Andy says it’s Elissa day, let Rachel come out, let her stomp around in her stilettos.

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots

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8:15pm – 8:30pm In the lounge room – McCrae, Amanda and Andy are talking about who to put up on the block. Amanda thinks they should put up Howard and Aaryn. Andy talks about how they were bullying Jessie in the kitchen right before the vote, how dumb is that!? Andy says thank god Helen got it! McCrae agrees and says that next week will probably be endurance and Helen probably wont be that good at it. Andy, McCrae and Amanda agree to keep the five (Helen, Elissa, McCrae, Amanda and Andy) of them safe and under wraps. McCrae says this couldn’t have been any better. Amanda says that she told Jeremy that this game isn’t all about winning challenges. That’s what you get for only watching one season. They talk about how they have 100% trust in each other. Andy says that Candice yelling and screaming at all of them, let her do it. Andy says that with Helen being HOH it is better that she has blood on her hands because she has a reason to go after them. They talk about how they are so fu*king excited. Amanda says that she is really thrilled that Howard and them went against us. Amanda says that but as soon as one of them get power they will put us up. Andy says that is why we don’t alert them (Spencer and Howard) that we are onto them. Andy says that he will act like their best friend. They talk about how its Elissa day, let the Rachel come out, let her stomp around in her stilettos. Let her have her day! Amanda says that she will back her up too. Andy says that Gina followed Nick around like a sick puppy dog, I was embarrassed for her. Andy says lets keep the five of us under wraps. Howard joins them. Howard asks can my name stay out of your mouth now. Amanda says your di*k can’t. Howard says you heard it here first! Howard talks about how immediately after Helen was wanting to find out who the fourth vote was. Let’s just enjoy the night. Candice and Jeremy join them.


8:30pm In the bedroom – Howard asks Jessie if she was really with them or if she was a pawn for them. Jessie says that she was a pawn. Howard says that it is best that she figured it out now. Jessie says its just that I jumped on the boat just before it left the dock and Helen said that she is going to protect the ones that have been with her since the beginning. Howard tells her not to look at it like that, he says think of it as how you have time to built a relationship and trust with her now. Jessie agrees. Howard leaves the room.
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8:40pm In the lounge – Candice, Andy and Jeremy are talking. Candice says that this is a numbers game. You pick your side and you stick with it. If you don’t pick a side you both sides are going to get mad at you. Candice talks about how if people get ugly and start calling names she is going to go off on them. Candice and Andy leave the room. Judd joins Jeremy. Jeremy asks Judd to talk him up to his side. Judd says that he could do that. Jeremy says I am on the losing side. Judd tells Jeremy to put his game face on and win the POV. Jeremy says that he might get back doored though. Judd says that once Helen gets her HOH he will try talking to her. Judd says that he thinks it would be better for a girl to leave this week.. well next week .. you know what I mean. Judd says don’t get discouraged. Jeremy says that he isn’t, it ain’t over till its over.


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In the kitchen – Andy tells McCrae that he would be the one Andy would go for. McCrae says that he takes that as a compliment. McCrae says he knows if his gay friends from home tell him looks good, he knows he can believe them. Aaryn comes through the kitchen and tells Gina to come with her. You don’t want to do this here. Gina is still crying. Aaryn takes her to the bedroom and makes her bed. Gina sits in the chair in the corner and starts balling. Gina says that Nick left his cereal. She asks did he forget anything. Gina then goes looking for things of Nicks and finds his chap stick and starts crying even more. Aaryn tells Gina that she can’t be walking around with Nicks coffee cup and losing it. Aaryn says that our downfall is that we can’t be fake. Nick wouldn’t want you to be sad. Gina says that she just haven’t felt this way in a long time. He made me feel smarter. Amanda comes in to console Gina. Gina says I didn’t even get to kiss him. Amanda laughs and says at least he’s not dead, he can watch you now.


9pm In the havenot room – Helen, Andy and Candice are talking about Helen winning. Helen says I want to help the people that helped me and protect them. Andy says that there will be no tyranny this week. Meanwhile up at the chess table – Jeremy and Kaitlin talk about how mad they are Elissa is still here. Jeremy says that America disgusts me! They disgust me that they would vote for her. Kaitlin agrees and says that Elissa will get it every week! Jeremy says again that America disgusts him. In the lounge room – Spencer talks to Elissa. He tells her that he knows he wavered a bit but that it was Jessie that didn’t vote with us. He says that 1000% it was Jessie. Spencer says Howard and I vote together and we voted out Nick. Jessie was the one that did it. Lets just let this week play out. Elissa says that she doesn’t want to be seen talking and leaves the room. Elissa heads into the bathroom and tells Judd how Spencer is trying to corner her to talk to her and says that he trying to say it was Jessie. Judd says no way it was Jessie. Elissa agrees.


9:15pm Candice and Helen are talking in the havenot room. Candice says that in her heard of hearts she thinks Jessie was the missing vote. Helen says well I can use this to put Jessie up as a pawn if I want. I don’t know if I will put her up as a pawn, I will see. Candice says that she knows it wasn’t Howard, he wouldn’t be able to look me in the eye as a man of god and do that. Howard joins them. Howard says Candice is biting her nails she is thinking something, she is up to something. Candice says no. Helen hugs Howard and thanks him for his vote today. Howard comments on how there is one less guy now. Helen says between you and McCrae you two tough guys should be able to beef it up for us.


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GinaMarie, stop crying like a little b$tch!

Amandas Vagina

That’s not very nice why don’t you go back to crying racism like one.



Cream pie

Wow! I dislike Mean girls & Jeremy as much as everybody but Mr Wedgie, can you pls stop being the most annoying commenter in here. it’s like they kicked your dog or something. Live life& don’t take this show too seriously.


Quote from Daniel Bryan: No, No, No, No!

King Silva

Another quote from Daniel Bryan: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I’m with you that GM needs to STFU and act like an adult. Nick is NOT dead so get over it!

He never even liked you so she is going to feel real stupid when she sees that.. -_-


The Captain has been here making comments annoying or not for years….It is a tradition, love it or leave it.


Annoying. 99.5% of his posts have been annoying for years.


AWESOME!!!! I Knew the MC would collapse fast, sort of hoped they would last but Jeremy is a DB and I really don’t want to see him go far. I have always wanted someone like Helen to play the game with respect and win. So I will go for her, unfortunately the odds are against her. All the others that tried to play the game nice and with respect didn’t seem to make the cut. Kasir and Jeff are the only ones that come to mind at the moment. Still Helen seems to be taking it to a new level by even respecting her enemies more than past guests. Even if she doesn’t win, she is making a great image for herself on a national stage which is still a win for her to some extent, especially since she is in politics.

Janelle pov queen

Jeremy saying he hate America? Wow it’s funny how the people who want Elissa to go so they can win MVP is the people who will never win MVP cause America hates them lol and this Gina girl is a mess they want to talk about how Elissa should not be here she has money ect but y’all are the people saying y’all want to go home? I can’t Hellen for MVP


Poor Jeff and his clown shoe.


I don’t know if I can handle a week of hearing “this is for the moms”
On a side not – nice to be able to watch GinaMarie imploding in front of everyone! rofl!


Since Elissa came into the house, she was mistaken for Rachel. I would not enjoy that, especially if I were so different from her – which she apparently is. On another topic: what’s with the houseguests who come in looking for soul mates? Maybe GinaMarie was looking for any old show that would supply testosterone and see where the dice rolled? C’mon. Get in the game.


I’m so glad to see Elissa so happy on BBAD tonight for the first time in the BB house since she got there! The girl deserves it for all the bullying and false accusations that have been coming her way for the past 2 weeks. Finally a stress free week for E. Nobody should be treated that way especially when they didn’t do or say anything to bring it on!


amanda said to gigi atleast nick isnt dead he can watch u lol priceless

see how quick jeremy ,,, aaryn ego drop HUMBLE PIE …


Wow, just lost every morsel of respect I had left for Howard. He should admit he voted for Elissa and not blame someone else. What a coward!


Howard the Coward! It rhymes!


I think Howard just pulled what Spencer did Candice in Week 1 on Spencer but it appears he is doing a much better job of selling it than Spencer did.

The Doctor

I was kind of hoping he would try to put the blame on Spencer so he could leave this week. I guess he doesn’t have to because Spencer already looks suspicious by saying that it was Jessie that voted for Elissa.


Wow… those girls really screwed in da head.


No way it was Howard eh?? Poor Jessie…


I’m starting to dislike Howard. He needs to be more honest.


@ NAME i liked him, but he is coming of as shady for a while. Too bad! People are watching!


It’s just a game though…who cares if you lie. You’re a liar if you say you don’t watch this game for all of the drama. All these people who watch this show trying to pretend they are above lying. Something about letting those who are without sin throwing the first stone…


My OBB family…everything I said about this season up to this point……….I take back…….hollllllly shit what an episode! Not only was that eviction absolutely hilarious watching the expressions of the “Mean Girls” + Jeremy but that also had to be one of the most INTENSE HOH quiz games in awhile… what an episode. I haven’t felt like this since Ian won that veto during double eviction night last summer GREAT episode…do your thing Helen!


I’m starting to dislike Howard. He needs to be more honest with himself and others. It’s a game of lies and back stabbing, just saying…


oh, candice, candice, candice…you got what you wanted, a showmance, and you screwed your game at the same time. howard is a creep.

and spence, didn’t you learn anything from last week? here it’s not an hour or so after the show, and you’re already laying the groundwork to frame jessie for the stray vote? at least elissa ain’t buyin’ what you’re sellin’. chill, bro, chill!


I want Aaryan & jermey on the block. They were flying up high in the sky, need to show them some ground now. Wish Elissa wins MVP & put Gina the cry baby!Team Elissa !


I wonder why Howard voted the way he did…it might just make for some decent drama in the house this week…since next week’s eviction probably won’t be as much of a game changer…


OMG! let me see, they are all losers, amanda is americas whore, candice is & trashy & wears cheap ass jewelry, candice hasn’t had a shower in over a week (yes she has) spencer is a pussy & so on, i haven’t heard em say one bad thing about howie so he has let jeremy know he voted with them, oh & they are the classy ones, the good looking ones, the ones that the people(us) want to watch, they are the ones so good at competions,wut? someone PLEASE inform barbie & company that Candice was Miss Louisiana USA!!!! please get these pigs some slop already!!!!!!!!!


You gotta admit Jeremy is here to PLAY, he’s already trying to strike up a deal and tell his girls to

GM, he’s just not that into you hunni… It’s embarrassing to watch her, but I guess we’ve all been there to some extent.


The only person I’m rooting for is Howard. Nick was the other. Glad Jeremy or Aryan will most likely go home this week. Both are ridiculous. Helen will get power hungry, mark my words!!!


I’m voting for Amanda for MVP because she had the courage to talk to Amanda about being a racist.


I’m voting Helen or Candice for MVP, love Elissa but Helen is the reason she is still here and Candice was the only one smart enought to expose the all guy alliance.


I like Candice but she’s too blinded by Howard right now. I rather Helen win MVP


I sure hope Elissa sets Helen straight … Howard voted with them .. my butt … Elissa knows … look out Candice when Jessie finds out you just threw her under the bus as they say … I see the sparks now .. lol


way to go Jeremy putting down americans .. that will surely get you the vote for MVP… like a said before what a buffoon ..


IKR? Jeremy is disgusted with Americans… That’s a superfantastic way to get nominated for MVP this week.

Aaryn Nation feeling 0 remorse about prejudicial comments is not surprising after all what else would you expect from a pig other than a grunt? Gina and Spencer also jumped on Aaryn’s minority hatin paddy wagon.

It seems like the feeds alway miss the arguments Candice has with other HGs. I’d like to know what was said during those times by both parties involved. Unfortunately these guys don’t wait to allow the drama to unfold during BBAD or live feed times. If anyone has the scoop on these blow ups, I’d love to hear about them.


Does anyone know if a person can cry themselves to death?


I guess Gina Marie will find out for us LOL.


I really think that nick would have gone reaaaaaaally far if he made it past this eviction, maybe even a winner. smart guy


I know it’s been mentioned and old news. Though, I’m truly just smh because aryan had no remorse and was clueless to fact she should be. I love BB and appreciate all the personalities because these are real people living in the US. It reminds me Ignorance is still prevalent…smh


nick laughing at gina marie crying in the corner was the highlight of the night


I really wish they would figure that the stray vote was Howard and put him up! He’s the next strongest person after J. Candice really shouldn’t become like all the other girls and start defending him ’cause for a religious man he sure knows how to lie! They have to remember religions mean nothing in this game! It’s all about the $. I thought she was smarter than that. I would hate to see her be blinded by him.


I want Jeremy and Aaryn put up, Kaitlin put up by MVP (she’s a pretty tough contender) and if Jeremy wins POV and takes himself off, either Howard or Spencer, most likely Spencer


Hey Simon or Dawg,

I’m confused about Howard’s vote. I thought he would jump ship with Spencer an McRae and evict Nick. Not so sure I understand what happened there.

not simon not dawg

if i could try and guess, howard is as manipulative as they come, bible and all. i suspect he was planting suspicions to try and break the other side and make them paranoid. i so hope it fails, cause howard is a jerk.


It seems like it was a base covering vote with Jeremy and the mean girls. So if they won HOH, Howard, Spencer, and McCrae could each claim the vote in the offhand chance Jeremy decided he wanted blood from the MC for Nick. They could create enough confusion that Jeremy would go back after the other side rather than risk evicting the actual vote.

Although I’m sure Spencer is so scared and oblivious that he still thinks he can play the vote blame game with Helen/Elissa…and got a rude awakening.

What I’m waiting for is either some talk between the remnants of MC or if they had some conversation today before the feed dropped. I think Howard, Spencer, and McCrae have a strategy simply because it wouldn’t make sense to just blow up what they had and walk away. Jeremy keeping cool makes me think one of them grabbed him after the HOH and told him to play nice and there was a plan. Howard, McCrea, and Spencer may just be plotting his demise or maybe his survival. Either way they have to be worried about what he could potentially say and they need him quiet.

Watching BBAD is interesting because McCrae is throwing Howard under the bus with Spencer hard, which makes me think they’ve got something cooking for later and this is just McCrae building his street cred with his new side. Andy and Amanda (with McCrae) seem to think their the five with Helen and Elissa…except Helen has said she remembers who was first and Candace was the first on board with Helen after the nominations this week and Howard is stronger with Helen than she lets on to the others (smartly in my opinion). I wonder if the idea is to try and divide the side beneath Helen and Elissa and then moving forward try to retry the MC idea of picking each side off. Too soon to tell.


” Howard the Coward ” as someone said it’s perfect. He just was too afraid of Jeremy to go against the grain. What a pussy…. Shame on u Howie the Cowie!


Gina Marie is CRAZY CRE CRE CRAZY lol Nick Better hurry and get a restraining order Stat is she crying in his shorts lol Really


I wish I had the feeds just to watch Elissa shut Spencer down. He officially has played the worst game in my view, simply because I’ve never seen anybody take an amazing spot…and completely blow it up in a week. It’s going to be fun watching him keep doing the same things that killed his game, then panic more and more. I get the feeling we will get to see his temper before long.


He really is playing way to hard to early


He killed Nick’s game with it, killed his own, and hopefully Howard and McCrae can separate before he gets them too…Jeremy killed his own game…

Helens DaBomb Diggity

So proud for Helen. She deserves it! I dont mind Spencer being in the game because he’s already ruined it for himself and will be gone soon, but I sure cant stand to watch him TRY and bully people. Oh, and Aaryn, honey, no need to self-evict. I think the house will prob handle that for you next Thursday.One more thing, What happened to Mr.CockyPants and all of HIS locked votes?


I am sure that Jeremy and Kaitilan can kiss MVP good bye, if there is anyone disgusted it is America with them!!!


Does Mcrae have any shame? He left his MC boys out to dry and then trashes Spencer + Howard afterwards because Amanda has them in her cross hairs.

Amanda basically has her hand up this guy’s ass like a puppet. McCrae was a lost cause from the jump. P***y whipped into oblivion. Soon she is going to have him painting her toenails while hopping on one leg and barking like a dog.


Mc Crae is smarter than you think, and I would not be surprised if he walks out with the cash!

Chilltown Fan

Time to backdoor Jeremy. Kaitlin, GM, and Aaryn will be lost puppies in the game without him. Spencer is going to get himself into deep shit if he doesn’t stop talking. That guy is talking game non-stop with everyone, everyone seems to be on to him…


This bitch is sobbin’ and shit like the BB House voted to put Nick to DEATH! Lmfao Gina you are killin’ me right now!!! Thirsty ASS….he didn’t even want you boo boo!! LOLLL This will be such an entertaining week


If Gina Marie is falling apart over a non-existent romance, how will she react when she discovers her beloved job is also non-existent?


Love how when the power switches the kids are like poor us……they play personal – really like you did not aaryan……

Did howard say he would vote out nick to the group – i know he did voted Elissa to leave ( to make Jessie look bad) these ladies are not dumb…….Karma will get you Howard…….

Go Team Elissa & Team Helen 🙂

lol what

oh my god what are ginamarie’s family and friends thinking while watching her act a fool on tv …i’m gonna send a banner over the bb house that says NICK DOESN’T WANT YOU lol


McRae was never going to vote Elissa out. He had the opportunity to protect the MC when Amanda suggested that one of them give a vote to Helen. At the time it would have left the votes at 5 for Nick, 5 for Elissa, 1 for Helen which would have meant Aaryn would have cast the vote to break the tie. It might not have kept the MC a secret but it would have kept it alive. I think the ship sailed for McRae when they all went after Amanda.


@ Roy Correct me if I am wrong, but 5-5 tie? Nick had 7 votes against him, so even if Helen inherited one of his votes, it would be still , Nick 6 , Elissa 5 and Hellen 1. You speak non sense.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Can someone explain why Helen is now their favorite player? I just do not see it. (I am aware I will just a ton of dislikes but I do not understand it)


I just like her because she seems to be playing the game with honor and respect. Also, she is representing herself well on a public stage, unlike most of these other guys and even past players. She is doing her best not to compromise her morals and still be a good example for her kids. So, that why I like her… she just seems like genuinely a good person.


Hummm. Let’s see. Because she was bullied and discriminated and overcame that. Because she was put on slpo and have nots worst in history sleeping room ever two weeks in a row. Because the mighty white team treated her like crap. Because Jeremy bullied her for 3 weeks. Because she hussled for those votes to get Nick out night and day. Because she is soucha good person she was consoling Gina Racist Marie about her imaginary boyfriend going home , when she should be celebrating her well deserved HOH! Is that good for you buddy?????

King Silva


Helen is such a nice winner.

I liked her since day 1 and now I like her even more.

I hope she can make it far if not win this bitch!


Couldn’t have said it better myself !!!!


oh Lord!! Candace falling for the Ole,” I’m a Christian and would never lie”, routine!! There goes her game. I think Helen might be falling for it too. Tisk, tisk, tisk, Do these women ever watch the previous seasons? There are a lot of great female players that gave their game up for a man that was playing them.


Being fair, I don’t think you’re giving either enough credit. They WANT to believe him because they know they need him. That’s how life works in BB and out. When we want to believe somebody, we do, and when we don’t want to believe somebody, we won’t. Helen, Elissa, and Candace need Howard, not only to go up against Jeremy, but as a physical force who can win those types of competitions down the line, in crunch time, when all the “bad guys” are gone. And if the others try to go hard at him, like Amanda, Andy, Judd seem to want to, that might be the fracture of this current unity. And Elissa is going to remember that when the house shunned her, Howard was willing to pray with her. If you doubt Howard’s belief, so be it, but that’s just not something I’m going to do…and I’m an atheist.

However, I do think that’s the angle McCrea and Howard are playing, while Spencer just looks for a life raft. They want to be the “guys” in the girls alliance.


Give that pathetic Gina one of those cucumbers so she can pretend it was Nick, and maybe that will shut her up.


If BB 12 had girls like Helen, Elissa and Amanda the brigade would have been crushed in it’s 3rd week.

bet on it. So proud of these girls after this week. Now it’s time to watch them ruin themselves in the coming weeks.


BS, Brigade wasn’t as obvious as MC, and don’t give them all the credit(when that mostly went to Candice) Amanda Elissa and Helen are not that smart, DR planting panicked everyone to question the others loyalties and alliances. This week was a lucky week for them, nothing more.


If there was an MVP twist, that may be true, but take away this MVP crap and these girls would be lucky to make it to jury vs the brigade…


and Jeremy still doesn’t understand that this wasn’t about elisa. smh.


Jeremy saying America disgusts him, good luck ever getting MVP!


Isn’t that hat that Gina is wearing the same one Jeremy wiped his a$$ with?


Aww look at GM, crying over Nick while wearing his blue hat… I actually kinda feel sorry for her, then again karma is a mother! The girls are always fretting that the guys are trying to take out the girls, yet two guys in a row have gone home & if its up to Helen it’ll be three(Jeremy). If I were the guys I’d start scramblin’ cause the outlook now is very gloomy


Lmao, and I thought Jessie was thirsty. Gm, this isn’t the bachelor. Stop crying like you knew nick your entire life and he was in a tragic plane crash. It’s only been like two weeks. Like girl, chill.


Lmao, and I thought Jessie was thirsty. Gm, this isn’t the bachelor. Stop crying like you knew nick your entire life and he was in a tragic plane crash. It’s only been like two weeks. Like girl, chill.


I think Candace and Judd should be I’m that group of five, especially Candace. She worked hard to keep Elissa, and she was the one who originally thought of a guys alliance. It sucks that ppl always underestimate Candace and treat her badly, when she is one of the smartest ppl in the game.


I hate how ppl treat Candace.


Dear Aaryn,

You are a sorry excuse for a woman…especially since you keep calling everyone else “p*ssies and v*ginas” all night. (why be so derogatory to/about your own sex?)

First of all, now that your group is on the bottom, and everyone is down in the dumps…nobody wants to hear your 1,000,000 “I TOLD YOU SO’s” all night long. For real!

Second of all, nobody is jealous of you Little Darling…you’ve got nothing we want…really…you can keep your pretty blue eyes, blonde hair, and sparkly white teeth…you are hideously ugly inside sweetheart! You think that everyone hates you because you and your alliance are the “sexy ones?” Sexy isn’t always about what you look like…it’s about how you treat people, how you portray yourself, and how you value others. There’s nothing sexy about being a spoiled little pouty brat.

Third, when one of your alliance members is having a breakdown, and all you can think about is yourself…you really take the cake. When people from the other side are actually trying to comfort GM and you are too busy telling her, “I told you so…” and that you are tired of hearing her stories about Nick… you look like a self centered, egotistical sack of sh*t. Point blank. End of story.

You have called people cockroaches tonight, trashy, garbage…and well…trashy is as trashy does. Buying earrings at the dollar store doesn’t make you trashy sweety…acting like a whiny little bitch does though…and you fit the bill.

Have fun on the block this week. Better yet, maybe you should self evict…you said it yourself…you have SOOOO much better waiting for you outside of the BB house. I hope your modeling agency offers unemployment. LOL….actually…no…I don’t. Last thing I want my tax dollars paying for is your sorry bigoted ass.


Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

@ BBrandi Sparkly white teeth? The girl clearly could not afford dental work. She could use some invisalign. I always think I am watching piranas 3D when she smiles close to the camera. Hahhahahhahaha. Her jabber jaws are horrible. Pirana teeth.


Yeah…her teeth are not perfect…but they are pretty white. LOL I didn’t want to attack her physical appearance (doesn’t mean I don’t have those kind of thoughts) but I don’t like her because of her personality or her views of the world, and making comments about her looks would just dim my message. She is vicious and mean because she doesn’t get her way…and she REALLY does have to know that while she may be attractive, her flaws lie within.

Rocco Gianini

Kesar is a nice guy, but Jeff is a gay bashing homophobe