt the predict what may happen in the house.
Anyone know when BB last used the element of Coup d’etat?


Michelle, we are talking about McNasty ok, and I think he might have meant “Coup d’ Etat” (It grants the winning HOH or house guest the ability to Veto nominations at the eviction ceremony). Bless his heart McNasty only knows about pizza and Ameanda. Not sure but I think that’s what he talking about.


Andy is playing both sides because he is still in an alliance with McNasty and Amanda.


Ellisa should keep Aaryn take out the rat then Gm , Judd could form an alliance then attack the Mcpussies and Spencer.


Elissa cant keep Aaryn. She doesn’t have a vote. Her hoh is over and hopefully she will be going next thurs


I don’t think so. Elissa will keep winning PoV’s and Amanda will go home.


Aaryn’s not trustworthy either. Aaryn’s just saying what she thinks everyone wants to hear to try to save her ass. If she was saved, she would probably run right back to Amanda. She is too easily manipulated by her. Andy the same. It’s a no win with either one of them staying. I think Elissa knows this though. I think she has both of their numbers.

Like one like all

I love how when Candice was going home she threw everyone under the bus that week and how all the HGs made fun of her for doing so and said it was classless. Then Jesse did the same thing and she got piled on even worse. Pathetic Helen resorted to the same tactics (even when already evicted and trying to get back in). And now Aaryn is doing it. When are these bitter jerks going to realize what giant hypocrites they are? Elissa has been doing it all week even though she is HOH. She’s lying to everyone and making up things that so and so said this about you. She is playing manipulator Helen’s game which didn’t work. I’ve said it before but Amanda is the only one who has played this game honestly and who has stayed true to her alliance. Aaryn complains about being used and then spit out but not so. Andy was just as much a part of that alliance but came in sooner. Elissa is such an ass putting Aaryn up next to Andy. The 3 AM alliance should have made it to the end. But joker face had to be a vile vindictive fake (again) and jeopardize the only 4-person alliance that made sense and who deserved to be here to the end. All of the rest have floated all season. Well, Elissa can float her Botoxed duck lips out of the house next week, followed by Judd, who never should have been allowed back. I call BS on that.

Mark H

Everyone but Aaryn has floated this season. Amanda and Helen manipulated most of the nominations, but nobody other than Aaryn has done much of anything in the competitions. The only reason Amanda and 3AM have survived so long is because there has been no other viable alliance or even strong players in the game. Helen was the person that could have developed a counter-alliance, but instead worked with McCranda in evicting everyone that she should have been working with. At this point, everyone in the house has incentive to break up McCranda.

Get a Clue

Helen even said as much in her interview with Julie last Thursday. Julie asked her what she would change, and Helen said she would not have taken out Howard. She would have taken out Amanda the first time she had the chance. Hindsight is 20/20, isn’t it, Helen?

Helen's ego is the size of the Grand Canyon

A) Helen is assuming that Howard, Candace, and Jessie would win comps and therefore be able to control who would’ve otherwise went. The reality is that none of them could win shit;
B) Helen assumes that she would have been the leader (self-appointed) in the Howard alliance, dictating who to take out each week. In reality Howard had his own ideas and never would have been the dictator’s puppet;
C) Helen was already in an alliance with Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, and Andy. That alliance was solid until Helen’s ego got the best of her and she tried to take Amanda out way too early. Had she stayed loyal to that alliance she would still be in the game and laughing at the idea of an alliance with Howard et al.; and
D) Helen assumes Howard, Candace, and Jessie would have kept her longer than Amanda, Andy and McCrae did.
In short, Helen is the reason she’s out of the game. She rolled the dice and tried to make some moves against her alliance and it bit her in the ass. She was a bully to those she “carried”, ie, who wasn’t in her alliance. And she was an incessant whining pain in the ass who ended up being on the receiving end of her own tactics. Good riddance you fake wannabe politician. You have so much more work to do if you want to be elected to anything. Right now I doubt you could even be elected dog catcher.

Helen is a narcissistic egomaniac

But Helen never did have the chance to take out Amanda. She was always up for it and even pushed for it 3 times. But the numbers were never there thanks to Andy and Judd. And Helen now would’ve kept Howard? This after he lied to her face twice? No, Helen, you never in a million years would keep Hkward even if you had to do it over again. You are just a poor sport. And obviously bitter that you didn’t have the juice to take out Amanda and that she had no trouble at all getting you out. Just admit that you sucked at this game and that other than your fake friend duck lips nobody in the house respected you or liked you enough to keep you. (And don’t buy that act for a minute that GM wanted to keep you. GM is playing her own game and wants votes from you and Elissa as well as your ‘recommendation’ (and I use that word loosely) to jury members to vote for GM). GM never wouldve pushed for keeping you if she really thought that was a possibility. You are a stupid stupid girl if you think otherwise.


U r insane. Plenty of things about E that aren’t likable, but the fact she broke up the alliance is brilliant. Just because they were loyal to each other, the rest of the house should lay down and say game over? Frig, you don’t want to see a game, you want to see you college or HS team beat the shit out of everyone and never get challenged. What a bore and misguided creature. If you enjoyed the game you would enjoy the twists. I respected the ho before she became nuts. She had a great game although it made for boring TV. It’s about time someone had the will to stand up to her and 3AM. You sound like Andy and it’s clear what the world thinks about his ass. Andy will get backdoored. The only saving grace he could say at his eviction, to show he can laugh at himself (and I don’t give a shit about his sexuality) would be to say during his eviction interview is that this isn’t the first time I’ve been backdoored and it won’t be the last…. hopefully, wink, wink.

At least we’ll know he has a sense of humor.

Get out of here you boring creature.


AManda is a mentally ill actress or she plays one really really well


Elissa is not going anywhere. 3AM alliance is falling apart. Elissa is sticking her guns of putting up Aaryn & Andy. That way 3AM Alliance will no longer making it to the end,

Elissa sucks

And fortunately joker face duck lips isn’t going to make it to the end either. I said she shod take her best shot this week because she will be out next week. She did take a shot but it wasn’t a fatal one. Amanda lives to fight another day and will have the pleasure of sending the Botox phony on her way next week. I can’t wait.


What planet are you living on? If you honestly think that Amanda has played the game honest you need to go back and review. How about trying to convince Judd it was Helen’s idea to evict him? That is only one example of her lies. Everyone lies in the house and everyone connives and tries to gain advantage from making others suspicious of everyone else. That is the game. What isn’t the game is personal attacks, vindictive pranks, harassment, verbal abuse, threats and any other type of actions that fall into the “bullying” category. Wake up!

Revisionist history

Uh, it WAS Helen’s idea to evict Judd, AJGLITCH. I’m not saying Amanda and the others didn’t have a hand in it either, but it was bully Helen who blindsided Aaryn and told her she HAD to do it or else. Aaryn, clearly caught off guard, didn’t have a chance to talk to anyone about it. And if you remember the lives feeds right after Judd left the house, he and Chen watched Helen running up to Aaryn, affirming her incessantly and telling her it needed to be done. So don’t sit there and say Amanda is lying about putting it on Helen. As a sidenote, Helen originally suspected Judd wasn’t really aligned with her because he would not go along with the plan to evict Amanda. Remember? Even that scumball Elissa told Jessie to sleep with Judd or at least make out with him for his vote. So when Judd wouldn’t go along with it Helen and Elissa decided he isn’t dependable to the. (Ie, he can’t be manipulated) and that’s when HELEN started planning his blindside. Learn your facts before spouting off against Amanda as is apparently has become so easy to do in this forum.


I dnt understand why everyone is so afraid to go after Amanda n McCrae…. The smartest thing to do at this point would be to vote out Andy and then it would be 5 against 2. The five would have a better chance of winning HOH, nominate those two next week, and get one of em outta there- Amanda preferably but id suspect that if McCrae was to go, Amandas game would fall to pieces bc he would be her only loyalty left. It would be awesome to have her stay and watch her unravel. That’s the most logical thing to do!!!

And for those of u who are saying that Elissa is a snob, I think id take that over a bullying, conniving, ignorant racist. Im jus saying.


because of aaryn’s track record. how many times has she told whoever that she’ll now go after demanda, but instead go back to being her puppet? too many. for example, remember when aaryn thought about putting up demanda for veto replacement only to be talked out of it? she cant be trusted when it comes to anything demanda/mcpussy related. not to mention andy’s new alliance with 3 of the people voting.

from our perspective, we might not mind the move to keep aaryn to go after demanda/mcpussy (though i’m also a little skeptical if she’d really go after them). but it is the HG’s perspective that will determine whatever

Mark H

Andy may not be as aligned with McCranda as he was in the past. He has not been tattling to Amanda as much this week and everyone knows it is in their best interests to break up McCranda. The longer you wait, the fewer opportunities you have to get it done.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

The only reason Andy hasn’t been reporting to Amanda, is because he has been way too busy ensuring he has the votes to remain in the house. If he is not nominated this upcoming week, he’ll go back to relaying information to McCranda.


Neither Aaryn nor Rat Dog can be trusted and Aaryn wins comps so need to take her out then see who if anyone can trust Rat Dog

Aaryn keep her word before

everyone is saying Aaryn can’t be trustworthy, but she did keep her word to H/E for 2 HOHS. I think E should get a power replace her noms with A/M and Am go to a hotel because she cant be trusted in the jury house with the other house guest.

what the fuck

here is who i want to win

1. Elissa-Only because she talks little shit about everyone else.She only started staying shit when everyone made fun of Candice and Jessie. She seems like the nicest one in the house. (I know there is going to be thumbs down for this)
2. Judd- No negative feelings for him other than aligning with Amanda and McCrae
3. Spencer- No negative feelings other than being a pervert
4-8. I could care less who wins other than the top 3. (I’ll stop watching if the top 3 get evicted)


Amanda is a Desperate Slut

It’s funny how it seems to be less than 10 thumbs down for any comments that have to do with McCranda and their AaRacist, Guess they have 10 fans combined. Their moms, dads, and then a sibling here and there. Guess only a parent could love that bunch. If my kid acted like that I would disown them in a heartbeat.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

At this point, the only person I’m rooting for is Elissa. I don’t care for Judd or Spencer. They made some very insensitive and inappropriate comments this season and I cannot root for people with that much hate in their heart.

Helen is a narcissistic egomaniac

Are you Elissa’s shadow Rachel? Keep drinking the Kool-aid. Elissa is every bit as disgusting and vile. The only difference is that the others don’t think their shit doesn’t stink. Whereas Botox duck lips lives in an ivory tower thanks to the lifestyle her sugar daddy has provided her and thinks she is better than every other person on earth. That makes her worse than any other HG to me. She is sooooo full of herself, too. I pray she goes next week.


That is not agreeable to me. I want people to win bb because they played the best game, not because I think their the “nicest”. I think all of them are are perfectly nice people but that is not why I watch this show. Your are free to choose anyway you want of course.


Ellisa Amanada apology is fake don’t fall for that shit. She know if KKK get evicted she will need you on her side for votes.

Elissa the fake

Thumbs down if Elissa is a disgusting elitist dumb ass who gold digs on the side professionally and lives off her sugar daddy’s money while pretending to be a ‘good Christian’ but actually thinks she is better than everyone else and sits in judgment of people all day. Phonies like that can be spotted ten miles away. The sense of entitlement. You don’t deserve to be in this game. But for your sister you wouldn’t have lasted a week because you have no game, no alliances, and no friends in the house because of your shitty pretentious attitude. Your eviction next week, if there is any justice and if CBS doesn’t rig it for you, will be sweet.

Elastica's....err...Elissa's smug face

I have to laugh at all the people that act as though Elissa doesn’t deserve any of the heat she is getting from Amanda. I am so sick of looking at Elissa, the stuck up duck face snob. She looks down on anybody not connected with Rachel or her family and thinks they are superstar celebrities who are better than everyone else. Plus, she’s a complete dolt who needs five minutes to put a three word sentence together. What a nice snotty bitchy permanent look the plastic docs gave her.


Take Elissa out of it. Amanda’s smug, cruel ass would be destroyed if boogie or dr will were there. It’s all about how Amanda acts. We’re taking the lessor evil. Amanda is simply vile. I wouldn’t wish a litter of my dogs on her. She’s a nut. Death threats, feminine items, she has zero class. She’s complete trash. We all have our faults but it seems Amanda should be called Andrea(s) Fault… She has few if any qualities worth anything.


I guest you are one of Amanda yeast infection that just won’t go away.



Amanda is a Desperate Slut

Will someone please get her some PANTS. Gawd, Flabby ass hanging out in her underwear. Seriously no one wants to see that shit. Hell even McNasty says no to it.

FYI didnt Amanda sit in the HOH at the beginning and trash Elissa’s entire family? So I’m pretty sure she started all this crap week one day one.

Pinocchio Obama

I think it is going to take more than a broom and mop to clean this place.


If only there is a Pandora’s box.. And the kick out the remaining 8 and bring bak the first 8 gone. I’m hopein for anything lol.. This bb cast sucks!


Amanda says it’s not her personality to hold a grudge(who is this bitch Jennifer 8 with all these personalities?) her dad might buy this shit but, we know better.Also when people try to bully her she bullies them back.Wait, let me get this straight, Elissa wins HOH & Elissa is bulling her because she
Won’t put up who AmaAmanda wants. Is this bitch crazy or just plan stupid. Everyone let Amanda control them so Amanda thought Elissa was suppose to like the little 22 year old blonde did
She should have told Amanda that she can put up whoever she wants when she wins HOH ,but I won HOH and I’m going to do what’s best for MY game
I guess Candace bullied her. I guess Jessie bullied-her.If you play your game and not Amanda then you cannot be reasoned with.Is that bitch spoiled or what.



Don’t forget Howard bullied her too, when he said (miraculously out of earshot of HGs and the Hi-Def mics apparently) that he was going to “f*ck the sh*t outta her when they get out” she was so scared for her life, although, she said Thank You, and somehow didn’t even tell DR that he “sexually harassed” by the big black man?

I found it HILARIOUS that she blew up when Elissa said something about her miscarriage, which was public knowledge(probably another lie to gain sympathy for the CBS edit), but didn’t make a big deal outta what she claimed Howard said, and blew it up in front of everyone….

She plays just as personal as anyone else in that house.


even if elissa could get a power right now and save aaryn change one nomination or both elissa wont do that her mind already set in but that would be great if aaryn did stay and target amanda macrea … elissa wont do that but that would be poetic justcie and send andy to jury just saying …. I change my mind a million times

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Aaryn needs to go home this week. The Big Brother house has been toxic for weeks, and Aaryn’s departure will mean there is one less racist in the house. Once Aaryn leaves, they can turn their attention to McCranda.


The reason McRae denies having sex with her is that when he gets out, no woman will want to have sex with for him, for fear of catching something penicillin will not get rid of.(Usually guys brag about it but Mcrae doesn’t want to be associated with having sex with her. Pretty sad Amanda.)


what healthy woman wants to have sex with McCrae anyway….amanda or no amanda?!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I don’t think he knew she had been with so many people. I think he felt special in the beginning, but now he probably worries that their relationship may just be a casual fling for her.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Also, she is always talking about her sexual experiences. Maybe he is feeling insecure. She has done A LOT of different things with her past lovers and maybe he feels pressured to try new things in bed, and it makes him uncomfortable. Instead of admitting this to Amanda, he just avoids her when she tries to get intimate with him.


Wish these houseguest have some other things to talk about.


No one is buying this new kind Aaryn and especially not the new I’m so phsyco Amanda! They apologize to Elissa but they dogged Candice out like shit! These bitches ain’t shit! They are racist bigots! And Amanda’s mom should be proud of her spawn!


As everyone who has seen BB from BB1 until now knows…this is a TV show…like almost any reality show, it has a director, a producer, even wrtiers…
just like regular drama/comedy shows. And, of course, ratings are its primary goal. That means, anything goes for ratings. They thought that they would load the house with hard bodies, male and female, semi nudity, love affairs. Unfortunately, most of the players didn’t come to play a game, they came to preen and strut about and find lovers and maybe an agent in Hollywood. It wasn’t making the ratings jump at all.
SO, when they realized they had picked a cast of deadheads…the producers JUMPED on racism as their selling point…and turned a 22 yr old blonde nitwit into a Nazi and KKK member…whose life and career will now be sadly affected, perhaps, forever. Her family has been affected. Obviously, her father was cut out of photos in her HOH room. And, her family now has a PR firm ready to try to save the girl when she gets out.
BUT, the important thing is….BB ratings scored big over that for a few weeks. It made newspapers and internet and JULIE’s talk show, too.
THEN, they figured…NEGATIVITY works! So, they focused on the filthy loudmouths of the group…Jeremy, GM, Amanda, Spencer….let’s go for hatred, see how that scores. It doesn’t.
SO, they focused on holy redemption…Howard on his knees praying to God, gathering Candice to his fold, and bed…instructing her not to go against the white people, it will only cause trouble…and then telling Amanda that he’d like to bonk her silly when they get out.. WELL, that focus wasn’t going to work for BB production. So, Howard had to go. He did.
It looked like Pizza Boy might be the outside favorite from the first day….which is why Amanda latched on to him, it wasn’t purely animal magnetism….
but, that was a fluke….turns out the guy isn’t some hidden genius but really a lazy, good fo nothing layabout. That’s not strategy, just doing nothing for the past weeks…that’s MC. Does he deserve to win? Nice message to America.
We all know GM’s rants and short comings and delusions and Bulimia. She’s only in it to get America’s favorite vote for $75 grand. HA! A winner?
Then, the producers didn’t want to focus on Spencer’s talk about sex and children….the press did that for them. But, is he a winner?
Andy? Enough said.
NOW, they realize they focused so much on all the negative aspects of the group…they’ve got NO ONE of any worth and value to put up as WINNER of this game! Who will watch the rest of this elongated season with all these losers in the house? SO what do they do?
THEY make up a new ploy to bring back the “nicest” member JUDD. They set up a comp where the BB CREW throw balls at the players to catch….some looked like they had to shield themselves from fast balls. BUT, JUDD caught his. NOW, he’s back. And, probably, he’s been schooled by producers to keep low, shut up and don’t rock the boat and he might just win this thing.


Exactly! I think people forget that all of this is being run by a crew of a hundred people behind those walls. The HGs are just mice in a maze being directed by producers. Elissa isn’t there for the money, she’s there for the exposure so I highly doubt she’ll make it to the final 2. Amanda is the big baddy of the season now since they told Aaryn to tone down her racism. Now that “good guy” Judd is back, I assume production will set him up to go to the final 2 with Amanda. They will set it up as “good vs evil”. The question is, do you vote for the bad person that controlled the house, or the decent guy who floated?

VA Vet

Then kindly explain why Julie stated on national TV that CBS would not take action on the racist comments because the show was a social experiment?


I agree with all that you said. But I am gonna go a little off topic butProduction needs to really turn off GM mic when she Binge Eats she sounds like a damn cow and she eats w/ her mouth open it is disgusting. GM needs real help I totally believe she has a eating disorder


So far I see no mention of Andy telling McCranda about exterminators. The rat just taking the night off to nibble some extra cheese? Or is this actually a legit F4 deal? I’m really surprised he’s aligning with Judd. A lot was said about Judd to get him evicted. Some was pure BS! But him being a dangerous player is absolutely true. Look what Andy appears to be doing. He’s lining up GM and Spence who he knows he should beat easily F2.

Frankly GM would be a F2 train wreck with her finale speech. That said heads up versus Spence she may actually win. I’d say of the 4 she has best comp potential outside of questions. Spence more and more has positioned himself as the best F2 candidate as he should appear to be beatable by everyone. After Moving Company this guy has more lives than a cat. Will give a fantastic finale speech and lose 7-2 if he makes it. He is definitely playing for 50K and second place!

To see if Exterminators is legit we need the next HOH and no Andy as HOH himself. If McCranda win then we see if the redheaded cheese nibbler spills the beans. If he’s HOH he’ll bail on putting up McCranda convincing Spence or GM to go on the block as a pawn versus Ellisa. Telling GM, Judd and Spence the plan is to backdoor Amanda or MC. If the other 3 win HOH then we may see both MC and Amanda up. Then the war is truly joined.. I see Elissa gone next week as HOH will fail to pull the trigger. Don’t be surprised if McCranda win HOH that there is a Pandora’s Box and a diamond veto!! I still smell AG and it stinks like a bulls A$$!


Andy may be a rat, but he isn’t stupid. He needs Judd or Spencers vote to stay this week. So he is going play along with this Exterminators Alliance. If he told McManda about it they might start to worry about him and keep Aaryn. He will not tell them anything until after elimination. Plus whoever wins HOH this week will depend on what alliance he will run with from here on out. If anyone but Andy from the Exterminators Alliance wins HOH, than he is safe but knows Amanda and McCrae will most likely be put up for eviction. That will mean his 3am alliance is pretty much gone and Andy is safer with the Exterminators Alliance. Smart on his part, but I really wish this rat would just leave the game.


“Amanda starts talking about Elissa again and says that she has been gunning after me this whole game for no reason.”

Get this stinky bitch some anti-psychotics, STAT.


Are those “bolts” GM is screwing in her hair? What does she need wire-cutters for?


LAUGHIN’ SO HARD @ ill will’s comment on ‘bolts’ and ‘wire cutters’, I spewed my coffee!! ….shit, that hurt..but I wondered the same damn thing!!


Ill will, funny comment about GM’s hair extensions!!! I’m not sure they are metal, might be plastic. No wonder she can’t sleep with all that stuck to her roots. Poor woman…


Aa need to throw An UTB. Tell them:

1) Everyone wanted Candice back because she was the weakest player. Worst nightmare was Judd. They were going to immediately vote out Judd.
2) Andy was in on the plan and faking it the whole time. Their goal was to get GM on the block.
3) F3 Mc/Am/Aa.
4) When Andy was HOH, it was a toss up who went home, Jessie or Spencer or GM. (Although this looks bad for Aa, GM already know that Aa threw her UTB but doesn’t know Andy did)
5) Andy has a F3 with Aa/GM/An.
6) Andy wanted Judd out because they had siilar game play.

If GM really wanted Aa to stay, here’re her moves:

1) Reveal the exterminator alliance and Mc/Am are going OTB.
2) Andy made a F2 with Helen in week 2.

I was so on board with Aa leaving but now I want An to leave. I hate the idea of the rat floating to final 2.

He is the biggest hypocrite: Helen blantly lied (wtf! this is BB; you not only extensively lied but fake cried, so sickening. BTW, you didn’t blantly lie to Jessie when you said she is the pawn and she’s 100% safe and had everyone lie so he doesn’t take the blame); Elissa/Helen bullied and threaten me (no punk, that was a BB move).

Just want the rat gone!
3) Andy and GM wanted to vote on Spencer at the last moment but Aa didn’t want to.

Roisin Dubh

Don’t worry, Andy ain’t making final 2. Everyone knows he’s a rat. When Aaryn and one half of the stinky couple leaves, that’s when he gets his ticket punched.


“McCrae comments and tries to be cryptic how they had to do a “Shoe d’etat” in the diary room and that Elissa had to do it too.”

“McCrae he is not allowed to talk about his diary room sessions”

Not exactly sure what a “Shoe d’etat”, but it sounds like maybe Elissa got a new pair of shoes for not putting up both Amanda and McCrae LOL


Judd, you’re a dud! You would’ve been the one going home if it wasn’t for Elissa getting all that blood on her hands. You don’t question the rat at all? How does that make sense that Andy wanted you to stay but you ended up going home? Aa said for sure Am/Mc/An are working together and that she took your place in the alliance. Judd, you’re just too happy that Helen is gone but you don’t see yourself going soon being in an alliance with An and Spencer? I was so hoping that you share this aliance info with Elissa and tell her that he’s trying to keep her safe but the fact that you’re not talking any game with her, I know Elissa is disposable and you don’t have her back.


I agree, Judd is JU Double Dumb! What does Aaryn need to do spell it out for him? He knows they were in an alliance prior to his eviction. And he knows that Andy was the rat, but he still chooses to trust him. Now he wants to get rid of Elissa because she didn’t listen to him. If Elissa listened to him then they all would have been screwed because 3 AM would remain intact!! I hope he is just playing dumb, but I don’t think so.

With that being said, I am still hoping that either Judd or Elissa wins because they are the two lesser of all the evils in that house.


I have to give prop’s to Elissa, she has def made this week interesting for the first time this season. It just show’s how much of a control freak Amanda is she has gone even more mental and pathetic because she has no control over her !! And like her realestate career is gonna be after this show I’m not buying her act. The only reason she is apologizing is because production got hold of her just like they did Aaryn, Amanda the slut/bully told Jessie to “go cry in the corner” but now wants us to believe she’s a good person, BULL SHIT . The cherry on top is McCrae not wanting to screw her, could it be that a nasty slut who gets infections and has screwed every guy she meets is a turn off, think about it you stupid bitch ! BTW my first choice would be Andy,hate that rat, and want him gone but wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see Aaryn walk out the door either.


Amanda apologized to Elissa – she is bat s..t crazy. Aaryn should stop trying, mccrae needs to shower & gm needs to not trust those boys! Pandora’s box or an extra veto this week would be really great to stir things up again !


Amanda thinks Elissa has been gunning for her for no reason? No, Demanda, that’s not true. She’s been gunning for you because you’ve been running the house.


Why is Aaryn wasting time trying to get Elissa to budge?
Does Elissa have a vote or something?


Just a question, since I’ve heard the term a few times here. What is a penalty nomination and how does it work? It sounds like a punishment of some sort they are using to get the HG’s back into line, but how does it hurt one person and benefit another? I’ve never heard of it before. Have they used one before? How did it affect the game or the individual?


someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it ended up being a penalty vote? like, the person had one extra vote for eviction as a penalty against the house guests votes. i think that would have been very, very fair if Amanda had been on the block. i wish they could give her an extra vote for eviction courtesy of america.


A penalty nomination is when production puts a houseguest on the block as punishment for their behavior. I don’t think it has been done before. Production HAS expelled and evicted houseguests before – Chima and Willie.

Elissa for the Win

Did damanda really apologize to Elissa or was she just blowing smoke up GM’s butt to make herself look good? OMG all this plotting and lying is making me a nervous wreck!!!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Amanda DID apologize to Elissa, but she wasn’t being genuine.

Clownie is alive

Finally, Smelly Amanda admits she has an addiction. Not being an evil-tongued bitch, no sex. After smelling that crotch, I had to burn my clown outfit AND bathe in bleach. Now I look like a naked albino clown.

She IS a sexually transmitted disease. Can anyone blame me for trying (but failing) to kill myself? PLEASE production, either leave me a gun in DR or fill it with saran gas the next time you call me in there.




At this point. I don’t see any way for the females to survive. If Aaryn goes, one of the guys will probably win HOH, the circle jerk alliance (Andy, Judd, Spencer, McCrae) will emerge and take out the women one at a time. The only way this can be avoided is if GM wins HOH and puts up 2 guys, If circle jerks win HOH, the game goes back to sheeping.

I don’t blame McCray for turning down Amanda. With all the onion smells and the yeast infection. That’s just gross. A smelly mess. I bet that bed stinks, ewe.


Amanda is such a whore

Good Grief

And making these kind of comments doesn’t make you the better person.


Friends like these, don’t need no enemies.They all need medication!
They are actually quite comical!


Amanda, you are disgusting and I’m pretty sure you’ve surpassed Aaryn as the most dislikable character on BB EVER! Absolute a waste of a cast and summer. Judd or Elissa for the win please!