Spoilage “I feel like this entire game all I was doing was listening to Amanda”

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used Yed POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andt
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


6:37pm Backyard Aayrn and Amanda

Amanda wants to know why Aaryn just sits there an apologizes to Elissa, “Elissa has no vote you know” Aaryn explains if she can get in good with Elissa she might be able to convince JUDD and Spencer to vote to keep her. She has to try to stay. Amanda understands she’s not going to try and Stop Aaryn. Aaryn: “I wouldn’t need to if I had your vote”
Amanda: “I don’t have the numbers Aaryn”
Aaryn:’ You and McCrae.. “
Amanda: “McCrae won’t vote for you he’s been loyal to Andy since week 1”
Aaryn points out that she won the HOH’s and made moves that Helped Amanda and McCrae whereas Andy pretty much only gave them his vote. She understands that Andy has been loyal longer but she’s been loyal to them to and has done a lot more

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


Andy tries to catch a moth and falls into a pool.. (Basically he pulls a Jerry from BB10)

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7:15pm Aaryn and GM

She brings up her conversation with JUDD She says there are 3 solid points they can make
1) he won’t go up at all if I win even as a replacement (Spencer and JUDD won’t) Aaryn points out if Amanda or MCcrae win the veto she will put up Elissa as a replacement but only tell them if they ask.
2) next week only takes two weeks to tie and I will be a vote against Amanda and McCrae
3) Andy is working with them 100%

A – I need you to try and solidify these points.. we’re not putting Andy down we’re not trying to hurt him we’re just pointing things out. four against 2 is greater than 3 against 3
A – you are going to try aren’t you
GM – I Swear I will try just like I did with Nick
Aaryn doesn’t want to attack anyone she is just going point the facts out she thinks she has some real solid reasons to keep her in the game.
A – JUDD said it was a good idea .. if this works.. plus i’m such a big target I will go on the block next week for sure.. actually you can use that as a fourth point.
GM – Oh ya that works

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7:34pm bedroom GM and Aaryn

GM – Spencer and JUDD don’t give you a yes or a no
Aaryn explains they do that because their answer isn’t the one you want to hear.
A – “Amanda was in the backyard and said.. I heard that you would put up McCrae and Spencer up if they kept you”
GM – “where did she get that from.. she’s making up f** lies to see what you would say”
Aaryn says Amanda’s plan is to go up to the HOH and tell LEissa that Aaryn is working with Amanda and will do whatever Amanda says. Aaryn thinks that Amanda will go to JUDD and SPencer and make up some lies about her saying that she control Aaryn.

A – people are onto her lies..
GM – I am .. i’ve been for awhile now
A – I put my bet on the wrong people and I cannot do anything about that .. but what I can do is see my mistakes and fix them.
A – Andy is going to go around and said he’s not working with Amand and McCrae he’ll say i’m lying
GM – Thats why I told you to not jump around so early
A – I wanted people to think about things.. To be honest with you I was already prepared to go home.. if this doesn’t work i’m going to be where I was i’ll be happy and fine..

A- did Elissa tell you that I was throwing you under the bus
GM – ya.. she was telling me you tried to put me on the block
A – when did she say that
GM – yesterday
A – that whole thing came about because of Amanda..

Aaryn explains that Amanda wanted her to go to Elissa and say GM is her best friend and she would never do anything against GM etc etc. Aaryn went up to Elissa and said the exact opposite she said she didn’t like GM. She did this to keep GM off the block.

A – I feel like this entire game all I was doing is listening to Amanda
GM – you helped her this much and when you needed her the most she runs.. that’s why i was telling you to be careful of her
A – “she said the reason they are keeping Andy is because he’s been loyal to them longer.. and McCrae will not vote out Andy.. so it comes down to McCrae”
GM wonders if they can split Amanda and McCrae’s vote.
Aaryn doesn’t see that happening

Aaryn asks GM to find out if Spencer and JUDD are even considering to vote for her to stay. A- “I just don’t want to keep trying if it’s not going to happen”
GM – I hear ya


8:06pm Backyard JUDD likes the TV show “Swamp People” Specner doesn’t like those shows because it makes people from the south look dumb.

Amanda has made dinner for everyone calls them in for some food.


8:12pm backyard Amanda, Andy, McCrae

Andy – do you think poopy will blow up on anybody by the end of the week
MC – yup
Amanda – probably… first you accept it than you cry about it then you fight for it.. finally you accept it again because there is nothing you can do about it.
Amanda – Sometimes we all forget it’s just a game.
Elissa joins them
Andy – how did you make the croutons..
Amanda – Elissa taught me how..
Andy – I do not love cucumbers .. they are such a mild thing
Elissa likes them
Amanda thinks they add something needed to a salad
JUDD joins them..
Amanda says she wanted to make a salad ebcuase she feels she’s been pumping cream cheese through her veins lately..

(Just chit chat.. )


8:30 pm storage room Andy and Amanda
Andy – Anything new I need to be aware of
Andy – I’m staying right
Amanda – Oh my god..
Andy – every day i’m going to ask
Amanda – you can call me anytime you want.. you don’t even have to ask.. you have nothing to worry about I will not lie to your face.
Andy – If anything is going to change just tell me I don’t want to be blindsided.
Amanda – nothing is going to change you are here to stay

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165 thoughts on “Spoilage “I feel like this entire game all I was doing was listening to Amanda”

  1. Did anyone hear Candice’s story about the gun, the car and the passport?

    That sounds familiar to me. Like I heard it with my own ears (and I didn’t have the feeds then, and I didn’t see a video)

    Anyone watch BB Canada? Didn’t Topaz tell the SAME story?

    1. Okay, so lets forget about Amanda, McCrae and Andy for just a second and think about what sweet, poetic justice it is that Aaryn is getting evicted under Elissa’s HOH after all the crap she talked about her, wanting everyone to hate E. putting her on slop every chance she got and also nominating her numerous times! It’s marvelous the way it all worked out and it seems like Elissa is stealing Aaryn’s best friend GM in the process too! Hahahaha!

      1. Exactly what I thought. Nicely put, Naimlys. Personality aside, Aaryn could’ve been one of the best BB players ever, but her own cockiness got in the way of her game. Her desire to mentally break down Ellisa (and others) completely backfired this time. It only gave Ellisa more strength. CONSTANTLY “Hitting below the belt” as an offensive move never works, save that for defense.

      1. Well Topaz went to an African country with her friend. (it’s coming back to me and it WAS Topaz’s story first). Topaz was already aware that she should stay on the resort because of the dangers for foreigners. But her friend talked her into going to her place (?) off resort. The taxi they were in was pulled over and some guy approached them, he had a gun and he was speaking French. Before the guy actually got to vehicle after he pulled them over (he had a gun) her friend told Topaz not to get out her passport if he asks. I think Topaz said she left it at the hotel room. Her friend told her not to do anything. She would handle it. The guy apparently asked for the passports and the friend said something to him in French, the guy held the gun up to them or put his head in the window with the gun in his hand or whatever. Something along those lines.

        Does anyone know the story Candice told?

        1. That’s pretty much the story that Candice said. I was listening to BBAD and doing other things so I can’t remember the exact story that she said but it was on the same lines as you mentioned above.

    2. So it took Aaryn this long to realize that even though she had the most HOH’s, all she did was what others convinced her to do?

    3. No, Topaz’ story was about her and her friends watching one of their friends in 6th grade getting stabbed. He bled out and died.

      1. So this one was was actually Candice’s story? Because I heard the full story about the French and the passports. But the Candice one I only heard part. Andy was saying first the gun was at her head, then it was on her …. And he was telling them the story changed. But I never heard the full story.

        Geez I wish I could go back and watch BBCan After DArk

  2. Aaryn finally realizes that she got played the whole time, lol!
    That rat faced ginger weasel needs to somehow get sent home, he’s makin me sick. Exterminator? The only thing in the house that needs exterminating is himself, the biggest RAT!

    1. I found absolute irony with the f4 naming their alliance the Exterminators considering Andy is viewed as a rat. I almost pulled an Elissa and spit my drink out when I heard it!

    2. Don’t count Aaryn out yet. She has GM and probably Amanda. All it takes is one more. Don’t be surprised if Spencer or Judd come aboard bc next week Elissa is powerless, and everyone agrees she is next to go. So there are no loyalties to her. GM is only working Elissa for the time being. At the first opportunity GM will vote her out. She hasn’t forgotten all the shitting Elissa did on her up until last week. The truth of the matter is that nobody can be trusted any more at this point. Depending on who wins HOH will depend on which alliances will be made that week and which promises will be made. Everybody is back stabbing everyone else. Judd is still a shady fuck. He needs to go right after Elissa.

      1. Aaryn does not have Amanda…and may not even have GM. Elissa is not going home next week unless Amanda/McCrae/Andy win HOH. If Spencer/Judd/GM win HOH, they are likely to target Amanda. Amanda is still the one with the most influence in the house and everyone except McCrae has incentive to get rid of her soon.

    3. I agree with Ben H 1000%. I can’t believe Andy acts so indignant in regards to Zingbot calling him a floater. Really Andy??? Really?? It is impossible for anyone to have a private interaction of ANY kind (game or otherwise), because he is such a cluckblocker. He has probably worn clean through the soles of his shoes running around ratting everyone out. And if I have to hear him say one more time how GLAD he is that _____(insert houseguest of your choice) is in the house, or he would kill himself…Honestly, it’s worse than hearing Helen constantly saying, “‘I am going to be honest with you. I LOVE you!”
      Even though I dislike Aaryn, I really wish she would stay, and the BB “Elf on the Shelf” would get booted. But I only want Aaryn to stay if she will go for the McCrustys next week. Put them both up and put Spencer as a replacement. McCranda would lose their minds and do something insane, like maybe… take a shower. Rant over.

  3. Andy: I fell in the pool today chasing a moth

    Judd: BB should put a dolphin in the pool. People say dolphins are the most intelligent mammals other than humans, and I’m starting to believe it’s true.
    Within a week of being in captivity, they can train someone to stand by their pool and give them a fish. I bet the dolphin could even win BB if given a chance.

        1. Well, Judd IS a dumb ass from the south. I thought it was an act at first but seeing him back in the house a second time makes me really believe he is a little retarded. One thing for sure is he’s still shady. It was smart to get rid of him when they did and it’s total BS that he gets to come back into the game. He needs to go, right after Botox duck lips.

          1. What does it even mean to be shady? He is difficult to read and therefore difficult to predict? He isn’t any more shady than anyone else. They all switch sides and go back and forth over and over depending on who is HOH. Judd was voted out because Amanda thought he was MVP, which he wasn’t. Helen admitted she made a mistake in targeting Howard and Judd when she did, while ignoring Amanda.

    1. Amanda: Its just not fair. I’m going to drive that dolphin crazy

      Judd: Leave the poor dolphin alone. What did it every do to you?

      Amanda: Dolphin shouldn’t be allowed the mackerel for have not week!

      Judd: Just stand near the pool with the fish

    2. @lurker, are you aware that within the throwaway context of your joke, interspersing dolphins inside of an imagined BB conversation (which btw WAS funny and DID make sense) there exists a random, little known, yet totally relative and fitting trait that Amanda shares with the Einstein’s of the ocean: dolphins, though intelligent, marketable, and loved by cartoonists and earthy, hairy-armpitted, peace-loving girls alike, are also known to be extremely sexually aggressive to both it’s male and female counterparts. In other words, they are the “rapists of the sea” ……there is very little data available, as these underwater crimes often go unreported and under-investigated. All those poor dolphin’s and their many holes; poor MC and his as well.

    3. BB needs someone like lurker in the house lol. CBS needs to find new people to cast this show. Maybe have an open casting call, post profiles and let the fans (America) vote in who they want to play this game. Also, should be more tasks and games to pull the HG’s together rather than let them sink into personal miasma out of boredom. There is very little camaraderie with this group (understatement).

    1. I think what you are seeing is a result of production advising the HGs of the backlash reaction to their individual behaviour. I am sure CBS is taking our complaints seriously, and the HGs have not only been warned of repercussions to their behaviour, they have been asked to clean it up. While I would like to believe they collectively found a conscience, I do not believe it is possible that people like Amanda, McRae, Spencer Andy and Aaryn could change their racist, vulgar, threatening, and bullying ways in a day of their lives. I only hope that when they get out they do take the time to reflect on what cruel and mean spirited people they are.. And in Spencer’s case, I hope he rots in H E double hockey sticks for even entertaining a thought of abusing a child.

      1. And Elissa hasn’t done any wrong, Dabuddha? I see you are a member of Rachel’s army. You know, before this season I was a Rachel fan and I even liked Elissa the first two weeks of this season. But seeing her in action and watching her be so stuck-up and come ending has really soured me on Rachel now. And as for duck lips I think she’s a disgusting piece of crap. I hope she exits the house this week thru self-eviction.

        1. So let me get this right. You used to like Rachel but now because you don’t like Elissa you’re blaming Rachel and don’t like her also? hmmmm Yep, I can see in your ignorance how that makes sense.
          As for calling Elissa , ” duck lips ” and ” a disgusting piece of crap ” for again in your words, ” being so stuck-up and come ending “, isn’t what you just wrote the same thing? Now you’re looking down on her and calling her names. Pot meet kettle.

        2. I feel the exact same way. Elissa is a gold digging snob who would look down on every single one of us.

        3. actually, no I am not a fan of Rachel. I never really liked Rachel…. I do like Elissa though and quite honestly, I do not think she is using fake looking… her face moves naturally and her lips are not duck lips.. she has a pleasant enough looking face.. and I think her attitude is quite fine, she is over her head in this house, not because she is ignorant and or a b**ch,but because some people just are not used to so much vulgarity and filth. I would not like to be in that house with Mcranda. I would be walking around with a bleach bottle spraying toilet seats, sofas, chairs etc, washing my dishes, changing beds every chance I got, and I would never give hugs with those two. I almost tossed my cookies seeing Amanda straddling Judd’s head… who would want THAT sitting on them? Even Mcrae is tiring of dodging STD’s I think….. yeah, I can see Elissa’s side of this disgusting situation.

      2. They must have been read the riot act, what other possible reason would Elissa be eating – not only with Amanda – but something Amanda prepared. Isn’t there a Bible story like this – somethin’-somethin’ about the beasts and people being together? Apologies for not knowing the Bible that well.

    2. Aaryn is telling Judd that she really believes Amanda wants to keep her but McCrae doesn’t and Amanda can’t change his mind. Judd is trying to make Aaryn realize that Amanda has controlled almost everyone ESPECIALLY McCrae so if you get evicted it’s because Amanda said so. Aaryn seems to not believe it, which is surprising because she said herself all she’s done is listen to Amanda. Maybe she’ll smarten up and realize taking out Judd and Helen was a mistake for her game, because Helen wasn’t going to put Aaryn up anytime soon.

  4. Question for anyone that wants to give their opinion: Do you think the way people behave in the Big Brother house is a reflection of who they really are in normal life or are you accepting of their explanation that its all game play?

    Aaryn has already said today that she doesn’t like who she has been in this game, as if to mean that she’s normally a nice girl. Amanda also has cried today over the fear of the way she has been portrayed. Andy has said something similar indicating that he is not this way outside of the game. Do you believe them? Does the house really turn you into someone else or are these people just in denial that they are awful? I find it hard to believe they’ve made it this far in life and no one has ever told them their attitude stinks, ijs.

    1. Ive heard past house guests say the house turns you into a crazy person because of the stress and constant paranoia. Its funny to see later on past house guests who hated each other in the show become friends afterwards, if that answers your question

      1. I’m certain that the person you have to be in the house is different from the person you are in your daily life.

        In my life, for example, I rarely lie to anyone. I’m incredibly loyal to my friends. I try to treat everyone with respect. But, I also avoid people who like to sling mud, act crassly or demean others.

        In the house, however, there’s no avoiding people who are every shade of mean, disrespectful and downright gross. In fact, you need to create alliances with them so that you can have a chance to win a substantial amount of money. And, the air everyone breathes is lies and deceit. It’s the entry fee to even play the game.

        Finally, it becomes easy to disassociate your own morals and convince yourself, “it’s only a game.”

        Of course, you’ll be a different person than you are in your daily life.

        1. in the case of most the HGs, i’m pretty sure they are exactly like they are. they are too quick to talk badly behind people’s backs and say other ugly things

          1. I’d have to disagree. I suspect no one is EXACTLY as they are in real life.

            For example, in life, I believe that people should get ahead by performing well no by holding others back from doing better than you. However, when playing a board game, such as Sorry,in which undermining the game of others is a major part of the game play, I will participate in that game mechanic because it’s an expected part of the game.

            BB is designed to require you to undermine the game play of others for your own advantage. Every week, someone must be voted out of the game and you need to ensure it is someone other than you. Damaging the game of other players is required to win. Which, by the way, I would find to be quite unacceptable in my daily life.

            I agree that some people will have higher thresholds of acceptable behavior than others, but since everyone convinces themselves it’s only a game and a TV show, they are more likely to go beyond the thresholds they would not cross in their daily lives.

            In fact, I suspect everyone comes out of the house surprised by the limits of behavior they were goaded into exhibiting.

    2. I don’t think being in the house for a couple of months could possibly change a decent person so much that they behave like Amanda has.

      1. I agree Kathy. And to Ch-Ch Changes, While I agree with some of what you’re saying, you have not taken into consideration this behavior was shown almost from the start of the season. To say that being locked up in that house for so long is the reason is a cop out for them. It intensified their behavior is what it did. Yes, being locked up for that long would drive a normal person crazy. A not so normal one , more so. Yes the game is about lying to each other and getting ahead with some devious strategies but the behavior of some of these hg’s are going too far when they start playing the ” personal ” card.

    3. When Aryan said she didn’t like who she was in the game, I believe that it is referring to how she had to put on a humble act and allow Amanda to use her to do all her dirty work. She was told by production (obviously) to tone down the racist comments and then she had to ingratiate herself to the rest of the house to not be evicted. She refers to her change of face as playing the “good witch.” If you were sincerely a good person, you wouldn’t have to refer to a “good witch” act at all, you would just be yourself. When she came into this house, she was snotty and the leader of the “beautiful” young people and the mean girl brigade. That is what she is used to. She is not accustomed to toning down her behavior and catering to what other people want. For the past few weeks she has been very self conscious about anything that could be interpreted as racist and kept her head down to stay in the house. Now that she has nothing to lose, she can say whatever she want and act however she wants without always agreeing with Amanda and McNasty or kissing anybody else’s ass in the house. This is my interpretation of her comment.

    4. Can you imagine Andy in the Marines? “Boo hoo hoo that sargent was mean to me. He doesn’t like me I am going to go and tell the enemy.”

    5. Well…after being in the BB House for almost 4 months…and not having access to the outside world (no internet, no tv, no news, etc.) and seeing the same people day in and day out…I think it would make any person go crazy. Plus I read from other houseguest that they don’t get to see what we see and paranoia runs high…almost to the point of insanity…It makes me wonder if that is why couples form, because you need that safety net to keep your sanity. I for one could not do it. I probably would’ve been right there yelling back at Amanda. As much as I don’t like these people (or other past BB Houseguest) I still applaud them for what they put themselves through.

      Do you y’all remember that season when 9/11 happened and they were told what happened, only to find out that Monica lost a cousin who worked in one of the World Trade Center…but they still played (I think it was when Dr Will won)…that was crazy.

    6. I think some of the younger set of people have little manners when referring to other races, we do not live in Our Grandparents era of manners and respect for others, yes it is a game but this age group makes the case for what I have just said. They think nothing of using words and thinking nothing about them because they do not mean anything vile to them…..sad they have the wrong views of how to speak of others correctly…the people who have made the remarks will see the evidence of their consequences when they get released from the BB House. They even then will not understand why their former employers have fired them for their actions in the BB House……too bad so sad will suck to be them

    7. I think there are “types” of people who are attracted to being on reality shows like this one (The Bachelor/ette series comes to mind.) The most common type seems to be those that are looking to be famous, actor or celeb wannabes. They might be shallow or attention-seeking to boot. The HGs started out being regular folks but the success of the show has drawn the crowd as described above. These types are not always the nicest of folks: overly competitive maybe and certainly manipulative. The nicest HGs seem to always be the self-termed “Super-fans”. So, I guess my answer is that a lot of HGs are “acting” for the camera and grabbing what fame they can. Being on TV is likely a very heady thing. That being said, I think this bunch of personalities are being pretty much who they are and that’s mostly not too pretty. Being under stress tends to make us change, sure, but these HGs have created this clusterf### themselves.

    8. I have to say that most people on the show are the same in real life, @ch-ch change I agree with most part of your argument but it doesn’t necessarily apply here,if you remember Howard was most times honest,and true and I never seen him lie on the show.Heck barely anyone hated him but because he was honest and wasn’t playing “the game” he got taken out,now that MY opinion on it,you can agree or disagree.I truly think that the people who are mean and evil are NATURALLY like that,I mean c’mon example ANDY!!!the biggest two face RAT I’ve ever seen, Amanda is just a straight Bully and knows to manipulate people,I mean she works in REAL ESTATE, must I say more.You don’t learn that while being put into a house,its a natural instinct to them you can see that,they’re really good at lying,scheming,and making sure to camouflage the truth,and get people to turn on each other,that to me doesn’t happen overnight its a skill to them.I truly don’t by this thing about “it’s a game” because this happens in reality too and I wouldn’t be surprised if these people do this in real life….

    9. The BB House amplifies your bad personality traits. I don’t think it will ever turn a genuinely wholesome person into raging maniac because there has to be deep seeded issues already brewing to be set free, but it will undo your weaknesses and expose them to the world. If it didn’t, why make a show? We don’t really want to sit around watching 8 hours of live feeds a night of hand holding, do we? No, of course not. I don’t think any of these people act the exact same way they do off the show. How else would they possibly have adult relationships, hold jobs, etc? They wouldn’t. Even though they willingly sign up for the experience, and god knows it does look fun at times, 85% of it is designed to f**k with your mind, body, and soul. At our very core, humans are happiest with having a routine. We sleep in our comfy beds, wake up at the same time every day, take a warm shower, eat our favorite foods, surround ourselves with friends and family, and consume countless amounts of media on a daily basis whether it’s our phone, tv, radio or computer. Now imagine for three months you have all that ripped from you. You no longer know the simplest of things like when you are allowed to see sunlight (lockdowns), you don’t know for sure what you’ll be allowed to eat, you have to physically fight for safety, constantly maneuver and align yourself with people. Not to mention you can’t get more than a few moments to yourself because you’re trapped in a tiny house with these people. Even if you go into the toilet, there’s a camera; you’re never really alone! It would be a maddening feeling. You have to analyze every word you say with the other HGs and with production, because they both hold power over your head. You would constantly worry about your family, friends and co-workers seeing a bad edit of you because production has to make some people into a villain. I think with all those elements, it would be enough to drive anyone on edge. They obviously cast intense personalities- I mean, c’mon, they can’t all be Jeff and Jordan- and when you put those types of people under high stress situations they will combust. If they wanted the HGs to be more mild, they wouldn’t have added the Have Not bedroom of torture. They elicit this behavior by design.

      1. Thank you Simon.
        Do you think they have an extra person because they expect some one to self evict or do double eviction weeks get higher ratings?
        I wish they went back to the older format where the house guests had to earn food, silverware glasses and luxury items.
        My BB dream event would be that Amanda and Mcrae were taken into a Pandora’s Box room and Will, Dan, June, Ian, Hayden and Brittany gave the a verbal beat down for ruining the BB experience and all the mattresses. the other house guests would get a Spa day and new embossed sheets that were theirs exclusively.
        thank you again for all you do in watching these clowns and reporting to us.

        1. “My BB dream event would be that Amanda and Mcrae were taken into a Pandora’s Box room and Will, Dan, June, Ian, Hayden and Brittany gave the a verbal beat down for ruining the BB experience and all the mattresses” LOL!!!!

  5. It is nice to see Andy paranoid and not just sitting back knowing he is safe for a change!! I’m glad He and MC know what it feels like to be on the block ( even if Aaryn is going home!) All the other evictions were so predictable!! This is turning into more of a soap opera than a reality show. Tears, yelling, lies, sex, backstabbing…..

  6. even though I would love for elissa and judd to make it I feel SORRY FoR AARYA …… I am not suppose to feel her pain but i do that’s how i felt when my friend you know you know went to jury …. ok yes she bought these problems on herself but my gosh they did use her like a dirty raggg better yet we was sayin when will she see she was getting ride like that she didn’t even get ride by a dick but by pussy lol

  7. Simon,

    Have you notice that everytime Aaryn brings up her father they cut the live feeds? Here dad must be really upset with his baby girl for giving up the family secret; the KLAN is Pandale Texas, at the West Texas Whitetail hunting perserve.

  8. “I feel like this entire game all I was doing was listening to Amanda”

    Ding!, Ding!,Ding!… and what prize do we have to the stupid lady? An all-expense paid trip to Candyland.

    1. This is so true, and Aryan unlike a lot of the houseguests DIDN’T HAVE TO. She was constantly winning HOHs so at any point in time she could have switched the script. I am not sure how Amanda did it, but I think the fact that she is a “mean girl” too appealed to Aryan. I think Aryan and Amanda both liked what they saw in each other and Amanda used it more to her advantage than Aryan. I am not sad to see Aryan go, just wished she could have used her power for herself, but Karma can come back and bite you. I think Aryan feeling victimized is her own doing. At least I think she is beginning to see she did this all to herself.

    1. Here it is. From tmz celebdirtylaundry.com/2013/big-brother-15-episode-27-amanda-wins-pov-saves-mccrae-hoh-elissa-andy-eviction/

  9. Simon/Dawg,

    Is a Pandora’s Box still likely for Elissa or do they usually do that the first few days of their hoh? Or does timing not matter?

  10. I hope that Aaryn can manage to stay this week. Not because I like her…but because I just want to see that rat Andy blindsided.

  11. How dare Elissa not play for Amanda & McCrae to win this game? Elissa pushed Amanda too far, all she had to do was do what Amanda wanted her to do. Heck, the rest of the house did.

    Elissa GOOD JOB!!!!!!

  12. If each remaining houseguest had to do over BB here’s how I think they would play it:

    Aaryn- no racism but would definitley be wary of anyone giving her suggestions because she wouldn’t wanna be a puppet
    Elissa- would definitely not vote out her allies, she’d fight harder for them
    Spencer- would not rush into an alliance early on in the game for fear it would disintergrate

    Amanda- would probably do everything the same since it’s worked so far, up until Elissa’s HOH
    Andy- after watching himself when the show is over he’d definitely not be the snitch that he was this season

    Judd- I don’t know, he’d be very paranoid of his alliance for fear he’ll be blindsided
    Gina- got nothing on Gina

    Why am I writing this? Just bored I guess

    1. Forgot McCrae aligning with Amanda so far has been good for him he’s still in the game, and thererore wasn’t her target,though in the eyes of viewers he’s seen as a wuss. If he makes it to the end then I’ll say his showmance worked, if he doesn’t then it didn’t.
      It all depends on the outcome.

    1. ILL-WILL, thanks for the retro video of Jerry. Can you post a link to a video of Andy falling in the pool, please. Thanks!!!!

  13. Consistently, from the pics this Big Brother house looks so dirty….. and it seems for her HOH Elissa has decided to do some much overdue deep cleaning. AARYN PACK YOUR BAGS! THIS THURSDAY ELISSA HAS DECIDED TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!!!!

  14. All you Spencer haters can go away. Spencer is better than Evil Dick, Boogie, and Rachel combined!!! JUST DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!

    1. Not knocking you because right now I wish all the HGs could lose and we could start a new season, but can you tell me why you think Spencer is a good player? I appreciate the fact that he’s the ultimate floater right now and has managed to get off the block so many times, but as far as I can see that was other players deciding his fate. He’s just laid lowed the whole time and nodded along. It just seems like the same game as Judd’s

  15. These people stae they are not like this outside the house. However, adversity brings out your true self. The best or worst you can be. And if this is their best, I would really hate to see the worst.

  16. oh yeah he doen’t want to be blindsided like Judd & helen. these people think they deserve more than they dish out. i see Amanda is playing nice with Elissa ever since Arryn told her Spencer, Judd & GM were working with Elissa now and Mcrae got pissed because she was turning everyone against them.She looks like she’s not to happy at the thought of her and Mcrae going uo next week with she thought she had everyone under her thumb. If they are working with Elissa then I think they have a slight edge over Mcrae,Amanda & Andy(when in reality Andy might be with Spencer 7 company.She says that her, mCrae and Andy have to win everything fron now on (Better shot at winning something in the olympics)right now I think she’s settling in to the idea she woun’t be in the house much longer. Yep she’s crying bas I type this. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW> NOT SO FUNNY NOW

  17. OMG Amanda is acting. Now she feels bad about what she did to Elissa. I smell the stench of “Allison Grodner” all over this bad acting job, for the edit of the live show.

    1. Everyone hates Amanda. But the truth is, she’s getting done what she wants to get done. Isn’t that the object of the game? She’s convinced these people to do as she wishes. Like it or not, that’s the name of the game in Big Brother. She honestly deserves that money because she is the master manipulator.

      1. Are u serious? Who are you? Oh didn’t know Amanda had a twin sister. Anyone who takes up for that disgusting and sorry excuse for a human being must either act just like her or your a complete, well ya know…?!!! All I can say is, “WOW!!!”

      2. Unfortunately everything you just stated is true. The really messed up part is that threw all of the racism, bad game play and b*th assness they have forgotten about GM. She, will probably wined up winning the game just because she’s just dumber and scummier than everyone else.

      3. Some keep ascribing this “master manipulator” description to Amanda. No, she isn’t. This house, from the start, only had like 2 or 3 A-personality players. Once they were all voted out, you only had these B-types left, including Amanda. She may be the loudest and crudest of the B-types, but she’s a substandard player all the same. This is the season of the weak getting rid of the strong. She’s the Eskimo leading a bunch of one-legged penguins around. Big deal.

        1. With the exception of Elissa. She is the only one that sticks to her guns when she has power. The rest just do whatever Demanda wants.

  18. has to be a good thing that rat bastard andy hasnt told demanda yet about the exterminators. however, there is a chance he’s just keeping quiet about it to wait until after next HOH.

    i’m not really a fan of anyone, its more like degrees of who to root against the most/least ranging from…

    – judd: i like new judd, but can’t forget old judd who played the talk behind back thing alot and was too loyal to demanda/mcpussy
    – elissa: a case could be made to move her to the top. didnt like some of her condescending nature, but that nothing compared to the bulk of the rest of the cast. she also scored major points for targeting 3 AM, putting aaryn in her place, and not falling for demanda’s attempts to manipulate her nominations. however she needs to quit the whole talk about walking out. disrespectful to her fans and all the other people that wish they could have played. if she don’t like being bullied, then get right back in whoever’s face in her own way
    – now it gets harder :P
    – GM: only redeeming value for her is i think she’ll stand up to demanda now. but can’t forget all her talking behind peoples backs, the racial stuff, and the looney nick infatuation
    – spencer: totally crude pervert. only redeeming thing about him was whenever he didnt fall for demanda and mcpussy’s act. for the last couple weeks he’d been like another puppet. he may be waking up now
    – the next 3 are pretty much all even
    – aaryn: racist liar who apparently likes to drive drunk and risk peoples lives. the only good thing about her is the occasional times she thought about turning on demanda, but it was crazy infuriating when she’d go back into puppet mode
    – mcpussy: an insult to all superfans. the guy was probably the biggest fan of the show of all the cast. and what does he do? nothing but be a keychain and lie around and stink up the joint when he’s not getting raped
    – rat bastard andy: biggest liar in the house and it sickens me how he’d run back and rat any info he could back to his master
    – demanda: not only the most disgusting HG of all time, but in the conversation for one of the most vile people i’ve even known about. gets an abortion to be on a game show? bully anyone she can, not stoping at attacking someones family and kids. and thats before talking about her bigotry, racial crap, and glorification of violence and intimidation. she deserve each and every bad thing that happens to her in public when the show is over for how she acted

  19. This would be the time to blow up everyone’s game aaryn! GO TO ELISSA AND RAT EVERY ONE OF THEM OUT! THROW THEM UNDER THE BUS! At this point, I would keep her over Andy. Regardless of her personality, the girl is a fierce competitor. She can win comps. Elissa will need help for next week, cause she’s looking like the next target. Oh God aaryn (can’t believe that I’m rooting for you) but if it means that it will break up mccranda, I’m all for keeping her this week.

    1. Agreed but she cant be trusted. Even I was hoping her and Elissa could work together with at least Judd and GM. But as soon as Amanda won Veto, she went running straight back to the puppet master as she has done too often. GM has more loyalty in her little finger than Aaryn has in her whole body, which is a shame because they could have gone far if Aaryn had of taken GM’s advice more seriously and not treated her as her guard dog. As Elissa told her, fool me once, shame on you, etc, etc.

      1. That is the problem, Aaryn has no credibility to Elissa. She can promise everything and even mean it, but how can she be convincingly sincere now, when all season she has worked against Elissa? Aaryn put Elissa up last week, and now she wants Elissa to work with her and help save her. It’s just too late for Aaryn to try to make this work. She gambled on 3AM and lost. Wasn’t a bad bet, it just didn’t pay off.

  20. As much as I can’t stand Aaryn, can’t we just evict Rat Boy already. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Exterminate the RAT. I can’t take it anymore !!!!!

  21. Well it a nice sight seeing that fat bitch laying her fat ass in bed crying and Elissa walking around. I know Elissa is stuck up but i think the house would rather be around her than Amanda and her attitude

  22. Listening to Amanda boohoo on the live feeds right now… Saying she feels bad for her behaviour cuz she sees the “nice” elissa but blames it all on the “mean” elissa… Totally dawned on me, i think during that long feeddown, production showed her how the internet is reacting to her antics so shes trying to play us like shes been playing the house. I aint that dumb….

  23. Does anybody kind of hope that Aaryn goes to Elissa, Judd, Spencer and Gm all together and tell them about 3am and how much of a rat that Andy is and how he has taken all his info to Mcranda and told them everything about everybody, and he’s been working with them since day one and he can’t be trusted no matter what he tells them. If she did this and promised to work with them to get Mcranda out, does anyone think they would send that whiney rat home? The hardest one to get would be Spencer, I think he would still trust ratboy no matter what anyone says about him. Kind of torn about wanting Aaryn to go, I think she realizes her mistake for siding with garbage. It would better with a 5 vs 2 than keeping Andy and have him lie and flop as usual. Judd, GM and Elissa have fot to stay together. Either way we finally get to see someone packing that we’ve all been waiting a long time for!

    1. Not sure… I just dont trust Aaryn. I could totally see her running back to Amanda/Mccrea, forgiving them, if she stays in the game.

      1. I’m not a fan of Aaryan for obvious reasons but I do think she is actually seeing just how much Demanda and McCrae screwed her over. I’m like 85% sure that IF she stays she will go after Demanda and McCrae but then again, I could be wrong.

  24. Can you imagine what the jury house is going to be like when Aryan gets there? Helen will tell her you deserve it this is exactly what I said was going to happen, Jessie will be telling Helen and Aryan this is exactly what I aid was going to happen, Candice will be telling Helen, Jessie and Aryan this is exactly what I said was going to happen. Howard (where ever he is) will be saying this is exactly what I said would happen. hindsight IS 20/20.

    1. I can sorta see it…..she does have the duck lips when she does her famous mmmm hmmm (and let’s be real, she does that 95% of the time)

  25. Aaryn is blowing up the 3AM alliance to Judd and GM. She is throwing Andy under the bus, hopefully they listen and try to win the HOH and take out Amanda or McCrae.

  26. I’d like to see RatAndy blindsided too but I have a feeling Aaryn is a Jekyll and Hyde, quite unforgiving. Could be brutal.

  27. I watched the feeds today and Amanda is the meanest person to ever be on a reality show. How can CBS be proud of this cast.

  28. “I feel like in older seasons, like all stars there was something going on all the time… Maybe were too entertaining and don’t need extra footage” – aaryn

    Yea Arryn, that’s it.

  29. All Aaryn needs to do to stay in the house is put on daily naked shows for Spencer.

    This may sound like a crude joke, but based on what I’ve heard about Spencer, it would work.

    I’d love to see Aaryn stay, win HoH and promptly put Demanda and McWossy on the block. … But knowing Aaryn, she’d probably do Amanda’s bidding one more time.

  30. Even if Aaryan stays, I think she would be stupid enough to stick with Mcmanda. She is thinking about jury and thinks she will win against them. She is trying so hard to work on Judd. Bye, bye to Andy hopefully although I don’t want Aaryan to win anything.

  31. This entire scenario is exactly what E planned, even when Amanda won POV. They all turned on eachother and must rat eachother out and expose what is really going on. Aaryns points were excellent …if they want Amanda out they must vote out Andy. Just glad AA has a few days to make that happen.

  32. Judd: What makes you think Amanda is a witch?
    Elissa Well she turned Mc into a newt!
    Judd: A newt?!
    Elissa: He got better.
    Spencer: Burn her anyway!

    Judd: There are ways of telling whether Amandais a witch.
    Aaryn: Are there? Oh well, tell us.
    Judd: Tell me. What do you do with witches?
    GM: Burn them.
    Judd: And what do you burn, apart from witches?
    GM: More witches.
    Spencer: Wood.
    Judd: Good. Now, why do witches burn?
    Aaryn: …because they’re made of… wood?
    Judd: Good. So how do you tell whether she is made of wood?
    GM: Build a bridge out of her.

  33. Only because Andy makes Amanda/Mcrea stronger would I like to see Aaryn stay.

    Anyone think Spencer would put up Amanda/Mcrea if he just so happened to win HOH?

    1. Like by accident you mean? Cause that’s the only way I think we’re going to see a Spencer HOH. Which is unfortunate, because I’ve been wanting one all season. But in all seriousness, I think he’d put up Amanda and Elissa, which would be the most entertaining/terrible (depending on your views) week we’ve had on the feeds yet.

      Those two top his must evict list – he wants to keep/work with McCrae – and I think the only person (outside of E and Am) he’d have to worry about getting the veto would be McCrae. No one else would touch those nominations – and McCrae would only save Amanda for fear of what might happen if he didn’t.

      So in all seriousness – Spencer for HOH! I want my money’s worth.

  34. very happy it is going to be either Aaryn or Andy out this week, hoping for Aaryn but would okay with Andy. Really wish it was Amanda, but just as long as one of the A’s goes I will start liking this season.

  35. How will they get from 8 people o 3 in 4 weeks?

    Aaryn voted out.
    Elissa will walk off the show
    Amanda will be evicted by production.
    McCrack will walk off o support Amandud.
    GM will be taken off to be hospitalized or purging.
    1 Spencer will go to jail for child molesting.

    2. Andy
    3. Judd

  36. I wish Dr. Will and Boogie would just enter the house long enough to bitch slap the hell outta Rat Boy Andy and Amanda. Is this too much to ask for???

  37. We don’t know what Andy is thinking. He could be wanting to bail on 2AM, he may want to “rat” on exterminators. He is waiting to see how it plays out. GM is on elissas side definitely, so aaryn is wasting her time. Go away you awful awful cast.

  38. Although I can totally see the reasons why voting Andy out now might be preferable to Aryan, there is no real guarantee that she would continue to be against Amanda and McPussy. She is just as likely to go right back to being their puppet. Frankly, I don’t think it’s worth the risk.

    The absolute benefit of Aryan going first this week is that she is actively and systematically getting back at the 3AM alliance by exposing all their secrets before she leaves. If it was Andy leaving, I am pretty sure he would spend the next few days crying about how unfair it is and talking about how much he hates Elissa. Aryan is actually taking the time to mess up the game of the remaining 3AM alliance members.

    Helen wasn’t able to expose anything because she was in denial until the very bitter end. She tried to share info during the competition to get back in the house, but she couldn’t say much. Jessie attempted to expose people but she wasn’t strategic at all and she just ended up looking like a petulant child that no one would listen to. Aryan, on the other hand, is using her advanced mean girl skills to systematically get into the ears of everyone. She has the time to absolutely destroy Andy’s “nice guy” image and plant the seeds of mistrust in Judd and GM. I don’t think Spencer will listen to her and Elissa already knows the truth about Andy so Aryan just needs to work on Judd and GM. I think it’s awesome. I don’t like Aryan but I like watching her spend the next few days still contributing to the game and exposing secrets rather than sitting around and crying like Andy would.

  39. @Arealtexasgirl.I use to think Spencer would stand up to Amanda & McCrae but now I get the feeling he’s just another puppet for them.Elisa seems to be the only person left in the house that refuse to help Amanda & McCrae make it to the final two.

  40. Im currently watching BB7 All-stars one thing I noticed.. back then to pick who played for POV they spun a wheel. BB15 they select chips out of a bad yet you never really see the name on the chip.

    If the claims of Amanda the hand picked winner from the start.. this one be another way to script the show. It wouldnt be who was picked on the coins it would be who was picked ahead of time to play in POV by production.

          1. Haha! Drunk off of Amanda hate! And feeding off of Amanda’s tears. ;)

            (I despise Amanda too so I do find her tears delicious.)

          2. it sounds like she’s being confused with a woman with a very similar name who is a decade older than her who might be married.

    1. No worries, sorry if I was a bit rude in my reply.. There has been so much mis-information posted on here about Amanda I’ve gotten a little tired of it.

      I’m liking Amanda and Elissa about the same right now.. They’ve brought alot of drama and excitement to the feeds something I like to watch. I would rather watch what is going on then the super friends the first 2 months.

  41. They don’t have enough votes to keep Aaryn, but it would be better to keep her over Andy. Andy is not going to turn against McCranda at all. Aaryn will turn against them and can win competitions. It’s as simple as that.

  42. Aaryn will say she will go after Amanda and macrea but she won’t, she is scared if Amanda ugh. What a loser !!! Aaryn needs to go, that bitch will always be Amanda’s puppet.

  43. Last time I checked, Aaryn said she was gonna put Amanda on the block but she didn’t and she will say the same thing but I doubt it that she will do it. She works for Amanda and is scared of her, idk why .

  44. Here is a reminder that this game can be played with lying, spying, manipulating, and a little bit of humorous ribbing. Not with the complete hate and disgust we see this year. For all of you newer viewers, this is what the game use to be like and I hope will become again. This guy was one of the best players on this show.

  45. We know that Helen and Aaryn set the stage up gloriously so that Andy antics are about to be exposed.

    We know that there will be a point somewhere between the next two days and the next two weeks

    where it will all tumble out. I’d almost want to set up a wagering pool on this. i feel Andy needs to

    do damage control and then some consummately. Things went ‘queen bee’ and there is no going back

  46. Aaryn should see this as a miracle, she has over stayed her welcome, remember how mean and racist she was? and how JUDD saved her **S, who would have thought that she would have been still here?..All people saying that she should have kept Helen, that Helen would have controlled Elisa..mmmhhh Fake Helen became super nice to Aaryn during her HOH, she even told her, since I have gotten to know you, am surprised that you are actually a nice person..but she always was disposable to her..she only told Elisa to team up with Aaryn because she wanted a pay back for what Amanda had done to her..if Amanda had not put in a hand to control Aaryn to nominate Helen..Who knows if Helen would even have the courage to finally go after Amanda..it was always too early for her..so Aaryn became useful to Helen to destroy Amanda’s game..BUT Elisa was just counting her days to payback to Aaryn..you could go back and read all the remarks Elisa made about Aaryn..whatever Aaryn did to Elisa directly, I still do not know..it appears that even Candice and Howard aren’t as mad and vengeful to Aaryn as Elisa is. She must have attacked Elisa somehow, its just too much hate.. And Elisa’s hate is so misleading, she manages to spew hateful demeaning remarks while keeping it classy..heheh..while on Amanda’s part..mmmhhh..so Elisa was patiently waiting for a day to dish it to Aaryn..Those of you that think Amanda was Elisa’s target are wrong..and cannot read her. Elisa actually does not hate Amanda as much as she hates Aaryn and GM. I bet on my life that she has no business in being their friend after this. Getting close with GM was her game move to make sure that Aaryn gets NO VOTE.
    Anyway, keeping Aaryn or Andy yields the same results with 3AM, both quickly rat out their allies, both easily get manipulated. And Amanda knows very well that when she was up TWICE..it was Andy that saved her **s, she is not stupid, she knows. So do not ever expect her to turn against him, and stop on the Andy hate, you are no different than Amanda..she gets vile and hates because she doesn’t get what she wants. Andy has been loyal to Amanda an MC since day one, did you want him to be an enemy to Hellen to prove the point and make himself a target? people keep saying Andy floats..I really do not agree..Andy floats in our eyes but he is loyal to Amanda and MC to the core, and that has finally paid off. Just say you hate him for who he is loyal to..but it was ultimately his choice to make.

    1. My problem with Andy is all the crying the does after he stabs someone in the back. If you are going to stab someone in the back don’t cry and apologize for it. Own it!

  47. Okay here is my observation..
    Andy could lie to your face and you could still believe he is telling the truth (ask Kaitln)
    Judd could be telling the absolute truth and even give you his bear shirt to hold on to..but you could still think that he is lying

    That’s why I think Amanda’s downfall will be Andy..even she cannot read him.
    And Judd’s personality was his downfall, all people just could not trust him..until now..even Elisa just started working with him and is already questing his loyalty.They even still think he was MVP…lol.. Helen and Amanda..who think can play this game so well..were so sure that Judd was up to something..hahah..poor Judd.. but I really like him though

    1. You pretty much summed it up. Andy has lied constantly and everyone still seems to trust him even as they are walking out the door. Nobody trusts Judd and there is no good reason for it. I guess Andy seems sincere and Judd doesn’t. Andy is the better actor.

  48. I’m bored with Amanda’s behavior, same old threats and harassment of people when they dont do as she wants them to do. Big mean Mandy and her weak ass followers.
    Another thing, these HG’s are the sloppiest I can recall. Imagine how happy all that bacteria is being able to flourish.
    After Howard, Candice & Jessie I have no one to root for. Elissa maybe but shes too uppity for my taste. That leaves 1/2 a redneck and a bearded pedophile wannabe.

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