“I know I can be mean, there’s 2 Elissa’s, the fake Big Brother one and the normal down to earth one”

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used Yed POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andt
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


9:07PM Amanda and McCrae

Amanda doesn’t think she will make it much further in the game, “I thought I had it planned out.. but I guess you can’t plan out this game”
A – I’m ready for next week.. why do you look worried
MC explains when Amanda says she’s going to leave it gets him nervous. It’s going to be tough for them moving forward but they have to focus and win competitions.
A – I feel defeated.. because poopy is going home I don’t want her to go home..
A – the first time this entire game I have to vote someone out that I didn’t want to leave.. it sucks.. it’s OK though.. it’s just a game.
A – I don’t like the stress that i’ve been under these past couple days.
Amanda says she feels bad for what she did to Elissa because now she’s being normal now. Amanda adds that Elissa isn’t always like this. Amanda sobs.

Amanda says she turns into a crazy person when someone is bullying her. She brings up Elissa saying she threw the POV to Amanda. “You threw the competition to me.. that angered me so much.. I worked hard to win that.. “

A – “I feel there is two Elissa.. the fake big brother Elissa and the normal down to earth elissa and that is when I feel bad.. I know I can be mean“
A – When fake Elissa is there she is nasty and I hate that. I was pleading with her person to person and she was laughing to my face..
MC – you have to get the HOH and kill the veto
A – now I feel like I can win sh!t.. I would have won that if she hadn’t fallen..
A – GM is a good competitor.. she’s a really good competitor.. she has to go.
A – I just don’t want her against us once poopy leaves
McCrae knows.. “Aaryn is going to turn GM against us”
A – I don’t care anymore.. GM is already against us.. people want to break us up because we’re two votes.
Amanda is questioning Spencers loyalties she unsure they can trust him as much moving forward. Spencer rolls in chit chat start


9:17pm backyard JUDD and Aaryn
A – do you think Spencer will ever vote to keep me
J – I dunno haven’t had a chance to talk to him
A – last week Andy asked me if we were doing the right thing voting out Helen out ..
Aaryn says she was the reason why Helen didn’t stay a lot of people were questioning keeping Helen and getting rid of Spencer. She knew getting rid of Helen was the right thing. Aaryn makes it sound like it was her that kept Spencer from leaving. JUDD asks about the vote. Aaryn says Elissa was the only vote to evict Spencer.
A – Andy is the most well liked player in this game.. Andy will go to final 2 I have such a huge target on my back I will go on the block if I don’t win
J – do you think he will win
A – I won’t vote for him
J – don’t you think he’s a floater
A – I’ve done so much work for Amanda and McCrae and now they are voting against me.. I’m going after them if I stay
J – you see how tight we were and how easy it was for them to evict me.
A – who else would I go with .. nobody came to me and Helen was campaigning against me.
Aaryn explains that Helen, Amanda, McCrae and Andy had a secret deal to get JUDD out once that happened she started working closer with Amanda, McCrae and Andy.

J – You took my spot
A – And now they want you back
J – you think.. I don’t think so they don’t need me
A – Andy is the only one that won’t put them up together.. everyone else will.
Aaryn asks if people have been campaigning to him today.
JUDD tells her he’s been sleeping all day he usually talks to people at night, “It’s not that I’m trying to be real secretive.. I have to watch what I say to people”

A – Amanda and McCrae will not vote for me no matter what I do so my only option is you and Spencer.. I talked to GM and she will as long as you two do.
A – I have nobody except for GM.. Elissa threw me under the bus with GM today.
A- What deal is Andy making
J – He’s not really making specific deals
A – Who is he going to put up .. he’s working with Amanda and McCrae that is the bottom line.. we had an alliance the one you were in.. the alliance that votes you out.
A – I should have kept you .. I should never have done that
J – I’m back now
A – and i’m going .. made a big mistake
J – i’m playing a completely different game now..
Gm joins them.. chat for a bit and Aaryn/JUDD go to teh hot tub

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


9:52pm Hot tub JUDD and Aaryn
Aaryn says she had no intentions to put up JUDD but after she won the veto Helen cornered her and told her if she didn’t put up JUDD the entire house was coming after her. Aaryn didn’t think Helen had the votes.

Aaryn thinks McCrae wants her out because he thinks she is a competition threat.
JUDD thinks that both Amanda and McCrae want Aaryn out Amanda Is just saying she wants to keep Aaryn for a jury vote.
JUDD – “She calls the shots you and I both know that.. if she wanted you in the game then both her and him will vote to keep you”
Aaryn – wouldn’t it be amazing if I stayed.. then I would be the target
Aaryn tells him that last week Spencer was very close to Amanda and McCrae
JUDD – is spencer working with them
Aaryn – “ I don’t know.. he’s telling them he is at least.. I don’t know.. Amanda said if her and I were on the block this week she would stay because she has Spencer “
J – really
A – I thought I would stay if I was up against Amanda but I guess not
A – I Know Andy made a fake final two with spencer so he could control his vote during Andy’s HOH
A – “a few days ago Spencer pulled me aside and said he wanted to work with me.. when I ask him about it he brushes it off.. which means no”
A – people are going to blindside me ..
J – I don’t want to blindside you.. I don’t know right now.. I’m not going to give you hope.
Aaryn says this morning she felt she had no hope Amanda told her no but Aaryn is still going to try.

CBS Interactive Inc.


Spencer rolls in.
Aarun – “don’t forget spencer I was the one that told Andy and GM to vote out Helen last Thursday”
Spencer – I won’t forget that.

Aaryn “since we’re alone tell me your worries if I stay.. be honest”
Spencer” I have a few concerns about your loyalties and your ability to shift and where I fit moving forward.. I know your past HOH’s have been malleable”
A – “Me Amanda, McCrae and Andy were in an alliance so I was doing what was good for them”

A – “I know 100% that Andy is working with Amand and MCcrea and I know Andy made a fake final 2 deal with you”
S – we never made a final 2 deal
A – I know you and Andy are good friends and you want to keep him here..

Aaryn points out that Elissa and GM are pairing up and Andy is with Amanda and MCcrae
Aaryn doesn’t want to be blindsided she will be more likely going to give someone a jury vote if they don’t blindside her.

Aaryn says Amanda told Elissa that she was a joke because she was doing everything they wanted.

Andy joins them

10:25pm backyard Spencer and McCrae

Spencer says Aaryn is campaigning hard right now, “She’s trying to get me to keep her”
MC – Ya fuck Andy we should keep her
S – That’s pretty much what she is saying.. she wants to go after y’all you can be trusted Andy can’t be trusted.

Amanda joins them.


10:50pm Amanda made cookies everyone feasting


11:00pm Bedroom
They get one bottle of white wine and 6 beers.. Poopy drinks her wine in bed alone.

In the backyard is Spencer, Andy, McCrae and Amanda. Amanda is telling them there is two Elissa the jokers faced one and the nice one.. The joker faced one she wants to harpoon but the other one she likes


11:26pm Backyard Drinking Everyone but GM
Everyone is getting along and having a good time. Aaryn is alone in the Hot Tub not really part of the conversation. She leaves early.
They are talking about who will be the most weird at teh wrap party. Elissa thinks it will be Nick.. She doesn’t even think he will go to the wrap party. Amanda says Nick probably hates them because he’s heard what they said about him. Elissa doesn’t think Nick is the type of person that watches the live feeds.
Andy – “I knew he was a shady f*** the minute I saw him at summer camp.. I set my target in May .. I was like he’s gotta go” (Summer camp like semi finals I also think they do some training activities)

11:35pm Elissa and Amanda Backyard
Talking about Rachel and getting along.

11:40PM Amanda and Elissa Backyard

The feeds are off the backyard conversation but they flip to them for a couple seconds. Amanda is in tears saying something about the constant digs. She also says that she heard from GM that Elissa was bringing up her pregnancy thing and that really upset her. Feeds switch back to the Aaryn and GM in the bathroom.

Amanda says she never had any intentions in voting Andy out.

Elissa says she never talks game with Andy. She only ever talked game to McCrae, Amanda and Helen. Amanda says that is why she didn’t

Elissa thinks that people will vote Aaryn to win the game over Amanda or McCrae

Elissa says she’s never laughed at Amanda in her face

Amanda says she was being insensitive
Elissa I wasn’t feeling that you were scared
Amanda I knew if Aaryn or MCcrae came off the block I was glad

Amanda says Elissa made a good move she definitely didn’t waste her HOH. Aaryn is going home this week it’s happening. Elissa says that was her move she thought of it.

Amanda says that GM is bullsh!ting Elissa. Amanda – 150% if Me and MCcrae vote to keep Aaryn so will GM.. but I am more loyal to Andy I have been loyal to him since the beginning of the game”

Amanda says she felt like Elissa was going to put her up if Aaryn came off the block
ELisa says no it will be Spencer or GM. Elissa keeps saying that Aaryn is saying she’s gunning for Amanda and McCrae.
Amanda knows but doesn’t care Aaryn is going home.

Amanda : “I’m sorry about those hurtful things.. I’m sorry.. I felt hurt i’m sorry i took the digs I took at you”
Elissa says she totally wasn’t laughing at Amanda’s face.
Amanda says what happened with her miscarriage was all natural, “ I lost a baby.. that was the first time I realized I could get pregnant and I lost it.. it was an emotional time for me.. “
Amanda: “why did you tell Gianmarie about that”
Elissa says that Amanda was being mean to her she had just lost her best friend in the house she was upset.
Amanda that was before (before granny new years)
Elissa says Amanda Was mean to her all during the day.
Amanda : “Once you brought up that baby thing you crossed the line.” Anything she said before that was game but Elissa made it personal.
Elissa: “I never crossed the line “
Amanda: “you were talking about it in a negative way to GM”
Amanda “I heard it ELissa”
Elissa: “ I’m sorry for hurting you.. I’m sorry.. I didn’t know you were upset”
Amanda: “Elissa I had tears rolling down my face”

Amanda brings up that someone came to her and told her she was trying to backdoor Amanda
Elissa denies it says it was probably Aaryn because that is what she was telling Elissa in the HOH before the POV.
Amanda asks Elissa to throw away all the nasty thing she said about her husband.
Elissa says she is glad when people say they are attracted to her husband because she’s protective when it comes to him and can get a little jealous.
Elissa: “The more people that want to stay away from him the better for me.. because i’m not a jealous anything unless it comes to my husband and Family”
12:05Am Cam 3-4 Elissa: “I’ve never had plastic surgery on my face ever.. and especially before coming on Big Brother.. I never even went shopping before Big Brother ”

(they keep talking for a bit Elissa and Amanda seem to have squashed their conflicts. )
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

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Well here is my humble take or my take on the options for this week, and strictly on game play. Since very few have a solid plan at this time, there are about 3-4 different alliances, but I think it could be If Andy stays: Andy, Spencer, Judd, and or Elissa and/or GM, so 4-5 against 2 (Amanda & MC). If Amanda figures it out, as she always says she is the queen of this game, and if she can convince MC: then her, MC and GM keep Aaryn, because Aaryn can win stuff (and is much better than all the rest at comps) and then possibly take out Elissa or Spencer or Judd, or 4 against 3. From a game stand point taking out Andy is better for them than Aaryn. It gets sticker in a few weeks, but its Mc and Amanda’s ONLY chance, because they can’t win cra&. And if Andy stays, the 4 of them can run the boards. Just a thought! We as viewers know more than the cast do, so it’s easier to be an arm chair quarterback. :)


I’m glad Aaryn is going home but I just wish people would be more open minded. I think you can get the best information when someone as desperate as Aaryn starts spilling the beans. These people are dumb.


I don’t like any of these house quest, I can really care a less which goes home. Both need to go for different reasons.

I say

I think Amanda would actually vote to keep Aaryn, only to get back at Elissa. Especially with the way she was treating Elissa, and now she’s doing a 180? I think she is trying to pull one over. Just wouldn’t be surprised.

Team Amanda

Yeah but production has a way of telling HGs things in the diary room and planting seeds. I am betting that by Thursday Amanda and GM will be on board for keeping Aaryn. And as Amanda has said in the past, she gets what she wants. She will ultimately realize that Aaryn is better for her game than Andy. And that Team Amanda/Aaryn/GM/McCrae will go after joker face with a vengeance. Spencer will go along with it bc he has no choice. He will be the pawn if either Judd or duck lips get veto and come off the block. Sorry Andy but you are a weasel and even Amanda will realize by Thursday that you are no longer a reliable ally. We know you’ll understand. They are just doing what is best for their game. Like you told Helen in your good bye speech to her.


I don’t know. I think if Mcranda votes for Arryn she will think it was Judd & Spencer and go after Mcranda anyway. Amanda’s kissing ass because she thinks Judd,GM &Spencer are working with Elissa and coming after her &McRae. I guess she realizes that her, rat boy & stinky are noatch for GM, Judd and Spencer. McRae got mad at her again for going off on Elissa and turning the house against them. You reap what you sow

It sure is nice to see that nasty bit– crying again.


amanduh is a vile pig, poor excuse of a woman


andy spencer judd and gm are in a new alliance if they decided to replace andy with aaryn they have the 3 votes judd gm and spencer then would be unstoppable just saying that would be a easy flip because andy plays all sides anyway think aaryn would be more dependable and have gm there then they have aaryn gm and judd to win comps spencer could luck out

Team Elissa

But there is only one Amanda: vile, despicable, disgusting humanoid.

Team Amanda

Ewwww. Duck lips is eating again. What is it that every night when BBAD is on that disgusting skank has to shove food between her Botox inner tube lips. They are so frozen that she can’t even open her mouth. She just slides the food in and chomps away like a horse and makes disgusting noises through her nose. No wonder Amanda calls the gold digging snob joker face. I can see that 100%. And why is the elitist snob socializing with the masses all of a sudden? For weeks she’s been whining how beneath her the HGs are and how they disgust her. Oh, I almost forgot. She needs these people to stay in the game. Because she knows she is the least liked in the house and has no allies because she couldn’t be bothered to cultivate relationships until now. It’s so funny how she’s hated GM for 9 weeks but now they are best friends? Just bc manipulator Helen directed her to? GM is going to be the first one to insert the knife after the eviction this week. Then it will be bye bye to the fake plastic Elissa (actually everything about her, outside and in). Helen’s game didn’t work for Helen and it’s not going to work for duck lips.


Holy crap! Why all the hatred. Judging from your name you must be an Amanda fan. Nevermind I know why you are so angry.

Elastica's...err...Elissa's smug face

I love that someone else sees icky Elissa for who and what she really is.


Must be girls hatin on Elissas looks cause I’m a dude and while I may not think she’s the hottest thing in the world I wouldn’t turn her away if she came up to me. And I would have to speak for all guys unless you have some kind of religious thing going on but otherwise if Elissa came up to most any other guy they would do her, plastic or not. Just like some of my friends that say I wouldn’t sleep with so and so but as soon as they get a chance they are going for it.


Amanda lost her job!
you lose.

Cary man

And you follow her and comment on her on a website! You lost by a much bigger margin!


Hey Team Amanda,
You should have been your momma’s blow job instead of a f#. That’s a quote from your babe.


It did not work with Helen because Amanda has her puppet RAT ANDY who Helen trusted Judas Andy sabotaged everything that Helen tells this Rat Snake
and Helen/Elissa had no control of the HOH. Amanda had controlled even though she was not HOH. She cannot get what she wanted so she terrorized Elissa.
What a sore looser. She threatens everynone if they do not do what she told them to do.


Making fun of how Elissa eats…hmmm….. you must not see or hear Amanda wolfing food down every five seconds! Gimme a break!!


I’ve been wondering this for awhile- why do they all eat like they just washed up on tropical island?! They’re surrounded by mirrors and cameras so clearly they can tell they have their mouths open. They have all the time in the world to sit around and eat; pull off your microphone so we don’t have to hear your gulping and chewing then proceed to keep your gob shut. Children learn this as toddlers!

Big Sister

I commented on this early in the season. NONE of them have any home training. I can’t believe these are so-called professionals (professors, political consultants, realtors, pageant people) who eat this way. As soon as they go near the kitchen, I press the mute button. Disgusting. For me, it started with Enzo and has gotten progressively worse.


Why such hate ? O my bad you are the yeast infection that Amanda that wouldn’t go away.

I Love Botox

Plastic Surgery lesson for Team Amanda: You do not use botox in your lips. You use botox to paralyze your muscles so that you don’t scrunch your face repetitively and end up getting permanent wrinkles. You usually can’t tell if someone is using botox. Probably 60% of the women you are talk to over 30 use some botox and you won’t know it. It’s great stuff. Then there are fillers (restaline, juvaderm, etc.) for lips and saggy parts in the face. Elissa may have used some filler for her lips. She’s too young for any sagging so I think that’s it for her. It’s not unusual to use fillers and it’s not a big deal. Bottom line it’s not considered plastic surgery. So, Elissa is not lying when she says she has not had any. I say so what even if she had. Amanda has had plastic surgery on her nose and boobs. Again, so what. But very hypocritical to attack and insult someone for doing something they have not done when you have done that very thing. Botox is great, btw. We are all vain and I say whatever makes you feel better, go for it. Elissa takes good care of herself, eats healthy, exercises and wants to look good. Good for her. Shows she cares about herself. Most people are vain and want to look their best. Doesn’t make them bad people. If that’s all you’ve got to go at Elissa, then that’s just plain silly.


the only reason Amanda apologized to Elissa is because PRODUCTION/DR got in Amanda’s ear about it. Amanda is an attention-whore who starts the fights and turns around and acts like a victim.


You Betcha!!!
And I am sure production told her to do during live airing of After Dark. CBS must have got a lot of complains.

WTF! Elissa IF you fall for Amanda’s theatrical sob crap! OMG!


She wont fall for it.


That was my very first thought when I read that Amanda apologized. I’m sure production called her into the DR and told he about the things people on the out side were saying about her and that they percieve her as a crazy. Maybe they even showed her some posts from various websites. I believe it is their plan to take Elissa and Amanda to the finals and Amanda’s behavior was really was making it difficult to keep her on. They counseled her to turn around her behavior.


Amanda sounds like she has histrionic personality disorder ;)


only human

your comments disgust me!!! the fact that you are on team amanda proves what a mean person you are.
why don’t you keep your comments to game play and stop saying such ugly things about people? SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

Every Year there is that One fan...

The only reason, they are hating on Elissa, is to get a rise out of people. There are people in this world, that like to get a rise when people clearly dislike someone for their actions. He or She just wants their 15 “seconds” of rise. Just like Amanda’s name, when she leaves the show. She will be a “nobody” in a few years and we will all be asking ourselves, “who was Amanda”.


That’s funny. There’s like 8 Amanda’s and they are all crazy.


Correction one Amanda and six Shellie’s. I can’t even root for elissa, she is playing way to personal.

Amanda's Therapist

(bring the straight jacket)


“Amanda says she turns into a crazy person when someone is bullying her.”

Delusional acting job for the CBS edit…. F** You AG

Amanda's Therapist

btw…I do not care if she is gay bi straight or a tranny!!


quit yelling. turn off the caps lock. it will be ok.


That is what they always do. The diary room sessions are so that the producers can feed players information, and manipulate the game by counseling them on what to do. They also choose games according to who they want to win the comp. They know everyones strengths and use that information to control who will win. It really isn’t a true competition.


don’t care for Amanda but your another one of those idiots that believe everything they hear Amanda has zero chance of winning so Helen elissa Jessie Candice gm or aaryn or going to vote for her those were the first 6 I thought about 5 votes against you lose common sense wake up she destroyed her own game good


Aren’t you violating doctor-patient confidentiality right now? :-P While you’re at it, I’m wondering if Amanda is the craziest patient you’ve had? lol

Crystal Ball

Amanda is working on covering her ass by playing nice now. I hope it doesn’t stop production from showing her reign of terror yesterday on the live show, but I have a feeling we won’t see any of it and will just see her making salad and cookies for everyone instead. *gag*

I feel that Aryan going home is a done deal. So at this point, I am just rooting her on to keep talking to GM and Judd and convince them that Andy cannot be trusted at all and that Spencer is shady too. Although I really do want Amanda to go home asap, I am now thinking that strategically, it would be better to get rid of Andy or McGrody first. The reason I think this is because if Amanda left first, both Andy and McGrody will be easily picked up by Judd and Spencer to form a boys’ alliance. But if Andy or McStinky get evicted first, I don’t think anyone else would align themselves with Amanda and have her join in an alliance. She would be easily evicted as long as she didn’t win HOH. I am afraid that if Amanda gets evicted first, Judd would drop Elissa and GM and team up with McCrae, Spencer, and Andy.


In other words, we have to get rid of Amanda — but it’s too early to do it now.


I agree if Amanda and McCrae do not keep Aaryn they are history. Elissa cannot play this week and it will be mental which means Aaryn would win it, and if McCrae and Amanda send Aaryn to jury then their gooses are cooked. In a perfect world I wish Elissa, Judd, GM, Aaryn, and I guess for the time being Spencer would team up and get rid of Amanda and McCrae and then fight to the death for the win which I hope would be Judd.

Team Amanda

Why does everyone hate Amanda so much? Has everyone forgotten all the racist and ignorant remarks made by Aaryn and GM? Or all the sick perverted things that has come out of Spencer’s trap? Or Andy being the ultimate Judas by popping in on every conversation and then reporting the conversation to everyone else? Or Elissa with her condescending attitude and smack talk about every HG? It seems like every post is exclusively about Amanda. She is just playing the game like everybody else. The fact that she has been most successful at it isn’t cause for all the haters out there to be jealous. Yes, you are jealous. Amanda and Aaryn are the only two worthy of winning at this point. All the others have floated and now it’s a scramble to get her out bc they all know she is the one who will win otherwise. That’s a compliment to Amanda and I can see how the HGs would want her out. I just don’t get it from bloggers here. Of course most of the haters are fans of Rachel so it would make sense that everyone in the house is the villain except for precious Elissa. Pretty pathetic.


“Amanda’s playing the game like everyone else”—Really? When you’re Amanda, no one else is allowed to play the game in her house! That’s why she went nuts this week ; she established this tactic from the beginning. While I agree about what you said about some of the others (I did not forget), Amanda has never cared about anyone but herself. She claims she was upset by what Elissa said but she jumped into a stranger’s bed day two?! She chose him as he was first HOH and more importantly, because, as she said, “I thought he was nerdy”–What a perfect counter to her dominating ways! He was/is always her shield and I don’t believe for one second that she “loves” him. She doesn’t treat him that way! It’s all her plan to win at all costs – a means to an end.

Team McManda

I would have to agree with you there. But unfortunately there is a double standard with some of these fans of the show. Brenchel, Je/Jo and Elissa can do no wrong in their eyes it all must be on everyone else in the game. No, I’m not saying that Amanda hasn’t done these things, I’ve seen them myself, I’m on here all the time and watch BBAD as I don’t have the live feeds yet. But to say that these BB royalty players can’t do anything wrong is just stupid to me. They could probably commit murder and people would claim like Elissa did to Andy last week that “it’s a big brother game move” so that makes it okay? However I am rooting for Amanda and McCrae because I can see past the things she has done. If you take away all of that Amanda has said and done, she and MC are playing near perfect games, worthy of being right up there with the other BB alumni. But these people are so blinded by their hatred of Amanda that they fail to see or better yet don’t want to see this. As She and MC don’t fall into the same “exclusive club” that Brencelissa and Je/Jo do. However that is one of the biggest reasons I’m rooting for them.

To be completely honest. I think there is a kind, caring and considerate person buried within Amanda. It’s just being in that house 24/7 does sh*t to you. It’s not like Survivor where you can actually walk away and hide some where. In the house, it is literally a bubble. The people who just watch the three weekly shows, live feeds (or sites like this) and BBAD never see or experience that. I’m willing to bet that if the most God loving person were to go on Big Brother things would come out of their mouths that would make everyone do a double take.

However I know my kind is very few in numbers and people just cannot understand why someone would be rooting for this “evil witch” unless they are like her, work for BB/CBS or is related to her. I just do. I think she is the most attractive lady in the house this season and shes not all PC like everyone else is now.

So bring on the thumbs down. I can take it. I will not fall into the Brenchel Army and root for Ewwlissa.


I dont even like Rachel, I never did. I can’t stand her or her freaky hyena laugh. I absolutely adore Elissa. She’s sweet, classy, and even while getting terrorized by a psycho doesn’t stoop to that level when everyone else would have snapped. Amanda is the most vile human being I’ve ever come across. Her comments about rape, murder, not to mention the racism and homophobia that runs rampant.. she’s atrocious.


im in my 50s once you have been around you see people want to believe what they are told and most are followers in general 75 percent of the people are idiots and that’s being nice

I Love Botox

You have a very bad case of Amandapheliosis. Please see your physician immediately.


i am not jealous of amanda. i am repulsed by her behavior. i feel sorry for her family, because amanda is humiliating herself and her family. i feel the same way about the other houseguests too. what these people have done on this show deeply saddens me. instead of trash talking them, every one needs to pray for them. i watch this show with great sorrow over how low america has fallen.


In reference to “Amanda Haters” being “Rachel” fans. No! I thought that Rachel was awful and loudmouthed and rude (and still do). But Amanda has gone so far beyond any sense of common decency with her very personal attacks (on Elissa’s husband, step-son, etc); her putting Elissa’s HOH letter on the toilet, her own racist and homophobic comments, and her threats of violence; that in comparison to Amanda, Rachel now seems like Pippi Longstockings. Amanda appears to be not only self-centered, but extremely vicious. (I don’t buy her abrupt change in personality today). And I still think Rachel was despicable – but again, not 1% as despicable as Amanda.


I really believe if they evict Mcrae it will be a 2 for 1. If not immediately, as soon as someone makes a joke about Mcrae hooking up with Jessie. Amanda said herself she will be useless if Mcrae leaves first.


I don’t think so. Production has a very heavy hand in what happens. Mark my word, Amanda and Elissa will be the final two.


Simon why do they call Aaryn poopy? And is that you just ad-libbing or do they really always call her that when talking?

aunty nobody

Its a remnant of the “rap” names they gave themselves isn’t it?

Amanda's Towel

It came from the last have/have not comp. “Poopy” was part of the group nickname, and afterward it stuck


They’ve been calling her Poopy for the past month or so.
Andy: Can we please, whenever we’re having serious strategy conversations, always refer to Aaryn as ‘Poopy’?
McCrae: Absolutely!

Scumbag Steve

This season has been terrible, like the minor leagues of Big Brother. The best player this season has been Amanda by far, it’s not even close, but it’s by default. The rest of the cast are just really really really stupid. Amanda being the best player this year is like being proud to be the world’s tallest midget.

As for all of these “alliances”, there is only one true alliance in this entire game and that is the HOH alliance. Whoever is the HOH, everybody aligns . There’s no 3am, spider crew, exterminators, or whatever. The only consistent alliance has been this entire house of floaters kissing the HOH’s ass, well at least until the POV is over.

I don’t care about the racism, the bullying, the bigotry, the nastiness, and the betrayal. I’m just pissed that this season has brought us a bunch of low end players. Terrible players. Absolutely awful game play. Spencer? How the hell did that waste of facial hair even get selected for Big Brother? Please, if somebody can give me 1 good reason, or 1 good thing he has to offer to this show, I will shake that persons hand. I have never in my life seen a more useless player than Spencer. I mean, he makes Jenn City look like Dr. Will. And McCrae? wow poor little super fan, had his entire experience tarnished by a blowski lol

Let’s not forget about Andy. Marching around with his chest out, thinking he’s such a great player. Are you kidding me? This delusional little carrot is off his rocker. He considers his game elite or smart because he’s really good at voting with the house. Real edgy, bro. Maybe next week, Andy will say a swear word and go down as the next Evil Dick.


Scumbag, I disagree with your comment about Amanda being the biggest player. I understand you’re being sarcastic, but lets not forget Elissa was MVP like two or three weeks in a row, and she’s the main reason why Jeremy and Nick walked out the door. That was a major game changer. And her only week of HOH, she puts three of the biggest threats up on the block. Two of which have never been on the block. She’s the only one whose not scared to do what she wants to do. Her HOH has been the best by far. I hope she stays after next week and keeps her alliance with Judd. That would be the best final two, and I don’t care who wins what as long as its them two. Go Judd and Elissa!!!!!

Scumbag Steve

I actually wasn’t really trying to compliment Amanda. I was more saying, there is nothing to be proud about being the best player of this season. Elissa has been decent, but she may have dropped the ball this week by not putting up McCranda. Had one of them gone home, the other would have been a lot more crippled than they are now.

People don’t realize that the only positive they have going now, and the only reason why people kiss their asses, is because they’re 2/3 votes. If you chop the showmance in half, they will be far less intimidating. If neither of the remaining 3am win HOH, and the rest of the house target them, than that is the only way this week’s HOH will look successful on behalf of Elissa.


I actually disagree. Elissa was handed two MVPs that she did not deserve, and if memory serves me correct it was Helen who masterminded their evictions. I agree with Steve. On a purely game level, Amanda has played the best game because she has been able to control a house full of lemmings. On a personal level, I absolutely find her and Aaryn’s behavior deplorable but I can appreciate their game play- Aaryn as a comp threat and Amanda as a great manipulator of the house. I actually liked Rachel Reilly on a game level, but her sister is not deserving of all this credit she is being given.


Completely agree with Hana. I think people handed Elissa the MVP hoping to god she was a Rachel 2.0 and it turned out the rest of the house turned her into their MVP puppet. Her only smart game move was letting them manipulate her. If she had revolted in any real way, they would have turned on her so fast, it might have actually garnered a genuine response. Thankfully she was smart enough to lay down and take it and let Amanda and Helen manipulate her or else she wouldn’t be as far in the game as she is. Well, and production. Rachel, albeit annoying, was a good BB player both in comps and in the way she made herself a target in the house. People like keeping a target in the house that’s bigger than themselves. If Aaryn hadn’t been such a racist jerk in the beginning or if Amanda was better at comps, either one of them could have been the new Rachel. Either way, Elissa doesn’t fill the shadow.


Amanda is so obsessed with Elissa. Elissa this. Elissa that. Oh sht I just broke a nail, waaah this is Elissa fault! Fk you Elissa!

Ted Marie

Scumbag Steve–u had me lol talking about Spencer & Weasal man. Don’t forget how the Weasal got all bullet tonight & was talking mad crap about Elissa & was gonna give her a piece of his mind and when she came outside he went running into the house and flipped her off behind the closed door when her back has turned from him. He really showed her—pathetic. His constant running to McCrappys man wife & making sure that his mommy is gonna keep him cuz he just is going insane being on the block. She gave him his pacifier and burped him and he was ok for another 30 min.

Scumbag Steve

I am 100% sincere when I say Spencer is the most useless player I have ever seen in my life. What does he do? What move has he made? He’s like the resident bum. What would he say in his final speech?

“Thanks guys, I love you all, I love Marilyn. Shout outs to Big Ricky, Papa Joe, and Dynamite Dave from back home. I was on the block 6 times. Thank you very much everybody, please vote for me”


Thank you Ted……..loved your comments! You are so right on about Andy boy!!


These player aren’t worse than other seasons, The MVP twist forced the players to form a super allaince and make everyone believe they were in it as long as possible. The MVP completely changed the power dynamic in the house forcing them to play more conservatively. Instead of getting rid of floater it kind made the HOHs floaters, catering to the super alliance and trying to secure their place in it. Players like Amanda, Andy and Ellisa would likely have been targeted sooner in a normal season, where the house splits into smaller alliances. Andy has played a great game and would have been good in any season, but likely would have been found out much earlier (like Shelly) in a normal season. I certainly don’t think this season has been the worst ever, thing are back to normal now with the mvp gone and the action from the first few weeks is back. It should be exciting this last month!


If Spencer would use his brains instead of thinking about his private parts he would keep Aaryn. Since she is good at the competitions he would be safe from going up on the block. Andy is such a flip flopper that he couldn’t believe Andy would be able to save him. Judd would have Aaryn bcuz she feels really bad that she evicted him the 1st time so I believe she would work with him. I also think if Aaryn would stay she would tell Judd more about the 3am alliance. So you would have working together Judd, Aaryn & GM with the 2 maybe’s Spencer and Elissa against McAnda. Once they get those 2 out then we all know that Elissa would be the next to go out. From that point the remaining HG would be every man for itself because none of them really trust each other. I never had a favorite in this season but I would rather Judd win it all.

cry me a river amanda

Did Amanda just claim she felt bullied by elissa? (blank stare) (heart rate is slowing down) FLATLINE______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________! Amanda is one delusional succubus!


:) Oh wow! Succubus – that’s perfect! Love it!

cry me a river amanda

thanks lol


Simon at 9:17 pm you have Andy asking Judd if Spencer will ever vote to keep him and Judd replies i don’t know. I thought these guys all formed an alliance last night with GM. Did I miss something? Is that alliance still alive?


he made a mistake. It was Aaryn taking to Judd.


i know it would hurt her game maybe but if gm wanted arrayn to stay she should tell her about the alliance she made wit the exterminators , that wouldve made mcrae and amanda change there vote , if andy survives hes in a good spot again , gotta give his social game an a plus cuz everyone wants to work with him . it would also benifit gm to not be with a 3 dude group , im hoping gm wins hoh by some miricle because i want to see how much she is pulled for noms

Sick of Morons

I dont think anybody intentionally wants to work with rat boy. Its just he’s up in everybodys business, he’s always there so he gets included in all theses alliances. This season will be remembed for the most alliances, over medicated, delusional morons to dver play BB.


Why do they call Aaryn ‘poopy’? I must have missed how that started. The nickname suits her LOLOL


Nevermind, when i wrote this question, the page refreshed and someone above me asked LOL :)

I hate you Amanda

So because Elissa told you she threw the Veto comp, you procede to do EVERYTHING that you did you Elissa?!?!?!?! Amanda, what you did is like the U.S. dropping nukes on Canada because they beat you in ice skating at the Winter Olymics.
We as the viewers with the full story have to find a way to not allow CBS to frame this to the regular viewer in a favorable light for Amanda. Amanda is like the little kid who cries because they were caught, not because they feel sorry. DON’T LET HER GET AWAY WITH THIS GUYS! GET OUT THERE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN WITH THE REAL STORY IN BIG BROTHER LAND!

Brown Fat

Arent you putting a little too much energy into a game you are only viewing. I agree all these people suck but it is what it is.

and the internet

You’re new to the internet, aren’t you…


exactly! we’re not falling for this fake apology BS


Yes, nukes would only be appropriate if we beat you at Olympics hockey. Oh wait….Canucks: to the fallout shelters!

Scumbag Steve

These players wouldn’t even last 2 weeks in an all stars version. It’s sad. People think that this game is rigged for Amanda in that they’re cheating for her. No way, this game was rigged by surrounding her with a herd of sheep. When was the last time a Big Brother contestant was scared to put somebody on the block? I mean, even Elissa chickened out this week. Andy and Aaryn have absolutely laid out the red carpet for Amanda. They’re not even playing their own games, and will basically lose at the hands of Amanda, whether she’s in or already out of the game.

Amanda is not a good player at all, good players do not behave like her. She will eventually lose this game, and nobody will ever look back and think of her as an elite player. She’s just a crybaby bully that had the luxury of stupid people willing to die for her. Comparing her to Dr. Will? Are you kidding me? People need to go watch a highlight reel of Dr. Will or Dan just to see how incredible those 2 were at this game. Amanda is not even close. Her game stinks, she just has easier competition.

If Dan or Will were on this season, they would have breezed to the finals.

Roisin Dubh

Take away the dumbs things that Aaryn has said, she is by far the best player in that house. I can’t stand her but you have to give props where they’re due. She could easily have been picked up for an all-star season, but those racist comments killed her. Brendan did an interview with Jeff a few days ago and they were throwing around the idea doing an all-star season if they were asked. Brenedan said he would do it but if he found out Aaryn was slated, he would cancel in a heartbeat. I know it’s Brendan, but don’t think for one second his statement isn’t what past HG’s are thinking. But if they did have her do a season, you can bet your ass that Evil Dick would beat down the door to get in that house with her. that dude is down with Suicidal Tendencies and would rip her a new A B and C hole. It’s too bad her bigotry got in the way of being considered a great player.

Scumbag Steve

Aaryn has only been good in competitions, but has been at the mercy of other guests anytime else. I can’t consider that type of game play good. She did Amanda’s dirty work, and let Amanda shove her entire arm up Aaryn’s ass and use her as a puppet.

Roisin Dubh

But on the flipside I can say that Amanda hasn’t won jack I’m sorry one veto big whoop- and the reason she’s still there is because Andy ratted everything to her and Aaryn winning keep her safe to keep opening her big mouth. How can you say she’s a good game player when she’s had those two play for her. Helen’s game even kept her safe. even The only thing she’s played is Keychain’s skinflute and now that he knows she gave him herpes, she can’t even play with that anymore. Aaryn winning all those comps kept GM, Andy, Keychain, Ahandjob and the king of pawns Spencer safe. It’s only now that their No 1 weapon is going home that they are finally sweating bullets. Until then, none of them had anything to worry about and they showed it with their arrogance.Without Aaryn, those jokers would be infecting the jury house right now.

Roisin Dubh

And her one win couldn’t even keep their alliance safe, if fact it broke them up.


I’m black and I agree 100%


“A, B, and C hole”. Love it!

Amanda's Therapist

THX! Scumbag Steve
You made it clear to me at least! :-)
My favorite BB player is Dan Gheesling!
Ian Terry did a great job winning BB14!!
His knowledge of BB history is unbelievable!

Day late, dollar short

I don’t get the live feeds, so I am just basing this on what I’ve read here. Did Amanda apologize to Elissa? It is one thing to regret how she treated her around the others (and probably due to a lot of production’s feedback about how ridiculous her behavior has been), and another thing to demonstrate true regret by putting on her big girl pants and apologizing directly. Personally, I don’t think she feels bad for saying and doing hurtful things, I think she feels bad because she looks ridiculous. Funny thing is, is that I really don’t want either to win, but I couldn’t help commenting on this dynamic.

Go Bitches!

Day Late…yes Amanda apologized to Elissa and also talked to her about the things Elissa did that were hurtful as well, had Elissa backpedaling. Ellisa is not miss innocent. If you want the truth, you won’t get it here, where comments are dominated by Rachel fans and those with mob mentality who aren’t capable of thinking for themselves….just what the accuse the HGs of, ironically. Get the live feeds for free and get the truth of what goes on in BB house…or what production lets you see of the truth.

SIMON, you should post the conversation between Elissa and Amanda where they discuss what has gone on between them since Elissa won HOH and where Amanda apoligizes and Elissa sort of but not really apoligizes.


I’m not a Rachel fan (couldn’t stand her antics in BB13), can think myself and still think Amanda had to apologize. This demented dishonest bitch went on rampage because Elissa said she threw the POV to her. She’s mad at Elissa for laughing when she shedded her crocodile tears? I don’t care if Elissa’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’s avatar. That lying self-absorbed manipulative bitch of Amanda had the same vile attitudes towards Candice and Jessie. Elissa found the best way to handle that pathetic insecure psycho: smiling whenever she spews her venom. Amanda’s a bully and a bully can’t stand to be ignored. This girl is certifiable and I bet, her parents know it. Still on Adderall at 28, are friggin kidding me?


The things Elissa did (laughing in Amanda’s face and refusing to be fooled and or controlled by Amanda) is all game play, Amanda was hitting below the belt and has been for a long while. I didn’t think Elissa should have mentioned Amanda’s abortion prior to entering big brother but if Amanda can’t take it she shouldn’t dish it. She’s been personally attacking Elissa for weeks!

Amanda's Therapist

Amanda and all the others KNEW that the 65 cameras were running…in the BB house! If you sign up for this show you
are made AWARE of the BB rules….which say your life
is OPEN to the BB world!
You and everyone you have ever known are an “open book”!
Sorry! But my thinking is Amanda’s got more skeletons in her
closet to be concerned about than her “nooner” abortion
prior to her walking through the doors of BB/CBS!!
JIMO! :-)


By the way, Amanda announced her abortion/miscarriage to a group of admirers early in the game…Elissa had only recently heard it and the others played dumb. So, it was Amanda who announced it to the world, then as usual, manipulated them all.


then don’t share that information with people, that way they can’t use it against YOU! Amanda you’re disgusting. I’m not a Rachel or Elissa fan, but Amanda is straight up TRASH! it’s not just the stuff she’s said about Elissa. She’s done way more than that.


I winder why no one at CBS is addressing the st


Aaahhh…poor Aaryn, I feel so sorry for her. It makes me wanna cry…..NOT!!! You feeling that? It’s called KARMA!!! I’m sorry she had so many chances to make big moves, but wanted to listen to her evil twin sister instead! The only real threat she took out was Helen, and even that was a waste of HOH. You don’t take out your alliances dummy…


Andy -work with me and vote to keep me here and next week I will work with you, unless MC or Amanda get the hoh. If that happens your screwed.
Arryn – work with me and keep me here. Next hoh I will do everything I can to win and get rid of Amanda and MC.

The session . Seems obvious to me. And think of how terrified MC and Amanda would be if Andy was voted out. They would realize the house had flipped.


If Andy flipped Amanda and Mccrea will have no one to report what everyone is doing in the house. Helen left because of JUDAS Andy
who told Amanda and Helen trusted the JUDAS ANDY.


are we supposed to be feeling sorry for Amanda, can not, will not, she could have gotten where she is without being a witch but she picked her own path, now live with it, and get the heck out of the house soon…please!

Dookie Slim

Amanda is impotent without Helen.

All those evictions were done with campaigning by Helen with her political “House Wants” philosophy and all the evictions were people that were either threats to Amanda and couldn’t be manipulated (Howard, Candice, Jessie) or people she suspected of having MVP/Powers (Judd).

Helen obliterated her side of the house with her alliance to Amanda & friendship with rat-Andy and now Elissa is damn near by herself but amazingly pulled off the most brilliant move of the season by putting McCrae and Aaryan on the block and driving a wedge between Aaryan and GM to gain an ally in GM and spooking Andy & MCrae enough to have Andy making possible deals outside his alliance as well as McCrea.

The havoc that Elissa caused by not playing into Mcrandas hands and evicting GM threw a monkey-wrench into the whole game and now Aryan is spilling the beans to Judd who will most likely go after Amanda with the assistance of Spencer who is due for a big move in the game.

Amanda is weeping because she has lost power and the mystique of her running shit is over, she raged like a lunatic and Elissa didn’t budge. Amanda has no female allies in the house any longer and she sucks at comps so it’s not going to be long before the sharks smell blood and attack……

If GM or Elissa get HOH Amanda is going on the block and it’s a possibility that Judd and Spencer could do the same….if Aaryan throws her former masters further under the bus then it may be curtains sooner than you think for the vile disgusting yeast-Queen of Big Brother.


This website is amazing, fantastic job. And such a blessing for the feedless. THAT BEING SAID, please stop tagging Judd as Judd Daughtery. It is Daugherty and I only give a shit because I too am have the last name Daugherty. Lolol.


being honest I hated Elissa since the first day she walked in the door, due to never being a fan of Rachel, and during the show they never gave me reason to like her UNTIL NOW.

Not only has she proven that when she needs to fight she can kick butt, but she has also shown that she is not just a follower. It annoyed me at first when she did not listen to what people said, back when she was MVP, but right now her HOH is the best of the season. She was not swayed but the B**** Amanda in any way, she thought for herself, went after a major alliance that needs to be brought down and she stayed strong with all the Amanda BS.

I am not sure I want to see her win, I still think she is a bit of a snob, but as long has she is around I LOVE her rocking Amanda’s game.

It is fun seeing Amanda so defeated, she had a free ride since she wrapped that skinny little boy around her nasty finger and I can not wait to see her go down.

Rooting for Judd, but might be okay with Elissa…maybe.


Elissa is by far my favorite. I would like to see her and Judd in the final 2, BUT even tho she is my girl, I would rather see him win because she is already rich.


i hope judd goes far too. i thought i was getting on board with team elissa with her recent wins, but she still rubs me the wrong way. i really dislike that she has threatened to leave the game or leave jury. helen also has a family and moreover has a career, and she never threatened to leave. although elissa is getting her target out this week, she has made way more enemies than friends this week, basically threatening everyone that they could go up! that’s not a smart game move. i also dislike that she blatantly lies about getting plastic surgery, lies about laughing in mccrae’s face, calling him gross and then claiming she never says anything mean to anyone bc she’s going to work for a ministry, give me a break. i think she can be a nice person, but it’s absurd to never admit any mistakes. i also do not believe her when she says her nominees were completely her own idea, i think she was heavily influenced by production and helen before she left. but that’s just my opinion. i don’t think she needs the money in the end, and i don’t think she’s capable or willing to form relationships in this house in order to play a good game, so i don’t think she deserves to win at all.


where is pandora’s box? where is the coup d’état? where is waldo? It


sure would twist things up….


Amanda’s maniacal verbal attack on Elissa was abusive. Elissa remained calm when a visible agitated maniac brutally forced an unprovoked vicious verbal attack in Elissa’s personal space – Amanda was clearly trying to make Elissa fear for her safety and well being. The majority of people know that manipulating body posture to achieve having “your” inflamed / angry face directly in front of another’s person’s face is done to intimidate.

Soon after this Amanda was called into the DR. When Amanda came out of the DR – Amanda appeared to be tired and went to lay in bed.

Now Amanda is starting to say things to indicate that she was wrong to verbally assault Elissa.

I wonder if Amanda was told in the DR that her violent behavior could get her ejected from the game – the DR gave Amanda medication to sedate her – and now Amanda is trying to excuse / play down her violent behavior (because she is scared that she will be ejected from the game).

If Amanda was given such a warning in the DR – I wonder if Amanda was told, “if Elissa comes into the DR saying that Amanda is breaking the BB House rules with her violent behavior … I do not feel safe due to Amanda’s violent behavior … we will have to eject you from the game as your violent verbal assault is on camera.”

I do wish that Elissa would go to the DR and say that Amanda is breaking BB House Rules and she does not feel safe due to Amanda’s violent behavior – I would like to see Amanda kicked off of Big Brother.

I would find it gratifying to see Amanda go into the DR and never come out – the house guests told that Amanda had to leave due to an emergency (she is fine), or, the truth – Amanda left because she is violent and broke the BB house Rules.

Amanda has ruined this season for me – The majority of the other house guests gave Amanda the support to be abusive. I do not care for the majority of the house guests as they have proven to be weak like sheep. Honestly, I think that Amanda would have come across more favorably if she was not in a house filled with scared mindless sheep – Amanda would stay in her reasonable zone more often. Amanda is like a match on fire – the majority of the other house guests act as gasoline causing the single match to transform into an out of control fire.

I do not understand how all of these house guests follow Amanda – Elissa was smart enough to figure out that if she put GM next to Aaryn GM would be voted out. On Thursday – Amanda’s facial affect of forced smiling would be on overload. Amanda would become overly joyful as she told Elissa how pathetic she (Elissa) is and that Aaryn was still in the game.

Everyone in the house knows the truth – including Andy and Aaryn. I do not know why they behave as if they do not – perhaps I am giving the house guests too much credit, and, they do not know the truth.

Aaryn staying and working with Elissa may be favorable to Elissa – however, I do not understand why Aaryn expects Elissa to just say “okay” and believe Aaryn. Aaryn comes across as knowing how to “work” people – considering how much Aaryn wants to stay I would think that Aaryn would make a sincere effort with Elissa.

I think that Elissa is handling herself well against Amanda The Abuser.

Sorry that this is so long.

Simon / Dawg – Thank you for creating such a wonderful venue for Big Brother fans. Your work is very much valued – and it is enjoyable to have this venue to discuss BB, and, sometimes rant (such as this post).

Amanda's Therapist

Gregory you are so correct! I have commented also about Amanda and her behavior! She absolutely is nothing but trouble in the house and out of control!! I too feel that “dr”
told her to shape-up or else…also I think they told her how
BAD she looks to America and BB fans are NOT liking her
behavior…she changed drastically from previously?
IF she gets sent out the door NO big deal! :-)


Demanda and the rest of the HGs were told if they harass any other HG they will get a nom penalty. Demanda didn’t care and told everyone that if anyone talk with Elissa they would be the next to go and they were all to harass Elissa just like her.

While this season has been full of stupid they are THAT stupid. GM went directly to talk with Elissa and none of the other HGs did anything but speak nicely with Elissa. Demanda was even going around demanding to know why they weren’t harassing Elissa like she was…then the light bulb came on…Demanda has lost her power. The threats don’t work anymore. The only person who may stay with her beside McStinky is Rat Dog Andy. But even McStinky has pulled away and won’t even have sex with her when she begs him.

Elissa has beaten Demanda. Even if she doesn’t win the game she brought down the Evil Queen and the minions are running around plotting how to get her out. Elissa understood the Mean Girl dynamic and used it against her.

Good going Elissa!


Definitely the producers talked to Amanda and told her to stop harassing Elissa. SO now Amanda is trying to be nice.


That’s what I love about Elissa. She’s actually a mean girl, one of the scary deadly but silent ones. Amanda is just a school yard bully relying on brute force because she’s built like a linebacker. Elissa could ruin her in her sleep but apparently Amanda’s not even worth the effort, hahaha. It’s perfect.

Wicked Wade

Scum bag Steve finally someone that gets it. Amanda is the best player hands down and if it wasn’t for her this season might put most people to sleep. Remember people this is a game and for all these people sitting there writing comments like WHAT ARE WE SHOWING ARE CHILDREN WITH HER BULLYING are you kidding me!!! For one thing if you are letting your children read this stuff you are the one with issues. This is a game of untruths and deception people, spare me the CANT ANYONE WIN WITH INTEGRITY crap, lie cheat and betray is the name of this game and the best person at should win this game and so far it has been Amanda. If you really think that these people are like this outside this house come on wake up people. Bring on the chaos. We want Amanda to go off and we want GM to go nut job and Ellisa to be the most pomp is SOB there is on this planet!!!! Why else do you watch?


Funny how some people don’t get that true weakness is wickedness.


idiot alert—–Wicked Wade! These people are exactly like this outside the house. You can’t fake that kind of behavior!

Crystal Ball

Amanda comes off as fake right now because as another poster said, she is like a child who is sorry they got caught, not sorry they did the crime.

Rather than just flat out apologizing for her behavior, she continues to justify her actions by trying to prove that Elissa instigated it and to others, that Elissa is made up of two completely different personalities. Clearly she is grasping at anything just to prove that she had good reason to bully Elissa so aggressively and alienate the house. Elissa is just ONE person. She has her annoying quirks and faults, yes, but you can’t get away with acting like an asshole to her by claiming she has a split persona called Joker Face. Amanda isn’t apologizing sincerely. She wants everyone to tell her it is understandable and forgivable to have behaved the way she did because Elissa started it. Please. Give me a break. I really hope that CBS does not back up this storyline and present this on the live show putting Amanda in a favorable light. I hope the controversy forces them to reveal Amanda’s true nature the same way they had to expose Aryan and GM.


Agree 100 percent. whenever there is a “but” after any apology, it is not a sincere apology!


she should have been exposed in the beginning too right alongside Spencer. Bigots, racists, and complete assholes. GM and Aaryn were NOT the only ones making vile comments, Amanda got off scott free until now

Debra St

What accounts for Amanda’s change in disposition? Meds? And, are we sure that she was “napping” all day, and not somewhere else? A lump in the bed could just be a lump in the bed….

Amanda is disgusting

I believe production warned Amanda and told her some of what was happening online is regards to her behavior. She thinks America loves her. Finding out they don’t would and does have to back peddling her ass off.

I for one will not forget her disgusting and inexcusable behavior and believe she should be removed from the show and arrested.

Keri Helen

Christ, the mood swings in this house are giving me whiplash. Did production set out the candy bowl of xanax or something?

Also, I hate myself for wanting Aaryn to stay in the house over Andy. I don’t know where the hell my priorities went.

additional "fun" facts about dolphins in the wild

This has zero to do with the above comments; I just had a random thought…how funny and/or disgusting (depending how you look at it ) would it be if DATELINE led a competition where they re-create the segments they’ve done on hotels, movie theater/eatery restrooms, gyms/spas etc., where each HG, armed with a black-light, is challenged to a timed relay race to see who could find the person who left the most bodily fluid, where, and of what origin. MC and Amanda’s sleep area would be lit up like a Christmas tree on Hannuka.


Too bad after Amanda and Elissa were done talking Amanda ran to McCrae and said…I made Elissa apologize, to which McCrae replied ‘no way! you’re good’ So I don’t believe a word of what Amanda said as a so called apology. She was just trying to prove to her narcissistic self that she could manipulate Elissa, even if it’s just manipulating her into apologizing. Which is why she ran straight to McCrae to brag about it. Amanda has said at least 50 times in the last few days (to every person in that house) some variations of how she’s controlled everything up to this point and she can’t believe she couldn’t control this too….why isn’t anyone saying anything about it, or better yet actually trying to do something to knock her off her high horse? I guess they’re waiting to see who HOH is, then they should wait until after nominations before they say or do anything, and of course there’s the veto…they certainly wouldn’t want to do anything before veto. Okay, veto’s over now it’s time to make a move…no wait…they better wait til they see who the renom is first. This people are crazy.


“Elissa: “I’ve never had plastic surgery on my face ever.. and especially before coming on Big Brother”

Stevie Wonder can see that work done on her face. Botox or something was done to her face…

Crystal Ball

True, you could get botox injections and lip plumpers and it technically isn’t surgery.


…..botox is not plastic surgery though. so I really don’t see the connection there.


Not even close to being plastic surgery. I’ve heard of women having botox parties at their house, they get injected right their in someones home.


Still hoping Amanda gets a penalty nomination.


This House is all wacked out. 24 hours ago it was a hot mess with vile and crazy insults being hurled relentlessly (mostly aMANda). Now they are all sitting around singing Kumbaya and holding hands. Weird stuff.


Demanda ordered the minions not to speak with Elissa and they were to harass her just like Demanda was doing. Production warned them anyone harassing another HG would get a nom penalty. Demanda didn’t care and complained that the others weren’t harassing Elissa (GM ran right upstairs to talk to Elissa just after Demanda declared no one was allowed to speak to her)

Demanda has lost her power. Now it’s just waiting to get Aaryn out and see who gets HoH. Everyone knows if it’s not McManda then Demanda is going home–even McStinky knows this.

Scumbag Steve

McCranda talking in the cockpit

Andy enters

Andy: “Spencer just blew a fart”

Andy leaves

Amanda: “We need to get rid of that fart”


I am just not OK with this at all. honestly, I find her “miscarriage” to be shady and disgusting, and I don’t care what elisa says to people about an event that actually took place, and despite my lack of religious views, does align with the negative of elissa’s religion which makes a lot of sense.

Amanda’s BS, what bothers me right now, is it seems like CBS told Amanda to go up there, spit out an “apology” but then in the process make elisa out to be the bad person, the robot.

I have never actually boycotted a show before. but IF they edit the show to make Amanda out to be some sort of victim, I am going to be done watching big brother. I get that TV is edited, I don’t get supporting Amanda to the point of hiding who she is in the house at the expense of others.


same here

aunty nobody

No plastic surgery…
She looks a whole lot different now than than she did when she was a bridezilla on Anderson Cooper LAST YEAR, so I don’t believe for a second that she’s had nothing done.

& I’ve been informed that “I never even went shopping” is an EASY elitist jab.
Translated into normal person language it says: I have more in my closet than you have in yours, and my stuff is better than yours because mine is only the most expensive of the latest fashions.

Who knew?

( well lookadat… having a snob on hand came in handy.. Finially..)


So what if she claims to have money, it isn’t as if she were filthy rich? I don’t see why Elissa having money bugs so many ppl. She’s still as human as the rest of us and even ppl might say she’s a snob, what does it take away from them? Why do ppl keep defining themselves by making comparisons with others? Almost all these HG do the same. Well, if ppl intend to be frustrated and hate on ppl just because they claim or appear more loaded than themselves, well they might as well off themselves. What a sad way to go through life with a chip on your shoulder!


So she’s a snob, she’s rich, she’s had botox injections , which is not plastic surgery. Big deal. Are you jealous of her? None of that does not even come close to being a racist , bullying narcissist. Are you of like mind to Amanda?
All of your rants and raves about Elissa’s looks are just that. Whiney.
Elissa has so far made the biggest move of the season. Any one of the 3 a.m to go is a good thing, and shes done it without bullying anyone.


I don’t believe for one minute that Amanda’s apology was sincere. I believe “someone” told her how ridiculous and insane she was acting and she decided that she does care how she comes off. Now they can spin it to show Elissa started it by saying she threw the veto and Amanda was mad. I am not buying what she is selling. She tortured Elissa for 5 or more hours yesterday and started again today. She had plenty of time to reflect on her behavior before tonight. As for her boy toy, what an ass. Elissa did apologize to him at least 3 times and he said she never did. These people lie for the sake of lying, it has nothing to do with gameplay. As for Amanda’s “miscarriage’, she told that story with no emotion whatsoever. That is an another one of her excuses. They probably got Amanda’s permission to use that on the show to make Elissa look bad too. Just for the record there is no way she would know she was 3 days pregnant as she claimed. Unless of course she is psychic. Not to mention she is a hypocrite. She got Elissa’s closest friend out of the house and planned on sending Elissa home this week and then has the nerve to act the way she has because she thought either she or her boy toy were going home. What a joke she is.


Wow this is basically going to be aired on TV to be a scapegoat for all the mean shit Amanda did….AG your ass needs to be fired

Amanda's Towel

They’re going to edit this as ‘Oh that wacky Amanda! Always up to something! Weee’

She ain’t Lucille Ball folks.

They’ll downplay the mean stuff.

Kill the RAT!!!!

The only way Aaryn can stay over Andy, is if GM leaks the Exterminators to Aaryn, then Aaryn tells Mcranda. Looks like Mcranda is going to be on their own after this week.


Well one thing’s for sure – Amanda’s acting classes sure paid off in spades.
She actually is a good ventriloquist too. Her hand is up the back of all these houseguests spines. SHE got ELISSA to say the words, I’m Sorry.
Wow. That’s talent.
Still can’t figure out what her ‘shine’ is ’cause it sure doesn’t translate on the TV screen. Like the mystery of the season – there is no enigmatic personality where I can say ‘OK, yeah – she sure is magnetic and compelling.’
Continue to be stumped….
(Lost one leg to diabetes) :)


Amanda and McCrae deserve each other. She can support him as he lays on the couch with Cheetos crumbs all over him and meanwhile she will be filing for unemployment. Love springs eternal.


Amanda is not sorry for anything ever! She is trying out a new tactic on Elissa. That pit bull cannot be trusted.


I was an Amanda fan in the beginning. Her winning NOTHING yet still running the house was mad game play.

The past couple of weeks all she does is activate my gag reflex.

Someone said on here that she gave MC herpes. Is that fact or just talk? Anybody know?


I don’t think so but if McStinky doesn’t get treated for yeast he’ll give it back to Demanda. But since he’s now refusing her sex on demand and she’s resorted to begging I think we can safely say McStinky is about to throw his evil queen under a bus.



Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder
In order for a person to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) they must meet five or more of the following symptoms:

Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
Requires excessive admiration
Has a very strong sense of entitlement, e.g., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
Is exploitative of others, e.g., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
Lacks empathy, e.g., is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her
Regularly shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

TO SUM IT UP = She’s a F’in C*UNT and I cannot wait to never see her face again!!!




I cannot stand Amanda. I seriously cannot believe this girl and her behavior it is appalling. I see people posts that children shouldn’t watch this. We have watched other seasons in the past as family entertainment, and there were some questionable moments. My child does NOT read or watch the live feeds, as they are totally inappropriate. In response to Wicked Wade, I do NOT have ‘issues’. We enjoy the reality game shows and have had no issues with Amazing Race, Survivor, etc. This season of BB has condoned racism, bullying, and other disgusting vile things. I’ve watched BB since the beginning and NEVER before this season has a disclaimer appeared prior to the show coming on. We are NO longer watching this season of BB b/c I DO NOT want my child to see these things and believe that it’s ok to treat other humans this way; game or no game. A lot of the comments are WAY beyond game play. I love to see a good game of mind plays, bold moves, power players, manipulators, etc., and in the past we have seen tons of them. We understand the good guys don’t always win. So we watch we like some players and we don’t like some. Some of our favorites have won, others have not. I have always watched to the end, but not this season b/c I disagree with the vicious attitude, bullying, arrogance and self entitlement that Amanda & her tribe preaching that they deserve to be there, but they Elissa and others had NO right to be there. You can win a game W/out attacking people personally it’s been done MANY times before. Amanda’s apologies are FAKE as she thinks Elissa’s face is. SHE DOESN’T mean anything! If you don’t want people to talk about your pregnancy don’t share that information in the first place. Goodbye BB bring on Survivor!!!!


All i want to know is who talks about their stinky cooter on National TV……eeeewwwwww! Classless Amanda!

Rachel Who???

It seems that some who post on here believe that one can only be a fan of Elissa because you are also a fan of Rachel. WRONG!! I hated Rachel… IMO she was a slightly milder version of Amanda. A bully with a delusional entitlement complex. I am mainly a fan of Elissa’s because she at least was not afraid to go against someone who (if she is honest with herself) and in game playing style only, must secretly remind her of her sister. Rachel played a similar game to Amanda’s – based on bullying – albeit without all the vulgarity, racism, and exhibitionism. And yes I am aware that Amanda is batsh*t crazy to boot. But the similarities in game style and attitude cannot be denied. ei “I can do whatever I want to you but god help you if you try and do it back to me!”


Dearest Amanda
You are so fucking annoying. Disgusting. Vile.
Evil and the worst person I have ever seen in my life.
A total EPIC FAIL!!!!
I truly hope you see this someday.


Amanda is your typical toxic little spider!
LA FAMEWHORE Cocaine / Addereral / Pill Popping
She takes what she needs from you & throws you away
without any compassion or sympathy.
Dime a Dozen Trash!


production told elissa she could not put up amanda its all rigged this season just like rachels win.


The only thing wrong with this season was MVP, Rachael fans, and consequently Elissa (who is so rich this money is meaningless to her, why is she here, fame? To dress up everyday in 5 different outfits?)
Take all the above away, and it could have been a good season.