Oh How the Mighty Fall – Watch the Cockroaches Scatter..

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots

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7pm The Big Brother Live Feeds return from being blocked during the Live Eviction Episode. In the havenot room – Andy, Candice, Jessie, Amanda, Helen, Howard, Spencer and Judd. Helen says someone was disloyal and I don’t like it. I will find out who that 8th vote wasn’t. Candice says they are cockroaches. Andy joins them and talks about how he is already receiving it. Jessie apparently said something to the others before the competition to make it look like she was on their side just in case they won the HOH. They call Jessie out on it and she says she is sorry and that she will go out there right now and tell them who’s side she is on. Andy tells Jessie that he knows she is with them and that it’s okay, he believes her. Helen and Elissa talk to Candice about how she can’t go off on them like that again. Candice says she is sorry. Helen says we treat people with respect. America will judge us. Helen says that Aaryn should never have put me up. I also want to know who the mole is, I want them to sweat a little too. Jessie says if it means anything, it wasn’t me. Andy says that everyone is really mad at me. Helen says that if anyone is mean I will put them on the block. Helen says that even when Jeremy won, I congratulated him. Helen says I have struggled so much in this game! Judd asks Helen if he can host the POV. She tells him sure, you can host.


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7:30pm In the lounge room – Aaryn says they are going to put up me, you (Kaitlin), Jeremy. We only have a few weeks left, one of us is going home. Gina joins them and starts crying about how she wanted a few more weeks with Nick. She says he would have liked me if he just had more time with me. I never got to kiss him. Why did they do this to him. He was such a good kid! Aaryn says because they are stupid bit*hes! Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina all says that they don’t want to be here any more. Aaryn says that she just wants to move on with her life right now. Gina says I really liked him! Two whole years I haven’t felt like that! He was getting closer to me every day. He was hugging me more and more and touching my hand … we were getting closer everyday. If I only had two more weeks with him. Now I have to start all over again. (Gina is really crying a lot about Nick leaving. She is acting like Nick died.)


720pm – 7:40pm In the lounge room – Kailin and Aaryn are talking. Kaitlin is crying and says that she didn’t know it was going to be this hard and didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Aaryn says that she knew what she was getting into but isn’t sure she wants to be here. Aaryn says that she went by the havenot room and over heard Helen say that they have the numbers to make it all the way to jury. Kaitlin says that you know whats horrible is that Elissa is going to win this and she doesn’t even need the money. Kaitlin says I don’t even care, put me up! I don’t want to be here without you. Aaryn says that there were a few days where she didn’t trust Kaitlin but after this happening I feel bad for even thinking that. Aaryn says maybe you and Jeremy should go to her and make a deal. Kaitlin says that she won’t do that. Aaryn says that she can’t mend it! Kaitlin says that Candice is so nasty! Aaryn says that Candice is trash!! Aaryn says that she thinks Jeremy is going to join them. He wants the money so bad. kaitlin says that she thinks so too. That’s why he isn’t in here sitting with us. Aaryn says that she didn’t even start any of the arguments, she started all of them.
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7:45pm Aaryn says we could turn this around and get back in power. We would have to win a lot. Jeremy joins them and tells them that there is no sense dwelling on it we have to move on. We are at the bottom and now we have to move back up. I can’t trust anyone in this game now. Aaryn says we are all going up on the block. Jeremy says they can only send one of us home this week. Aaryn says that she got ripped a new a$$hole about fairness and this isn’t. Meanwhile Spencer talks to Andy in the bedroom. Spencer says that he is definitely closest to him and Helen. He says that he is sorry that he wavered but people were talking behind my back.


8pm – 8:10pm In the living room – Gina continues to cry to Amanda about Nick leaving and wanting more time with him. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Jeremy is talking to McCrae. Jeremy says that he thought the Moving Company was going to stay strong. I am just surprised it was going to go down like this. McCrae says that they came to me. Jeremy says that he knows it’s just a game but that he would appreciate it if he can help him out but understands if he can’t. McCrae says that he will try. McCrae tells Jeremy to just lay low, that’s the best thing to do. Jeremy and MCrae leave the bathroom. McCrae and Amanda head into the lounge. MCrae talks about how disgusted he is with Spencer and Howard. McCrae says that there is no way Jessie could go into the lions den and lie, she is too weak, it wasn’t her. Andy joins them. They talk about who to put up. They think possibly putting up Jeremy and Howard. Amanda says we shouldn’t put up Jeremy initially, we should back door him. Amanda says we should put up Kaitlin and Aaryn. McCrae says I want Howard and Spencer to go home. Meanwhile Gina joins Aaryn and Kaitlin up at the chess board. Gina says that she didn’t cry this much when she broke up with her fiance. I don’t care about he money, I just want to be happy! Aaryn says yeah but in 70 days you are going to see him, it’s not like he died! Gina says what if he meets someone else. Aaryn says if he meets someone else then it’s not meant to be. Aaryn asks can I self-evict!? Kaitlin says that she will too. Gina says if all three of you do it I will too, I don’t want to be here. Kaitlin says I will go in there and tell them this game is so unfair, I don’t want any part of it. My high school 4 years ago was so much easier than this.

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George Zimmerman

Scurry about, cockroaches!


Karma. That is all.


Love how when they are no longer in power somehow the game is no longer fair. These people are pathetic and please leave – as we say in the south “don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya”


Thi game is so unfair. MVP will go to Elissa and her alliance every week




Good for you!


Even though everyone hates them I feel like it would get crazy if Jeremy got the MVP power. Having one side with HOH and the other with MVP each week would be really interesting.
Simon could the MVP put themselves up? Like if they thought they were going to get backdoored they could put themselves up so they could compete for POV?




pssst, who decided on the members of Elissa’s alliance?
pssst, Elissa has been put up every week, for some reason other people leave instead of her, she much be doing something right.


I voted MVP this week for Helen NOT because she’s in Elissa’s alliance – nothing to to with Elissa actually. Helen played the game amazingly this week – controlling everything from who Elissa nominated as replacement nomination, getting them to vote for Nick instead of Elissa and then winning the HOH. She deserves the MVP this week for her game play, not because of who she is friends with. I’m sure if I see it that way, hundreds of other people do as well!



Oh good, so instead of elissa getting it, her best friend in the house gets it. You really shook things up.


I absolutely agree. The girls are acting like spoiled brats who had their toys taken away from them not realizing that they did this to themselves. Had they not been @holes and beeotches, they would not be in this predicament.

Gina crying like someone ran over her precious pet twice, is utterly ridiculous. Aaryn, Gina, Amanda, Kaitlin and Jessie are stage 5 clingers with any and every guy in the house (creepy). Reminds me of Jessie’s girls.

Jeremy is an idiot, tearing off his clothes in triumph after winning a baby contest for POV and now he wants to act all butt hurt that the MC betrayed him, knowing that he did not even vote with MC to evict David? Whatthefreakeverdude!

I am Team Helen! She’s intelligent, compassionate, understanding, tenacious, loyal, trustworthy and an overall good person. I hope she rises to the top of this game and stays there until the end. I’m sick of seeing the undeserving win by alligning themselves with other undeserving players who bully then vote out the decent people in the house.


im glad gina is crying

serves her right for always picking on and bitching about jess


“Aaryn says that she just wants to move on with her life right now.”

ROLMFAO Life on the Unemployment Line


What is with Julie giving Spencer the credit for getting Nick out??? Candice deserves MUCH more credit she’s the one who figured out the guys alliance and who told Elissa to put up Nick..Candice for MVP

Big Brother

As much as Candice, Helen and Amanda worked hard they actually didn’t have the votes. Earlier today McCrae said he was going to evict Elissa but Spencer decided he wanted to flip the vote and told Howard and MC and try to persuade Howard to keep Elissa.


Spencer’s flipping was all Helen’s work though, 100%, she had him running scared. Hope he changes his views on women now.


But Helen did the work on Spencer to get the votes she needed, and she sure has his vote from now on. Hope this changes his views on women rather than reinforcing the anger.


spencer only flipped when he felt they didnt have the votes….mcrae and jessie flipping were the reason!! really mcrae actually….people are downplaying mcrae…but let them!


Besides, Candice has zero social game. Most of the house finds her grating, you can see it on their faces when she talks. She likely was just dismissed initially when she brought up the idea. Figuring out the alliance was one thing, but she failed to really sell the house on it. McCrae, Amanda, Spencer were all more crucial in last night’s eviction.


hope amanda and mccrae leave soon – it obviously wont be this week, but very soon they need to both go up on the block together each week until their partnership is broken up – it would be dumb to leave them in the game for too long

Big Brother

If I was in Helen boot I will nominate katlin, and gina marie. Tell the mvp most likley Elissa to nominate aaryn. So if Helen or any of her alliance member wins pov she can put down own of the nominees and put Jeremy on the block since he is a bigger threat. If Helen puts Jeremy on the block before POV then thats a mistake because Jeremy is a fierce competitor.
*cudos for Nick he was smart player but he relax and tried to be Dan thinking he was safe. But he got the whole thing down when Julie ask how he though he was evicted. He knew Spencer and McCrae turned their back on the Moving Company.

Hhaha wtf

Poor Kaitlin and Aaryn…. Still talking trash. Can’t wait to see what this week has in store for those two little witches



Their name was cursed from the very beginning lol


Funny now that AARYN is no longer reigning…her and her minions don’t want to be there anymore…..and what does she do???? TRASH talk other people!!!! No matter what that woman won’t learn! Whether she is in control or not she is still a vindictive witch!


Spencer is an idiot no one on the other side trusts him anyway he should of just stuck with mc if america keeps giving elissa mvp then the next few weeks are gonna be boring beiber fever is just going to get picked off one by one


Helen won HOH! Now is the perfect time for Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin to end up on the block and fight against each other! It’ll be hilarious! Helen nominates 2 of them and hopefully Elissa gets MVP again or even Helen or Amanda gets it and puts the third one up from the douchebag alliance. This week is going to be awesome if they all stay committed to the newly formed alliance. BB 15 looking up! 🙂


Aww I feel bad for the mean girls . Not!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aaryn, kailyn, gina and Jeremy for Have nots.
Put them there until they go home. Specially aaryn and Jeremy. 😉


jeremy has the never have not pass…. unfortunately!


I know that sucks, I would love to see Jeremy in the have not room this week. But if his girls are there he will be hanging out there anyway. But seeing Ginamarie, Aaryn, and Kaitlin there maybe with Spencer or Howard would be good too.


I would love Kaitlyn, Jeremy and Aarynn on the block at they same time!!!! Plssssss. Helen put them up!!!

Big Brother

Jeremy can’t be a have not for the entire summer.


He won’t be there long enough to care, bye bye scum


I kinda hope the “villains” stay for longer than a couple more weeks, it makes the house much more entertaining.


What? You mean you aren’t excited about the Elissa Show, and the resurrection of the Friendship?

Yeah, me either. Click.

production rigged it

As much as i would like Jeremy to be a have not, unfortunately he can’t because remember during the first HOH they gave the incentive that the next one to drop had a chance to receive a pass and not be a have not for the whole summer….Howard dropped but picked the wrong box and then Jeremy dropped and got it.


It wasn’t a have not pass…it was a slop pass..he can still be have not but he gets to eat regular food…horrible bed and cold showers though


It’s really comical watching Gina Marie cry over Nick. Reminded me of when Jessie was evicted and Cheema, Lydia and Natalie cried while Jeff looked on and laughed.


I admit, the girl likely needs some counseling….but it’s really not funny to watch someone in pain like that. She clearly had issues coming into this house with separation and intimacy, and losing Nick triggered those issues.

I know she’s said some nasty things, and I know she’s making a spectacle of herself, but she’s a human being. Mocking her and laughing at her pain doesn’t make you much better than people like Aaryn-she also seems to enjoy kicking people when they are down.


Hey Dawg, you need to change that name in the HOH column! 🙂


Opps 😉


I love how your comments always say SIMON SAYS. lol

Appeal Obama Ad

Fruedian Slip!!!!!


Well deserved HOH from Helen! This was her week. OH and AARYN you can have some rice….ONCE you sit down in the nomination seat!!!!!


Only if it is on the SLOP menu!

The Black Fish

What do you think BB would do if Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Gina just decide f*** it and all self-evict?


I would say celebrate, but I remember when Chima,Natalie, and Lydia threatened to leave, Production bribed them with some Chinese Food.

Since these Kaitlin,Aaryn and Gina are racist, maybe a video of Roots?


oh that is too funny!!!!

Jess C

haha that is so funny how did Chinese food make everything all better and make them stay? They could get all the take out they want out of the house. Production must have some magic persuasive powers. ( Glamouring perhaps).


Oh my goodness. Your comments are so very funny that I actually love these reads more than the show. God Bless Americans they are truly great comedians.
Thank you …A Canadian friend and a BB lover too.


If they didn’t get a weekly stipend they honestly should just self evict. MVP gives them 0% change of winning this game.


Wrong. Them being petulant little brats gives them a 0% chance of winning the game.


I agree. I didn’t have a problem with any of them and certainly wasn’t biased in Elissa in the least until Aaryn and crew started being so completely nasty towards everyone that wasn’t trying to seduce the “MC” into bed


They HAD a chance to win this game even with MVP, they played a bad social game in the first couple of weeks and that is why they will not win.


This is true. This was done simply so production could rig votes to protect their favorite (Elissa) and make sure she is safe every week. There’s no point to watch the rest of the season at this point.


@Sothron … so basically sounds like you’re rooting for the evil side of mighty mouth (Jeremy) + his whores then, is that right?

Every season people complain how they’ll stop watching everytime the person we’re rooting for doesnt win we pull the “this game is rigged” card… boo hoo. It’s a game & the power HAS TO CHANGE in the house… every week. That is kind of.. the point. Thats what makes the game. Leave the complaining to the immature, self-entitled whiners in the house – Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy & Gina – I doubt “production” made anything happen, switched anything or rigged votes or whatever you’re trying to say…. Everyone had an equal shot at competing to win HOH, Helen rightfully won fair & square. & if it wasnt for so many racist comments, prejudice, foul behavior/conduct & downright repulsive actions everyone also would’ve been basically equal at a shot to get MVP… but hey those ones set themselves up for that & ruined there own chances at winning that twist. They’re on national TV & 24hr live feeds talking reckless like america cant hear them yet still expect everyone to be on their side & reward them.. its ridiculous. Production arent making these idiots say those things… therefore I dont understand how you or anyone can say they rigged anything??! As far as Elissa… I dont know why she’d be picked as Productions “favorite”, as she is no more different or special than anyone else in that house. America is able to go vote *Everyday, up to *10x each for the person(s) they want to win… & Elissa seems to have the “Brenchel Army” behind her.. as well as she’s probably winning too by default because everyone is so nasty in that house who else would America choose to give such a powerful twist to?! Maybe Helen.. Candance… or Judd? They dont seem as popular though. & MAYBE Amanda. Andy & Jessie are both not strong enough to deal with that kind of power… they’re both too submissive/passive. & Howard is a flip-flopper… rat, especially now after this last ep.


obviously if they keep giving one person the same power its rigged in that persons favour – thats not what the game is supposed to be about

there should not be 3 noms and an mvp

the game has worked fine with just 2 noms for years


I would self-evict. This game is rigged as fuck. It’s rigged so much that the houseguests actually talk about how unfair the game is in the house where all the live feeders can hear. It’s actually pathetic really. Why can’t they just play a game? Grodner needs to get fired.


Ssshhh! Brad! You’re angering the Elissa fans. You know the BRENCHELS hate having to fight on a level playing field.


Better tell A and GM that they’re unemployed and will lose the sripend if they self-evict

Zingbot Fan

What a huge turn around in one night. Nights like this are why I love this show.

VA Vet

OK Simon and Dawg. Quit playing around. Aaryn isn’t the HOH.


Ok, Gina needs to calm down, she can self evict if she really wants to see Nick that badly! I’m happy that Helen won! I really want to see Jeremy or Aaryn evicted but who knows?! Finally a week without Elissa going on the block and I was really tired of seeing her there!


Emotions always run a little high after an eviction like this. I find her reaction a little over the top as Gina seemed to be the one making all the running and from what Nick said tonight, it almost sounded like he would have gotten with her just because or out of curiosity, but not any real liking on his part. I bet within the next couple of hours or by tomorrow she will have calmed down and in a DR she’ll be saying something like, “I’m no quitter and I’m going to stay here and fight and get revenge on everyone that voted for Nick!” I’m leaving out all the cursing of Elissa she’ll probably be doing in between those basic sentiments.


OMG – seriously……..2 weeks and she is crying……..she can now hang on Jeremy………..


every season people on this site complains i will stop watching the game is rigg … please just stop complaing leave that up to jeremy , aaryn , gigi… power has to change in the house their are alot of ups and downs in the bbh … …. this coming week those racist bastards will not get mvp maybe HELLEN OR CANDANCE thinking candice even cbs isnt going to keep letting the sun shine on elissa for every MVP even though i love her … everytime the person we are rooting for doesnt win we throw a hissy fit rigg or yall stop watching… balance has to be in this house powershift i love it ….well i aint tired saying this but i want aaryn or jeremy pull a chima lol


Your post is almost exactly what I was going to say Spicy.

Everyone whining about Elissa winning need to think about something.
A lot of it may be the Brenchal army, but some of the support for her is just people who HATE the Hitler Youth so much
they want to seem them get burned, therefore they are (semi) pulling for Elissa. I could not stand Rachel, and even I
was hoping for Elissa to stay this week, just for the drama that is happening at this moment…it is delicious!
I think Elissas reign as MVP is over anyway, CBS is not stupid enough to let her have it again.
My vote is for Amanda, she is one smart *B*, and I feel she deserves it.

On a side note….REALLY GinaMarie….REALLY????
How deluded can a woman be? He wasn’t even into her and she is mourning like he was assinated…what a dumbass.


PS- Howard may be playing a good game, but he is going to get nailed for trying to do that under the radar vote.
He turned out to be a snake.

PSS- How clueless is Aryan? Can she not feel the disdain coming off Julie Chen in waves?
Can not believe she is not picking up on how she is being perceived.


How ironic….wasn’t there something in the bible about that.

I love howard though…but #teamcandyland


*Assassinated (Had to correct that because I have no clue what assinated could mean!)


Uh, no, when there’s cheating and dirty play going on behind the scenes, be it in a religious, political, or entertainment arena, the right thing to do is to speak out against it. I’m sorry that in this case the cheating is benefitting Saint Elissa, but it’s still wrong that production pulled strings to keep her there last night, and it’s wrong to vote someone MVP when they have bad gameplay. You people are sheep.


As much as I can’t stand Jeremy, Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin, I don’t want them all gone pre jury. I need a villain to hate in this game.
Get rid of some, yes, but not all of them. It might get boring.


Don’t worry the house will flip again.. we in for a heavy duty week


You can already see the seeds being sown in that first conversation. Helen is acting like the rebel leader who fought her way to the capital city, talking about peace and democracy, but after she arrives, elections are suspended and martial law is declared, as she searches for traitors to the revolution (Is it to soon to call Helen Fidel…jk). It’s actually fascinating to watch sides get taken in by power. Then Elissa lecturing Candace, talking about how “we’re” better than everybody else and we have to be popular with America.

I think this week will be great on the feeds…and boring in the game. If you’re Jeremy and the mean girls you just need to survive this week. One is leaving…and if Aaryn and GM want to quit and beg to be evicted, Jeremy and Kaitlin need to table the pep talks. If they can’t handle a little adversity then they should leave. The game isn’t over for anybody…well..maybe Spencer. I just don’t see a way back for him. His best just be nice and fun. No game play whatsoever. Just go along to get along and be as fun as you can. Somebody needs to step up and be the social director and generate fun. Make the house enjoy having you around.

I think that power will go to Helen’s head this week and she will be trying to ferret out the leak (for somebody from politics, she should know better than to let inconsequential things bother her). Elissa will as well, acting as though she’s America’s princess and with a special power that doesn’t require consultation. Candace will feel secure and free…and will pick some unnecessary fights, with foe and friend alike. Amanda will play too hard. She will see that Jeremy and the mean girls are done and will start poisoning other players on “her side”. Judd and Jessie will still be floaters…

Howard and McCrae are safe, but not as safe as they were a week ago. The MC plan to weed out the other side of the house was as smart last week as it is this week and they can try to plant seeds, but have to be delicate. They need to pull Jeremy aside and let him vent, then ask him if he still wants to play. First, he has to win POV, but after that he has a shot.

What Jeremy and Kaitlin need to do is be cool. Tell the house it’s a game and he understands he’s the target, but let’s just play the POV and let the chips fall where they may. Have Jeremy send Aaryn and GM out to make deals. Put them on blast as schemers, connivers, and players. Then him and Kaitlin need to detach at the hip. No more hanging together 24/7. They need to be social and at every opportunity, get into 1-on-1 conversations with the other side except for Helen, Elissa, and Candace and become Barbara Walters. Ask them about pets, home, school, work, family, and friends. The purpose is not to win those HG’s over, the point is to play on the paranoia of power. It happens to every HG; The fear that they’re blowing a chance and are making a mistake that will bite them later. Let that foment. If possible (and if Spencer becomes party director, he can help) create social situations that Helen and Elissa will find distasteful or not participate. Isolate them socially. This will add to the paranoia. From there, McCrae has to be willing to use Amanda (and Howard, Spencer, and Jeremy have to pledge her safety to McCrae (no threats), even though she will be kept in the dark) and when they’re alone, he has to subtly mention how “Jeremy was talking to Jessie for a long time. Kinda makes me nervous” and “Judd had Kaitlin cornered for awhile. Do you think he’s making a deal” Amanda will absolutely take this right back to Helen and Elissa. If their, paranoia is already worked to a heightened state, then either they stew until the following week…or they blow up.

The whole week for former MC should be absolutely no gameplay. Howard stays involved and in the loop, but just agrees with Helen, Elissa, Candace, Andy, and Amanda. Spencer becomes party/fun guy and does nothing but agree, while trying to stay out of game talk. Jeremy (and Kaitlin) just relax, don’t be mad, and be Oprah with the other side. McCrae needs to feed Amanda’s appetite to strategize and play. He can’t remotely try to save or talk up Jeremy or Spencer, but he can sow seeds of doubt in everybody not named Howard, Helen, Elissa, or Candace. And if they lay low enough this week (and Aaryn or GM leaves), then next week the game will finish the reset that starts tonight and maybe Howard and McCrae can salvage some of what they threw away tonight.


Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe there are NINE jurors this season. That means with five NON jurors and two finalist, at least one of the four remaining in the “brat pack” will HAVE to make the jury house.


Waaaa … I don’t want to be here…. Waaaa


Exactly, singing the loser song. There are so many more important things going on outside the house…… Wahhhh…….


after tonight let the boredom begin. floaters will float and the big targets will be voted out. and the HOH comps can be paused til after the MVP thing. because actually its not good to be HOH cause all the MVP nomination are going anyway. there will be always big big targets available to put up.

in 4 weeks or so when all the really strong players are gone the real game will start.

VA Vet

Watching Mighty Mouth (Jeremy) eat crow and try to suck up to Elissa and Helen should be quite entertaining.


The thing with the MV P noms – they have been strategic. The HOH noms have been personal.

Janelle pov queen

GinaMarie sitting in Nick’s eviction spot, wearing his hat and smelling his shirt while sobbing hysterically


Win in the BB house= $500,000
Win Survivor 1 million
ticket to a movie =$9.50
Average Gallon of gas =$3.48
The looks on GM, Kaitlin, Jerome, Aaron’s face after tonights eviction =Priceless


I don’t remember them even showing Aaryn’s, & Jerm’s didn’t seem to change much. Just GM’s was bad.


Spencer is an outright idiot…he couldn’t keep his mouth shut from Day1 when all he had to do was sit back like Howard so he got himself in loads of trouble. Then he comes up with the ohso brilliant idea that it’s better to be on the untrusted bottom rung of a 9 PERSON ALLIANCE which is idiotic to begin with instead of loyal to his MC rock solid 5 and having the Jeremy side battling the Helen side and him just eating popcorn. He flipped on his 5 man secret alliance that was controlling the house in WEEK 2!!! Terrible terrible gameplay.

Now I GUARANTEE you in about 3 or 4 days everyone is going to be saying how boring this season is because it is going to be so 1 sided with Helen’s group having the numbers and the MVP and knowing exactly who not to trust. And they will be right.


The MC was never SOLID! Jeremy didn’t vote for David when the MC had all decided to vote him out.


That was a show vote. Jeremy was on board the whole time. He only voted the other way for appearances, to manipulate the final tally, and pit the two sides against each other.


That is a great point! well said.

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

@ ELLIE You are so right. Jeremy was the ORIGINAL MC TRAITOR. he has nothing to complaint about. It is on camera! That piece of trash Jeremy! Disgusting pig!


I don’t understand why Big Brother only villainized Aaryn. They should have showed EVERYONE’S racist comments. And Kaitlin surprised me tonight. She damn near won HOH!


I was quite shocked at Kaitlin’s performance as well… Not only did she almost win but she was extremely quick in answering the questions. Still not a fan but pleasantly surprised. I was thought of her as a pawn.


@Kayla … Big Brother didnt “Villainize Aaryn”… Aaryn villainized herself & Big Brother showed her in all her glory with all her most memorable racist comments in the house so far!! Tonights show didnt even really go that deep but when it did focus on racial comments/arguements it was mainly focused on the ones Aaryn made.

Which is GREAT. As it should because she’s a little bitch & has the most horrible things to say in the house out of everyone.

However, it was last Thurs… or Sunday’s? show that showed the full medley of EVERYONES racial comments, they dedicated like the first 10mins of the show about that… including Spencer, Amanda, GinaMarie & Aaryn’s comments… & Jeremy was in there a few times too saying things. Because they’ve all said racial slurs/condesending & derogatory remarks.

But as so many people have noticed & said, Aaryn is the one that seems to be the ringleader of this. She walks around like the Queen of the house like she is power in the house & everyone is supposed to be scared or submit to her while talking sh*t about everyone & being disrespectful. So I am thrilled they focused on her. Because she is awful & who cares even IF Big Brother DID “Villainize” her… ??! You ask that as if she doesnt deserve it or do this to herself?!


yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah helen won hoh i hope mvp too please vote for her give her three power not just two cause i really do think she desivre it this time in im glad elssia say cause i hate racist an bully people now what cirlce of trust now what cry cry cry cry gina what goes around comes around


Spencer needs to give it a rest!! I’d laugh myself silly if say Howard or one of the “other side” got MVP just for a little slap in the face. Everyone of them joining team Elissa & Helen b/c the think they can control the MVP. I wish America would vote to mix things up a little bit. They need to learn what happens when you assume things.
And if Elissa doesn’t get MVP then maybe it will be a truly silent one this week.

Charlie Hustle

It would be good for the game if the MVP goes to the darkside. And by darkside I mean evil and not coloured…Aaryn. Get on it. You can vote upto 10 times at a $1 per call….hah.

Janelle pov queen

GinaMarie is crying into Nick’s underwear
Somebody pls come in kill me


She sniffing to see if he left some splooge in there for her? Classy Gina, Classy


Does BB do mental evaluations on these people? Ginamaries reaction doesn’t make me feel sorry for her, it makes me wonder what is wrong with her? If I were Nic I would run to the nearest courthouse and get a restraining order pronto! She has known him for two weeks and she loses it like this? It is odd and shows she is extremely desperate for a man. These young girls are a shame to themselves. I assume we will be seeing Ginamarie, Kaitlin and Jessie on next year The Bachelor?


HaHaHaHaHa………That’s karma, goodbye Aaryn you just got evicted.


It will be interesting if they find out who the “mole” is. This could be Spencer’s chance to maybe make a player or two he wants to align with (Helen and Andy) like him more by telling them. It would be smart given that so many of them already don’t like him.


its funny how the cockroaches are cryin that the game is no fun, but it was fun the last week with their racist comments and their bullying people. that gina needs to take a reality pill, she isnt worried about the game she was worried whether she could have kissed nick in a few weeks, such a jerk….


now they want to go home. Just last week aaryn was calling kailyn cocky and now they are BFFs united who wants to go home. Boohoo cry me a river! Oh wait, Gina is already at it.

jessi can’t be trusted. What a stupid move. Can she think for a second. Didn’t she just witness her side have the votes. Idiot.

On another note I gave my MVP votes to halen and Amanda. No fun giving Helen ALL the power
So tomorrow Amanda gets my votes 😉


ok so you are giving mvp votes to someone who has made racist and homophobic remarks?

alrighty then


so glad helen won hoh, and can’t wait to see jeremy scramble.

poor, poor,aaryn! everybody picks on her and says nasty things about her, and she *never* does anything to deserve it! if she would only self evict along with ginamarie, it would save us a double eviction this season.


If I was Helen, I would put up Jeremy & a weaker player (i.e: Kaitlin). Theoretically, if one of the people in my alliance won MVP, I would tell him/her to put up another weak player, basically giving Jeremy the highest chance of winning POV (out of all the nominees). Once Jeremy takes himself off of the block, I (if I was in Helen’s position) would put Aaryn in his place, giving her no chance of taking herself off the block and sending her home this week!

Zingbot Fan

I like your logic but I would back door Jeremy instead of Aaryn since he is such a threat to win HOH or challenges. I think enough people are fed up with Aaryn that you can get rid of her any tine you want.


Dumb idea when Helen already was working on a secret alliance with Aaryn that will payoff bigtime later on for Helen when the big alliance breaks up.


” Helen and Elissa talk to Candice about how she can’t go off on them like that again.” Not surprised at all, Candace was screaming & dancing around like a classless hoe when Helen won HOH. At least Aaryn didn’t do that. Funny how they get so cocky when it’s a rigged twist that is saving their side.


Yo mama!

la la la

shut up!


Riggedbrother, WOW! you must be a relative of Aaryn’s. Its funny how you called Candace a “hoe”. That’s very telling. She is the least whorish, next to Helen. Also, she was NOT the only one jumping around. I saw Helen, Andy, Elissa, and Judd too! Why aren’t they “hoe’s”? Hmmmmm….. Anyway Candace has been UNFAIRLY targeted from day one based on her skin color ONLY. She has be called a “cunt” everyday for no reasson at all. If she wins HOH, she wants to get rid of the racist. What don’t you like about that? If i were her and have had to deal with all those racial comments and slurs everyday for 2 weeks, I would have ran 10 laps around the yard. GOOD FOR HER, that she jumped! IF BB rigged it, GOOD FOR THEM!!! Maybe they realized what a bad job they did at casting these horribe people. Why would Julie Chen want or anyone want that side to prevail after all they have said and done in the past 2 weeks? Even God gets rid of the rift raft evey now and then. Personally I think the MC sealed their own fate. Playing too hard too fast! Nick said it tonight himself. You can’t lie to everyone in the house and NEVER get caught. Everyone says he is so smart… Maybe. But he wasn’t smart enough to NOT hitch his wagon to a bunch of people he just knew for an hour. He attached himself too CANCER! and CANCER KILLS. McCrea was smart enough to walk away. When the racist comments were going on instead of laughing maybe Nick should have been saying something. When he found out his fellow houseguest were offended, He could have sealed his place in they house by calling Aaryn, Gina, kaitlin and Spencer out. Actually he could have stopped it; at least Ginamarie and Spencer. So good he’s gone! He played his hand wrong. I don’t think Elissa will get MVP anymore until she earns it. America just hated how she and the others were being treated. if you know BB, then you know there is much more flipping to come, so Im sure you will find happiness again. One last thing, I have no problem with someone calling something exactly what it is. However to give a women the label “hoe” an African American women, with that label and that spelling… H O E, when she has exhibited no such behavior makes you no better than Aaryn, Gina, Jeremy or Spencer! So I’m certainly not surprised that’s who you are rooting for.


Instead Aaryn only demanded that the people who voted out David raise their hands so she could put them on slop. Yep, That’s much better. So classy. NOT!


The talk jeremy had with mccrae was hilarious

Jeremy's Boat

It’s tempting to go after Jeremy (and probably a good idea), but they really need to nip Spencer-Howard in the ass soon before their poison seeps back into the group.

The Toddler Terrors are Dunzo

LOL typical bully mean girls sticking together instead of owning up to what they did. Candice is one of the classiest girls on big brother. Oh well these terrors are finished, we’ll see how cool you are outside this house and we’ll see if any of your men come near you with a 10 foot pole after this is all done.


Aaryn said she feels “ridiculous” for being played. Ahhh, poor baby. Why don’t you ridiculous for being a racist instead Aaryn! Oh wait, she isn’t a racist or says racist things according to her racist self. SMH, she need a reality check and it’s coming soon!


7:30pm In the lounge room – Aaryn says they are going to put up me, you (Kaitlin), Jeremy. We only have a few weeks left, one of us is going home. Gina joins them and starts crying about how she wanted a few more weeks with Nick. She says he would have liked me if he just had more time with me. I never got to kiss him. Why did they do this to him. He was such a good kid! Aaryn says because they are stupid bit*hes! Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina all says that they don’t want to be here any more. Aaryn says that she just wants to move on with her life right now. Gina says I really liked him! Two whole years I haven’t felt like that! He was getting closer to me every day. He was hugging me more and more and touching my hand … we were getting closer everyday. If I only had two more weeks with him. Now I have to start all over again. (Gina is really crying a lot about Nick leaving. She is acting like Nick died.)

*dead * simon i weak lol


I’m glad the mean, cocky side of the alliance is out of power but DAMN this MVP is making Elissa the biggest floater. Could she maybe win something?!


Floater = Someone who jumps to whatever side has power.

Elissa is definitely something, but not a floater.


I can’t wait to see what Jeremy’s going to do/say in the next couple hours/days… We are in for a show!


Why aren’t they interviewing the HOH this year? I was looking forward to the audience’s back lash.


Oh i’m so pi$$ed! I mean why didn’t these people keep Nick so GM could see if he would finally kiss her! How selfish can they get! Never mind about their game, this is supposed to be about beautiful barbies & romances & getting GM a man! jeremy looks so upset, i mean he is a communications whatever & he was supposed to have it “locked down” awwww, I feel like what those 4 need is SLOP for a week…i wish there was a way to take away his slop pass! a comp to see if he will give it up for something…anything! I want all them on slop!


Really GM Crying like that that man did NOT LIKE U ONE BIT


What comes around go’s around. Watching their faces, Kaitlin, Gina, Jeremy, Arryn was priceless. The 4 of them are so completely arrogant, they needed their ridiculous alliance split up early on. I just hope that Helen does not consider making any deals with them. That would be a huge mistake, I say, backdoor Jeremy. Don’t put him up, so his chances ok playing for veto are slim to none. Put up Kaitlin and Arryn, and Gina as a 3rd through MVP. I believe Helen will get the MVP this week. Then when one of them comes off, put up Jeremy.Simple. So happy Helen won, I just hope she doesn’t get HOH fever and act like a fool.


simple things impress ginamarie this guy didnt even kiss her yet she obsessed imagine if nick had sex her …….shit 5 months from now she will be one of those lady’s on SNAPPED because theirs no way she can get so emotionally involve with someone who hasnt given u anything tangable just hugs …. sound to me like gigi never got the attention like what nick give her .. lonely ass ….. .

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

@Spicy She reminds me of the stalker lady played by Glen Close on Fatal Atraction. GM needs professional help. It is not looking good…..


Iam at work so my feeds are all sketchy . But from what I have seen is Helen first comforting Gina directly after the HOH, and now seems to be trying to keep her people both humble and in control of te BS … ( which se will find with house guests is like herding cats) if she can’t be MVP perhaps she should be next week of she can control them and make her HOH …HER HOH

yoga stretch

The all boy alliance is exposed, right? Wonder if aaryn will put it together and figure out who ‘actually’ sent David home?.
aaryn/kaitlin/Jeremy may fall apart.

billy bob

did nick die? whats going on, why is gina ballin, hehe tonight turned around the season made it good,


You would have thought he died. That was utterly ridiculous and pathetic.

I luv J-U-double-D!

At least the HOH comp there was no way for Jeremy and Aaryn to cheat