Elissa says it’s funny how Amanda’s Botox is wearing out and it looks like her eye is drooping.

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andy
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


10:40am Big Brother wakes up the House Guests. When the live feeds return – Gina, Judd and Andy are out in the backyard finishing up their dance party to the morning wake up music. They head back inside and Andy and Gina go back to bed. Aaryn and Judd bead back outside to talk. They both think something is going to happen today like a luxury competition or Pandora’s Box. Aaryn asks what if something does happen from that photo booth session. Judd says yeah, we took photos with all the props. We took them together, we did everything we could do. Aaryn and Judd head back inside. Judd goes back to bed. Elissa comes down from the HOH room. She makes coffee and then check to see where Judd is and says she was going to ask him if he wanted to sit out side but tells him to go back to bed. Judd gets up anyways and joins her outside to talk.

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11:10am – 11:30am Elissa tells Judd my gosh I missed you so much. Judd says I missed you too. We just need to get those two out so that it is just me, you, Spencer, Andy and Ginamarie. Elissa comments how Aaryn doesn’t even like big brother she wanted to be on The Real World. Judd says he was glad to get Helen out because she was such a dangerous player. Elissa brings up how Amanda apolosgized last night but kept making up more lies and said that if Andy stays its because of her and McCrae. Judd says oh yeah just like how we threw that POV to her. Elissa laughs. Judd says Amanda better not do that to me, I will make her cry. If that was a guy doing that I would have cussed him out. Elissa says I can’t believe McCrae, wouldn’t you be embarrassed if that was your girlfriend. Judd says McCrae thinks it makes her look like a better player, like an evel dick. Elissa says she thinks its funny now that Amanda’s Botox is wearing out and it looks like her eye is drooping. Elissa says its funny how she thinks she can do that and just apologize the next day. She said it was all because of something I said which was something that she brought up to the whole house (Amanda’s abortion before coming on the show). Judd comments on how McCrae only washes once a week. Elissa says that Amanda said I bet your husband would love me and my breasts. Elissa says my husband thinks you’re disgusting. Judd asks Elissa how good does it feel to make it longer than Rachel Reilly did on her first season. Are you going to brag to her about it. Elissa says oh yeah. They talk about Hayden being on Survivor. Elissa says that he made it far, he was like final 4 when we came on the show. (FLASHBACK time stamp 11:26am) Big Brother cuts the feeds. Elissa says I want to know who won. If he made it to final 4 before we came on here he probably made it to the final 2 or 3. Elissa says I would love to do survivor. Elissa asks Judd if they have bottled water. Judd says no they have to boil it. Elissa asks what about a bathroom? Judd says you have to dig a hole. Elissa says oh my gosh I don’t think I want to do it.


12pm Elissa asks do you think Andy trusts like Amanda and McCrae. Judd says he is going to act like it and I’m going to too. Elissa says yeah I told them how much he trusts them. Elissa says I don’t want him to be mad at me but it was the only way. Judd says no matter who went up it will work either way. Elissa says Amanda is so gross. Judd says I almost feel bad for her, she is never going to be able to sell houses and stuff you know. She is going to have it rough when she gets out, I would never hire her. Judd comments that Aaryn said she thinks she would be good with Candice in the jury house. Elissa comments that Aaryn was trying get attention yesterday and pulled her thong up into her butt. Elissa says she is going to try and hook up with you. Judd says she has already hinted at it but I think it was just to make Jessie jealous. Elisssa says you think Jessie is hotter than Aaryn don’t you. Judd says yeah. Andy joins them. Andy says I know I am staying, I am just so nervous. Elissa says she was just so scared and didn’t want to put him up. Andy says so I am 100% staying? Elissa says yes. Judd says yeah it should be unanimous. Elissa says I feel just so horrible for doing it but I think you had to see how horrible Amanda and McCrae are. Andy says I understand. Elissa says you have clout in the house but Gina doesn’t no one would listen to what she says. Andy heads back to bed. Elissa and Judd talk about Gina’s comment to Candice when she was evicted. Judd then heads back to bed.


12pm – 1:20pm Aaryn doing her makeup/hair while the other house guests continue to sleep.. Elissa is now in the kitchen making her lunch. Aaryn continues to do her make up.


1:25pm – 1:40pm In the kitchen – Aaryn talks to Elissa. Aaryn asks Elissa did Andy tell you that Amanda said I would go home? Elissa says no. Aaryn questions it. Elissa say no actually she did say that. Sorry she did say that, her and McCrae. Aaryn asks so basically they’ve been working with you to get me out? Elissa says I told you McCrae wanted to get you out. He is mad that you might leave on my week, he wanted to put you up. Aaryn asks Amanda wanted Andy up because they wanted me to leave over him? Elissa says yeah. Aaryn sighs and walks out to the backyard.

1:45pm In the kitchen – Judd and Elissa talk about the HOH blog. Elissa says she just did hers. She asks Judd if he talked about game in his. Judd says yeah. Elissa says aw I want to do another one now. Oh well at least I can when I do my tweets. Elissa says I will tweet #teamJulissa.


2pm – 2:20pm In the rainbow bedroom – Judd wakes up Gina and Andy. They talk about random things and about clownie. Andy says that Candice will never live down going out as her arch nemesis Clownie. She was the sleep master, she would sleep 21 hours a day. Judd says I wish I had a pen I want to write down a dream I had. Gina laughs and asks who did you f**k in the a$$? Judd says no it wasn’t a $ex dream. Amanda joins them. Judd talks about wanting to use the drawer in the bed but Amanda tells him he can’t because it has their condoms in it. Amanda then tries to blend into the wall. Amanda leaves. Judd, Andy and Gina talk about random things.

2:25pm – 2:50pm Elissa asks whos ready to take HOH pictures!

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BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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Rocco Gianini

Marilyn will have to be reinflated by the time Spencer gets home.

what rhe fuck

thumbs up if you hate Amanda


Sorry if this has been posted before BUT go to youtube and search for “Amanda Reel”. She’s an actress (like Mcpoodle) and there’s 8 minutes of her interviewing stars and such. Hollywood will pick her up despite her shenanigans on BB :(

Amanda's Therapist

WTF? Waste of my time…”Amanda Reel” SUCKS


You could tell McStinky’s mother wasn’t thrilled when they interviewed her. I bet now that the world knows how truly filthy he is she is soooo embarrassed.

Jessica Hopkins

Okay thanks admada you can not talking with elessa ever again so so she can do that for every body here lesson at living room and adamda don’t move to put
And make her sit down some one take her bag please leave

Jessica Hopkins

Thank you bff to elyssa

Elissa the joker face

Thumbs down if you think Elissa is a 2-bit gold digging skank.

We Know Who You Really Are

Thumbs up if you think “Elissa the joker face” knows Amanda in real life and is trying to do a little damage control.

How Scripted is This

Now E ask, does she really think she can just apologize or something of the sort….

Wonder who told her to say that. I’m sorry. These house guests can’t be this stupid, and Production can’t believe we are that stupid. Where did these people graduate from? The University of Sesame Street? CBS you have some great employees. Stars.


OMG bahahahahahahaha that is the MOST thumbs up I have ever seen on this feed…gotta love the poor 49 souls (as of my post) that gave it a thumbs down


THIS is interesting, but I will take it with a grain of salt. I found this on another BB fansite. Suppoooooosedly AMANDA IS GETTING KICKED OFF the show on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read the captured (now deleted) twitter thread here: https://twitter.com/IamBill46/status/372343193733300225/photo/1/large

I would LOVE for this to be true…..but I have my doubts. It’s what SHOULD happen, but will it? I guess we’ll see……


I’ll believe it when I see it! Not going to happen IMHO! So if that is accurate then Arryn stays most likely. It could be the house(exterminators) minus Ellisa and Arryn and McStinky! I’m betting on Arryn, Andy and McStinky working with Judd1 LOL


That’s the first thumbs up I have seen in a while


It’s pretty obvious what Amanda and Mccrae are doing about the votes. If they each vote for a different one then Elissa will need to break the tie and it’s obvious to them she will choose Aaryn to go home. They just want to put all of the blood on Elissa’s hands. They are beyond disgusting.


There are 5 votes this week. No chance of a tie.


Actually there are only 4 actual votes this time. Andy and Aaryn don’t get to vote. Elissa only votes if there is a tie. That leaves McCrae, Amanda, Gina Marie, Judd and the big guy( who’s name i have blanked out on). There are actually on 4 votes so there could very well be a tie for Elissa to break up.


Correction. There are 5 remaining votes so there cannot be a tie. My mistake.

Judd's Bear Shirt

OK Monica, 5 divided by two is?


Wow that’s a record likes this summer !
Over 1000+
Suck on that Amanda!


no need. he calls his right hand marilyn.


LOL Amanda and McCrae are screwing their whole game by keeping Andy!!! If they would of kept Aaryn with GIna Marie they would of won.


Agreed. Mcranda only got as far as they did because of Andy, Aaryn and other unwitting minions doing there work while they stayed in bed all day. They haven’t really played a good game. They are gonna lose someone, it should be their spy. He doesn’t have the value he once did when there were more players and Helen to betray. They should keep their hitman who as you said comes with a second vote in GM.


I don’t trust Andy for a second.
Keeping Andy is good for Mcrea. Keeping Aaryn is good for Amanda.. However, it is a positive sign that all the HG, including Mcrea, are now talking about dumping Amanda asap.

Pinocchio Obama


I don’t think I trust anybody in this house.


Why and how would you want to deflate a GOAT???

Real Scandals Phony President

Loved the inflate comment Rocco. I bet she has a Snoopy lunchbox too.


OMG, I read these comments every day but your’s was the first that made me laugh out loud. Too funny.


he might take some of his BB money and use it to buy another doll and call t her sister.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

NOw that was fucking FUNNY! I lol my ass off on that one!


when this season is over, Spencer will reveal that Marilyn is a mannequin.


Omg Rocco…. thank you for that…. I laughed so loud I scared the dog lol


the eye drooping probably has more to do with it being harder to hide her monster side


I am so glad Elissa didn’t take Amanda’s apology to heart. I’m glad she realizes if was forced and fake. I hope Judd is sincere with Elissa and not just playing her. I realize BB cannot evict Amanda just because she’s a psycho bitch, I have never seen such extreme mood swings in one person like her. Any drama, negative more so than positive is money in the bank for CBS so that is another reason they will not get rid of her.

Crystal Ball

I agree with this 100%. (I also HATE how they all say 100% in like every conversation.)


And I am glad Amanda is a better person than a vast majority who comment here.

Admit it, you did not WANT her to feel sorry. It does not fit your “mold” for her.
So if she does feel bad and apologize, it’s bullshit, and if she had not then you would say
isn’t she just awful.

If you have the feeds and don’t just read spoilers you know that is actually seemed genuine.
Before she even went to talk to her she was talking about how shitty she felt about acting that way.
This was hours before she hashed it out with Elissa.
People act like assholes sometimes. People say sorry later when they realize they did wrong.
That is life.

But believe what you want if it makes you feel good.
Either way none of these people will matter to any of us in 6 months.

PS- I suppose it is OK with everyone that Elissa can continue spewing her brand of vileness though?
As long as she rags Amanda, all is well in kitty litter land =)


Yes and a better person stands next to you, smirks, makes you uncomfortable, makes fun of your face and says that there are no locked doors in this house. A better person recognizes that as wrong.


I saw that terrible acting job on BBAD, and looked more like DR told her to put on a sympathy show on the feeds, to make it seem like she did it becasue she was upset so they can edit the main show for her as usual, to make it seem that what she did was justified(it wasn’t) to coincide with her POV win, to make it seem like she did it because her Stinkmance partner was on the block, if she hadn’t won POV and went up in his place, her triad would’ve been much worst…. If she was the so-called “better person”, she would’ve ignored what the bitch said, Accepted that SHE made that “miscarriage public knowledge”, and walked away. Better person, my ass, if she don’t get her away again, we’ll see more of her unfunny triads.

Both Elissa and Amanda, as well as the others will continue to say nasty shit about each other.

FYI, I haven’t seen Amanda apologize for the other vile shit she said during the season, oh that’s right because CBS wouldn’t be showing that on the main show anyways, but yes continue to defend her, if it makes you feel better.

Elissa the joker face

OMG can you believe duck lips? And she talks about Amanda’s Botox? At least you can’t tell that Amanda had it done (if it’s even true; Elissa has gotten good at making up lies this week). Sorry Elissa but your body ain’t that great to look at, especially when you are doing your stretches. You look like a man actually. So I could easily believe that your sugar daddy would be in to Amanda’s breasts. And she’s prettier than you, too. So is Aaryn. Much more prettier. I hope you are enjoying these last couple days where you think you are invincible. Sitting there all smug like the conceited bitch you are. You won’t be smiling when GM and Judd turn on you next week and the house unanimously evicts you. You are so disgusting acting all entitled and that everyone is beneath you. And your BS about missing your pal Judd the last few weeks… he’s not buying it. He knows it was you and Helen that pushed for it (along with others). I can’t wait til after Thursday when you have no power. It will be sweet seeing your sorry ass back on the receiving end of the taunts and barbs you’ve been dishing out this week. You psycho dumb ass fake. Here’s to everyone you have crapped on in the house doing the same back to you.


Elissa The Joker Face, I feel sorry for you. You seem to have a lot of anger issues, the negativity is like you know everyone personally.


Elyssa has a great body, even Aaryn has told her that, and Amanda is prettier than NO ONE. :-)

Pinocchio Obama

I hate Amanda but she might be prettier than Spencer or The Rainbow Rat……..maybe.


Elyssa has no hips and no ass. It would be like banging a teen boy from behind.


I guess Amanda’s family is back with full force w/ their nasty Elissa comments to try to make Amanda look better.


Apparently you didn’t watch Evel Dick’s season. And he won !!!


It’s too bad that Aaryn will be walking out of door and Judd wins HoH so McCanda will go up on the block.


Not sure what’s to bad about Aaryn leaving BB. Aaryn never played her own game. Aaryn just did what Amanda or Helen told her to do. Now Aaryn says she is not going to regret any moves she made in the house, but at the same time she states all her moves were done at Amanda’s behest. That’s the problem Aaryn, you did nothing to advance your own game. You advanced Amanda’s game. Amanda never won an HOH but you took all the heat for her. So you got Howard out, was Howard a threat to you? Did Howard even win an HOH? Depending on Amanda’s mood she was either threaten by Howard or at times wanted to bed Howard. You took out Judd, why? Judd and you had a friendship. You kept flirting with Judd for the last two weeks before his eviction. Judd was not coming after you. Amanda was threaten by Judd because she thought he was MVP and had been putting her up. You took out Helen, why? Helen may or may not had been coming after you; however, she only controlled Elissa’s vote. Helen really didn’t have a clue of what was going on in the game as far as who was allied with whom. Your last HOH should of been used to create or seal some deals for yourself. Instead you again advanced Amanda’s game.

Amanda/McCrae actually see you as a bigger threat then Andy. Its not about Andy being loyal from the start. Going forward if you get to the final two, you have a lot on your BB resume to state why you should win it all. They are taking this opportunity to throw you over the side. Aaryn, you might say you don’t regret any of your actions, but in reality you are regretting a lot of your moves. Because you did Amanda/McCrae’s bidding and when in a time of need, they were not there for you.

I wonder if you had any idea you were being used? Well Gina told you not to trust Amanda. Candice stated to you that you were doing Amanda’s bidding. Jessie stated to you that you were just doing Amanda’s bidding. Helen stated to you that you were doing Amanda’s bidding. Elissa wanted to work with you and stated you were just doing Amanda’s bidding. Now you are on the block and going to be evicted and wondering how you got into this situation. Really Aaryn! This is the first time you realized that all you were was just a tool of Amanda’s. Hmmmmm…….Aaryn you could of gone far, if you had put the racism aside, not aligned with such a hateful person like Amanda, and been brave enough to play your own game for at least one HOH.


Mean Girls flock together which tells us a lot about BB producer AG–Demanda’s dear friend

BB fan

I would rather stare at Aaryn than Rat Boy or Spencer the Perv. These girls better get their act together or else its going to be all the guys left again.


We want a poll:)


stripper poll?

Pinocchio Obama

How about a poll for who should be the favorite houseguest this year?


Geesh these women are real bitches and the men are such aholes….Elissa is the LAST person who should be talking about somebody’s botox…what an awful group of people.


Oh my god it’s exactly what I was thinking! Horrible people.


I don’t think Amanda had anything done on her face.

Elissa’s face looks like it’s about to explode. Amanda is 100% right that Elissa doesn’t look like anything in older pictures. Watch the youtube video of her on a bridal talk show. She had no upper lip whatsoever (yet she insists she didn’t do anything with her lips). I’m also certain she put a lot of botox in her cheek bones and probably had her eyes done. She is a case of plastic surgery gone bad already at such a young age — watch her smile sometime with little makeup. It’s like a clown that’s falling apart, piece by piece.

She only said that about Amanda because she always turns everything around, like reality didn’t even enter her mind.

Amanda can be a mean girl, but there is something psychologically wrong with Elissa.


What makes you think Elissa had Botox? If you’re referring to her lips, you do realize botox is not used on lips, right??

Rocco Gianini

There is something sad and sympathetic about Ginamarie, she is a very fragile person, I don’t think she has had much love in her life.

Good Grief

I think your right, makes you wonder what she’ll do when she leaves the house and finds out she has lost her job. To be 33 years old, not married and still living with your parents is not normal at all, plus the eating disorder. It’s like she never grew up.


That’s what truly makes me mad about this season. Think about if Rat Dog had decided to be Andy the educator and helped GM with organizing her thoughts and how to speak to others individually and in groups. He is/was a Professor of Communications before he became Demanda’s Rat Dog.

And Candice is a Pediatric Speech Therapist. She could have help GM with pronunciations, how to calm yourself when you get frustrated, etc. You can see when GM gets frustrated because she can’t find the right words she starts to curse and it just gets worse and worse.

Elissa could have given her the emotional support and BB support as well. I was amazed that after Elissa starting talking WITH GM all GM wanted was to be included and not be laughed at because she doesn’t know how to express herself.

This group of 4 could have been a major alliance and helped GM at the same time. But Rat Dog threw his towel in with the evil McStinky’s and let their’s and Aaryn’s racism rule the house all hope was lost.

What a waste.

You Must be Kidding

Candice teaching GM pronunciations please. Do you not remember how Candice says “ask,” she says “”aks” lol.

Big Sister

So does Gina Marie. Just listen…

I like Gina now

I read what Jackie stated earlier and she is so right, i feel for Gina Marie she is very sweet. I do not at all condone her behavior towards Candice, but i think she truly thought she was sticking up for the one person that seem to give her attention and cared for her. She is not educated in fact probably has a learning disability that many just brushed under the rug i say that because she is 33 it should of been taken care of by now and her eating disorder that is something she can control and im guessing the more Elissa lets her in the calmer she will be and a better ally for Elissa. I always have a favorite and this season by far has been the worse BB yet. I really want to see McCrae crying and Amanda go so to regain CBS integrity, but i doubt that will happen. this summer flew by and before we know it it will be finale night and we shall see.

Good Grief

Sorry, a eating disorder is not something a person can control unless they have gotten help. Please educate yourself on this topic before posting something you don’t know anything about.


gina is an example of why not everyone should procreate…..her parents did a shitty job of raising her (ensuring that she went to school and did her homework – the system didn’t fail her her family failed her!!)
sadly, she’s a follower but around the right people she could really flourish!


GM may last longer in the game than any of the possible “teachers”. I was surprised to see that GM is quite the actress. She had me stumped on who she would vote out. I’d love to see a reality show based on her life. Living at home, teaching in a pagent school, trying to find mr Right.


When she was coaching Andy yesterday I thought maybe that’s her calling–work in a fitness center or something.


well, I am the same age as GinaMarie and although I am not defending her bc I think she definitely has lots of issues and I don’t agree with all she has said and done in the house – I have to say this. In ny it is very VERY expensive to rent and live. so many 30 year olds live at home with parents- I would say well over half of 20 somethings and about half of 30 years olds – at least when you live right outside of manhattan as both she and I do. rent is about 1500 – 2500 a month for a decent apartment. I lived on my own during college and for my early 20s and moved home in my late 20s partly bc I was struggling with an eating disorder and then I moved out again but returned to my parents house at 29 bc I started graduate school and have been there ever since. I still struggle with the eating disorder. I happened to have gone to an Ivy League university for my undergrad and have a good job (I have always had good jobs) – but to me this is irrelevant since if you look at all the other facts, I don’t seem much different than GinaMarie. I am not a co-dependent, fragile, regression (or basket) case. I come from a very loving supportive family that like all families has had its own measure of dysfunction. I had one on and off long-term relationship and dated other guys in between but stopped dating in my late 20s/early 30s probably bc I became focused on work and grad school and yes, partly bc I didn’t want the stress of dating. I just wasn’t interested which, okay, I admit may speak to said issues. However, just in the past year I got engaged, married, and am now pregnant with my first child, I have a great marriage and a healthy pregnancy (I pray it stays this way) but I am still very much the same person I was before – intelligent, mature, responsible, easygoing, but also insecure, sensitive, analytical/neurotic, and very hard on myself. I only write this to dispel the myth that all people who live at home at 33, esp in NY, and who happen to have an eating disorder, are pathetic losers. There are many shades to a person, and we all have our shares of struggles.


Thank you

Rocco Gianini

Name, you probably had the one thing she didnt , love and support. I am starting to think that she is not racist, but tends to get caught up in the flow.As a cop Ive seen it both ways, young black kids sorry for ganging up on a white person and confessing” I don’t hate white people , I was just following my friends” not a valid excuse but there were times I found it sin ere.


GM described herself very clearly the other day to Elissa. ” Mess with my girls, you mess with me ” . That is Gina Marie. There is actually very little malice in her. She is definitely a follower. I have often thought her and I would get on quite well. I like her attitude towards life. I like her bullish ways. When it comes to confrontation, she wont back down. Right or wrong, she’s honestly blunt. With the racial / intimidation issues, again, she was going with the flow. My thoughts are, if someone in her circle would tell her to pull her head in , she probably would,
If you look at her chat with Elissa in HOH room the other night, it was cute to watch. They spoke to each other with respect and on the same level.
She was trying to mind her p’s and q’s and apologized when she let one slip. Treat a person with respect and you’ll get it back. That’s my take on it anyway.


I don’t know how anybody can live in NYC, just to crowded for me. My parents live in Jersey, which is very expensive. I know people in their 40’s that live with their parents, and it work all around. It reduces living expenses (rent,food utilities), and when parents are elderly, they need more help on a daily basis. GM living with her parents is not such a bad thing, if she has the freedom to be herself.
I don’t especially like Amanda or McCray, but they have made the show interesting, to say the least. The mean, harassing antics were over the top, to the point that I can see that Elissa could be afraid for her safety.
Andy is a snake, running around and getting info to feed Amanda and McCray. If Judd, Spencer and GM aren’t careful, the Exterminators may be in trouble. Spencer is bad also, he is a gutter rat, that follows the house majority,
Who would I like to see in the end? Judd and Elissa, I think. I don’t like their game, but they have kept a little of their integrity.

Good Grief

Sorry if you thought I was calling her or people like her a loser, I was not. I just thought it was sad to be her age and still be living at home along with all of her other issues. Being from the South living at home until your that old is very unnatural. If you aren’t married you still live on your own before you are 25. I was married by 23 and had a baby at 28, and no I didn’t attend college, school just wasn’t for me but that’s not to say that I’m not an intelligent person. I’m now 37 and work for a very large global corporation. I guess I can thank God for being raised in the South, those rent prices are ridiculous.


No, not at all, you dont have to be sorry bc i never thought you were trying to call me a loser, in fact i completelyvunderstand how and why people might develop certain opinions about 30 year olds living at home or people with eating disorders, esp if you are not around that lifestyle directly. Even though i am such a different tyoe of person than GM, the parallels are not lost on me, so i am sensitive to others reactions to her. But going to college doesnt mean someone is more inteligent either, my father, sister, and husband didnt go, but i think they’re al inteligent, they iust chose different paths. But THANK YOU for pointing out that eating disorders cannot be controlled because it is a mental illness, an addiction and compulsion like any oher, and i think its damaging for people to think of them as anything else. Even if you are in recovery and can manage the symptoms, the disease is always there. Its helpful the more people are aware of that so thank yoy very much for stating it.


Thanks for sharing Name… Adult chilren live with parents and grandparents. Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins live with their kids. All for many different reasons.. Nothing wrong with family members supporting each other. Think it’s called love.
Congrats on the baby…. lucky you.. Whoopeee..


Thanks so much! i do feel lucky to have my family…..and thanks for all the other supportive comments everyone left too:-)




I heard that is already covered. Gina’s parents moved, took the house with them, and left her the basement. No forwarding address.

Clownie is alive

Good one!

Yup, Gina’s parents are starring in a remake of “Without a Trace”.


gm has mentioned that she had a house with her ex-fiancee and when they broke up, she moved back in with her parents. seeing how she’s dealing with nick, i bet she was just devastated for years when this happened to her. she’s also mentioned that she’s always had trouble in school with spelling and pronunciation. the way she reacted to writing her hoh blog showed how sad she is about her lack of writing skills. i felt really bad for her. i also think that unfortunately she didn’t grow up around a lot of educated or wordly people, having never left new jersey and having two older brothers probably accounts for the way she talks and acts. when talking to helen, she said she had never even met a korean (or maybe she said any asian?), which is kind of crazy. i think deep down she has good character and drive, but she is in every sense ignorant. i think the pageant mentality of surface beauty could also partially account for her eating disorder.

Big Sister

How could she not know that calling welfare n***** insurance was a racist insult?? Hard to overlook that one.


I said that about her in the first week. I really don’t think she is a bad person, and feel bad that she lost her job. I think she is a follower, was saying stupid things caught in the moment with everyone else. The loudest people are always the saddest, and I know she doesn’t meen most of what she says. Look how fast she was to hug Candice. Hasn’t said anything about her since. She is like the loud yippy chihuahua ,all bark no bite lol.

Real Scandals Phony President

I think your right. Sometimes she speaks before she thinks. I used to think she was terrible but seeing Amanda, Spencer and Aaryn have made me forgive her.

Amanda's dog Woofie

I love GM. I worry about her. She always seems sad and lonely. When she and Candy hugged, I cried,

I like Gina now

She was so happy to share how Candice hugged her and wished her Happy Birthday. Did you see how others put stank face and GM was truly happy Candice did that. I hate when she kept bringing up Candice it was like OMG she’s gone give it a rest but she wanted to have a conversation with Aaryn and she truly believed that would be the best topic . I am hoping GM does stay away from Aaryn she is toxic. Aaryn great game player but hello so would i if i was on her meds… which makes me question if Amanda is on same meds or needs a higher dose since she cant win crap. Gina Marie grew on me and Elissa has spoken to her and helping her about her disorder and GM sees finally someone caring for her and not just for a VOTE. yes i hope GM would win and in your face to the rest would be awesome.


cried when you saw them hug – you either have real emotional problems (crying for no reason) or you’re pathetic

Rocco Gianini

she was very proud of her job, its going to be devastating.


Get out of here PR people. GM has been talking about Candice non stop. Perhaps this week not so much, and that’s because Candice was the Better person and gave her a hug and a happy Barithday. Probably. Felt like a fool when that happen. Even everyone else was surprised. Some of the things she said and he context in which it wa done shows she is a racist. Sh just did not know it until she had to live with a variety of races.

I think she is putting on a Dumb act for the TV. I don’t buy it all. Maybe she can’t spell to good. What does that have to do with the racist comments?

This Season Blows

GinaMarie is sucking up to Elissa this week, so her racism and bullying is forgotten, apparently. Elissa’s fans clearly don’t care about racism as much as they claim to, they just play the race card when it’s convenient to justify their hatred of other houseguests.


So because you don’t buy it we’re wrong? Maybe some of us have the ability to look at the whole picture and not just the ugly side. You think hating on someone you don’t know makes you any better than her? And no, I don’t believe she is a racist. Take that for what you will. You don’t know me either.

give me a break

G.M. changes pertaining to the audience she’s in front of……when she’s in a room with Helen or Elissa…she curses less and is more polite….and when she’s with Amanda or Aaryn…she’s full blown nasty and contributes to racist comments. It’s maybe easy to give G.M. a pass because she is a SIMPLETON….and we all know that Aaryn is an instigator, but GM is 33……G.M. knows right from wrong….when she said the N-word…she made sure that she whisper it into Andy’s and Nick’s ear….because she knows it’s wrong to say and she did not want the other House Guest to hear……..I believe out of Amanda and Aaryn she will take this as a learning experience and hopefully be sorry for her action…….If she was 15 she would get a total pass, but 33….I’m sorry……..I wonder if Elissa was black would she be alone in the room talking to her….having a heart to heart……….G.M. is a follower and i hope this experience would teach her to stop following negative people……Like Elissa told her….”Aaryn negativity brings your personality down, get away from negative energy”…..She mentors young girls of all different ethnicity in pageants and after her actions in the house, i don’t think parents would be comfortable with her mentoring there kids….SHE’S DIFFERENT TO AUDIENCE SHE’S IN FRONT OF……If Amanda or Aaryn had won the HOH this week….she would of join them in the hate speech…point blank……I hope GM learns from this experience…she seems like a fun person to be around…

Roisin Dubh

That house must smell like foot, ass, cheese and onions with a touch of smell good and whore nectar. If I was an HG at this point I would self evict and hope those two nasty asses would make F2 so they wouldn’t go to the jury house and funk it up. I feel bad for Keychain, after the show’s over and they’re all going to Disneyland, that fool’s going to the Dr’s office for an STD workup. He’s dumping Ahandjob when this one ends, but too bad she already ruined him with other women. Go to Latvia, they’re probably running the 1st season and advertising it as a brand new show for the new era out there.

Ohhh UH! UH!

I still laugh when on After Dark Andy was saying (several weeks back) that Amanda and McCrae look like two homeless people that climbed over the fence as stow-aways. LOL!!!! Gross people, show some freaking hygiene!!

Cant bother

So true Amanda looks shabby and dirty, she really need to take a shower.


Oh, how funny!!! I’m laughing here at your comment about McCranda. You and others here are making my day. I needed to laugh. Thank you!!!


There is nothing like digging a cat hole out in the middle of nowhere! I would love to do Survivor!


Spencer: Your so lucky. Amanda is a nymphomaniac.

Mc: I’m thinking of the long term with her and I’m worried . She has a past history. Amanda has gone to jail for being a nymphomaniac. It’s her own fault really. She shouldn’t have fingered herself in the police lineup. The problem is that, what would I do when,the nympho leaves but the maniac doesn’t. Im not saying Amandas a nymphomaniac, but she tripped me up this morning and was under me before i hit the floor.

Spencer: Is a lesbian nymphomaniac a crack addict?

Judd: Mc I think you have bigger worries. Amanda has a split personality, one minute she’s a miserable arguementative c*nt and the next she’s a miserable arguementative c*nt with a knife….

Mc: Do you really think Amanda has schizophrenia?

Judd: My cat’s been diagnosed with schizophrenia.The mad hairy bastard’s got 45 lives now.


Judd’s house must be like a zoo. Dogs, cats, parrots, dolphins, hamsters, LOL LOL

Amanda's Therapist

FuNnY! You had me LMFAO! :-)




Elissa is such a hypocrite. She saids Aaryn doesnt even wanna be in the house and tries to bash her for it. *cough* says she wont go to jury *cough*


And every time she said it McManda went crazy…ummm….

The Thought Police

We agree Jackie. Words do not always equate to one’s intention.


Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Days is This Season?


Thank You


Hurry up, already!


Me thinks 90 days to many this year!


I’ve been searching for weeks and finally found a pic of Spencer’s girlfriend, Marilyn.



Lol @ Elissa. Don’t go on Survivor sweetheart. That show is not for you. You would be miserable.


Holy Smokes, I agree. I’m a Survivor fan too, and Survivor is not the place for Elissa, no how, no way.

Ma Goose.

Elissa is a girly girl and a real lady. Don’t think she would wanna be squatting and then burying her fecal matter.

what rhe fuck

i just want it to be Thursday so Aaryn can have her long awaited interview with Juile




Yeah, Would Love To See Julie Have A Bowl Of Rice Waiting For Aaryn.


an audience full of black people!!


Omg, LMAO!! I would love to see that.


Roflmao!!!! PLEASE do it Julie! That would be priceless!!!


First CBS had to post a disclaimer for the racism – I wonder if this week their disclaimer will have something to cover their a&& from encouraging/allowing bullying!!!???


That was one of the funniest comments here!!! Aaryn would flip out!!!


“Judd says McCrae thinks it makes her look like a better player, like an evel dick.”
– In their wildest dreams, Mcranda could never be Evel Dick!

“Judd comments on how McCrae only washes once a week”
– Eww, gross! That confirms everything anyone on this site every said about his lack of personal care habits.

” Elissa says that Amanda said I bet your husband would love me and my breasts.”
– Really?! No, he probably would wonder why he smells onion and Vagisil. Hopefully, he & Elissa will team sucker punch Mcranda at the finale party. How funny will that be when they go to Vegas and try to use their “celebrity” *snickers* to gain favors & free stuff?

Amanda's Therapist

Something does not sound “kosher” ABOUT
the sex talk (?) bt the DIRTY DUO!
btw If Amanda made a remark to ME about the husband loving her and her breasts….her ASS would be LAID …FLAT!

WTF? When she has a husband and child maybe Amanda
hopefully will change her sleezy lifestyle…but until then! STFU!!
(Amanda Zuckerman’s epitaph )
btw McPussy cleaning himself once a week….yucky!!
Surprised if ALL she has IS a yeast infection¿


Methinks its a safe bet that the show isn’t rigged for Amanda to win. You have everyone, and I mean everyone, gunning after them. Unless they go on a mega streak, which isn’t happening. If there’s a competition that gives them a power, it won’t matter. Eventually exterminators will get the 3 out. And it looks likely that if its solid, Andy and Judd better win major comps b/c they will get voted off due to a favorable jury. And the fact that we may get GM and Spencer in a final two makes me sick sick sick.


You watch Rat Dog will be loyal to McManda until they’re gone…get him out. Elissa/Judd F2–neither is perfect but neither is disgusting.


They should have a comp involving housecleaning or personal hygiene. Now THAT would be rigged!


The Exterminators is some fake alliance by Ratandy. He loves McCranda and will definitely go with them to final 3.


As much as I hate to say it, Andy is in a really good position right now.

Aaryn will go on Thursday night, and it will be in Andy’s best interests to throw the HOH. Why? So he doesn’t have to proclaim an allegiance.

If GM, Spencer or Judd wins HOH, Amanda and McCrae are going up, and, if noms stay the same after veto, Amanda is going home regardless of what Andy does. If Amanda wins HOH, Elissa goes up with Spencer or Judd. If noms remain, then Elissa goes home, regardless of what Andy does. If McCrae wins HOH, Elissa goes up with Gina, and if noms remain the same, Elissa goes regardless.

So Andy survives another week without the Exterminators or Amanda/McCrae doubting his loyalty.

I do find it fascinating that Andy has told A/M that they might hear things about him that are not true, because he’s just securing votes. But he has not (yet!) ratted out the Exterminators or even told A/M that Spencer is coming after them. (They’re already assuming GM and Judd are, but are clueless about Spencer. Although Amanda doesn’t trust him.)

We’ll find out what he’s really thinking Wednesday night in his DR sessions, I would think.

Amanda's Therapist

WOW! bbericfan don’t know that I would have ever looked at it like that! But the way you put it makes…sense!?!
btw Andy does not deserve to stay IMO!
He is too much of a fuckin fickle floater!
But I don’t want Aaryn to stay – cause she is a lunatic!
Aaryn being around Amanda so much has changed her!
The way I feel – she has been poisoned by Amanda’s
crazy ass behavior/antics…she is untrustworthy!
Aaryn is untrusted by the entire house …NOW…even by GM¿¡¿
DUNNO¿ Thursday night eviction will be a good one!


I don’t understand why people call Andy a floater…he’s been solid with the dirty duo since night 2~ So tell me again how he’s a floater? He’s played BY FAR the best “game” of any of these losers…


He looks to the other houseguests like a floater. We know he isn’t, though. He has definitely not been floating to where the power is. He’s been loyal to McCranda since the very beginning, or at least since they formed the Goof Troop (may it rest in peace).

But the fact that he hasn’t mentioned The Exterminators to them yet makes me wonder if he has truly cut his losses.


I disagree…if Spencer wins HoH…he won’t put up M/A…he will go with Elissa and GM…he’s talking shit about the McNasties but he too is scared…he actually w ants to go to final 2 with McCrae so he can say the Moving Company survived after all and went to the end. He knows he ain’t winning…but he thinks he can lie to get to end for the 50k.


I dunno, Spencer might have a chance in a F2 with MC. Spencer’s detestable and horrible and all that blahblahblah, BUT the Demanda hatred might spill over onto MC, ya never know.


Spencer has wanted Amanda out since week 1. He desperately wants to work with McCrae, and the only way to do that is kicking Amanda to the curb. Getting Amanda out is one step closer to Moving Company 2.0 (with Spencer, Andy, McCrae, Judd).


that’s a hysterical idea do that elissa I would pay money to watch all 8 hours that’s how long you would last.if somebody else could carry you that long


“Elissa asks what about a bathroom? Judd says you have to dig a hole.”

You figure with all the free time and ingenuity the survivors have that someone would build a seat to cover the hole ;)


I like amanda she’s the only one who plays the game…the rest are just bitches and act like they can’t do nothing wrong. Amanda is always on their mind be it good or bad…but she’s the show. Elissa & Judd fucking Hypocrites. I’ll be rooting for amanda till the end!


Where are the “like” “dislike” buttons?




So Amanda wasn’t right saying those things to Elissa… But Saint Elissa is no angel. She sits on her high horse and talks about everyone.. Mostly all the girls – and then acts like she did nothing wrong! I mean if you call Amanda out for it don’t turn your cheek to what Elissa does.


There’s a big difference between “talking” about someone and getting in someone’s face, following them around blowing a kazoo in their ear, banging on their door and standing outside of it ect. The two do not compare. I would be talking mad crap too if I had to deal with these bitches.


Don’t forget the mentioning of rape, slitting throats, murder, punching faces, etc., etc., etc.

I like Gina now

I think it is all set up by CBS. every single thing that we are OMG about these HG’s are told by CBS to do. It would be hard for Amanda to get that CHECK without CBS telling or paying off every other hg b4 the finale . However i do think they can get her all the way. I do not understand why so many listen to her i can not believe how most of the house a bunch of followers. They called Elissa idiot doesn’t know what she is doing because she will not listen to them. Amen she doesn’t listen to them that is why they do not like GM she doesn’t kiss there butts either. otherwise this would of been a season of Amanda and her A$$ kissers. HE HE HE…. that could be her spin off since you know life will be better than before because you know society they can drama and will follow her due to it. ya These houseguest will be fine


I want to see Andy get voted out. It would be the best thing for Judd, Spencer, and GM. Think about it. If Aaryn stays she is going to target the McStinky’s, and Ellissa. If Andy stays he will throw HOH. If the McStinky’s get HOH they will target Aaryn and Ellissa. Judd, Spencer, and GM would be safe for another week at least if Andy is voted out.

Rio Seven

Yeah, WTF, how does she know that Hayden makes final 4 on Survivor!


I was wondering that myself. I believe we all just recently found out that he is on the show and they already know who made final four. Very suspicous.

G. O.

Come on – production could have blocked that info… remember folks, this is Big Brother and the Ministry of Peace is always in control.


Hey Dawg, can you help us out here..
GlobalTVcom only revealed the cast of the next Survivor, Blood vs Water, on Aug 21/13, 03:38 PM. So how can Elissa and Judd, who have been in the BB/jury house since June/13 know more than the public on the subject. Elissa saying Hayden “made it far….. Final four when she came into” the BB house (Flashback time stamp 11:26 AM , Aug 27/13)..


Hayden and his girl friend are in the new cast of survior

R U Kidding Me?

I can’t believe Elissa just ran her mouth off about Survivor. Seems she is more “in the know” than she would have us all believe. Gee, I guess being Rachel’s sister has its perks. All the complaints about Amanda having connections now seem blown out of proportion, especially since Elissa seems to have connections, too. I’d love to see her on Survivor — maybe she and Rachel could do it together. I’d pay good money to watch THAT unfold on TV. Of course, with all the whining which would surely occur with Rachel and Elissa, the other contestants would probably move to another island and leave the two of them there to fend for themselves.


It will never happen. Elissa will stay for a long time. McStinky will go next week.


***SPOILER*** Hayden makes it to at least the final four on Survivor!!! Thanks Elissa!!! lol


I caught that too! I was excited bc I never see spoilers for Survivor!


This may be a dumb question but how would Elissa know about Hayden on Survivor?


Survivor is prerecorded not live the people have been back months. They are usually recording next season while the season we watch is playing


Elissa said “Hayden was like in final four when we came on the show”…So must make a guest appearance on that show…probably with Rachel and Brendon during when the family members visit the Survivors….


elissa could be in deep shit for spoiling that. i’m pretty sure she had to sign a confidentiality agreement if she was in some way involved with the upcoming season of survivor.

R U Kidding Me?

I hope you’re right, Bubu!


So glad Aaryn informed Judd and Spencer about just how much Andy’s been working for McCranda. That’s what they need to know. Last night Aaryn and Judd were rehashing all the competitions, what they were called, who won what, etc. in case they’re quizzed I would think. Aaryn just rattled them all off–like she has a photographic memory. She’s got to go. She’d too dangerous.


Does anyone else notice the bedroom area where “Mcgrossmanda” sleeps is always filthy? Clothes everywhere, trash all over the floor and what’s in those trash bags?


They are like hoarders. So gross. How can anyone stand them.


Is the bed on the left, that the creepy couple first “slept” in broken? It looks like it is leaning towards the wall in every camera shot.
Now they have changed beds since they have no access to the HOH bed.
Did they break it and production just not care, or is it simply that even they would no longer lie in their own filth?
Just curious…


It’s totally gross and they are disgusting. They must smell really bad. How anyone can handle being near them is beyond me.


They can make one of those “Fabreeze” commercials in that stinky room.

BB = broken beds

OMG that is hilarious.. A commercial where the announcer talks over footage where they blindfold the audience and lead them through that bedroom. while the announcer says, ” we blindfolded a live audience through the Big brother house where some house guests a have not bathed regularly. ”
But they will have to edit out the ones who have more discretionary sense of smell and pass out from the fumes of ass, feet, onion, condoms, sour sweat mingled with the scent of jasmine and doom.

A Neglected Bar of Soap

On top of everything else, these people are super lazy. Every morning it’s…’Big Brother wakes up the House Guests’ then 10 minutes later ‘They head back inside and Andy and Gina go back to bed’ & ‘Judd goes back to bed.’ I understand they stay up late, but not that late. The House is waking up for a reason you slugs. And McPigPen washes only once a week? It’s been obvious for a while now that he’s dirty, but that’s just absurd. That’s what guys do in prison to keep from getting raped. Maybe he’s doing it on purpose to keep that beast from mounting him again. But really?…homeless people was their asses more than that. The least he could do is take a ‘Puerto Rican bath.’ Dang these people are the foul. (Elissa excluded)


it’s obvious the game is rigged for elissa and that production has been encouraging amanda to be the villain so fans who really didn’t like for elissa at first would become invested in her and want her to win. she was given mvp, the last hoh was tailor made for her, she doesn’t follow the have not rules, she runs to production any time anyone gives her a problem, and its very obvious that she is being leaked information about the outside world, and now she is spoiling other shows. can’t stand her. i wish she would leave but she won’t…


Way to go, dumbass…you just told the world that Hayden made it to Final 4 on Survivor and the damn show doesn’t air till next month. Guess shes cool too b/c she knows plenty of production ppl that work at CBS that obviously leaked that info…yet the game is rigged for AMANDA. Good grief please be evicted next week, plast-issa


I’m a bit tiffed off about that myself.


Why are you mad at that??? That’s an awesome spoiler!!!




How are you on this site complaining about spoilers?That’s super ironic.


Hahahaha, Danny! That’s awesome!

Touche’ complainers!


There is a HUGE difference going into survivor knowing Hayden has already made it to f4 as opposed to coming here and reading live feed transcriptions of events that happen 2 or 3 days ahead, i.e. noms and veto


No there isn’t!


Actually Survivor is taped way in advance. So the outcome is just a forgone conclusion already. People close to those who were on the show know the results already.

I know from personal experience. A friend of mine was on Survivor and actually had to be taken off for medical reasons and he was doing pretty well up into that point. But he felt that he needed to careful and ensure that his hand did not suffer any further damage that could have an adverse impact on his career. He told us all over Thanksgiving dinner about the whole Season even before it was shown to the viewing public. By that time, his hand had healed and there was just a scar.

So Elissa probably had a conversation with Hayden or someone who knows Hayden personally before entering BB. Therefore, production would not have told her anything about Survivor, she had first hand knowledge.


When I watched the pre-interviews I knew this season would suck, but I decided I would root for Nick. Too bad it didn’t take long for them to get rid of him. I think he would have been a pretty food player. Which is why it might have been a good thing they got rid of him, for their own game.


I get why Elissa wants Aaryn gone. She’s is virtually impossible for her to work with and above anything else she has been controlled by other people the whole game from Helen to Amanda. She can’t keep a conversation to herself long enough to process it and they way she reasons and filters things is twisted . But what it is frustrating to watch is that she or the other ones can’t see how big of a snake Andy is and that he isn’t really any better than Aaryn in many ways. He’s just more cunning. For example, Elissa knows he’s more with Amanda and McCrae and doesn’t seemed as bothered by it than I think she should. I mean Judd didn’t have better notes to share about Andy with Elissa about anything he found out yesterday??And you take Spencer, Andy put him on the block during his HOH. That didn’t tell him where his loyalties lie. The same with how Andy was going on about gong on the block, will hell if Gina Marie didn’t go up than one of them would had to go. I’m surprised that didn’t bother them just a little bit. I don’t get the whole Andy Effect. And what is dangerous is that he could very well form an alliance with the guys.


Aslutta wins – Elissa up on block
Mcstinky wins – Elissa up on block
Spencer wins – Aslutta and Mcstinky on block maybe or Elissa and one of the skank duo
Andy wins(assuming not voted out) – Elissa up on block
Judd wins – Aslutta and Mcstinky on block
Aaryn wins (assuming not voted out) – Elissa up on block
GM wins – Elissa up on block

House is pretty stacked against Elissa with I think her only sure bet of not being one of the two noms resting in the hands of Judd. Regardless of how Elissa has protected GM during her Hoh I honestly think GM will backstab her if she gets HoH. I think Spencer might go one of two ways but Elissa will end up on the block under his reign. Andy, no need to discuss nor the others as it is pretty obvious.

McSlutta combo is doomed for eviction if they don’t go on a winning streak over the next 2 weeks which isn’t likely but stranger things have happened.


GM will put mcranda on the block


“They talk about Hayden being on Survivor. Elissa says that he made it far, he was like final 4 when we came on the show. ”

How could they know that? WE don’t even know that…. Man, I’m tired of CBS keeping secrets from us… BASTARDS…


opps, that was me


Thats whats in the script which she has access to. I’m still waiting for Elissa to tell us any day now who won BB 15

Canadian BB Fan

I hope that if GM, Spencer or Judd win then Mcranda will go up; but i suspect that Andy will influence them to put up Elissa.

Personally i’m hoping Elissa wins something today – a second veto or something, so that she can get those two out. Or a power that keeps her safe another week until she can compete.

It bites that everyone is saying that this is the most exciting HOH, but half the people left in the house are already saying they’re putting up Elissa.

They’re excited that Elissa shook things up – but they want to punish her for it at the same time.

Judd, and GM – you’re not up because Elissa stood her ground for both of you. If they don’t help her, then it’s pretty pathetic.

Andy needs to go after Amanda, and McCrae .


Elissa makes me want to gag, Amanda makes me want to puke, Mc.makes me want to scratch, GM makes me want to twitch, Spencer makes me want to hide, Judd makes me want to sleep, Andy makes me want to poop. Can’t tolerate any of them, first time ever since BB’s first season when I started watching. Longtime fan so disappointed with this worthless crew.

Rio Seven

Wait a minute…Survivor has not even been on yet, how does Elissa know that Hayden made it to the final 4???

Ohhh UH! UH!

Because the show is done taping 3 months prior to them showing it on the air. Remember how the people get fat and healthy again and shave their beards, and touch up their roots? lol


because Survivor was being taped in june when they all went in for finals and one of her “friends” told her Hayden was near the end. Watta cunt. Thanks for ruining it now for everyone.


Your an idiot!


yes we’re all idiots because we’re mad that she slipped up and said Hayden’s in the Final Four. whatever obviously a cat person for Elyssa so GFY.


About the time of the F5 they have family members go to see them so that would tell you who is still there and who isn’t


Because Survivor was taped 5 months ago!


Because she is part of the CBS family. BB is not reality tv, its setup for her and her sister to win as they are good at getting viewers. Everyone loves to watch freakshows.


Andy, the rat that he is, is the only one who seems to be on top of his game. He has options. The fact that he hasn’t outed The Exterminators yet means nothing. He has that covered when he told Mc/Am that they may hear lies about him.

He has it set up so that no matter what, he has an alliance. He has one if Mc/Am stay or go. And he has been working the jury votes forever. Even though Judd and Spencer are trying the same thing, they won’t get away with it like Andy will. Mc trusts Andy enough to keep him this week. The rest of the house knows he’s a rat but they are still willing to work with him because they think they can outwit him. And that is good for Andy’s game too. Now if Andy could really let us in on his plans, that would be great. And it would be good if he let us know were his true allegiance lies. That is what DR is for. But he’s too busy in their trying to be “witty”. Shut up Andy and tell us your plan!!!


I’m assuming Aaryn is leaving this week, but she makes me want to cringe.


“It’s Day 9,000 inside the Big Brother house…”—Wil Heuser


Aaryn's Thong

I wonder what Aaryn’s ass tastes like??? any thoughts?


better than butterscotch


Probably like ass!


butterscotch, just like Jessie’s puss


Lik fuge and id pak it tite and putz da creem on it


Idz kuhn’s to find out dat iz fur sur! I duntz no ifin she reely be a racest or not butz id sur hav her callinz me masta. Peeple be pikin on her but I betz she iz more den yuz gotz at home. She juzt needz to be trained!


You and your STUPID comments are as sickening as Spencer is. You are not funny in the least.


I aintz ben funy juz calin a hoe a hoe I aintz n spencer I dunt be talkin boutz no kidz you stupid bitch. Getz it rite. Sonds lik you nbe jelus cuz noonze wuntz your fat ugly ass.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Tyrone for PREZ!!!

Judd's granny

Woofie don’t encourage him.

ian terry

Like heaven

Ohhh UH! UH!

I still laugh when Andy commented on the After Dark (several weeks back) that Amanda and McCrae look like two homeless people that climbed over the fence and stowed away in the game. LOL!!!!!!! Just filthy, gross people that need to show a little hygiene.

Elissa for the Win

I don’t know but I have this sick feeling that damanda is going to find out about the red rat bastard’s other alliance and get mcpussy and gm to save aaryn. then judd, elissa and spencer will be in the minority. grrrrrrr


That would be the best game move for AManda and McCrae, but do not think they have the brains to figure out the only way to win this thing is to keep Aaryn who would be loyal to them and Andy has already turned on them but the two idiots are too dumb to figure that out.


does anyone have a time stamp for: “Elissa comments that Aaryn was trying get attention yesterday and pulled her thong up into her butt.”
Simon, Dawg, anyone? please…i’ve got to get something out of the live feeds since its been so boring this season


Does anyone know what happened to bb grandma?

Go Elissa

DR shut it down ! as they should have !!!!


Oops sorry….meant bbgrandma the poster here. just hadn’t seen her this year


I asked about BBGramma too a while back, but haven’t heard. And Rockstar, yes, he/she was great. It’s a lot of newer posters this year. Glad Ill Will (tradmark) is still here.

kathie from canada

I miss both her and Rockstar! They always amped up the conversations for sure :(


If Aaryn is voted out Thursday, will Julie call her out regarding all the racist comments she has made, or will she play it safe? I am just not sure which way she will go……

Elissa for the Win

Julie and CBS will probably not say anything to Aaryn regarding all the racist BS if she is voted out. If they do, Aaryn might just leave the Jury House to try and do some damage control.


I’ve been noticing Amandas face looked droopy lately too! I figured it was just her ugliness trying to escape her heart :/ Andy unfortunately will probably win this whole lame season! For some reason EVERYONE trusts him and he can not be trusted! I wish they would keep aaryn and get rid of Andy this week. I can’t stand Andy running to mcranda every 5 seconds :((((


We need more fights. Last night there was the camera on an empty kitchen for a minute. Felt like 30.


@ lurker001: did that convo really happen? Amanda going to jail is that true? Lol


I can’t believe she said Hayden makes final 4 in survivor. Thats just f ing ignorant. Is there not 1 person in this house that f ing realizes there are cameras on?? Seriously the dumbest group of people i’ve seen. Elissa is a moron who I don’t think has even watched big brother…. CBS has to be PISSED that she said that. Gonna head to vegas and start betting on Hayden.


Thank you!!! Pisses me off too!!! But omg, that it came from Elissas perfect mouth makes it alllll betteerrrrrr. gag


You say that as you watch spoilers of BB!! Fucking moron!!!


This site doesn’t really give spoilers, other than links to some articles and videos before and after the season. The live feeds are available to all, so they aren’t really spoilers.

Survivor films an entire season in advance. That was a big slip.


WTF? It doesn’t give spoilers? What exactly do you think a spoiler is then???


Let me tell you something, you f ing idiotic c*nt…if you honestly CANNOT SEE the difference in going into a season of survivor ALREADY knowing that a high-profile, former bb winner has ALREADY MADE IT TO F4 well before the show even starts to air on tv, VERSUS coming to site like this and finding out an event, i.e. noms or veto 2 EFFING DAYS before it airs as an edited tv version…if you really cant see the difference in that…then Im sorry, but you are just too stupid for words and your opinion doesn’t mean piss here.

No, actually YOU DO know theres a HUGE difference. You are just fighting with us about it b/c plast-issa slater said it. Gotta take up for the Elissa at every turn, no matter how stupid she comes off!!!

I stand by my original post that had it somehow been AMANDA that had let that info slip out, then people would be outside the bb house right now, picketing with torches and signs.


BTW… You can’t bet on that shit in Vegas clown!!! Why don’t you also try to put a bet down on pro wrestling while your there!!!


Nobody actually goes to Vegas to bet on survivor idiot. I was just making a point that she ruined it for a lot of people and CBS has to be pissed. Lighten the F up.


and that you couldn’t even detect the sarcasm in his post about going to vegas, reinforces my earlier point about being too stupid for words


For shits and giggles….

On Wednesday night Production should have a Asian theme dinner waiting for the HGs; after returning from an outside lockdown.

I bet the irony and symbolism would be lost on all of them, especially Aaryn.

I am just excited to see how Julie will handle Aaryn’s exit interview. Especially, since Julie was so offended by her comments. I can’t imagine that they will have a regular live fan TV audience.


DId you miss the night that Helen cooked dinner and Aaryn said how much she “loved chinese food”, all while shoveling down fried rice like there was no tomorrow. The irony was lost on everyone by that time, Helen and Aaryn were already “bff’s”.


Extra ironic when you consider Helen is of Korean descent…which doesn’t mean she didn’t make Chinese food come to think of it. :)