Big Brother Spoilers – JUDD eats a knee, 911 was a conspiracy and Aaryn tries to poison Spencer

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andt
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots

**** new times stamps added today **** Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

6:44pm Cockpit Spencer, McCrae and Andy

Spencer says that after taxes they only walk away with $8200
Andy looks worried.. “Thats not enough”
Andy – Really 33%
Spencer explains that the jury money they get is taxed 33% in his state.
Production – Spencer you are not allowed to talk about production
Spencer – I’m talking about f&*** tax codes in Arkansas

Spencer tell MCCrae to be smart about this money don’t be stupid with it
McCrea – “Ya i’m already planning on buying some stupid sh!t”
Spencer – It’s easy to drink it away smoke it away ..
McCrae – Ya
Spencer tells him to clean up his car maybe get it detailed then trade it in for a good reliable economical car
Spencer – I think we should all make a vow to go to comic con next year..

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7:10pm backyard Spencer and McCrae
Spencer – “Helen told me you are just not a pizza boy you do production stuff”
MC says it’s no secret.. “I film the city council meetings Once a week I go there .. I pretty much have a joystick zoom in here zoom in there.. I film it to their server and burn it to the DVD.. It’s really a small thing”
MC “I use to work for a public access channel.. I make 14 dollars an hour which isn’t bad for me I work 1 night a week. I just got this job it started in October of last year”

Spencer – how do you bills get paid when you are gone
MC – I don’t really have bills
Spencer – what about rent
MC – My rent is 100 bucks a month with my friends..
MC explain that his friend’s parents own the house and they don’t care about the rent.
Spencer – you have a credit card
MC – no
Spencer – you should get one to build credit but don’t go crazy
MC says him and money don’t mix well if he has a credit card he might get silly.

McCrae say she’s really into film production and does a bit on the side but he makes zero money off it and sometimes does it for free. McCrae wants to try to leverage his time in Big Brother to further his career in film [production. He mentions having a friend that does small time commercials and how sometimes they work together. McCrae adds that after Big Brother is over he’s going to take his passion more seriously and try to pursue it with more zeal. McCrae says he’s not looking to be a movie star just looking for a job in a field he likes.

MC – I don’t know if I’ll go to Florida or what.. I think Florida would be awesome.
Spener – I’m afraid you go to Florida and depend a little on her and lose you dream
MC – no.. I have a sight about how this is going.. and what could happen. From a game perspective it’s good to have this. (his showmance is good for his game)


7:45pm Backyard JUDD, Andy, Spencer, McCrae and Amanda

They are talking about different solitary confinements in Big Brother History. JUDD says he remember Dan’s from last year with the house music playing in the background, ‘Solitary dance party”
They say JUDD’s snooze alarm was the worst. JUDD – “9 minutes is a b!tch.. who sets there snooze alarm for 9 minutes”

GM joins them they start talking about the beer pong tournament they are going to have tonight if they get beer. Andy mentions how Elissa said “I don’t play bar games” so they can rule her out.

Andy: “Where is Elissa upstairs” Someone opens the back door.
Andy – “maybe this is her.. no it’s just poops.. hey poops”
Aaryn brings them cookies with walnuts. Spencer jokes that Aaryn is trying to poison him.
Spencer explains that he’s slightly allergic to all nuts.

8:01pm everyone but Elissa
Amanda says she hates her tramp stamp she is going to get it removed. She adds that she got it when she was 19.
Spencer: “what year were you 19 “
Amanda: “2004”

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:18pm Backyard Everyone but Elissa
Gm says she thinks 911 was set up.
GM: “I’ve seen documentaries on it”
Amanda says she saw the documentaries GM is talking about where they strapped the missiles to the wings of the plan and they said the buildings exploded before the planes collided. Amanda thinks that it was such massive destruction that that it wouldn’t be worth it for the government to do, Amanda doesn’t think 911 was a conspiracy.
GM says she thinks the government is hiding aliens
Amanda adds that Documentaries are usually so one sided.


8:43pm backyard Random chit chat.. Aaryn wishes they would give them whiskey tonight so she can get wasted once in the Big Brother house.

In the kitchen GM asks Elissa if she will play beer pong tonight. GM isn’t going to play because she doesn’t drink. Elissa says she will play.


8:48pm Backyard JUDD bites Aaryn’s knee the romance continues..

Aaryn talks into the microphone asks production to at least get her drunk.


9:00pm Still a lot of chit chat.. Aayrn and JUDD getting closer.

Elissa joins them says she’s been sleeping.

8:13pm Update CAm 3-4
Spencer and GM talking about the sandy hook and how they watch a video that showed the Sandy HOok murders was a hoax.
Spencer says he has a theory about the aurora and Sandy hook shootings. He thinks that possibly it has something to do with getting gun control laws passed.
GM – “I agree with that sire.. I think they set them shitz up”
Spencer – “There’s a youtube video that say the sandy hook shootings .. it’s extremely convincing”
GM – “YUP I believe that”
Amanda – What happened to the kids that died
Spencer – NO NO NO I don’t believe it was fake.. this video was very convincing
GM says one of the kids that kids 3 weeks later took a picture with the president.
IT sounds like GM thinks it was all a hoax to pass gun control.. Spencer doesn’t but thinks there was some weird sh!t brought up in the you tube video..

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Tiny Bob

Could GM be any dumber? Seriously….


I would say NO she can not get any dumber…but then again…its Gina so who knows. Pazzo!


Sounds pretty sane to me, 911,sandyhook, aurora have serious questions that need answered

give me a break

I wish Elissa could play for HoH this week…..she’s the only one making big moves…..all the players she nominated from her MVP and being Hoh we’re big….
I think Judd is going to turn into a Dudd………Judd is Andy’s new Helen……i hope Elissa is safe this week coming up and win HoH the following week…

helen is still clueless

The house is full of weak players but I still give credit to Elissa for making the strongest move with an HOH this season. She did while being bullied not only from Amanda, but Aaryn who took a couple of shots. GM was good to her thru this but her only ally at the time was trying to talk her out of it. She is ALOT tougher than I ever gave her credit for.


Also she totally shook up the whole house with her HOH! If she didn’t win, everyone would still be up Amanda and McCree’s @ss. We are now finally getting some good game play with different deals and alliances. Couldn’t stand her in the beginning but now giving her mad props for making big moves! Hope she makes final two. She deserves it!

About Gina

Gina may not be book smart, but she is street smart. She may not have had the benefits of a stable socio-economic environment, but she does have an optimistic outlook on life. She crave approval and can easily be influence by the wrong crowd, but given the right circumstances, I feel that if she was surrounded by people who have her best interest at heart, she would thrive. There is something compelling about her. I hope she wins some money in the end.


Just my opinion but…. I think when the season ends, Elissa, regardless of the remarks Gina has made, will find someway to help her. I do not condone Gina’s nastiness but something tells me she has not had a lot in her life — stability, love, etc. I do believe that somewhere down the road, Gina can turn her life around.

Danity Kane

Would be wicked to see GM win HoH and watch everyone panic.


If they don’t tell her who to nominate, she might just nominate herself and think it was a conspiracy!


Omgoodness! Funniest post I have read today. Got a huge chuckle out of that. Thanks for laugh!


Nominate herself and be like, The Aliens got Nick, I have to go in a spaceship to rescue him, and then, we’re getting married…


These comments are killing me. Hahhaha


she’d nominate demanda and mcpussy. how do i know that? 2 reasons
– she knows all about how those 2 tried to put her up next to her friend with a real plan of voting her out
– the mcnasty couple is supposed to be a target of the exterminators alliance


Judd, biting Aaryn knee isn’t going to get her hot and bothered…, You gotta bite her “nipple” or her “a$$” bro.


Can’t hate too hard on a guy who’s heading “downtown” , he’s just in the wrong neighborhood.


That’s what I’m saying, he’s not even at an “erogenous zone”… JU Double D, is gonna get there.


Oh damn, the knee is an erogenous zone, I did not know that… Judd knew what he was doing down there….


Judd has some game… I think he was peeking up her skirt too!

Just wondering?

Judd is hoping that they get whiskey also. He will get Aaryn drunk and then convince her to sleep with him. Then we can watch Aaryn to the “walk of Shame” right out of the house to see Julie. JUDD THE STUD!!!!!

Is Judd for real or is it just an act

Is Judd putting on an act or is he really retarded? I mean he talks like a slow person, he never talks game (there’s that being shady again), and he sure looks comfortable in the house again. Too comfortable for a guy who was unanimously evicted by everyone there. After Elissa, Judd needs to go. He never should have been allowed back in the game. He can’t be trusted.


JUDD is just trying to lay low for the moment and not seem too threatening. He came back into the game after being gone for 3 weeks. He knows no one really wanted a jury member to come back and he knows he would be a huge target for that reason. He has to lay as low as possible and try to deflect the target that is on his back until he can actually make a move that’s beneficial to his game.

I agree with you though as far as his speech goes. I have no idea how Simon/Dawg can decipher what he is saying everyday. I wonder how many times they have to press rewind and listen to him all over again in order to correctly post what he says. I have a very hard time understanding or hearing him on BBAD. I find it funny how Aaryn is kissing JUDD and letting him kiss her and feel her up just to try to get his vote to stay, LOL. She’ll be pissed when she finds out it didn’t work. I wonder if she’ll give Spencer some sugar to get his vote also.


Judd knows he isn’t voting for Aaryn to stay so why not try and hit it before she goes?? He’s so stupid. I’d keep he just for that reason alone but it seems like he’s interested in the snake fight with Andy, MC, and spencer. What a tool!!!!

Elissa is disgusting

OMG, why is duck lips ALWAYS eating on BBAD? Doesn’t she know how hideous she looks chomping away like a cow and making disgusting noises out of her nose like a horse. For a person who is so self conscious about her appearance joker face is sickening to watch. And why is Judd acting like he owns the place? That fool is lowest on the totem pole. Doesn’t he realize that he was unanimously voted out by these HGs? He better start being a little more respectful to everyone instead of acting and talking like a shady retard. Elissa just go to your HOH room. Watching you stuff your Botox lips is making me nauseous.


The only thing that makes me nauseous is your comment. You must be the PR person that was hired on Amanda’s behalf — PS, everyone hates that stupid bit** go ahead and jump from forum to forum trying to convince us. It doesn’t work, Amanda is a set up, fake, stupid bit**.

Elissa is such an annoying fake

I agree. Elissa is so revolting. She is so pathetic with her bitching about everyone. No class whatsoever. She’s a liar and schemer which might be all right except that’s the very thing she’s been railing against everyone else for doing. I cannot stand that pretentious c word. I so hope Amanda opens a can of whoop ass on her again, and soon. Elissa is stirring the shit about Amanda at every turn but Amanda has legitimately tried to stay above the fray. Wake up Amanda and pounce on that gold digging skank already.


Amanda has tried to stay above the fray?????????? Were you unconscious this whole summer?????? Welcome back to reality, somebody must have missed you!

Just sayin...

Really are we watching the same show? You’re nuts! Oh btw I signed the petition at to remove Amanda out of the BB house! Yes that’s right and so did over 8,000 people and still counting! Hmmm…I wonder why that is! Is there a petition against Elissa, let me check…nope there’s not. Probably because she’s not a narcissistic bully like Amanda is!! Come on, get with the program already.

Can't stand Elissa

8000 people signed a petition? No kidding? Wow. I guess CBS better immediately get their act together and evict Amanda pronto. You asswipes are so deluded if you think CBS or anybody else for that matter cares what you think. Amanda is playing the game jerkoff. Just like everybody else in that house. Everyone has their own style and so far it’s worked for Amanda. So tired of all the whiners and Amanda haters. And of all the duck lips glorifiers (ie, Rachel fans) defending her being a condescending skank who erroneously thinks she’s better than everyone. If anybody should be forced out it’s the elitist cry baby who runs to production every time her feelings are hurt. Awww. The gold digging snob can dish it out but not take it. What a total fake beotch.


Do u deliver pizza?


I see another one of Amanda minions on here trying to help clean up the shit storm SHE created. She’s gonna need all of you when she leaves BB house bc PizzaBoy will be off on some tropical vacation with his 500k & she will be cleaning up the mess she’s made acting like a moron from the BEGINNInG on a National TV show, due to editing CBS part AAryn took the brunt of all that!! . I’m not a Rachel or Elissa fan, but Amanda went way beyond game playing & continues to do so. Her time is up! Hopefully she learns from her mistakes!


Yap yap she seems to be usung different names. yap, yap ,yap.

John Durham

Why is it that we can only like Amanda is if we are one of her “minions” or related to her or on the CBS/BB payroll? I’m very sick of hearing this. I chose to like Amanda on my own accord. I wasn’t prompted by anyone else accept myself.

I think she is the most attractive lady in the house this season. So much more than duck lips, And no I am NOT suffering from anything. I just think for myself, and don’t jump on a bandwagon because the “majority” says too. I’m not bothered by what Amanda has said this season because I don’t waste my time to get offended, which that is all getting offended is, a complete waste of time.


I wish I could “like” you post 1,000 times John Durham. I SO agree!

I say

That’s what delusional people say…lol


Production wanted Amanda out, she refused to cooperate, CBS lawyer met with her lawyer, settlement signed, she spoke with her Mom is going to walk off with a deal and a chance to make a public apology on Thursday’s live show! This is what I just read…hope it’s true.


I hope it’s true as well that she’s leaving, and I predict her apology will include that she suffers/ is suffering from depression, which is why she was so mean. She was already in damage control mode, the last few episodes after her incessant harassment of Elissa to the point she had to hide out in the HOH room, by telling McRae (i.e. the cameras/public) that she wasn’t on her meds when she went on her mean rant, but now she has taken them and all is good.

This whole season has been a huge mind-****, and I don’t know whether to be angry at the jack holes or feel sorry for them.

So tired of Elissa

Wasn’t Elissa not one week ago moaning and whining to Helen ad nauseum how much she hates Aaryn and GM? She swore she could never work with either and they both disgust her so much. Actually that everybody in the house turned her stomach and that she would self evict before socializing with any of them? Flash forward one week. Now GM is her best friend. And she really likes Spencer and Andy. She even missed her buddy Judd. It is goddam phonies like this that make me sick. She’s such a pathetic ahole. It must really be killing her that she has to pretend to like being around the HGs. I cannot stand that shallow twat and don’t understand why the house hasn’t gone apeshit on her from the way she’s treated them all season. Probably production is threatening them. Because poor Botox joker lips threatens to walk off set? Good! Don’t let the door hit you on your way out you pretentious elitist douche bag.

give me a break

Elissa told GM why she did not want to work with her,,,,when they had their discussion in the HOH room. Helen vouch for Gm and told Elissa not to trust Andy. So GM became Elissa’s person to trust….because Andy is really working with Amanda…


HEELLOOO!!! Have you watched this season? I’m not a fan of Elissa’s but seriously?? These people ALL of them have talked horribly about this girl from the beginning. Andy included although he has serious brain farts and can’t remember anything other than he was her “friend”! Whatever! Elissa has to work with someone bc she is playing a game or trying to, and she has every right to try to get to the end just like al the rest. The difference is she doesn’t do it in a threatening way. Sure she’s gossiped everyone does. Andy is the queen of gossip & talking about Elissa and pretending to be her BFF!! She hasn’t attacked anyone’s character. Can’t say the same for Amanda , aaryn, spencer, Judd and GM.


Google Botox, it doesn’t go into lips. # the more you know


I’d rather see Elissa eat at least she doesn’t click the plate with her fork with every bite making annoying noises, unlike the other HG, and when she eats unlike Andy and AmanDuh, she eats with her mouth closed and doesn’t chomp into the microphone. On the other hand frigging AmanDuh crunches ice knowing there is a microphone (or does she) DUH! underneath her stupid ugly chin, and that is a heck of a lot worse than watching Elissa eat, quietly. By the way AmanDuh is always putting things in her mouth, if you get my drift. M & M’s, chips, HG’s snacks, tube steaks etc, etc.


Why are you picking on Elissa, Amanda is the one who is always eating on camera. Amanda chews who food like a cow and never shuts her mouth while she eat. Amanda I think she has gained so much weight in the last month that she might be pregnant with McCrae’s twins. That is my opinion and I am sticking with it. I hope she asks for a pregnency test so she can prove my theory. lol. I also hope when Amanda walks out the doors next week or the week after that their are cops there waiting for her to take her off to jail with all her threats that are real and not fake threats.


amanda is sickening to watch. love judd but no to aaryn ! shes just using him.


Amanda wasn’t born, more like Hell threw up.

losing patience

That was great. You cracked me up!


Yeah Aaryn, Judd will screw you over. Your done, finished”


Hit it and evict it ..


I have this theory that Aaryn is working Judd to get him to vote for Andy. She will even jump into bed with him to achieve her goal.


now andy you get mad at elssia for puting you up understanble in mcare just told you if elssia or gm comes down you going up in you didnt get mad what a joke of a season worse big brother ever when its done nobody will talk about it i hope judd or gm wins hoh cause then i know elssia safe


“GM says she thinks the government is hiding aliens”

1 of them is Elissa, she’s an experimental humanoid.

Everything about Elissa is phony

Thumbs down if you think Elissa is a pretentious dumb ass who has no game and no friends in the house and deserves to go home next week.

Elissa's Ass

Kiss me!!!!!


Dawgs moving on up on the polls!!


i dont like amanda but she in that house with dumb people not elssia or judd but the rest if amanda was on dan boggie on janel or frank season she whould of been gone


WTF language are you typing? Is that even a pidgeon form of English?
Quote: i dont like amanda but she in that house with dumb people not elssia or judd but the rest if amanda was on dan boggie on janel or frank season she whould of been gone. UnQuote.
Seriously are you using some weird ass translator or are you just extremely whacked out?


So, she can’t keep a bun in the oven but she has no problem brewing yeast in her slop pot.


Yes, 911 was done by our own government and they are hiding the truth about aliens. Gm might be a crazy wack job but she has got our government figured out………


Really!!! You’re just as wacked out of your skull as her! Aliens and inside job! Wow!!!!!! Cuckoo Cuckoo


911 was an inside job, do some research


I’ve done my research and everyone who thinks it was an inside job needs to have their head examined! Wow this country is going downhill fast!


Why exactly did building #7 collapse? It wasn’t hit by ANYTHING
The owner of thee building was on TV not more than an hour after it happened and said because of the fire a decision was made to “pull” the building, meaning implode it, that takes days to prep not minutes

jullissa fan

Also, what about the plane that came down & not a single sign of it? I really don’t buy into the conspiracy theories, but I always have thought that was odd!


Thought you would shut up


I’m pretty sure that was sarcasm…


from Ryan, I mean


Yea, guess some people didn’t notice that. LOL


There are a lot of people that believe that from firemen, architects, police, ect. Have you not watched any documentaries on 9/11? I’m not saying I believe that, I truely don’t know exactly what happened. But that doesn’t make someone coo coo or dumb if that’s what they believe. One thing I know for sure is if you believe EVERYTHING the government tells you then you are a truely gullible person. Study a little history, there is proof that the government is not always forthright and honest. But to bash someone’s beliefs because they differ from yours is ignorant. So what if that’s what they think?


Time is running out.. Ginamarie.. time to spills the beans on the Exterminator Alliance.. Tell Aaryn first thing in the morning.. Or the Red Rat stays!


I think Andy’s best move has been to convince Mcranda to confess the plan to keep him off the block BUT to pretend Andy wasn’t in on it. Right now Judd is thankful Elissa didn’t nom him but is discounting her move a bit because he believes Andy would’ve kept GM and still voted off Aaryn, which I HIGHLY doubt. He’s in great position at the moment, in the middle with no one targeting him this week or next. That could all explode in his face if the truth about the plan comes out especially if it happens before Thursday. As much as I’d like to see Aaryn gone, I want to see him crying and scrambling again.

give me a break

Judd is a moron…McPuss, Herpes, and the Rat…told Judd ….GM would of went home if Elissa put her up….ALSO…Aaryn told Dudd that GM would of went home if Elissa put her up……with all this new information that he receive…..The Great and All Knowing DUDD is still going to trust the RAT ANDY……I guess Dudd just don’t like Elissa…. I don’t get this guy………maybe Dudd has to get evicted again…to not trust the Rat Andy…..he’s making the same mistake twice.


Oh yeah I definitely agree. I’m not sure why he is buying this so quickly and easily. I hope we see something different in his DR because right now he’s coming off as a gullible simpleton.


Aaryn’s a hoe.


spencer talking about two girls in every state in i say you mean thats where you taking your hand with lipstick on it


I wonder where he gets these crazy fantasies from…even if there were two women in every state, they wouldn’t be seen in public with him.


Wow!!! Elissa is going to play BEER PONG???? What will the girls at the country club say tomorrow???? ;-) <3


Simon/Dawg why did you guys not report on Dominic and Danielle getting married, I found out from live feed trivia.


I mentioned that in one of my posts in July… guess nobody was paying attention : ( They had some steamy chemistry… glad they got together after BB.


Would be kinda sweet to see Andy getting backdoor!

Ben Dover

That’s what he said!

Is it

Is it just me or does it seem like there are less posts this week? Are they talking less ? Lol … I feel like Elissa is making everyone play this game again .. They have all been sleeping and finally woke up and are making alliances left and right .. Right now I think Andy and spencer are in the best position for next week as they don’t have to pick a side until they see who wins hoh .. But looks like amanda is the heavy favorite to go home … Who thinks Judd was hooking up with Jessie in the jury house ? Lol now Arryan .. Yuck .. And finally .. I feel like they are reading from a script now .. They seem to touch on all the issues/ rumors we say .. So weird .. Like the McRae in production .. Amanda being 28 .. Lots of little stupid rumor mill stuff … Stop script talking !!! Haha … I hope Arryan gets her wish and they load her up on whiskey .. Or she can go back to nail polish remover.

jullissa fan

I was thinking this same thing!


Best move for tv this week would be ratboy getting blindsided. He could beat them all in the end aaryn cannot! Andy has to go!!


Is Amanda physically incapable of sitting with her legs closed? I’m serious, are her hips deformed or something?

I always end up thinking of monkees when I look at her.


That’s the universal sign that she’s horny. Spencer might get lucky, if McCrae don’t put out that fire.


Every pic I see of her or just watching her drag around like she’s lost her shopping cart on the street the night before- makes me sing that old song – dont remember the name – just recall it saying “Lola was a MAN”! She is very masculine, def has bigger balls than Mc!


Elissa just told Judd in the kitchen that she was in the hot tub with Demanda earlier and was worried about Demanda’s ongoing, incurable yeast infection. No wonder McCrae wont touch the “jack rabbit”… they both need a dose of something, or they could just bugbomb their bedroom… orrrrr, the whole house?


Could be the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse


They don’t have enough “Penicillin”, for McCrae to take another risk.


Yet everyone just insist to be critical of Elissa because she is visibly & vocally DISGUSTED by them!?! Who wouldn’t be?


McVAg needs to bug bomb Demanda’s kooch!


hey all say if was there with amanda in mcrea in i won hoh then they come to tell me what to do i say hey this week i run hoh so guess whos going up us ding ding then they say if thats happens you going home then i say bring it amanda whould cry call me all kinds of name in i tell her thats what you think of yourself we go back infoward in then i say thats what happen when two men need to be brooking apart so we could have a chance ant noway she going to tell me what to do then when i dont she talk about me i be like if i go you not getting my vote so dont talk this way she try to scare me in i be like what a joke you lose time trying too in she say was you talking about me in i say yes i was


Huh?? That’s the biggest run-on sentence i have ever seen!


I think Tyronne is using the name, Name, and I think he’s drunk. Lol


Seriuosly are you 5? A little punctuation would be nice. By the way the word you’re looking for is and not in. As in Amanda and McCrae not Amanda in McCrea. I couldn’t keep reading because it made my head hurt.


I think that person is trying to say Amanda n McCrae.


Wow! I haven’t laughed this much in a long time. Thank you for that! I get what you’re saying though, I think? Maybe just a little bit of punctuation here and there. Thanks for the laugh!

aunty nobody

How sad that, at a written communication forum, SO many people haven’t the ability communicate intelligibly in writing…
Or even at the level of grammar school children for that matter…
Its really a scathing indictment of the education system…
None of these people have the right to knife GM, or anyone else on the planet, for being “stupid”, if they themselves can’t write an intelligible sentence using proper punctuation.

jullissa fan

thanks mom

" rolls eyes "

Why do you assume English is their first language? Many non English people speak/write like that.

Big Sister

You had several grammatical mistakes in YOUR post. Insert the word “to” in front of communicate in the first line. 3rd line–“It’s” is the correct contraction of it and is. “Its” shows possession. 4th line–“None” is singular and You should have used “has” and not “have”—I could not resist responding!


Aaryn needs to be giving Spencer some loving too if she thinks this tactic with the boys will get her votes on Thurs. Maybe if she gives McCrae some in the HOH shower he will throw a vote for her to stay… or she could work on Demanda again. I think she was ” scissoring” Aaryn one night and GM left the room, disgusted. Aaryn is finally figuring out how to get a vote, but she needs 3! Get to work little darlin’, you’ve only got two more nights. I wish they would give her whiskey, something tells me she’s a very sloppy drunk.


At least if Arynn gets sloppy drunk in the BB house she doesn’t have to far to drive. Thank God, since she has a history of driving under the influence. Hope her city Police force keeps an eye out on her when she gets out so she doesn’t end up killing some unsuspecting family or individual. Or better yet, let’s pray that Arynn is “smart” enough to realize after watching herself after leaving the show, how terribly ignorant she sounded by some of her statements she has made and gets some sort of professional help in resolving these issues.


Most boring house ever with the most degenerates in the history of BB.

Amandas Vagina

This is my house I just allow all these other peeps to hang around till I take home the big bucks.


I wonder if Amanda’s boyfriend is happy now. He’s seen her go crazy and act stupid. I’m guessing he’s a lil happy that a lot of people in the States (and Canada! ) disliker her.




He dodged a bullet, plus escaping from being her baby daddy as well? I’m sure he’s ecstatic.


mcreepy is such a loser he doesnt inhale the smoke he bows it out to seconds later, ya figure with the cost of smoking ya might wanna get all u can out of it insteand of pretend smoking


blows***** battery goin dead

English please

English please


GM gets a hard time and clearly isn’t the brightest crayon in the box but SERIOUSLY-she is much like a 5yr old child! She loves her family and seems to mean well- she is a TERRIBLE liar which makes it astonishing she is still there – ease off poor GM!


My amateur diagnosis of GM is that she has a low IQ ,coupled with no exposure to other cultures or social interactions that put her in the path of people different from her, and you have a major case of ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and meanness. Her eating disorder is a symptom of self-loathing and low self-esteem and a control issue. She’s a mess!


I’m rooting for Judd or even GM to win HOH this week. I’m pretty sure Spencer is incapable of winning anything unless his a** is on fire. Amanda or McCrae winning HOH would just be unbearable. I think I would rather gouge my eyeballs out then have Amanda or Andy win HOH.


Oh Spencer would win, believe me!.. He would win who can have their hands planted inside their pants the longest. Also Amanda would win had it been who can make a certain amount of bread within the time limit, that of course is due to her unlimited supply of yeast (infection) to push herself to that HoH.


I hate how Andy is also flip flopping about Elissa being his target. When he’s not the target, he is so fake nice to her but when he was nominated, he talks sh!t about her like the little bztch he really is. Looks like ratboy will lose it if he ends up on the block again next week, lol. It was an awesome week, I loved watching him cry like a sissy, first time since the game started and he looked he was going to cry at the drop of a hat. It was be so epic if he was blindsided tomorrow. I am so glad I won’t be watching him SKIP to the diary room to vote this week like he did when he stabbed every previous houseguest in the back when he voted them all out.
Oh and Amanda is a bztch!! Had to throw the love in there :)


Oops, I mean on Thursday. I cannot wait for this eviction.

BBfan from Florida

If MC has been really playing Amanda this whole time, he has to win Best Player award.


The whole season, which is pretty unsalvageable, could be saved by that maneuver by McCrae. However, he would have to arrange a total blindside, the wrath of Amanda would be uncontainable. Oh, I wish that was the case.



Crystal Ball

It IS most definitely crazy. I am astonished that this conversation is even happening. Seriously, I am starting to understand why they cast GM. They could create a whole TLC series about her and have her go on about aliens and conspiracies and how to open your throat to swallow gallons of anything. TLC could air the GM Show in between Honey Boo Boo and the 950 lb Man.

To assume that the only effect of this tragedy on the US is that it would increase gun control laws is short sighted. This is proven by the fact that after Sandy Hook, gun sales ROSE. Membership to the NRA also increased. Schools started discussing allowing their security people and teachers to keep guns on school grounds and in classrooms in case of emergency. If anything, while it did bring the issue of gun control the forefront of the news, it also made pro-gun people even MORE vocal and solid against gun control and buy as many guns as possible before any laws actually changed. What happened in Sandy Hook did as much for the argument for pro-gun control as it did for anti-gun control.


I sincerely hope that the parents of those little children never here those words they spoke. So very sad right now…Simon,thanks for the extra post though, knowledge is power.


I hope Pandora’s Box contains a card that reads – the next houseguest that uses the word “bully”, gets punched in the face.


How about the next houseguest that IS a bully gets punched in the face?


Aww to bad there aren’t more players willing to do what Ellissa did. Whoever wins hoh next week will put up Ellissa and GM and if one comes down they may back door Amanda …. I really believe none of them will make the BIG MOVE. It’s at the point in the game where they are all too scared to be evicted with the end in site. I hate that everyone’s ambition was to make it to jury. Should be the longer you stay out of jury the more you make. AGAIN NO LUXURY COMPS …. these guests do not deserve it.


I SOOOOOOOO called this Judd Aaryn thing when they aired the last episode and they were in the kitchen and he grabbed her waist. I am still not sure what to make of it.


A little Mountain Dew and Whiskey and Judd and Aaryn might make some real magic happen on that pool table tonight. Judd seems more awake tonight, he must have adjusted his meds today!

BB Newbie

Question: was zingbot’t visit covered here?
If so, under which heading?
If not, is there anywhere that I can read/watch it that has nothing to do with CBS? (I’m blacked out) :'(


Does that mean that it will be covered here after the show airs? I cant watch the regular show- its aired on CBS


SIMON: Will anyone post the Thurs episode? I can’t watch it due to firkin footie in Florida.


Name: “I can’t watch the regular show – it’s aired on CBS.”

Do you happen to have TVGN, the network that airs Big Brother After Dark?
They show each week’s three episodes on Friday nights from 8 to 11 p.m.


Did you hear that? MacCrae was griping about the ball hitting the floor and getting dirty (playing beer pong) and Amanda said “why do you care, you are the dirtiest F— here! I LOVE IT


Yeah, find it like the pot calling the kettle black. But, her hair does look clean tonight.


both of them showered today, and cleaned the crusty sheets and cleaned the dishes and towels out of that room


Simon and Dawg, research it a little bit. She really isn’t that far off and there are alot of people that think that way. Too many inconsistencies, the same people in aurora particularly a young adult female with dark hair was at Boston, aurora and sandy hook. Crying hysterically into the phone. And the picture thing about one of the children is true. Totally weird stuff and its starting to really raise questions. Some are saying the current situation we are contemplating getting into is also a “false flag” and a reason to get into that area. Lots of interests including oil in those regions make it seem entirely possible. Just saying. Don’t assume everyone always has other people’s best interests in mind. Do the research and decide for yourself. :) Open mind. Would u have thought people so vile and racist would be allowed to stay on national tv? Lol


You can debate that on infowars with Alex Jones . This is a Big Bro forum. As much as I am a fan of conspiracy theories and have no trust on anything the gvt says or does .. Lets stay on the subject for which this site is dedicated to. Also check out coast to coast with george noory if you like alien stuff .


I am hanging in to watch Aaryn and Judd get drunk and make some sweet, sweet love… so tired of McCrae and Demanda and their really unpassionate kissing. It’s like McCrae is kissing his Grandmother.


Thank u. I never would have even said anything had you not asked. Everyone has their own opinion.


I could talk conspiracy all day!! I didnt notice the invite to all. You are right .. Its a great way to pass the time. The gvt is like BB house guests… Liars and coverups and backstabbing con artists and now we know they are spys like Andy.


odds are GM has cable and saw the new
documentaries on the HISTORY channel


I have come to the rationale conclusion, that CBS and BB should let this season play out. Let all of them get there personal bias all out there. Then on the finale night, declare there is no wimmer this season. CBS and BB will be donating the money to charities on behalf of the HG.

Even McCrae, said that, they were starting to sound like a rally (Klan)….

Spencer on his rant about MLK
Amanda and her I went to LA restaurant, where the back section was called the Rosa Park section
Spencer saying Aaryn real name is James Earl Ray
Aaryn laughing hysterically

Then the ultimate slap in the face: GM and Spencer, Sandy Hook was a conspiracy for gov’t gun control legislation. Then GM adding that 9/11 was a government conspiracy.


Not sure why you are getting any thumbs down on this idea, I wholeheartedly agree. This season never seems straighten out and fly right. Having grown up in West Los Angeles, I was exposed to every culture you can imagine. People are people, but these BB house guests are from the bottom of the barrel.


Can’t imagine why you would get any thumbs down on your post, sociology.


Does anybody think that Spencer could win this? He just seems to be sliding into that position.


Even if GM and Spencer were at the end together he has no votes. He won 1 comp… and floated about on the block in no real danger. That would be the saddest ending ever, but maybe suitable for this season.


It seems Spencer wants to align with the 4 males in house (sorry for stating the obvious). He’s got Andy for sure. And McCrae. And Judd. Except he seems to hate that Judd got back in the house. So maybe he is looking at an F3 with McCrae and Andy. Part 3 of the final HOH comp has questions that the jury members will answer. Last year, Dan spent his time talking about mundane things with HG so he could study their speech patterns etc so he could figure out what their answer would be. Spencer specifically asked Elissa questions about herself, like what was her fav superhero (dumb question but whatever) and such. She refused to answer and he called her out and tried again. I think he did actually get to chat with her after all. He has been having alot of these personal discussions with all the HGs lately. Spencer figures he has an advantage for Part 3 of final HOH against McCrae because he has been hiding all season. I am not sure what he thinks about Andy but he probably figures that Andy won’t be sitting in that seat.

He probably even thinks he can Enzo his way to the F3 HOH and choose who to take to the F2. McCrae has only won the first HOH. Not many people want to win that because that sets them up to be an early target. So Spencer could see that win as being given to Mc. Andy has only won that one week.

Spencer will make sure that Aaryn goes Thursday. The tables could be turned but the girls are so split for personal reasons that would never happen. So the boys hold the reins. Also Mc, Andy and Judd are all for the boys squaring off. It’s a battle of the sexes from here on out.


maybe if it’s Elyssa and Spencer at the end LOL


I don’t even care to debate these things. What happened in both cases was tragic and people’s lives were lost. Let’s just let them rest in peace. We’ll never kno w the truth about any of it. The govt. only gives us part of the story. What they want us to believe. In any case, all I have to say about it is- I think that kid pictured with the President GM is talking about was confirmed to be the victim’s sibling. Pretty sure, if I remember correctly.


They were twins. Both were in different classes at the time. One died in the tradegy and the other survived the carnage.

As for 9/11 if you know someone(s) that died on that infamous day then you just don’t want to hear all this nonsense.

People will believe anything, especially if they are inclined to think it involves the government….Just saying, ever heard of the militia or the Tim McVeys of the good ole USA…and how many numbnuts still believe our current President is not American and is a Muslim….


I think JUDD should bed Aaryn. He could convince her that he can get Spencer the Molester’s vote if she jumps his bones. Then after he can honestly say “I fucked you like you fucked me.”

Judd's da MAN!!!

Tap that @ss, watch yourself…….


Watching the current BB contestants do a drinking game thinking paper cups would not fall over just shows how clueless this year is in BB…..Think the only one with a clue was McCrae who said it would not work….


I think the ball is supposed to bounce once, then land in a cup.

Rocco Gianini

Andy really let me down, with jis hysterics about being put up calling Elissa a fuckin whore, cunt, bitch etc…..I expected better from him…all she did was nominate him…isn’nt that what BB is all about?


Looks like mccrae is still in love with jessica and wont be going to fla………….. Poor amanda


Was he talking about her? i think they had a fight, small break-up before he left for the BB house. Imagine what she’s thinking watching the nightly molestation going on. He probably told her he was going to use a showmance for the duration, then abandon ship!


yes he talked about her (Jessica). But when he was finished he said how he may have messed that up, because of his thing with Amanda.


Thank you I missed that… where was Amanda when that conversation was happening?


Big Brother couldn’t even give them extra beer? Now they have to Hybrid Beer/Wine Pong…. They’re not even gonna get buzzed, might as well be playing Water Pong, because they’ll still be sower, by the end of the night LMFAO

Poor Show, Big Brother,Poor Show


Simon, I think all the pharmaceuticals these folks are taking curtails any alcohol related craziness. They cannot give them hard liquor, too bad. Would love to see these idiots really get loose…or maybe not! Canada Rocks!!!


Water pong, yeah

And the person who used the washroom first was the biggest loser ;)


Most people in Canada and America could give two sh$ts about this show. Let’s not get carried away with ourselves when we say “America” hates Amanda.


Lets assume all of America did watch the show. I am pretty sure they wouldn’t think she is the next Gandhi that’s for sure.

Hater AAA

All u haters of the protagonist, Elissa, need to check yourself.

I think that Spencer will win HOH. NOT bcause he could win anything BUT because the HG’s do not control this game.
He is the only one that hasn’t won and hasn’t had any real outbursts or fight with the 2men, McPussy or Amanduh. Q: Who’s the bottom?

It seems *from a TV perspective*, the only way to provoke some drama in this house would be for Spencer to be HOH. I think Spencer would be just as vile and disgusting as Amanduh .